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A Guide to the Thibodeaux (James C.) Photograph Collection, 1883-2000

Descriptive Summary

Creator Thibodeaux, James C.
Title Thibodeaux, James C. Photograph Collection
Dates: 1883-2000
Accession No. AR 97-372; 2000-50; 2000-104
Extent 10 in. papers; 950 photographic prints (black and white and color); 400 negatives: 35 mm, 120 mm, and larger (estimate); 100 slides (estimate)
Language English.
Repository Center for American History,The University of Texas at Austin

Biographical Note

James C. Thibodeaux was born July 1911 in the parish of St. Martinville, Louisiana. He moved with his family to Dallas, Texas after his mother died. Thibodeaux’s father, a graduate of Strait University (later known as Dillard University) in New Orleans, worked as head custodian and translator of French at the Federal Reserve Bank in Dallas. Thibodeaux graduated from the Sisters’ Institute (later known as St. Peter’s Academy) in 1928. During high school, Thibodeaux was encouraged by his art teacher, Sister Michael, to develop his artistic talent. Because of racial discrimination, no schools in the Dallas area would accept him so his father contacted schools in New York City. In 1929 Thibodeaux’s father sent him to New York City to study at Cooper Union, which had offered him a scholarship. Also in 1929, Thibodeaux began work with WOR radio as a studio page; he retired in 1977 as television operations supervisor.

During his career at WOR, he continued to pursue his artistic endeavors in art, photography, history, and acting. Thibodeaux’s work has been shown at the Countee Cullen Library, Eva Jessye's studio, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. He was active in the Dallas Negro Players, the first black little theater group in Dallas, and the Harlem Experimental Players. In addition to his own career as an artist, he served as a mentor to many younger artists, particularly through his involvement with the Police Athletic League and the YMCA in New York City. Thibodeaux has also mentored older, lesser-known African-American artists by organizing exhibitions and documenting their work in text and photographs. In 1992 Thibodeaux was recognized as a “Dallas Living Legend” by the Junior Black Academy of Arts and Letters. As of 1999, Thibodeaux was living in the family home in Dallas.

Scope and Contents

Collection consists of four series: James C. Thibodeaux, Thibodeaux Family, Catholic Church, and African-American History. Series I is arranged into three sub-series: Personal, Civic, and Professional. The WOR photo archive, which was given to Thibodeaux, is included in the Professional series; the photographs are further categorized as Chronological, Identified Persons (undated), and Unidentified. Series II is arranged by format type, and Series III and IV are arranged first by subject and then by format type. The number of images follows each entry. Much of the material in the Thibodeaux collection had been stored in magnetic scrapbook/photo albums. Preservation photocopies, which are listed in the James C. Thibodeaux-Personal series, were made of each album and the albums were then dismantled. Additionally, all materials that were removed from Thibodeaux’s scrapbook/photo albums are labeled with the corresponding album number, which is shown here in parentheses after each album name in the inventory. Negatives are restricted.


Access Restrictions

Access restricted for some portions of this collection. Contact repository for further information.

Index Terms

Subjects (Persons)
Brown, Ruth
Butterfield, Erskine
Carney, Don
Chaplin, Charlie
Fitzgerald, Edward
Fitzgerald, Pegeen
Francis, Arlene
Gambling, John A.
Gambling, John B.
Glenn, Tyree
Gould, Morton
Jessye, Eva
Johnson, Albert “Budd”
Louis, Joe
Murphy, Maximillian
Ortega, Santos
Parker, William
Poppele, Jack
Rogers, Roy
Roosevelt, Eleanor
Sweeting, Earl
Tarry, Ellen
Thibodeaux, James C.
Tolbert, Thomas
Van, Lyle
Ward, George
Williams, Robert Neal
Williams, Wesley
African-American artists
Catholic Church
Jazz musicians
Police Athletic League Community Center (New York City)
Radio stations
St. Anthony Catholic Church (Dallas, Texas)
St. Peter the Apostle Catholic Church (Dallas, Texas)
Television broadcasting
WOR Radio

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

James C. Thibodeaux Photograph Collection, 1883-2000, The Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin

Detailed Description of the Collection


James C. Thibodeaux

3J406 Personal
Correspondence 1930-1999, undated
Photocopies of scrapbook/photo album introductions undated
Preservation copies of original scrapbooks/photo albums:
Album 2 (A2) undated
Album 4D (A4D) undated
Album 5 (A5) undated
Album 7A (A7A) undated
Album 7X (A7X) undated
Album 8 (A8) undated
Unnumbered album 1 (UA1) undated
Unnumbered album 2 (UA2) undated
Unnumbered album 3 (UA3) undated
Unnumbered album 4 (UA4) undated
Unfiled pages (U1-U5) undated
News Clippings
About Thibodeaux 1930-1952, undated
Collected by Thibodeaux 1963-2000, undated
Ephemera 1883-1999, undated
3S229a Photographs:
Dr. Anderson (2)
Dr. Anderson’s office
Dallas County Historical Plaza plaque
Dallas, Texas (5)
Chris Flowers
Dr. William K. Flowers III and Yvette De Loatch Bacon Flowers
Tom Forward’s home, Edgewood Street, Dallas, Texas
Hattie, James Ryan, and Esther
Fellow Hollingsworth
Fellow, Stephanie, and Kendra Hollingsworth
Mr. Hollingsworth
Milton and Shannon Kaye (2)
New Senior Citizen Resource Specialists’ Coffee and Tea
Marie, Mrs. Pemberton’s sister
Professor H. B. Pemberton
Mrs. Pemberton
Mrs. Pemberton
Alleyene, Mrs. Pemberton, and Norma[?]
Nedra Pemberton [?]
Nedra Pemberton (2)
Briana Renee Roy
Whitney Roy
St. Martinville
“Sporan” [horse]
James Thibodeaux
James Thibodeaux, 1926
James Thibodeaux on bicycle, Chicago bicycle trip 1930
James Thibodeaux, 1932
James Thibodeaux in church
James Thibodeaux, in front of a car
James Thibodeaux and Mrs. Daniels
James Thibodeaux, Myrtle Gates Murphy, Robert Edison
James Thibodeaux and Nedra Pemberton
James C. Thibodeaux, Mrs. Pemberton, and Nedra Pemberton
James Thibodeaux and “Stranger” (2)
James Thibodeaux, Father Rod, Timmy, unidentified man and woman (2)
James Thibodeaux and an unidentified man (2)
James Thibodeaux, Wiggins, and an unidentified man, Chicago bicycle trip 1930
James Thibodeaux’s home, Oakland Avenue, Dallas, Texas (2)
James Thibodeaux’s membership card, Alumni Association of Mechanics Institute, New York
James Thibodeaux’s Thomas Avenue homestead (2)
James Thibodeaux’s doctor, New York City
Unidentified man and dog
Mrs. Andrew Weems
Ruth Whelfield and James Thibodeaux
Ben [?] Whelfield and James Thibodeaux
Whelfield’s daughter and James Thibodeaux
3J406 Civic
Manuscript Material 1931-1983, undated
3S229a Photographs
Students at a Police Athletic League Community Center, New York City (2)
James Thibodeaux and children, Police Athletic League Community Center, Brooklyn, New York
James Thibodeaux and children, Police Athletic League Community Center, Harlem, New York
James Thibodeaux and children, Police Athletic League Community Center, New York City
3J406 Professional
Creative Work
Letters received 1929-1994, undated
Manuscript creative works undated
News clippings 1928-1998, undated
Ephemera 1928-1979, undated
Works of art on paper: Sketches from the Metropolitan Opera House; Block print design, 1933, 1945
3S229a Photographs
Models of statues created by Father McGlynn (5)
Scene from No Count Boy
Ellen Tarry with painting by James Thibodeaux of Martin de Porres
Block print Christmas card by James Thibodeaux, 1944
James Thibodeaux working at his easel 1990
James Thibodeaux, Cha[rles] Cary, and an unidentified woman and an unidentified man (2)
James Thibodeaux in a scene from A Sunny Morning, (2)
Drawing of Portia Pittman by James Thibodeaux (3)
Series of five drawings of Portia Pittman by James Thibodeaux
James Thibodeaux with four of his drawings
Drawing of Bertrand Ashford by James Thibodeaux
Drawing of Lefroy Collins by James Thibodeaux
James Thibodeaux working at his easel
Painting by James Thibodeaux
Painting by Robert Edison after restoration by James Thibodeaux
Painting by James Thibodeaux [?]
James Thibodeaux, American Museum of Natural History, New York City
Series of drawings and paintings by James Thibodeaux
James Thibodeaux in his home workshop, 99th Street, New York City
Mrs. Bessie F. Bailey, Secretary to Mrs. Bethume of Bethume Cookman College, photo by James Thibodeaux
Eleanor Roosevelt at reception honoring Mrs. Bessie F. Bailey, photo by James Thibodeaux
Hester Collins, photo by James Thibodeaux
Green Acre Courts, Dallas, Texas, photo by James Thibodeaux
Joe Louis Entertainers, Green Acre Courts, Dallas, Texas, photo by James Thibodeaux, (8) 1953
Unidentified man and woman, photo by James Thibodeaux for Sepia magazine [?], (2)
Unidentified man and two women, photo by James Thibodeaux for Sepia magazine
African Opinion presents its artists, including James Thibodeaux
Dr. Craig, Dallas, Texas, photo by James Thibodeaux [?] (2)
Dr. Burke, Dallas, Texas, photo by James Thibodeaux [?]
3S232c Photonegatives (unprocessed)


WOR Radio, New York City

3J407 Material About Thibodeaux
Manuscript material, 1941-1982, undated
3S229b Photographs (11)
3J407 Memorabilia collected by Thibodeaux, Manusript Matieral:
WOR press releases 1949, undated
“One of America’s Great Stories,” by Frank L. Liveright, 1947
Newsclippings, 1943-1996, undated
Ephemera, 1956-1965, undated
Telegram, 1952
3S229b Memorabilia Collected by Thibodeaux, Photographs:
3S229b Bamberger’s first radio department 1922
Jack Poppele, “First broadcast” 1922
John B. Gambling and Jack Poppele on the roof of Bamberger’s department store 1922
Second transmitter 1922
George D. Aiken, Governor of Vermont 1925
John B. Gambling’s “Early Morning Gym Class” 1925
Dr. John A. Harr 1925
Jack Poppele at the first transmitter undated
Unidentified man and WOR’s first microphone undated
L. Bamberger and Co. department store undated
WOR’s transmission towers (2) undated
Charlie Chaplin (2) undated
WOR’s first reception room 1930
Don “Uncle Don” Carney 1932
“Main Street Sketches” Election night (2) 1933
Alfred J. McCosker and George M. Cohan at the inauguration of the Mutual Network
Western Electric Company Series:
WOR Radio Transmitter Station, #45
WOR Radio Transmitter Station, #47 (3)
WOR Radio Transmitter Station, #48
WOR Radio Transmitter Station, #50
Interior of coupling house, #63
WOR’s antenna tower
Catwalk between the two antenna towers, #135
Close-up of two branches of the concentric transmission line at midpoint between two tower antennas, #136 (3)
Center coupling house, #140
Close-up of a support leg of one of the towers, #141 (2)
Antenna tower, #142 (2)
Transmitter, #143
Oscillator modulator unit, #144
50 kilowatt transmitter, #145
50 kilowatt transmitter, #146 (2)
50 kilowatt transmitter, #156
50 kilowatt transmitter, #157 (2)
50 kilowatt transmitter, #158a
50 kilowatt transmitter, #158
First control room
“The Witch’s Tale”: Alonzo Dean Cole and his wife
Jake Eickenbush [?] standing at transmitter
Broadcast of duck hunt at Barnegat Bay, New Jersey: Dave Driscoll 1936
Governor Franklin D. Roosevelt broadcasting over WOR (2) 1937
Dave Driscoll 1937
Erection of antenna pole (6) 1938
Times Square, from 45th floor of Bamberger’s Department Store 1938
Short-wave broadcasting during declaration of war 1939
WOR window display 1939
Jack Poppele and unidentified man 1939
Kay Kyser, Jack Poppele, and Guy Lombardo 1939
Microphone undated
Sue Read undated
Catwalk undated
Antenna tower (5) undated
Rooftop of Bamberger’s Department Store undated
Spare tube rack undated
Transmitter undated
Red Barber and George Marshal looking at Football Microphone for Washington Redskins 1940
WOR window display, Post Pharmacy, Flushing, Long Island 1940
John Hamilton 1940
The Fitzgees [Ed and Pegeen Fitzgerald] 1940
“WOR as morning newspaper”: Jack Poppele and others 1941
Edward Fitzgerald 1941
“Good Neighbor” exhibit (2) 1941
Sound effects demonstration (2) 1941
Wanda Arsenuk 1942
Unidentified woman and 1942 calendar 1942
“The Battle of the Boroughs” (2) 1942
“The Navy Goes to Church” 1942
Mortie and Al Nevins 1944
Eddie Dowling 1944
Donald Dome 1944
Frances Greer 1944
Karole Singer 1944
Monica Lewis 1944
John Boker 1944
Grace Castagnetta 1944
WOR Mutual Radio Theater (2) 1944
Ruth Davy (2) 1945
Microphone 1945
Archdale Jones, “Where Are They Now?” 1945
Stan Lomax 1947
“It Pays to Be Ignorant” undated
Alfred McCann, Jr. undated
Ed and Pegeen Fitzgerald 1950
Robert Schmid (2) 1951
Thanksgiving Day parade (5) 1951
Robert Schmid, Glen Taylor, Bill Fineshriber 1955
John B. Gambling 30th anniversary broadcast, Madison Square Garden (7) 1955
Girls softball team (2) undated
R. Leder 1965
3S229c Identified Persons undated
Bernice Ackerman (2)
Don Arres (7)
Jack Bailey, Peggy Mollenbauer (Queen for a Day), Raymond R. Morgan
Red Barber
Wendy Barrie
John A. Bassett, Lee Wright, Alvin Flanagan
Bessie Beatty
Carol Beckwith
Ralph Bellamy
Constance Bennett
Russell Bennet
Rosemary Bertrand (3)
Betty and Buddy
Jim Boles, Roger Bower, Frank Knight, and Carl Warren Peter Britt (4)
Erskine Butterfield and the Charioteers (4)
Erskine Butterfield (4)
Erskine Butterfield and unidentified man and unidentified woman
Erskine Butterfield and unidentified woman
Jeanne Cagney
Jimmy Cannon and unidentified man
“Uncle” Don Carney
Beau Carter
The Charioteers
Jerry Cooper (12)
George Coulouris and Lesley Woods
Warren Covington
Don Criqui (2)
Don Norman Dalton Martin Carroll Crosne (a.k.a. Don Norman)
Nick Dawson
Nick Dawson and unidentified young male actor
Martha Deane (Marian Young Taylor) (3)
Martha Deane and unidentified female guest
Richard Derr
Morton Downey (5)
Dave Driscoll and group
Dave Driscoll
Dave Driscoll, Theodore Streibert, Frank Bulkley, Lt. Col. R.C. Montgomery, Charles Singer, N.B. Arnold, Col. George P. Dickson
Dave Driscoll, John F. Sinnott, Jr., Bill Griffith, Fred Davis, Sam Schwartz, Charles P. Gaddick, Murray Hawley, John C. Young, Henry Laderer
Thomas A. Edison and Governor A. Harry Moore at ceremonies marking the 50th anniversary of the invention of the phonograph
Anita Ellis (4)
“Fearless” Fred Feldman (2)
Pegeen Fitzgerald, Santos Ortega, and others
Pegeen Fitzgerald, unidentified man, unidentified woman
Pegeen Fitzgerald and two unidentified young women
Ed and Pegeen Fitzgerald (2)
Pegeen Fitzgerald and an unidentified woman
Arleen Francis (4)
Harry Frankel
Harry Frankel
Harry Frankel in his den [?]
Joe Frankel
Carleton Fredericks
John B. Gambling at the WOR microphone
John B. Gambling, Michael Rosco, “Fros” Frosini, Louis Beamonte, and Vincent Sorey
John B. Gambling and group
John B. Gambling, Arthur Godfrey, and Alfred McCann, Jr.
John B. Gambling and his gym class
John B. Gambling (3)
John B. Gambling and “Henrietta,” the musical clock played by Jack Byrne, Rudolph, and an unidentified man
John B. Gambling and Alfred McCann, Jr.
John B. Gambling, Alfred McCann, Jr., and an unidentified woman
John B. Gambling, Alfred McCann, Jr., and Martha Deane, and unidentified woman (2)
John B. Gambling in car
John B. Gambling and John A. Gambling
John B. Gambling, John A. Gambling, and unidentified man
John A. Gambling
John A. Gambling and unidentified man
Bob Garrity
Henry Gladstone (4)
Henry Gladstone and unidentified man
Doc Glower
Arthur Godfrey
Mark Goodson
Morton Gould (11)
Morton Gould and unidentified man (2)
Morton Gould and two unidentified men
Morton Gould, Jim Shields, and unidentified man (6)
Morton Gould and Shefter, piano duet
Barry Gray and Guy Lombardo
Bert Greene
Royal Arch Gunnison and wife
Royal Arch Gunnison
Harvey Harding
William “Bill” Hargrave (2)
Aloise Havrilla (2)
Peter Lind Hayes and Mary Healy
Gabriel Heater
Ray Heatherton (“Merry Mailman”) (3)
Marquee for Ray Heatherton’s “Merry Mailman” program
Harry Hennessy (2)
Geoffrey Holder
Ann Honeycutt
Edward Everett Horton
Harold Huber
Bud Hulic (2)
Jack Johnstone (13)
George Kaufman and unidentified man (2)
George Kaufman (2)
Stanley Kauffman and Eddie N. (2)
3S232a Martin Kaye
Sammy Kaye, Barry Gray, Chuck Foster, Bernie Woods, Mickey Glassman, Rudy Brooks, Woody Herman
The Key Men: James Bullisteo, Travis Johnson, Carrick Douglas, William E. Hood
Alvino Ray and the King Sisters
Dr. Frank Kingdom
Richard Kollmar
Peg La Centra
William Lang
Margot Lane
Lanny and Ginger
Gerry Larsen
Jerry Lawrence (3)
Sandy Lesberg
Bill Lipton, Jean McCoy, and Stephen Schnabel
Gene Lockhart
Kathleen Lockhart and Conrad Bingen
Stan Lomax (3)
Stan Lomax and Joe Louis
Frank Lovejoy and group (2)
C.P. MacGregor and Peggy Ryan
Paul Manning
Bill Mazer
Alfred and Dora McCann (2)
Alfred McCann, Jr. (3)
Alfred and Dora McCann and the March of Dimes Poster Child [?]
The McCanns: Patsy, Dora, and Alfred, Jr.
Alfred J. McCosker
Ted and Jinx McCrary
Dan McCullough, Richard Willes, and an unidentified woman
George Meade
Larry Meier and Ed Franke (2)
Ethel Merman, Morton Gould, and Clifton Fadiman
Ray Middleton and Morton Gould
Jim Mitchell (2)
Robert Mitchum
Hortense Monath
Bret Morrison
Kurt Mossey and Marion Mann
Nancy Norman (2)
Marilou Neumayer
Lloyd Nolan
Jack O’Brian (2)
Neil O’Malley
Thomas A. O’Neill and Robert A. Schmid
Harriet O’Rourke
Santos Ortega, Betty Breckenridge, Everett Sloane
Santos Ortega, Betty Breckenridge, and others
Santos Ortega and Everett Sloane (2)
Santos Ortega
Fulton Oursler (2)
Vincent Pelletier
Fern Persons and McKay Morris
Pick and Patt
Jack Poppele (2)
Jack Poppele and others (3)
Jack Poppele, Dave Driscoll, and others
Dick Powell
Vincent Price
Joyce Ralph and Jane Giffith
Joyce Ralph
Al and Lee Reiser
Bob Ripley (11)
Peter Roberts (2)
Roy Rogers
Roy Rogers and the Sons of the Pioneers
Lina Romay (3)
John Scott
Jean Shepherd
Frank Singiser
Tom Slater and an unidentified woman
Martha Sleeper
Everett Sloane (2)
Mary Small (4)
Bob Smith
Louis Sorin
Stuart Soroka
Bob Stanley
Theodore C. Streibert
Raymond Gram Swing
Norman Thomas
Jeffrey Thompson
Claire Trevor
Lyle Van (2)
Lyle Van, George Brown, Lester Smith, John Wingate, John Scott, and Ed Pettit in newsroom (2)
Bea Wain
Alfred Wallenstein and Jack Poppele
Georgie Ward and Nick Dawson (9)
Georgie Ward (9)
Georgie Ward and an unidentified man
Georgie Ward, Craig McDonnell, and an unidentified man (3)
Georgie Ward, Nick Dawson, Roger Bower, and an unidentified man (3)
Georgie Ward, Craig McDonnell, and an unidentified man (3)
Danny Webb
Wythe Williams
Paul Winchell and Jerry Mahoney
Earl Wilson and Eddie Dowling
John Wingate
John Wink
“The Witches Tale”
Lesley Woods and an unidentified woman (2)
WOR Mutual Radio Theatre No. 1
Unidentified photographs (82)
3F416 Annotated photocopies of scrapbooks made by Mr. Thibodeaux 2002


Thibodeaux Family

3J407 Manuscript Material 1910-1941, undated
3S232b Photographs:
Ernest Charles Thibodeaux, Sr. with members of the Federal Reserve Bank [Dallas, Texas]
Fannie Young Thibodeaux
Straight University (now Dillard University), Class of 1904 including Fannie Young Thibodeaux
Graduation program, Audry and Nedra Thibodeaux
James Thibodeaux with Audry and Nedra Thibodeaux
Ernest “Buddy” Charles Thibodeaux Jr. as magician [?]
1936 graduates of the Sisters’ Institute, including Ernest Charles Thibodeaux Jr.
Ernest “Buddy” Charles Thibodeaux Jr. (2)
Ernest “Buddy” Charles Thibodeaux Jr. visiting St. Peter’s School on leave from the Army during World War II
“My cousin Charles”


Catholic Church

3J407 St. Peter the Apostle Catholic Church, Dallas, Texas
Manuscript Material 1936-1996, undated
3S232b Photographs:
Father Dorsey among fellow priests
Rev. John Neifert (4)
St. Peter the Apostle Church [original]
St. Peter’s being dismantled to make way for the new St. Peter’s (2)
Sanctuary of St. Peter the Apostle Church
Father Sullivan, pastor of St. Peter the Apostle before building St. Anthony’s
Father Sullivan and nuns at the convent of St. Peter the Apostle Church, circa 1950
St. Peter the Apostle Church [new] (6)
Church in Old City Park, Dallas, Texas
3J407 Sisters’ Institute (St. Peter’s Academy), Dallas, Texas
Manuscript Material, 1906-1987, undated
3S232b Photographs:
“The faithful nuns who taught us” (2)
Nuns of the Sisters’ Institute
Sisters’ Institute next door to St. Peter the Apostle Church
Students of the Sisters’ Institute (24)
Hattie, Willie Mae, Selena, and Esther
St. Peter’s School
Sister Michael with “Stranger”
Architect’s renderings of the Sisters’ Institute (2)
Mary Catherine Muse
Graduation program 1940
3J407 Father Maximillian Murphy
Manuscript material 1959-1973, undated
3S232b Photographs
Father Maximillian Murphy’s seminarian class in Czechoslovakia
Father Maximillian Murphy, Fred Murphy, Donald Murphy, and Robert Murphy (2)
Father Maximillian Murphy on a visit to a school in Czechoslovakia
Father Maximillian Murphy returns to speak at the dedication of the new St. Peter’s Academy
Father Maximillian Murphy and others
Father Maximillian Murphy in Rome (2)
Father Maximillian Murphy and Robert and Donald Murphy
Father Maximillian Murphy and students
Father Maximillian Murphy and another priest
Father Maximillian Murphy (5)
3J407 St. Anthony Catholic Church, Dallas, Texas
Manuscript material 1956-1998, undated
3S232b Photographs:
Model of St. Anthony Catholic Church (made by James C. Thibodeaux)
James C. Thibodeaux and the model of St. Anthony Catholic Church made by him
St. Anthony’s Catholic School sign
The Dallas Library visits St. Anthony school (3)
3J407 Pierre Toussaint
Manuscript material 1965-1996, undated
3S232b Photographs:
The Toussaint Family
Pierre Toussaint
Medallion of Pierre Toussaint (2)
3J407 Saint Martin de Porres
Manuscript material 1935-1998, undated
Miscellaneous Catholic history
Manuscript material 1963-2000, undated
3S232b Photographs:
Sacred Heart Cathedral (2)
40th anniversary, unidentified church
50th anniversary, unidentified church
Father Collins and Sisters
Two unidentified priests
Unidentified priest and nun
Unidentified church


African-American History

3J407 Artists and Writers
Manuscript Material 1931-2000, undated
3S232b Photographs:
Art of unidentified artists (16)
William Bryant
Earl Sweeting and wife
Painting by Earl Sweeting
Ellen Tarry and Bessie Daniels
Ellen Tarry and friends (2)
Ellen Tarry, James Thibodeaux, and Fr. McGlynn’s sister
James Thibodeaux and Bessie Daniels
Folk art by Robert Neal Williams (11)
Robert Neal Williams (5)
Mrs. Willis
3J407 Athletes
Manuscript material 1931-1999, undated
3S232b Photographs:
Henry Armstrong
Don Blackman (2)
Bob Frazier (2)
Willis Hanks
Don Kindred
William Parker (3)
Charles Ramsey (2)
Unidentified athlete
3J407 "Black Dallas Remembered"
Manuscript material 1988-1996, undated
Civic Leaders
Manuscript material 1964-2000, undated
Manuscript Material 1953-1997, undated
3S232b Photographs:
Ellen Tarry and Gladys Gibbs Northcroft
James Thibodeaux and Gladys Gibbs Northcroft
Portia Pittman (2)
James Thibodeaux and Clesbie Daniels
James Thibodeaux and Thomas Tolbert
Thomas Tolbert (4)
Gladys Gibbs Northcroft (2)
Booker T. Washington
Booker T. Washington and President Theodore Roosevelt
Booker T. Washington Family: E. Davidson Washington, Booker T. Washington, II, Margaret Murray Washington, Booker T. Washington, and Portia Washington (later Pittman)
Booker T. Washington and his sons
3J407 Journalists
Manuscript material 1973-2000, undated
African-American History, Lawyers and Lawmen
Manuscript material 1955-1999, undated
African-American History, Musicians
Manuscript material
General 1967-1999, undated
Eva Jessye 1963-1982, undated
Albert “Budd” Johnson 1973-1984, undated
3S232b Photographs
Herb Cowan [?]
Herbie “Kat” Cowens
Al Dunn
Eva Jessye (3)
Eva Jessye and others (2)
James Thibodeaux and Eva Jessye
Albert “Budd” Johnson (3)
James Thibodeaux and Albert “Budd” Johnson (3)
Tyree Glenn (3)
The Kat and the Kittens
The Mills Brothers circa 1930
Ve Ronnee
Hendricks Wilson (4)
Two unidentified men
Unidentified woman
3J407 Oklahoma Creek Freedman Association
Manuscript material 1991-1994, undated
3S232b Photographs (4)
Miscellaneous African-American History
3J407 Manuscript material
General 1985-1999, undated
New York City 1949-1985, undated
Texas 1976-1998, undated
3S232b Photographs
J. Mason Brewer
George Washington Carver in the vicinity of the Tuskegee Institute 1939
George Washington Carver 1933
George Washington Carver [?] and others
Pat Cato
Lloyd E. Dickens
Dr. and Mrs. Dyson (2) Green Acre Courts, Dallas Texas
Socialite friend of Mrs. Oscar Love of Dallas
Mose McCloud
Groundbreaking ceremonies for the Museum of African-American Life and Culture
Lawrence Sarpy
Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture
Carrie Starks [?]
Unidentified Dallas disc jockey circa 1940
Wesley Williams


Unidentified Photographs

3S232b Unidentified Photographs (46)