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A Guide to the William P. Wright, Jr. Papers

Descriptive Summary

Creator: Wright, William P., Jr.
Title: Wright, (William P., Jr.) Papers,
Dates: 1880 - 2007
Abstract: The William P. Wright, Jr. papers contain correspondence, photographs, photographic proofs and contact sheets, research materials regarding the Kickapoo and Tigua tribes, manuscripts, edited drafts, interviews, newspaper clippings, video and audio tapes, invoices and other business documents documenting his career as a photographer and writer.
Accession No.: 97-297; 2007-184
Extent 9 feet
Language Materials are in English.
Repository Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin

Biographical Note

William (Bill) Wright is a photographer and writer whose work depicts the culture of the Southwest, specifically two Native American tribes living in Texas, the Tiguas and Kickapoo. He has written four books, one of which won the Border Book Award, and has contributed his photographs to numerous publications and gallery exhibits. His work can be found in the collections of many public institutions including the British Library, the National Museum of American Art, the Smithsonian Institute, the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston, as well as many others.

Scope and Contents

The William P. Wright, Jr. papers contain correspondence, photographs, photographic proofs and contact sheets, research materials regarding the Kickapoo and Tigua tribes, manuscripts, edited drafts, interviews, newspaper clippings, video and audio tapes, invoices and other business documents documenting his career as a photographer and writer.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

William P. Wright Jr. Papers, 1880-2007, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, University of Texas at Austin.

Detailed Description of the Collection



2.325/G155 Unknown, “The Captivity and sufferings of Mary Smith”
Kickapoos of Couhuila (American Indian Hobbyist)
Unknown, The Lost Tribe of American
U.S. Government, Treaties and Bills
Hearings, Affairs of the Mexican Kickapoo Indians, Vol. III
A Guide to the Indian Tribes of Oklahoma
Ikwai Force, Kickapoo Reference Grammar
Kickapoo Articles:
Newspaper, 1996
Kickapoo bibliographies
Kickapoo duplicate articles
Worland, Wyoming Interviews, 1994
Joe Hernandez, Interview with Bill, 1994
Frank Barriertas, Interview, August 21, 1992
Kickapoo notes, articles
Photocopies of photographs
Kickapoo articles, reference book citations
Photocopies of photographs, 1994
Kickapoo miscellaneous
Kickapoo manuscript:
First draft, 1994
Gesick, manuscript
Comments, revisions
Drafts of dummy
2.325/G156 Tigua:
Interviews, ITC
Research notes
Historic photos
Photo print cards
First manuscript
Manuscript copies
2.325/G157 Brand, Ann, History of El Paso County 1850-1950, El Paso Centennial
Beckett, Corbett, Tortugas
Bureau of American Ethnology:
Indian Tribes of North America
Burras, Rev. Ernest J., El Paso Valley Missions A Tragic Interlude in the Reconquest of New Mexico
Calleros, Cleofas :
Tigua Indians: Oldest Permanent Settlers in Texas
El Paso’s Missions and Indians
The Mother Mission
Corrections from Eva Candelaria
Diamond, Tom:
The Tigua Indians of El Paso, including letters of Fontana, Report by Fewkes and Hinton
Response to final manuscript
Personal Correspondence, circa 1960’s
State responsibilities for American Indians, Texas
Tigua photos
Tigua documents, LBJ Library - UT
Evans, Consuelo Therese, An Analysis of Burials from the Old Socorro Mission
Farah, Cynthia, “Accounts of Travels Through the Pass of the North,” Password
Fewkes, J. Walter:
“The Pueblo Settlements Near El Paso”, American Anthropologist, January-March 1902
Field Diary, 1901
Fillmore, John, “Two Tigua Folk Songs”
Gelo, Daniel J., response and forward
Gerald, Rex:
Tigua Indians of Yselta del Sur, Report for Native American Rights Fund, Boulder, Colorado, October 10, 1985
Green, Thomas:
“Folklore and Ethnic Identity in Tigua Nativism,” in "And Other Neighborly Names” Social Process and Cultural Image in Texas Folklore, Folk History and Cultural Reorganization
“The Legends of the Tigua”
Yo So Indio
Hamilton, Nancy:
Ben Dowell (El Paso’s first mayor)
Hammond and Rey:
Casteneda’s History of the Expedition (Coronado’s), 1940
Harrington, John Peabody:
“An Introductory Paper in the Tiwa Language, Dialect of Taos, New Mexico”, American Anthropologist, January-March 1910
Hendrick, John A.:
“Investigations of Tigua Potters and Pottery at Ysleta Del Sur, Texas”, The Artifact, Vol.9 No. 2, 1971
Hinojosa, Gilberto:
Texas-Mexico Border: A Turbulent History
Hinton, Edgar A.:
“The Tigua Indians: A Sociological Study of a Minority Group”, Feb. 1996
Hodge, Larry D.:
“Hueco Tanks: Holy Place of the Tiguas”, Texas Highways, March 1996
Houser:, Nicolas
“Tigua Pueblo”, Handbook of North American Indians, 1979
Research Notes
Correspondence: Witmer, Fontana, Diamond
Notes on Bill’s book, 5-19-93
Hunter, Rev. Fr. Alcuin:
“Brief History of El Paso Missions”
Institute of Texan Cultures:
“The Tigua Indians”- Slideshow script, 1971
Jarcho, Saul:
“The Fielding H. Garrison Lecture: Some Observations on Disease in Prehistoric North America”, Bulletin of the History of Medicine, Johns Hopkins University Press, January-February 1964
Jenkins, Myra Ellen:
“History and Administration of the Tigua Indians of Yselta Del Sur During the Spanish Colonial Period”, Aboriginal Use and Occupation, 1974
Jojola, Ted:
Interview with Ted Jojola
Miller , Myles R. and O’Leary, Beth Laura:
“The Yselta Clinic Site: A Spanish Colonial Period Native American Habitation in the Lower Valley of El Paso, TX”, July, 1991
Mooney, James:
Letter: Thomas W. Southall to Bill Wright, December, 1992
1898 Report to Bureau of American Ethnology
Montoya, Joe C.:
“First Encounter with Pueblo-Isleta”, Isleta Pueblo and the Church of St. Augustine, 1978
Morrow, Herbert C.:
“The Study of an Adobe Building in Ysleta, Texas: The Alderete-Candelaria House”, The Artifact, Vol. 16, No.3, 1978
National Archives:
Note to Researchers, Researcher Application and Identification Card
Notes on reference locations, research
Microfilm Publication: “Letters Received by the Office of Indian Affairs, 1824-80”
Handout-Regional Archives System
Address: Laura Kreiss
Letter from William T. Field, Re: The Buffalo Soldiers
Microfilm Publication, Roll 566: "Letters Received by the Office of the Adjutant General 1871-1880"
Phillips, John:
“History of Ysleta, Texas”
Invoice for Photocopies and Shipping of above
Pinkard, Tommie:
“The Tiguas of El Paso” Texas Highways (2 copies), August 1986
San Antonio Public Library Microfilm:
1870 El Paso County Census: Ysleta
Sando, Joe S.:
The Pueblo Indians, tables, lists, and appendix
Schoolcraft, H.R.:
“Information Respecting the History, Condition, and Prospects of the Indian Tribes of the United States”, March 3, 1847
Schwein, Florence:
“All Paths Rejoin’: The Tiguas of Yselta del Sur Pueblo”, Texas Journal, Spring/Summer 1989
Smithsonian Institution:
Tigua Research Findings: Photo Order Form, Smithsonian Information, Map Photocopies
Information Packets: American Indian Resources, Smithsonian/Folkways Records, National Anthropological Archives
Letters to Barbara Charles and Paula Fleming
Stevens, Walter B.:
Through Texas, a Series of Interesting Letters; Compiled by the Missouri Pacific Railway, 1892
Sun Father’s Way; The Kiva Murals of Kuana
A Pueblo Ruin, Coronado State Monument, New Mexico
The Texas Indian Commission and American Indians in Texas:
“A Short History with Definitions and Demographics”, 1986
Thomas, Joe Doan:
Audiovisual Records Relating to Indians in the National Archives, 1972
Thomas, Laura:
“A Short History of Ysleta, Texas”, February 1966
Timmons, W.H.:
“The Columbian Quincentenary: The Spainish Census of Ysleta in 1790”, Password, Fall 1992
“Census of 1841 for Ysleta, Socorro, and San Elizario”, 1988
Tiwa Indians of Texas:
Report to Accompany HR 10599 Transfer of Responsibility to State of Texas”, May, 27 1968
Draft of HR 1344 to Restore Federal Trust Relationship of Tigua Tribe to Federal Government, February 28, 1985
United States General Accounting Office:
Proposal to Restore the Federal Trust Relationship with Two Indian Tribes, GAO, for Senator Phil Gramm, January 1987
Ysleta Del Sur Pueblo and Alabama and Coushatta Indian Tribes of Texas Restoration Act (Congressional Record, July 23, 1987)
Walden, Don:
“The Wiede at Hueco Tauks”, Texas Observer, July 16, 1971
Whittington, Zoe:
“Ysleta” (History Department of Ysleta High School- November 1936)
West, John O.:
“Pueblos, Adobe, and El Paso’s Mission Trail”
Whiting, W.C.:
“Exploration of a New Route From San Antonio de Bexar to El Paso”, Western Journal, July 1850
Winfrey, Dorman:
Texas Indian Papers 1846-1859, 1960
Newspaper Articles:
April 22, 1987-February 23, 1993
Agoyo, Herman:
"The Tricentenial Years in Pueblo Conciousness", El Palachio
Chavez, Thomas E.:
"But Were They All Natives?", El Palachio
Kessell, John L.:
"Esteban Clemente: Precursor of the Pueblo Revolt", El Palachio
Ortiz, Alfonso:
"Popay's Leadership: A Pueblo Perspective", El Palachio
Simmons, Marc:
"The Pueblo Revolt: Why Did it Happen?", El Palachio
Warren, Nancy Hamilton:
"Images from the Pueblo Tricentennial", El Palachio
Tigua Show with captions "Photofest 1992"
Tigua Project:
Celebration of St Anthony, Photo Exhibition, June 12-12, 1986
Wright, William P.:
letter to Douglas E. Barnett, June 24, 1994
"The Tigua Ysleat Del Sur Pueblo El Paso, Texas", original manuscript for The Handbook of Texas
Arch, Danny:
Comments on black and white photos
Hardbacked photos: Meeting of Texas Indian Commission, Crawford Wertin(?), and Joe Christi, February 1969
Tiwa Survey Questionnaire, blank copy
Tigua Indians:
newspaper and magazine articles, August 27, 1990-February 17, 1997
unmarked folder (Miscellaneous photocopies of articles)
newspaper articles
newspaper articles, May 1, 1991-June 16, 1991
newspaper articles, January 29, 1989-July 2, 1989
newspaper articles, May 28, 1988- December 27, 1988
newspaper articles, April 22, 1987- October 18, 1987
newspaper articles, January 13, 1985- May 12, 1985
newspaper and magazine articles, December 8, 1984
newspaper articles, June 13, 1971- June 29, 1975
newspaper article, January 20, 1952
miscellaneous reference lists
"Tigua Story of Creation"
outlines and reference printouts
Tigua Computer Searches (search printouts)
newspaper articles, February 20, 1990- November 25, 1990
drawings of missions
2.325/G158 Bureau of Indian Affairs Documents:
Catalog of Materials
Documents 1-7
Documents 8-12
Documents 13-26
Documents 27-30
Documents 31-32
Documents 33-40
Documents 41-43
Documents 44-55
Documents 56-72
Documents 73-81
Documents 82-88
Documents 93-107
Kickapoo Miscellaneous (2)
Miscellaneous Information
Batty, Thomas: A Quaker Among Indians
Bentley, Wm. J.: The Mexican Kickapoo, Smithsonian Anthropology Archives, February 21, 1906
Kickapoo Research: Biggs, William: “Narrative of the Captivity”
Berlandier, Jean Louis: “The Indians of Texas in 1830”
Britt, Wendy C.: “A Hint of Obliteration”
Bureau of Indian Affairs: “Comprehensive Report of the Mexican Kickapoo”
DeShields, James: “The Battle with the Kickapoos”
Edmunds, Dave: History of Kickapoo in Illinois
El Paso Independent School District (E.P.I.S.D): Kickapoos: “Handbook for Teachers”
Garza, Sabino: “Spirits in a Can”
Kickapoo Research: Gesick, John: “The Kickapoo…”
Gesick, John: Where to From Here?
Gesick, John: “Texas-Mexican Kickapoos at a Crossroads: Where to From Here?”
Gilberry, Loy: “Making Salt at the Neches Saline”
Kickapoo: Goetman, William: “Discovery Explorers”
Herring, Joseph B.: “Cultural and Economic Resilience among the Kickapoo Indians of the Southwest,” Great Plains Quarterly, 1986
Hoad, Louise: Kickapoo Indian Trails
Hodge, F.W. editor: Handbook of American Indians North of Mexico
Kickapoo Research: Johonnet, Jackson “Remarkable Adventures”
Health and Happiness Pamphlet: Kickapoo Tribe
Kristin, Richard (maps)
Kuhlmann, Annetee: Collaborative Research among the Kickapoo Tribe of Oklahoma
Lasater, Annette: Two to Mexico
Latorre, Felipe and Dolores: Kickapoo Stories
McLeod, James: “The Kickapoos-Migrants in Search of a Home”
Miner, Craig and William Unrau: The End of Indian Kansas
Moore, Jack: The Killough Massacre
Nunley, Mary Christopher: The Kickapoo Indians: Avoidance of Acculturation Through a Migratory Adaptation
Oprießnig, Christian: "The Kickapoo at the Emporer’s Court…"
Richard, Allen: “In the Shadow of the Santa Rosas”
Rolle, Andrew: The Lost Cause…
Kickapoo Research: Turpin, Solvieg A.: “Sin Nombre and El Fortin…"
Tyler, Ron: Research
2.325/G159 Tigua:
first draft
2 printed manuscripts
research notes
copies of photographs
newspaper articles, February 11, 1994- December 27, 1994
newspaper articles, 1929-1969
newspaper articles, 1971-1984
newspaper articles, 1985-1994
responses and queries
general correspondence
photo captions
Houser, Nicolas P.
bound copy of "From the Place of Beginning: An Analysis of Land Transactions and Thier Effect on Ysleta Del Sur Pueblo, An Anthropological Study and Interpretation." Volumes 1 and 2, April 22, 1994
Tigua Interviews
The Tigua Indians: A Bibliography and Research Guilde, 2000
2.325/G160 The Texas Humanist, March-April 1984, January- February 1985
Historic Photos Sources
Arizona State Musem, University of Arizona (invoices and applications for photographic services)
Southwest Collection, El Paso Public Library, Altman Collection (invoices, requests,and lists for photographic materials)
Smithsonian Institution (requests, photo orders, and contact sheets)
Rio Grande Historical Collections, New Mexico State University (correspondence, request forms, copies of photos)
Museum of New Mexico:
Sarber, Mary A.: "Southwestern Resources"
references, order form, photo order
National Archives (correspondence, order forms, invoices)
Southwest Museum (information sheet)
Diamond, Tom:
"Pueblo de la Ysleta del Sur Chronology and Related Historical Material"
Photocopies of Unused Historic Photos
Reproductions of Black and White Photographs:
photocopies and prints
Wright, Bill:
copies of photos sent to Princeton, September, 1986
copies of photos in Rijksmuseum, Leiden, Netherlands
form letter to inform source of photo use
list of sources
Historic Photos Source: Nick Houser
request for photoduplication
copies of photos
research notes
Historic Photos Source: Lee Cain
Historic Photos Source: Rose Hernandez
original (with plastic cover) and photocopy
Historic Photos Source: Institute of Texan Cultures Collection, Calleros Estate
correspondence, invoices, contact sheets, photocopies
Special Collection U.S. Military Academy Library:
Historic Photos Source: Rijksmuseum Voor Volkenkunde
correspondence, photocopies
Historic Photos Source: Debbie Martin
letter, slide list
Historic Photos Source: El Paso Centennial Museum
Phillips, R.W. (Bob):
letter, photocopy of "The Legend of Ben Dowell", November 27, 1975
Hendricks, Rick:
letter to Bill Wright
Historic Photos:
list with captions
Tigua Cultural Center notations
Quotes from Tribal Members
Interview with Ray Apodaca, October 8, 1991
Results of Tigua Tribal Elections, January 2, 1991
Beiseslao Granillo to Antonio Silvas:
oral account of the Battle of Sierra de la Vieja
Tiwa Scout:
discharge papers of Fastias Gonzales, Fort Quitman, Texas (photocopy), September 21, 1880
Pueblo Indian Scout:
discharge papers of Beusislas Granio, Fort Quitman, Texas, September 21, 1880
Texas Pueblo Indian Scouts (photocopy)
Tribal Officers
Ceremonial Days calendar
Poetry Reading Project, September 24-25, 1992
Legal Position on H.R. 1344
Indian Housing Agency Newletter
Information from Visitor Center Exhibits
Handbook of Texas Vol. 3
“The Tiguas: A Short History”
Postcards Project
Informational Pamphlet “The founding of Ysleta del Sur”
Pat Farr, the Women of Ysleta del Sur
Sacristy Lamp
Book Cover, The Tigua Pueblo Indians of Texas
Chronology, Prehistory
Text Outline, Prehistory
Research Notes, US Period
Duplicate photos, zeroxes of photos, maps, cover
Officer list, information from newspapers
Officer list
Chronology, El Paso Mission Trail Program
Yselta Land Grant from Library of Congress
Tigua research information
Native American Rights Fund
2.325/G161 Video Cassettes:
Tigua Indians:
#1-6 (18:24), April 13,-14, 1991
#6-7 (18:24), April 14, 1991
#1-3, June 4, 1991
#4-6, June 4, 1991
#7-9, June 5, 1991
#10-12, June 12, 1991
#13-15, June 13, 1991
#16-18, June 13, 1991
#27-32 (15:00)
#22-27 (15:00)
Isleta Pueblo, New Mexico:
#0-4, July 12-13, 1990
#5-8, July 12-13, 1990
Big City Trail: The Urban Indians of Texas (27:55)
Audio Cassettes:
Danny Archuleta interview, South Loop Elementary School, September 24, 1987
Lecture: The Evolution of Southwestern Pre-history
Tigua Indian Interviews:
Leo Garcia, Zeke Garcia
General Discussion on Abuelos, Mike Pedraza, Govenor of Tigua Tribe on transition to BIA
Ramon Paz, Era Candeleria
Era Candeleria (continued)
Nellie Lopez, Antonio Silvas, Johnny Hisa
Leo Garcia, Aileen Guriola
Danny Archuleta
Rosemary Hisa, Priscilla Hisa, Cory Apodala, Rose Holguin
4Zd105 [2007-184]:
Black and White Proof Prints (2 binders), 1986-1991
Tigua Show with Captions (1 binder)
Historic Tigua Prints (1 binder)
4Zd106 Kickapoo Historic Photographs
Fort Davis, 2007
Austin, UT Press Development Meeting, 2007
Kickapoo Files:
Color Slides
Museums of New Mexico
National Archives
Smithsonian Institution
Southwest Collection, El Paso Public Library
Southwest Museum (Los Angeles, CA)
University Library (Las Cruces, NM)
Bill Wright Contemporary Kickapoo Photographs
Wright Collection
Ritchie, Michael Photograph Collection
The Gilcrease Museum (Tulsa)
Institute of Texas Cultures
Milwaukee Public Museum
Cataloging Cards (for photographs)
Photographs-Contact Sheets & Proofs
Milwaukee Museum (most photos taken when Papicuano was Chief)
Alternate Historic Photographs, Kickapoo
Tigua Files
El Paso Community Foundation
Tigua Expenses for Project
Crow Canyon Archaeological Center
Dorothea Lange-Paul Taylor Prize (Duke University)
The Kickapoo (book)
Rabbit Story for Book
Kickapoo Article
Nunley, Mary Christopher - Foreward
Permission Release Forms Historic Photos
Letters Concerning Manuscript
Articles on Book
Web Page Responses
Kickapoo Newspapers from Latorre
Gesick, John Correspondence
Kickapoo Preface
Edited Manuscript
Photographic Captions
Kickapoo Project
Eagle Pass, Texas
San Antonio, Institute of Texas Cultures
M-AAA Fellowship
Bound Manuscript
Bound Manuscript