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A Guide to the Morgan Callaway, Jr. Papers, 1849-1968

Descriptive Summary

Creator: Callaway, Morgan, Jr.
Title: Morgan Callaway, Jr. Papers
Dates: 1849-1968
Abstract: Personal and professional papers of Morgan Callaway, Jr. (1862-1936), scholar and professor at the University of Texas. Included are correspondence, published versions of dissertations and other publications, notes, receipts, class registers, and other related materials.
Accession No.: AR 80-029; 95-077, 2005-093
OCLC No.: 949774885
Extent: 20 feet, 9 inches
Language: Materials are written in English.
Repository: Dolph Briscoe Center for American History,The University of Texas at Austin

Biographical Note

Morgan Callaway, Jr. (1862-1936), scholar and teacher, the son of Morgan and Eliza Mary (Hinton) Callaway, was born on November 3, 1862, in Cuthbert, Georgia. His father was a professor of English at Emory College, where Callaway obtained his B.A. degree in 1881 and his M.A. in 1883. He was adjunct professor of English at Emory from 1881 to 1883 and moved to Texas as principal of an academy at Chireno for a year. He became professor of English at Southwestern University in 1884 and remained there for two years before going to Johns Hopkins University, where he was made Phi Beta Kappa, was a fellow in English, and took his Ph.D. degree in 1889, after seminar work with the philologist James W. Bright.

Callaway returned to Southwestern in 1889 but in 1890 joined the English staff of the University of Texas, where he rose to the rank of professor. He also served as assistant literary editor of the Library of Southwestern Literature from 1909 to 1923. He was awarded an honorary doctorate by Southern Methodist University in 1924 and was made faculty research lecturer at the University of Texas in 1925. Callaway maintained uncompromising standards in the teaching of English composition and grammar. He married Lora Hanah Smith, a former pupil, on August 3, 1920. He was a Democrat and a member of the Methodist church. Callaway died on April 3, 1936, and was buried in Austin.

Biographical information taken from Texas of Handbook Online entry on Callaway.

Scope and Contents

Personal and professional papers of Morgan Callaway, Jr. include correspondence, published versions of dissertations and other publications, notes, receipts, class registers, and other related materials.


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Morgan Callaway, Jr. Papers, 1849-1968, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin.

Detailed Description of the Papers



4V314 (4438921) O. Henry, by Hilda Rollins, 1914
The Historic Study of the Mother-Tounge in the United States: A Survey of the Past, by M. Callaway, 1925
Concerning the Number of Cases in Modern English, by M. Callaway, 1927
4V317 (4438932) English in Our Prepatory Schools, by M. Callaway, 1891
Concerning the Origin of the Gerund in English, by M. Callaway, 1929
Recent Works in the Field of English Linguistics, by M. Callaway, 1929
4V318 (4438943) Metal box (artifact)
Titles of books from Callaway's general library (note cards), 1940
4V319 (4438954) Cactus, miscellaneous notes, undated, 1908
4V321 (4438965) Metal box with printed scene (artifact)
4V322 (4438976) Addresses by Callaway, ca. 1895-1926
Notes, receipts, correspondence, ca. 1899-1921
4V324 (4438987) Notes, research
Coursework, class registers, notes, examinations, ca. 1908-1936
4V325 (4438998) The Absolute Participle in Anglo-Saxon (dissertation), by M. Callaway, 1889
The Appositive Participle in Anglo-Saxon, by M. Callaway, 1901
The Infinitive in Anglo-Saxon, by M. Callaway, 1913
Papers and publications by Callaway, ca. 1901-1929
4V326 (4439006) Correspondence, 1908-1929
Clippings, 1889-1949
Pamphlets and printed material, 1905-1939
4V329 (4439017) Correspondence, 1889-1947
4V330 (4439028) Notes and bibliographies (note cards)
4V331 (4439039) Faust research
Papers, notes, research by Callaway, ca. 1896-1939
4V332 (4439040) Correspondence, ca. 1896-1961
Papers, research, bibliographies by Callaway
Biographical information on Callaway
4V333 (4439050) Notes and bibliographies
Correspondence, 1934
4V335 (4439061) Coursework, examinations, notes
Correspondence, 1899, 1939
Notes, bibliographies, pamphlets and printed material
4V336 (4439072) Correspondence, 1905-1924, 1931
Biographical sketch of Callaway, 1895
Pamphlets, printed material, ca. 1879-
Articles, publications by Callaway, 1889-1922
4V337 (4439083) Real estate, correspondence, legal documents, 1929-1939
Morgan Callaway, Sr., documents, 1850-1866
Notes, clippings, printed material, 1889-1930
4V338 (4439094) Correspondence, 1928-1939
Papers, notes, printed material, 1892-1933
4V339 (4439108) Topographical maps
Bibliographies (note cards)
White, M. P., Paleontological Report on Material Collected in Southeastern Texas, 1925
4V340 (4439119) Wesleyan Christian Advocate, Atlanta, 1899
Articles, papers, reviews, 1884-1934
Correspondence, 1928-1938
Research on the Subjunctive
4V341 (4439120) English 215 coursework, examinations, etc., ca. 1930-1936
English 4 and English 64 coursework, examinations, etc., ca. 1921-1932
Printed material and pamphlets, 1890-1934
4V432 (4439130) Correspondence, 1931-1936
"The Definitive in Anglo-Saxon," research, newspaper clippings, 1913
Examination questions for English 22b, 1933-1934
Examination questions for English 64, 1931, 1935
Pamphlets, printed material, and clippings, 1902-1936
4V343 (4439141) Correspondence, 1911-1914
Pamphlets, printed material, clippings, 1900-1930
4V344 (4439152) Correspondence, 1900-1932
Pamphlets, printed material, clippings, 1890-1936
4V345 (4439163) Geologic map of Bell County, Texas, 1930
Topographic map of Gatesville, 1924
Geologic map of Texas
4V346 (4439174) Cartographic material
Handbook of Social Psychology, vols. 1, 4, 1968
4V347 (4439185) English 85 coursewrok, examinations
English 22, coursework, examinations, etc., 1928-1932
4V348 (4439196) Bibliographic notes (note cards)
4V349 (4439200) Pamphlets and printed material, 1888-1936
Correspondence, 1890-1934
4V350 (4439210) Pamphlets and printed material, 1880-1929
Notecards on Chaucer research
4V351 (4439221) Pamphlets, printed material, clippings, 1890-1936
Correspondence, 1920-1935
Photograph of M. Callaway, Sr., 1870
4V352 (4439232) Pamphlets, printed material, clippings, 1904-1938
Correspondence, 1928-1937
4V353 (4439243) Printed material and pamphlets, 1920-1935
Mrs. M. Callaway correspondence, 1934-1935
4V354 (4439254) Pamphlets, printed material, and clippings, 1885-1932
Correspondence, 1902-1930
Articles, speeches, 1910-1930
4V355 (4439265) Pamphlets, printed material, clippings, 1899-1963
Research notes and papers
Correspondence, 1933-1935
4V356 (4439276) English 64 coursework and examinations, 1934
Correspondence, 1894-1930
4V357 (4384935) Oversize material:
Diploma of M. Callaway, Sr., 1849
Phi Beta Kappa certificate
3V60 (4439287) Pamphlets, printed material, clippings, 1899-1929
Research, articles, and papers
Correspondence, 1899-1929
3V61 (4328865) Pamphlets, printed material, 1898-1923
Research, articles, books, 1902-1920
Correspondence, 1898-1920
3V62 (4439298) Pamphlets, printed material, clippings, 1892-1928
Research, bibliographies, articles, papers
Correspondence, 1898-1929
3V63 (4363301) Pamphlets, printed material, clippings, 1899-1932
Research, notecards, bibliographies, articles, papers
Correspondence, 1896-1932
95-077/1 Dissertation, 1889
UT Bulletin #3626, studies in English #16, contains eulogy and bibliography of Dr. Morgan Callaway, July 8, 1936
Supplement to the Absolute Participle in Anglo-Saxon
Examination papers, 1889
Research lectures, 1924-1925
Correspondence, 1890, 1903, 1925-1930
Clippings, 1889-1890, 1931, undated
2.325/K72d Diploma, Johns Hopkins University, Ph. D., 1889
4Zf235 Correspondence, 1913, 1917
Dissertation (published version), 1889
Misc. Callaway publications, 1884-1905