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A Guide to the UT School of Social Work Records, 1945-1992

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Creator UT School of Social Work
Title: UT School of Social Work Records,
Dates: 1945-1992
Abstract Records produced by the School of Social Work at the University of Texas at Austin.
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Extent: 257 ft., 6 in.
Language: Materials are in English
Repository Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin

Records produced by the School of Social Work at the University of Texas at Austin, 1945-1992.


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Administrative Information

UT School of Social Work Records, 1945-1992, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, University of Texas at Austin.

Detailed Description of the Records



94-116/1 (5228710) AFDC-UP surveys (Aid to Families with Dependent Children), January-December, 1989
Interagency agreement, LBJ school (McPherson), 1989
Preventing Child Maltreatment manual, 1988
Child Abuse/Austin Com. Fdnt., 1988
94-116/2 (52290090) Instructor's manual, 1985-1988
Eligibility supervisor surveys, 700-999, 1991
WPS II (Women in the Public Sector), Vol. 2, 1986
Continuing Education Program, 1987
94-116/3 (5228980) AFDC-UP surveys, 1989
Workshop registrations, 1986
94-116/4 (5228709) Region VI Resource Center for Children, Youth and Families inventory of permanent collection: shelf list of books, 1984
Center for Social Work Research (CSWR), publications list, 1982
Functional job descriptions, 1989
Previous Continuing Education, sent to archives, as of February, 1992
Reports, records, undated
Alvin Hall, teaching records, cases, 1964
Prelim "A", results, Theories of Invention, Fall 1977
Prelim "B", research, S. W. education, Fall 1977
Prelim "C", Basics 1 and 2, Fall 1977
Prelim, Spring 1978
Prelim "A", Fall 1978
Prelim "B", Fall 1978
94-116/5 (5227127) Eligibility supervisor surveys #002-699, 1991
94-116/6 (5227149) AFDC-UP surveys, (old surveys which have been transferred to new) January-December, 1989
MSSW student survey of current field assignment, 1988-1990
Field instructor's, MSSW, 1988
MSSW "block," 1988
Field instructor survey for reaccreditation, 1988
Field instructor evaluations, 1988-1990
94-116/7 (5228695) Field evaluation, Summer 1987
Field instructors' evaluation of the field, 1983-1987
Background information, undated
Assessments, social histories, process recordings, 1987
AISD field unit, syllabus, field objectives, 1987
Field, lecture noted, 1987
Field, contract forms, 1987
Field, evaluation forms, 1987
AISD field unit, suggested intake, ongoing forms, undated
AISD field unit, background, 1987
Course syllabi, other courses, 1988
Local resources, 1986-1987
Teenage parent information, correspondence, 1986-1988
UT accreditation self-study, 1986-1988
Baccalaureate degree program directors, previous years, 1985-1986
School of Social Work, 1983-1984, 1990
School of Social Work, general, 1987-1988
Dean's Administrative Committee, 1988-1989
Executive Committee, 1988-1989
School of Social Work Committees, previous years, 1986-1987
School Executive Committee, 1987-1989
Graduate Studies Committee faculty meetings, 1987-1988
MSSW Committee, 1988
Direct Practice Committee, 1987-1988
R. Ambrosino, 1987-1988
HBSE Committee, 1987-1988
External Programs Committee, 1987
Occupational Social Work Committee, 1988
University of Texas, previous years, 1988
Advisors group, previous years, 1985-1986
Student deans, previous years, 1982-1987
Student affairs/issues, previous years, 1984
94-116/8 (5227080) Dean's Evaluation Committee, 1987
Committee on Parental Leave, 1987-1989
Daily correspondence:
Martha S. Williams:
January 1983 - December, 1985
George Herbert:
August, 1981
January-December, 1984
94-116/9 (5227309) PR-CSWR (Center for Social Work Research), 1983
Women in Management; vouchers, check payments, 1986
AFDC surveys, 1989
94-116/10 (5227310) AFDC surveys, 1989
Workshop on Food Stamp Employment and Training Services, 1987
Food Stamp Employment and Training Program, 1986
Food stamps, report of findings, 1986-1987
Key employment and training resources in Texas applicable to food stamp work registrants, 1987
Food stamps, Austin meeting, 1986-1987
Food stamps, Dallas meeting, 1986-1987
Fay Carson, #159, 1964
Carlos record, #2145, undated
William and Carrie Bond, #156, 1964
Planning for Patsy, #61-55-1, undated
A Parent Talks About Her Mentally Retarted Child, #68-340-83, 1968
George Pratt, #163, 1964
Seiber family, #53, 1963-1964
Brewster record, #2150, undated
Group work, group leadership, #6-54-6, 1954
Excerpts from three records on group leadership, 1954
Cole family, #46, 1963
94-116/11 (5228855) French family, #169, 1965
Rose Stein, #154, 1964
Tucker family, #48, 1963-1964
Owen: A 21 Year Old Male. Committed Robbery and Sent to a Reformatory, undated
The Wanderers, #68-340-81, 1968
Case of Mr. X, #165, 1964
Story of a Boy Who Stole, #2114b, undated
Excerpts from three records on group leadership, #6-54-6, 1954
Excerpts from records of social group work practice, #2114-2114d, undated
Theory and record analysis, undated
A teenage group in a hospital setting, undated
Bradford record, undated
Margaret Clayborn, #155, 1964
Research, Fall 1979
Education, Fall 1979
Strategies, Micro, Spring 1979
Prelims "A", Spring 1979:
Prelims "A", Fall 1979:
Pol. Interv., Macro
Prelims "C", Fall 1979:
Organization and planning
Prelims, Fall 1980
Prelims "C", Fall 1978:
94-116/13 (5227138) Interviewer write-ups, 1987
Letters, 1988
Purchase orders, vouchers, 1987
Key Employment and Training Resources in Texas Applicable to Food Stamp Work Registrants, 1987
Payroll, urgent, 1987-1988
Tamilia, PR. Neglect Proceedings and the Conflict Between Law…, 1987
AFDC, 1987:
Redivision study
Apartment forms
Travel vouchers
Travel authorizations
Other expenses
Survey form
Client survey
Response card
Mail list
Consent form
94-116/14 (5228990) Food Stamps, 1986-1987:
Appointment forms
Training cost
Other expenses
Houston meeting
Corpus Christi meeting
Former Undergraduate Students, 1978-1988:
94-116/15 (5228877) Mohle-Satterfield
GE Foundation, 1990:
TVC (Youth), 1990:
Commerce, salaries, 1990
State Board of Insurance (SBI), 1990:
Texas Department of Mental Health and Mental Retardation (TDMHMR), 1990
Texas HHS, Child Welfare, 1990:
Trainee travel
Texas Department of Human Services - CPS, Salaries, 1990
TDHS, 1990:
HHS-PHS, 1990:
Coordinating Board, 1990:
Book information, Domestic Revolutions
Consultant, TEA
RGK Foundation, 1990:
LBJ School, 1990
TRC Rehab, 1990:
DHS, 1990:
Equipment rental
UT School of Social Work, 1989:
TRC, 1990:
State of Child, Seguin, 1990:
Tavis County, 1990
State of Child, Chicago, salaries, 1989
TACADA, 1990:
FAH-Beck, 1990:
94-116/16 (5228866) Crime Victims Assistance, 1990
JTPA 3, 1990
HHS-PHS, 1990:
Equipment rental
Information of books on risk assessment
UT School of Social Work, 1990:
Equipment rental
Sentencing, miscellaneous
Criminal Justice
Miscellaneous, 1990
Statement of accounts, 1990
SLAS, 1990
Computer time, 1990
State appropriated, 1990:
Faculty salaries
TA's (9 months)
SS Faculty salaries
SS TA salaries
Admin. salaries
Classified salaries
Miscellaneous (M and O)
Book info, Word 4 Companion
Service contract, XEROX
State contract, 6 wall clocks
Toner, Canon NP-8580, Texas Copy
Staples, Canon NP-8580, Texas Copy
Toner, Canon NP-120/125/2015
Travel, no expense to University
Computer rent
Faculty reserve
Special unallocated
Statement of account, 1989-1990
Baker and Taylor books, 1989
Copying, 1989-1990:
Copies billing, July 1990
Copies billing, May 1990
Copy account No's.
Copy usage sheets
State contract, Canon toner, NP-2015
MA, Canon NP-125, Texas Copy
Repairs to copier, Texas Copy
2nd year maintenance, Texas Copy
Buildings and grounds, 1989-1990
A/V film rentals, 1989
Long distance billing information, 1990
Central duplicating, 1990
Deposits and budget transfers, 1990
Mail, 1989-1990
IDT's, 1990
Printing, 1989-1990
Purchase vouchers, 1989-1990
Service agreements, 1990
Subscriptions, 1988-1989
Supply and mail, 1989-1990
Telephone, 1989-1990
Income, 1989-1990:
Computer program
Mailing labels, Silent Partners
Publication, monograph
Incidental course fees
Print brochure, Insty Prints
Coffee maker, ACE-Mart Restaurant
Brochures SWC, Insty Prints
Name badge/Fax paper, Arvey Paper Products
Study guide, ASI Processing
94-116/17 (5227047) Special State funds, 1990:
Visiting lecturers and consultants
Academic development
Training in Marriage
American Psychological Association
Pixmobile AV carts, Highsmith Co.
Video information
Subscription info., Chronicle of Higher Education
Subscription info., EAP Digest
Book info., Expanding School Social Work Through Federal Funding in P. L.
Book info., Social Work in the Workplace
Book info., Women in the Global Factory
Special equipment
Auditor plus, Texas Copy
State contract, adding machines
Everex HD-20's, Microcenter
State contract, video monitor
Canon NP-8580 SS, Texas Copy
El Paso, 1990:
M & O
Program development
Various purposes, 1990:
Hogg Foundation, miscellaneous
Hogg grant-D, Austin
Video tapes, Tom Padgitt
Various donations, Alum
Donor recognition plaque, Capitol Engraving
Deans' discretionary fund
Cullen, 1990:
Adoption, miscellaneous
Leadership, 1989-1990:
Corporate 500, Public Management Institute
Meadows, 1989-1990:
Classified salaries
Moore, 1989-1990:
Piester, 1990:
Smith, 1990:
Sutherland, 1990:
Faculty salaries
Willoughby, Criminal Justice, 1990:
Faculty salaries
Classified salaries
Willoughby, Child welfare, 1990:
Pagemaker for Mac, Microcenter
Wolens, 1990:
Faculty salaries
Inspiration software, Ceres Software, Inc., 1989
Scholarships, 1988-1990:
General scholarship
Rent gown for G. S., UT Co-op
Michael Lauderdale, principal investigator, 1985
Appointment forms
S. Catherine Chism Ayala
Michael Lauderdale
Budget reports, workshops and institutes, CEU's (Continuing Education Units), 1984-1985
Computer, 19 account, 1983-1987
Cunniff, Julie (Wolford), personnel, 1983-1984
Cunniff, Julie; Vacation, sick leave report, 1984-1987
Cunniff, Julie (Wolford), personnel, 1980-1987:
PO 1
Weekly activities form
94-116/18 (5227160) Official report of vacation/sick leave (PO4), 1980-1987
Kim, Young Jong, 1985-1987
Celebration of Leadership, December 6, 1984:
Financial statement
Conference participants
Vouchers (State, County, City, etc.)
Purchase vouchers
SSW/CSWR co-sponsored conferences/meetings, 1981-1985:
Conference planning
Clinical social work
Summer Institute on Child Development & Social Policy
9th annual RET workshop
Anti-Hunger Coalition of Texas
Big Brothers/Big Sisters, 1982:
Vouchers, reports
Consultants, BIg Brothers/Big Sisters Conference Woods Psychiatric Institute, 1983
Purchase vouchers, workshops and institutes, 1982-1984:
Networking breakfast meetings
Purchase vouchers
Book order, Philosophical Foundations of Gerontology
Vouchers of cassette tapes of workshops by ACR, Inc. CSWR, deposit slip, 1986
Inter Departmental Transfers (IDT's), workshops and institutes, 1982-1985:
Temporary services
Workshops and institutes
Xerox charges
Duplicating, workshops and institutes, 1982-1985:
Brochure material
University supply and mail, workshops and institutes, 1984-1985
Miscellaneous consultant vouchers, workshops and institutes, 1982-1985
Continuing education documentation, 1985
Field manual, 1988
Field manuals (old), 1983-1985
Field Committee, 1985-1986
Graduate Studies Committee, 1984-1985
Budget Council, 1984
University fellowship (recruitment), 1987-1988
Minority data, 1988
Grad opportunity (recruitment), 1987-1988
Grad opportunity (continuing), 1987-1988
Continuing graduate opportunity, 1985-1988
Recruitment, 1985-1987
PHd development and research, 1984-1986
Pre-emptive, 1983-1984
Continuing opportunity, 1980-1984
Late opportunity, undated
Graduate opportunity, 1985-1986
94-116/19 (5227058) Graduate opportunity fellowships, 1980-1984
University Fellowships, 1980-1984
Graduate student research and professional development, 1980-1981
Child welfare, 1979-1983
Title XX, 1979-1981
National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), MSSW, 1981-1983
NIMH (Doctoral), 1978-1982
Financial aid, miscellaneous, 1979-1980
Fellowships, miscellaneous, 1979-1980
Financial aid, women, undated
Gerontology stipends, 1979-1980
Fellowship applications, awards, 1977-1979
94-116/20 (5228888) Research center, grant documentation:
Grant correspondence
Budget transfers
Salaries and wages
Other expenses
Foreign travel
Budget transfers
Salaries, wages
Other expenses
Foreign travel
IAC (88-89) 1150 DHS, 1988
94-116/21 (5228720) IAC (86-87) 1130 DHS, 1986
IAC (86-87) 0789:
Monthly invoice statement, 1985
Salaries and wages, 1986
Other expenses, 1986
Travel, 1986
DHR (IAC (86-87)) 0363:
Salaries and wages, 1986
Other expenses, 1987
Equipment rental, 1986
AFDC study, 1986
Blackland Project, 1983-1986:
Neighborhood outreach program
Campbell elementary school
Ceiling insulation
Census block data
Census tract data (4.02)
Client transfer company
Progress notes:
Ty Barnes
Malett (Cavanaugh)
Arthur L. Dedmon
Lee G. Green
Nettie Hall
Frank Moore
Mark Anthony Spencer
Ruthie Stokes
Margaret Townsell
Susie Williams
Student internship
Educational goals, Carol Brenholtz
Personal record cards, completed
The Blackland miracle
Multi-purpose service facility
Neighborhood center
Neighborhood Development Corporation
Carrier alert program
Community garden project
Community Development Commission
Educational contract and self evaluations
Family Resource Development Committee
Neighborhood crime watch
The Blackland Neighborhood Outreach
Blackland resource:
Texas Department of Mental Health and Mental Retardation
Travis County Extension Service
Travis County Weatherization
Urban League
Volunteer center
Volunteer transportation (UAE)
Youth Employment services
Seed distribution
Housing resources
Social security
Texas Department of Human Resources
TEACH - The East Austin Coalition for Health
94-116/22 (5225813) Teenage pregnancy
TDHR, Texas Department of Human Resources
Crippled Children's Services Program
Christian Service Center
Energy management
Food pantries
Holy Cross Hospital
Housing and community services, rehabilitation applications
Housing Authority of Travis County
Neighborhood watch
Red Cross carrier alert
Rosewood neighborhood center
St. David's Community Hospital Lifeline
Senior luncheon program
Rat bait distribution
Tally of information and referral/assistance offered
Resource booklets
Austin Area Human Services Association
Austin Tenant's Council
Austin-Travis County Health Department
CEDEN, Center for the Development of Non-Formal Education
Child and family services
Interim use, recreation area
Interim use, sculpture and wildflowers
Resource booklets, original
Personal record card (Blank)
Progress notes (Blank)
Current surveys and demographic data
Forms (Originals)
Garbage collection information
Harrison Pearson housing list
Health Department lot inspection
Household survey
Household surveys (Blank)
Housing and community services, miscellaneous
Demographic data
Community resources
Household survey
Austin City Parks and Recreation Department
Blackland Resource Manuals (3)
AFDC-UP surveys, 1989
94-116/23 (5227284) AFDC-UP surveys, 1989
94-116/24 (5226124) AFDC-UP surveys, 1989
AFDC-UP surveys (Computer form), 1989
94-116/25 (5227251) AFDC-UP surveys (Computer form), 1989
94-224/3 (5225824) Continuing Education files:
Social Work Certification:
Unemployment and Underemployment:
Adoptions - News Issues:
Core Technology in EAP's:
Women in Management:
Preparing for Tomorrow:
Social Work Certification - Prep:
Organization and Fiscal Management in HSP:
Family Diversity in Texas:
Evaluating Employee Assistance Programs:
Children of Substance Abusers:
Women in Management and Group Leadership:
Institute of Alcohol and Drug Studies
AIDS Workshop
Women in Public Service
Fourth Annual Governor's Training
Willoughby Centennial
Third Annual Herman Sweatt Symposium
Building Research and Acting Program
Validation Therapy Workshop
Health Care and Social Work Needs
State Government in the Nineties
Developing Awareness among Community Leadership Conference
Field Instructor's Administrative Workshop
Health Care is Everyone's …
Work and Family Policies
Child Abuse Conference for Practitioners
Follow-up to Management Training
Options for Sex Offenders in the 90s
HIV and Addition
Parents Anonymous
Third Annual Conference on Problem Solving in Rural Areas
Volunteer: Rape Crisis Center
Texas Conference on Substance Abuse and Disibilities
Technical Assistance Workshop
Region VI Training Conference, National Association of Meal Programs
Conference with Peter L. Grovacchini
Roundhouse Conference… Parents Anonymous
Women in Public Sector Quality Management Seminar
Social Work Practice in Nursing Homes
Social Work CEU's
Substance Abuse
Communities in Schools
Post-International AIDS Conference
Fall Field Instructors' Workshop
CDL2/H300 (4429501) Reports:
CEWS (Continuing Education Workshops):
Facilitating "Sexuality Groups" for Adolescents, 1979
MBO-PERT, 1979
Stress Reduction, 1979
Protective Services and Alternative Care Needs of the Children of Rural Texas, 1979
Consultation, 1979
Time Management Basics, 1979
Decision Making, Enhancing Your Own Style, 1978
Team Training, 1979
Working With the Hostile Client, 1979
Women in Mangement
Consultation skills, 1978
Crisis Intervention, 1979
Long Range Planning workshop, 1979
Consultation Skills packet, 1978
Assertion Training for Liscensing Staff, 1978
Welfare Reform and Family Life, 1978
Crisis Intervention workshop, 1978
Hearing Loss in Adults, 1979
Positive Peer Culture, 1979
Sixth Annual Rational Emotive Therapy Workshop, 1979
Management by Objectives, 1979
Interviewing as Problem Management: A Team Approach, 1976
Casework Skills, 1979
Development of Management Capability for Community Level Coordinating of Services for Youth, 1975
Family Therapy: A TA/GESTALT Approach, 1979
Self-assertive Skills Seminar, 1978
Social Services Branch Introspection Project, 1978
Texas Education Network meeting, 1977
Boards and advisory councils, 1977
Counseling the Single Parent Family, 1977
Consultation: A Common Sense Approach, 1977
The Autistic Child, 1978
Assertion Skills for Women in Management, 1978
Women in Management Role Conflict, 1978
Life Scripting, 1978
Undergraduate Accreditation, 1978
DHR-CEB staff training, 1978
Participants Guide to Innoratine Services: The use of Parent Aids in Child Protective Services, (title page only) undated
CDL2/H301 (4429523) CEWS:
Institute 1: Designing Human Service Programs, 1979
Social Services in Support of E. P. S. D. T. : A Final Report, 1975
Cost-Benefit Analysis for the Human Services, 1977
Institute on Program Design in the Human Services, 1978
Family Losses due to Parental Separation …, 1974
Casework/Individuals, 1979
Family Therapy, 1977
Crisis Intervention, 1979
Divorce Counseling, 1977
Access to Public Programs for Older Citizens, 1976
Time/Life Planning, 1978
A Seminar on Volunteerism, 1978
Preparing Succesful Proposals, 1978
Counseling the Single Parent Family
Evaluation of Human Services, 1977
Files of articles on burnout, March 1979
CDL2/H302 (4429589) CEWS:
Evaluation: A Management Strategy, 1978
Women in Management, 1978
Consultation Skills, 1978
Proposal Writing, 1978
Team Building, 1978
Child Advocacy, 1977
Coping With Stress, 1978
Group Leadership Skills
Planning and Control with PERT and CPM in the Human Services
Evaluation and Decision Making, 1977
Welfare Reform and Family Life, 1977
Evaluation of Local and Community Based Programs, 1977
Women at Risk, 1977
Computer Skills, 1978
Family Sculpting Seminar, 1978
Informal Communications in Formal Organizations, 1977
PERT: Knowledge and Practice, 1977
Understanding Types of Human Interaction, 1977
Impact Analysis of Income Maintenance Programs …, 1980
Dealing with Human Loss, 1977
Evaluation of Human Services, 1977
Cost-Benefit Analysis of the Human Servives, 1977
Use of Hypnosis in Therapy, 1977
Family Therapy, 1977
Regional Conference on Program Evaluation in the Human Services, 1978
Helping in Situations of Stress and Crisis, 1977
Decision-Making, 1978
Working with Hndicapped Children and Their Families, 1977
Crisis Intervention, 1977
Organizing Community Information and Referal Systems, 1977
Principles of Parent Effectiveness Training
CDL2/H303 (4517915) Women and Men Colleagues in Management, 1975, 1977
Planning, Managing, Monitoring and Evaluation for Area Agencies on Aging, 1972
PERT: Knowledge and Practices, 1977
Workshops and conferences, Spring 1987
Child Welfare Curricula in Schools of Social Work: A National Survey, 1979
The Concept of Authority and its use in Child Protective Service, 1965
CDL2/H304 (4416543) Pamphlets
Resource Center on Child Abuse and Neglect Curriculum Development workshop, 1976
Rational-Emotive Treatment of Impotence, Frigidity, and Other Sexual Problems, 1975
Purchase vouchers, 1985-1986
Interagency Coordination, 1977
Building Staff Effectiveness, 1973
Making Effective use of Financial Counseling, 1977
Resource Center on Child Abuse and Neglect, 1977
CDL2/H305 (4416882) Continuing Education Program budget, 1979-1980
Workshop staff packet, 1979
Evaluation Research, by Carol H. Weiss, 1972
C. E. P. workshop schedule and programs, 1978-1979
Assertion Skills for Supervisors, 1978
Management Information Systems, 1979
Planning a Social Services Delivery System for Accountability, evaluations, 1973
Working With a Hostile Client, 1979
Introduction to Program Evaluation, 1977
An Historical Survey Through Brochures, 1977
Management Training, 1975
Management of Human Resource Programs, 1975
CDL2/H306 (4416714) Management Control Board and Advisory Councils for Statewide Agencies on Aging, 1973
Budgeting and Planning for the Human Services, 1976
Advanced Seminar in Effective Management, 1974
Conference on Sunset Legislation and Legislative Oversight, 1977
An Historical Survey Through Brocures, Vol. 1, 1971-1977
Upper Level Management Seminar, 1976
Evaluating Contractual Procedures, 1976
Certificates, 1974-1978
CDL2/H307 2(4416893) Interpersonal Loss in the Family, 1975
Health Care at Home, 1975
Alcoholism: Theory, Research and Implications for Disease Management, 1987
Women and Work, 1987
Unique Psychology of the Very Old
Family Life Cycle, 1987
Texas Women Scholars, 1987
Women in Management, 1986
Advanced Seminar in Human Services Planning, 1872
Career Development Seminar for Texas Department of Public Welfare, 1975
Management of Human Resource Programs, 1974-1975
Development and use of Outreach Services, 1975
Planning a Social Services Delivery System for Accountability, Evaluation, Louisiana, 1973
CDL2/H308 (4416703) Modification of Sexual Behavior, 1975
Interpersonal Loss in the Family, 1975
Interagency Coordination, 1977
Interviewing as Problem Management, 1976
TYC-YMCA, 1976
Organization Administration and Professional Specialist, 1979
S. R. S. training, 1976
Group Leadership Skills for Women, 1977
Conference on Sunset Legislation and Legislative Oversight, 1977
Career Development Seminar for Texas Department of Public Welfare, 1975
Identifying the Abused Child, 1975
CDL2/H309 (4434670) Continuing Education notebooks:
Evaluation for the Workshop on Area Agencies on Aging, November 13-15, 1972
Effective Decision Making and Administration, July 22-23, 1974
Management Training in Coordination of the Delivery of Human Services, 1975
Management of Human Resource Programs: A Career Development Seminar for Texas Department of Public Welfare, 1975
Resource Center on Child Abuse and Neglect: Head Start-Child Abuse and Neglect Workshop, November 15-17, 1977
Planning Methods for Human Services Planners, July 28-30, 1975
Draft copy of Materials for Evaluation of Human Services Proceedings
Workshop evaluations
CDL2/H310 (4434658) Reprints files in folders:
French, J. R., Job Demands and Worker Health
French, J. R. P., Jr., Organizational Stress and Individual Strain
Genevay and Simon-Gwen, A Group Approach to Working With Stress
Webb, Privacy and Psychosomatic Stress: An Empirical Analysis
Beck, What to do When You're Under Stress
Wild and Hanes, A Dynamic Conceptual Framework of Generalized Adaptation to Stressful Stimuli
Youngs, B. B., Stress: It Doesnt Have to Control Your Life
Zurcher, L. A.; Mendour, A.; and Zurcher, S. L., Value Orientation, Role Conflict and Alienation From Work: A Cross-Cultural Study
Becker, A Holistic Approach to Anxiety and Stress
Bell and Wright, Energy Expenditure and Work Stress of Divers Performing a Variety of Underwater Work Tasks
Benson, Your Innate Asset for Combatting Stress
Bishop, J. E., Age of Anxiety-Research is Indicating That Stress is Linked to Physical Illness
Booth and Welch, "Stress, Health, and Political Participation"
Brocher, T., Some Factors Involved in Stress
Buck, Vernon E., A Look at On-the-Job Pressure
Burke and Weir, Marital Helping Relationships: The Moderators Between Stress and Well-Being
Cherness, Egnatios, and Wacker, Job Stress and Career Development in New Public Professionals
Cherry, Stress, Anxiety and Work: A Longitudinal Study
Chiriboga, Life Event Weighting Systems: A Comparative Analysis
Cooper, Malinger, and Kahn, Identifying Sources of Occupational Stress Among Dentists
Cooper and Marshall, Occupational Sources of Stress: A Review of the Literature Relating to Coronary Heart Disease and Mental Ill Health
Crandall, The Effect of Stress on Social Interest and Vice Versa
Crandall and Lehman, Relationship of Stressful Life Events to Social Interest, Locus of Control, and Psychological Adjustments
Cray and Cray, Stresses and Rewards Within the Psychiatrist's Family
Cunningham and Cooper, A Cybernetic Framework for Studying Occupational Stress
Obrist, et al., The Relationship Among Heart Rate, Caratid dp/dt, and Blood Pressure in Humans as a Function of the Type of Stress
Organ, The Meanings of Stress
Parkington and Schneider, Some Correlates of Experienced Job Stress - A Boundary Role Study
Popkin, et al., Recent Life Changes and Outcome of Prolonged Competitive Stress
Pratt, Perceived Stress Among Teachers: The Effects of Age and Background of Chidren Taught
Pratt, Stress and Opportunity in the Role of the Prison Welfare Officer
Rabkin, J. G. and Struening, E. L., Life Events, Stress, and Illness
Rapaport, L., In Defense of Social Work: An Examination of Stress in the Profession
Redfield and Stone, Individual Viewpoints of Stressful Life Events
Reed, Stress in Live-in Child Care
Robbins, Meyersburg and Tanck, Interpersonal Stress and Physical Complaints
Rodahl and Vokac, Work Stress in Norwegian Trawler Fishermen
Rogers, Components of Organizational Stress Among Canadian Managers
Rosenberg and Dohrenwend, Effects of Experience and Ethnicity on Ratings of Life Events as Stressors
Ross and Johnson, Social-Evaluative Anxiety and Defensive Style
Rummel and Rader, Coping with Executive Stress
Sandler and Block, Life Stress and Maladaptation of Children
Sarason and Johnson, Life Stress, Organizational Stress, and Job Satisfaction
Schless, Teichmon, Mendels, and Di Giacomo, The Role of Stress as a precipitating Factor of Psychiatric Illness
Schless and Mendels, The Value of Interviewing Family and Friends in Assesing Life Stressors
Selzer and Vinokur, Life Events, Subjective Stress and Traffic Accidents
Shirom, et al., Job Stresses and Risk Factors in Coronary Heart Disease Among Five Occupational Categories in Kibbutzim
Siyal, Effects of Paternal Exposure to Prolonged Stress on the Mental Health of the Spouse and Children
Stokols, D., et al., Traffic Congestion, Type A Behavior and Stress
Student, Changing Values and Management Stress
Styles and Cavanaugh, Stress in Teaching and How to Handle it
Tessler, Mechanic, and Diamond, The Effect of Psychological Stress on Physician Utilization: A Prospective Study
Theorell, Selected Illnesses and Somatic Factors in Relation to Two Pyschosocial Stress Indices - A Prospective Study on Middle-Aged Construction Building Workers
Continuing Education Workshops and Seminars in notebooks:
Depression: Theory, Research, and Applied Interventions, January 9-10, 1980
Use of Group Resources in Building Staff Effectiveness, October 5, 1973
Community Leadership Workshop, City of Galveston, Texas, November 6-8, 1975
Institute on Program Design in the Human Services: Issues and Alternatives
Project Management Workshop, August 28-29, 1978
Executive Management Seminar for Regional Administrators of the Texas State Department of Public Welfare
A Workshop on Manpower for Planning, April 5-6, 1972
Making Effective Use of Financial Counseling: New Consumer Knowledge for Workers, June 28-30, 1976
Planning a Social Services Delivery System for Accountability in the State of Arkansas Department of Social and Rehabilitative Services, June 6-8, 1973
Upper Planning Seminar, Santa Fe, New Mexico, April 28-30, 1976
Women in Administration, June 21-23, 1976
A Symposium/Workshop Program for the Development of Management Capability for Community Level Coordination of Services for Youth, April 7-11, 1975
Institute on Board and Advisory Councils, July 15-19, 1974
CDL2/H311 (4434647) Continuing Education notebooks:
Women in Administration
Facing the Future: New Roles and Issues for DHR Personnel and Staff in the 80's, March 26-29, 1979
Management of Human Resource Programs, A Career Development Seminar for Texas Department of Public Welfare, 1975
Extent (2 notebooks)
A Self-Instructional Module For Early Periodic Screening Diagnosis Treatment: Marketing E. S. P. D. T. to Clients, June 1975
Interviewing Skills, El Paso, Texas, July 13-14, 1978
Applied Research Methods as a Tool in Program Planning, February 7-9, 1977
Interagency Coordination: Designing Service Delivery Networks and Systems, November 3-5, 1976
Social Work in the Barrio, May 8-9, 1975; July 10-11, 1975; July 14-15, 1975
CDL2/H312 (4429534) CEWS:
Staff Development workshop, 1975
Assessment in Human Services Planning, 1976
Program Activity and Control Document for Training and Development Program for the Management of Child and Family Services, 1974
Basic Approaches to Understanding Human Behavior, 1980
Social Marketing in the Human Services, 1976
Meeting the Personnel Challenges of the 70s, 1976
Rational Planning Process in Human Services Planning, 1975
Human Services Planning, 1976
Human Services Managemnt Seminar, 1976
CDL2/H313 (4429512) Research articles concerning stress and burnout
CDL2/H314 (4416532) Continuing Education Workshops:
Depression: Children's Protective Services and A/B/D, 1979
Planning and Budgeting, 1976
Advanced Seminar in Upper Management, 1976
A Career Development Program for the Texas Department of Public Welfare, 1975
Evaluating Contractual Procedures, 1976
Needs Assesment in Human Services Planning, 1976
CDL2/H315 (4517857) Evaluation of Regional DHR Programs, 1978
Applied Research Methods for Decision Makers, 1978
Social Services in Support of EPSDT, 1975
Planning for the Rural Aged, 1973
Planning for the Urban Aged, 1973
Management of Human Resource Programs, 1974-1975
A Career Development Seminar for the Texas Department of Public Welfare, 1975
Innovative Services: The Use of Parent Aides in Child Protective Services, 1979
Planning a Social Services Delivery System for Accountability, Evaluation, Texas, New Mexico, 1973
Seminar in Public Health Nursing Skills in Consultation and Program Evaluation, 1973
Social Services Workshop Notebook, 1973
CDL2/H316 (4517868) Seminar certificates, blank
Aging Seminar program material, 1972
Depression: Theories and Treatment, 1978
Upper Management Seminar, Louisiana Division of Family Service, 1976
Losses due to Disease, Disability and Death, 1975
Planning a Social Services Delivery System for Accountability, 1973
Foundations of Alcohol Programming, 1973
Advanced Management Seminar for Human Services Fields, 1972
Management of Human Resource Programs, 1974
CDL2/H317 (4517960) Workshop materials
Evaluation Research, by Carol H. Weiss, 1972
Harwood, Lucy: Senior thesis paper. plan II, TC 359
Elmquist, Judy: Texas Elks, Childrens Diagnostic Center, Gonzales, Maura O'Keefe, instructor
Pelton, Lee: D. P. Oak Springs M. H. M. R., 3000 Oak Springs, 926-5301
Lyons, Teresa - Meridell: Steve Clark, instructor
Beard, Bil: Family Services, 2001 Cericon, 476-0607
Jones, Kelly: AWARE, A & P
Davis, Mark: San Marcos Treatment Center
Gallego-Nino, Susan: Health Department, Becky Lewis, super.
Alter, Eileen: A & P - Creative Rapid Learning Center
Weisman, Deanne: A & P, Austin-Travis County Health Department
CDL2/H318 (4434545) Effective practice in HS, February 1, 1985
Family assesment, April 12, 1985
CE (Continuing Education) co-sponsor, Society for Clinical Social Work, September 27-29, 1985
CE Children as Parents: Breaking the Cycle, Austin, October 16-18, 1986
Curriculum building workshop, co-sponsor/Continuing Education, October 26, 1985
Dealing with problem student brings into the field, October 28, 1985
CE Assesment and Prevention of Suicide, Austin TCC, November 12, 1985
CE Geriatric Suicide, Austin TCC, November 12, 1985
CE sponsored conference, suicide, November 12-13, 1985
CE Depression and Sucicide Among the Young, Austin TCC, November 13, 1985
Co-sponsor LBJ, C and FS, W. Committee, Texas families, November 14-15, 1985
Co-sponsored, Texas families, Child and Family Service and Others, November 14-15, 1985
CE Loss and Beginning Again, Austin, November 14-15, 1985
Surviving Stress: To Field Ins. Rec, Continuing Education from SSW, November 18, 1985
Co-sponsor, NHSW disasters workshop, November 18, 1985
Co-sponsor, CAPA child Psychotherapy, November 22, 1985
Social work interface with allied professions, January 29, 1986
Family Life Cycle, February 4, 1986
CE Physical and Mental Health Implications for the Hispanic Woman, UTEP, sponsors: UTEP, UT Austin, U. S.-Mexico Border Health Association, El Paso Mental Health Association February 14, 1986,
CE Tools and Techniques for Educational Supervision, Jatinen
CE Ethnic Sensitive Group Work Practice, Austin, Texas, Carver Library, sponsors: School of Social Work, African and Afro-American Studies, UT Austin, Friends of the Carver Museum February 21, 1986,
CE School Problems and Family Systems, sponsor: Austin Child Guidance Center
Women in Management, Austin, February 26, 1986
Master list
Women Management letter, February 26, 1986
CE Women in Management, Austin, March 20, 1986
Texas Baptist Children Home Workshop, G. Herlie, Spring 1986
Adolescence in Transition, April 11-12, 1986
CE Texas Society of Clinical Social Work:
Dallas, April 24, 1986
Austin, April 25, 1986
Houston, April 26, 1986
Psychological tests
Understanding psychological testing
Proposal writing, May 2, 1986
Building Research and Action Programs, proposal writing, May 2, 1986
Symposium on Human Services in U. S. and Mexico, June 19-20, 1986
CDL2/H319 (4434534) Administrative Workshop for Graduate Field Instructors, September 15, 1986:
Administrative Workshop for Field Instructors, B. Williams
Field (Austin)
The Unique Psychology of the Very Old, September 17, 1986:
Psychology of the Old, Garcia
Unique Psychology of the Very Old, Aging
The Unique Psychology of the Very Old: Implications for Practice
Close to Home: Treating the Mentally Ill, Brown School, September 19-20, 1986:
CE Community Mental Health in the Modern Era, Austin, Texas, sponsors: SSW, Texas Alliance for the Mentally Ill
Close to Home, Texami
The Application to Cybernetic Thinking to Human Service, September 26, 1986
Freud lecture, September 26, 1986
Third Conference TSCSW, Barnwell, September 26-27, 1986
TSCSW (Freud Conference) September 27, 1987
Understanding Psychological Testing, October 14, 1985
Understanding Psychological Testing, November 14, 1984
NHSW Convention, October 15-17, 1986
Building Research and Action Programs, proposal writings, October 24, 1986:
Registration information list
Building Research and Action Programs
Schedule and faculty
Family Resources and the Elderly, November 6, 1986
Conference on Violence, November 6-8, 1986
Leadership Texas Alumnae Retreat, Corpus Christi, (empty) November 7-8, 1987
Alzheimers Disease, November 12, 1986
Alzheimers disease
Registrations, list of participants
CDL2/H320 (4434669) Understanding Psychological Tests, 1986
New Directions for Field Instructors, 1986
Family Diversity in Texas, 1986
Family Change… Taking Care… Aged Health Issues, 1986
Clinical Issues in Incest Treatment, 1987
Administrative Workshops for Field Instructors, 1987
Family Life Cycle, 1987
Empowering Black Clients, 1987
Women's Legislative Days, 1987
Long-Term Care, 1987
Strategies for Promoting Mental Health in Adolescents, 1987
Family Life Cycle, 1987
CDL2/H321 (4434691) Women's Roles: Lecture series, Spring 1987
Policy, Language and Culture in Social Field Work, 1987
Human Services in the Nursing Home, 1987
Family Service Association and Southwest Regional Conference, 1987
Managing Behavioral Problems in Alzheimers Patients, Seton Hospital, 1987
Texas Women's Scholars, 1987
What Children Teach Us About Our Parents, April 4, 1987
Consequences of Adolescent Sexuality, 1987
Women in the Public Sector, 1987
Social Work Values, 1987
Alzheimers Disease: Special Care Policies for Dementia, 1987
Women in Management, 1987
Women's Labor Force, 1987
Women in Public Service/Government Committee for Women, 1988
Ethics in the Workplace, Executive Women, Texas Government, 1987
Taking Charge, Care and Aged Health, UTP, 1986
Texas Society Clinical Social Workers, 4th annual, 1987
CSW in Private Practice, CAPP, 1988
Administrative Workshop for Field Instructors, 1987
Sex Offenders Assesment and Treatment Training, 1988
Enrichment of Human Services Through Knowledge of History and Culture, 1988
Women in Management: Issues in Communication, 1988
CDL2/H322 (4434567) Preparing for Tomorrow: A Workshop on Issues in Aging, 1988
Social Work Certification Workshop, 1988
Self Psychology and the Treatment of the Individual, 1988
Annual Out of Town Field Instructor meeting, 1988
Alzheimer Conference, Seton, 1988
Child Service Workshop, Lutheran Social Service, 1988
Government Training Conference on Crime Victim Assistance, 1988
Alumni Colloquium, 1988
Update on Child Protection Service, 1988
Problem Students, 1988
Education vs. Administrative Supervision of Students, 1988
Permanancy Planning, 1987
Risk workshop, liability, 1988
Women in the Public Sector (WPS), January 22, 1986
Conference Evaluations:
Women in Management
Family Life Cycle: Contemporary Res. Issues
Annual Report to the President
OPM, The Government Trainer
CEP, Previous list from TCC
American Assocaition of St. Social Work Boards, study guide, 1988
2.325/L36 (5228390) "Delivery of Health Care Services to the Poor: Abstracts from Health Care Journals, 1967-1974," Health Services Research Institute and Center for Social Work Research, The University of Texas, 1975
Extent (2 sets of 5 × 8 index cards)
2.325/OD14 Oversize printed material
2.325/K158 History of the Settlement Club, Austin, Texas, by Donna Sue Scott, 1973