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Texas Conference of Churches Records, 1953-2011

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Creator: Texas Conference of Churches
Title: Texas Conference of Churches records
Dates: 1953-2011
Abstract: Meeting minutes, correspondence, subject files, photographs, audiotapes, and film document the history and operation of the Texas Conference of Churches, 1953-2011.
Identification: urn:taro:utexas.cah.00235
Extent: 79.3 linear feet
Language: English .
Repository: Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin

Historical Note

The Texas Conference of Churches is an ecumenical network dedicated to promoting visible unity between Christian church bodies in the state of Texas. TCC began in 1954 and was reconstituted in 1969 (following the Second Vatican Council) to include Roman Catholic participation. The Board of Directors consists of leaders and representatives from eleven different denominational bodies from across the state. Located in the Trull Building on the campus of the Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary, it is the TCC's mission to promote Christian unity and celebrate denominational diversity.

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Meeting minutes, correspondence, subject files, photographs, audiotapes, and film document the history and operation of the Texas Conference of Churches, 1953-2011.


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Conference on Faith and Order
Texas Conference of Churches
Christian leadership
Christian union
Christianity and politics
Church and social problems
Church work with disaster victims
Councils and synods

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Texas Conference of Churches Records, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin.

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Stored onsite at SRH

2.325/A77c [SRH1230000734] Administrative records of the Texas Conference of Churches, including copies of "Texas Ecumenical Action," minutes of meetings of the divisions within the TCC, correspondence, board of directors, white papers, resolutions, etc.
Accession Number 2007-231
2.325/N142 [SRH1230002123] TCC Jewish Christian Forum
TCC Correspondence, 1990-1998
Mary Berwick binder and materials, 1989-1998
Accession 2016-288
2.325/N142 [SRH1230002123] Mary Berwick correspondence, 1990-1997
Death penalty, FI.ACAT Campaign, letters and petitions, 1995
Mary Berwick Commission of Church and Society correspondence, 1990-1994
2.325/D4d [SRH1230000640] Artwork for cover and text shooting copy, March 1988
Accession 2016-299
2.325/J25a [SRH1230001301] Copies of Texas Ecumenical Action, 1998-2005
FiACAT campaign against capital punishment, October-December 1995
Programs, agendas, correspondence, 1983-2006
2.325/OD11 Oversized material
Certificate marking the founding of the Texas Conference of Churches, signed by representatives of several denominations, February 25, 1969
3S133 [SRH1230029541] Photographs
2Y34 Texas Conference of Churches, March 6, 1970

Stored offsite at LSF

96-380/1 Market and Community Impact Assessment: Potential Casino Development, Houston Texas, October, 1994
Scripture/12 step Bridge class manual, 1991
Health Care Security for All: The Single Prayer Answer, May 1992
Teen Birth Data and Statistics in 254 Texas Counties, August 1992
Frank Dietz, summer 1995
The Problems of the Priest: Have his Concerns Become the Church's Crisis?
FHD file to take to Lubbock, December 19, 1991
Letters of greeting, February 1994
25th Annual Assembly of Representatives and miscellaneous, February 1994
Assembly business, 1994
"Others" mailing, January 3-February 23, 1994
Rosters for assembly, 1994
Assembly docket, 1994
Business items, 25th Annual Assembly of Representatives, February 21-23, 1994
Assembly, 1994
96-380/1 Evaluations
Planning Committee
Press releases
Board correspondence, 1991
Correspondence, 1989-1990
Board of Directors meeting, San Antonio, December 9-10, 1991
Board meeting, August 28-29, 1991
Texas Conference of Churches board meeting, Horseshoe Bay, December 10-11, 1990
Board meetings
96-380/1 February 20, 1989
San Antonio, May 21-22, 1989
December 13-14, 1989
February 16, 1990
San Antonio, August 27-28, 1990
Executive Committee meetings
June, 1986
Austin, August 9, 1989
October 25, 1989
January 24, 1990
October 15, 1990
Dallas, July 23, 1991
Executive Structures Committee minutes, 1991-1992
Assembly Mo-Ranch arrangements, 1994
96-380/2 Assembly minutes, 1979-1989
Board meeting dockets and minutes, 1988
Board meeting, Houston, February 22, 1988
Executive Committee meeting, August 25-26, 1988
Board meeting
96-380/2 Austin, February 16, 1987
Harlingen, December 12-13, 1988
August 26-27
Board of Directors' meeting, San Antonio, December 9-10, 1987
Board meeting, dockets and minutes, 1986
Called meeting of the Board of Directors, August 3, 1982
Board of Directors
96-380/2 February, 1981
June, 1981
December, 1981
February, 1982
June, 1982
Meeting, December, 1982
Texas freeze, 1989-1990
Tornadoes/floods, 1990
NCCC technological disaster response
Valley floods, April 1991
Christmas floods south/central Texas, 1991-1992
Brenham gas explosion, April 7, 1992
Texas drought, 1988
Hurricane Gilbert, 1988
Jarrell tornado, 1989
Voluntary organizations active in disaster (VOAID), February 1989, May 1989
Saragosa tornado, 1987
Task Force on Texas Emergency Assistance Program, August-October, 1986
Mexico earthquake, 1985
Columbia volcano eruption, December 1985
Sweetwater, Texas tornado/flood, April-May, 1986
Religious health care packet, prepared by the National Council of Churches, standard version
Health care reform, 1990-1992
96-380/3 Our Corporate Stewardship of the Future: Tenth Annual Assembly of Representatives, Texas Conference of Churches, February 19-21, 1979
Ninth Annual Assembly of Representatives, Texas Conference of Churches, Dallas, Texas, January 30-February 1, 1978
Eighth Annual Assembly of Representatives, Texas Conference of Churches, Austin, Texas, February 28-March 2, 1977
Seventh Annual Assembly of Representatives, Texas Conference of Churches, San Antonio, Texas, February 23-25, 1976
Sixth Annual Assembly of Representatives, Texas Conference of Churches, Austin, Texas, March 3-5, 1975
Fifth Annual Assembly of Representatives, Texas Conference of Churches, Fort Worth, Texas, February 18-20, 1974
Fourth Annual Assembly of Representatives, Texas Conference of Churches, Austin, Texas, February 19-21, 1973
Third Annual Assembly of Representatives, Texas Conference of Churches, Houston, Texas, February 24-26, 1972
Second Annual Assembly of Representatives, Texas Conference of Churches, Austin, Texas, March 1-3, 1971
First Annual Assembly of Representatives, Texas Conference of Churches, Dallas, Texas, February 23-25, 1970
Constituting Assembly, Texas Conference of Churches, Austin Texas, February 24-25, 1969
Texas Council of Churches
96-380/3 Assembly, 1966
Assembly, 1967
Assembly and Texas Council of Churches information pamphlet, 1968
Adolescent Pregnancy and Parenthood Advisory Council: Report to the Seventy Third Texas Legislature, January 1993
96-380/4 Booklet
63 stapled pages
Interim Report and Update to the Seventy Third Texas Legislature, from the Adolescent Pregnancy and Parenthood Advisory Council, 5 stapled pages, October 1992
Report to the Seventy Second Legislature, Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Recommendations and Strategies, October 1990
Bishop's meeting, 1993
Adolescent Pregnancy and Parenthood Advisory Council, agenda, November, 17, 1992
Adolescent Pregnancy and Parenthood Advisory Council meetings
96-380/4 March 14, 1989
Department of Health and Safety, May 9, 1989
June 13, 1989
July 11, 1989
November 14, 1989
January 23, 1990
January 15, 1991
June 27, 1991
September 17, 1991
October 15, 1991
January 21, 1992
May 19, 1992
July 21, 1992
Frank Dietz Texas Council of Churches, 1991-1992
Teen Birth Data and Statistics in 254 Texas Counties, August 1991
Department of Human Services(?), January 17, 1992
Frank Dietz
96-380/4 Fax of a proposal for adolescent pregnancy prevention in the south, 1991-1992
Booklet of teen/parent initiative pilot projects, 1992
Council operations
Letter from the Texas Department of Human Services, 1990-1992
New Braunfels Independent School District: A Student Self Responsibility Curriculum, Abstaining from Sexual Involvement until Marriage, grades 6-9
Teen pregnancy, 1987-1992
Adolescent pregnancy and parenting advisory committee of Texas Department of Human Services, 1988-1992
Minutes and agendas, 1988, 1991
Correspondence, 1987-1991
Ecumenical Networks Corletter, volume 8, number 1
Texas Council of Churches Board
96-380/5 Correspondence
February 17, 1992
Nurture and Forum (cancelled), 1993
Texas Council of Churches Executive Committee meeting
96-380/5 January 10, 1992
Austin, May 27, 1992
Austin, January 14, 1993
Dallas, May 20, 1993
San Antonio, November 3, 1993
Executive Committee correspondence, 1986-1993
Budget and Finance Committee
Budget building
96-380/5 1989
Constitution and Bylaws committees, 1990
Personnel Committee
96-380/5 1989
Personal Committee meeting
96-380/5 1991
Austin, (cancelled), August 8, 1989
Nominating Committee
96-380/5 1993
September 29, 1992
Nominating Committee responses, 1990
Higher Education Commission
Higher Education
96-380/5 Correspondence
Higher education consultation, Austin, May 26, 1992
Higher Education Forum meeting, Austin, April 27, 1992
Higher education meeting, August 19, 1991
Issues of interest
Bible chairs
Higher education reference material, 1990-1991
Conference on Faith and Order
96-380/6 Reports
4th, November 8-10, 1968
2nd and 3rd, November 18, 1966-November 20, 1966, November 3, 1967-November 5, 1967
Baptism into Christ, November 12-14, 1965
27th, November 7-9, 1991
28th, November 12-14, 1992
29th, November 11-13, 1993
The Nature of the Church, 1966
Worship-Evangelism-Modern Man, 1967
The Eucharist and Intercommunion, November 8-10, 1968
Ministry and Priesthood, October 17-19, 1969
Sacred History: A World View for Today?, November 20-22, 1970
Man's Response to the Transcendent, October 29-31, 1971
Touching Divine Ministry, November 3-5, 1972
The Gospel We Hold in Common, October 19-21, 1973
The Holy Spirit as Liberator, October 21, 1974-October 31, 1974
The Prophetic Task, November 20-22, 1975
The Word Made Flesh, 1980
Peace with Justice, 1982
November 13-15, 1986
November 12-14, 1987
25th, Exploring the Parable of Community, November 9-11, 1989
26th, A Texas Experience of Assisi: Growing in Interfaith Understanding and Appreciation, November 8-10, 1990
Rural social science by extension; Texas Agricultural Extension Service; Zerle L. Carpenter, director; the Texas A & M University system, College Station, Texas
Convocation of Worship and Praise; a Service of Anticipation for the 1974 Constitutional Convention of Texas, January 6, 1974
96-380/7 "Value of Life"; numbers 1-12
Friday evening, Ken Vaux; Faith and Order Conference, 1978
Legal consultation, Dr. Galvin
Biomedical workshop, Dr. Norman Porres
Vaux, Galvin, Porres, questions, Faith and Order, Thursday, November 9, 1978
Saturday a.m., Ken Vaux and Porres and questions
"The Laity Connection," Texas Faith and Order Conference, Texas Conference of Churches; "Deschner" , 1981, 1982
Texas Faith and Order Conference, undated
1977 Faith and Order Conference, Casa San Jose, November 17, 1977-November 19, 1977
Faith and Order Conference, 1987
Faith and Order Conference, 1986
Faith and Order Conference, 1970
(6 tapes):
Tape 1
Side A: Opening remarks; 1st Marty talk, part 1
Side B: 1st Marty talk, part 2 to end
Tape 2
Side A: 1st Marty feedback
Side B: 1st Rubin talk, part 1
Tape 3
Side A: end of 1st Rubin talk, feedback
Side B: 2nd Marty talk, part 1
Tape 4
Side A: 2nd Marty talk, part 2 and feedback
Side B: 2nd Rubin talk, part 1
Tape 5
Side A: unknown
Side B: unknown
Tape 6
Side A: Sermonic dialogue
Side B: unknown
10th Faith and Order Conference
Tape 1: First general session, Reverend Courtland Moore presiding, October 21, 1974
Side A: 1st session, October 21, 1974
Side B: 2nd session, October 22, 1974
Tape 2
Side A: unknown
Side B: 3rd general session, 2:30 pm, October 22, 1974
Tape 3
Side A: 4th general session, October 22, 1974
Side B: unknown
Tape 4
Side A: 5th general sessions, October 23,1974
Side B: unknown
1975 Faith and Order Conference;, November 20-22, 1975
Tape 1: First general session; Dr. Philip Scharper, Dr. John Reedy (interviews)
1976 Faith and Order Conference
Tape 1: Reynell Parkins, Thursday evening, Friday morning, Friday afternoon
Tape 2: Parkins through Saturday morning
Tape 3: Parkins, Saturday morning
Tape 5: unknown
1979 Faith and Order Conference;, November 8, 1979-November 10, 1979
Tape 1: Great Affirmations, Sharing Faith Today
Side A: First general session, sharing major affirmations, Jesus Christ; Most Reverend Patrick F. Flores, Reverend Dr. William J. Fogleman, November 8, 1979
Side B: blank
Tape 2
Side A: First general sessions continued: Additional reflections: Hunter Beckelhymer; Charles Dunnam; Linda Hanna; Joseph James; Nelson Lekutlane; James Karagas worship
Side B: Blank
Tape 3
Side A: Second general sessions, Most Reverend Patrick F. Flores, Reverend Dr William J. Fogleman; sharing major affirmations, love of God, November 9, 1979
Side B: Third general session, Most Reverend Patrick F. Flores, Reverend Dr. William J. Fogleman; sharing major affirmations, fellowship of the Holy Spirit, November 9, 1979
Tape 4
Side A: Fourth general session, Most Reverend Patrick F. Flores, Reverend Dr. William J. Fogleman, sharing major affirmations, November 10, 1979
Side B: wrap up session
Texas Conference of Churches; Mo-Ranch, November 1985
Tape 1: Thursday afternoon #1
Tape 2: Thursday afternoon #2
Tape 3: Friday morning
Tape 4: Friday morning #1
Tape 5: Friday morning #2
Faith and Order Conference
Tape 1
Side 1: Questions and answers
Side 2: Dr. Galvin, part I (10 minutes)
Tape 2
Side 1: Dr. Charles O. Gavin, part II
Side 2: continued
Tape 3
Side 1: Reverend Dr. Kenneth L. Vaux, part I
Side 2: Dr. Vaux, part III, conclusion; Dr. Porres
Tape 4
Side 1: Reverend Dr. Kenneth L. Vaux, part II
Side 2: Continued
Tape 5
Side 1: Reverend Dr. Kenneth L. Vaux, part III
Side 2: Dr. Norma Porres, part I
Tape 6
Side 1: Dr. Norma Porres, part II
Side 2: continued
Speeches 1, 3, 4
Jorge Lara-Braud; 15th assembly, master tape-speech 1, 2, 3, 4, February 20-22, 1984
1981 Faith and Order Conference
1982 Faith and Order Conference
Tape 1: First morning and evening
Tape 2: First morning and afternoon
Tape 3: Friday afternoon
Tape 4: unknown
Tape 5: Last morning
1982 CLC Workshops, SWBTS; "Christian and Public Education"
Tape 1
Side 1: Tim La Haye
Side 2: Frank Stagg
Tape 2
Side A: John Baker
Side B: Bob Patterson
Bishop Armstrong's first and second speeches
Distribution and Allocation of Health Care Resources, December 3, 1976
Tape 1: Grant F. Begley, M. D., presiding; Dr. James F. Childress, major presentation; Responses: C. Dean Davis, (John Moore), Floyd A. Norman, Jr., M. D., Mario A. Cadena, Vayden M. Stanley, M. D.; Facilitator: Dr. John B. Moore
Tape 2: Dr. James F. Childress, C. Dean Davis, Floyd A. Norman, Jr., M.D., Mario A. Cadena, Vayden M. Stanley, M.D.; Facilitator: Dr. John B. Moore
Committee for National Health Insurance press conference, New Senate Office Building, Washington D. C., July 28, 1978
Senator Edward Kennedy (D-Mass); Lane Kirkland Secretary/Treasurer, AFL-CIO; William Hutton, National Council of Senior Citizens; Bob Barry, Inter-religious Coalition for Health Care; Ruth Kobell, National Farmers Union; Dr. Jay Dobkin, President, Physicians National House staff Association; Max Fine, Director Communications for National Health Insurance; George Meany, President, AFL-CIO
"The Church and Cable TV:"
Conversations with Charles Hamilton, teleprompter and David Pomeroy, National Council of Churches, U.S.A
James West
The Presidential address, Most Reverend Tschoepe
Remarks of Aldo Sbaffi; Texas Conference of Churches Assembly, March 4, 1975
"Impact: Religion" (pilot program for NBC radio)
Ed Deane, Texas Conference of Churches, Division of Com. meeting, "Cable TV and Church" , May 14, 1981
A new radio series
Side 1
"Connecting People to the Faith""People to People""People to Action"
Side 2
"The Connection Story"
Excerpts from future programs
Texas Conference of Churches, February 20, 1979
Governor William P. Clements
Reverend William J. Fogleman
Texas Conference of Churches, 10th Annual Assembly of Representatives, February 19-21, 1979
Side 1: Our Corporate Stewardship of the Future, Dr. Anthony Campolo
Side 2: State breakfast
Governor William P. Clements, Jr.
Reverend Dr. William J. Fogleman
"Models of Ministry in the Small Church," Texas Conference of Churches, Austin, September 17-19, 1980
KERYGMA II, communications reform, March 1978
96-380/7 1975 Faith and Order Conference; Mo-Ranch
3 boxes of unlabeled slides
Video tapes
96-380/7 1st general session: Sharing of major affirmations; Reflections, November 8, 1979
2nd general session: Sharing of major affirmations; Small group sharing #4, November 9, 1979
3rd general session: Sharing of major affirmations, November 9, 1979
4th general session: Sharing of major affirmations; Wrap up session, November 10, 1979
Group discussion, groups 2 and 3, November 9, 1979
Photographs and negatives
96-380/8 Cuidad Juarez La Frontera, October 1992
October 24-26, 1992
July 31
October 23-24, 1992
Texas Conference of Churches, 1993 assembly and 1988 NAES Conference
October 24, 1992
November 7-8, 1991
November 13, 1992
Mary Berwick, Faith and Order, November 23, 1993, 1993
IEA, November 13, 1993
Fitzpatrick award
Texas Conference of Churches, row 3
Front page pictures
Assembly collage, row 1
Row 2
FRK speaking
Row, 4
La Frontera, October 1992
Faith and Order, November 8-10, 1995
All from FHD's desk, July 1995
Robert H. Reid, Christian Recorder
Cuidad Juarez La Frontera/border consultation, October 1992
Unidentified photographs
El Paso
62 assembly pictures
Texas Conference of Churches, 1981
El Paso (Black River) Teachers Retreat, 1963
Conference on Church's Ministry to Youth, Lakeview, November 18-21, 1963
Conference on church and State, Dallas assembly, 1963
2 women, November 13, 1992
Glen Rose Youth Work Retreat, March 1960
Appeared in Tidings, May 1958
Audio tape
96-380/8 Fred H. Erickson, Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)
Second annual meeting, Texas Council of Churches, Fort Worth, Texas, January 5-7, 1955
Texas Conference of Churches
96-380/8 First assembly, 1954
News Bulletin , May 1956
96-380/8 Mrs. Marcella Schwengel
Historical material
Printed material
96-380/8 Letterhead, envelopes
Emblem mats
Business card of John Gillies
96-380/8 Waco assembly
Migrant missionary
Biographies and clippings, undated
Photographs and negatives
96-380/9 Very Reverend Alexander Schememann
Reverend Aldo Sbaffi
Ernestine Shirey
Reverend H. Richard Siciliano
Bishop D. Eugene Slater
Judge Zollie Steakley
Reverend Dr. Ralph E. Stone
W. McFerrin Stowe
Reverend Thomas F. Stransky, C.S.P.
Dr. M. Jack Suggs
Mrs. Clarence Swartsfager
Louis W. Schowengerdt
Father Shea
Michael J. Sheehan, Bishop Elect of Lubbock
Father Jim Sinnott
Dr. Robert A. Spivey
Mrs. Loyal Stafford
Vayden Stanley
Reverend Chris C. Steele
William T. Stephenson
Reverend Robert Stewart
Bishop Rembert E. Stokes
Evelyn [Stre?]
Vicki Szukalla
Assembly photos (Dave Poundstone), 1992
Mac Hart speaks to delegates Garland Pohl and Bishop Graham seated to his right
Photographs of Frank
Dave Ruesink
John R. Silber, President of Boston University
David Ruesnik, Rosa Castillo-Wilson, Larry Castillo-Wilson, Dol Deterling
Photographs of events
Photos from the late 1980's and 1990, Brownsville, etc.
Old photos - liturgical dancers at the Church of the Resurrection in Houston, circa 1970-circa 1985
Photographs of events, 1988
Governor Ann Richards signing the Hunger Bill
photos of events, 1987
903 A
903 B
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903 D
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903 G
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903 X
903 Y
903 Z
photos of events, 1984
photos of events, 1985
photos of events, 1986
96-380/10 Texas Conference of Churches, San Antonio, Texas, August 27-28, 1990
Texas Conference of Churches
96-380/10 Annual Assembly of Representatives
23rd, "The Unity We Seek" , February 17-19, 1992
22nd, "Bread for the Journey" , February 18-20, 1991
21st, February 16-18, 1990
Minutes, February 16-18, 1990
20th, February 20-22, 1989
Susan Gilkey, Austin, Crest Hotel, February 20-22, 1989
Minutes, Assembly, 1989
19th, Houston, February 22-24, 1988
Minutes, February 22-24, 1988
18th, Marriott North, Austin, February 16-18, 1987
Directory, Assembly of Representatives, 1987
13th, Houston, February 4-6, 1982
12th, Austin, February 5-7, 1981
11th, McAllen, February 14-16, 1980
Stewards of the State's Resources, 1990
Las Colinias, 1989, 1990
Commission for Christian Unity and Interfaith Relations, 1989-1990
Board of Directors, Texas Conference of Churches (directory), 1990-1991
Texas Conference of Churches
96-380/10 Board meetings, dockets and minutes, 1989
Assembly minutes, 1987
Photographs and negatives
96-380/11 Events
Photographs, slides and negatives
96-380/12 Slides
"A Matter of Facts," slides and an audiocassette tape
"Poverty: A Test for Texans, 1981," slides and an audiocassette tape
Austin assembly, 1979
Joan Penzenstadler, Austin, Texas
March 1977
Pictures Harry has taken
Portrait: 1 woman and 3 cardinals
Texas Conference of Churches, attention Frank Deitz
Stanley Carpentry
Photograph album
Faith and Order, 1983
Faith and Order, 1984
Second Vatican Council
96-380/13 Decree on the Apostolate of the Leity, November 18, 1965
Constitution on the church, "De Ecclesia" , November 21, 1964
On Certain Norms Concerning Worship of the Eucharist Mystery
96-380/13 Instruction
Inaestimabile Donum, Sacred Congregation for the Sacraments and Divine Worship, Vatican City, 1980
Norms for the Cooperation of the Local Churches among Themselves and Especially for a Better Distribution of the Clergy in the World, Vatican Congregation for the Clergy, March 25, 1980
(released July 22, 1980)
Mid-Stream: An Ecumenical Journal, volume XXVII, number 4, October 1988
Recommendations and an Enquiry about Alcoholism among Catholic Clergy, The Bishop's Committee on Priestly Life and Ministry, 1978
Community and Crime, a statement of the Committee on Social Development and World Peace, United States Catholic Conference, February 15, 1978
Bread and Freedom, Understanding and Acting on Human Rights, Ron O'Grady, 1979
Models for Ministry, Creative Administration in the Local Church, Raymond B. Knudson, 1978
Memorandums, newsletters, articles
96-380/13 1992-1993
Consultation on Ecumenical and Interfaith Community Ministries, Houston, March 12-14, 1993
Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility meeting, Houston, Texas, January 25, 1993
Various papers of Reverend Frank Dietz
National Small Church Celebration, Trinity University, August 6-9, 1992
Higher Education Forum
96-380/13 HIV/AIDS and Substance Abuse, September 3, 1992
United Methodist Bishop Installation, Southwest Texas University, San Antonio, September 12, 1992
Interfaith Ministries of Houston
96-380/13 Annual dinner, September 17, 1992
Texas NAES group
96-380/13 Dallas, September 25, 1992
Austin, December 11, 1992
Hogg Foundation, Shared Opportunities, September 25-26, 1992
Town and Country Church Conference, October 5, 1992-October 6, 1992
MHMR Chaplains, workshop, October 12-15, 1992
Texas Conference of Churches Office
96-380/13 Higher Education Forum Meeting, October 13, 1992
Christian Church in the Southwest, Regional Assembly, October 16-18, 1992
Faith and Order, National Council of Churches of Christ in the United States (NCCCUSA), October 16-18, 1992
Texas Bishop's meeting, Austin, November 18-19, 1992
Abortion Task Force, December 14-15, 1992
L. Reynolds, Doctor of Ministry Program, advisor's report due by, December 15, 1992
1993 National Workshop on Christian Unity (XU), Milwaukee, May 10-14, 1993
ELCA, Southwest Texas University, Synod Assembly, Austin Texas, May 14-16, 1993
San Antonio area judiciary heads meeting, June 16, 1993
Youth-at-Risk Conference, Austin, June 25-27, 1993
Article for Mid-Stream, deadline, July 7, 1993
Meeting with Archbishop Flores, San Antonio, July 27, 1993
Church World Service (CWS)/Community Education and Fund Raising (CEFR) meeting, September 14-16, 1993
Rural church network meeting, Omaha, Nebraska, September 23-25, 1993
Church World Service (CWS), 47th assembly, Houston, Texas, September 24-26, 1993
Texas Mobilization Committee meeting, September 27, 1993
Governor's Conference on Volunteer Leadership, Austin, September 27-28, 1993
Corporate Fund for Children, board meeting, October 1, 1993
Town and Country Church Conference, October 4-5, 1993
96-380/13 Planning meetings
Texas Coalition for the Prevention of Child Abuse (TCPCA), board meeting, Austin Texas, October 16, 1993
SCC CUE Committee Meeting, Austin, Texas, October 18, 1993
People First! meeting, Austin Texas, November 1, 1993
Texas School Health Summit, Conroe, Texas, November 3-5, 1993
96-380/13 Executive Committee meeting, Chicago, Illinois, December 1, 1993
Re-Imaging conference, Minneapolis, Minnesota, November 4-7, 1993
National NAES Conference, Lake George, New York, July 9-15, 1993
96-380/14 Texas Conference of Churches, Christian Unity Commission
Faith and Order Conferences
96-380/14 Commission for Christian Unity and Interfaith Relations meetings
March 9, 1994
November 10-11, 1993
Austin, November 9-10, 1994
April 22, 1993
Houston, April 30, 1992
November 11-12, 1992
Mo-Ranch, November 6-7, 1991
April 10, 1991
November 7-8, 1990
April 3, 1990
Mo-Ranch, November 8-9, 1989
Trinity UCC, Austin, May 3, 1989
Correspondence, August 1992 - April 1993
Division for Christian Unity
Christian Unity correspondence
Reference material
Position papers
Interdependent ecumenism paper
Guidelines for ecumenical relationships
Hispanic proselytization document
Week of prayer for Christian unity
National Day of Prayer
Christian Unity workshops
Papal visit to Mexico, 1990
Ordination and installation
1991 ecumenism retreat, (cancelled), September 9-10, 1991
Fitzpatrick Award, 1992
Fitzpatrick Award, East Dallas Cooperative Parish, 1993
Gayle: for Faith and Order, 1990
Faith and Order Conference
96-380/14 1989
November 7-9, 1991
Mo-Ranch, November 11-13, 1993
North American Assisi multi-religious meeting, Kansas, 1988
96-380/15 Texas Ecumenical Action newsletters, 1992-1993
Letters, meeting reports, Assembly of Representatives, 1990-1994
Annual Assembly of Representatives
96-380/15 23rd, The Unity We Seek, February 17-19, 1992
24th, Faith and Faithfulness, February 15-17, 1993
Texas Conference of Churches
96-380/15 Board of Directors' meeting
August 27-28, 1992
December 14, 1992
Crime Victim Rights summit roster, April 29, 1994
Rethinking Texas Taxes, final report of the Select Committee on Tax Equity, volume I: Findings and Recommendations, January 1989
"Family Violence: The Battered Woman," the League of Woman Voters of Texas Education Fund
96-380/15 About Wife Abuse , 1979
Texas Faith and Order Conference
96-380/15 23rd, November 12-14, 1987
22nd, November 13-15, 1986
Maps of Texas
Texas Conference of Churches
96-380/15 Constitution
Constitution, February 25, 1969
Board of Directors roster, 1988-1989
20th Annual Assembly of Representatives, February 20-22, 1989
Letter of Intent, Capstone Real Estate Services, Inc., August 28, 1991
Revisions, September 5, 1991
Office relocation research
Leasehold Improvements Agreement, October 1, 1991
La Frontera Consultation, Cuidad Juarez, Mexico, October 22-25, 1992
List of participants
Keynote address, Kathleen S. Hurty
Consultation's report on NAFTA
Applicants, semifinalists and finalists
The People and the Faithful on the Border, Professor Moises Mendez
Bringing Ecumenism to Hispanic Christians, Bishop Ramirez
The Border, William Langewiesche, June 1992
"Latin America,"Business Week , June 1992
Women and Economic Justice Conference, El Paso Texas
"Meeting the Challenge," 3rd Annual Border Health Conference, October 1991
Las Maquiladores y Los Substancies Toxicas: Costos no Divulgados de la Produccion al Sur de la Frontera, Leslie Kochan
Putting Children and Families First: A Challenge for our Church, Nation and World, United States Catholic Conference, November 1991
March Against the Death Penalty, April 1991
Conference on Prison Ministries, McKinney, Texas, April 27, 1991
American Correctional Chaplains Association, April 22-24, 1991
96-380/15 The President's Youth Service Awards
Resume and application for Ecumenical Executive of Texas Conference of Churches
96-380/15 John J. Fitzpatrick, June 28, 1982
David Jennings, ISCH
Letter to Bishop Fitzpatrick from Rod Coleman
La Frontera Coalition for Justice in the Maquiladoras
96-380/16 Aids in Texas: Facing the Crisis, 71st Legislature, January 1989
Newspaper clippings
Report on the Americas , May 1991
La Frontera/Border Consultation, 1992
La Frontera report, October 22-25, 1992
Cuidad Juarez, El Paso, Mary Berwick, Texas Conference of Churches
Contact persons, 1992
Consultations, 1992
Consultations, 1992-1993
Pastoral visit to La Frontera, April 29-30, 1993
Border consultation, October 18-19, 1991
Deborah Davis
El Paso meeting, June 9, 1992
Frank's file
Planning for meeting
Planning meeting, El Paso, May 8-9, 1992
Border consultation planning, 1991
Coalition for Justice
Fast-Track resource materials
Memo, Ghost Ranch 1992 conference information, 1993
Refugee Crisis in the Rio Grande Valley of South Texas, report, 1989
96-380/17 Newspaper clippings, Houston Chronicle
96-380/17 Texas Conference of Churches
Kiramon, February 27, 1996
Assembly, 1994
Opening worship
Tuesday morning
Tuesday afternoon
Father Nick closing
Board meeting, December 19, 1994
Faith and Order, 1994
Opening worship
Sister Maria Elena, Thursday night, Friday opening
Friday morning presentations
Board meeting, December 14, 1992
Assembly, 1992
Faith and Order, 1991
Assembly, 1991
February 18-20, 1991
Closing reflections with Dr. Eck
Diana Eck closing remarks
Theme presentation, Dr. Eck
Closing reflections with Dr. Eck
Theology of Addiction, John Bradshaw
Board meeting, December 9-10, 1991
Faith and Order, 1988
Cantos de Taize, 36 canciones
Board meeting, August 28, 1991
Sessions I-IV
Faith and Order, 1994
A Texas Experience of Assisi, Dr. Diana Eck, November 9, 1990
Theme presentation
Session 1, open discussion
2nd business, February 15, 1993
Worship, Tuesday night, February 16, 1993
Leg. breakfast, February 17, 1993
Wednesday morning, February 17, 1993
End of assembly, February 17, 1993
Faith and Order, November 11, 1993
Board of Directors
Meeting, December 13, 1993
Lunch, December 13, 1993
Faith and Order, November 8, 1995
November 12, 1993
Friday morning #1
Friday morning #2
Friday afternoon #1
Friday afternoon #2
Saturday liturgy and close
Morning discussion; Friday afternoon
Opening assemblies
Keynote speaker, J. Duke
Respondents; Crosby, Gail, Bill Marion Prenza, Close
K. H. I., February 15, 1993
Tuesday morning session, February 16, 1993
August 26, 1992
August 27, 1992
August 28, 1992
February 15, 1993
Texas Conference of Churches
96-380/18 Criminal Justice, death penalty
Johnny Frank Garret execution
Death penalty issues meeting, October 30, 1991
Criminal justice
Work group rosters, minutes
Newspaper clippings, articles
Resource lists
Community corrections, alternatives to incarceration
Electronic monitoring
Death penalty 1
Death penalty 2
Death penalty 3
Religious leaders against the death penalty
Death row ministry
Attorneys for death row, fundraising
Human Rights Day, Amnesty International, February 4, 1991
Events, conferences
Criminal Justice Conference, 1987
Juvenile justice
Legislative and budget data
Chaplains, TDC
TDC Chaplains meeting, October 30, 1990
Flat time
House Committee on Sentencing and Recidivism, 1988
"Lighting the Torch of Conscience," campaign, 1990
96-380/19 Texas School-age Pregnancy and Prevention Service, Fall 1988
Frank Dietz to regional coordinators, May 2, 1992
APPAC opposition letters
Catholic response to APPAC
Names for regional meeting, May 1
Teen Birth Data and Statistics , April 1993
Texas Conference of Churches
96-380/20 TEA, 1979-1983
Negatives of signatures on scroll, constituting the Texas Conference of Churches, February 25, 1969
The Three Parables, Technological Disasters: Human-made and Preventable
VALLEY, NBC, April 27, 1989
National Workshop on Christian Unity; keynote address, Dr. Avery Post, 1990
Harlingen, San Benito flood, April 4-5, 1991
United States Jobs, Moving to Mexico
Truth, Justice and Peace , 1988
Project Verdad
Breaking the Silence, 11:05
ABSC, Faith Focus, Dr. Outler, March 28, 1988
Texas Department of Human Services: Project Redirection
Your Will be Done, Mission in Christ's Way, October 5, 1988
Task Force on Justice in Criminal Affairs, 1993
Join Hands, Texas Conference of Churches Inaugural, February 26, 1969
VISN Overview, VISN Interfaith Satellite Network
Art contest, project of the peace-making workgroup of the Commission of Church and Society, 1988
96-380/21 TEA, 1973-1979
Abortion Task Force
Austin meeting, August 26-27, 1992
Lubbock meeting, December 19, 1991
Debate: RCAth Diocese of Corpus Christi
ATF responses
Lubbock, May 13, 1992
Policy statements
de Menil nomination
Responses to Reader's Digest article against WCC
Aids Services of Austin (ASA) Initiative Steering Committee
East Dallas Cooperative Parish (EDCP) information
United Mine Workers
Youth travel seminar in the Soviet Union, Linda J. Evans
Office of the Governor
Gulf crisis, November 1990
Rothko Chapel
Interfaith Peace Service, March 31, 1991
Human Rights Awards, 1991
Catholic, Episcopal dialogue
Lutheran reform
Orthodox, Catholic
Catholic, Methodist dialogue
Lutheran, Episcopal dialogue
North American Interfaith Conference
Tri-Faith Colloquium, Trinity University, San Antonio Texas, March 8, 1992
Operation Outreach, 1990
Operation Outreach, 1989
Texas Conference of Churches
96-380/22 Join Hands films
Master mug track
Original A and B rolls
MoRanch, outdoor ECO original
Original, color; 2 reels, 1200 feet and 560 feet
Dance and multiscreen, camera original
Single original of Dance
Heads-Tails, 82417-82620
96-380/23 Criminal justice; capital punishment; Church World Service; ecumenical relations
Sex offenders treatment
Women in prison
Amnesty International
NCADP Conference, 1989
Death Row Legal Defense Fund
Presbyterian Fund
Family role in reducing recidivism
Families of prisoners
Family Corrections Network (FCN)
Help Our Prisoners Exist (HOPE)
JSAC, JUST news; An update on Criminal Justice , winter/spring 1990, summer 1989
Justice Jottings
Network Newsletter, Mennonite Central Committee
Support group for women with husbands in prison in Travis County
National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty
Texas Council on Crime and Delinquency (TCCD)
State organizations
Adult Probation Commission
Board of Pardons and Paroles
Commission on Jail Standards
Criminal Justice Policy Council
House Law Enforcement Committee
Texas Council on Juvenile Justice (TCJJ)
Texas Department of Corrections (TDC)
Texas Department of Corrections, visits
Community service option program
Judicial Process Committee; Justicia
HMM Youth victim witness program
Hispanic proselytization, 1980-1985
Scientology, 1985-1986
Consultation on Church Unity (COCU)
Reference material, 1980-1981
Church World Service seminars, 1979 and prior
Texas Conference of Churches
96-380/24 Member judicatories (denominations)
Assembly, 1994
Annual meeting, Arlington, Texas
Drury Inn, hotel information packet
African Methodist Episcopal
Christian Church, state/national
Bluebonnet area
Central area
Central Plains area
North Texas area
Hi-Plains area
Lower Rio Grande Valley
Northeast area
Tres Rois area
Southwest area
Disciples News Service
Christian Methodist Episcopal
Church of the Brethren
Cumberland Presbyterian Church
Episcopal Church (state/national)
Diocese of Dallas
Diocese of Fort Worth
Diocese of Northwest Texas
Diocese of the Rio Grande
Diocese of Texas
Diocese of West Texas
Religious Society of Friends
Greek Orthodox Church
Presbyterian (PCUS/UPCUSA), Synod and national
Grace Union Presbytery
Grace Presbytery tax meeting, 1988
Mission Union Presbytery
Palo Duro Union Presbytery
General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (USA)
Roman Catholic Church (state/national); Texas Catholic Conference
Archdiocese of San Antonio
Corpus Christi
El Paso
Fort Worth
San Angelo
Roman Catholic Diocese of Tyler
United Church of Christ
United Methodist Church
New Mexico Conference
North Texas Conference
Northwest Texas Conference
Rio Grande Conference
Bishop Dixon retirement dinner, June 14, 1992
Southwest Texas conference
Texas conference
Unity of the Brethren
The Evangelical Lutheran Church in American
Texas Conference of Churches Assembly, 1995
96-380/25 Commission for Christian Unity and Interfaith Relations, November 10, 1994
26th Annual Assembly, February 20-21, 1995
Assembly of Representatives
Hotel/facility arrangements
Planning Committee
Press releases
Name tag checklists and breakouts
Assembly packet
Copy for folders
Schedule, extra and original
Mary W.
Non-denominational presentations and other handouts
Monday evening conversations
30th Faith and Order Conference Packets
Assembly photographs, 1995
Assembly, 1994
Assembly invitations, 1995
Assembly information forms
Assembly delegates, 1994
National Church World Service, 1994
National Church World Service, 1993
Local, Regional Ecumenism History Project
National Council of Churches consultation on Statewide Ecumenism, New Orleans, February 2-5, 1995
Texas Conference of Churches
96-380/26 Domestic violence, child abuse
Booklets on various social concerns in Texas
The Aging: A Religious Response Ability
Testimony, United States Department of Justice
Child abuse
Consumer issues
Resources, general
Consumers Union
Public Citizen
Texas Consumer Association
Tort reform
Church, state
Policy statements
Church and public policy
Baylor Church/State Conference
Clergy confidentiality
Ethics in government
Moral Majority/New Right
School prayer/access
Taxation of church property
Texas law for Texas clergy
Texas Law for Texas Clergy Conference, 1991
Death and dying
Policy statements
Texas Council on Disabilities
Domestic violence
Work group, roster, minutes
Domestic violence meeting, June 2, 1986
Child abuse
Elder abuse
96-380/27 Middle East, Gulf War and Texas Legislature correspondence
Middle East, 1987-1990
Working Group on Middle East meeting
September 6, 1989
June 16, 1989
Texas Committee on U. S.-Arab Relations, 1989
The Gulf War #1, 1991
The Gulf War #2, 1991
Policy statements, 1990-1991
The Link, 1989-1991
General resources, 1986, 1989
Public school finance, 1985-1988
Literacy event, September 12, 1990
Central Texas Citizens Education Project
Peace liturgies
Policy statements
South Africa
Policy statements
Women's issues
General resources
Comparable worth
Genetic engineering
Border issues
The role of family
Family Service Center, Family Focus
Voting records
United States Constitution Bicentennial, "We the People"
Bork nomination, 1987
Study-Action Booklet Curriculum for Fall
A Bible Study Booklet Robert McAfee Brown
NCCC's Re-making of America
Christic Institute
People for the American Way
Organizations to know
United States Constitution
Texas Legislature
IMPACT briefings
IMPACT briefing, April 4, 1991
Legislative reports
Texas legislature, State Income Tax, 1991
State Comptroller, fiscal notes
Testify letters
Texas Legislature
Governor's office
Legislative session, 1989
71st legislative session, 1989
Other organizations and publications
Baptist Christian Life Commission, "Light"
Directors of Volunteer in Agencies (DOVIA)
National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy
National Coalition on Television Violence (NCTV)
People for the American Way
Realistic Living, Journal on Ethics and Religion
Texas Catholic Conference
Texas Leader
Texas Council of Family Relations (TCFR)
Heifer Project International
Catholic Trends , 1990
The Monitor
IRS regulations regarding lobbying
"Unlocking the Future of Texas," Lt. Governor Bill Hobby
Texas Conference of Churches annual assembly, September 26-28, 1988
96-380/28 A Survival Guide for Ecumenically Minded Christians, Thomas Ryan, CSP
Texas Ecumenical Action
Middle East Policy Statement , November 6, 1980
The Presbytery of Tres Rois , October 13-14, 1995
The Political Activity of the Religious Right in the 1990's: A Critical Analysis, Lori Forman
Operation Dorm Room
Fort Stockton
The Interfaith Alliance
17th annual Southwest Region APA conference, August 1-4, 1996
For the Asking
Outline of Commission of Church and Society
The 74th Session of the Texas Legislature: Winning the Showdown with the Radical Religious Right
Joint Statement of Concern, Texas State Board of Education elections
People for the American Way
Profile of selected religious right organizations in the United States and their international outreach
Information on religion in schools
Texas farmer's markets
Letter to the Director of Texas Conference of Churches from the United Way
Memo concerning the United Way
Cabinet of the Council of Conference Ministers
African and Jewish American Dialogue: Building Bridges Over Wounded Hearts
Religion in education materials
Spring 1982
Immigration and Naturalization Service, Washington Association of Churches, raid on, August 14, 1991
Labor issues
Division meetings
Spring 1982
Spring 1983
Fall 1983
Spring 1984
Fall 1984
Spring 1985
Fall 1985
November 13-14, 1985
June 5, 1986
October 22, 1986
January 14, 1987
Correspondence and outlines related to the Faith and Order Task Force
Rodney King verdict, Los Angeles riots and Texas reaction
Minutes of Division of Church and Society, March 15-16, 1984
Joint Steering Committee meetings
July 7, 1986
January 5, 1987
August 4, 1987
Division of Church and Society meeting
October 9-10, 1986
April 24, 1987
Junior High retreat, 1995
Synod of the Sun teleconference
Chimney Spring Camping report
North Korea flooding memo
Church contribution summary, 1995
Commission of Church and Society meeting
Austin, April 20-21, 1988
Austin, October 19, 1988
Austin, October 20-21, 1993
Austin, April 21, 1993
April 23, 1992
Amarillo, October 9-10, 1991
San Antonio, September 30-October 1, 1992
Carrollton, April 12
MoRanch, November 7-8, 1990
Austin, St. John's United Methodist Church, April 4-5, 1990
September 19-20, 1995
Minutes, April 17, 1996
Dallas, April 20, 1995
Special meeting, June 21, 1995
Madison Avenue Presbyterian Church, San Antonio, April 14, 1990
Bishop Mason Retreat Center, October 12-13, 1994
Prisoner Visitation and Support (PVS)
Disaster response seminar, Houston, September 14-15, 1982
West Texas farm disaster, 1982
Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (VOAID), 1985:
Conference, 1983
Ecumenical Development Cooperative Society (EDCS)
Worship, 1986
Teaching Sex and sexuality
Registrants COCU consultation, January 18-19, 1990
IMPACT relations, 1985, 1986
Steering Committee meeting, Austin, March 3, 1988
96-380/29 Faith and Order conferences
November 10-12, 1988
Planning Committee, April 30, 1991
Planning meetings, 1990
Planning, Houston, February 21, 1990
Planning, January 11, 1990
Planning meeting, Houston, March 16, 1989
Planning meeting, December 1, 1988
Speakers and speeches, 1993
Planning meeting, March 26, 1990
MoRanch arrangements, 1993
Invitations, 1993
Promotion, 1993
Evaluation and follow-up, 1993
Worship, 1993
Programs, concerns
Anti-Catholicism, 1983, 1985
Baptism, Eucharist and ministry, 1983-1986
Church, Christian unity organizations and material, 1986
Church Union, 1988-1989
Church Union file
Church Union reference materials
Church Union reference materials, 1987-1990
Church Union Consultation, Horseshoe Bay, January 18-19, 1990
National workshops
On Christian unity
Coordination in Development (CODEL), 1982, 1990
Scientology, 1986-1989
Cultism, fundamentalism
Cultism, 1991, 1992
Fundamentalists Anonymous, 1987
Course in miracles, undated
The family, 1993
Branch Davidian, Mt. Carmel, Waco, Texas, 1993
Career development centers
Ecumenical organizations, materials and events
Ecumenical clergy retreats, 1984-1986
Ecumenical efforts, correspondence, 1978-1990
Ecumenical Library, 1982-1988
Rothko Chapel, 1986-1988
St. Benedicts Farm, 1983-1988
Taize, 1983
Letter from Taize, 1989, 1991
Thanksgiving Square, 1981-1991
AT-ONE-MENT newsletter, 1986-1991
CRUX of the news , 1988
Ecumenical trends, Graymoor Institute, 1986-1990
National Institute for Christian Arts, 1987
Liturgical Conference, 1989
Interfaith Caring Ministries, 1986
National Parks Ministry, 1988-1989
Mt. Sequoyah Ecumenical Mission Conference, June 3-7, 1990
A. D. Players, 1990
Covenant Players
Council for a Parliament of the World's Religions, 1990
Ecumenical Consulting Association Incorporated, 1990
Bishop Medards Domez Ecumenical Service, Harlingen, May 22, 1991
International Eucharistic Fellowship, 1983
Inclusive language, 1983
Mixed marriages
Proselytization within the Christian community, 1985-1987
Texas Conference of Churches
96-380/30 Jewish-Christian
Israel Study Mission
Commission meeting, September 23, 1986
Correspondence, 1988
Autry House, Houston, December 15, 1988
January 21, 1988
September 17, 1987
(Cancelled), April 30, 1987-May 1, 1987
San Antonio, November 3, 1993
Houston, May 19, 1993
Austin, November 5, 1992
San Antonio, March 9, 1992
April 25, 1991
November 20, 1990
Houston, November 29, 1989
San Antonio, May 10, 1989
Houston, January 24, 1989
Issues of interest
Dallas Area Middle East discussion, Tuesday, September 11, 1990
Event V
Event IV
Seminarian Event, January 2-4, 1990
Elie Wiesel
Tyler Interfaith Project
Gulf War, 1991
Reference, 1991
Reference materials
LIGHTS on Jewish-Christian relations
Face to Face
Religion in politics
Meeting with Governor about youth, August 15, 1994
Border Task Force, San Juan, September 20-21, 1994
AIDS Service of Austin awards ceremony, September 20, 1994
Town and Country Church Conference
October 3-4, 1994
Planning meetings, 1994
Corporate Fund for Children, board retreat, October 5, 1994
Texas IMPACT fall board retreat, October 6-7, 1994
United States hearings on racism, October 7-19, 1994
NCC/WCC racism hearings, conference call, August 11, 1994
Justice in Criminal Affairs Task Force, Austin, November 1, 1994
Texas Ecumenical and Interreligious Executive's meeting, Austin, November 1, 1994
Rural Church Network meeting, San Juan, November 3-6, 1994
National Council of Churches of Christ (NCCC)/USA general board meeting, New Orleans, November 10-12, 1994
American Bible Society, Bible Sunday, November 20, 1994
Texan's War on Drugs campaign, fall 1994
Red Ribbon State Coalition, Texan's War on Drugs
National Council of Churches of Christ, Transformation Committee
Church World Service, Rwanda relief effort, 1994
Justice in Criminal Affairs (JCA), Task Force, regional meeting, San Antonio, June 22, 1994
96-380/31 Rural Social Sciences by Extension
Austin, May 15-17, 1989
Task Force
Training seminar, August 16-18, 1988
Meeting, Austin, June 1, 1988
Stress Management Committee, January 30, 1988
Rural Sociology Text, Jim Copp
Texas Rural Leadership Program, South Link, 2000
American Family Farm Foundation, National Rural Crisis Response Center Directory
Fall 1988
Fall 1989
Texas Agricultural Extension Service, Rural Social Science by Extension, Facilitators Handbook
Rural Development Policy Workshop, March 30, 1989
Rural Development Policy Options Workshops; four regional workshops to surface critical issues and options in developing a new rural policy for the nation, 1988
96-380/32 Newsletters
numbers 1-2, 1953
numbers 1-4, 1954, 1955
News Bulletin , 1956
Texas Ecumenical Action
volume II, 1957
volume X, 1965
volume XI, 1-6, 1966
volume XII, 1-6, 1967
volume XII, 1-3, continuing, 1968
extra copies indexed, 1954-1961
extra copies indexed, 1962-1968
Reports of the Annual Assembly
10th, March 1963
11th, March 1964
12th, March 1965
13th, March 1966
14th, March 1967
15th, March 1968
Border Task Force
San Juan Retreat Center, 1991
February 17, 1993
September 16-17, 1992
Miscellaneous, 1990
Mailouts, minutes, 1993-1994
May 4-5, 1993
San Antonio, April 3, 1992
San Juan, October 17-18, 1991
Southwest Network for Environmental and Economic Justice, May 13-14, 1994
Faith and Order Conference, MoRanch, November 8, 1990-November 10, 1990, November 7, 1991-November 9, 1991
Lottery opposition, press releases, 1991
Income Tax Resolution Board, responses, May 1991
Inter church flood relief for the Rio Grande Valley
Inter Religious Flood Relief Center
Rural Social Science by Extension
Texas Christmas floods, 1991
Peace Art Contest #1
National Council of Churches of Christ pilgrimage to the USSR
Justice in criminal affairs, June 28, 1993
Rio Grande Valley freeze
Justice in criminal affairs, miscellaneous, August 1994
Justice in criminal affairs, judicatory responses
C. U. R. E.
Justice in criminal affairs, San Antonio, June 22, 1994
96-380/33 Border Task Force
Mercy Hospital, Laredo, 1991
Meeting, San Antonio, December 5, 1990
July 18, 1990
Proceedings of a workshop sponsored by the Texas Migrant Council on Child Abuse and Neglect in the Mexican American Community, March 1978
Texas Department of Human Resources, A Heritage of Caring: Establishing Interfaith Missions
Interfaith Coalitions for Emergencies Services, A "How to" Guide for Implementation
Stewardship guide, 1990
Guides to health and education films, 1985, 1987
Film on Texas Conference of Churches by Miller Productions
Audio-visual equipment, 1983
Radio-television, 1985, 1990
VISN resolution, February 16, 1993
VISN National Interfaith Cable Coalition, 1991
Press releases
News releases
News clippings
Signs, cuts, emblems
Texas Ecumenical Action (TEA)
October-November-December, 1992
April-May-June, 1992
January-February-March, 1992
October-November-December, 1991
July-August-September, 1991
April-May-June, 1991
January-February-March, 1991
July-August-September, 1990
April-May-June, 1990
January-February-March, 1990
October-November-December, 1989
April-May-June, 1989
January-February-March, 1989
October-November-December, 1988
July-August-September, 1988
April-May-June, 1988
January-February-March, 1988
October-November-December, 1987
July-August-September, 1987
April-May-June, 1987
January-February-March, 1987
October-November-December, 1986
July-August-September, 1986
April-May-June, 1986
January-February-March, 1986
Originals, October-November-December, 1985
Bread for the World's 1996 offering of letters
CAP month, April 1989
Abuse Prevention Sunday, 1987
96-380/34 Advent (pastoral peace letter), 1984
Vietnamese fisherman, 1981
Personal correspondence (Dietz), various dates, 1982-1987
Workplace fairness
Taxes, state
Tax exemption for charitable contributions
Fiscal notes
Tax Equity Committee
Interfaith Action for Economic Justice
Tarrant County Tax issue
Stewards of state's resources
Labor issues and the religious community
Texas water resources
Texas Center for Rural Studies
ICE Newsletter (Interfaith Coalition on Energy)
Earth Day USA
Environment policy statements
Global warming
Environment resources
Ethics in government
Policy statements
Common Cause
Policy statements
General resources
Pari-mutual betting
Testimony, articles by LBT
Texans who care
National Coalition Against Legalized Gambling
Health care
Policy statements
Worker's compensation
96-380/35 Indigent Health Care Act, 1985
Indigent Health Care monitoring
Medicaid Lobby Medical Analysis and Cost Control (MACC)
Mental health/mental retardation
Austin MHMR State Hospital
Texas Interfaith Conference, prolonged mental illness, Pathways to Promise
High-risk teenagers
MHMR chaplains, October 16-19
MHMR chaplains, October 8-11, 1990
Texas Department of Health
Mental Health Association in Texas
Children's Hospital of Austin
Nursing Home Ministry
Hogg Foundation Task Force on Disturbed Adolescents and Children
American Cancer Society
Southern Ecumenical Council on Maternal/Infant Health
Medical malpractice
Family and Medical Leave Act
Sexuality issues, 1993
Human rights, civil rights
Policy statements
Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)
Legal services
Artwork for cover and text shooting copy
Articles of incorporation, dissolution
State Comptroller Tax Exemption information
Property Tax receipts
Sales Tax Exemption certificates
IRS Tax Exemption information
Executive Director
General correspondence
Speaking engagements, 1990
Sabbatical, March 15-July 15, 1994
Sabbatical, 1994
Requests for board list
Speaking engagements
General correspondence, 1988
Speeches, sermons, addresses reports
Flow charts
Master calendars
Interesting resource people
Beneficial Corporation
Beneficial Corporation scholarships, 1987, 1988
Jenny Boteler ordination paper
Young adults and the Church
96-380/36 Development
Grissom, Webb and Webb
La Amistad
"Seeds" Advisory Board
Essays from colleagues, friends
Portraits of faith
Future brochure
Beneficial Scholarships, 1989
Liability Insurance for pastors, churches
Zeno Zeplin's "Santa Claus and the Faith"
Chaplaincy issue
Good Friday
Teen agency
FD's economic justice
Advent, Christmas
Association of Executives
Air Force tour
Last Temptation of Christ , 1988
The Church and computers
Columbus Quincentenary Commission, Corpus Christi, 1990
Clergy stress
Evaluations, 1984, 1989
Ecumenical staffing salary strategy
Job descriptions
Mary Berwick
Frank H. Dietz
Ann Marie Jensen
Past employees
Susan Gilkey
Lisa Halerman
Mark D. Dietz
Martha S. Carapetyan
Martha Sue Bordovsky
Mary Ann Hayden
Gayle Junker
Current staff records
Office Manager search, 1992
Tax Exemption literature
Coalition for a New Military and Foreign Policy, "Close-Up"
Austin Peace and Justice News
World Peace Report
Sharing Our Surplus (SOS)
Pastors for Peace
Texas SANE Freeze
The Advocate, peace forum
Communities of Peace and Friendship; rebuilding Nicaragua, 1989
USCC, Department of Social Development and World Peace
Quest for Peace
Dallas Peace Times
Texas Campaign for Global Security
Soviet Union trips
Peace with Justice Week, 1990
Peace Institute seminar, 1989
War toys peace project
Peacemaking art project
Nuclear arms limitation
Miscellaneous materials
Committee for United States Action on Asylum Concerns (CUSAAC)
National Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Forum
96-380/37 U. S. Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS)
Border crisis
Newspaper clippings
Canada-U. S. consultation, summer 1989
Federal legislation, 1985-1986
U. S.-Mexico relations
Western Hispanic Ministries Strategy Team
Immigration group
Other organizations
Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service, "Immigration Alert"
Committee for United States Action on Asylum Concerns (CUSAAC)
U. S. Committee for Refugees
National Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Forum
Native Americans
Policy statements
Native American fishing rights
Work group
Austin, April 1, 1992
Austin, July 17, 1992
Austin, January 8, 1992
March 14, 1991
July 31, 1990
Austin, July 16, 1992
March 14, 1991
November 6, 1990
January 8, 1992
October 1, 1992
George Rickler's Report to Commission
Austin, April 1, 1992
Members, February 1992
July 31, 1990
Conflict resolution, February 8, 1993
Rosters, minutes
Conflict resolution, 1993
Miscellaneous issues, 1992
Pastors for Peace
Racism/violence, Dallas
Death penalty
Peace project, March 1, 1989 - January 1, 1990
Policy statements
Military spending
Family violence, the battered woman
Center for Battered Women Newsletter
Youth issues, 1994
Project toys
SANE/Freeze: Campaign for Global Security legislative reports
Farm, rural crisis pastoral letter
Amarillo Ascension
Rural crisis workshops
Prairie report
Hispanic proselytization
96-380/38 Religion in America
Religious freedom
Religious Movement conference, Baylor University, Waco, Texas, 1988
Consultations on American Pluralism, June 1989
Rural church issues
Farm crisis
Farm Aid concert, March 1992
Farm Aid, Willie Nelson concerts
Food banks
Farm crisis consultations, 1992
Farm crisis hotline
VISTA project
Des Moines rural consultation, 1987
Rural crisis consultation, Omaha, Nebraska, September 25-27, 1989
Farm crisis consultation
Rural consultations, Washington D. C., April 1-2, 1989
Rural health
Texas rural development policy meeting, November 14, 1989
96-380/39 NAFTA
Central American Refugee Center (CARECEN)
Laredo project
Other organizations on Central America
Refugio del Rio Grande
El Paso Project
Juarez border consultation, 1987
Inter-religious Task Force on Central America
Comite de Apoyo, Ed Krueger's project
Proyecto Adelante
La Voz
Project programa verdadNicaragua update
Interfaith Committee for Central American Refugee Protection, 1989
Puentes de Cristo
Political asylum project of Austin
Los Americas refugee asylum project
Human Rights Commission of El Salvador
Mexico-Central America border
Rio Grande Refugee Ministries
Ecumenical Action Committee
Texas Center for Immigrant Legal Assistance
A Perspective on U. S.-Central American Relations, Reverend Will's paper
Colonias water legislation, 1989
NAFTA, 1993
Speech, October 12, 1993
Rio Grande Habitat Homes for Hope project
Border support group
Frank's "Border as Theme" file, 1989
PAZ, Central American Ministries
PAZ, Central American Ministries, volume II
Map of Central America
Pastors for Peace: Material Aid Convoy to Nicaragua
Policy statements
Pre-border consultation planning meeting, Harlingen, April 13-14, 1989
Border consultation, fall 1990
Border justice hearings, Sunland Park, New Mexico, May 13-14, 1989
Central America tours, events
First asylum visit, December 6, 1986
Rio Grande Border Witness Program
Proyecto Libertad meeting, October 2, 1989, 1991
96-380/40 Proyecto Libertad
Central America Resource Center
De Casa Marianella (Amigos newsletter)
Elder abuse/domestic violence
Child abuse, 1976
Our church guests, 1980-1982
Elder abuse seminars
Spouse abuse
Battered women, clergy booklet
Children and Youth Services Program
Children and Youth Services Program, book
Developing programs to prevent child abuse
Governor's conferences
Texas Council on Family Violence
TCPCA board meeting, Austin, April 30, 1994
CARE coalition
Corporal punishment
Children's Trust Fund of Texas
Child Abuse Prevention Council, Houston chapter
Child Care Action Campaign's national advisory panel
DHS Adult Protective Services conference, October 25-28, 1988
One Church, One Child
Link up America
96-380/41 CEAPP project #1
CEAPP project #2
CAP month, April 1990
Economic justice and tax reform
Work group, rosters and minutes
Next meeting
Economic Justice Meeting, September 22, 1988
Policy statements
Bishops pastoral on Catholic social teaching and the U. S. Economy
Other pastorals on economy
Taxes, federal
Joint Tax resolution, February 1993
Our church guests, April 1982
Registration, 1990
Speakers, 1990
Minutes, 1990
Facility, hotel arrangements, 1989
Worship, 1990
Grant proposal
Small Rural Church Concerns Task Force 1
Rural Church Concerns Task Force
96-380/42 Rural News Network
Membership for small churches
Rural Church Network meeting, Washington, D. C., April 1-3, 1993
Rural Social Science Extension meeting, 1992
Rural Church Concerns Task Force
Texas Rural Leadership Training Development Board
Rural Social Science Extension, Design Team meeting, College Station, April 12, 1993
Rural Minister of the Year
Day for Dialog rural consultation
Rural clergy consultation
Texas seminaries consultation
Town and Country Church Conference
Town and Country Conference planning meeting
Texas Rural Leadership Program marketing plan
Rural Leadership Program
University of Texas 2nd annual conference on rural problem solving, April 3-5, 1991
Texas regional leadership training
Laity exchange
Population trends in Texas
Financial Management Council seminar for clergy
Texas Center for Rural Studies
Assembly of Representatives
Facility, hotel arrangements
Group bible study
Planning Committee
Press relations, public relations
Group bible study
Facility, hotel arrangements
Planning Committee
Press relations, public relations
Group bible study
Planning Committee
Press relations, public relations
Facility, hotel arrangements
96-380/43 Docket
Somebody cares
The Best Decision, August 31, 1989
Child Abuse Prevention and the Church, 1980-1988
Voting Rights Act
Voter registration
Religious liberty
Texas Civil Liberties Union (TCLU)
Project Equality
Religious Freedom Crusade
Human Rights Task Force, forum
HAITT insight
Human services
Work Group roster, minutes
Next meeting
Policy statements
Texas Commission on Children and Youth, 1994
Child support
Day care
Child Care conference, December 13, 1986
Child Care Action Campaign (CCAC)
Clearinghouse News
Commission on Children, Youth and Family Service
Project Child Save Task Force, September 26, 1991
Project Child Save
Children's rights
Texas Child Care Planning Council (DHS)
Educare Training Institute
Texas Homeless Network News
Public sector/private sector
American Families with Dependent Children
Center on Budget and Policy Priorities
Center for Social Welfare Policy and Law
Texas Alliance for Human Needs
Health and Human Services Coordinating Council
Texans for Children
Institute for Human Service
Ecumenical Child Care Network
People First
96-380/44 Texas Networks for Children, Youth and Families
Parenting Education Programs for Texas
Children's Defense Fund
Welfare reform
Campaign for Just Investment in Families
Hunger, poverty
Policy statements
Resources, general
Christian faith and economic alternatives
Information and statistics
National, world
Food stamps
Foreign aid, development assistance
Medford declarations on hunger
Childhood Hunger Day at the Capitol, April 20, 1993
Anti-Hunger Coalition of Texas
Bread for the World
Food Research and Action Center, foodlines
Interfaith Action for Economic Justice
World Food Day
Food Journal
Immigration, refugees
Policy statements
The Child Day Care Crisis in Texas: An Introduction to the Problem
Teen pregnancy information
Border Task Force meeting
San Antonio, April 3, 1992
Laredo, June 25-26, 1991
San Antonio, December 5, 1990
July 18, 1990
October 3-4, 1990
Austin, February 17, 1993
Division of Church and Society
Church and Society correspondence
Commission of Church and Society correspondence
Policy statements
Church and Society survey
Commission of Church and Society
San Antonio, April 14, 1994
Austin, October 20-21, 1993
Austin, April 21, 1993
Casa San Jose, September 30-October 1, 1992
Austin, April 23, 1992
April 12, 1991
November 7-8, 1990
April 4-5, 1990
Austin, October 31, 1989
Harlingen, April 14-15, 1989
Church and Society meeting
October 9-10, 1991
Division meeting, spring 1986
Policy statements
American Association of Retired Persons (AARP)
National Interfaith Council on Aging (NICA)
Texas Coalition for Elders, organized in 1985 Legislative Session
Long-term Care Coordinating Council for the Elderly
Texas Department on Aging
Austin groups for the elderly
Work group roster, minutes
Policy statements
Family farms
Farm workers
"Hidden People"
Land use
96-380/45 Texas Board of Criminal Justice, 1994
Justice in Criminal Affairs
Memos, agendas, letters
Task force members and network
Legislative Report, 1993
Statement of Principles
Board Resolution
Regional meetings
Strategies, 1994
Task Force
Legislative Issues
Criminal justice, 1992
Texas Catholic Conference; Mary Berwick, Texas Conference of Churches, 1992
Texas Catholic Conference, 1994
Crime Victim's Rights Summit; Strategies for the Second Decade
Texas Crime Victim Clearinghouse
Youth at Risk Conference, 1993
Associate Director, general correspondence, 1992
Criminal justice issues
ELCA-SWTX installation, TLC, Seguin, September 29, 1990
SWTX, ELCA Assembly, May 22-24, 1992
SWT2 Synod
Assemblies of God
Indian Orthodox Church
New member correspondence
AME Zion
Baptist General Convention of Texas
Christian Science
Church of Christ
Evangelical Lutheran
Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod
Mennonite Church
Mormon Church
National Baptist
Reformed Church in America
Salvation Army
Second Cumberland Presbyterian
Old Roman Catholic Church of North America
Ukrainian Orthodox Church
SET2, Southern Louisiana Synod
Northern Texas, Northern Louisiana Synod
Texas Regional AIDS Interfaith Network
Texas Drought relief
Project ADEPT, December 1989 - December 1991
Death penalty project
For the toys, Project Toys
Higher Education Retreat, 7-A Guest Ranch, Wimberley Texas, February 6-7, 1993
Project ADEPT, January 1992 - August 1993
96-380/46 National Farmworker Ministry
Texas Farmers Union
Texas Rural Legal Aid (TRLA)
United Farmworkers Union (UFW)
Jose Perez
SOS Task Force
Texas Agricultural Extension Service
Community development
Alcohol and drug abuse concerns
Work group roster, minutes
Policy statements
Texas Commission on Alcohol and Drug Abuse
Alcohol and drug abuse conference, 1986
Hogg Foundation grant proposal for alcohol and drug abuse conference
Texas Commission grant, 1990
Central America
Valley Tours, Fort Mabee, April 18-20, 1991
Work group roster, minutes
Border Task Force, meeting
San Juan, May 4-5, 1993
San Juan, September, 14-15, 1993
San Juan, September 16-17, 1992
San Juan, October 17-18, 1991
March 20, 1991
Laredo, March 22-23, 1994
Yearbook of American and Canadian Churches:
Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary, directory, 1991-1992
Austin Seminary, directory for faculty, staff and students, 1992-1993, 1993-1994
Church Women United in Texas
The 1992 Best of Texas Yearbook
The 1993 Best of Texas Yearbook
The 1994 Best of Texas Yearbook
Strategies for school-age child care in Texas
Board minutes, 1979-1989
Texas Ecumenical Action, Texas Conference of Churches
Volumes, XIX-XXIII, 1974-1978
Volumes XIV-XVII, 1969-1973
Program divisions, 1974-1978
96-380/47 Assembly of Representatives, 1974-1978
Texas Conference of Churches, 1974-1978
Assembly of Representatives, 1969-1973
Texas Conference of Churches, 1969-1973
Texas Conference of Churches, program divisions, 1969-1973
The Last that Became First, Texas Council of Churches, 1953-1969
Financial records
2000-194/1 Financial audits, 1978-1992
Chemical Bank detail, 1996
2000-194/2 Monthly financial report printouts, 1995-1996
2000-194/3 Income and disbursements, May-December 1996
Income, disbursements, and reports, 1997
Texas Conference of Churches Financial Statements and Independent Auditor's Report for the Year Ended, December 31, 1996
2000-194/4 Income and disbursements, 1994
Receipts completed, 1995
Patricia Merrill
Gayle Junker
Property taxes
People First!
Project Adept
2000-194/7 United Way - Cross System Collaboration, summer 1997
Special Events
Drought 1996, Lutheran Social Services
227 Post-Soviet Issues
153.05(D) FEMA VIII, 1997-1998
171.04(A) National Impact Briefing, April 1989
NAES Executive Meeting, May 25, 1994
184.08 Texas Metro NAES Meeting
184.08 NAES Group, Jan. 14, 1992
Texas NAES Meeting, June 20, 1991
08 Texas NAES Executives Mtg., Jan. 24, 1991- cancelled
184.08 NAES Executives Meeting, March 27, 1990
184.08 Regional NAES Execs. In TX Mtg., TCC Office, January 31, 1990
186.05 DHS Regional Boundary Map
194.01(E1) U.S. Consultation on State and Local Ecumenism, Feb. 21-23, 1992
201.01 Texas Agricultural Extension Service Regional Boundary Map
194.01(A) NCC/CORLE Christian-Jewish Relations
209 Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity
222 Training of New Church Clergy
223 Futuring
226 Chronological Religious History
171.03(A1) Steering Committee Meetings
171.03(B) Texas Impact Search Committee, 1990
171.04 Interfaith Impact Leg. Briefing, March 12-16, 1994
171.04 Interfaith Impact, March 17-20, 1991
171.04 National Impact Meeting, March 18-21, 1990
171.04 National Impact
171.01 Impact Correspondence, 1989-1992
171.02 Texas Impact Board Mtg., 1989-1993
171.03 TCC/Impact Relations, 1983, 1984, 1993
171.03(A) TCC/Impact Joint Steering Committee
Rural Issues/Family Farms
171 Texas Impact, 1990-1992
171 Legislative Task Force Meeting, Sept. 18, 1990
171(A) Frank's TX Impact File, 1992
171(A) Frank's TX Impact File, 1991
171 Texas Impact, 1989
VHS cassette tapes
2000-194/9 United Farm Workers of America, AFL-CIO, "Cesar E. Chavez Celebration of Life, 1927-1993"
Labor Institute of Public Affairs, "A Victory for Workplace Fairness"
"Bread for the World: You Can Make a Difference"
"No Grapes," narrated by Mike Farrell
"Your Will Be Done, Mission in Christ's Way," Texas Conference of Churches
"Your Rights as a Victim," by the State Bar of Texas Crime Victims and Witnesses Committee
"The Valley"
"Join Hands," TCC Inaugural, February 26, 1969
Annual Jail and Prison Ministry Conference, Diocese of Austin, Texas Catholic Conference, October 1-2, 1993
2000-194/9 1995 Assembly (tapes 1-4), February 20, 1995
Unlabelled tape
[Pena, Fidnerya, Gorya, and Din Xu Unity?]
13th month, 1994
Financial correspondence between Gayle Junker and Julie Jones, 1995
Membership Services Inc. correspondence and floppy disks, 1995
Membership lists, 1995-1996
Accounting Report on Examination and budget reports, 1992-1995
Journal entries for financial statements and other information
Accounting computer system
381 Second class
382 Third class
383 Post Office correspondence
Board of Directors meeting, Austin, August 28-29, 1992
Financial records and correspondence, 1990-1995
Beginning entries, 1995
TCC Budget and Finance Committee and Assembly of Representatives minutes and financial items, 1988-1995
2000-194/11 653.08 T&C Church Conf. (50th Anniv.) – College Station, October 2-3, 1995
653.04(C) Proposal and Suggestions, re: TCC & RSSE, 1995
653.04(C1) RSSE/TCC Design Team Meeting, San Antonio, May 11, 1995
620 Faith and Order Conference, 1994
Faith Partners
Extra Reading
631 Regional Faith and Order, San Angelo area, January 1996
606 Week of Prayer, 1994-1996
623 Faith and Order Arrangements, 1994
622 Faith and Order Speakers/Speeches, 1994
25th Annual Assembly of Representatives, MO-Ranch in Hunt, Texas, February 21-23, 1994
602 Christian Unity Commission meeting, Houston, April 11, 1996
653.04(D) IRC (RSSE) Meeting, Austin, June 10-11, 1996
653.04(C1) RSSE Design Team meeting, Austin, March 18-19, 1996
653.12 Committee for Rural Affairs meeting, Austin, June 11, 1996
624 Faith and Order program, 1994
625 Faith and Order promotion, 1994
626 Faith and Order Evaluation/Follow-up, 1994
627 Faith and Order worship, 1994
College of Judicatory Leaders
2000-194/11 Retreat, Cedarbrake-Belton, September 23-24, 1997
Mailings, 1997
Membership list
Brianwood, 1996
Brianwood minutes, September 5, 1996
Board of Directors meetings and mailings, 1996-1997
Dr. Carol Worthing – Biog. Statement
CJL-Mailing, Jan-Jun pledge, July 8, 1997
BOD Minutes, 1997
Board of Directors mailing, Jan-Jun pledge, July 10, 1997
Board Committee Appts., 1992-1994
112.01 Local Judicatory Leaders' meetings, 1994-1995
105.01 Collegium of Jud. Leaders
2000-194/11 Briarwood, September 6-7, 1995
Bishop Mason Ctr., August 30-31, 1994
106.01 Executive Committee meetings, 1995-1996
Board Docket
105 Board Meeting, Grace Presbytery, Dallas, December 18, 1995
Blu Doc for Exec BOD
BOD minutes, December 16, 1996
106.01 Executive Committee Meeting, Austin, June 10, 1996
105 TCC Board Meetings, 1992-1993
102 Board meeting minutes, December 19, 1994
103 Board correspondence, 1995
105 TCC Board meetings, 1993-1994
106.01 Executive Committee Meetings, 1994
107 Budget and Finance Committee, 1995
112.02(A) Executive Committee and Assembly Reps. Meeting, Dallas, June 13, 1995
110 Nominating Committee, 1994-1995
110.02 Biographical data forms
110.04 Nominating Committee Responses, 1994
110.04 Nominations for, 1994, 1993
124.01 Position papers
126 Higher Ed Conference (M. Miller), Dallas, September 29-30, 1994
705 Church and Society Commission meeting
2000-194/12 Dallas, October 22, 1996
[empty folder]
Austin, April 17, 1996
B. Mason Ctr., September 19-20, 1995
Austin, special meeting, June 21, 1995
Dallas, April 20, 1995
Texas Churches/Texas Children
2000-194/12 Certificates, honor roll
Mailing, February 20, 1997
C and S Focus, Children in Texas, 1995
Meeting in San Antonio, Plan '98 Valley Conf.!, July 31, 1997
Border Task Force
2000-194/12 Direction Statement/Brief history, 1990-1994
Texans Care for Children
715.03 Meetings and forums, 1995-1996
726.09 Health Care Reform Work (Clinton Era), Files #1-4
726.06(C1) TDH "Shots Across TX", Immunization Program
Texas Department of Health correspondence, May 31, 1994
Shots Across Texas: Community Immunization Coalition Member Kit
Handguns, 1995
725.10 Casinos in Texas, 1994-1995
Grant request, 1986
Quarterly account activity reports, 1995
Year End Transfer report, March 6, 1996
Budget '96 responses
1997 Pledge sheets
1996 Budget preparation
Budget Committee, 1995
107 Budget and Finance Committee, 1994
107.01 Budget Building for 1996, 1995
107.01 Budget Building for 1995, 1994
1995 Budget responses
2000-194/13 Omni Contract Assembly, 1997
Assembly, 1997
CWS Banquet
Clergy Accountability [sic]
Ned Benson's Confidentiality Suit 1994
Laredo, school bus to Cuba, Pastors for Peace, August 1993
Sen. Turner's letter, Texas Comm. on Children and Youth, 1994
Summit of the Americas, 1994
TCC and Bishop's statements on Central American refugees
112 TCC Re-visioning (1994-)
Town and Country Church Conference
J. H. Clusters, 1992-1993
[Correspondence, 1994]
Summer, TC2 originals, 1996
Texas Churches/Texas Children grant writing
Survey, 1993
Church and Society, press releases/press confs./resolutions, 1990s
TC2 Publicity
CUIR Mailing, June-November 1997
CUIR Meeting, April 9, 1997
Fall Register
2000-194/13 CJL, September 1997
BOD, October 1997
CUIR Meeting, November 6, 1996
130 Jewish-Christian Commission
Jewish Christian Forum
2000-194/13 Meetings, 1994-1997
Mailings, 1997
Memos and minutes
Faith and Order
2000-194/13 Registration and mailings, 1997
620 Missouri Ranch Conference, November 6-8, 1996
620 Conference, 1995
621 Conference and planning committee, 1995
623 Facility arrangements, 1995
623.01 Registrations, 1995
624 Program, 1995
625 Promotion, 1995
626 Evaluation, 1995
627 Worship, 1995
602 Christian Unity Commission Meeting, 1995-1997
2000-194/14 1104 News releases, 1995
Office manager correspondence, Martha C., 1990-1994
1012 Assembly minutes, 1994-1995
1115 Next TEA, 1995
TEA, 1993-1994
TEA – to printer
Assembly Planning
1009 Assembly Press releases/public relations, 1993
1005 Assembly facility/hotel arrangements, 1993
Assembly of Representatives, 2000
2007-039/1 Phone Script for CJL Rep.
Assembly Packet
Name Tags
Assembly of Representatives, 2002
2007-039/1 Signs
Preparation Notes
Hotel Sofitel Contract, Feb. 2002
Full Assembly
Name Tags
Booklet (Master Set)
Packet Drafts
Assembly of Representatives, 2003
2007-039/1 Assembly
Assembly Booklet
Packet Inserts
Participant List
Assembly Representative Appointment Form
Visitor Mailing
Planning Notes
Worship Planning
Representative Mailing
Assembly of Representatives, 2004
2007-039/1 Assembly Meeting Planning
Packet Inserts
Assembly Canvas Bags
Booklet Masters
Assembly Evaluations
Assembly Registration Confirmations
Assembly Notes, previous years
2007-039/2 Church and Society Commission Meeting, April 2004
Stem Cell Research
FVTW, Jarrell, Texas
Creating a Culture of Peace - CCP
FVTW Training - Future Sessions
From Violence to Wholeness
2007-039/2 Decade for the Culture of Peace
Non-violence appointments
Overcoming violence contact mailing
Gun Violence
Decade Endorsement Campaign
Peace Center San Antonio
FVTW Cedarbrake Food
Non-Violence Training
Shared Agreements
Strategic Assumptions
Eight Stages of Successful Social Movement
Seville Statement
FVTW Master Set
Trainers' Bios
Houston Trainer
Violence is…
Transformative non-violence
Creating Culture of Peace
Pledge of Non-Violence
Empowering the Heart
2007-039/2 Training Taxes Understanding in Texas, Dec. 2002
Income Tax
F and O Flyers
2007-039/2 Dismantling Racism
Issue of Racism (TCC Focus), 1996
Moratorium, 2000, 2001
Capital Punishment
Death Penalty Conference
World Council of Churches
TX Freedom Network
Texas Freedom Network, Religion and the Media
TX Churches/TX Children
File for TCC Campaign for Children
Possible Archive
TXCH/TCH Ideas, 1996
TX Care for Children, 2003
Texas Impact, Jan. 2003
Texas Impact
Support of Texas Impact
Assembly of Representatives, 2001
2007-039/3 Site Management Information, 2001
Preparation Notes
Name Tags
Attendee Roster
Pending Registration Fees
Registration Packets Mailed
Completed Representative Request
Phone List for CJL Representative Follow-Up Calls
Commission Reports to Assembly
Representative Information
Packet Master
Registration Packet Master
Packet Inserts
President's Address
Evaluation Forms
Blank Forms
Hotel Information
Assembly of Representatives, 2002
2007-039/3 Ecumenical Partner Representatives
Assembly Representative CJL Response Tracking
Registration Packets Mailed
J/C Forum Meeting, Nov. 2001-Nov. 2003
Baptist Dialogue
RSVP Joint Commission Meeting, Sept. 2004
CUIR Mailing
CUIR Correspondence
Fitzpatrick Award
Fitzpatrick Award Ballots
CUIR - Reports to Assembly
CUIR Meeting - Austin (ETSS)
CUIR Meeting - Austin (TCC Offices)
Christian Unity Commission Mtg., April 2004
CUIR Meetings
CUIR Membership Lists
Jewish-Christian Forum Conferences
Jewish-Christian Forum Mission Statement
CUIR Meeting, March 2003
CUIR Meeting, September 2003
J/C Forum Correspondence
Jewish Christian Forum Meeting, Nov. 2004
Norm Beck
Jewish/Christian Forum Meeting, May 2004
2007-039/4 Constitution
Correspondence, 1990-1996
Policy Index, 1986
Impact Planning, 1985
Impact Breakfast, 1981
Final Report, Feb. 1990
Joint Steering Committee, 1986-1988
Financial, 1990-1994
Board, 1989-1996
Board Meeting, 1993
Commission on Church and Society, 1988-1996
Minutes, 1985-1996
TCC Assembly, 1979-1984, 1987, 1991, 1992, 1995
2007-039/5 C and S Misc.
Church and Society, statement of understanding
Mailing, January 2001, August 2001, September 2001
Membership list and mission, procedure papers on role and resources
Committee mailing, Feb. 2001
Church and Society RSVP, Sept. 2001
Christmas Letter, 2001
C and S Mtg., February 2001, September 2001, April 2002, October 2002
Racism Brochure
International Criminal Court
Prison Chaplaincy Kairos Ministry
Masters - Racism Broc.
Originals for leaflets
Mission Outreach Leadership Conference
Church and Society Correspondence, 2004
C and S - Reports to BOD
Church and Society, Membership List
March 2002, April 2002
C and S Meeting, April 2003, November 2003
Display Pirzcizs
Coalition for Justice in Maquiladoras
School Public Funding
Decade of Nonviolence-Houston
Health Care
Poverty State Set - Aside Committee
Death Penalty - Wkg Group
Domestic Violence
Ellis County EF&S Appeal
3R's Project
Texas Interfaith Public Policy Institutes
Global Warming - Cool Texas
Palestine - Israel Conflict
Death Penalty
Covenant to Overcome Poverty
Homeless Issues
Texas Alliance for Human Needs
Voting Rights
Faces of Children
Children and Poverty
CDF Mtg.
Faith Works - Labor
2005-156/1 Mailing minutes, etc., October 2000
Mailing, August 2000, December 2000
Meetings, April 2000, October 2000
Churches and Society history
2005-156/1 Meeting, October 15, 1998
Assistant in Church and Society Job Description
Mary's notes
Churches and society
Criminal Justice
2005-156/1 Taskforce on Justice in Criminal Affairs (TDCJ) – Statement of Principles and Legislative Concerns
TDCJ – Crime Victim Clearing House
Border Issues
2005-156/1 Chiapas Resolution, 1999
Texas Ecumenical Action newsletter, 1996-2000
Financial statements (quarterly)
Proposed budget with information coordinator, 2000
2005-156/2 Jewish-Christian Forum meetings, 2000
Faith and Order Conferences, 2000
Commissioners, 1999
College of Judiciary Leaders (CJL) – Planning meeting, 1999-2000
CJL mailing, 2000
Mike Figer & Company, Accountant Review information, 1997
Financial Statements, 1997
Quarterly returns, 1997
Quarterly Federal tax reports, 1997
Financial Statements and Independent Auditor's Report, 1998
Report on Examinations, 1995
Mike Figer & Co., Audit, 1999
Financial statements and independent auditor's report, 1999
Report on Examination, 1995
Budgets, 1993-1996
Financial statements and supplementary information and independent auditor's report, 1999-2000
Financial statements and tax info, 2000
Financial statements and audit reports, 2000-2001
Retreats, 2000
Board mailing, 2000
Board meeting, 2000
CJL and Board of Directors Co-Retreat, 2000
Postal notices, 1997-1999
2004-071/1 Correspondence, 1996-1997
New Commission Members, 1997
Outgoing Correspondence, 1997
Interim Director's Correspondence, 1995-1996
Church and Society (C&S)
2004-071/1 October 15, 1997-October 16, 1997, September 11, 1997
Commission Meeting, 1997
Mailing, June 6, 1997, November 7, 1997
Ecumenical partners, 1997
Special Memorandum, June 16, 1997
Catholic Bishops Death Penalty statement, 1997
General files
Letter from Governor Bush, 1997
Executive Director Correspondence, 1996
Dietz departure, 1995
"Personal Reflections" by Pat Poundstone, 1994
Membership Rosters
Archives – Correspondence, Plan of Action, 1995
Archives – Miscellaneous Correspondence, 1993
Frank's Border Presentation, 1990
Central American Resolutions passed at Assemblies, 1984-1990
Joint Resolution on Tax Reform and 1987 Resolution on State Taxes
Peacemaking Work Groups, 1989
Gov. Ann Richards/Religious and Lay Leaders, 1992
Texas Department of Human Services: Religious Community Advisory Committee, 1989-1990
Peacemaking Work Group (Interim Communication), 1991
Financial Statements, 1996-1999
Financial Statements and Independent Auditors' Reports, 1998-1999
Assembly 1999
2004-071/1 Assembly Evaluations
Assembly Evaluation forms
Registration and Travel information
Local Committee
Assembly Committee
Keitha's planning
Ongoing Reports, summaries
1998 Assembly forms
MOVE, 1999
Board Meeting, October 1999
Executive Committee mailings, 1999
1999 Commissions
Visioning and Values, 1999
Visioning, 1999
Board of Director Mailings, 1999
Board of Directors notes, 1997
2004-071/2 CJL Retreat, 1999
Executive Committee Mailing, 1999
Board of Directors Mailing, 1999
Personnel Committee mailing, 1999
CJL Mailing, 1999
Personnel Committee mailing, 1999
Board of Directors ballots, 1999
Board of Directors meeting, March 1999, October 1999
Executive Committee meeting, April 1999
Personnel Committee meeting, April-May 1999
CJL mailings, February – April, 1999
Christian Unity and Interfaith Relations (CUIR) Commission, March 1999
Jewish/Christian Forum, May 1999
CUIR Mailing, May 1999
C&S Mailing, May 1999
CJL Retreat, 1998
C&S Mailing, March 1999
Financial Statement, 1997
Constitution Revision Committee, 1998
Final Ratification of Constitution, 1996
Constitution Revision, 1998
Assembly miscellaneous, 1998
Correspondence, 1998
CUIR mailing, July 1998
Faith and Order (F&O) Conference, November 1998
CJL mailing, February 1998
Board of Directors general files, 1998
CJL mailings, July-November 1998
C&S meeting, April 1998
CUIR Moderator correspondence, 1998
Correspondence, 1998
Correspondence CW, 1998
CJL Retreat, September 1998
CUIR mailing, March 1998, June 1998, July 1998
Jewish-Christian Forum meeting, November 1998
Jewish-Christian mailing, August 1998
Jewish-Christian Forum, April-May 1998
Faith and Order Conference, 1998
Faith and Order Oblate, 1998
Faith and Order Conference, 1998
556.07 CAP Sunday Planning Materials
1998 Assembly organizing files
1998 Assembly
1996 and 1997 Assemblies
Letter to Nominating Committee, 1998
Evaluations Assembly, 1998
Appointed Delegates, 1998
Assembly Local Arrangement Committee, 1998
Assembly, 1998
2013-124/1 Living Endowment Fund, 1978
Church Mutual Insurance, 1995-2006
Assets, 1992-1997, 2002
Texas Methodist Foundation Loan, 1996-1998
Financial statements and auditor's report, 1992-2007
Financial statements, 1992-2009
Figer and Company, 2000-2005
Moody Memorial Grant records, 2000-2001
Moody Foundation Grant, 2001-2003
Deposits, 2001
Disaster recovery grant, 2005
Funding requests, 2001-2004
Donations, 2001-2005
Pledge statements, 2004
Budget, 2002, 2006
Finance Committee, 2002
2013-124/2 Annual fund, 2002-2003
Annual fund appeals, 2002-2005
Audit, 2002-2003
Deposit summaries, 2003-2005
Treasurer Report, 2003
Federal Tax Deposit coupon books, 2003-2004
Palo Duro Presbytery funding support, 2005
Invoices, 2005
Financial appeal to Judicatory Leaders, 2006
Business personal property, 2005-2006
Bank records, 2005-2006
Tax records, 2005-2006
National Council Outlook, 1953
Faith and Order Conference, 1965-1968
Jewish-Christian Forum, 1984, 1987, 2001-2010
Muslim-Christian Forum, 2003
College of Judicatory Leaders meeting, 1999-2011
College of Judicatory Leaders retreat, 2001-2003
Church and Society Commission, 2001-2005
2013-124/2 Task Force on Justice in Criminal Affairs, 1994, undated
Border Task Force, undated
Overcoming Violence task group, 2002
Church and Society Commission Handbook, 2005
TCC workgroup for farm workers, 1984
Child Abuse Prevention Sunday, 1987
Installation Service, 1992
Prevention of Sexual and Domestic Violence, 1998
Texas Cares for Children, 1999-2003, 2008
Faith and Order Conference, 2002-2008
Texas and Rural Church Task Force, 2002-2009
Spirituality and Practice of Non-Violence training, 2003-2006
Christian Unity and Inter-Faith Relation Commission, 2004
Debt relief seminar, 2005
Texas Hurricane Recovery Workshop, 2005
Disaster relief program, 2006-2009
Nuclear weapon elimination, 2007
AmeriCorp VISTA, undated
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Grant media
Job descriptions
TCC Internship, 2002
Events, 1993-1997, 2004-2010
2013-124/2 Event registration, 2005
Leadership Board retreat, 2005
Lincoln executive director installation, 2010