University of Texas, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History

A Guide to the UT Ephemera Collection

Descriptive Summary

Creator: UT Ephemera Collection
Title: UT Ephemera Collection
Abstract: Ephemeral materials related to the history of the University of Texas at Austin.
Extent: 4 ft.
Language: Materials are written in English.
Repository: The Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin

Scope and Contents

The UT Ephemera Collection consists of ephemeral items documenting the activities of the University of Texas at Austin and other branches. Ephemeral items are defined as transient, everyday items, usually printed on paper, that are manufactured for a specific limited use, then often discarded. The UT Ephemera Collection also includes everyday items meant to be saved, at least for a while, such as keepsakes or souvenirs. Large components of this collection include programs, handbooks, and invitations.


Access Restrictions

This collection is open for research use.

Related Material

See also Ephemera Collection at the Briscoe Center.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

UT Ephemera Collection, The Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin.


Housed with broadsides & ephemera in 2.227 alcove.


To request these materials, please indicate category as well as box number, i.e. Box 1 – Advertisements.

Detailed Description of the Papers



1 Advertisements: public notices of the availability of goods or services through purchase or other means.
File 1: Miscellaneous advertisements
Announcements: small notices announcing special events and occasions that are generally noncommercial, such as exhibitions, conferences, fundraisers, etc. See also Advertisements, Programs.
File 1: Miscellaneous advertisements
Ballots: sheets of paper, cards, or other devices used to cast a vote or announce a slate of candidates.
File 1: Miscellaneous ballots
Calendars: tabular registers of days according to a system, usually covering one year and referring the days of each month to the days of the week; includes "calendars of events" distributed by museums, theaters, etc.
File 1: Miscellaneous calendars
Cards: pieces of thin paperboard, stiff paper, or other material, which are flat, usually small and rectangular, and designed to convey messages or other information.
Greeting Cards: cards sent or given on special occasions; usually bearing messages of good will.
File 1: Cards- Greeting Cards
Membership Cards: cards certifying membership in an organization.
File 2: Cards- Membership Cards
Constitutions and By-Laws: Documents containing constitutions or by laws of UT or campus organizations
File 1: Constitutions and By laws
Dance Cards: pieces of thin paperboard, stiff paper, or other material, which are flat, usually small and rectangular, and used in conjunction with dances, balls, or galas. See Programs, Dance.
File 1: Miscellaneous Directories
Envelopes: flat, usually paper containers, as for mailing a letter.
File 1: Miscellaneous envelopes, Texas
File 1: Miscellaneous exams
2 Forms:
File 1: Miscellaneous forms
Handbills: A sheet or sheets of paper usually used to advertise an event, especially fine arts events or athletic events.
File 1: Miscellaneous handbills
File 2: Handbills- Dodgers (distributed day of event)
Handbooks: small folded bound or unbound multipage informational booklets intended to notify of policies, services, or history. (ex. handbooks, instruction books, bulletins, constitutions, and digests)
File 1: Miscellaneous booklets
File 1: Handbooks- Faculty
File 2: Handbooks- Library
File 3: Handbooks- Students
File 4: Handbooks- Visitors
Invitations: requests to be present or to participate (especially in inaugural balls, political events and social activities)
File 1: Miscellaneous invitations, 1883-1899
File 2: Miscellaneous invitations, 1900-1949
3 File 3: Miscellaneous invitations, 1950-1989
File 4: Miscellaneous invitations, 1990-current
Keepsakes: works produced to mark the occasion of a gathering or event; given or sold to those in attendance and not usually otherwise available.
File 1: Miscellaneous keepsakes
Lecture Notes: bound or unbound papers containing notes related to class meetings
File 1: Miscellaneous lecture notes
Menus: lists of the dishes that may be ordered in an eatery or that are to be served at a banquet or other occasion.
File 1: Miscellaneous menus
Placemats: a sheet of paper used during a meal to protect the table
File 1: Miscellaneous placemats
Postcards: pieces of thin paperboard, stiff paper, or other material, which are flat, usually small and rectangular used for posted mailings
File 1: Miscellaneous postcards
Programs: brief, usually printed outlines of the order to be followed, of feature(s) to be presented, and of person(s) participating in a public exercise, performance, or entertainment. This category has been artificially divided into subdivisions listed below.
File 1: Programs, Anniversaries and Tributes
File 2: Programs, Athletic Programs, to 1899
File 3: Programs, Athletic Programs, 1900- 1949
File 4: Programs, Athletic Programs, 1950-1979
4 File 5: Programs, Athletic – Football
5 File 6: Programs, Athletic – Football
5a File 6: Programs, Athletic – Football
6 File 7: Programs, Commencement
File 8: Programs, Dance (includes Dance Books)
7 File 8: Programs, Dance (includes Dance Books)
File 9: Programs, Dedications
File 10: Programs, Dinners and Banquets
File 11: Programs, Enrollment Programs
File 12: Programs, Exhibit Programs
File 13: Programs, Film
File 14: Programs, Fraternities
8 File 15: Programs, Literary Societies
File 16: Programs, Meeting Programs, organizations
File 17: Programs, Meeting Programs, non-organizations
File 18: Programs, Music and Dance
File 19: Programs, Music and Dance
9 File 19: Programs, Music and Dance
File 20: Programs, Playbills and Theatre
File 21: Programs, Music, Round-up
File 22: Programs, Receptions
File 23: Programs, Reunions
File 24: Programs, Sororities
10 Prospectuses: a preliminary statement, usually printed, issued by promoters of an enterprise, the publisher of a literary work, or the administration of a school or college, intended to give advance information and to arouse interest and support
File 1: Miscellaneous prospectuses
Schedules: lists showing times of departure and arrival and scheduled stopping points between two terminals
File 1: Miscellaneous schedules
Seals, Symbols:
File 1: Miscellaneous seals and symbols
Style Books: small booklets containing guidelines for printing presses
File 1: Miscellaneous style books
Tickets: slips of paper, cardboard, or other materials used for admission or passage.
File 1: Miscellaneous tickets
Unattached Maps: maps of UT that were detached from larger works or printed separately to be handed out.
File 1: Miscellaneous unattached maps.
2.325/T55 Oversized ephemera, including:
Color Cactus yearbook photos
Campus events posters
Texas football decals and bumper stickers