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A Guide to the Almetris Marsh Duren Papers, 1936-1997

Descriptive Summary

Creator Duren, Almetris Marsh
Title Almetris Marsh Duren Papers
Dates: 1936-1997
Abstract Files maintained by Almetris Marsh Duren relate to the major University of Texas campus issues faced by African American students from the 1930s to the 1990s.
Accession No.: 81-112; 82-66; 82-79; 82-144; 83-329; 83-127; 83-221; 83-280; 84-21; 85-29; 85-60; 86-35; 86-50; 86-167(a); 87-211; 88-293; 89-220; 91-105; 96-122; 96-268; 97-363; 98-076
Extent 40 ft.
Language Materials are in English.
Repository: Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin

Biographical Note

Almetris Marsh Duren was a key figure in University of Texas at Austin life from 1958 through 1981. Known as "Mama Duren" or "Mama D," Duren was a mentor, counselor, adviser and inspiration to young people for four decades. She began her career as a housemother and served as a University student development specialist and adviser in the Dean of Students Office from 1968 through 1981. Duren served as student advisor and house mother for the first African American students at the University of Texas at Austin. She helped establish Project Info, UT Austin's first minority recruitment program, and was founder of the Innervisions Gospel Choir. She also helped recruit minority faculty.

A graduate of Tillotson College, Duren began her influence on the UT Austin campus in 1958, when she got a job as a housemother for black women students in off-campus housing known as the Modified Co-op. Earlier she had worked as a resident hostess at Eliza Dee Hall, a Methodist dorm at Huston-Tillotson, then the only residence hall for Austin's black female college students. In 1968, she joined the staff of the Dean of Students Office, as a counselor and adviser to students and student groups.

Duren made special efforts to help black students overcome feelings of alienation during the 1950s and 1960s as the campus slowly integrated, combining encouragement and mentoring with direct, practical help. Duren assisted students trying to obtain financial aid and housing in a segregated town. Her efforts included feeding hungry young people herself and reaching into her personal savings to provide small loans.

Duren made it her mission to encourage black students to stay in school and complete their degrees. She was the co-author of Overcoming: A History of Black Integration at The University of Texas at Austin. The book is used in the training of University orientation advisers. In 1978, the University presented her the Margaret Berry Award for outstanding contributions to student life. In 1979, UT Austin President Lorene Rogers awarded Duren the Presidential Citation for outstanding service, noting that "in providing the one continuous link in the history of integration at The University of Texas at Austin, Mrs. Duren has been a guiding force for every generation of black students."

Biographical note from the UT Office of Public Affairs.

Scope and Contents

Files maintained by Duren relate to the major University of Texas campus issues faced by African American students from the 1930s to the 1990s. These issues include UT admissions, housing, and other policies towards African Americans, student organizations and cultural programs, athletics, protests, demonstrations, and minority faculty and staff at UT. Papers consist of manuscript material, scrapbooks, photographs, slides, and artifacts.

Collected newspapers, magazines, newsletters, and correspondence concern African Americans at UT and in the U.S. at large, affirmative action, the Hopwood decision regarding the admission of minorities into the University of Texas Law School, and minority recruitment at UT.



The papers are arranged roughly into five series:
  • I. Papers
  • II. Photographs
  • III. Oversize material
  • IV. Audiovisual material
  • V. African-American newspapers, 1954-1997
Archivist's note:
A portion of the Duren Papers were filed according to an alphabetical system in which letters were assigned to various subject areas. In the following inventory the subject will appear in parentheses following the letter, such as "E" Files (Sports).
Newspapers accessioned as part of the collection since 1983, such as The Daily Texan, Los Angeles Times, and other readily available volumes, have been reviewed by the archivist for marked articles of interest. Clippings were created and retained.


Access Restrictions

This collection is open for research use.

Use of audiovisual material by appointment only; please contact sound archivist for more information.

Social security numbers and financial material are restricted to protect confidentiality and privacy.

Index Terms

Subjects (Persons)
Duren, Almetris Marsh – Archives.
Subjects (Organizations)
Huston-Tillotson College.
University of Texas at Austin. Office of the Dean of Students.
University of Texas at Austin -- Students -- History.
University of Texas at Austin. Minority Student Services.
African Americans -- Texas -- Austin.
African American women -- Texas.
Blacks -- Texas.
Blacks -- Education -- Texas.
College sports -- Texas -- Austin.
Dormitories -- Texas -- Austin.
Integration and segregation.
Texas -- Race relations -- History -- 20th century.
Universities and colleges -- Administration.
Austin (Tex.)
Los Angeles (Calif.)

Related Material

See also the Almetris Marsh Duren Videotape Collection and the UT Minority Student Services Records, 1971-1978 at the Dolph Briscoe Center for American History.

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Separated Material

Some material has been separated to the Artifact Collection, Newspaper Collection, Texas Collection Library, Sound Archives, and Photograph Collection.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Almetris Marsh Duren Papers, 1936-1997, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin.

Processing Information

This collection was processed by Julia Payne, February 1984.

Subsequent revisions were made by Evan Hocker, March 2007 and Vanessa Attia, February 2014.

This collection contains unprocessed materials.

Detailed Description of the Collection



4A242 "B" File (Austin): file containing primarily newspaper clippings concerning black issues in the Austin area, particularly Austin I.S.D. and Austin city government--black politics and education, 1962-1976
Blacks: clippings and memorabilia, 1966-1968
"C" File (Civil Rights): newspaper clippings concerning black issues, 1971-1977
"D" File (UT housing): newspaper clippings and articles concerning primarily co-ops and dormitories, 1959-1975
UT dormitories integrated: official statement, clipping and memo, 1964
Housing troubles: newspaper clippings, 1959
"E" File (Sports): clippings concerning sports, particularly at UT, 1963-1977
4A243 "E" File (Sports): newspaper clippings and articles concerning sports, particularly at UT, 1963-1977
"F" Files (UT minority exes): newspaper clippings and articles concerning black Texas Exes, black, ex-students, and black graduate students, 1970-1975
"G" Files (National issues, including the U.S. Congress, the presidency, the Supreme Court, the NAACP, etc.): newspaper concerning social and political events, 1963-1977
Lyndon Baines Johnson: press release concerning memorial ceremony, 1973
Black leaders: newspaper clippings concerning national black leaders, 1970-1973
"I" Files (Student clubs and organizations): newspaper clippings, newsletters, and articles concerning minority student / University relations, and minority student organizations, 1965-1976
4A244 "J" Files (UT general materials): newspaper clippings concerning campus issues, 1962-1977
Dr. Lorene Rogers: newspaper clippings concerning UT President Rogers, 1974-1976
Dr. Stephen Spurr: newspaper clippings concerning the firing of UT President Spurr, 1974-1975
Black faculty and staff: papers including correspondence concerning black faculty and staff organization, 1973-1974
Harry Ransom, 1976
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.: newspaper clips and brochures concerning Dr. King, scholarships, and the renaming of Austin's 19th Street, 1965-1975
Newsletters: releases from UT News, 1970-1976
4A245 The Blacks: booklets listing black students and activities at UT, 1970-1975
East bus route: East Austin shuttle route, 1971
Black Student Directory and Chicano Student Directory, 1972-1977
Texas Cultures Room: The Texas Union: African American Culture Room at the Union and other issues, 1969-1975
Student government: particularly elections, 1970-1974
"K" File (Texas general materials): clips concerning black state politics and issues, 1966-1976
"L" File (Campus speakers): clips and news releases concerning lectures and public talks on black issues, 1970-1975
"M" File (Protests): clips concerning student demonstrations, 1974-1975
"N" File (Events including conferences, symposia, plays, ceremonies, etc.): clips and brochures concerning special events at UT, 1961-1981
4A246 "N" File (Events including conferences, symposia, plays, ceremonies, etc.): clips and announcements concerning special events, conferences, and organization meetings, 1961-1981
"P" Files (Ethnic and cultural programs): clips and questionnaire concerning Ethnic Student Services and Ethnic Studies, 1972-1975
"S" File (Black Graduate Student Association): booklets, 1974
"T" File (Minority faculty and staff): clips and news releases concerning black faculty and staff, 1971-1974
Ethnic Student Services and Special Student Services: pamphlets, 1972
Orientation: clips and pamphlets, 1965-1976
Black Exes: clips, correspondence, and press releases, 1976-1979
African American players: Capitol City Argus newspaper and announcement, 1972
4A247 Earl Campbell: clips and booklet, 1976-1978
Student Government: clips, 1972-1978
Black faculty: clips and UT news releases, 1976-1979
Track: clips, 1979
Johnny "Lam" Jones: clips, 1976-1979
Friar Society, clips and literary production, 1976-1978
Eldridge Cleaver: clip, 1977
Perry-Castaneda Library: clips, news releases, newspaper, booklet, 1976-1977
Black Business Association: clip, 1978
East Austin Community: clips and commencement programs, 1973-1979
Lorene Rogers: clips, releases, and newspapers, 1979
Black Graduate Student Association: UT news release, 1977
Barbara Smith Conrad: concert programs and clip, 1957-1978
Cowboys: clip and news release concerning the Texas Cowboys, 1977
Innervision of Blackness: programs and invitation, 1978-1979
Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.: newsletters, news release, clipping, 1975-1978
Delta Sigma Theta: clippings, pamphlet, news release, 1972-1978
Alpha Kappa Alpha: clippings and honor roll, 1977-1978
Minority organizations: list of organizations, 1975-1976
Project PEO and CLEO: Program for Educational Opportunity, Council of Legal Education Opportunity, clips, 1969-1973
4A248 Omega Psi Psi, 1977-1979
Alpha Phi Alpha, 1977-1978
Graduate Minority Recruiter Visitation Program, 1976-1977
Outstanding Students, 1977-1979
Dr. Melvin P. Sikes, 1972-1978
President Kennedy assasination, 1977
Ex-Students Association, undated
UT and Minority Student Affairs: pamphlets, booklets, clips, 1969-1979
Blackprint, 1971-1977
Longhorn Luvs, 1977
Minority Graduate Students, including black student advisors directory, 1974
D/S--Committees, Advisory Council on Student Affairs, 1969-1977
Office of Student Financial Aid, 1977
UT student government--general, 1978
Pi Sigma Pi, 1976-1977
Minority student organizations, 1974-1979
Orientation packet, 1978-1979
Government: clips concerning student, state, and national government, 1970-1974
Black Student Union correspondence, 1978
UT Sweethearts Association, 1973-1978
Minorities: Program for Educational Opportunity, 1969-1971
Listing of minority student organizations, 1977
Drama at UT, 1978
Who's Who selection of students, 1977
4A249 Basketball team (male), 1977-1979
Dance groups, 1977-1979
Black Student Union, 1976-1978
Africa, 1969-1977
Afro-Americans for Black Liberation, 1963-1976
Football team, 1968-1979
Weightlifting club, 1977
Black entertainment and entertainers, 1967-1978
Black Graduate Association, 1976-1978
Basketball team (female), 1976-1979
Goodfellow selection, 1971
Thurgood Marshall Society, 1978
Baseball team, 1977-1979
Mortar Board, 1978
Horizons Unlimited, 1974-1976
Minority Student Services, undated
4A250 Afro-American Culture Committee, 1972-1979
Mrs. Martin Luther King, Jr. (Coretta Scott King), 1976
Minority Reports, 1972-1979
Roots, 1977
Programs, undated
Law students, 1972-1979
Project Info. (orientation), including check stubs and lists, printed material, and correspondence, 1967-1975
Larry Jackson: printed material and correspondence, 1975-1979
Incognito and UNIT intramural basketball teams: printed material and correspondence, 1973-1974
Law Students Symposium: printed material and correspondence, 1971
Southeastern Regional Conference on Higher Eduation and Black Professional Employment: printed material and correspondence, 1973
Career Conference: printed material and correspondence, 1976
Horizons Unlimited Conference: printed material and correspondence, 1974-1975
Minorities: printed material and correspondence, 1974-1977
Mailing lists, 1972-1975
KLRN and KUT-FM, 1972-1973
Task Force III, 1973-1974
Black publications, 1975
Project Info, 1974-1980
Society of Ethnic and Special Studies, 1979-1980
4A251 Newspaper clippings and correspondence:
Baseball, 1980-1981
Speakers, 1973-1981
Greeks, 1981
Services, 1981
Events, 1979-1981
Demonstrations, 1979-1981
Campus racial issues, 1981
Black calendar and handbook, 1972-1973
Miscellaneous, 1972-1981
Employment, 1972-1980
Career Advancement Voucher Demonstration Program, 1979-1980
UT minority leaders, 1980-1981
Printed material:
Southwestern Company, 1981
Congress of Black Professionals in Higher Education, 1972
Mel Sikes Project, 1973
Equal Opportunity in Engineering, Annual Report, 1973
Questionnaire on existing UT peer programs, 1975-1976
Career Decisions, 1980, 1979
Correspondence, lists, financial material:
Intercollegiate Knights, 1978-1981
Newspaper clips:
Track, 1980-1981
Football, 1978-1981
4A252 Black faculty and staff: news releases, 1973-1981
Earl Campbell, 1979-1980
Men's basketball, 1973-1981
Women's basketball, 1980-1981
Johnny "Lam" Jones, 1979-1981
Student activities, 1978-1981
Chicano issues, 1972-1981
UT Board of Regents, 1972-1981
Minority recruitment, 1974-1981
National Black Alliance, 1972
Afro-American players, 1974
Black directory, 1973-1974
Summer orientation, 1972-1975
FMO newspaper report, 1971-1974
Orientation, undated
Newspapers: full editions and sections, 1963-1977
UT Students' Association Challenge (conference), 1963
4A253 Black Student Leaders' Retreat, 1973
Black students and administration, 1955-1976
Project Information, 1970-1981
Ten Most Beautiful, 1965-1981
Daily Texan, New Student Edition, some sections, 1979
Almetris Duren, 1969-1979
Black history on the UT campus: photocopies and clips, 1947-1981
Black faculty and staff, 1971-1981
Challenge, 1966-1970
Civil Rights Symposium, 1972-1973
Orientation packet, 1969
Career Conference, 1976
4A254 Barbara Jordan, 1972-1978
Clarksville Project: photocopies and clips, 1976-1981
National black issues, 1975-1980
Student government, 1969-1980
Afro-American players and other black entertainment, 1975-1978
Survival, Orientation, 1973-1980
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. 1968-1972
Dr. Spurr, 1971-1977
Texas Union, 1973
Thurgood Marshall School of Law and the UT Law School, 1975-1976
First Black Congress, 1972
Sports, 1967-1980
Earl Butz, 1976
Project Info, undated
Civil Rights, 1969-1980
Civil Rights Symposium, 1972-1975
Graduate School, 1976
Black faculty, 1975-1978
Faculty Senate, 1961-1965
Dr. Henry Bullock, 1969-1973
4A255 Special events, particularly Afro-American Culture Committee and Texas Union sponsored, 1965-1981
Politics, 1974-1981
Racism, 1973-1980
H.E.W., 1975-1978
Challenge '70 Conference, 1970
Black students, 1970-1981
Minority recruitment, 1977-1981
Minority and Ethnic Student Services, 1974-1980
Conseling Center, 1981
The Blacks, 1974-1975
United Methodist Church minority program, 1973
Afro-Americans for Black Liberation, 1969-1981
Cheryl Hawkins, undated
Economically disadvantaged students, 1971-1977
4A256 Publicity, 1976
Sheila B. Campbell, Four for What?: A Theoretical Account of the Socialization of Black Students at the University of Texas at Austin, 1978
Minority recruitment, 1971-1979
Mexican Americans, 1971-1981
Ethnic Studies program, 1971-1981
Minority Student Services, 1974-1981
Political issues and figures, 1971-1981
Career placement, 1976
Tutorial Assistance Program, expenditures, 1975
Black students handbooks, 1970-1975
The University Y, 1971-1975
Miscellaneous, 1960-1977
Black student quesionnaire, 1969-1970
4A257 Relationship between minority students and the UT administration, 1972-1981
Ethnic Studies, 1972-1974
Black student directory, 1976-1977
Texas Association of Black Personnel in Higher Education's Conference on Education and the Black Struggle, 1977
Sports, 1970-1974
Miscellaneous, 1956-1978
Enrollment and recruitment, 1969-1974
Project Info, 1970-1974
Black History Project, undated
Information and University Regulations Concerning Student Residences for Women, undated
Innervisions of Blackness, 1975-1976
4A258 Women's Cooperative Housing, 1966-1967
Urban Co-op, 1969
Racism, integration, and discrimination, 1970-1973
Editorials, 1970-1975
First National Congress of Black Professionals in Higher Education, 1972
Ethnic Student Services, 1972
Minority Student Orientation, 1968-1975
Dean of Students office, 1975-1976
Community United Front, 1969-1972
Prospectus, Austin Community Project, 1975
Black and minority students directory, 1970-1978
Black Exes directory, 1975
4A259 Minority Student Services, 1975-1976
Concerning Children, Hogg Foundation for Mental Health, 1977
Huston-Tillotson College, 1970-1974
Social events, 1965-1974
Sports, 1971-1974
Center for Public Schools Ethnic Studies, 1976
Miscellaneous, 1956-1977
Minority Student Services Peer Counseling Survey, undated
Dr. Bullock, 1971-1976
HEW Investigations, 1963-1975
Busing, 1971-1976
4A260 UT Newsletters, 1972-1975
NAACP, 1972-1975
Religious groups, 1959
Medical information, 1971-1974
City news, 1972-1974
Housing, 1958-1975
College life and social life, 1972
Exchange of teachers with Huston-Tillotson, 1970-1972
Minority reports, 1969-1975
Politics, 1963-1975
Afro-American players, 1974-1976
Community news, 1970-1979
Housing, 1959-1975
4A261 National politics, 1968-1979
Texas Black Conference on Higher Education, 1974
Miscellaneous, 1964-1979
Student government, 1968-1979
Blacks in higher education, 1970-1974
Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs, 1979
Barbara Smith, 1957-1978
Admissions, 1976
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., 1976-1977
Arts and sciences, 1970-1977
Entertainment and the Texas Union, 1960-1976
Integration, 1960-1976
Organizations, 1972-1976
Students, 1964-1978
NAACP, 1974-1977
Minority graduate and law students, 1975-1976
4A262 Omicron Delta Kappa, 1981
Students, 1960-1979
UNIT, 1979
Afro-American Committee, 1974-1981
Black student directory, 1974-1981
Michael D. Hurd, 1978
Black politics and politicians, 1975-1977
Minority Student Services, 1980-1981
Community groups, East Austin, 1972-1978
Black community groups, statewide, 1974
Chancellor Harry Ransom, 1970-1976
Women, 1975-1976
Texas Exes, 1970-1980
School finances, 1977
Charles Miles, 1960
Housing survey, Austin--"Where Black Students Live," 1971
Aging, 1978-1981
Stephen Spurr, 1974
Black faculty, 1975-1981
LBJ Library, 1971
Charles Pace, 1977
4A263 Student demonstrations, 1963-1979
YWCA, 1965-1976
Gutenberg Bible, 1978
Student Honor Society, 1970-1981
Career, 1975-1977
Minority students, 1971-1976
Sports, 1975-1978
Huston-Tillotson College, 1977-1978
Career workshops, 1976-1977
Athletes and athletic programs, 1972-1981
Arts and sciences, 1970
Dr. Stephen Spurr, 1970-1974
4A264 Student newspaper, 1967-1981
Commencement programs, 1959-1981
Heman M. Sweatt, 1950-1974
Photocopies of Sweatt v. Painter, et al.
Orientation, 1980-1981
Counseling Center tape line, 1978
George Davis, undated
Barbara Smith, 1957-1958
Messages, newsletter of Minority Student Services, 1970-1981
Child care, 1969-1973
Programs, 1963-1977
4A265 Miscellaneous, 1963-1981
Women, 1973-1978
Miscellaneous, 1969-1981
Orientation packet, 1974-1975
Minority staff recruitment, 1973-1975
Engineering Department, 1974-1976
4A266 "Social Work Education for Economically Disadvantaged Groups in Texas," Graduate School of Social Work, UT Austin, 1973
COFO volunteers, 1964
Law, 1975-1977
TIME (The Improvement of Minority Education), 1972
Innervision of Blackness choir, 1959-1981
City of Austin affirmative action plan, undated
Fund for the Improvement of Post Secondary Education, program information and application procedures, 1979
The relationship between geographical location and academic success, Action Report, 1977
Achievement Scholarship Program evaluation, Nancy Dittmar and William A. Bryan, 1975
The Blacks (Black student directory), 1970-1975
College of Natural Sciences, Faculty Advisor's Handbook, 1979
"Race in America," Christianity and Crisis, v. 2, n. 9, 1961
4A267 Black student directory (proofs), 1971-1973
Child and Family Service, 1977-1981
Aging, 1978-1981
Minority graduate students, 1974-1980
Black literature, book lists, 1969
Psychology Department, 1972
Party centers, undated
Ethnic and Minority Studies, 1977
Black speakers, undated
Student Advisory Committee, 1975
Putting the Pieces Together: Minority Student Services Survival Handbook , 1980
Miscellaneous, 1976-1979
4A268 Office of the Dean of Students, 1974-1976
Ethnic Groups and Projects, 1971-1972
Office of the Dean of Students, Administrative Staff Meetings, 1976
Directory, Division of Student Affairs, 1975-1976
Students, 1968-1977
Faculty adviser referral list, 1971
Miscellaneous newspapers and clippings, 1957-1981
Miscellaneous printed material, 1963-1981
4A269 Student government officers, 1974
Blacks, 1970-1972
Major black publications, undated
Cooperative housing, 1970
Innervisions of Blackness, 1976-1977
Orientation advisers, undated
Plays, 1970
General information, 1969-1970
National Association of Women Deans and Counselors, 1969-1971
Black Business Association, 1975
Black UT Exes, 1976
Coalition of Minority Organizations, 1980-1981
Black fraternities and sororities, 1973
Black and Chicano Leadership Retreat, 1974-1978
Minority Student Services volunteer program, 1980
Busing and integration, 1968-1980
Miscellaneous newspapers and clippings, 1965-1979
Miscellaneous printed material, 1963-1980
4A270 Miscellaneous newspaper clippings, primarily protests and demonstrations, 1963-1981
Student zoning, 1969
Black Student Survey, undated
Alpha Kappa Alpha, 1959-1971
Alpha Phi Alpha, 1960-1981
The Blacks, annual report, 1973-1974
Lyndon B. Johnson Library Symposium, 1972-1980
Health pamphlets, 1980
Black issues at UT, 1972
The Blacks, 1970-1975
Afro-American Studies Room, 1970-1974
4A271 Miscellaneous newspapers and clippings: primarily campus issues appearing in the Daily Texan and some African American newspapers 1956-1981
4A272 Miscellaneous newspapers and clippings: primarily campus issues appearing in the Daily Texan and some African American newspapers 1956-1981
4A273 Miscellaneous newspapers and clippings: primarily campus issues appearing in the Daily Texan and some African American newspapers 1956-1981
General Protest Account, 1969
Afro-American Culture Committee, 1970-1971
Minority Student Services, 1978-1981
Centennial Committees, UT, 1981
Minority Student Services: apartment dwellers material, 1981
HEW Report, Orientation Survey, and Black Report, 1973-1975
Survival Orientation, and Black faculty and staff, 1968-1973
4A274 Friar's Society recruiting, 1979
Black Health Professions Organization, 1975-1976
Housing workshop, 1978
Black faculty and staff, 1974-1980
Reports and surveys, 1974-1979
Ethnic Studies, 1973-1980
Faculty, staff, and administration, 1969-1972
Programs, symposia, and conferences, 1972-1980
Admissions and recruitment, 1971-1980
Minority student academics, 1978-1980
Financial aid, scholarships, and funds, 1977-1980
Organizations, 1971-1980
Housing, undated
Austin, Texas, and national: general, 1977-1980
Ethnic Affairs, 1969-1973
Minorities and problems, 1969-1981
"Staff Evaluation: Deal or Plan?", 1975
Script for slide show "Overcoming--A History of Black Integration at the University of Texas," undated
Afro-American Culture Room, 1970-1981
4A275 Organizations, 1975-1980
Centennial Planning Committee, 1980-1981
Greek life, 1959-1981
UNIT, 1973-1977
Black history, 1972-1978
UNIT meetings, 1971-1977
YWCA, 1958-1965
Minority Student Services, 1979-1981
Coalition of Minority Organizations (COMO), 1980-1981
COMO, Fall 1980
COMO, January 28, 1981
4A276 COMO
Admissions and Recruitment Committe, 1979-1980
General, 1970-1981
Meeting with Minority Student Services Office and President Flawn, 1979
Minute, 1980
Articles and correspondence, 1979-1980
LULAC and Ruben Bonilla, 1980
Faculty and staff recruitment, 1978-1980
Correspondence with Flawn and Brown, 1979-1980
Newspaper clips, 1975-1980
College caucuses, 1980
Materials mailed to outside agencies, 1980
Academic letters, 1980-1981
Financial aid, 1979-1980
Academic Concerns Committee, 1980
4A277 Bakke Case, 1977-1978
Sweatt Case, and other student issues, 1947-1948
Dr. Ervin Perry, 1964-1979
Minority faculty and staff recruitment, 1974
Women and education, 1973
HEW: letter and materials on minority recruitment, 1975
Child care (AAC), 1974
Council on Women and Minorities, 1974-1976
Equal Opportunity Office, 1973-1974
Women's Studies and sex education, 1973-1974
Student Assistants: work schedules, undated
Graduate students, 1973-1974
4A278 Tutoring, 1973
Texas Association of Black Personnel in Higher Education, 1975-1989
College of Engineering, UT Austin, 1975-1977
Jobs placement, 1976
National issues concerning blacks, 1973-1979
Barbara Jordan, 1969-1980
Miscellaneous printed material, 1968-1981
Scholarships, 1978
Career Conference, 1978
Civil Rights, 1970-1979
Exten-A-Care child care program, 1980-1981
Miscellaneous newspaper clips, 1957-1975
4A279 Eleven Demands and Black Campus Issues, 1970-1978
Project Info, 1970-1981
Drugs, 1971-1978
Women, 1974-1975
Conferences material: primarily printed material, 1961-1980
4A280 Conferences material: primarily printed material, 1961-1980
4A281 Conferences material: primarily printed material, 1961-1980
Women's Co-Op Handbooks, 1945-1981
Women's cooperative residences, 1937-1979
Printed material, correspondence, handbooks, and typescripts
Coordinator handbooks, 1977-1979
Co-op histories, 1937-1971
Building Program for Co-ops, 1950-1952
4A282 Women's cooperative residences, 1937-1979
Pearce Co-op property correspondence, 1954-1958
Jack and Katherine Pearce Education Foundation, 1952-1962
Cooperatives--general, 1937-1979
Student opinions and evaluation, 1936-1938
Forms, 1937-1938
Financial statements, 1936-1937
Correspondence of Dorothy Gebauer, Dean of Women, 1936-1949
Accepted applications for Unit I, 1937-1938
Accepted applications for Unit II, 1937-1938
Old and cancelled applications, 1938-1939
UT Co-op News, 1938
Cancelled and incomplete applications, 1937
Applications of residents, 1936-1937
Printed material, 1965-1981
4A283 Integration trial material, 1961-1963
Housing Orientation Program, 1976
Integration of housing, 1959-1981
Housing and food service, 1976-1979
Cooperative housing, 1963-1977
Desegregation material, 1959-1965
Residence hall suggestions, 1961
Housing, 1966-1971
Housing constitution and pamphlets, 1956-1959
Housing correspondence, 1953-1962
Housing newsletters and reports, 1957-1961
Inter Co-op Council meetings minutes, 1952-1962
4A284 Miscellaneous printed material, 1951-1981
4A285 Miscellaneous printed material, 1951-1981
4A286 Miscellaneous printed material, 1951-1981
4A287 Miscellaneous printed material, 1951-1981
4A288 Miscellaneous printed material, 1951-1981
4A289 Miscellaneous printed material, 1951-1981
4A290 Miscellaneous printed material, 1951-1981
4A291 Miscellaneous newspapers and newspaper clips, 1959-1981
4A292 Student Directories, 1969-1979
4A293 Student Directories, 1969-1979
Degrees conferred, UT Austin, 1951-1980
Commencement programs, UT Austin, 1957-1979
4A294 Commencement programs, UT Austin, 1957-1979
Miscellaneous newspapers and newspaper clips, 1969-1975
Overcoming: A History of Black Integration at The University of Texas at Austin material, 1976-1981
National Student Business League scholarship, 1980
Centennial Planning Committee, 1979
Southwest Association of College and University Housing Officers Distinguished Service Award, 1980
Roast / toast to "Mama" Almetris Duren, 1980
4A295 Lyndon B. Johnson commemorative stamp, 1973
President's Excellence Award, 1979-1980
Margaret C. Berry Award, 1978
Overcoming: A History of Black Integration at The University of Texas at Austin material, 1976-1981
Postcards, 1960-1981
Personal papers and notes, 1955-1981
Task force, Achievement Scholarship, 1974-1977
"A" file, Achievement Scholarships
Scholarships, 1970-1973
4A296 Students' papers, 1970-1981
National Association for Women Deans, Administrators, and Couselors, 1972-1974
Building plans: dorms and co-ops, 1944-1970
Letters concerning co-ops, 1951-1963
Quadrangle housing, 1951-1956
Drug abuse resource kit, 1965-1972
4A297 Furniture and equipment for quadrangle co-ops, 1939-1975
Correspondence, 1972-1981
Minority students--general, 1962-1981
UT News, UT News and Information Service, 1972-1981
4A298 Notes on racism, undated
Afro-American Culture Room, 1970-1971
Black History at UT project, undated
Program for Educational Opportunity, 1968-1974
"A" File: material concerning financial aid, 1967-1976
Negro housing policies, 1955-1960
Project Info, 1977
Minority students--general, 1961-1981
Staff presentation, 1979-1981
National and Texas Association of Women Deans and Counselors, 1970-1980
Coordinators Workshop Handbook, 1981
4A299 Brochures, 1972-1976
Innervision of Blackness Choir, 1977-1981
Centennial Planning Committee, Report to the President, 1979-1981
Office of the Dean of Students, 1972-1976
University of Texas YMCA and YWCA, 1960-1962
Office of the Dean of Students survey, 1978-1979
Workshop and conference packets, 1970-1974
Aging, 1976-1980
4A300 Miscellaneous printed material, 1958-1981
Miscellaneous UT material, 1964-1981
Miscellaneous newspapers and newspaper clips, 1961-1981
Notes and miscellaneous material, 1980
Black Student Directory, 1974-1975
2.325/M79a F.M.O.: To Be Young, Gifted, and Black newspaper, Oct. 1971
The Griot: Newspaper of Black Students at the University of Texas at Austin, April-May 1987
Newspaper clippings
James Farmer, Barbara Conrad
Pamphlets, programs, newsletters, campaign literature
Gerontology Newsletter, UT Austin, 1986-1987
Booklets, programs
Olympics, Los Angeles, 1984
Publications, pamphlets, flyers
UT Black Directory
UT publications, pamphlets, press releases
4A241 Photographs
Slide show: "Mama Duren Overcoming" (minority focus)
4A301 Slide show: "Mama Duren Overcoming" (minority focus)
Innervision of Blackness slides, 1972-1976
Andrew Young slides, 1980
General slides, 1968-1980
Identified portraits and groups, 1950-1976
Unidentified portaits, groups, and places, undated
Negatives, 1977
2.325/D16b Oversize Material
Scrapbooks, 1966-1980
UNIT, 1979-1980
Black UT Students and Exes, 1966-1976
2.325/D17a Broadsides and posters, including laminated photos and newspaper articles, 1959-1980
2.325/D8b Broadsides and posters
2.325/OD6 Posters:
Olympics poster, 1984
"In Celebration of Work" poster, KAZI 88.7 FM, circa 1983
2.325/D17a Housing cooperatives map and floor plans, undated
2.325/D17b Newspapers and newspaper articles, 1970-1981
Photographs and metal printing sheets, 1974-1975
Black Student Directory, Faculty and Administrative Listing, 1974-1975
Certificate of Appreciation, Minority Student Service Layout, 1976-1977
2.325/D21a Scrapbook, undated
Scrapbook, 1958-1965
Almetris Co-op Scrapbook, 1962-1969
2.325/D21b Broadsides, undated:
"Comical" map of U.T. Austin date
Movie poster, “Stir Crazy”
Minority Student Services
2.325/M101 Wedding announcements and invitations, 1954-1982
2.325/M102 Graduation announcements, 1962-1980
Invitations, 1963-1981
Innervision of Blackness and Blackness in Movement, 1974-1977 and undated
Photographs, 1952-1982
2.325/M103 Photographs, 1952-1982
2.325/M104 Letters and cards, 1959-1981
2.325/M105 Correspondence concerning Duren’s book, Overcoming…, 1979-1980
Printed material (contains card outlining procedures for stand-in and picketing), 1966-1982
Programs, 1959-1981
Notes, 1977-1981 and undated
Innervision of Blackness, 1976-1981
Margaret Berry Award, 1978
Student organizations, 1975
U.T. Austin, 1961-1982
2.325/M106 Job description and Minority Student Services, 1971-1980
Brenda Ellis, 1978 and undated
Arlease Reynolds’ student nursing papers, 1967
Housing material, 1961-1981:
Cooperative housing, 1961-1981
Housing Co-op Coordinator’s Council, 1963-1967
Co-op workshop booklet, 1980
Memorabilia and miscellaneous, 1969-1974 and undated
2.325/M107 Newspapers and newspaper clippings, 1966-1981
Guest book, 1965
Scrapbook, undated
3R137 Black faculty and staff material, 1974-1980
UT printed material, 1954-1982
Newspapers and newspaper clippings, 1951, 1980-1982
Huston-Tillotson College material, 1953-1959
Student organizations and activities, 1955, 1981-1982
Printed material, 1954-1958, 1980-1982
Correspondence, invitations, cards, and memorabilia, 1954-1982
3R138 Miscellaneous newspapers and newspaper clippings, 1982
Miscellaneous newspapers and newspaper clippings, 1977-1982
Miscellaneous newspapers and newspaper clippings, 1980-1982
3R139 Greeting cards and memorabilia, 1963-1981
Dean of Students Office papers, 1972-1982
Minority Student Services material, 1979-1982
University of Texas printed material, 1957-1982
Miscellaneous printed material, 1956-1982
3R140 Housing material:
Almetris Co-op financial papers, 1958-1966
General, 1954-1982
3R141 General, 1954-1982
UT students material, 1958-1980
Correspondence and invitations, 1952-1982
ACORN newsletters, 1977-1978
Huston-Tillotson College material, 1955-1967
Student organizations, 1976-1982
3R142 Pamphlets, bulletins, and booklets, 1950-1960
Sunday school textbooks (used at Almetris Co-op; residents were barred from area churches), 1957-1958
Hymnals, 1928 and undated
3R143 Magazines, 1979-1982
Miscellaneous newspapers and newspaper clippings, 1965-1982
Miscellaneous newspapers and newspaper clippings, 1982
3R144a Miscellaneous newspapers and newspaper clippings, 1980-1982
3R144b Scrapbooks:
UNIT 76, 1976-1981
National Student Business League, 1976-1982
3R145 "White-on-white encounter," UT material, 1972-1974
"Heralded and unheralded black women, their organizations, and their influences in the State of Oklahoma," Langston University proposal, 1980
Broadsides, 1982-1983
Magazines, 1979-1982
NAACP printed materials, 1953-1954, 1982
Newspapers and newspaper clippings, 1982-1983
UT entering graduate student packet, 1982-1983
Correspondence and miscellaneous material, 1954-1983
3R266 Black U.T. Alumni Reunion:
General material, 1983
Registration forms, 1983
Correspondence, 1980-1983
Student organizations material, 1968-1983
Miscellaneous printed materials, 1981-1983
U.T. printed material, 1982-1983
Newspaper clippings:
National minority issues, 1983
Texas minority issues, 1983
Miscellaneous, 1983
3U1 Housing material, 1958-1959
Minority students directories, 1974-1979
Student orientation material, 1973-1975
UT students material, 1977-1980
Newspapers and newspaper clippings, 1983
UT Centennial material, 1983
Sororities and fraternities material, 1976-1982
Minority Student Services material, 1979-1980
Dean of Students Office material, 1975-1979
Dean of Student Office material, 1977-1980
UT faculty and staff material, undated
3U2 UT Centennial material, 1983
Minority Student Services material, 1976-1980
Newspapers and newspaper clippings, 1983
Black Centennial Action Committee/UT Black Alumni Reunion material, 1982-1983
Centennial Planning Committee material, 1979-1983
3U3 Minority affairs material, 1977-1983
Horizons Unlimited material, 1974
Miscellaneous printed material, 1969-1983
Ethnic Student Services: Tutorial Assistance Program handbook, 1973-1974
Miscellaneous materials (contains "clasped hands" cards), 1957, 1972-1982
UT Exes’ literary productions, 1982
3R267 Handbills and ephemera, 1983
Newspapers and newspaper clippings:
Miscellaneous printed materials, 1982-1983
UT printed materials, 1983
Postcards, 1983
[1986-1997 accessions]:
2.325/C12 Professional, 1954-1997:
Teaching material, general, 1954-1983, undated:
Duren’s teaching material, lesson plans, and diary, 1954, undated
Assignment completed for Duren’s course 213 by Johnnie M. Tyson, circa 1950s
Pamphlets on teaching and working with children, circa 1960
Printed teaching materials, pamphlets, brochures, 1957-1976
Child and family service, Austin, TX, 1979-1980
“About Women” – Women’s organizations, handouts and circulars, 1973, undated
New York City collected pamphlets and circulars, 1983
2.325/C10 University of Texas, 1958-1997:
Office of the Dean of Students records, 1969-1981, undated:
Social service skit scripts, undated
Peer advisor – health professions
Office news
Extra-departmental, 1969-1970
Student admissions, 1970s
University Council meeting reports, 1974-1979
Dean of Students memoranda, agendas, and notes:
Duren’s retirement from UT, 1981
Correspondence, 1962-1988:
UT correspondence and printed material, 1962, 1977, 1995
Personal and professional correspondence (incoming), 1976-1995
Notes and messages left for Duren, 1979 and undated
Notes from students and others
Notes and letters from students regarding graduation, births, marriages, etc., 1970s and undated
Notes from faculty, staff, and students to Duren, undated
Professional correspondence, The Cactus yearbook, 1981
Professional correspondence, Austin, TX, 1982-1983
2.325/C11 UT newsletters, event invitations, and correspondence, 1983, 1995-1996
UT correspondence regarding Heman Sweatt symposium, 1988
UT newsletters and brochures (Gerontology, Education), 1986-1988
Student groups and services, 1958-1986:
UT Swing-Out program, 1958
Photographs and negatives, circa 1970s, 1976, 1985, undated:
Duren, students in class, speakers at conference/job fair settings, Minority Student Services staff, circa 1970s
Students on campus and around Austin, student portraits [3 sets], undated circa 1970s and 1976
Dorothy L. Gebauer Student Services Building dedication, 1985
UT minority student groups’ flyers, correspondence, and financial records, 1970-1979, undated
"The Blacks" and Minority Student Services, 1972-1976
Minority Student Services annual report, 1974-1975
Innervisions of Blackness programs, 1975-1988 1975-1988
Black Exes Directory, 1975
UT exceptional student nominations (Omicron Delta Kappa), 1978
University of Texas publications, newsletters, and programs regarding black and minority students
Youth Opportunities Unlimited (Y.O.U.) summer program, 1985:
2.325/E458c [RESTRICTED]: Residence Hall Floor Space Report (Y.O.U.), June 2 and 7, 1985
2.325/C11 Staff orientation, training documents, calendars and agendas
Student participant handouts, brochures, pamphlets, programs, invitations, and thank-you letters to Duren
Y.O.U. student election flyers, letters, handouts, undated circa 1985
Martin Luther King, Jr. Week materials, 1986, undated
YMCA and YWCA members’ records, 1952-1965
UT YWCA board of directors, 1961-1966
Extend-a-Care, Inc. board minutes and brochures, 1981
UT Retired Faculty-Staff Association, 1983-1988, 1994
Black professional organization publications
2.325/C10 Housing and integration, 1959-1968:
UT memoranda for resident supervisors, 1959, 1963, 1965
UT student housing and integration, 1957-1959
UT off-campus housing and racial integration, 1964-1965
Administrative policies, housing, September 1965
Austin housing ordinance, 1968
2.325/C12 Collected newspapers and clippings, 1963-1997:
Daily Texan clippings re: African American students, 1963-1967, 1995-1996
Newspaper clippings regarding black women at UT, 1964, 1975, 1983
Newspaper clippings:
1957-1969, 1995
2.325/C13 Collected newspapers, 1995-1997
2.325/C12 Personal, 1950-1996:
Huston-Tillotson College, 1950-1996:
Samuel Huston-Tillotson College ephemera, 1950-1956, 1995-1996
Duren’s student papers [includes report with pictures of a women’s Sunday School group formed at Huston-Tillotson], 1956-1957
Personal notes and collected ephemera, 1952-1980, undated
Methodist/Christian pamphlets and brochures, 1954, 1965, 1993-1995
Manual Training High School (Muskogee, Oklahoma) class of 1938 reunion program, 1958
Home economics student work, 1994
Duren’s students’ work [?], 1995
Collected recipes, 1983, undated
Retirement (Los Angeles), 1977-1996:
Los Angeles African-American periodicals and other ephemera, 1977-1995
Olympics, 1984:
Opening ceremony
Volunteer staff after-party
Postcards, nametags, programs, patches, flyers, and other Olympics ephemera
Los Angeles primary and special municipal elections (candidate and polling materials), 1984
Holman United Methodist Church (Los Angeles), 1986-1996, undated
California political ephemera and personal correspondence, 1988
Beverley Hills High School – Horatio Alger Day



3S19 2 photographic prints of individuals
Negatives of UT staff – 3 rolls, 13 strips
16 color photographs of New York City and March on Washington, 1983
Slides for Black Studies from the Government Department
3S29 39 photographs of portraits and groups, unidentified, undated
24 photographs of portraits and groups, identified, 1954-1979 and undated
11 color photographs of a "sweet sixteen" party [removed from letter from Alnita Dunn dated January 21, 1983]
8 color photographs, unidentified, undated
4 color photographs, identified:
Three photographs of Shawntel Broadus, 1981
One photograph of Stacy Garrett, 1981
Unidentified photographs
Identified photographs:
Vivian Hill, undated
Eunice Jackson and date, undated
Orientation group, UT, undated
Juneteenth picnic, 1977
Diane C. Jackson, undated
Carolyn T. Jones, 1962
Carolyn Ratcliff, undated
Robert Earl Stevens, III (baby), undated
Alison Rebecca Sands, 1981
Valonececia Marie Tolbert (baby), 1979
Jim Smith, Jr., undated
Dora Criss and son, undated
Kevin and Garrett Roberts, 1965
3S140 Oversized photographs:
Photograph of woman receiving hood at graduation ceremonies, undated
Photograph of baby boy crawling on carpeted floor
Computer-generated illustration of a portrait, labeled "Pat," undated


Oversized documents

2.325/OD17 Posters and broadsides:
"Fashion ’83, Loving the Style in Me," Texas Union Programming Committees, 1983
Minority Student Services, fifth annual career conference, Dean of Students Office, undated
"The Role of the Educated Black in Contemporary Society," talk by William Raspberry, Texas Union Programming Committees, 1983
"Our Past: The Key to Our Survival," Black History Month, Texas Union Programming Committees, 1983
"Get Involved" UT project information, undated
"Roger Campbell for Daily Texas Editor,"1983
"Why Equality?" talk by William Darity and John Warfield, the Liberal Arts Council, undated
Sweet Honey in the Rock concert poster, 1983
Framed poem entitled "Almetris," by Rene Gonzalez, Iola Taylor, and Beverly Tucker, undated
Autograph party for Almetris Duren and her book Overcoming…, undated
Innervisions of Blackness spring concert, 1982
"The New South: A Forum," Texas Union Distinguished Lecture Series, undated
"Welcome back, Mama Duren…" hand-drawn poster, undated
"Good-bye, Mama Duren…" hand-drawn poster, undated
Ledger with list of co-op [?] residents and financial/activities listings, undated
2.325/OD6 "One Nation Under a Groove," Black Student Union (BSU) event poster, undated
UT campus map, Hemphill’s bookstore, undated circa 1970
Cactus yearbook poster, 1987
UT shuttle bus map, 1987
Great Kings of Africa Budweiser posters, undated circa 1980s


Audiovisual material

Sound Archives Videocassette of news spots, 1973
Cassette tape of Jesse Jackson’s speech, 1973
Innervisions of Blackness Choir reel-to-reel tape, 1975
Record albums:
Porgy and Bess. Cleveland Orchestra (with Barbara Conrad). London; OSA-13116. [3 album set]
Favorite Sacred Songs. Edna Gustafson. Austin Custom Records; CAM-33-64140
Marion Downs Sings. Marion Downs. Austin Custom Records; CS-33-6201-2
Like a Ripple on a Pond. Nikki Giovanni. Niktom Records; NK4200, 1973
2.325/C4 Videocassette tape (VHS), "At the White House," Floyd Miles, II., December 14, 1983
2.325/B114a Audiocassette tape, "MLK – AT HOLMAN – 2 sides,"1968


African-American newspapers, 1954-1997:

2.325/N36a Austin, Texas:
Huston-Tillotson Ramshorn, Commencement edition, vol. V, no. IV, May 1957
The Shiloh: Voice of the Best School in Austin, vol. 8, no. 5, April 26, 1968
F.M.O., vol. 1, no. 2, October 1971
Blackprint, vol. 1, no. 2, March-April 1975
The Capital City Argus:*
Vol. 19, no. 38, Friday, September 18, 1981
Vol. 19, no. 39, Friday, September 25, 1981
Vol. 24, no. 36, June 6, 1986
The Griot, April-May 1987
The Texas Achiever, vol. 5, Friday, June 17, 1988
The Villager:*
Vol. 9, no. 19, September 25, 1981
Vol. 9, no. 20, October 2, 1981
Vol. 13, no. 49, April 11, 1986
Vol. 13, no. 50, April 18, 1986
Vol. 14, no. 6, June 13, 1986
Vol. 14, no. 8, June 27, 1986
Vol. 14, no. 9, July 4, 1986
Vol. 14, no. 10, July 11, 1986
Vol. 15, no. 6, June 12, 1987
Vol. 15, no. 17, August 28, 1987
Vol. 15, no. 36, January 8, 1988
Vol. 17, no. 49, April 20, 1990
NOKOA: The Observer:*
Vol. 2, no. 29, July 22-28, 1988
Vol. 4, no. 15, April 13-19, 1990
Vol. 4, no. 17, April 27 – May 3, 1990
Boston, Massachusetts:
Bay State Banner, Thursday, February 22, 1968
Dallas, Texas:
The Post Tribune, Saturday, September 8, 1962
The Dallas Post Tribune**, Vol. 50, no. 46, November 14-20, 1996
The Dallas Examiner**, Vol. 10, no. 44, Thursday, November 21, 1996
Los Angeles, California:
The United Methodist Reporter: Holman Bellringer edition, Holman United Methodist, 1984, 1986-1988, 1993-1997
Wave Newspapers, Los Angeles, 1996
Muskogee, Oklahoma:
The Oklahoma Independent:
Vol. 25, no. 44, Friday, January 29, 1954
Vol. 29, no. 8, Friday, March 1, 1957
Vol., 29, no. 10, Friday, March 22, 1957
Vol. 30, no. 22, Friday, June 6, 1958
Vol. 30, no. 25, Friday, June 27, 1958
Muskogee-Herald (formerly The Oklahoma Independent):
Vol. 1, no. 2, Saturday, October 31, 1964
Vol. 1, no. 3, Saturday, November 7, 1964
Muskogee Daily Phoenix, p. 9, Wednesday, August 30, 1967
*For more editions see the Briscoe Center’s Texas Newspaper Collection index.**More editions available on microfilm at PCL.
2.325/B79-80 Newspapers (unprocessed)
2.325/K1-2 Newspapers (unprocessed)
2.325/D16c Newspapers (unprocessed)
2.325/C25 Newspapers (unprocessed)