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A Guide to the R. L. Moore Papers, 1875, 1891-1975

Descriptive Summary

Creator: Moore, R. L. (Robert Lee), 1882-
Title: R. L. Moore Papers,
Dates: 1875, 1891-1975
Abstract: R. L. Moore (1882-1974), a prominent mathematician, was a professor of mathematics at The University of Texas at Austin for almost fifty years. The R. L. Moore Papers, 1875-1975, consist of correspondence, research notebooks, drafts, teaching material, mathematical notes, printed material, photographs and other material documenting the life and career of Moore.
Accession Numbers: 84-63; 86-20; 86-41; 87-3
Extent: 27 ft., plus books and journals
Laguage: Materials are written in English.
Repository: Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin

Biographical Note

Robert Lee Moore (1882-1974), a prominent mathematician, was a professor of mathematics at The University of Texas at Austin for almost fifty years. He is well known for his work in point-set topology, but is most remembered for his work as an educator. During his long career, Moore supervised over fifty doctoral students, including three members of the National Academy of Sciences, three presidents of the American Mathematical Society and four presidents of the Mathematical Association of America.

Moore was born November 14, 1882, in Dallas, Texas, the fifth child of Charles Jonathan and Louisa Ann Moore. He developed an interest in mathematics early in life, teaching himself out of a calculus textbook before entering The University of Texas in 1898 at the age of sixteen. There he studied under George Bruce Halsted, simultaneously earning a B.S. and M.A. in 1901. After graduating, Moore spent a year as a Fellow in mathematics at UT and taught an analytic geometry course. During his fellowship, Moore discovered a redundancy in Hilbert's formulation of a set of axioms for geometry; this redundancy, unbeknownst to Moore, had already been published earlier that year by E. H. Moore (no relation) of the University of Chicago. Nonetheless, R. L. Moore's version of the redundancy was "elegant" and an important early achievement in his career.

After teaching high school mathematics in Marshall, Texas, for a year (1902-1903), Moore was accepted in the mathematics program at the University of Chicago. He completed his doctorate in two years under the direction of E. H. Moore and Oswald Veblen, graduating in 1905 with a thesis entitled "Sets of Metrical Hypotheses for Geometry." From 1905 until returning to the University of Texas in 1920, Moore held teaching posts at several universities: University of Tennessee at Knoxville (1905-1906), Princeton University (1906-1908), Northwestern University (1908-1911) and the University of Pennsylvania at Philadelphia (1911-1920). In Pennsylvania, Moore supervised three Ph.D. students: John R. Kline, George H. Hallett, and Anna M. Mullikin.

In 1920, Milton Brockett Porter, head of the pure mathematics department at The University of Texas, recruited Moore away from the University of Pennsylvania. Moore joined E. L. Dodd and H. J. Ettlinger on the faculty, which was soon augmented by H. S. Vandiver. He served on the faculty until he was forced to retire in 1969 at the age of 86. Moore had a major influence on the culture of pure mathematics at UT, both in his personality and his teaching style.

Moore regularly taught undergraduate calculus and pre-calculus courses in addition to his more advanced classes. In his advanced classes, Moore's way of teaching, known as the "Moore Method" or the "Texas Method" began with the careful selection of students who did not have an extensive knowledge about the topic to be discussed. He would then give the students some basic axioms and definitions and ask them to construct proofs and examples for different theorems. The students were not allowed to read any texts, discuss the problems among themselves, or seek help from other professors in the department. Instead of lectures, the classroom experience consisted of a student explaining his or her proof at the board while other students asked questions. If the student got stuck, or if a flaw was found in his or her proof, another student would take his or her place at the board.

R. L. Moore's honors included: University Research Lecturer (1929); National Academy of Sciences, member (1931); American Mathematical Society (AMS), visiting lecturer (1931-1932), and president (1937-1938); American Association for the Advancement of Science, vice president of mathematics section (1947); and the title of Distinguished Professor at UT. He also served as editor for both the Transactions of the American Mathematical Society and the colloquium publications of the AMS.

Moore married Margaret MacLellan Key in 1910, and their marriage lasted 64 years, ending with his death. They had no children. Moore had many hobbies, including target shooting, automobiles, boxing, and genealogy. He also had a great interest in his health and even went so far as to prescribe his own glasses for many years.

After his retirement, Moore was honored with the dedication, in 1972, of Robert Lee Moore Hall, home of the physics, mathematics and astronomy departments on the corner of Dean Keeton and Speedway on the UT campus. Moore suffered a stroke in May of 1974, and a second stroke in June. He passed away October 4, 1974.

Sources [available in "Moore, Robert Lee" vertical file]:

  • Greenwood, Robert E., R. H. Bing, W. T. Guy, Jr., R. C. Osborn, "In Memoriam, Robert Lee Moore," 1975
  • Jones, F. Burton. "The Moore Method," American Mathematical Monthly 84: 273-277 (Apr. 1977)

Scope and Contents

The R. L. Moore Papers, 1875, 1891-1975, consist of correspondence, research notebooks, drafts, teaching material, mathematical notes, printed material, photographs and other material documenting the life and career of Robert Lee Moore (1882-1974). The papers are divided into three series: (1) professional, (2) personal, and (3) books, dissertations, journals and offprints.

The majority of the collection pertains to Moore's professional career, including sections on correspondence, mathematical works, teaching, professional organizations and honorary societies, and general material. Moore's professional correspondence provides a rich look into his work and the work of his contemporaries. Correspondents include: R. C. Archibald, S. Armentrout, J. and L. Barrett, E. F. Beckenbach, E. T. Bell, R. H. Bing, G. D. and G. Birkhoff, G. A. Bliss, M. Bocher, E. W. Chittenden, L. E. Dickson, E. Dyer, M. Frechet, G. B. Halsted, J. R. Kline, C. Kuratowski, S. Lefschetz, E. H. Moore, R. G. D. Richardson, M. E. Rudin, W. Sierpinski, J. M. Slye, M. Stone, O. Veblen, G. T. Whyburn, and R. L. Wilder. The section on mathematical works includes published and unpublished works by Moore and others. It also contains an extensive collection of Moore's notes and drafts. Insight into Moore as a teacher can be gained from the "Teaching" sub-series. Administrative correspondence and departmental business, as well as class records and notes and correspondence about the 1967 film about Moore's teaching style, Challenge in the Classroom, are included. Other sections of Moore's professional life, including his presidency of the American Mathematical Society, and his relationship with Professor George Bruce Halsted are also represented in this series.

The personal series documents Moore's family life, hobbies, health, and finances, and includes sub-series on: correspondence, family, education, health, finances, genealogy, automobiles and motoring, rezoning, notes, printed material, and photographs. Moore corresponded with many of his family members, but the deepest correspondence was with his brother, Jennings Moore. In general, only the letters received by Moore are present, although in some cases, drafts or copies of Moore's letters are included in the collection.

The final series includes books, offprints, and journals from Moore's personal library, as well as a set of dissertations from some of Moore’s and H. S. Wall's graduate students. Moore’s books include mathematical works, as well as books demonstrating his interest in other topics, including medicine, genealogy, boxing, sexology, and literature. The journals include mathematical and scientific journals, including many publications of the AMS, as well as other magazines and newsletters. Offprints and dissertations are arranged alphabetically by the author's last name.

Several appendices relating to this inventory are available. They include: a cross-reference list to Moore's notebooks, a list of publications by Moore, Moore's graduate students and their graduation dates, and the books available from Moore's library. Please contact archivist to obtain copies of any of these appendices.

Forms part of the Archives of American Mathematics.



These papers are organized as follows:
Series 1: Professional
  • A: Correspondence
  • B: Mathematical works
  • C: Teaching
  • D: Professional organizations and honorary societies
  • E: General
Series 2: Personal
  • A: Correspondence
  • B: Family
  • C: Education
  • D: Health
  • E: Finances
  • F: Genealogy
  • G: Automobiles and motoring
  • H: The R. L. Moore House
  • I: Notes
  • J: Printed material
  • K: Photographs
Series 3: Books, dissertations, journals, and offprints
Series 4: Artifacts


Access Restrictions

Access to student records is restricted until 80 years after the date of creation. All other material is open for research.

Use Restrictions

Some of this collection is stored remotely at CDL. Advance notice required for retrieval. Contact repository for retrieval.

Index Terms

Archibald, Raymond Clare, 1875-1957
Armentrout, Steve
Barrett, John H., 1922-
Barrett, Lida K.
Beckenbach, Edwin F.
Bell, Eric Temple, 1883-1960
Bing, R. H.
Birkhoff, Garrett, 1911-
Birkhoff, George David, 1884-1944
Bliss, Gilbert Ames, 1876-1951
Bocher, Maxime, 1867-1918
Chittenden, Edward Wilson
Dickson, Leonard E. (Leonard Eugene), 1874-
Dyer, Eldon, 1929
Frechet, Maurice, 1878-
Halsted, George Bruce, 1853-1922
Kline, John Robert, 1891-
Kuratowski, Kazimierz, 1896-
Lefschetz, Solomon, 1884-1972
Moore, Eliakim Hastings, 1862-1932
Moore, R. L. (Robert Lee), 1882-
Richardson, R. G. D. (Roland George Dwight), 1878-1949
Rudin, Mary Ellen, 1924-
Sierpinski, Wactaw, 1882-1969
Slye, John Marshall
Stone, Marshall H. (Marshall Harvey), 1903-
Veblen, Oswald, 1880-1960
Whyburn, Gordon Thomas, 1904-
Wilder, Raymond Louis, 1896-
American Mathematical Society
University of Texas at Austin. Dept. of Mathematics
Mathematics--Study and teaching

Related Material

Many of Moore's students and colleagues also have collections with the Archives of American Mathematics. In addition, please consult the R. L. Moore Legacy Collection, a collection of oral histories, class notes and reminiscences of Moore's students and colleagues, for other material relating to R. L. Moore.

Administrative Information

Collection History

In the summer of 1974, at Mrs. R. L. Moore's request, Professor R. E. Greenwood of the Department of Mathematics at The University of Texas at Austin began moving papers and books from the Moore home at 904 West 23rd in Austin to Professor Moore's offices in the R. L. Moore Hall on the UT campus. In the spring of 1975, after Professor Greenwood completed the basic organization of the papers, most of the collection was moved to the Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center. There further processing was conducted by Dr. Albert C. Lewis, curator of the History of Science collections. The sorting and analysis of Moore's notebooks was completed by M. H. Proffitt of the University of Texas at Austin in 1975. In 1984 the R. L. Moore Papers, along with the rest of the Archives of American Mathematics, was moved to the Dolph Briscoe Center for American History where Frederic Burchsted continued to care for the material. Reprocessing of the R. L. Moore Papers by Kristy Sorensen began in March of 2003. The current finding aid reflects the efforts of all these individuals.

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Detailed Description of the Papers


I. Professional:

4RM72 A. Correspondence:
Sub-series abstract:
This section is organized into two sections: (1) By correspondent, and (2) General. The "By correspondent" section is arranged alphabetically by last name of the correspondent, and chronologically within the file. The folders include letters to, by, and about the correspondent, with cross-references indicated on yellow slips filed with the letters. The "General" section contains letters filed chronologically, as well as correspondence filed by subject. Cross-referencing was completed by Dr. Albert Lewis at the Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center. The original arrangement was developed by Dr. R. E. Greenwood. Dr. Greenwood's notes are included here in brackets after the name of the correspondent. Graduation dates for Ph.D. students were added to some notes for consistency.
By correspondent:
Adams, Robert MacColl, 1940-1944, 1961
4RM26 Photograph of Adams, 2.25" X 3.25", black and white, undated
4RM72 Anderson, Richard Davis, [Ph.D. student of RLM, 1948 graduate], 1942-1968
Archibald, Raymond Clare, February 1937-April 1938
Armentrout, Steve, [Ph.D. student of RLM, 1956 graduate], 1955-1957, 1971
Ayres, William Leake, [graduate student at UT Austin, transferred to the University of Pennsylvania and took his doctorate with J. R. Kline in 1927], 1925-1973? and undated
Babb, Maurice Jefferis, 1921-1934 and undated
Baker, Blanche Jo Anne (nee Monger), [Ph.D. student of RLM, 1965 graduate, married to Harvey Baker, Jr.], 1958-1967 and undated
Baker Jr., Harvey Lee, [Ph.D. student of RLM, 1965 graduate, married to Blanche Jo Anne Baker], 1965-1967 and undated
Ball, Billy Joe, [Ph.D. student of RLM, 1952 graduate], 1946-1964 and undated
Barrett, John Herbert and Lida (nee Kittrell), [John was a Ph.D. student of Ettlinger, graduated 1951, Lida was a Ph.D. student with RLM. After John graduated, they moved to Delaware and Lida completed her degree under J. R. Kline at U. Penn in 1954], 1949-1961, 1975
Basye, Robert Eugene, [Ph.D. student of RLM, 1933 graduate], 1931-1940
Beckenbach, Edwin Ford, 1942, 1967 and undated
Bell, Eric Temple, 1927-1931
See also: AMS files, especially the Colloquium Publication Committee
Bennett, Albert Arnold, 1920-1926, 1947
Bentley, Arthur F[isher?], 1930-1932
Biesele, Ferdinand C., [Ph.D. student of Vandiver, 1941 graduate], January 28, 1949
Bing, R. H.:
Letters about Bing, 1944-1968 and undated
Letters to and from Bing, 1942-1969
4RM73 Birkhoff, George David and Garrett, [Note: George David is the father, Garrett is the son], 1932-1947
Bledsoe, Woodrow Wilson, [chair of the UT mathematics department, 1968-1970], March 7, 1969
Bliss, Gilbert Ames, 1926-1940
Bôcher, Maxime, September 15, 1911
Brown, Jack, [Ph.D. student of Wall, 1967 graduate], April-May 1967
Bruck, Richard Hubert, 1945
4RM26 Photograph of Bruck removed from letter of July 20, 1945, 2" X 2", black and white, ca. 1945
4RM73 Burgess, Cecil Edmund, [Ph.D. student of RLM, 1951 graduate], 1947-1965
Carmichael, Robert Daniel, 1927-1932
Cattell, Jacques McKeen, [primarily regarding 'starring' procedures in American Men of Science], 1922-1949 and undated
Chittenden, Edward Wilson, [Ph.D. student of E. H. Moore, University of Chicago, 1912 graduate], 1916-1929, 1943-1947
Coleman, Walter B., [Ph.D. student at UT, switched to music and then back to mathematics], 1938
Connell, Edwin Hale, [one-time student of RLM, received Ph.D. from Stanford (1959), taught at University of Miami], 1956-1958 and undated
Cook, David Edwin, [Ph.D. student of RLM, 1967 graduate], May 20, 1967
Cook, Howard, [Ph.D. student of RLM, 1962 graduate], 1963-1972 and undated
Cornette, James Lawson, 1958-1973 and undated
Curtiss, David Raymond, 1911-1917, 1930
Davis Jr., Roy Dale, [Ph.D. student of RLM, 1966 graduate], December 1965
Dickson, Leonard Eugene, 1913-1916, 1947 and undated
Dickson, Robert B., 1941
Dinkines, Flora, 1938-1941
Dodd, Edward Lewis, August 6, 1940
Dorroh, Joe Lee, [Ph.D. student of RLM, 1930 graduate], 1929-1935
Drobnies, Saul Isaac, [Ph.D. student of Wall, 1961 graduate], 1956-1958
Dyer, S. Eldon (Sherman), [Ph.D. student of RLM, 1952 graduate], 1952-1958 and undated
Estill, Mary E. -- See Rudin, Mary Ellen (nee Estill)
Ettlinger, Hyman Joseph, 1922, 1951-1954, 1966-1973 and undated
Ettlinger, Martin G., [M.A. student of RLM], 1943-1944 and undated
Evans, Griffith Conrad, 1928-1935
Fitzpatrick Jr., Ben, [Ph.D. student of Ettlinger, 1958 graduate], 1962-1973
Fleming, Richard T., [University Writings Collection], 1965-1971
Ford, Lester Randolph, 1937-1945
Fréchet, Maurice René, May 2, 1926 and undated
Gehman, Harry Merrill, [National Research Council fellow at UT in the late 20s], 1925-1932 and undated
Gillman, Leonard, 1964-1973
Godrey, Edwin L., [student at UT for one year], September 14, 1937
Green, John William, [Ph.D. student of RLM, 1968 graduate], 1968-1972
Greenwood Jr., Robert Ewing, 1934-1966
Griffin, F. L., [long time mathematical friend of RLM], 1907, 1937-1952
Hall, Dick Wick, May 1938
Hallett Jr., George Hervey, [Ph.D. student of RLM at U. Penn, 1918 graduate], 1918, 1972-1974
4RM26 Photograph, Hallett family, 4"X6", black and white, ca. 1920
4RM73 Halmos, Paul Richard, [became interested in RLM and his methodology ca. 1960], 1962-1970 and undated
Halsted, George Bruce, 1898-1905
4RM74 Halsted, George Bruce, 1905-1920, 1951 and undated
Hamilton, Olan Harvery, [Ph.D. student of Ettlinger, 1937 graduate], 1932-1942, 1960 and undated
Hammer, Preston C., 1965-1972
See also: R. L. MOORE LEGACY COLLECTION, Personal files -- Mary Ellen Rudin -- 2/13/02 donation
Hamstrom, Mary Elizabeth, [Ph.D. student of RLM, 1952 graduate], 1948-1961 and undated
Harrison, Thomas P., [UT English Department faculty], 1963-1970 and undated
Hedrick, Earle Raymond, 1908-1933 and undated
Helson, Ravenna Mathews, 1957-1958
Helton, Jon Craig, [Ph.D. student of Wall, 1970 graduate], 1970-1971
Henderson, George Walter, [Ph.D. student of RLM, 1959 graduate], 1956-1961, 1971 and undated
Hildebrand, Joel H., 1933-1938
Hildebrandt, Theophil Henry, 1918, 1929
Hinrichsen, John Walter, [Ph.D. student of RLM, 1967 graduate], 1967
Hoel, Paul G., [statistician], April-May 1946
Houston, Raymond, 1965-1970
Huff, Gerald B., [spent a year as a visitor at UT in the late 40s], 1942-1949
Jackson, Dunham, 1926-1927
Jackson, Robert Everett, [Ph.D. student of RLM, 1969 graduate], May-June 1967
Jolly, Robert Franklin, [Ph.D. student of Wall, 1963 graduate], 1962-1971 and undated
Jones, F. Burton (Floyd), [Ph.D. student of RLM, 1935 graduate], 1941-1971 and undated
Kitterell, Lida -- See Barrett, John Herbert and Lida (nee Kittrell)
Kline, Robert John, [Ph.D. student of RLM at U. Penn, 1916 graduate]:
Letters about Kline, 1916-1920, 1955-1958
Letters to or by Kline, October 1918-February 1954
4RM75 Letters to or by Kline, undated
Incomplete letters by Kline, [first page or more missing from letter], undated
Klipple, Edmund Chester, [Ph.D. student of RLM, 1932 graduate], May 20, 1956
4RM99 Knaster, Bronislaw, June 24, 1930
4RM75 Kubota, T., 1920-1931
Kuratowski, Kazimierz, 1930
Lane, Ralph E., [Ph.D. student of RLM, 1950 graduate], 1947, 1957-1959
Lefschetz, Solomon, 1924-1940
Lennes, Nels Johann, 1905-1912
Lubben, Renke Gustav, [Ph.D. student of RLM, 1925 graduate], 1925-1939, 1968
Lucas Jr., Harry, 1972-1974 and undated
McClendon, Jimmy, 1943-1944
Mahavier, William Stockton, [Ph.D. student of RLM, 1957 graduate], 1952-1956, 1969
Martin, Pat, December 1, 1969
Mauldin, Dan, [Ph.D. student of Wall, 1969 graduate], 1968-1972
Menger, Karl, 1930-1940
4RM26 Photo of Karl Menger and Dr. Nikolaus Hofreiter, 2.75" X 4", black and white, undated
4RM75 Miller, Harlan Cross, [Ph.D. student of RLM, 1941 graduate], 1935-1942 and undated
Mohat, John Theodore, [Ph.D. student of RLM, 1955 graduate], 1954, 1965
Moise, Edwin Evariste, [Ph.D. student of RLM, 1947 graduate], 1940-1952
Moody Jr., Edward F., September-October 1951
Moore, E. H. (Eliakim Hastings), 1902-1930, 1958
Moran, Charles, September 1938
Moreman, Douglas, March 16, 1966
Mullikin, Anna Margaret, [Ph.D. student of RLM at U. Penn, 1922 graduate], 1920-1921
Murray, Christopher Brock, [Ph.D. student of Wall, 1964 graduate], March-April 1966
Oakley, Cletus Odia, [UT student in the 1920s], 1940-1941, 1971
O'Conner, Joel Leslie, [Ph.D. student of RLM, 1967 graduate], 1965-1968
Payne, Fernandus, [standards for selecting a chairman of the mathematics department with reference to F. Burton Jones and other correspondence], February-June 1941
Pearson, Bennie Jake, [Ph.D. student of RLM, 1955 graduate], April 23, 1957
Porcelli, Pasquale, [Ph.D. student of Wall, 1952 graduate], 1946-1967
Porter, Milton Brockett, 1920-1939 and undated
4RM26 Photo removed from letter dated September 7, 1937 of Lida B. May, 2.5" X 3.5", black and white, ca. 1937
4RM75 Proffitt, Michael Herry, [Ph.D. student of RLM, 1968 graduate], 1968-1969
Purifoy, Jesse Allen, [Ph.D. student of RLM, 1969 graduate], 1968-1969
Rae, Raymond W., 1938
Reed, Coke Stevenson, [Ph.D. student of Wall, 1966 graduate], 1966-1968
Reid, William Thomas, [Ph.D. student of Ettlinger, 1929 graduate], 1934-1935, 1945 and undated
Richardson, Roland George Dwight, 1922-1947 and undated
Roberts, John Henderson, [Ph.D. student of RLM, 1929 graduate], 1928-1971 and undated
Rogers Jr., Jack Wyndall, [Ph.D. student of RLM, 1966 graduate], 1966-1970
4RM76 Rudin, Mary Ellen (Estill), [Ph.D. student of RLM, 1949 graduate], 1948-1959 and undated
4RM26 Photos removed from May 19, 1956 letter, three photos of M. E. Rudin with two of her children [?], 3.25" X 4.5", black and white, ca. 1956
4RM76 Rutt, Norman Eby, [National Research Council post-doctoral fellow at UT, 1929-1930[?]), 1928-1941
Secker, Martin Dayss, [Ph.D. student of RLM, 1966 graduate], 1966-1971
Shaw, W. F., [family friend, mathematics enthusiast], 1903, 1932-1943 and undated
Sierpinski, Waclaw, 1925-1926
Silver, Daniel N., August 1946
4RM55b Oversized transcript, Columbia University, August 26, 1947
4RM76 Slye, John Marshall, [Ph.D. student of RLM, 1953 graduate], 1950-1968 and undated
Sorgenfrey, Robert Henry, [Ph.D. student of RLM, 1941 graduate], 1941-1946
Spalding, Keith, [offer of honorary degree to RLM], March 1966
Stevenson, Nell Elizabeth, [Ph.D. student of RLM, 1969 graduate], 1969-1973
Stiles, F. A., [UT mathematics education student], 1970-1971 and undated
4RM26 Photograph of Stiles, removed from holiday card, 3.5"X3.5", color, undated
4RM76 Stone, Marshall Harvey, [mathematical friend], 1944-1956, 1973 and undated
Swain, Robert Lomand, [Ph.D. student of RLM, 1941 graduate], 1942-1959 and undated
Swingle, Paul McCartney, 1929-1931, 1949-1953
Thomas, Joseph Miller, [professor at Duke University, brother-in-law of UT president T. S. Painter], 1934-1948, 1973 and undated
Traylor, Donald Reginald, [Ph.D. student of Fitzpatrick at Auburn, 1962 graduate], 1966-1972 and undated
Treybig, L. Bruce (Leon), [Ph.D. student of RLM, 1958 graduate], 1957-1959
Vandiver, Harry Schultz, 1929-1947 and undated
Van Doren, Kenneth Ray, [student at UT], 1966-1968 and undated
Veblen, Oswald, [associate in mathematics at Chicago, 1903-1905, advisor for RLM's dissertation, on Princeton faculty with RLM, 1906-1908, many other associations], 1907-1935, 1963 and undated
Vickery, Charles Watson, [Ph.D. student of RLM, 1932 graduate], 1931-1960, 1971
4RM26 Photographs:
Photo mounted on card reading: "The Mathematics Club will meet Tuesday, Mar. 5, 1935, 7:30 P.M., Waggener Hall 10. Speaker: Dr. Klipple, Subject: (arrow pointing to photo of Vickery?)," [1.75"X2.5", black and white], 1935
Photo of Vickery, [2.5" X 3.5", black and white], 1957
4RM76 Wall, Hubert Stanley, 1944-1969 and undated
Whyburn, Gordon Thomas, [Ph.D. student of RLM, 1927 graduate], 1927-1968 and undated
Whyburn, Lucille, [M.A. student of RLM ca. 1936], 1930-1971 and undated
Whyburn, William Marvin, [Ph.D. student of Ettlinger, 1927 graduate], 1937-1949, 1959, 1969
4RM77 Wilder, Raymond Louis, [Ph.D. student of RLM, 1923 graduate], includes letters donated by Wilder in 1975 with his notes attached on index cards, 1923-1948, 1963-1974 and undated
4RM26 Photographs:
Ray and Una Wilder, 3.5"X3.5", color, 1974
Photographic holiday card, photo of Wilder's home, letter on back of card from Una Wilder, 3.5"X7", color, December 1967
4RM77 Wilson, Edwin Bidwell, 1914-1933, 1946
Worrell Jr., John Mays, [Ph.D. student of RLM, 1961 graduate], 1958-1968
Young Jr., Gail Sellers, [Ph.D. student of RLM, 1942 graduate], 1938-1947
Younglove, James Newton, [Ph.D. student of RLM, 1958 graduate], 1957-1958
Yust, Walter, [editor of the Encyclopedia Britannica], November-December 1939 and undated
Zippin, Leo, [National Research Council fellow at UT in the early 1930s], 1931-1939 and undated
Group letters, 1929-1936, 1955, 1972 and undated
1908-1960 and undated
4RM26 Photographs:
Jean Botts, removed from March 5, 1942 letter, 2.5" X 2.5", black and white, 1941
Gladdis E. Richards, Ann Arbor, Michigan, [no accompanying letter], 2.25" X 3.25", black and white, 1942
Leon Benson, removed from March 26, 1946 letter, 3.5" X 5", black and white, ca. 1946
Selmer M. Johnson, University of Illinois, removed from March 29, 1950 letter, 3" X 4", black and white, ca. 1950
4RM78 1961-1974
Envelopes, 1943-1945, 1970-1973 and undated
Letters grouped by Moore:
Pure vs. applied mathematics, letters and clippings, 1903, 1936, 1949-1953
Roberts and Zippin and Whyburn affair, February-June 1932
Science mobilization bill, U. S. Senate, 1943
4RM99 Letters received after Moore's death, 1975
4RM56 B. Mathematical works:
Sub-series Abstract
This sub-series is divided into six parts: (1) Published papers, (2) Unpublished papers, (3) Foundations of Point Set Theory, (4) Bibliographies (5) Notes, and (6) Manuscripts by others. Published papers are divided into working files and offprints, and are filed under their publication number, listed in the bibliography in appendix two. Working files include correspondence, drafts, notes, and revisions related to the publication. Some of the offprints are annotated. All other sections are arranged chronologically, with the exception of "Manuscripts by others" which is first arranged alphabetically by the author's last name (if known). This section includes papers to be refereed, student papers, dissertation drafts, preprints, and letters and notes about these papers. Note that additional copies of Foundations of Point Set Theory can be found in the R. L. Moore Library (see appendix 4, available upon request) and the R. L. Moore Legacy Collection. Consult appendix one for more information on the notebooks in this section and possible cross-references.
Working files:
Publication number 2, ca. 1908
Publication number 3, notes removed from offprint, ca. 1912
Publication number 4, April 14, 1911 and undated
Publication number 10, ca. 1930
4RM99 Publication number 13, ca. 1919
4RM56 Publication number 15, ca. 1919
Publication number 16, notes removed from offprint, ca. 1919
Publication number 18, ca. 1920
Publication number 23, ca. 1922
Publication number 27, ca. 1923
Publication number 31, 1923
Publication number 32, ca. 1924
Publication number 35, ca. 1925
Publication number 38, ca. 1925
4RM55c Publication number 40, ca. 1926
4RM56 Publication number 47, ca. 1928
4RM55c Oversized proof sheets, ca. 1928
4RM56 Publication number 50, ca. 1929
Publication number 57, January 23, 1937
Publication number 58, incomplete, ca. 1939
Publication number 61-63, [bound together], ca. 1942
Publication number 63, incomplete, ca.1942
Publication number 68, ca. 1953
Publications number 1-9, 1907-1916
4RM57 Publication number 10, 1916
Publications number 11-23 [missing original offprint of number 20, copy included for reference], 1917-1922
Publications number 24-39a, 1923-1926
Publications number 40-56, 1926-1936
Publications number 57-68, 1937-1953
4RM57 Unpublished:
4RM57 "Vector composition as 'applied to' a system of coinitial vectors in three-dimensional Euclidean space," with letter from E. H. Moore, March 1, 1906 and undated
"Postulates for positive integers," with letter from Veblen, April 1, 1906 and undated
4RM93 Fragment on the creation of a new theory, ca. 1908-1911
4RM57 "Concerning so-called non-metrical analysis situs," ca. 1912
Handwritten problems, December 2-27, 1915
On the definition of a simple closed surface, with correspondence with J. R. Kline, 1919
"Continuous curves from the stand-point of analysis situs," [may have been published in the Bulletin of the AMS, volume 28, November 1922], ca. 1922
"Remarks concerning C. Kuratowski's paper 'Sur les coupures irréductibles du plan,'" ca. 1924
4RM58 Article on "Curves, continuous" for Encyclopedia Britannica, 1945
Abstract beginning "In this paper it is shown that various internal properties…," undated
"Spirals," undated
Foundations of Point Set Theory:
Draft material:
Binder one [?], ca. 1931
Binder two [?], ca. 1931
Binder three [?], ca. 1931
1932 edition, correspondence and notes, 1931-1932 and undated
Reviews, 1932-1933
4RM55c Proof sheet of review from Bulletin des Sciences, 1932
4RM58 1932 edition, annotated with loose notes, cover intact, many passages cut out, 1932
4RM59 1932 edition, heavily annotated volume with missing cover, 1932
Loose notes removed from heavily annotated 1932 edition with missing cover, 1959-1962 and undated
Correspondence and notes, 1931-1932, 1955-1963 and undated
4RM55b "Proof of new theorem 32," undated
4RM93 Drafts of introduction to second edition, lists of ex-students and their publications [for bibliography?], ca. 1962
4RM59 1970 reprint, 1969-1972
Number five, notes for colloquium lecture, February 10, 1929
Number 18, cover: "For Second Edition Galley Proof and Location of DEFINITIONS For Page Proof. Glossary," plus list of professions with numbers [ages?] next to them, [loose sheet], ca. 1962
Number 20, "Is Klee, V.L. in?," notes for bibliography of second edition, ca. 1960
Number 43, cover: "Things to be considered in connection with Printer's Proof," May 4, 1961 and ca. 1961
Number 58, "See Theorem 67 of Chapter I of MS," four pages of notes on revision, ca. 1960
4RM60 Number 59, cover: "Glossary and other page proof galleys. See pages A, B, C," [loose letter], May 12, 1962 and ca. 1962
Number 62, cover: "For Revised Edition, I," 103 numbered pages of notes, [loose sheets], ca. 1960
Number 63, pg. 2: "Theorem 20 (45 (a))," theorems and proofs for revised edition, ca. 1960
Number 66, cover: "About Figures," notes about figures for revised edition, mainly on loose sheets, ca. 1960
Number 67, "P. M. 226. Summer of 1951," four pages of notes on 1951 geometry class, notes on reorganization of Foundations of Point Set Theory, [loose sheets], 1951
Number 68, "There is appended a bibliography…," notes on the preface, bibliography and appendix for revised edition, [loose sheets], ca. 1960
Number 71, "Definition. If A and B are two cut points…," material for revised edition and notes on organization, [loose sheets], ca. 1960
Number 74, cover: "Concerning Page Proof," one page of notes on revised edition, ca. 1960?
Number 75, cover: "For Revised Edition 2," 40 pages of notes, [loose sheets], ca. 1960
4RM55c Loose sheets removed from notebook, ca. 1960
4RM60 Number 76, cover: "Axioms 0-5. Book 2 (see Book 1)," 19 pages of notes, [loose sheets], ca. 1960
Number 86, notes on first edition, [in 1936 calendar book], ca. 1936
4RM61 Number 98, notes on revised edition, [in 1958 calendar book], ca. 1958
Number 100, notes on revised edition, several pages on student's work, [in 1964 calendar book], ca. 1964
Number 116, "Theorem 9. If a point. . . , " notes on revised edition and 1970 edition, draft letter re 1970 edition, ca. 1960-1970
4RM93 Bibliographies:
Lists of publications, short essay on RLM's own publications, [also includes list of students], undated
4RM61 Notes:
"Pieces and chunks," 1912 and undated
4RM55b Oversized notes, undated
4RM61 "Perfect compactness, etc.," ca. 1919, ca. 1957
4RM55c Oversized notes, ca. 1957
4RM61 "Equicontinuous systems in space," 1920-1921 and undated
"Equicontinuity," 1921 and undated
"Questions about measure, density, etc.," 1921 and undated
"Measurability, etc.," 1921-1924
"Questions, etc., also some work of Reid's," 1921-1930 and undated
"Questions," 1921-1947 and undated
4RM55c Oversized notes, ca. 1946-1947
4RM61 "Problems," 1921, 1938-1945, 1959-1962 and undated
4RM55c Oversized notes, ca. 1959-1962
4RM61 "Definition of a surface," July-December 1922
"Function theory, measure and allied pt set questions," March 27, 1923 and undated
"Questions, etc.," 1927-1928 and undated
"Upper semi-continuous collections, webs, etc.," 1928, 1941-1945 and undated
4RM62 Contents of unmarked envelope, "Consequences of Axioms 0 and 1 of synopsis…," response to Kuratowski, 1929-1930
"Foundations of plane analysis situs," 1930 and undated
Notepad, "Indeed with the use of Whyburn's…," October 20, 1930
"Some things about pieces," ca. 1933 and undated
Notepad, "If two elements…," June 3, 1935
"Spirals," [notes written on Cadillac brochure], ca. 1937
"Linear spaces," 1938 and undated
"Abstract spaces," 1939-1941 and undated
"Various questions etc., including some things about spirals," and Mathematical Review with note, "Axioms for spirals in here?," ca. 1937-1945 and undated
4RM55b Oversized notes, ca. 1937
4RM62 "Concerning compactly connected spaces, continuua such that certain collections are semi-contracting [?], etc.," 1940, ca. 1959 and undated
"Tangents," ca. 1941 and undated
"Other subjects," 1941-1947 and undated
Questions, 1944
"Upper semi-continuous collections, webs, etc.," 1943-1945 and undated
"Tangents, etc.," September 22, 1944 and undated
Notes and diagrams concerning an example, ca. 1948-1959 and undated
4RM55c Oversized notes, ca. 1948-1959 and undated
4RM62 "Concerning theorem (?) 87 or theorem (?) 88 of chapter IV. Perhaps something about both?," ca. 1954-1957 and undated
4RM55b Oversized notes, ca. 1954-1957
4RM62 "Upper semi-continuous collections, etc.," 1957 and undated
"Complex proj. geometry question," undated
"f1 (x) / f2 (x) problem," undated
"Linear spaces," [1], undated
"Linear spaces," [2], undated
"Pieces," undated
4RM99 "Indecomposable continua which…," undated
"1. Find the coordinates…," undated
"Theorem 4. Let M be a compact continuous curve…," [copy of original from the R. L. Moore Legacy Collection], undated
4RM63 "Spirals," undated
Three sets of partially numbered sheets of notes, undated
Older miscellaneous notes, [from Northwestern period?], 1909 and undated
[University of Pennsylvania period?], ca. 1911-1920?
1912, ca. 1952 and undated
"Pile B," 1920-1922, ca. 1959, and undated
4RM55c Oversized notes, ca. 1959
4RM63 1921 and undated
1922-1939, 1958-1967 and undated
4RM55c Oversized notes, ca. 1960-1967
4RM63 1924, 1956-1958 and undated
1927-1934, 1953, 1969 and undated
Includes notes on spirals and empty envelope labeled, "Crowbar theorem and other things," 1930-1950 and undated
"Pile A," divided into sections numbered one through three from top to bottom as found, 1939-1950 and undated
4RM55c Oversized notes from section three, ca. 1950 and undated
4RM63 "Found in this order," ca. 1937-1940, 1960 and undated
4RM55c Oversized notes, ca. 1937 and undated
4RM64 1945 and undated
4RM55c Oversized mathematical drawings and notes, written on backs of printed University examination schedules, ca. 1949-1957
4RM64 ca. 1956-1958 and undated
4RM55c Oversized notes, ca. 1956-1658 and undated
4RM64 1958
1958 and undated
4RM55b Oversized notes, ca. 1958
4RM99 [includes sketches of faces], undated
4RM64 Including, "Axiom or theorem. If M is a compact continuum every domain that contains M …," undated
4RM55c Oversized notes, undated
4RM64 Notebooks:
Number one, "Suppose axioms 0 and 1 hold true…," some axioms of congruence with axioms 0 and 1 and a question concerning these axioms, the "long line," axioms 0 and 1 and fully normal, collections of pairs of points filling up an interval, December 25, 1962 and undated
Number four, cover - "Concerning windings," with offprint of "Spirals in the plane" [publication number 68], 1953 and undated
Number six, "Suppose. December 29, 1912, On p. 303 Lennes says…," primarily questions concerning continua, 1912, 1923-1928 and undated
Number eight, cover - "See page A for a question," notes on dissertations mentioning Purifoy and Proffitt, and advanced classes in the late 1960s, question on continua, July 1968 and undated
Number ten, cover - "Jackson," notes on R. E. Jackson's dissertation, along with other notes, [loose sheets], ca. 1968
Number 13, cover - "Covering theorems, etc.," note on automobile on last page, undated
Number 19, cover - "Axioms 0-4 and other things…," Axioms 0-4, questions raised by and for Miss Stevenson, 1968-169, lists of various Ph.D. students, [loose pages, notes and student work], 1968-1969 and undated
Number 26, "Suppose: Sihn x = …," Axioms, conjectures, and theorems on "chunks," notes on geometry, Veblen's axioms, [loose sheets], 1912 and undated
4RM65 Number 27, cover - "Webs," five pages of notes, undated
Number 31, cover - "Tentative Definitions of Spirals, etc.," four leaves of notes, undated
Number 33, "4 - 2 + 3 - 4," diagrams relating to spirals and arcs, [related to notebook number 73 in 4RM67], undated
Number 37, "For every positive number…," miscellaneous mathematical notes from the 1960s, notes on a Wall Street Journal article by J. K. Galbraith on the value of committees in business, draft of letter [?], ca. 1960s
Number 38, "Suppose - December 27, 1912," notes on axioms for geometry, Veblen's axioms, conjectures and questions from July 6, 1924-March 5, 1927, record up to 1928 of people to whom offprints by RLM were sent, 1912, 1924-1928 and undated
Number 39, "By moving the minute hand forward…," on setting a chime clock, corrections for papers, upper semi-continuous collections, note on the high point problem of the calculus, miscellaneous mathematical notes, undated
Number 41, "Suppose G is an uncountable collection…," "Concerning question raised by Miss Stevenson," notes on undergraduate classes, some notes on the last pages about indecomposable continua, undated
Number 42, "Axiom 1. P0 There exists a sequence…," theorems on conditions sufficient for a Moore space to be compact, undated
Number 44, cover - "9," "Does there exist a bounded, closed…," questions from the 1920s [apparently copied from other notes], theorems on Axioms 0 and 1, [loose pages], 1958 and undated
Number 45, cover - "Point sets with Dispersion points. Quasi components, etc., '8.,'" undated
Number 46, cover - "Axioms 0 and 1-5. Book 1 (see Book 2), '10.'" a few conjectures, notes on 1962 revision of Foundations of Point Set Theory, chapter four, [loose sheets], ca. 1960s
Number 47, cover - "7.," "Nomination Committee for officers…," officers for American Mathematical Society, a few conjectures, mostly on continua, ca. 1954
4RM66 Number 48, cover - "'3.,' Collections of arc/continua (compact) filling up plane. Examine.," January 1956
Number 49, cover - "'2.,' Spirals and nearly straight arcs. Examine.," 11 leaves of notes, undated
Number 50, cover - "6.," "Concerning Indecomposable Continua," two leaves of notes, undated
Number 51, cover - "5.," "In the June 1958 number of 'Notices," four pages on axioms 0 and 1-5, copy of a list of universities "highly rated" in mathematics, ca. 1958?
Number 52, cover - "4.," "In October 1955 Mr. Younglove raised the question…," four pages of conjectures and questions, [one loose page], ca. 1955?
Number 53, "Suppose G is a monotonic collection…," five pages of conjectures and questions, undated
Number 55, cover - "Bottles," four pages, definition of "bottle" (in the plane), conjectures and questions, undated
Number 56, cover - "Paracompactness. Full Normality, etc.," eighteen pages of notes, undated
Number 57, cover - "Questions," questions on continua and others, questions copied from other notebooks dated 1925-1964, [loose typed sheet], 1953-1964 and undated
Number 60, cover - "Jackson," notes on R. E. Jackson's dissertation, also mentions Purifoy, Jones and Wallace, [loose page], ca. 1969
Number 64, cover - "For Second Edition," [Foundations of Point Set Theory?], 41 numbered pages, [loose pages and sheets], ca. 1960?
Number 65, "Upper semi-continuous collections of continua," plus notes on spirals, [loose sheet], undated
4RM67 Number 70, "Let AB denote an interval on the X-axis…," an incomplete example involving Cantor Set, undated
Number 72, cover - "SPIRALS," 131 numbered pages on spirals, [loose sheets], undated
Number 73, "Fundamental Questions concerning calculus," questions on spirals, many diagrams, [related to notebook number 33 in 4RM65], [loose pages and sheets], undated
Number 77, [1929 calendar book], notes on compact continua, some on connected sets and spirals, last few pages are health notes, 1933-1940, 1954
Number 78, [1931 calendar book], questions and theorems on variations of Axiom 1, etc., December 6, 1938-December 12, 1953 and undated
Number 79, [1932 calendar book], "Tangents," definition of tangent to closed point set and tangent to continuum, statements about sharp points, December 24, 1943-October 1, 1944
Number 80, [1932 calendar book], "Mrs. Etta Nemetz," variations and questions on Axiom 1, statements of spirals from 1941, collections of continua, and topological equivalence, July 4, 1938-April 28, 1954
Number 81, [1933 calendar book], some statements on "linear" spaces and metric spaces, variations on Axiom 1, questions concerning Axiom 1 and separable point sets, miscellaneous statements on Axiom 1, July 6, 1938-April 28, 1954
4RM68 Number 83, [1934 calendar book], calculus notes, question on compact continua, question by Mr. Mauldin, ca. 1960s and undated
Number 85, [1936 calendar book], Variations on Axioms 1, on the notion of "embedded in," statements on compact continua, [loose scrap], June 21, 1947-February 14, 1959 and undated
Number 90, [1939 daily desk calendar], upper semi-continuous collections (March 26, 1944), variations of Axiom 1 (January 17, 1954), [loose sheet], 1939-1954
Number 91, [1940 daily desk calendar], on homogeneous spaces; questions on Axioms 4 and 5, on sufficient conditions for a space to be metric, and on spirals; questions and theorems on continua and collections of continua like webs, [loose sheets], October 11, 1940-May 18, 1948, June 21, 1959
Number 92, [1941 daily desk calendar], two pages of notes, October 12, 1951 and January 2, 1955
Number 93, [1942 daily desk calendar], statements concerning upper semi-continuous collections, miscellaneous notes, mostly on continua, [loose sheets], July 6, 1942-July 18, 1947
4RM69 Number 96, [1955 calendar book], notes on theorems proven in a class, definition of a space of n-dimensions, January 12, 1955-September 3, 1957
Number 101, [1960 calendar book], questions copied from old papers, December 9, 1972-December 12, 1972
Number 104, [1937 calendar book], notes on compact continua, notes on collections of point sets including upper semi-continuous and equicontinuous collections, [loose sheet], 1936-1939, 1949-1951
Number 105, [1950 calendar book], on spirals and whirls, undated
Number 110, "No connected subset of D containing…," questions and theorem on continua, some notes on 1928 student work in class, notably G. T. Whyburn, other questions and comments, [loose sheets], February 16, 1928-February 23, 1929
Number 111, "Axiom. If G is a set of regions covering S…," some axioms; theorems and questions on continua, [loose pages], January 22, 1927-October 18, 1927
Number 112, "1. Show that [?] impossible…," scratchpad from 1920s? with several mathematical notes, [loose pages], ca. 1920s?
Number 113, Theorems, proofs, and questions concerned with collections of point sets, primarily upper semi-continuous collections, [loose page], 1928-1930
Number 114, "If in a space of two dimensions…," theorems and questions on indecomposable continua and on connected sets (continua, upper semi-continuous collections, continuous curves), [loose sheets], September 1925-April 13, 1926 and undated
Number 115, "Concerning Miss Stevenson's argument for 55," notes from the late 1960s, includes list of faculty at other institutions, [loose sheets], 1940, 1947, ca. 1960s
Number 117, cover - "Bottles. Continua stuck in other continua, etc.," one side of notebook contains copies (from manuscript for Foundations of Point Set Theory?) of notes on results of students concerning FPST, other side has notes on bottles and collections of mutually exclusive continua, ca. 1960s and undated
4RM99 Unnumbered:
[1937 calendar], "Curve, Jordan (M. C.) 1838-1922…," April 21, 1946-May 16, 1946
[1957 calendar], "Recently, I believe…," notes on proof by Mr. Younglove, August 16, 1957
[1944 calendar], "What if "(4) of the piece k is embedded…," [includes loose sheet], undated
4RM69 Manuscripts by others:
Letters about refereed papers, including correspondence with E. W. Chittenden, A. B. Coble, A. Cohn, D. R. Curtiss, G. H. Draper, and H. H. Mitchel, 1916-1934 and undated
R. D. Anderson, dissertation and "Basic Continuum" manuscript, May 1948 and undated
Armentrout, NSF proposal, March 1965
H. L. Baker, "The term monotonic has been applied…," undated
4RM70 Mrs. Blanche Baker (Monger), "Lemma 1. If, in a space satisfying Axioms 0, 1-5…," undated
B. J. Ball, "Some theorems concerning spirals on the plane," and "Concerning continuous and equicontinuous collections of arcs," 1952 and undated
Bennett, RLM's report on Bennett's paper and correspondence with Professor L. E. Dickson, January 1914
B. A. Bernstein, "A set of four independent postulates for the logic of classes," July 1915
See Also: General professional correspondence, 4RM77, January 18, 1916 draft of letter from RLM to L. E. Dickson
R. H. Bing, "A translation of the normal Moore space conjecture," "A homogeneous indecomposable plane continuum," and "Concerning simple plane webs," undated
C. E. Burgess, "Theorem 1. If the continuum M is not the sum…," undated
E. Cech, "On pseduomanifolds," 1935
E. W. Chittenden (and A. D. Pitcher), correspondence and notes re "On the theory of developments of an abstract class…" [with Pitcher], and "Notes on the division of plane…," G. T. Whyburn's notes on a course taught by Chittenden, 1918-1926
4RM55c Proofs for "On the theory of developments of an abstract class…" [with Pitcher], ca. 1919
4RM70 H. Cook, nine papers, 1963-1966 and undated
J. L. Cornette, four articles and related correspondence, 1965-1966
J. Daniels, "The Texas Method and the Small Group Discovery Method," November 1972
R. Demar, "Metric spaces over partially ordered semi-groups," March 1963
S. E. Dyer, dissertation, 1952
M. Fréchet, "Relations entre les notions de limite et de distance," 1917
Sharon Garner, quiz with extended narrative of her thoughts on the course, January 1963
J. W. Green, three articles, undated
P. R. Halmos, "The Legend of John von Neumann," undated
[George Bruce Halsted -- See "General" series below for works by and about Halsted]
P. C. Hammer, three articles, 1964 and undated
M. E. Hamstrom, dissertation, notes and paper, 1952 and undated
Hedrick and Ingold, RLM's notes and response to their paper, October 1913
G. W. Henderson, draft of dissertation with RLM's notes, ca. 1959
4RM55b Oversized notes, undated
4RM70 J. W. Hinrichson, three papers, ca. 1970 and undated
Huntington, RLM's response and notes on article, reviewed for the American Mathematical Society, 1913
See also: 4RM77, General professional correspondence, letter draft from RLM to Smith, October 17, 1916
Ingraham, RLM's response to Hedrick about Ingraham's paper, May 5, 1922
4RM71 J. R. Isbell, "A note on theorem of R. L. Moore," December 1951
J. Jasper, for Math 688, "Counterexample to the conjecture: If M is compact, M is compact," undated
F. B. Jones, two papers, 1938 and undated
R. Kubala, "Theorem 37. If M is a point set…," [handwritten manuscript], undated
Harry Lucas, Jr., Notebook 7, "There exists a sequence G1, G2, G3, … such that," undated
L. F. McAuley, proof of the "Arc Theorem," 1950
J. S. MacNerney, "Finitely additive set functions," 1974
Mahoney, "Sufficient conditions for the unicoherence of certain compact continua," undated
D. Mauldin, "Theorem. If M is closed and compact…," undated
E. H. Moore, notes by EHM and RLM, 1908-1911
D. Moreman, proofs, undated
J. L. O'Connor, "Supercompactness of compact metric spaces," undated
W. A. Pierce, "Some new planes," June 1965
Purifoy, Notebook 3a, "If x is a point and Ex…," RLM's notes on Purifoy's dissertation, draft of letter on Purifoy's exam, ca. 1969
4RM55c J. H. Roberts, proofs of "A property related to completeness" for the Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society," undated
4RM71 M. Rogers, "1. There exists a space…," undated
M. E. Rudin, various papers, proofs and notes, undated
N. E. Rutt, "Let x be a plane…," undated
[A. R.] Schweitzer, correspondence with Hedrick and Bôcher regarding Schweitzer's papers, 1908, 1921
J. M. Skye, "Holes," and "Relative holes," undated
H. B. Smith, "The most general problem of logic and the postulates essential to its solution," 1933
Nell E. Stevenson, one paper and a handwritten proof, ca. 1970 and undated
L. Bruce Treybig, dissertation draft, ca. 1958
K. R. Van Doren, student work, papers, and notes, undated
O. Veblen and W. H. Bussey, notes, 1913-1915 and undated
C. W. Vickery, "Sets of independent axioms for Moore spaces and metric spaces," undated
Whittemore, drafts of RLM's response to Bôcher regarding Whittemore's paper, 1913
G. T. Whyburn [?], paper and proofs, undated
Wiener, RLM's draft of response to Professor Dickson on Weiner's paper, undated
[R. L. Wilder], "Analysis situs (position analysis)," "Point sets," and correspondence, 1928
J. M. Worrell, Jr., dissertation draft, notes and article, 1959-1961?
4RM72 Unidentified authors:
"Chapter I. Classification of Sciences into…," undated
"The foundations of geometry: A new perspective," undated
"Corollary C…," with RLM's notes, undated
Page 2, "If fn is the nth term of q…," undated
"On spirals in the plane," typed manuscript and notes, ca. 1955 and undated
Page 3.1, "3. A weaker form of the monotonic mapping theorem," [mimeographed sheets], undated
"Concerning connectedness near a point set," undated
"Theorem: If J is a bounded closed curve and J'…," undated
"Lemma 3c. If R is a region…," undated
"Definition 1: If M is a compact continuum…," undated
"Summary of my paper on generalisation [sp] of Cleveland's Theorem," typescript with handwritten note, "Sent to the American Journal," undated
"Certain theorems will be proved about a property…," undated
"Theorem: If M is a point-set lying on interval AB…," undated
"Proposition 10. For if h1, h2, h3, …," undated
"Corollary B. If R is a region containing the point P…," undated
"Theorem: If N is a nondegenerate decomposable compact continuum…," undated
4RM99 "Hypothetical Syllogisms," undated
4RM93 C. Teaching:
Sub-series Abstract:
This sub-series is divided into four sections: (1) The University of Texas at Austin, (2) Challenge in the Classroom, (3) Class records, and (4) Other teaching positions. All files are arranged chronologically. Student grade information is restricted 80 years after the date of creation according to the policy of the Center for American History. Please see appendix one for more information on the notebooks in this section and possible cross-references.
The University of Texas at Austin:
Department of Mathematics:
Job offer, 1920
4RM81 [Includes applicants for teaching positions], 1925-1939 and undated
4RM26 Photographs, black and white, of Delbert Emery, Kaight [?], Sterling Mapes, and Alfred Basch, 1939 and undated
4RM81 1940-1949
4RM26 Photographs, black and white, of Robert F. Fullerton, Meredith M. Temple, and George Marsaglia, 1942 and undated
4RM85 Restricted: Transcripts for Robert Elston Fullerton, Bertram Yood, and Meredith Minga Temple, 1938-1943
4RM81 Including merger of Pure and Applied Mathematics departments, 1950-1969 and undated
4RM99 Logical problems:
Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin problem, undated
Logical question about two rooms, undated
Pop quiz paradox, undated
4RM81 Notebooks:
Number 22, "Suppose M. is connected…," miscellaneous mathematical notes, detailed lists of publications by mathematics faculty, draft of letter of recommendation, [includes loose pages and notes], ca. 1966 and undated
Number 61, "Of the seven instructors whose reappointment…," notes on UT faculty members, notes on combining Pure Mathematics and Applied Mathematics departments, undated
Special subjects:
Rankings of mathematics departments, 1928-1932, 1946, 1961 and undated
Space problem in Benedict Hall, 1950-1968 and undated
Budget Council:
Ad hoc committees on tenure, 1926, 1941-1953 and undated
Moore's teaching contracts from the Board of Regents, 1927-1973
Moore's annual reports and personnel file information, 1948-1962
Stumberg application, undated
1920-1930 and undated
4RM82 1931-1967 and undated
4RM93 Forced retirement:
Correspondence, 1964-1970 and undated
Bound volume, Concerning Dean John R. Silber and the Proposed Dismissal of Professor R. L. Moore, aka "The Green Book," July 1969
"Material to be added to the green book," 1962-1969
4RM83 Faculty:
1928, 1945 and undated
Including requirements for liberal education, Moore's notes, faculty documents, 1954-1967 and undated
Core curriculum, 1941-1957 and undated
Core curriculum and modified service, undated
Graduate faculty, 1924-1937, 1954 and undated
Faculty Council, including modified service, 1954-1955
Meetings of the General Faculty:
Miscellaneous documents, some annotated, 1935-1946 and undated
Including promotion policies, 1945
4RM84 Including modified service, 1948-1954
Including modified service, 1954-1955
Including modified service and integration, 1961-1966
Special subjects:
Burdine report, 1937-1938 and undated
Consideration of appointment of T.W. Bonner, Physics, 1945 and undated
H.P. Rainey Controversy and AAUP, 1945-1946 and undated
About E.J. Lund, 1946-1953 and undated
Modified service, 1954 and undated
"Die, no sir" club for professors emeritus, 1954-1974 and undated
Dedication of RLM Hall, 1967-1973 and undated
Regent Frank Erwin and President Norman Hackerman, 1968-1970
J. R. Silber and Arts and Sciences College, 1966-1970
4RM88 Notes:
Lists of names [mainly former students], 1969-1970 UT directory, ca. 1960s
Miscellaneous notes, incomplete letters and clippings, 1940s-1960s and undated
4RM26 Photographs of Professor and Mrs. Hans Hahn, Stapp's lake and Dr. David Hilbert, undated
4RM89 Notebooks:
Number 2, "M is a simple continuous graph…," notes on calculus class, [includes loose pages and sheets], undated
Number 3b, "On October 9, Mr. Henderson of my 688 class…," questions raised by RLM in a class studying the notion of length, notes and question on triads with additional note dated February 3, 1970, list of department faculty members, drafts of letters, [two loose pages], 1956, 1970 and undated
Number 12, "Thesis of C. L. Woods…," lists of publications by various mathematicians, undated
Number 14, fifth leaf: "Dear President Spalding…," mathematical notes and drawings, draft of letter re Jack W. Rogers and other non-mathematical notes, 1966 and undated
Number 16, "Is it true that if there is a reversibly continuous…," questions dated August 26, 1967, December 14, 1940 and February 9, 1968, the last one raised by Mr. Mauldin, list of RLM Ph.D. students as of 1967, calculus class notes and list of faculty members [on loose sheet], notes apparently on an advanced class, notes re RLM's retirement, 1940, 1967-1968 and undated
Number 21, "Wilder, R. L. On the dispersion sets…," lists of publications by "third floor" students [?], [includes loose pages and sheets], ca. 1957
Number 23, "Beth, R. A. Prof. Physics Dept. Western Reserve…," publications counts of various mathematicians [?], undated
Number 25, cover: "Some Salaries," salaries of UT faculty, 1954-1958, last page contains a theorem for new edition of FPST, ca. 1954-1958 and undated
Number 30, "Minnesota. California. Wisconsin. Chicago," lists of names of faculty with publication count, draft letters on loose sheets, recommendations, 1954 and undated
Number 32, "Suppose: For any bachelor's degree in Engineering…," notes concerning required courses for the B. A. degree, diagrams of spirals, undated
Number 34, "Suppose: Suppose Professor A has a class..," a formulation and solution to the "pop quiz" problem, undated
Number 35, front cover: "Purifoy," notes on Purifoy's work, calculus class notes, geometry class notes, list of Moore's Ph.D. students, class notes on length, note dated 1967 re Slye, 1967 and undated
4RM90 Number 36, front cover: "Purifoy 4 page N," notes on Purifoy's work, notes on geometry paper [?], loose sheets of mathematical notes, undated
Number 40, "J. W. Green. Theorem 5…," list of names: "To select a chairman," draft of a letter of recommendation for J. W. Green, notes on M. H. Proffitt's dissertation, draft letter of recommendation to Traylor re Proffitt, draft letter re zoning, notes on corrections [for FPST?], undated
Number 94, [1947 calendar book], "Thursday October 2, 1947," notes on a proof of a difficult theorem by Mr. Ball [a student], notes on theorems proved in a summer geometry course, 1947 and undated
Number 121, p. 2: "Dubisch, c(how many), h1…" publication counts of over 1,000 mathematicians, [1940-1948?]
4RM88 Challenge in the Classroom [1967 film]:
Correspondence, notes and printed material, 1963-1971 and undated
4RM55c Promotional posters, "Mathematics Today," undated
4RM88 Notes "for that film," undated
Number 11, "If I say that if R is a set…," notes on teaching calculus and 624, undated
Number 15, "Suppose: Many years ago, at the University…," undated
Number 17, "I do not at the outset give my calculus class…," statements about teaching calculus, notes on classes taught, notes on teaching, undated
Number 54, "The fact that a certain commonly used formula…," notes on teaching calculus and notes on 624, one page of grades, undated
Number 97, [1957 calendar book], "Suppose: It might convey some if not an accurate…," undated
4RM85 Class records:
Class report sheets and related material, ca. 1930s, 1947-1969 and undated
Grade books, 1910-1927
4RM86 Grade books, 1927-1945
4RM87 Grade books, 1944-1966 and undated
4RM100 Unrestricted:
Grade sheet kept by Moore as assistant to Halsted, winter term, 1901
Grade books:
[Grades from 1919-1921, mathematical notes from 1923-1930], 1919-1930
[Fragile], [1920-1921?]
4RM82 Non-grade material removed from class report sheets, 1952-1966 and undated
Non-grade material removed from grade books, 1910-1952 and undated
4RM93 Other teaching positions:
Marshall public schools, 1902-1903
Northwestern, 1909
Catalogues from University of Chicago, Princeton, University of Tennessee, 1904-1907, 1922 and undated
University of Pennsylvania, July 6, 1911
4RM100 University of Minnesota, 1919
4RM93 University of Illinois, 1920-1931
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, 1920-1922 and undated
Ohio State, 1920-1924
University of Oklahoma, 1920
University of Houston, January 29, 1969
4RM92 D. Professional organizations and honorary societies:
Sub-series Abstract:
This sub-series is arranged alphabetically by the name of the professional organization or honorary society. In the case of the National Academy of Sciences (NAS), election materials that disclose the names of nominees have been returned to the Academy. See correspondence between Albert C. Lewis and A. V. Astin (March-July 1975) in the HRC series of the R. L. Moore Legacy Collection for documentation of this decision. The sorting of restricted and open material was done by Dr. R. H. Bing, a member of the NAS. In cases where RLM made lists of nominees' names on the verso of letters, the front of the letter was photocopied and included in the collection.
Membership certificates and invitations for honorary societies, undated
Academy of Texas, 1969-1970
4RM78 American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), 1920, 1946-1948, 1973
American Association of University Professors (AAUP), 1943-1944
American Mathematical Society (AMS):
Colloquium Committee business, including business with Birkhoff and Young, 1929-1933
Editorial Committee on Colloquia, aka Colloquium Publication Committee, 1928-1933
Joint American Mathematical Society / Mathematical Association of America Committee, proposed doctor of arts degree, 1961-1962
Nomination Committee business, 1932-1938 and undated
Other committees, 1927-1929
Correspondence and printed material, 1905-1929
4RM79 Correspondence and printed material, 1930-1951 and undated
Letter from the publishers of the Annali, January 1931
International congresses, 1924, 1936-1939
4RM80 Moore's colloquium lecture at Boulder, 1927-1929
Moore's visiting lectureship:
"Visiting lectureship correspondence and other things," 1929-1933 and undated
"Visiting lectureship," 1930-1932 and undated
"Concerning tour as visiting lecturer of the society," 1932 and undated
Semi-centennial celebration:
General, 1937-1939
4RM55c Oversized page proofs, ca. 1938
3T401d Panoramic photograph, Semicentennial celebration of the American Mathematical Society, New York City, September 6-9, 1938
4RM100 Combined membership list, 1974-1975
4RM80 Letterhead, blank, lists RLM as president, undated
Mathematical Association of America (MAA), 1956-1970
National Academy of Science (NAS):
Correspondence and printed material:
General, ca. 1931-1972 and undated
Election related, 1930-ca. 1970
Cover letters of ballots to which Moore responded, 1931-1962
Cover letters of ballots to which Moore did not respond, 1934, 1963-1971
4RM92 Schockley and genetic quality of the races, 1941, 1951, 1961-1971 and undated
4RM80 Facsimile of the original National Academy of Sciences signature book, 1952
News Report newsletters, annotated, 1966-1971
4RM92 Sonic booms, 1968
4RM100 National Research Council, 1930
4RM92 Phi Kappa Phi, 1960-1963
4RM80 Sigma Xi, 1904-1908, 1944-1945
4RM55c Oversized diploma of membership, 1908
4RM90 E. General
Sub-series Abstract:
The General sub-series has been divided into five sections, (1) George Bruce Halsted, (2) Notebooks, (3) Clippings and Quotes, (4) Material removed from books and (5) Envelopes. George Bruce Halsted was Moore's professor as an undergraduate at The University of Texas at Austin and was one of his earliest mathematical mentors. Also see the professional correspondence section for more correspondence by and about Halsted. Categories in the "Clippings and Quotes" section were primarily created by Dr. R. E. Greenwood.
George Bruce Halsted:
Correspondence by or about Halsted, [Henry S. Tropp], 1907, 1970
4RM26 Photograph of Halsted, black and white, 4" X 5", undated
4RM90 Printed material about Halsted:
Miscellaneous, ca. 1901-1918 and undated
"Halsted's Rational Geometry," by S. C. Davisson, January 1905
Part of Sommerville's bibliography of Halsted's writings on geometry, undated
Moore's notes on Halsted, undated
Writings by Halsted:
"Washington, the Ideal of the South, Resurgent in Lee and Ross," February 21, 1899
"Report on Progress in Non-Euclidian Geometry," from Science, Vol. 10, No. 251, October 1899
"The Teaching of Geometry," in Educational Review, Vol. 24, No. 5, December 1902
"The Message of Non-Euclidian Geometry," from Science Vol. 19, No. 480, March 11, 1904
"Even Perfect Measuring Impotent," September -October 1907
"La Sphérique Non-Euclidienne," from L'enseignement Mathématique, March 15, 1908
"Non-Euclidian Geometry in the Encyclopedia Britannica," from Science, May 10, 1912
"Memories of a University," from the Alcade Vol. 3, No. 1, November 1914
"Sylvester at Hopkins," from Johns Hopkins Alumni Magazine, Vol. 4, No. 3, March 3, 1916
"The Criterion for Two-Term Prismoidal Formulas," undated
Works translated by Halsted:
Bolyai, Science of Absolute Space, in Scientiæ Baccalaureus Vol. 1, No. 4, June 1891
Hilbert, "On the Foundations of Logic and Arithmetic," from The Monist, July 1905
4RM91 Lobatschewsky, Nicholas, Geometrical Researches on the Theory of Parallels, [2 copies, one annotated], 1892
"The Principles of Mathematical Physics," January 1905
"Chance," January 1912
"French Geodesy," January 1913
Tolstoy, Master and Man, [missing title page through page 6, includes clippings], [1895]
Vasiliev, "Nicolái Ivánovich Lobachévsky," 1894
"Hilbert's Foundations of Geometry," by O. Veblen in The Monist Vol. 13, No. 2, with loose notes, January 1903
Number 24, cover: "Gibbs," notes from "Wheller's Josiah Willard Gibbs…," [includes loose card], undated
Number 29, "Concerning Joseph Erlanger. Biographical memoirs…1970," notes, ca. 1970
Number 88, [undated calendar book], one page of references, undated
Number 89, [spiral notepad], "Suppose every point of S is a cut point of S…," mathematical notes, financial notes on income tax, health notes, zoning notes, draft letter to Mr. Erwin on dedication of R. L. Moore Hall, ca. 1970s
Number 102, [notepad], "Wallace: If S is connected…," miscellaneous mathematical and personal notes, ca. 1970-1971
Loose notes on "honkers," ca. 1938
Clippings and quotes [subject headings generally created by R. E. Greenwood]:
Science clippings, 1925-1970 and undated
4RM92 Science clippings, 1925-1970 and undated
Miscellaneous, 1931-1970 and undated
Originality, individualism and invention, 1955-1962 and undated
U.S. News and World Report articles and other clippings, 1959-1972 and undated
Alfred Schild, 1966 and undated
Student unrest and activities, 1969-1970
Material removed from Moore's books and offprints, [includes correspondence, printed material, notes, etc.], undated
Envelopes labeled by Moore but found empty, [both professional and personal topics], undated


II. Personal:

4RM93 A. Correspondence
Sub-series Abstract:
This sub-series primarily consists of Moore's correspondence with his family. In general, only letters received by Moore are present, although sometimes drafts or copies of letters he sent out are included. An exception is Moore's letters to his father, which were returned to him after his father's death. The material is arranged chronologically.
General, 1897-1909 and undated
4RM100 Letters of recommendation for Moore, 1889-1902
General, 1917, 1948-1949, 1962
4RM26 Photograph of Dr. E. A. Moore [RLM's cousin] and family removed from March 12, 1948 letter [4"X2.5", black and white], and photo removed from October 29, 1949 letter from Hans Smith III [Smith's children?], [5"X3.5", black and white], ca. 1948-ca. 1949
4RM100 Charles Jonathan Moore, [RLM's father], also includes an incomplete letter from RLM's mother and RLM's notes on his father, 1898-1909 and undated
James Willard Moore [RLM's uncle], Carolyn Moore Lane [JWM's daughter], and Frederica Lane Buck [CML's daughter], 1911, 1949-1971 and undated
4RM26 Photographs of James Willard Moore alone [4.5"X3", black and white], with his wife Emily [4.5"X3", black and white], and with R. L. Moore [5.5"X3.5", 3 copies], ca. 1911
4RM101 Jennings M. Moore [RLM's brother], Lolla Moore [JMM's wife] and Angelle Moore Garretson Barta [aka Baby, JMM's daughter], 1912-1952 and undated
Charles A. Moore [RLM's brother], 1917-1928, 1952-1961 and undated
John P. Key [Margaret Moore's brother?] to Margaret Key Moore, 1920-1921, 1933 and undated
Henry Hibler Moore [RLM's brother], 1922-1930
Eleanor Moore Chapman [RLM's sister], 1922-1960 and undated
4RM26 Photo of Anita Shannon and her two children, Anita and "Brother," removed from letter of March 26, 1924 [5"X3" black and white], ca. 1924
4RM101 Charles J. Moore [RLM's nephew, son of Henry Hibler Moore], [also includes letter from Michael Jones to Dr. Greenwood re Professor David Miller dated July 3, 1986, remove?], 1930, 1956
4RM101 Postcards sent from RLM to his wife, 1931-1932
[Lucille?] to Mrs. John M. (Anna) Key [from Mrs. Moore's cousin to her mother?], April 25, 1946
Eleanor Moore Chapman, marked by RLM "Select correspondence, not for general use," April 1956
Carrie Lou Moore [RLM's sister], undated
Lydia Martin [RLM's niece, daughter of Charles A. Moore], 1957-1973 and undated
4RM26 Photos of RLM as a young child [2.5"X4" black and white, two photos], undated
4RM93 Special subjects:
Boxing [also includes clippings], 1937 and undated
Ordering high-top shoes, 1955-1965
Political letters [includes printed material], 1960 and undated
4RM101 B. Family
Sub-series Abstract:
This "catch-all" sub-series includes material related to Moore and his family that did not readily fit into any other categories. Materials relating to Moore's funeral and his wife, Margaret Key Moore, make up the majority of the sub-series.
R. L. Moore's funeral:
Flower cards, 1974
Guest book, 1974
Margaret Key Moore:
Letters of condolence, 1974-1975
4RM26 Photograph of Frederick A. Stiles, removed from 1974 Christmas card [3.25"X3.35", color], ca. 1974
4RM101 Journal of gifts, addresses and weather, postcards, list of relatives, 1910-1927, 1973 and undated
4RM26 Photographs, 1898, 1932, 1971 and undated
4RM102 Louisa Ann Moore's will [RLM's mother], October 4, 1915
4RM95 Biographical information, ca. 1931-1938, 1952-1969 and undated
4RM126 Christmas card given to Robert and Margaret Moore, [found in 1906 University of Tennessee yearbook--see "Printed Material" sub-series] 1919
4RM93 C. Education
Sub-series Abstract:
This section includes Moore's work as a student at The University of Texas at Austin and the University of Chicago, as well as grade reports and catalogues from UT. Also see "Sub-series I: Notes" for Moore's class notes during his student career.
Student work:
"Betweenness and Association in Pure Spherics," "Tridimensional Pure Spherics," undated
"Exercises in Logic," in seven eight-page blue books, undated
4RM94 "The Intuitional Theory," undated
"Perception," undated
The University of Texas:
Grade reports, 1899-1902
Catalogues, 1901-1902
D. Health
Sub-series Abstract:
The "Health" sub-series includes records relating to the health of Moore and his wife, as well as extensive notes and printed material documenting both Moore's research on health-related topics and journal entries in which he describes his own health.
Anthropometric chart of RLM at age 16 and "Princeton Measurements" of RLM, [1898], 1908
Eye glasses prescriptions for Mrs. Margaret Moore, 1912-1948, 1961 and undated
4RM26 Dental:
X-rays, [also includes note on blood pressure], 1933-1936 and undated
4RM94 Envelope, "Wisdom tooth extracted in 1961--before March," [tooth separated to artifacts], undated
4RM94 Correspondence on medical books, 1956-1952 and undated
4RM102 Correspondence, notes and printed material [includes photocopies of health related correspondence, notes may be by Dr. Greenwood], 1953-1971 and undated
Health and life insurance, 1969
4RM94 Notes:
"That peculiar chicken pox experience," May 22, 1928 and undated
Desk calendar with health notes, 1968-1969
"Rauwolfa, Reserpine, etc.," undated
Number 99, [1963 calendar book], "On 3/20/62 got Cadillac engine No.,…" notes on eyes [includes loose pages], 1963-1967
Number 103, [notepad], "Salycylates (e.g. aspirin)…," undated
Number 106, [1959 calendar book], notes on eye problem, January 30, 1963
Number 107, [1947 calendar book], notes on prescription drugs, grammar note on last page, [colored pencil markings by R. E. Greeenwood, final entry mislabeled], November 7, 1968-May 6, 1979[?]
4RM85 Restricted: Number 108, [1959 calendar book], one page of notes on weight, one page of student grades, August 1, 1969
4RM94 Number 108, photocopy of unrestricted page [see above], August 1, 1969
Number 120, notes on eye problem, November 4, 1953
4RM102 Unnumbered:
Also includes lists of bonds bought and redeemed, health notes are all from 1973, [includes loose sheets], 1939-1973
"There is on March 31, 1967…," mostly notes on eye problem, [includes preservation photocopy of notebook], 1967-1968
4RM94 Clippings:
General, 1924, 1966-1970 and undated
4RM95 Exercise and health, January 9, 1966 and undated
4RM55b Walking, undated
4RM95 Printed material:
1910, 1933-1935, 1947-1967 and undated
4RM102 The Wellcome Research Institution -- London, England -- Exhibits at the Chicago Exposition [2 copies], 1933
New Drugs… 1967 Edition, 1967
E. Finances
Sub-series Abstract:
The bulk of the "Finances" sub-series comprises cancelled checks and bank statements for Moore and his wife. Other financial records and correspondence are also present.
"Important Philadelphia Checks," [also includes train schedule], 1914-1917 and undated
4RM95 Correspondence and notes, 1920-1922, 1951-1968 and undated
Checkbook, National Bank of Woodlawn, Chicago, 1922
4RM102 Tax receipts, 1924-1929
Check register, April 6, 1947-February 6, 1949
Correspondence and clippings, 1972
Cancelled checks and bank statements:
R. L. Moore:
November 1926, September 1928
4RM103 1952-1955
April 1960, 1964
Mrs. Margaret Key Moore:
F. Genealogy
Sub-series Abstract:
This sub-series consists of Moore's notes, correspondence and printed material relating to his research in genealogy. It is arranged by family name, when available. Folder titles were most likely developed by Dr. R. E. Greenwood.
Invoices, orders, etc., 1945-1963 and undated
Goodspeed's Bookshop, 1948-1959 and undated
Letters from RLM to brother Jennings re family genealogy, 1949 and undated
4RM104 Alfred the Great and other kings, 1948-1949 and undated
Correspondence between Francis B. Trowbridge and C. B. Spofford re the Ashley genealogy [unknown how RLM got this material], July 1895 and undated
Bull genealogy, undated
John Clark of Farmington, undated
Cowles lines, includes genealogy manuscript by RLM, undated
Dewey genealogy, with clippings on Edward Orton, Jr. [notes by Dr. R. E. Greenwood?], 1932, 1949 and undated
Fellows and Kimball, undated
Josiah Willard Gibbs, 1926, 1951 and undated
Killman [?] line, undated
Lyman genealogy, descendent of Alfred the Great, August 1948-November 1950 and undated
4RM55b Oversized notes, undated
4RM104 Moore genealogy, 1932-ca. 1937, ca. 1950 and undated
4RM55c Oversized notes, family trees, undated
4RM104 Moore family coat of arms, December 1941 and undated
Mrs. Elizabeth Stevens Polk, 1948-1956 and undated
Stevens and Johnson lines, 1946-1949 and undated
Taylor genealogy, includes material on RLM's uncle James M. Moore and his family, 1875, ca.1911, ca. 1948 and undated
4RM26 Photograph of R. L. Moore and his uncle, James M. Moore [3.5"X5.5", black and white], ca. 1911
4RM104 Woodruff line, 1948 and undated
Notes and correspondence, "loose sheets," 1947-1949 and undated
General, undated
Notes and printed material, undated
Edwards, Lyman, etc., undated
Family trees and other topics, undated
4RM55c Oversized family trees, undated
4RM104 Notebooks (unnumbered):
Cover, "Genealogy," "From Biographical memoir of David White…," [includes loose sheet], ca. 1951 and undated
"Thomas Scott, according to Trumbull's…," undated
4RM105 "From Willard [?] Genealogy…," also includes some mathematical notes at back, [includes loose pages], undated
"Suppose M is a compact…," includes mathematical notes on first page, undated
4RM95 G. Automobiles and motoring
Sub-series Abstract:
This sub-series includes correspondence, printed material and notes relating to Moore's automobiles and driving trips. The notebooks include detailed accounts of car maintenance, mileage, and speed.
Clippings and notes removed from the 1920 Automobile Blue Book, volumes 3 and 7, ca. 1920
Receipts, notes, and licenses, 1920, 1933-1935, 1961-1969 and undated
Correspondence, 1933-1943, 1960-1962
Speeding, 1955-1962 and undated
Insurance, 1965-1972
Trip records, undated
April 1952-October 1955
April 1955-August 1958
4RM96 April 1960-March 1962
[Includes loose notes], March 1962-July 1965
[Also includes brief health notes], December 19, 1965-November 27, 1970
Printed material:
Travel guides, 1910-1919
Automobile information, 1919, 1937, 1950-1953 and undated
Maps, undated
H. The R. L. Moore House:
Rezoning in the neighborhood of the Moore home (1930-1971):
Contents of "zoning" envelope [I], 1930, 1941, 1959-1966 and undated
Contents of "zoning" envelope [I], 1930, 1941, 1959-1966 and undated
Contents of "zoning" envelope [II], 1931-1967 and undated
4RM97 Contents of "zoning" envelope [II], 1931-1967 and undated
Correspondence, notes and printed material, 1945, 1958-1971 and undated
Contents of "zoning" envelope [III], 1956-1964 and undated
Zoning Ordinance of the City of Austin, Texas, and printed material, 1956-1969
Zoning Ordinance of the City of Austin, Texas, two copies, annotated, 1956
4RM212b Disposition of the Moore house:
Correspondence, clippings, meeting agendas, notes, drafts, 1977
4RM105 I. Notes
Sub-series Abstract:
The "Notes" sub-series includes loose sheets and notebooks on a variety of non-professional topics. Class notes from Moore's student career are also included here.
Notes on weather [?], 1914-1916
Contents of envelope, including health notes, UT memo on tenure and promotion and other notes, ca. 1927, 1943 and undated
"Ode to an Unnecessary Hypothesis," [poem by RLM?], undated
General, undated
4RM98 On "The Calendar Theory of Freedom," undated
Number 9, cover: "U of C," mathematical notes taken by Moore at Chicago, ca. 1904
Number 28, cover: "Chemistry 6, R. L. Moore," notes from classes taken by Moore at UT, grades kept by Moore as instructor to Halsted, [loose sheets], ca. 1900
Number 69, cover: "U of C," mathematical notes from Chicago, [loose sheets], ca. 1905
Number 82, [1933 calendar book], accounts of two dreams, note on statement by Dr. Jones, December 30, 1947-September 17, 1948
Number 95, [1953 calendar book], "Copied from blackboard on July 24, 1957…" questions copied from blackboard, personal medical notes, dreams, [loose pages and sheets], 1956-1960 and undated
Number 109, "Non-Euclidean Geometry," various notes, including G. B. Halsted's Rational Geometry, [loose sheet], October 1903 and undated
Number 118, "Suppose: November 18," geometry notes from Chicago [?], draft of letter (June 20, 1907) to White, [loose sheet], 1907 and undated
Number 119, [laundry record book], diary, June 1897-March 1906:
Preservation photocopy
4RM105 Unnumbered, leather cover with flower, "memoranda," journal entries re Margaret Key (later Mrs. Moore), January-February 1903
4RM98 J. Printed material
Sub-series Abstract:
A variety of clippings and printed items are included in this sub-series. Dr. R. E. Greenwood made most of the groupings of material.
The Euclid Avenue Congregational Church and Society of Cleveland Ohio: Historical Souvenir of its Semi-Centennial Jubilee, November the thirtieth, 1893 [see page 35, J. W. Moore], 1893
About Moore, 1916, 1930-1945, 1967-1974 and undated
Race, 1923, 1957-1970
4RM99 Journals with articles on Moore, [notes on covers by R. E. Greenwood], 1931-1938, 1961
Guns and shooting, [includes some correspondence], 1932-1935, 1966-1969 and undated
New Deal, [includes some correspondence], 1944 and undated
Color copy of portrait of E. H. Moore by Ralph Clarkson, undated
4RM26 Black and white photo, 8"X10", of portrait of E. H. Moore by Ralph Clarkson, undated
4RM105 General, 1922-1930, 1968 and undated
4RM99 General clippings, ca. 1903, 1963 and undated
4RM126 Epworth League card from First Methodist Church, Austin, [three cards tied together with ribbon, includes list of names and program], [separated from R. E. Greenwood Papers], November 27, 1902
4RM126 University of Tennessee yearbook, The Volunteer, [with the inscription: "To Robert L. Moore/ from Chas. H. Shannon,/ 'same old seven and six'"] 1906
4RM99 K. Photographs
Sub-series Abstract:
Photographs of Moore, his family, and his students and colleagues are included in this sub-series.
Correspondence, 1925, 1941-1942
Dickstein, Kuratowski, Lubben, Kline, Zarankiewicz and Mazurkiewicz photograph, manuscript material, [including a letter from Kuratowski to ACL re photo], 1926, 1977
4RM26 Dickstein, Kuratowski, Lubben, Kline, Zarankiewicz and Mazurkiewicz, black and white print, 7" X 9", 1926
Family and portraits of R. L. Moore [some unidentified], 1898-1902, 1929 and undated
Family, ca. 1900, 1954
Colleagues and students, ca. 1927-ca. 1935
R. L. Moore, ca. 1928, 1931-1939, 1960-1970 and undated
Family, portraits, and unidentified persons, undated
3S34 Photographs relating to R. L. and Margaret Moore, colleagues of RLM, and empty envelope, ca. 1900-1908, 1932-1935 and undated
4RM112 Two photographs of R. L. Moore, [separated from the R. E. Greenwood Papers], 1898, 1969


III. Books, dissertations, journals, and offprints:

Series Abstract:
The material in this series is stored offsite at the Collections Deposit Library. Contact reference staff for retrieval. This series includes books, offprints, and journals from Moore's personal library, as well as a set of dissertations from some of Moore’s and Wall's graduate students. Moore’s books include mathematical works, as well as books demonstrating his interest in other topics, including medicine, genealogy, boxing, sexology, and literature. Dissertations can be requested by title and author. The journals include mathematical and scientific journals, including many publications of the AMS, as well as other magazines and newsletters. Offprints are arranged alphabetically by the author's last name.
CDL Books, mathematics and non-mathematics:
Contact archivist for a complete list of the books included in the R. L. Moore library.
AAM-RLM/57 Dissertations:
R.L. Moore was the primary advisor for student's Ph.D. thesis except when noted otherwise. When H. S. Wall was the advisor, Moore was a member of the dissertation committee.
Armentrout, Steve, "On spirals in the plane," 1956
Baker, Harvey Lee, "Complete amonotonic collections," 1965
Baker, Blanche Joanne Monger, "Concerning uncountable collections of triods," 1965
Basye, Robert Eugene, "Simply connected sets," 1933
Bing, R. H., "Concerning simple plane webs," 1945
Brown, Jack B., "Concerning connected simple graphs," [Ph.D. student of Wall], 1967
Burgess, Cecil E., "Concerning continua and their complementary domains in the plane," 1951
Carter, Joseph N., "Symmetric algebra," [MA student of Wall], 1969
Cobb, Gary W., "Inner product-type transformations," [Ph.D. student of Wall], 1968
Cook, David E., "Concerning compact point sets with noncompact closures," 1967
Cook, Howard, "Concerning complete separability," [MA student of Wall], 1958
Cook, Howard, "On the most general plane closed point set through which it is possible to pass a pseudoarc," 1962
Cornette, James L., "Continuum wise accessibility," 1962
Darwin, James T., "Some theorems on functional analysis," [Ph.D. student of Wall], 1963
Davis, Roy D., Jr., "Concerning the sides from which certain sequences of arcs converge to a compact irreducibile (i.e. irreducible) continuum," 1966
Dorroh, Joe Lee, "Some metric properties of descriptive planes," 1930
Ettlinger, Martin Grossman, " On irreducible continuous curves," [MA student of RLM], 1943
Green, John W., "Concerning the separation of certain plane-like spaces by compact dendrons," 1968
Henderson, George W., "Proof that every compact decomposable continuum which is topologically equivalent to each of its non-degenerate subcontinua is an arc," 1959
Hinrichsen, John W., "Certain web-like continua," 1967
Jackson, Robert E., "Concerning certain plane-like domains," 1969
Mahavier, William S., "A theorem on spirals in the plane," 1957
Mauldin, Richard D., "On Baire systems of functions," [Ph.D. student of Wall], 1969
Miller, Harlan Cross, "On Compact Unicoherent Continua," 1941
Mohat, John T., "Concerning spirals in the plane," 1965
O'Connor, Joel L., "Holes in two-dimensional space," 1967
Phillips, David Franklin, "Concerning simple graphs dents in the plane," [Ph.D. student of Wall], 1969
Proffitt, Michael H., " Concerning uncountable collections of mutually exclusive compact continua," 1968
AAM-RLM/59 Purifoy, Jesse A., "Some separation theorems," 1969
Reed, Dennis K., " Concerning upper semi-continuous collections of finite point sets," 1965
Reed, Coke Stevenson, "Concerning point-wise limits of sequences of functions," [Ph.D. student of Wall], 1966
Roach, F. A., " Concerning the value regions associated with a certain type of continued fractions," [Ph.D. student of Wall], 1966
Rogers, Jack W., Jr., "A space whose regions are the simple domains of another space," 1966
Sawey, Bennett C., "On a generalization of continuity," [Ph.D. student of Wall], 1968
Secker, Martin D., " Reversibly continuous bisensed transformations of an annulus into itself," 1966
Senechalle, David A., "A characterization of inner product spaces," [Ph.D. student of Wall], 1967
Shaw, Joe William, Jr., "Convergence regions and value regions for continued fractions," [Ph.D. student of Wall], 1969
Steib, M. L., " Linear transformations in a function space," [Ph.D. student of Wall], 1966
Stevenson, Nell Elizabeth, "Length of an interval," [MA student of RLM, unsigned], 1968
Stevenson, Nell Elizabeth, "Concerning indecomposible continua and upper semi-continuous collections of nondegenerate continua," 1969
Swain, Robert L., "I. Proper and Reductive Transformations II. Continua Obtained from Sequences of Simple Chains of Point Sets III. Distance Axioms in Moore Spaces IV. Linear Metric Space V. A Space in Which There May Exist Uncountable Convergent Sequences of Points," 1941
Treybig, L. Bruce, "Concerning locally peripherally separable spaces," 1958
Worrell, John M., Jr., "Concerning scattered point sets," 1961
Younglove, James N., "Concerning dense metric subspaces of certain non-metric spaces," 1958
AAM-RLM/56 Journals and magazines:
Various annotated publications from the University of Chicago, 1950-1965
Harper's, two copies of issue with article on The University of Texas, June 1963
Scientific Monthly, December 1925, January 1927
School and Society, 1917, 1919
The Acalde, include articles on L. E. Dickson, January 1917, November 1927
Southwest Water Works Journal, September 1921
The Mid-West Quarterly, January 1914
Sigma Xi Quarterly, four issues, 1921-1940
American Scientist, July 1950
MSN Monthly Science Newsletter, two issues, 1944-1945
University of California Faculty Bulletin, May 15, 1934
Committee on undergraduate Program in Mathematics Newsletter, May 1968
What the Colleges are Doing, Number 93 and 111, 1952, 1958
The Texas Outlook, 1922
AAM-RLM/58 Science, 1960-1974:
Volume 132, No. 3443
Volume 160, No. 3828
Volume 174, No. 4013
Volume 177, No. 4045-4055 (incomp.)
Volume 178, No. 4056-4063
Volume 180, No. 4084-4088 (incomp.)
Volume 181, No. 4094-4106
Volume 182, No. 4107-4119
Volume 183, No. 4120-4131
Volume 184, No. 4132-4144
Volume 185, No. 4145-4157 (incomp.)
Volume 186, No. 4158-4164 (incomp.)
AAM-RLM/56 University of Texas at Austin, "Publications of the faculty and staff, vol. 1, 1966-1969," 1972
Two blank notebooks, undated
Ransom, Harry, "The receding goal," 1967
Mathematical Association of America, "Newsletter of Texas section," 1972
Annual meeting of the Texas section of the Mathematical Association of America, "Spring Newsletter," 1974
Faculty contact sheet for the Department of Mathematics, Spring 1974
The University of Chicago Magazine
September/October 1973
Autumn 1974
[These journals are stored off-site at CDL. A complete list of all available issues for the following journals is available; consult archivist for more information.]
American Journal of Mathematics
1927-1938 [incomplete]
1943 [incomplete]
American Mathematical Monthly
1934-1941 [undated]
1970-1973 [incomplete
American Mathematical Society, Annual register, 1908-1913
American Mathematical Society, List of officers and members, 1914-1924
Annales de la Société Polonaise de Mathematique, 1922-1927, 1930, 1933, 1935, 1937
Bulletin of the American Association of University Professors, 1938, 1939, 1940 [incomplete]
Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society
1908-1910 [incomplete]
1910-1921 [complete]
1922 [incomplete]
1923-1969 [complete]
1970-1974 [incomplete]
Notices of the American Mathematical Society
1954-1968 [complete]
1969 [incomplete]
Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society
1950-1968 [complete]
1969 [incomplete]
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences
Vol. 51-67, 1964-1970 [complete]
Vol. 68-71, 1971-1974 [incomplete]
Rendiconti del Circolo Matematico di Palermo, 1920
Rice Institute Pamphlet, 1917-1953 [incomplete]
1932-1973 [incomplete]
Texas Journal of Science
1951-1955 [incomplete]
1972-1974 [incomplete]
Transactions of the American Mathematical Society
1908, 1912 [incomplete]
1914-1928 [complete]
1929 [incomplete]
U.S. News & World Report, 1951, 1957-1958, 1960, 1962-1964, 1970 [all incomplete]
AAM-RLM/51 Offprints by Ph.D. students of Moore:
Armentrout, S.
Anderson, R. D.
Ball, B. J.
Basye, R. E.
Burgess, C. E.
Bing, R. H.
Cook, D. E.
Cook, H.
Cleveland, C. M.
Dorroh, J. L.
Dyer, E.
Green, J. W.
Hallett, G. H.
Hamstrom, M. E.
Henderson, G. W.
Jones, F. B.
Kline, J. R.
Klipple, E. C.
Lubben, R. G.
Moise, E. E.
Mullikin, A. M.
Roberts, J. H.
Rudin, M. E. (Estill)
Stevenson, N. E.
Treybig, L. B.
Vickery, C. W.
Whyburn, G. T.
AAM-RLM/52 Whyburn, G. T.
Wilder, R. L.
Worrell, J. M.
Young, G. S.
Offprints by others:
Adkisson, V. W.
Agnew, R. P.
Alexandroff, P.
Alexits, G. V.
Appert, A.
Aronszajn, N.
Ayer, M. C.
Ayres, W. L.
Bagemihl, F.
Barrett, L. K.
Barzin, M.
Beer, G.
Bernstein, B. A.
Bernstein, F.
Betz, E. E.
Bilz, E.
Birkhoff, G. D.
Birkhoff, G.
Bliss, G. A.
Blumberg, H.
Blumenthal, L. M.
Bohr, Harold
Borsuk, K.
Bouligand, G.
AAM-RLM/53 Brouwer, L. E. J.
Brown, A. B.
Bruce, W. H.
Caratheodory, C.
Carmichael, R. D.
Cech, E.
Chittenden, E. W.
Chow, Shao-Lien
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Gehman, H. M.
Glenn, O. E.
Greenwood, R. E.
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Hahn, H.
Hailperin, T.
Hall, D. W.
Hamilton, O. H.
Hammer, P. C.
Hardy, G. H.
Hartogs, F.
Hausdorff, F.
Hazlett, O. C.
Hedrick, E. R.
Heemert, A. van
Henderson, A.
Helsel, R. G.
Hildebrandt, T. R.
Hunter, R. P.
Huntington, E. V.
AAM-RLM/54 Hurewicz, W.
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Jackson, D.
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Joffe, S. A.
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Kaplan, W.
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Koseki, K.
Kubota, T.
Künneth, H.
Kunugui, K.
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Kusner, J. H.
Lebesque [annotated by RLM at Chicago]
Lefschetz, S.
Levi-Civita, T.
Levi, E. E.
Lindenbaum, A.
Lunn, A. C.
McAuley, L. F.
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AAM-RLM/55 Merriam, J. C.
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Wojdyslawski, M.
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Young, J. W.
Zarankiewicz, K.
Zarycki, M.
Zippin, L.
Zorn, M.


IV: Artifacts:

SRH 3.351 L. C. Smith and Corona typewriter from Moore's office, circa 1927
Typewriter cleaning equipment; brochure for L. C. Smith and Corona; envelope labeled “Typewriter screw?”
Academic gown and cap – Restricted: gown is very fragile
Tie and cuff links; black bow tie; pearl tie tack; 2 unmatched cuff links; pair of brass and mother-of-pearl cuff links
Black high-top shoes, 1 pair
Bow tie
Black high-top shoes, one pair
Hats: 2 straw boaters; 1 gray Royal Stetson
Boxes containing pencils, pens, erasers
2 boxes containing miscellaneous desk items; 1 box labeled “A lot of things accumulated in a right drawer East Window desk”
4RM105 Checkbook cover imprinted with “R.L. or Robert Lee Moore”
2 plastic decorative scroll templates labeled “For Drawing Curves”
L. C. Smith and Corona instruction manual; carbon paper
AAM-OS/3 “Official 50 Yard Standard American Pistol Target,” with annotations, July 30, 1934
Wall calendars from the Moore home study, 1962-1968, 1972
EAF offices Restricted: Furniture is on permanent loan to the Educational Advancement Foundation and is not stored with the CAH:
Bookcase from the Moore home library
Victrola and phonograph records from the Moore home library
[Moore's wooden desk from his home was briefly housed at the Harry Ransom Center, but was deaccessioned due to irreparable deterioration, per Albert C. Lewis.]