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Texas Archeological Society Records, 1929-2008

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Creator: Texas archeological society
Title: Texas Archeological Society records
Dates: 1929-2008
Abstract: The Texas Archeological Society records are comprised of correspondence and business records, including presidential records, board correspondence, nominating committees, bank statements, and journals, as well as a variety of committee records.
Identification: urn:taro:utexas.cah.00314
Extent: 20.79 linear feet
Language: English .
Repository: Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin

Historical Note

The Texas Archeological Society (TAS) was established in 1928, and has played a significant role in the scientific investigation and observation of Texas' past through annual field school events. The Texas Archeological Society publishes the annual Bulletin of the Texas Archeological Society (BTAS), established in 1929 , and the quarterly Texas Archeological Newsletter, established in 1957. The Norman Flaigg Field School is an annual event and enables people with an interest in archeology to gain field experience.

Scope and Contents

The Texas Archeological Society records are comprised of correspondence and business records, including presidential records, board correspondence, nominating committees, bank statements, and journals, as well as a variety of committee records including the Field School committee, Archeology Awareness Week, Ad Hoc, Audit, Awards, Borderlands Cultural Resources group, Budget, and Boy Scouts committees.


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Personal Names
Hester, Tom
McClure, Bill
Mercado-Allinger, Pat
Schafer, Harry
Schmandt-Besserat, Denise.
Wheat-Stranahan, Pam
Corporate Names
Alamo Savings Bank
Normann Flagg Field School
Texas Archeological Newsletter
Texas archeological society
University National Bank
Archaeology--Societies, etc.
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Texas Archeological Society Records, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin.

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1966-042; 2002-233; 2003-161; 2004-210; 2007-195; 2009-057; 2009-165; 2013-183

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Processing revisions were made by Laurel Rozema, April and June 2009, and Stefanie Lapka, August 2013.

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3C45 [SRH1230015462] Business records
Business records, 1932-May 1944, 1947-1955
Ledger, 1947-1956
Receipt stubs, September 1953 - November 1958
Record of income and savings account, October 1956 - October 1960
Expenses and checking account, October 1956 - October 1963
3C46 [SRH1230015463] Check stubs, December 1957 - March 1963
Society business, 1929-1932
Expenditures, 1936-1958
Invoices and expenses concerning printing of bulletins by Abilene Printing Company, 1949-1953
Bank statements, November 1955 - December 1957
Correspondence about volume 25 (handbook) between Mr. Anderson and Mr. Krieger, 1954-1955
Correspondence about loan from Texas State Bank in, 1955
Correspondence between Dr. Cyrus N. Ray and Ernest Wallace concerning a manuscript and display case, 1949-1951
Constitutions of affiliated local societies
2R776 Bulletin of the Texas Archeological Society (BTAS) Records, Correspondence, Membership, 1929-1986
Copyright Old
Bulletin Copyright
Correspondence - Old TAS
Bulletin Inventory, Restricted sale, past review sources
Bulletin Expenses Vol. 29
List of Officers, Bulletin, Editions, and Costs
Bulletin Correspondence
Charter Societies
Master File Local Societies
Data on other Archeological Societies
Insurance Old
Inquiries Misc.
SP Pub Requests
Membership Certificate Lists
Publication Orders 86
Membership - Years for Certifications and Categories
Membership Records Lists, counts
Old Member Lists, 1985, 1986
Harry Shafer, Presidential Papers, 1995
Bill McClure
Bill McClure, Presidential Papers, 1996
Annual Meeting
Financial Reports
Field School
Fiscal Overview
Public Awareness
Archaeology Awareness
Rock Art
By Laws Revisions
Special Task Force
Human Remains Committee
Garfield Productions
Austin Visitors Guide - notes
President's Reports
Executive Committee
1994 Board Meeting
January 1995 Board Meeting Notes
June Board Meeting
Sept. Board Meeting Notes
1995 Correspondence Miscellaneous
2R777 1965 Business records
Fiscal 1965 Board Correspondence
1965 Field School Misc.
Mailing List for Complimentary Copies of Newsletter
Membership Lists - Life, Honorary, Fellows, dropped members
Regional Vice-President, Current Map suggest regions
RVP Background Material
Correspondence Income Tax
1965 Fiscal Bank Statements
1965 Fiscal Financial Reports
Legislation S. B. #321
1965 Correspondence
Membership Records 1967
2R778 1965 Correspondence
1966 Correspondence
1967-69 Records
Savings and Loan Account
Fullen, William Lou Chair. Regional Vice-President
Xerox Handbook Contract Negotiations
Committees appt by Story
Davis, E. Mott
Special Recognition Committee
1969 Annual Meeting
Misc. Correspondence
Board Meeting Announcements Bollich Pres.
Board Meeting Minutes Story President
Correspondence Story President
1969 Minutes Board of Directors Meeting
For next Board Meet Texas Archeological Society
1969-1970 Constitutional Revisions Committee
Slides for notes FCR Board Assistance Committee Foundation notes located
Budget material including Budget Comm Reports
Board of Directors - notes on meetings 1968-1969 Bollich President
Publications Committee 1968-1969, Chairman J. Blaine, S. Smith, H. Jensen, Turner
Special Committee Update Chapter, Burleson Chairman, J. Word, D. Olds
Board meetings 1968
1968 Financial Statement Report; CPA Young and Company
Bulk Mailing Permit and Info
Presidio Ahumada Project, Lou Fullen Director
1970s Records
1970 Nomination Committee
Tailor Committee
1970 Field School
Lou Fullen Correspondence with Regional Texas Archeological Society UPS
R .K. Harrison Report 1973 Waco dig
End of fiscal year type of info needed
Local Arch. society Outline Guide
Invoices - Test Sales - Commercial Book Stores
2R779 Correspondence, A-Z, 1966-1968
2R780 Financial Records - General, 1965-1967
Annual Meeting
Budget Committee 1967
1966 Annual Meeting San Antonio
1965-66 Financial Reports
Budget, 1965-1967
Bank statements, 1966-1968
Audit, 1968
1968 Board Meeting file
Business Invoices other than Printing prior to, December 1966
Paid Statements, 1967-July 30, 1968
Newsletter Business
July Newsletters
Oct. 1967
May 1967
1967 Field School Large Prints Loaned to Barbara Jo Hickman
University National Bank Statements, 1963-1968, February 1986-June 1988
Journal Bank Records, 1964-1982
Alamo Savings Bank Statements, 1982-1985, 1989
Alamo Savings Record, 1982-1985
Alamo Savings Assoc. 1989; LifeFund, Field School, Donor Fund
2R781 Financial records, 1958-1962
Handbook business, 1962
Miscellaneous business, 1958-1962
Financial records, 1963
Handbook business, 1963
Bills and invoices – printing and bulletins, 1963
Lubbock meeting, 1963
Dig summer (June 22-July 8), 1963
Bank statements – North Austin State Bank
Financial records, 1964
Financial reports – fiscal, 1964
Bank statements, 1964
Deposits, 1964
Financial report, by Mulhollan, Conklin, & McWhirter, CPA, 1936-1964
El Paso meeting, 1964
Bills and invoices, 1964
Field school correspondence
Board correspondence
TAS/TCAS field school Mimeo and Mult. Material, 1964
Correspondence, A-Z, 1964
Financial records, 1967
Board meeting business, 1967
Audit, 1967
2R782 Field School Committee, 1971-1991
List of Lists, 2002
Proceedings of the Board of Directors
Field School Forms Contract
General Field School Planning
Budget Info, 1983-90
Trailer Inventory
Summary Past Field Schools
Field School El Paso Songs, 1977
Charter, Constitution Etc. IRS
Field School Proposals
Ft. Martin Scott [Historic Site]
'86-'89 Field School Data
Field School 1971 Correspondence
Field School 1971 Beaver Patrol Field School Report
Field School Guide 1975
Field School 1976 Report Excavation.
1988 Field School
Committee Meetings, 1988
Refunds, 1988
Participants Correspondence, 1988
Correspondence, 1988
New Members, 1988
Reg. Lists, 1988
1989 Field School
Field School Committee Minutes, 1989-90
Expenses - Field School Committee, 1990
Trailers Services, Repair & Mod.
Field School Committee '90 Board Reports
Field School Organ.
Field School Finances
Field School Committee Exposition '89
Field School Proposal Form
Field School Committee Presidio Loreto
Field School Budget, 1990
89-90 Field School Committee Minutes
Field School '90 Utopia
Muskhog Survey Report
Field School Muskhog - Ownership of Material
Permits, 1980
Field School Financial Reports
Field School Budget & Service Contracts, 1990
Membership Survey Responses, Jan. 1992
Red River, 1992
Special Task Force Bill Richmond, 1989-1991
Field School Award Certificates
Norman Flaigg Field School Records, 1974-1990
Field School Expenses
15th Annual Field School
Flaigg 'Don't Dig in the Damn Midden'
Field School, 1980-1990
2R783 Field School Committee
Gen. Records Field School Committee, 1983-1988
Field School Proposal Forms
Field School Contracts, 1983-1990
Field School - Announcements, Camp rules, 1963-1983
Field School Directors Reports, 1967-75
Site Reporting Forms, 1971-75
Field School, 1983
Correspondence, 1983
Procedures, 1983
Field School, 1984
Field School, 1986
'86 Field School
Firecracker Pueblo, 1986
Field School, 1987
Field School Committee 1987 Meetings/Wolf Creek
Procedures Manual, 1987
Alamo Savings Assoc, 1987
Financial Statement
Insured Money Market Files
Roster ' 87 ' 88
Committee Minutes
1987 Field School Hughes Proposal
Field School, 1988
Field School, 1988
Teachers Attending Field School, 1988
Status Report, Mar. 1988
Field School, 1989
Misc. Receipts
Field School 1989 Incl. Contract
PR '89 Field School
Budget/Financial Receipts
Paid in Advance
Registration Forms/Info
Field School, 1988-89
Field School Committee, 1990
1990 meetings/Utopia
1989 meetings/Devils River
1988 Wolf Creek
Muskhog Canyon Survey Report
Outstanding Reports /Past
Personnel Records
Potential Field Schools
Rowe Valley
Alamo Federal Savings 1990
Texas Archeological Foundation
Correspondence, 1983-1994
Fiscal Records TAF - Francis Stickney
2R784 Financial records, 1968
Business records, 1968
Meeting minutes
Budget report, 1968
Budget committee, 1968
Bank statements, 1968
Field School registration, 1968
Field school, 1968
Bulk mailing
Business correspondence, Z-A, 1968
Field school records, 1989
LOC invoices, 1989
Financial correspondence
Income ledger, 1989
Archeology field and lab, 1989
Petty cash account, 1989
Camp, 1989
Miscellaneous expenses, 1989
Treasurer, 1989
Field school records, 1990
Meal records, menu, staff
Frost account, 1990
Field school, 1990
Bank statements, 1990
Reimbursement requests, 1990
2R785 Field School Financial Records, 1991
General Expenses
U-Haul Trailer
Field Guide
Receipt Books
Printout Expenses
Expenses, 1991
Field School, 1992
Field School Expense Vouchers, 1992
Ledger - Field School, 1992
Revenue Vouchers / Invoices
Registration Vouchers
Field School 1992 Publicity Comm. Vouchers
Trailer Vouchers
Field School Directors Vouchers
Kitchen / Ice
Camp Boss
Miscellaneous - Field School Expense Vouchers, 1992
Registration Forms and List
Carol Hedrick; Oklahoma Tax
Field Guide
Student Guide
Bank Statements, 1992
Expense Ledgers
Field School, 1993
Bank Records
Receipt Books & printout
Membership Survey Responses, 1992
B/W Panoramas 1975 Annual Meeting San Antonio
"Archeology in Texas" Poster, 1980
2R786 Tom Hester, 1974-1996
BTAS files 1974-, 1978
Texas Archeological Society
General correspondence
Special Publicity/Banks
Texas Archeological Society, 1974
Texas Archeological Society Account/UTSA
McKinney Falls /Special Publicity
BTAS 78: Turner: "Carpenter Site"
1978 BTAS: Fern Herring (transmittals of ms)
American Antique Style Guide
Information for authors
Science: Instructions to authors
"Journal Editor to Journal Author" John H. Rowe
Aten ms Special Publication #3
McKinney Falls Special Publication #4
Shiner, Joel L. ms correspondence, 1976
Burger, Barbara Proposal 1977 Field School Galveston Island
1977 Field School
K. House: Harris Fetschrift
King Harris Fetschrift
BTAS 45 (1974)
"Evidence of the Past" Texas Archeological Society/ Pam Wheat 1977
BTAS 1974: Author correspondence
BTAS vol. 45:1974 correspondence, reprints
Hester - Shafer Editorial correspondence
BTAS 1975 Correspondence
BTAS 1976 General
BTAS, 1977
BTAS, 1978
Turner, Bob ms Tuck Carpenter Site
Turner, Bob ms 1978 BTAS Carpenter Site - edited version
Shafer, Harry Review of Schmandt-Besserat 1974 article
Thomas Ft. Hood
Lewis: Phosphate., 1978
Phillips "Yucatan Tech."
Heizer ms / BTAS: 76 file copy
Slesick "Tool Cache" 1978 notes.
Creel: 1978 BTAS
Skinner: Review of Hop Hill '78 BTAS
Watt, Frank 1978 Correspondence. ms Radiocarbon Chronicle Brazos Valley
Watt, Frank 1978 ms Radiocarbon Chronicle Brazos Valley
Watt, Frank 1978 Original ms before revisions by E. Mott Davis
Watt, Frank BTAS article 1978 "Radiocarbon Chronicle Brazos Valley"
Fladmark, K.R. 1978 "Guide to Basic Field Procedures"
Texas Archeological Society Bulletin (Hester) Ols
Arnold, 1974
Tuck Carpenter Site; page proofs TRH, 1979
Re-Exam of Bone Bed and page proofs TRH, 3/26/79
Figurines from Coast Region - page proofs TRH, 3/26/79
Yucatan Fishing Technology - page proofs TRH, 3/26/79
2R787 President Elect files, 1991-1992
Region 8: Rose Trevino
Education Committee
Ad Hoc Committee, 1988
Financial Report 1991 Percival, McBrine & Co. CPA
Financial Reports
Pam Wheat Correspondence, 1991
Annual Meeting Guidelines, 1991
Misc. Correspondence, 1991-1992
Life Insurance Possibilities, 1991
Funding Information Center
Agenda for 11/1/92 Board Mtg. CC
Exec. Comm. 8/7/92 Conference Call
Budget Review Session 9/20/92 Camp Copacs
4/3/92 Exec. Comm
Texas Archeological Society: 9/19-9/20 1992 Board Mts
Exec. Comm. Meetings / Texas Archeological Society, 1992
Business Meeting/ 10/30/92 Corpus Annual Meeting
Retreat / Board Castroville UTSA, February 8, 1992-February 9, 1992
Texas Archeological Society: President Elect (TRH 91-92)
Exec Comm Meeting, 10/30/92
Annual Business Meeting, 10/30/92
Marketing Committee
Communications Comm
Regional Directors / Texas Archeological Society to, 1992
Public Awareness Comm
Texas Archeological Society: Nature Conservancy Guidelines
Typology Committee
Special task Force: 1991-1993 old Field School Reports
Regional Societies
Texas Archeological Society THF relations
Office Operations Comm
Texas Archeological Society "business"/ To Do or In Progress
Regional Societies
Awards Committee
10/30/92 Exec. Comm
Texas Archeological Society/ Publications Policy Comm, 1992
Board 2/9/92 UTSA
Grant Proposals
Texas Archeological Society: Main office / UTSA, 1992-1993
9/19/92 Exec. Comm
4/4/92 Board Mtg
Board Meeting, 11/1/92
Board Meetings, 1991
10/30/92 Board Mt. Corpus Christi
Presidential files, 1993
Exec. Comm. 1/16/93 San Antonio
Board 1/16/93 San Antonio
Board Meeting of 4/3/93 at TARL: Misc
Board & Exec. Comm 6/6/93 Lubbock
Regional Directors, 1993
9/25/93 Board (Tex A&M)
Executive Comm. 9/25/93 (Coll. Station)
Oct Board / Laredo
Business Meeting, 10/31/1993
Executive Comm. 10/29/93 Laredo
Board Meeting: Laredo, 10/31/1993
Human Remains (open file)
Nominating, 1993
Budget: Laredo, 1993
'93 Budget
Cultural Resource Management Advisory Board (Texas Archeological Society President)
Region 7: Kennedy, 1993
Public Awareness, 1993
Education Comm
Marketing, 1993
Project Funding Comm, 1993
TAAW Sample Tom H
Texas Archeological Society Bulletin
Membership Comm, 1993
Donor's Fund, 1993
1993 Field School / Lubbock
1993 Committees
Odessa, 1996
2R788 Pam Wheat, Presidential Files
Membership Survey, 1992
Membership Survey Results, 1992
Constitution/Bylaws - changes
Constitution/Bylaws - notes before Oct 91 Meeting
Regional Director's Guidelines/responses, Aprril 1991
Officer Guidelines - history/development
Proceedings of the Board, 1960-1991
Grant Hall, Presidential Files
1988 Pres. Correspondence
Administration - 1988, Committee Appointments
Correspondence, 1988
Awards Committee, 1988
Education Committee Project Funding (Donors Fund) Committee, 1987, 1987-1988
Publications Editor, 1987
Annual Meeting 1988 Houston
Annual Meeting 1987 Waco
Executive Board 1988 meeting
Membership Coordinator, pre-1988
Newsletter Editor, 1988
Business Records, 1957
Letter from various Texas Archeological Society Presidents, 1981-1985
Archaeological Conservancy
Board Proceedings to 1991 (Prewitt and Richmond)
Archeology Awareness Week, 1989
Administrative Secretary Job Description
Budget and Financial Statements, 1989, 1967
Education Fund
1986 Brochures, Welcome letters and various correspondence
Misc. correspondence of note, 1956-1980
Newsletter Business
Publications Reviews
Field School miscellaneous
Constitution, 1965-1985
Budget - Dup. Secy. Treas. Report, 1968-1982
Old membership lists, 1957-1982
University Microfilm
Field School: Trailer
Texas Historical Commission
Texas Historical Foundation
TX Legislature and Bills
Texas Historical Society Meeting
Texas Nature Conservancy
Texas Parks and Wildlife
Texas Employment Commission
Interest Questionnaire
Texas Antiquities
Texas Archeological Foundation
Stewardship Program
Society for Historical Arch. and Society for American Archaeology
Special Collections
State Parks
Steward Lists
TARL Site Assessment Forms
Style Guide
Regions - Maps
Publicity - General
McKinney Falls
Ed Maddox
Libraries - non members purchase or inquiries
Legislative Committees
Land and Legacy Project
Legal Matters
Friends of Archaeology
Invoice Lists, 1983-1987
2R789 Pat Mercado-Allinger, Presidential files, 1987-1990
Administration / Correspondence
Annual Meeting, 1997
Annual Meeting Public Forum Program
1987 Conference - Poster Session
Annual Meeting 1997 - Paper Abstracts
Annual Meeting Program Correspondence
Annual Meeting 1997 Program Planning
1996 Program Preparation Info
General, 1989-1990
Artifact shows
1988 Board members/committee member
Book Review Mesomericas Ancient Cities
By Laws
Center for Non Profit Management
Charter and Amendments committee appointments, 1990
Committee appointments, 1989
Compilation of motions
General, 1988
Insurance, 1989-1990
Office facilities
Puppet show (Artie Fax)
Texas Archeological Society/TPWD Agreement
THC Life Memberships, 1989
Videos Land and Legacy
Rowe Valley (Not my life...) video
TRH/Presidents Correspondence, November 1992
Correspondence, 1990
Correspondence, 1989
Ad Hoc Committee, 1989-1990
Archeology Awareness Week Committee, 1990
Audit Committee, 1990
Awards Committee
Awards Committee, 1989-1990
Prototypes & Masters
Borderlands Cultural Resources Group, 1989
Boys Scout Patch Committee and Proposals, 1989-1990
Budget Committee
Budget Committee, 1987-1990
IRS notice 835
Donors Fund Trustees, 1989-1990
Education Committee
Education Committee, 1989-1990
Teachers Manual
Ethics Committee
Finance Committee, 1989-1990
Nominations Committee, 1989-1990
Project Funding Committee, 1989-1990
Public Awareness Committee, 1989-1990
Publications Policy Committee, pre-1989, 1989-1990
Publicity Committee, 1990
Special Projects Committee, 1989-1990
Special Task Force, 1990
Typology Committee, 1990
Friends of Lubbock Lake Landmark
Membership Coordinator, 1988-1990
Newsletter Editor, 1989-1990
President Elect, 1989-1990
Publications Editor, 1988-1990
Regional Directors, pre-1989, 1989-1990
Treasurer's Reports, 1989-1990
Preservation Texas Alliance
Annual Meetings
Potential sites
Amarillo, 1989
Non Profit Status Issues
1991 Field School Sam Kaufman
THC "You Are the Guardian of the Past"
THC "A Legacy in Pieces"
2.325/D39d [SRH1230000800] Regional Director's Meeting, October 24, 1990
Executive Board Meeting
San Antonio, TX
Midland, TX, April 15, 1989
Devils River, TX, June 11, 1989
Austin, TX, September 9, 1989
Amarillo, TX, October 27, 1989
San Antonio, TX, January 13, 1990
Temple, TX, April 7, 1990
Utopia, TX, June 9, 1990
Austin, TX, September 8, 1990
Dallas, TX, October 26, 1990
Idabel, OK, June 7, 1991
Austin, TX, September 6, 1991
San Marcos, TX, January 21, 1991
San Antonio, TX, April 19, 1991
Ong Range Planning-Committee (formerly "Ad Hoc")
Budget Committee, 1999-2001
Budget Workshop, Lake Lewisville, TX, September 20, 1992
By-Laws Revision Committe, 1997, 2000
TAS By-Laws Committee, 1993-1995
Texas Nature Conservancy Committee
TAAW Committee
TAAW Video Project, 1994-1996
3N450 [SRH1230019261] Harry Shafer Presidential Papers, 1993-1995
Regional vice president
Financial reports
Cultural Resource Management Advisory Board
Annual meeting
Krieger Library
Constitution/bylaws revisions
Donors fund
Field school
Marketing committee typology
Membership committee
Membership responses
Public Awareness
Rock art
Garfield video
Annual meetings
Odessa Chamber of commerce
Lubbock, 1994
Regional director's reports
Secretary's minutes
Treasurer's report
Special task force
Sunset commission review
TAAW, OSA, TAS, CTA representatives
Business, 1973-1974, 1977, 1994
Texas Parks and Wildlife
Field school
Guadalupe Mountains
Field map, June 1970
Photo logs (no photos), June 1970
Roy Dickson – Iraan trip, 1976
Stickney prints, 1976
Smith Survey, Iraan, Tx., undated
Muskhog F.S. photos
D-1, D-2, D-3, D-4
CX 241, R2-DG, XU 1,2,3,4
CX 218 #1
3N451 [SRH1230018797] Marfa photos
BTAS Editor files, 1984-2003
Correspondence, 1972, 1992-1998, 2000-2001
Wright, Jodi, 1996
Editorial committee notes, 1991-1992
Assorted files
Copperhead site maps
McKinzie site figs
Claude Brown 41LU75
Alton Rison – Mississippi, "How to teach black children"
Publication – "Sharing the Excitement of Archaeology"
Illustrations not used
Patterson L. Archaic
Wade – figure
Book reviews
McGraw and Corbin
Kent Ubil – "Hist. Investigations of Oliver Loving Site 41PP315"
Dee Ann Story – George C. Davis site and photos
Vol. 55 cover, 1984
Vol. 57, 1986
Editorial expenses
Correspondence, 1986
B. Davis Correspondence
Boone, Jackson, Henneberg, "Evidence Treponematosis in a Prehistorica Hunter-Gatherer Popl. On the Texas Coast" , 1986
Loveland, Carol J. "Human Skeletal Remains from the Clark and Holdeman Sites Red River County, Texas" , 1986
Dorchester, "The Lott Site, A Late Prehistoric Site in Garza County, Texas" , 1986
Robinson, David G. "Obsidian Artifacts from Bastrop County, East-Central Texas and Observations on Late Prehistoric Exchange" , 1986
Garber, James F. Illustrations for "Transitional Archaic Sturcutre Zatopec Site"
Vol. 58, 1987
Prewitt and Paine
Hamilton, Sky Pond paper in press
Vol. 59, head shots, 1988
Vol. 60, 1989
Cover Forrester Two Historic Sites Brazos River
Gilmore – original figs
3N452 [SRH1230018798] Vol. 61, negatives, 1990
Vol. 62, 1991
Table of contents
Mueggenborg and photos
Ellis et al figures
Forrester figures
Phelps, Wilson-Leonard reconstruction
Shafter et al. figs
Martin figs
NM136 (Artcraft Road) Borderlands: Test 5 sites Sonaa Ana Co., N.M. – Peter Bullock
Vol. 63, 1992
Table of contents
Rhodes figures
Vol. 64, 1993
Table of contents
Yates fig. 1-9
Vinson site – J. Blaine
Photo figures – Vinson site
J. Blaine illustrations – firearms – Vinson site
Vol. 65, 1994
Table of contents
S. Turpin figures
Paul Tanner illustrations
Pic "A", pg. 327, Turner/Tanner
Turner/Tanner various THC drafts
Todd, Jessie
Loveland – Caddoan skeletons
Photos – Galena site
Photo – J. T. Edminson fired clay figurine edge
Lemens Rockshelter, Fig. 1-11
Illustrations for Lemen site
Vol. 66, 1995
Table of contents
Two alternate photos fig. 2 L. W. Patterson
Meltzer and Bever – figures
Hester et al
Prikryl fig
Vol. 67, 1996
Perttula disk on table of contents
Kenmotsu fig
Leach et al. figures
Vol. 68, 1997
Boyd, figures, art
Wilson figures
Boyd and Shafer
Lintz; Reese figures
Hamilton figures
Derrick and Wilson figures
Litwinionek figs
41TY2 figures
Colby figures
Am. Anthro 1990 paper
Karbula – Toyah Bluff
Marcom, "Digging Up Texas"
Vol. 29, 1998
Table of contents
Negatives, September 17, 1996
Leach et al
Turpin and Robinson
Mear figures
Hall figures
Mawk et al. figures
Tortuga Flat figures
3N453 [SRH1230018799] Vol. 70, 1999
Table of contents
Few and Fuestes
Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana permission
Hindes et al. F165
Tennis ms
Mission Dolores figures
Books for review
Tunnel figs
Cargill and Hard figre
Neel figs
Meissner figs
Cox figs
Carlson and Malicse figs
Inman figures
Fleming and Perttula figs
Brown et al. figs
Dockall and Dockall figures
Newman figs
Vol. 73, 2002
TAS Lubbock Lake F. S. – E. Johnson, 2001
Williams ms./Turner
Vol. 74, 2003
Table of contents
Editor's review copy from printer
Cover and disks
Ed Baker – Smith site
41UV132 figures/tables Ed Baker
UV132 text
Dickens and Wiederhold – Post-Oak Bison and figures
Karbula figures, photos, illustrations, Travic Co. SE Metro Park
Row, Marvin dated deer image Lower Pecos River Region
Cruse, Brett – metal detecting on historic Indian sites, November 2002
Arnold Barto, Andrew Hall, Thomas Oertling – Benbigh project
Pendleton, Michael – pathogens (maize) Mimbres-Mogollon
Jennifer Rice – Jamaica Beach
Wiederhold, Shafer, Perrin – Bows, Trans-Pecos
Joan Few book reviews – Follet Lake Report, 1994-1995 TAS FS
3X228 [SRH1230027971] Field School Slides, 1967-1990
Slide Shows
1967 Pecos River Valley, Crockett County, Texas – Slides C1225-C1260
1967 Houston Archeological Society – Honea Reservoir, Montgomery County, Texas Part of the Texas Archeological Salvage Program at the University of Texas at Austin – Slides C1153-C1224
Field Schools
1969 Sanford Reservoir, Lake Meredith – Slides C626-C819
1970 Guadalupe Mountains National Park Survey – Slides C1- C625
1971 1st year Kerrville Survey and Testing – Slides C820-C952
1972 2nd year Kerrville Survey and Testing – Slides C953-C1060
1989 Wolf Creek – Slides C1061-1096
1990 Utopia Val Verde Rock Art – Slides C1097-C1152
2.325/J37c [SRH1230001199] Budget Committee, 2001-2007
Council of Affiliated Societes (SAA), 1991-1998
Field School
Newcomer survey results, 2001-2008
Newcomer orientation, 2001-2007
Secretary minutes, October 2006, June 2007-October 2007
Carol Hedrick papers [2009-165]
Board minutes and financial reports
Field school
General, 1988, 1990
Photographs, 1995, undated
Committee minutes, 1982-1990
Registration, 1989
Procedures, 1987
Press releases, 1980
Financial reports, 1991-1992
Lubbock Lake Landmark, Crew Handbook, 1993
TAS Newsletter
Invoices, 1994-1995
Correspondence, 1991-1995
2A63 [SRH1230005374] Buckeye Knoll burial site
Correspondence, 1960, 1982, 1988-2008
Roitsch Repatriation, 2002
Advisory Consultation, 2003-2005
Final agreement and TAS sample recs., 2003, undated
Scope and treatment plan, 2003, undated
Site Data, 2001-2002, undated