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A Guide to the Mathematical Association of America Records, 1916-present: Part 1 - Headquarters Records

Descriptive Summary

Creator: Mathematical Association of America
Title: Mathematical Association of America Records,
Dates: 1916-present
Abstract: This collection consists of correspondence, printed material, notes, publications, and photographs documenting the work of the Mathematical Association of America, one of the primary professional organizations in the field of mathematics.
Accession No.: 86-11; 86-12; 86-14; 86-17; 86-18; 86-19; 86-43; 89-2; 89-5; 89-6; 89-7; 90-1; 90-3; 93-429; 94-189; 94-204; 95-244; 96-031; 96-173; 97-014; 98-104; 2000-012; 2000-170; 2000-233; 2001-098; 2002-023; 2003-133; 2003-044; 2004-170; 2005-025; 2005-133; 2005-159; 2005-199; 2006-017; 2006-025; 2006-026; 2006-039; 2006-055; 2006-060; 2006-076; 2006-091; 2006-108; 2006-135; 2007-152; 2007-174; 2008-284; 2009-256; 2010-003; 2010-105; 2010-192; 2010-194; 2011-007; 2011-016; 2011-047; 2011-138; 2011-140; 2011-141; 2011-231; 2011-242; 2013-019; 2013-145; 2014-241; 2015-037; 2015-127; 2015-225; 2015-253
Extent: 330 ft., 1 in.
Language: Materials are written in English.
Repository: Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin



Due to size, this inventory has been divided into seven separate units which can be accessed by clicking on the highlighted text.
Part one: Headquarters Records [this page]:
  • Early records
  • Washington office records
  • Ford Foundation report
Part two: Officers
Part three: Publications
Part four: Committees and Awards
Part five: Section Files
Part six: Meetings and Conferences
Part seven: Projects


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Records for MAA journals that reveal the names of referees will be restricted for a period of 30 years from the date of creation, unless the current editor of the journal grants permission. Unprocessed material is also restricted. All other material is open for research.

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Mathematical Association of America Records, 1916-present, Archives of American Mathematics, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, University of Texas at Austin.

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Detailed Description of the Papers


Part 1 - Headquarters records:

[See also: "Records of editors, presidents, and secretaries from MAA headquarters" under Officers, and "Meeting files from MAA Headquarters" under Meetings and Conferences]
*4RM114 [2004-170] Early records:
[Early records of the organization, probably gathered together by H. M. Gehman. Consist primarily of the records of early secretaries, treasurers, and committees]
American Mathematical Monthly:
[Mostly B. F. Finkel and H. E. Slaught correspondence], 1908-1915
1915-1916, 1933
Volume 23, Number 4, [includes list of charter members, p. 134], April 1916
Monthly Supplements, registers of officers and members, [annotated, incomplete], 1919-1941
Library catalog, Volume 28, Number 8, Part II, October 1931
Correspondence, [including the American Mathematical Society, the Monthly and the organization of the MAA], 1914-1915
List of officers and charters members, [annotated], December 1916
Committee on a Mathematical Dictionary, E. R. Hedrick, chair, 1919-1920
Board of Governors minutes, 1920-1928
State of Illinois incorporation certificate, September 8, 1920
Secretary of State, Illinois, 1920-1923, 1936-1950
Cook County, Recorder of Deeds, legal notices of elections, 1921-1950
Houck fund and C. C. Carter, 1923-1936
*4RM115 [2004-170] Chauvenet Prize Committee, 1925-1951
Putnam Competition, formulation of a plan, 1937-1942
Editorial Committee on Carus Monographs, 1937-1960
Committee on the Earle Raymond Hedrick Lectures, and Committee on Expository Lectures, 1951-1954
Register of members, changes from October 15, 1951-Febraury 10, 1952
History [correspondence and materials collected by HMG in the 1950s and early 1960s]:
Monthly, correspondence between Lloyd W. Stark and H. M. Gehman including a 1897 Monthly receipt for L. I. Neikirk signed by B. F. Finkel, 1897, 1965
Historical materials collected by HMG, [includes B. F. Finkel paper on the early history of the Monthly], 1915-1945
Materials collected by HMG and correspondence, 1916-1922, 1963-1965
Correspondence and printed material collected and/or written by HMG, 1938, 1948-1966
HMG's correspondence and writings on and about MAA History, [includes correspondence with A. A. Bennett and the MAA fiftieth anniversary], 1952-1965
*4RM116 [2004-170] History writings from other scientific organizations, collected by HMG, 1965
H. M. Gehman, date books, 1956-1957, 1960-1962
By-laws of other organizations, 1961-1967
Duren's Committee on Revision of By-laws, [Committee on the Revision of the By-laws of the Association]:
Committee on the Future Administrative Structure of the Association (Cameron):
General, 1962-1968
Willcox appointment, 1967
Mathematics Magazine, Brief history by H. M. Gehman, February 1964
Charter members project, 1964-1965 and undated
Combined Membership list, 1966-1967
SUNY Research Foundation, financial arrangements, 1969
Notes on Articles of Association [probably by H. M. Gehman], undated
Meetings, attendance statistics, 1929-1966, "Ancient History," undated
*4RM112 [2004-170] Seven photographs and one contact sheet from the filming of "Mathematical Induction," featuring Leon Henkin, Leon Cohen is also pictured, ca. 1961
*4RM236 [2013-107] Photograph album of the open house on the occasion of the opening of the MAA’s new Washington headquarters. Also includes invitation, invitation list, menu, and letter from Florica Glod about the Edward G. Begle Memorial Conference Room (1978). 1969, 1978
Washington Office Records:
90-1/1 (16327666) Finance committee, 1975-1979:
Meeting files
A Short Course in Accounting
Edyth Sliffe Bequest
Executive and finance committees, meeting files, 1975-1979
Board of Governors, meeting files, 1975-1979
90-1/2 (16327655) Alfred B. Willcox, personal files
Alfred B. Willcox, Short Course in Accounting
Committee on Adult Education
Advanced Placement Committee
Committee on Advisement and Personnel, 1961-1978
Correspondence with Alder, Cameron, Young, 1967-1970
Ad Hoc committee on Cost of Producing Journals
Committee on Corporate Members, 1969-1979:
Committee report, "The Industrial Mathematician Views his Profession"
90-1/3 (16327349) Committee on Associate Director
Joint Committee on Applications of Mathematics in the college Curriculum
Ad Hoc Committee on Computer Usage
Committee on Decline in Preparation of Students for Collegiate Mathematics:
Committee's Report
Committee's Proposal
Discrete mathematics, preliminary report requests
Committee on Educational Media
Committee on Employment Opportunities, 1956-1974
Committee on Employment Register, 1968-1974
Employment information for mathematicians, 1973-1974
Committee on Evaluation of Source Book on Applications in Mathematics to the Social Studies
Committee on Exchange of Information
Committee to Explore Possible Cooperation with UMAP
Committee on Institutes, 1960-1973
90-1/4 (15994880) Committee on Institutes, 1960-1973:
Summer institutes
Joint Committee on Relations between AMS and MAA
Joint ACM/MAA Committee on Retraining for Computer Science
Joint AMS/MAA/SIAM Administrative Committee
Correspondence with journals and their editors
Individual lectures film project
MAA pamphlet, "Math You'll Need in College"
Committee to Monitor Responses to the Recommendations Document
Committee on New Ideas
Ad Hoc Committee on New Priorities for Undergraduate Education in the Mathematical Sciences
90-1/5 (16327350) Committee on Advisement and Personnel, "You'll Need Math"
Committee on Photo Composition
MAA Prizes, various committees
Publications Committee, 1981:
Computerized publication sales
Committee on Marketing Publications
Committee on Putnam Competitions
Committee to Review Financial Management
Committee to Review the Guidelines for Evaluation
Committee to Set Guidelines for Evaluation
Committee on Hedrick Lectures
Mathematical World
Secondary school lecture program to interest more Chicano students in mathematics
Ad Hoc Committee on Short Courses
Committee on Service Courses
Committee on Special Funds, 1969-1976
Nominating Committees
Manuscripts submitted
Wage and price guidelines
MAA investment fund ledger sheets
Other organizations:
American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)
Council of Scientific Society Presidents (CSSP)
Copyright Clearance Center
90-1/6 (16327382) NLT Computer Services Corporation
North American Precis
Prindle, Weber & Schmidt, Math Journal
Publications Dispatch Service
Spencer Foundation
Terminal Systems Corporation
Universal Subscriptions Agency
Washington Academy of Sciences
Webster & Chamberlain
MAA Projects:
Creative publications
COSMOS, National Science Foundation (NSF)
Commission on Higher Education, state associations
Contemporary mathematics modules for teachers
Contributed paper sessions at national meetings
Faculty conferences, 1980 project with NSF
Lily Grant Rhoades Articulation
World War II history project
2006-039/1 (CDL) Ford Foundation Report:
Section I: History, February 1989
Section II: Our Objectives, February 1989
Section III: Thinking and Working in the Schools – Introduction and Technique, February 1989
Section III: Thinking and Working in the Schools – Word Problems, February 1989
Section IV: Three Models in Evolution – Sarah J. Hale High School, Prospect Heights High School and P. S. 230, February 1989
Section VI: In Retrospect, February 1989
Supplementary material, February 1989
2012-309/1 (18249723) Tina Straley, Executive Director:
2012-309/2 (18249712) 2007-2011
2010-192/1 (18249734) Miscellaneous Records:
Note: These records were donated from the MAA central office as accession no. 2011-231.
Maurice Machover (manuscripts of Richard Courant memorial remarks and Peter Lax lectures), 1972
Courant Institute clipping, circa 1999
CD: “OP-20-G Enigma Series” “E-2, E-4, E-9 – Selections,” undated


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