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Shalan Foundation Records, 1973-1999

Descriptive Summary

Creator: Shalan Foundation
Title: Shalan Foundation records
Dates: 1973-1999
Abstract: The records of the Shalan Foundation include the official files of the San-Francisco-based grant-making foundation for economic justice, social change, and environmental organizations.
Identification: urn:taro:utexas.cah.01437
Extent: 56.25 linear feet
Language: English .
Repository: Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin

Historical Note

The Shalan Foundation, based in San Francisco, California, was founded in 1973 and closed in 1993. It provided grants to promote environmental balance and economic justice, sustainable development and democracy, participatory planning and healthy communities. Grants were made in the areas of economic planning, resource management, and citizen participation, with particular interest given to sustainable agriculture and forestry, and toxics reduction.

Scope and Contents

The Shalan Foundation Records, 1973-1999, include mission statements, policy documents, speeches, pamphlets, statistics, economic material, campaign material, revenue and expense statements, reports, clippings, and grant, administration, and financial files. The collection pertains to both the day-to-day functioning and administration of the Foundation, and to individual projects and grants undertaken by the Foundation. Items of note include materials pertaining to the California Project, 1982-1991, grants for the Pacific News Service, the Women's Economic Agenda Project, the Seattle Workers Center, and the Environmental Health Coalition.


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Detailed Description of the Collection


California Project, 1982-1991
94-092/1 Food, agriculture, water issues project
Poverty, justice, equality project
Tax education project
Settlement, September 1983
Fundraising, 1983-1986
Policy documents
Mission statement
Industrial policy meeting, November 14, 1985
Industrial policy seminar, May 31, 1985-June 1, 1985
State economic program
National economic program
Economic development seminar, March 22, 1985-May 23, 1985
Incorporation, tax-exempt status
Military economy project
Military speeches
Military economy conference, December 3, 1983-December 4, 1982
Loose materials, pamphlets, position papers
Key leadership
New California Alliance meeting, September 11, 1987
Who Owns California?
Related publications
California statistics
Miscellaneous economic material
Garamendi follow-up
New California Alliance discussion paper
Toxics initiative
New California Alliance
National economic conference, August 22, 1983
Golden Gate National Economists Conference, October 1982
Loose materials, papers, clippings
Women candidate survey
Ind. policy, Garamendi
Progressive campaign
New California Alliance, 1987
Loose material
Wilson rules
Rejects since May 1, 1991
Proposals rejected since October 16, 1991
Chronological file, July 1991-September, 1991
94-092/2 312 Ganodos del Valle
360 Pacific News Service
362 Women's Economic Agenda Project
364 Idaho Conservation League
371 Seattle Workers Center
373 Tonantzin Land Institute
374 Arkansas Institute, Financial Democracy
375 Asian law Caucus
376 Environmental Health Coalition
377 Fair Share Research and Education Fund (Washington)
378 9-5, Working Women Education Fund
379 Northwest Communities Project
380 Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition
381 Western Colorado Congress
382-383 Center for Rural Affairs
94-092/4 238 Committee on Pay Equity, February 1983
239 Women's Legislative Institute, February 11, 1983
241 Institute for Policy Studies, Alternative Program for America, June 1983
242 Center for Third World Organizing, Confronting the Institutionalization of Secondary Labor, June 1983
243 Catholic Charities Diocese of Oakland, Plant Closures Project, June 1983
244 Center for Urban Education, Economic Organizing, June 1983
245 New Mexico Research Education Enrichment Foundation, Citizens Against Radioactive Dumping, June 1983
246 Southwest Research and Information Center, June 1983
247 Education Livelihood Program, Ganodos del Valle, June 1983
248 Institute for Food and Policy Development, "Trading the Future", June 1983
249 Rural Coalition, PIK Program, October 1983
250 Blue Mountain Action Council, Washington Small Farm Network, October 1983
251 Industrial Cooperative Association, Revolving Loan Fund, October 1983
252 Legal Aid Society of San Francisco, Atari Case, October 1983
253 Equal Rights Advocates, Kouba vs. Allstate, October 1983
254 Americans for the Environment, Electoral Training in the Northwest, October 1983
255 Citizens Leadership Foundation, Electoral Training, October 1983
256 Advocates for Women, Inc./Women's Agenda in California, October 1983
Financial files, FY 1985-1986
Chronological file, 1987-01-1987-06
94-092/5 FY 1986
South Shore checking
U.S. Trust quarterly reports
U.S. Trust monthly statements
Marine Midland: Analysis of investments
Marine Midland: Statement of accounts
Working Assets statements
Shalan "other" assets list (PRIs, loans, CDS, etc.)
Foundation tax returns, circa 1990-circa 1999
Balance and revenue/expense statements: quarterly finals
Foundation operating expense/grant budget
Property taxes paid, October 1, 1985 - September 30, 1986
Employee quarterly tax return
Miscellaneous employer tax information
Payroll, 1986
Shalan "other" assets list: PRIs, loans, CDs, etc.
FY 1985
94-092/5 Working Assets statements
U.S. Trust, quarterly reports
Balance and revenue/expense statements, quarterly finals
Property taxes paid, October 1, 1984 - September 30, 1985
Employee quarterly tax returns
Foundation tax returns, 990s
Ledger: Cash receipts, disbursements, August 1981 - October 1984
Initiatives for campaign reform (ICR)
94-092/6 280 Northwest coal/Alternatives to Pesticides, March 1985
281 Cascade Holistic Economic Consultants, March 1985
Initiative for Campaign Reform (ICR), chronological, 1983-1986
ICR wordstar
ICR final report (Dolores report)
ICR recent clippings
ICR clippings, circa 1982-circa 1984
Research, select clippings
PR notes, January 1985-April 1985
Op-ed: Mothers Milk
Op-ed: Paying the Piper
Op-ed: Run a Democracy
Op-ed: Los Angeles Times, March 1985
Response to California Times piece
Response to ICR shows, articles
California Lawyer, July 1985
Radio, TV appearances
Article for California Lawyer, "Equal Opportunity for Ideas", April 1985
The Nation: Motler's Milk Toxic?, 1986
Publicity information
ICR press list
General mailing list
ICR background paper
Other groups
Summary reports
Public opinion research
California Commission on Campaign Financing: briefing book, February 1984
State of California Fair Political Practices Commission, Vol. 1-2
Plan summary of field interviews, survey
"Who Pays Benefits?" report
Talking points
Skelly Wright
Wells Fargo receipts, 1983
Wells Fargo rubber stamp
Evaluated grants, 1984-1986
94-092/7 257 Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy, February 1984
262 National Center for Economic Alternatives, February 1984
271 California Housing Research Foundation/National Housing Project, June 1984
276 Rural Legal Assistance, Part 2, Challenge to University Sponsored Res., November 1984
278 Bio-integral Resource Center, November 1984
279 The Youth Project, Inc., Union Leadership Project, November 1984
283 California, Alternative to Toxic Sprays (CCAP), March 1985
284 Instituto Laboral de la Raza, March 1985
285 Midwest Center for Labor Research, March 1985
288 Tides Foundation, April 1985
289 Rural Coalition, Agriculture Policy, August 1985
290 Environmental Policy Institute/Agricultural Resources Project, August 1985
291 Organizing for Economic Justice in the Valley, August 1985
292 Economic Policy Institute, August 1985
296 Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy, Citizens for Tax Justice, August 1985
299 Industrial Cooperative Association/West Coast Technical Assistance Fund, January 1986
301 Catholic Charities of Stockton/Small Farm Visibility, January 1986
Completed grants, 1987
94-092/8 338 ITEP
339 National Center for Policy Alternatives
340 Rural Coalition
341 Child Care Staff Education Project
342 WEAL
343 N. California Community Fund
344 MAPP
345 Montana Coalition Fund
346 Rural Coalition
348 Graduate Theological Union
Evaluated grants, 1981-1983
94-092/9 181 Citizens for a Better Environment, May 1981
206 California Tax Reform Association Fund, May 1982
207 California Indian Legal Services, "Blue Creek", May 1982
208 Public Pension Investment Project, May 1982
209 Equal Rights Advocates/Kouba vs. Allstate, May 1982
210 Committee to Bridge the Gap, UCLA, Nuclear Reactor, May 1982
211 Northwest Coalition/Alternatives to Pesticides, May 1982
212 Humboldt Herbicide Task Force, May 1982
213 Salmon River Concerned Citizens, May 1982
214 Cascade Holistic Economic Consultants, Siskiyou Research Station, May 1982
215 Comparable Worth Project, March 1982
216 Los Angeles Working Women, May 1982
217 Los Angeles Committee on Occupational Safety and Health (LACOSH), May 1982
218 California Rural Legal Assistance Foundation, Food Law Center, May 1982
219 Environmental Policy Institute, Citizens Mining Project, May 1982
220 Sierra Club Foundation, May 1982
221 West Oakland Food Project, October 1982
222 Northwest Conservation Act Coalition, October 1982
223 Montana Environmental Information Center, October 1982
224 Urban and Rural Systems Association, October 1982
225 Center for Popular Economics, October 1982
226 Center for Rural Affairs, Small Farm Advocacy Project, October 1982
227 Powder River Education Project, October 1982
228 Northern Plains Project/Western Organization of Resource Councils, October 1982
229 Idaho Conservation League, Salmon River Project, October 1982
230 National Consumers Foundation, October 1982, October 1982
231 Environmentalists for Full Employment, October 1982
232 California Rural Legal Assistance Fund, Challenge to University Sponsored Agriculture Mechanism, February 1983
233 California Institute of Rural Studies, Fresno Organizing, February 1983
234 Pension Rights Center, February 1983
235 Older Women's League, Social Security, February 1983
236 Banana, Inc./Housing Rights for Children, February 1983
237 Women's Foundation, February 1983
94-092/10 Foundation Evaluation, Steve Moody, 1979
Early evaluation forms
Evaluation of executive director
Resource management grants, 1986
Industrial policy grants
94-092/11 Evaluation grants, 1981-1992
Printed materials
Grants list, 1974-1981
Grant and administration files, 1983-1992
94-092/12 Chronological files, 1992-01-1992-06
Docket write-up questions
State of northeast sector outline
Site visit questionnaire
Grant application forms, 1988
Grant agreements, matching
Grant agreements, outright
Grantee check-off sheets
Grant payments and reports, tracking worksheets
Midterm reports, 1988
Final reports, 1988
Drafts for month
Past grantees evaluation questions
Application completion form letter
Final report overdue letter
Match grant pay schedule
Grantee survey, 1985
Notes on review form, circa 1987
Final reports on grants to December 30, 1984
Midterm reminder
Housing letter
Toxics letter
Reject #1, not within guidelines
Reject #2, within guidelines but no money
Originals of form letters
Odd old forms
Application forms, October 1986
Consideration letter
Sample grant letters, March 1985
Core grants list
Shalan performance analysis
Plans, goals, past years
Plans, goals, current year
MBO process in theory
Shalan job descriptions
Search, part-time office assistant, March 1991
Executive director job description, 1981
Intern job description
Job-share job description
Job announcements
Job description mailing list
Typing test
Evaluation: Correspondence, description, 1984
FY 1983 U.S. Trust transactions
FY 1983 Marine Midland/Analysis of investments
Evaluation statistics, 1984
Evaluation statistics, analysis, comments, 1984
New York Trust evaluation plan
Evaluations, 1984-1987
Old evaluation documents, 1984-1987
Master grants list, 1988
History, strategy and operating procedures
Grants and financial files, 1987-1988
94-092/13 Chronological files, January 1988-June 1988
Chronological files, July 1987-December 1987
Shalan/NCA bills, 1987
Fiscal year 1987
94-092/13 US Trust quarterly reports
US Trust monthly statements
Marine Midland statement of assets
Marine Nidland statement of accounts
Shalan "other" assets list (PRIs, loans, CDs, etc.)
Balance and revenue/expense statement, quarterly
Foundation operating expenses, grant budget
Property taxes
Grant rejects, March 1, 1988 - July 15, 1988
Pending rejects from review, July 15, 1988
Pending rejects, March 1, 1988 - July 15, 1988
Pending rejects, October 1987 - March 1, 1988
Rejects, September 1, 1987 - February 29, 1988
Administrative files, 1985-1986
94-092/15 Chronological file, 1986
Office, 2107 Van Ness
680 Beach Street lease agreement
Rent receipts
Hemphill Construction Company
Storage Area Construction
Silk and Mavois rental #464
Shalan Foundation
Staff meeting action charts
Correspondence, conservatree
Correspondence, in-house
New thin cats
Society of Consumer Affairs (SOCAP), Professionals in Business
Democratic National Convention
Los Angeles Recyclathon
Conservative Party, March 22, 1984
Party contracts
Notes of congratulation, PARM, 1984
Party follow-up letters, D.C.
Party letter project
Party slides
94-092/15 Bank of San Francisco
Crocker National Bank
Crocker account analysis statements
Marine Midland Bank
Seaboard account statements
Wells Fargo Bank
Wells Fargo money markets
Working Assets
SFDS auction
94-092/15 Originals
Gram originals
Insurance, 1985
Health insurance, 1985
AD personal correspondence, 1982-1985
San Francisco Day School
AD contributions, papers, 1984-1985
Initiatives for Campaign Reform:
94-092/15 Administrative fundraising
Process and strategy
Proposal release report
Proposal evaluation
Center for the Study of Law and Politics survey
Public opinion poll, bids
Direct mail
Closed grantee files
94-092/14 353a Asian Immigrant Women Advocates
354 Bio-integral Resource Center
355 Cascade Holistic Economic Consultants/Reforming the Forest Service
357 Income Rights Project
359 Los Angeles Jobs with Peace
361 Plant Closures Project
363 Citizens for a Better Environment
364 Instituto Laboral de la Raza
366 Labor/Community Strategy Center of Los Angeles
367 NRDC
368 Northwest Coalition for Alternatives to Pesticides
369 Northwest Nuclear Safety Campaign
370 Puget Sound SANE
372 Southwest Organizing Project
Grant files
94-092/16 298 J. R. Fund
298a Tides Foundation/J. R. Fund
298b J. R. Fund
298c Tides Foundation/J. R. Fund
298d Tides Foundation/J. R. Fund
298e Tides Foundation/J. R. Fund
Chronological file, 1990-1991
NCA chronological files, January-June, 1991
NCA chronological file, 1990
331a Tides Foundation/New California Alliance (NCA)
331 Tides Foundation/New California Alliance (NCA)
331b Tides Foundation/New California Alliance (NCA)
Grant receipts
94-092/16 #3000-3500, September 30, 1985 - January 21, 1987
#3678-4287, June 8, 1987 - December 31, 1988
94-092/17 Grant files, 258-287, 1984-1985
Miscellaneous files
94-092/18 Proposal rejects, January 1, 1989 - October 31, 1990
Chronological files, 1988-1989
NCA Chronological files, 1987-1989
AIDS executive summary
AIDS forum
Media survey
Asian Law Caucus
Minimum wage clippings
Asian Law Training Center
California Agrarian Action Project
Bio-Integral Resource Center
National Child Care Staffing Study
Income Rights Project
L. A. Jobs with Peace
WSJ KKR Safeway Plant Closures Project
Southwest Research assessments
Texas Center for Rural Studies
Toxics coordinating project
Miscellaneous administration files
94-092/19 293 Center for Community Change
294 Women's Equity Asian League (WEAL)
295 National Women's Law Center
302 Legal Aid Society of San Francisco
240 The Youth Project
ICR Tides Foundation
270 Tides Foundation
Chronological files, 1986, 1991
Inter-office memos, 1986-1987
Rejected proposals, 1987
Miscellaneous files
94-092/20 Barney Stein personnel file, 1987
Reports status, 1985
Miscellaneous financial material, 1983-1986
Quarterly reports to AD, 1986
Quarterly reports to RF, 1986
Financials to AD, 1987
Rejects, 1986
Chronological file, 1986-01-1986-06
Pending rejects, September 1986
Rejects rev., July 1986
ICR legislation, legalese
Bate's bill
Comparative analysis/ICR/VASCO/Travis
1st draft legislation
Initiative timeline, November 1984
Signature gathering
California Journal
ICR bank account statements, correspondence, 1984
ICR project expenses, 1985
ICR budget, 1985
ICR cash flow charts, 1983
ICR reimbursement policy, forms, 1983
Mailing list: Advisory Committee on labels
Advisory Committee meetings
ICR model legislation, October 1983
Fund proposal summary
Model legislation, updated
Proposition 40, 1984
Background paper
94-092/20 Advisory Committee meeting, December 7, 1983
Funders report, February 1984
Advisory Council report, February 1984
Co-directors meetings, updates, 1984
Advisory Council meeting, September 12, 1984
Authorized grants, 1984
Accounting memos, 1984
Accounts payable, 1984
Accounting procedures
Advisory Committee meeting, August 17, 1983
Program indices, 1984
94-092/21 Study law
Accounts paid
Kolb Consultants
Calef's Consulting
94-092/21 Monthly reports to youth project
Model legislation, July 15, 1983
Contribution data
Press clippings
Houston, post-initiative press
Post Advisory Committee meetings summaries
Outgoing correspondence, Advisory Committee
Public opinion poll, September 1983
GARP (Going After Responsible Politics)
Interoffice memos
Pacific telephone
Symposium, 1983
Outgoing correspondence, board of directors
Incoming correspondence, AC
Windom foundation
Van Lobel Sells Charitable Foundation
Phillip Stern
Shalan Foundation
Playboy Foundation
Norman Foundation
The New World Foundation
R. and R. Goldman Fund
W. A. Gerbode Foundation
Fieldman Family Foundation
Field Foundation
Columbia Foundation
Circle Foundation
Benton Foundation
Beldon Foundation
M. R. Babcock Foundation
Initial FR party letter, May 10, 1983
Contract, Center for Study of Law and Politics
Consultant, record of reimbursement sheets to Y. P.
Incoming correspondence, pollsters
Smith, Martin, articles on reform
Background information, regulation of political financing by the states
Non-voter study
Initiatives endorsements
Monthly project report to Y. P.
Questionnaire survey mailer
Survey proposal
Press clippings, campaign reform
Initial press mailing list/legislators and media
H. A. Fruitag "Public Financing of State Elections"
Background paper, draft
Center for Responsive Government briefing book
Who Pays, Who Benefits: California Campaign, Finance Reform printed material
Grant files, 1987-1989
94-092/22 333, 337-338, 347, 349-353, 356, 358, 371, 398
Miscellaneous files, 1990-1993
94-092/23 New California Alliance
Community/Media forums
Family tax forum, transcript and other materials, 1991
Economic organizers meeting, December 1992
California Family Action mailing list
"Read our Lips" original
Media coverage of economic news, November 1993
Money and politics conference, February 18, 1991-February 19, 1991
NCA, Diamond Walnut
Content analysis of San Francisco Bay Area news media, 1990-1991
NCA, 1990
Tax proposal cover letter
California Council Humanities
94-092/23 Letter of support
Proposal, comments
Biographies, CVs
Proposition 13
Tax activist meeting
Proposition 13, 1990
Proposition 13, study
Proposition 13, report and comments
Proposition 13, alternative budget project
Political access
Media alert
P. A. campaign
Ad survey
California Network for a New Economy meeting, December 8, 1992
Campaign finance reform: consumer's union projects
"Toward a New Economic Vision Meeting", October 1992
Joselito's report, original
Center for Responsive Politics, meeting and follow-up, February 1991
Campaign Finance Reform-NCA projects
CFR, Consumer's Union Project
Campaign Reform
Media complaints, praise
Completed grants, 1986
94-092/24 300, 311, 324-324, 326-327, 330, 332, 334-336
94-092/25 303-320, 325, 328-329
Financial files, FY, 1988-1989
94-092/27 Expenses
Tax returns
Miscellaneous files, 1990
94-092/28 Hispanic network
Media and community
Grant Thornton op-ed
Funding prospects
Susan Tanner
Immigration op-ed
Garamendi op-ed
Data Center
Common Cause initiative
CD conference
Vista magazine
Anti-English only
FCC complaint
Events, seminars of NCA interest
September 11 event
CFR event, February 12
Forum, November 19
Executive summary
Race relations forum, May 19
Executive summary #2
AIDS media forum, November 2
Media's role forum, March 28
Education forum
Forum on education
Education forum information file
Drug War forum, May 31
Chronological file, April 1991-June 1991
17 cassette tapes of various meetings, events, etc.
Board meeting dockets, notes, blurbs, 1974-1978
94-092/29 Pre-1976 grants lists
Board meetings, November-December, 1973
Blurbs, FY 1973-1974
Memos, 1975
Board meetings, March 1974, May 1974, July 1974, August 1974, December 1974; February 1975, May 22, 1975
Grants, 1975-09
Old board meetings, February 1975-September 1977
Board meeting, December 13, 1975
Shalan annual report, 1974-1975
Blurbs, 1975-1976
Board meetings, June 11, September, December 1976
Annual report, supplement, 1976
Board meeting, April, September, 1977; January 1978
Partial discussion notes, May 1978
Board meeting, 1978
Miscellaneous files
94-092/30 Alan and Michael Davis Foundation, Inc.
Board memos, mailings, 1980-1981
Executive Committee, policy notes, 1988
Grant meeting notes, 1988
Shalan finances, 1980
Program Related Investments, closed
Solar Center, 1979
Solar Center, Safe Energy Fund
Legal, 1975-1976
Grants payment calendar
SAD grants payment record
Pre-1984 ledger sheets
Community education roundtables, 1982
Drummond anonymity
Quarterly reports, 1982
Pre-1982 Tom Silk correspondence
Pre-1982 information for A.A. at Shalan
Bylaws, members
Loni's odds and ends, August 1983
Retired grant files, 1973-1978
94-092/31 Center for women, policy studies
CNCP banking study
Center for the Public Interest
The Children's Foundation
Citizen Alert
Colegio De La Tierra
Center for Science in the Public Interest
Center for Community Change
Citizens Against Toxic Sprays
Project files, 1977-1981
94-092/32 47 Youth Project Oregon Fair Share
73 Youth Project: Santa Ana Land Project, May 1978
183 Western Organization of Resource Councils, August 1980
147 Youth Project Dakota Resource Council, May 1980
118 People Against Chinatown Eviction, May 1979
158 Protect Kaho' olawe Fund, Hana district, Pohaku, Ka'uiki Project, August 1980
123 Protect Kaho' olawe Fund, June 1979
64 Protect Kaho' olawe Fund, Ohana
101 Protect Kaho' olawe Fund, Hawaiian Rights, January 1979
86 Public advocates, Corporate Responsibility Project, August 1978
72 Public Interest Economics/West San Francisco Real Estate Speculation Survey
136 Round Valley Agrarian Community Development Corporation, North Coast Watershed Project, January 1980
San Francisco Study Center, Proposition 13, 1984-1989
Taxation with Representation
The Solar Lobby, May 1978
TAA (Tax Analysts and Advocates)
Hard money requests, 1976
Youth Action, Alaskan land project
United Domestic Workers of America
Nuclear power information, SAD
SAD tax reform information
California Tax Reform Association, April 1977
National Family Farm Coalition, January 1979
California Tax Reform Association, May 1978
Montana Committee for an Effective Legislature, September 1978
Massachusetts Fair Share, 1978
National Political Women's Caucus, ERA fund, September 1978
New School for Democratic Management, January 1979
Center for New Economic Development, January 1980
Internal budget, 1980-1981
Budget workshops, 1977-1981
Office inventory and receipts, undated
108 National Center for Policy Alternatives, Federal Initiatives for State and Local Tax Reform, January 1979
National Council on Women, Work and Welfare, August 1978
National Indian Youth Council-Nickson "Indian Water Rights"
Nevada Outdoor Recreation Association, May 1979
38 New School for Democratic Management
114 Natural Resources Defense Council, May 1979
Grant and Financial files, 1978-1983
94-092/33 143 NIA Cultural Organization, Inc., May 4, 1980
75 Northern Rockies Action Group, May 1978
79 NRAG, Powder River Energy Project, May 1978
43 NRAG, Montana Trust for People and Land, May 1978
78 NRAG, Wyoming Outdoor Council, Uranium Mining Council, May 1978
125 Northwest Coalition for Alternatives to Pesticides, November 1979
128 Northern Plains Project, November 1979
80 Northern Plains Project, general support May 1978, May 1978
129 Oregon Fair Share, November 1979
102 Pacific Studies Center, January 1979
145 Union Women's Alliance to Gain Equality, May 1980
42 Scientists' Institute for Public Information (SIPI) Liquified Natural Gas
Sierra Club Foundation, Frontera Norte, legal work in the Southwest
18 Southwest Research and Information Center
69 Southwest Research and Information Center, Radioactive Waste Disposal
Toward Utility Rate Normalization (TURN) utility consumer representation, January 1979
Grants, operating expense budget, 1983
FY 1983 Employer quarterly tax returns
FY 1983, 990s, foundation taxes
Midland Custody, analysis of investments
Marine Midland Custody, statement of account
FY 1981, 990s
Grant lists, 1981
Shalan Foundation budget statements, 1981
Shalan Foundation financial statements, 1981
Shane and Alan Davis account (SAD) budget statements, 1981
SAD recap, grants, authorized and paid, 1981
Financial statements calendar year basis, 1981
Employee tax records, 1981
South Shore Savings, 1981
SW Research and Information Center, November 1979
TAA grant
Tri-city Citizens Union for Progress
Report child care, 1975-1976
South Shore
Employee tax returns, 1982
990s, 1982
Revenue and expenses balance sheets, 1982
Financial statements calendar year, 1982
Financial statements, 1982
Recap, grants authorized and paid, 1982
Operating expense budget statements, 1982
South Shore statements and checks
Shalan operating procedures
Miscellaneous papers
Miscellaneous financial
Miscellaneous files, 1980-1983
94-092/34 Chronological files, 1982-1983
Sent mail, October 1980 - October 1981
Chronological files, October 1980 - September 1981
SAD correspondence
Teamsters for a Democratic Union, May 1978
Washington Center for Tax Education, January 1979
Loose material, clippings
Women Organized for Employment
Women's Law Project, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Grant files, 1973-1978
94-092/35 Colorado Open Space Foundation, mining workshop
Community Ownership Organizing Project (COOP)
Community Law Center Incorporated
Consumer Commission on the Accreditation of Health Services
Dance Theatre of Harlem
Council on Economic Priorities, Western Energy Development Project
Council on Economic Priorities, "Leased and Lost"
Council on Economic Priorities, coal vs. nuclear
Environmental Action Foundation
94-092/36 Utilities Youth Project
Work relief, Youth Project
Grants, Youth Project, 1974
Board meeting, February 1974
Solar demonstration, Youth Project
Youth project
Community Ownership Organizing Project, Youth Project
Maricopa County Organizing Project, Youth, May 1978
Navajo Coal Development Impact Study, Youth Project
N. Plains Project, Youth Project, 1975
People Against Chinatown Eviction, Youth Project
Youth Project Tax Reform
WREP, Working Organizing Committee, Youth Project
Steelworker Health and Safety, Youth Project
94-092/37 Federation for Economic Democratic Organizations
Foundation for National Progress, Solar Center
Foundation for National Progress, Rent Control Research
Funding and Educational Development Organization
Hawaiian Coalition for Native Claims
Health/PAC, company doctor
Henry Street
Hofstra University, Law School Tax Clinic Program
Idaho Conservation League
International Independence Institute
Institute for Local Self Reliance
Institute for Policy Studies, "The Elements"
Miscellaneous files, circa 1985
94-092/38 Suburban Action Institute
Puerto Rican Legal and Education Fund
Resolution "Multi-Nationals"
Scientists' Institute for Public Information, Tennessee energy
Scientists' Institute for Public Information, workplace energy
Sam Ely land trust
Public Media Center, anti-nuclear
Shiprock Research Center
AT&T paid,, October 1984 - October 1985
Grant files, 1973-1978
94-092/39 A-C
94-092/40 I-M
94-092/41 Accounting files, 1978-1979
94-092/42 Grant files: 5, 15, 62, 85, 127, 135, 138-139, 142, 144, 150-151, 153-157, 159, 161-162, 165-176, 178-180, 182-204, 1979-1981
94-092/43 Grant files, M-N, 1973-1978
94-092/44 Financial files, 1973-1977
Administrative files, 1982-1985
94-092/45 Budget
Annual meetings
94-092/46 Miscellaneous files, administrative, FY 1981
Grant files, A-E, 1978-1979
94-092/47 Grant files, E-I, M, 1979-1980
Board meetings
94-092/48 August 1978
January 5, 1979-January 6, 1979
May 18, 1979-May 19, 1979
October 1979
January 1980
May 4, 1980-May 5, 1980
August 1980
Policy meeting, March 30, 1979
Docket, November 1979
94-092/48 Board memos, 1978-1980