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A Guide to the UT Department of Germanic Languages Records, [ca. 1960s-2000s]

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Creator: UT Department of Germanic Languages
Title: UT Department of Germanic Languages Records
Dates: [ca. 1960s-2000s]
Abstract: The records of the UT Department of Germanic Languages document the administration of the department from the 1970s until the 2000s.
Accession No.: 94-364; 99-180; 2008-322; 2009-204; 2015-202
OCLC No.: 434052736
Extent: 15 ft., 6 in.
Language: Materials are written in English and German
Repository: Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin

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The records of the UT Department of Germanic Languages document the administration of the department from the 1970s until the 2000s. The records include financial records, personnel records, course materials, creative works, and journals as well as reel-to-reel tapes and oversized posters. Additionally the records contain department materials relating to the annual German language play from the 1950s to the 1970s, correspondence, performance programs, and promotions for the visiting German Wallgraben Theater group from 1980-1981, grade books from the Bickler German-American school, minutes from the German Literary Society in Austin, and a framed oil painting of Tobin, by artist Lonnie Rees.


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University of Texas at Austin. Department of Germanic Languages -- Archives.
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UT Department of Germanic Languages Records, [ca. 1960s-2000s], Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin.

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Subsequent revisions were made by Megan Mummey, August 2009, and Rachel Nellis, September 2015.

Detailed Description of the Papers



2.325/K60 NEH Grant, notebook #4
Swaffer/Cates, handouts, excercises, etc.
NEH Grant, notebook #3 (High school materials lesson plans)(2)
NEH Grant, notebook #6
NEH Grant, notebook #1
NEH Grant, notebook #2
"Basis: First Course in German," by Truett Cates and Janet King Swaffer
NEH Grant, notebook #5
A Comprehension Based German Program
"A New Reading: An Unabridged Version of Chapter 9, ACTFL Annual Report," 1975
German 407 Syllabus, 1976
German 312K Syllabus, 1976
German 406 Syllabus, 1976
German 407R (2)
Grant related topics
High School report, NEH data
2.325/K61 Materials for Basis: First Course in German:
Basis, Kapitel (Chapters) 1-17
Basis, Inhalt/Quellen
Basis, Xeroxes used
Basis, Xeroxes considered
Basis, Einfuhrung
Basis, Copyrights
German 312K Syllabus, 1976, 1977
German 406 Syllabus, 1976
German 407 Syllabus, 1976
Basis, rough draft
Rick, typing
Chapters 11, 15
Basis, last chapters
Basis, Xeroxes
Basis, Xerox possibilities
Sample tests, Ger 312L
Language lab use
Xeroxes, first semester, 1977-1978
Basis, requests filled
Basis, address list
Grammatischer Anhang Zu Basis
Basis, revision 1986
Sample tests, first year
Student introduction to the course, prospectus
Comprehension and Communication, Fine; But What Do You Do About Grammar?
Basis, first year test
Sample tests, Ger 312K
Basis and Scott Foresmann
Prospectus, original
Lab materials:
Lab materials, Ger 407, Spring 1978
NEH film scripts
Lab materials, Ger 406, Ger 407, grant year
Various slides for lab
Financial records:
Books and magazines
Materials to be ordered
Other expenses
Binding invoices
Salaries and wages
2.325/K62 NEH accounts
Material requests
2.325/K62 Film orders, grant
Test booklets (MLA, AATG) used in assessment
Scan-tron test sheets
American Association of Teachers of German, Second Year German, script (form XGC, YGC)
Reel-to-reel tapes:
Steve Horn, 0907, Donohue
German speaking tape, form MA
(4 tapes)
German speaking tape, form LA
(1 tapes)
German speaking tape, form LB
(3 tapes)
Inter Nationes, Kultureller Tonbanddienst
(3 tapes)
German, second year, form YGC and XGC
(2 tapes)
German, third year, form XGC and YGC
(2 tapes)
German, fourth year, form XGC and YGC
(2 tapes)
2.325/K63 Modern Language Aptitude Tests
Student scan-tron sheets, GER 406 reading exam, form LA
Student scan-tron sheets, GER 312L reading exam, form MA
Student scan-tron sheets, GER 406 reading exam, December 9, 1975
Student scan-tron sheets, Ger 407 listening exam, form LB
Student audio tapes:
Jose L. Jiminez, 0312, Sandra Olson
Kim Bratcher, 0803, James Feuge
Charles McKemie, 0610, Mary Klotz
Marianne Mayer, 0314, Frank Donahue
Leslie King, 0160, Klotz
Mark Mickunas, 0164, Klotz
Douglas Dahmann, 0054, Olson
Jeff Randolph, 0317, Donahue
Jayne Y. Group, 0921, Mark Brice
Robert Walch, 0912, Clyde Smith
Carol Lamb, 0060, Olson
Clay R. Becke, 0802, Smith
Ginny Headley, 0056, Olson
D. Ferguson, 0904, Smith
Uwe Pickering, 0902, Olson
Ken Butler, 0754, Phyllis Manning
Bobbi Olson, 0114, Manning
John Baker, 0602, Dr. Hubert Heinen
Claud Cameron, 0604, Manning
Ed Ruppenthal, 0908, Donahue
Caroly Riordan, 0167, Manning
Ann L. Benolken, 0052, Olson
Scott Smits, 0169, Klotz
Kirk Stephenson, 0170, Klotz
Paul Reder, 0013, Heinen
William O. Tweedeu, 0267, Klotz
Lisa Pearson, 0316, Smith
Teresa M. Schoedorf, 0664, Feuge
Donald Stuart Stone, 0118, John Pustejovsky
Andrew Bagot, 0051, Ralph Read
David Powell, 0463, Manning
2.325/K64 Douglas R. Lysinger, 0938, Pustejovsky
Harlan Haines, 0921, Manning
Robert F. Phillips II, 0934, Brice
Vanessa Carter, 0920, Manning
Mark Southern, 0615, Pustejovsky
Deborah Sayre, 0939, Pustejovsky
Barry E. Linden, 0707, Olson
Paul Riddle, 0015, Nancy Zeller
Dean Schoenborn, 0318, Donahue
Robert G. Rekart, 0116, Zeller
Stephen Biecher, 0303, Donahue
William R. Huttel, 0003, Janet Swaffer
Chris Thompson, 0911, Smith
William E. Marsh, 0757, Brice
Martin Hands, 0308, Donahue
Sue Rae Helwig, 0309, Donahue
Adrienne Harding, 0157, Heinen
Kevin Heiskava, 0933, Brice
Evan Nave, 0461, Manning
Julie Pear, 0462, Klotz
Steve Jacoby, 0807, Feuge
Susan Ahlgrimm, 0202, Read
Richard Brower, 0205, Read
Davis Gray, 0211, Read
Mark Mayberry, 0216, Smith
Steve Schultz, 0223, Smith
Nina Burtchaell, 0252, Swaffer
Mary Dunn, 0930, 0254, Brice
Jeffrey Greinert, 0258, Swaffer
Richard H. Abbott, Jr., 0940, Swaffer
Casey McCreary, 0061, Olson
Evan Wade Russell, 0068, Heinen
John Undergrove, 0069, Olson
Gene Vance, 0070, Smith
Glenda Leigh Becker, 0101, Swaffer
Gary Coffman, 0103, Zeller
Alfred Darrell Hyatt, 0107, Brice
Greg Sengelmann, 0464, Klotz
Rhonda Hallerman, 0502, Read
Bob Johnson, 0505, Donahue
John F. Stoll, 0513, Manning
Holly Smith, 0511, Smith
Richard Arnold, 0551, Smith
Frank Murphy, 0561, Smith
Robert Prodanovic, 0563, Smith
Lorene Rogers, 9119, Dr. Faurskills
Bruce W. Jean, 0359, Smith
Lane W. Jorde, 0361, Pustejovsky
Eric Kemp, 0362, Klotz
Ronald K. Rippon, 0365, Manning
Mark Spivey, 0368, Klotz
Barbara Boutwell, 0404, Read
Tony Kotecki, 0412, Read
Theresa Reininger, 0810, Feuge
Youel Smith, 0812, Feuge
Blane Adams, 0851, Swaffer
Jim Bowden, 0853, Manning
Robert Childers, 0855, Pustejovsky
Charles P. Davis, 0856, Donahue
Peter Mangan, 0861, Manning
Elaine M. Schneider, 0868, Manning
Susan Cook, 0652, Donahue
Roxanna McKenzie, 0657, Donahue
Ellen McMahon, 0708, Smith
Sandra Owens, 0709, Smith
Billy Sanders, 0710, Read
Lisa Zipp, 0714, Olson
Ken Keith, 0715, Smith
Kirk Payne, 0716, Smith
Beryl L. Randolph, 0420, Read
Daniel R. Brown, 0603, Zeller
L. D. Ambs, 0751, Manning
Charles Miller, 0914, Zeller
Steven Judge, 0159, Klotz
Raymond Herndon, 0905, Smith
Meaghan Jones, 0005, Pustejovsky
Floyd Reifen, 0661, Smith
Gary Robertson, 0663, Feuge
David Pilsner, 0263, Zeller
Steven Dunn, 0153, Swaffer
Barbara Buddemeyer, 0753, Heinen
Chris Sauer, 0566, Smith
Harold Wilensky, 0765
Wanda S. Parsons, 0012, Zeller
Christian Gros, 0055, Donahue
Philip Owens, 0759, Manning
Garner Vogt, 0425, Read
Benny R. Clement, 0452, Manning
Connie Nelson, 0262, Swaffer
Jeff Lyon, 0458, Manning
Donna, 0017, Zeller
Charles Chiu (auditor), Smith
Geoffrey M. Hambrick, 0260, Brice
Carole Myers, 0460, Manning
Patrick Noteboom, 0758, Klotz
Robert McCurry, 0415, Olson
Sandy Nitsch, 0418, Feuge
Vicki Collier, 0702, Smith
Patrick Alexander, 0451, Manning
2.325/K65 Level of use" assessment materials:
Questionnaires, original
Course-instructor questionnaires, first-year German, 1977-1978
Lou, archive file
Tallied questionnaires, transcripts from tapes:
#1 Helga Von Schweinitz
#2 Clyde Smith
#3, Emily Hutchison
#4 Phyllis Manning
#5 Truett Cates
#6 Thomas J. O'Hare
#7 John Pustejovsky
#8 Clyde Smith (2nd interview)
#9 James Fuege
#10 Nancy Zeller
#11 David Estes
#12 Frank Donahue
#13 W. Scott Bennett
#14 John Hagel
#14 Suzanne Toliver
#15 Gisela Sterling
#16 Mark Brice
#18 Ralph Read
#19 Sandra Olson
#20 Hubert Heinen
#21 Kristin Asthalter
#22 Jacqueline Hastay
#23 Mary Klotz
#25 Dorothy Struber
#26 Carol Anderson
#27 David Ward
#28 Anna Thompson
#29 Georgeane Burnett
#30 Jeanne McRee
#31 Janet Swaffer
Interview cassette tapes of UT German 406 and 407 professors, #1-31, 1977-1978
[AR 99-180]:
2.325/C78 Creative works:
Rose-Marie P. Akselrad, "Deutsche Literatur and der Indianergrenze," Kentucky Foreign Language Quarterly, October 1957.
Francis Bulhof:
"De Proloog Van de Zauberberg," n.d.
"Terug Tot Else Bohler," n.d.
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Stephen H. Garrin:
"Thomas Mann's Mario und der Zauberer: Artistic Means and Didactic Ends," Journal of English and Germanic Philology, January 1978.
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Glen G. Gilbert:
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Note and manuscript, "Thomas Mann und Schiller," author unknown, n.d.
UT Dept. of Germanic Languages faculty items:
"Documents and Minutes of the General Faculty," April 4, 1980. News release: Roy Crane Award in the Arts, 1980.
Letter from Governor Allan Shivers to Earl N. Lewis, Jr., March 9, 1953.
[AR 2008-322]:
2.325/K82 Oversize posters, promotional literature, etc.
3S129a Oversize photographs, including faculty portraits
2.325/NW corner Framed oil painting of Tobin, by artist Lonnie Rees
[AR 2015-202]:
3K35 Wallgraben Theater group
Correspondence, 1978-1981.
Performance programs and synopses, 1980-1981.
Furent und Elend des dritten Reiches.
Sommer in Nohant.
Spass mit Lessing.
Newspaper clippings, announcements, and fliers promoting Wallgraben Theater tour, 1980.
"25 Jahre" commemorative books, 1978.
Photographs and postcards of theater founders Ingeborg Steiert and Heinz Meier, undated.
2AA12 Posters (oversize) promoting the Wallgraben Theater, 1976, 1980.
3K35 Annual play materials, 1952-1977.
Das Konzert, 1954.
Die kleinen Verwandten; Der fahrende Schüler im Paradeiss; Der Rossdieb zu Fünsing, 1952.
Minna von Barnhelm, 1964.
Emilia Galotti, 1965.
Der Talisman, 1966.
Der zerbrochene Krug, 1968.
Andorra, 1969.
Onkel, Onkel, 1970.
Don Juan, 1971.
Jedermann, 1972.
Der gestiefelte Kater, 1977.
Miscellaneous department materials, 1953, 1966, 1972, undated.
Bickler German-American School grade books, 1905-1912; 1912-1914.
German Literary Society in Austin minutes, ca. 1909-1935.
2AA12 Annual play posters (oversize), 1961-1986.
Miscellaneous department materials (oversize), 1956, undated.
Stored offsite at LSF
2008-322/1-7 Administrative files on faculty members
2008-322/8-13 Stanley Werbow files
2008-322/14-15 Helmut Rehder files
2008-322/16-17 NEH grant files, 1974
[AR 2009-204]:
2009-204/1 Biographies of professors whose files are in this accession
Wolfgang F. Michael
Envelope of publications, ca. 1960s-1980s
Mark Southern:
Letters of Recommendation and Vitae
Recognition/Student Letters
Research Publications
Undergraduate Research Fellowship
3rd Year Review
Honors, Awards, Grants, Fellowships
Amos Leslie Willson:
Financial Info.
Alpha File
Annual Report
Publications File 1
Publications File 2
Winifred Lehmann
Publications File
Stanley N. Werbow
Alpha File
Gen. File - 1977-
Financial Info
General File