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Eugene Paul Schoch Papers, 1859-1967

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Creator: Schoch, Eugene P. (Eugene Paul), 1871-
Title: Eugene Paul Schoch papers
Dates: 1859-1967
Abstract: Materials include the research and work of Dr. Eugene Paul Schoch, a chemistry professor at the University of Texas at Austin.
Identification: urn:taro:utexas.cah.00219
Extent: 32 linear feet
Language: English .
Repository: Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin

Biographical Note

Eugene Paul Schoch (1871-1961) was a faculty member at the University of Texas at Austin. He was elected to positions at the University as follows: Chemistry Instructor, 1897, Assistant Professor, 1905, Associate Professor, 1908, Professor of Physical Chemistry, 1911, Professor of Chemical Engineering, 1938, Director Bureau of Industrial Chemistry, 1928. In 1912, Dr. Schoch studied the production of reactive hydrocarbons from methane. During World War II, he researched the production of acetylene. His research later concentrated on the effect of the electric current on natural gas. Dr. Schoch secured several patents during his years with the University, including "Dehydrated and Charred Lump Lignite and Processes of Producing the Same,"1932, "Method and Apparatus for Glow Discharge Treatment of Gases,"1947, and "Method of and Apparatus for Producing Acetylene,"1947. He retired in 1954.

Scope and Contents

The bulk of the collection is research materials including notes, notebooks, notecards, blueprints and drawings, and correspondence. Materials pertaining to the University itself include masters' theses and student reports, 1924-1944, faculty meeting minutes, 1945, and miscellaneous materials concerning the honorary society Sigma Xi. The majority of books contained in the collection have been transferred to the Chemistry Library, while others remain at the Texas Collection Library. Printed material in the collection mainly consists of pamphlets, booklets, and magazine articles.


Due to the technical nature of the materials in this collection, arrangement of the papers reflects that of Dr. Schoch's files upon arrival at the archives. Researchers are advised to closely review the checklist to see the entire scope of the collection.


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Schoch, Eugene P. (Eugene Paul), 1871-
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University of Texas. Bureau of Industrial Chemistry

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Eugene Paul Schoch Papers, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin.

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3Q188 Correspondence files
Acetylene concentration, Data of special solvents for Acetylene processes, Description of texts, Nov. 20, 1942
Acetylene fund campaign, 1954-1955
Acetylene - War Production Board, 1942-1943
Acree, S. F., 1952-1954
Administrative - Board of Regents, 1943-1953
Administrative - V. Pres. Dr. Boner, 1954
Administrative - Boner committee-Electric discharge, 1953-1954
Administrative - Office of the President, 1951-1954
American Lava Company, 1955
Auditing and purchasing regulations, 1953-1955
Bakoring, Inc., 1950-1953
Balcones Research Center - Prof. J. N. Thompson, Director, 1954
Buffalo Forge Company, 1945
Burton, Milton, 1949-1954
Capacitor fuses - General Elec. Co., 1952-1953, undated
Commercial Solvents Corporation, 1943-1954
Commercial Solvents - Reports, 1944-1946
Comptroller and business activities, 1954
Corning Glass Works - Glass, tubing, plates, etc., 1950, 1954
Development Board, 1942-1949
Dow Chemical Company, 1943-1950
Dow Chemical Company, 1951-1954
Dow metal plates - The Freeman Supply Company, 1952-1953
Du Pont - DMTG special research contract, 1951-1954
Du Pont, E. I. de Nemours and Company, 1944-1949
Eastern States Petroleum Company, 1944-1951
Ethyl Corporation, 1948, 1950
Fellowships - Special - Texas Company, 1953
Freedley, Mr. Paul, 1954-1955
Generators - High frequency - General Elec. Co., 1951
Graduate Dean's Office, 1951, 1953
High frequency units - The Girdler Corporation, 1950
High frequency unit - Lepel High Freq. Lab., Inc., 1949-1954
Holcomb, H. A., 1952-1954
Holcomb-Classen: Report to Sid Richardson Company, 1948
Houston Oxygen Co. - Plans and specifications, 1951, undated
Houston Oxygen Company Plant, 1944-1954
Howard, Walter B., 1952-1954
Humble Oil and Refining Company, 1946-1954
Independent Oxygen Mfg. Assn., 1948, 1950
Industrial and Eng. Chemistry - Shearon Washington, D.C., 1953-1954
Ivy, J. S., 1943-1953
Kasperik, A. S., 1952-1954
License matters - General correspondence
Commercial Solvents Corporation, 1943-1948
Houston Oxygen Company, 1947-1953
License policy, 1943, 1947
Miscellaneous inquiries, 1944-1952
Sid Richardson Company, 1951-1952
Union Carbide, 1943-1944
Lightfoot, Pat, 1951-1954
Lind, S. C. - Oak Ridge Nat. Lab, 1950-1954
Motors - Synchronous, 1951-1953
Motors - Synchronous, 1952
Motor - Synchronous - Flynn-Weichsel motor, 1952, undated
New research - Apparatus Spec., 1954, undated
Patents - Acetylene solvents (photograph), 1916-1953
3Q189 Patent application correspondence, 1940-1953
Patent attorneys, 1946-1954
Patent attorneys, 1951-1954
Patent - General University policy, 1943-1951
Patents - U.S. alien property custodian, 1946-1949
Patent (Lignite) answer, 1924, (1938-1939)
Patent copies, 1923-1953
Publication policies, 1954
Publications - Planned American Chem. Society, 1950-1955
Radio Corp. of America - R.C.A. Victor Div. - High freq. units, 1950
Roots-Connersville Blowers, 1954, undated
Royalty policy, 1951
Schoch, E. P. - Bureau matters, 1939-1954
Schoch, E. P. - Consulting, 1939-1944
Schoch, E. P. - Graduate Course correspondence, 1951-1952
Schoch, E. P. - Personal correspondence (newsclippings), 1930-1954
Schoch, E. P. - Personal status, 1942
Schoch, E. P. - Miscellaneous correspondence, 1950-1954
Schoch, E. P. - Misc. faculty corres., 1950-1954
Schoch, E. P. - Special services, 1944-1945
Schoch, E. P. - Special staff corres., 1950
Seals for shafts, 1945-1952
Shawinigan Power and Water Company, 1943-1948
Shell Development Company, 1946-1948
Sicromals - Alloy for high temp., 1954-1955
Sid Richardson Carbon Company, 1949-1954
Sinclair Refining Company, 1948-1950
Thermal Syndicate Ltd., 1954
Thyratron Rectifier - General Elec. Co., 1952, 1954
Union Oil Company, 1946-1954
Vinyl chloride patents, 1940-1947
Visitors' list and register books, 1944-1949
Werkenthin, T. A. - U.S. Bur. of Ships, (photographs), 1946-1950
Westinghouse Electric Corporation, 1954
Woolrich, Dean W. R., Engin. College, 1953
Wulff Process (Inquiries), 1951
Miscellaneous reports, 1934-1954, undated
Fire damaged papersMiscellaneous reports
3Q190 Correspondence
1916-1960, undated
1929-1947, undated
1942-1959, undated
circa 1940s, undated
3Q191 Newsclippings, 1943-1948
Miscellaneous correspondence
Virginia Stott statements of crude oil purchases, 1938-1941
Stott, et al. vs. Tide Water Seaboard case correspondence, 1942-1947, undated
Stott, et al. vs. Tide Water Seaboard case, Miss Jansing's papers, 1935-1940
Tide Water and Hunt Oil statements, 1939
Mae Lubben papers, 1859-1940, undated
Mae Lubben correspondence, 1935-1939
Batch plant in North Dakota correspondence, 1929
Office of Product Management, Washington, D.C., 1941-1942
Water Testing in Dallas, 1939
Explosion cases, 1932-1939
Papers lent by Dr. Tuttle of S. Cr. (?) Public Service, 1926-1941
Hayes-Sammons Hardware, 1929-1939
Sponge Iron, 1938-1939
Savannah Martin, et al vs. Monier Plumbing Co., 1951-1952
Munoz vs. Southern Home Improvement Co., 1952
Foster Wheeler Corp. (Heat exchange equip.), 1940
Union Producing Co., 1938-1940
City Public Service Board, 1950-1951
Morton Salt Co., 1937-1938
Norton vs. United Gas Corp., et al., 1939, undated
Manuscript galleys, 1959, undated
Carbon Black correspondence
3Q192 1942-1950
Carbon Black reports and literature
1944, undated
Carbide and Carbon chemical, undated
Purification and Properties of Carbon Black, by E. J. Claasson, undated
Electric Discharge reports (quarterly)
Final report, June 15, 1953
Miscellaneous reports, 1935-1954, undated
3Q193 Article reprints, 1939-1949, undated
Printed materials
1913-1960, undated
Acetylene report, 1947
Acetylene report, 1959
3Q194 Manuscript galleys, 1967
Receipts, 1953-1956, 1962
Article reprints, undated
3Q195 Lignite drawings and photographs, undated
Correspondence and printed material, 1939
Schoch manuscripts, undated
Handwritten worksheets, 1931-1932
Lignite correspondence, 1925-1942, undated
Miscellaneous printed material and correspondence concerning water filtration and softening, 1938, undated
Water analysis and softening, undated
Ground waters in Texas, 1938-1939
Chemistry 464 exercises, undated
Miscellaneous chemistry manuscripts and patent information, undated
Chemical testing
manuscripts, handwritten notes, and reports, 1932-1949, undated
Department of the Interior Ground Water Resources reports, 1932-1935
Reisert Automatic Water Purifying Co. correspondence and printed material, 1917-1918, undated
Chemical testing
County measurements charts, undated
3Q196 Stanford Water Works specifications and contract documents, 1934
Proposed water purification plants, correspondence and blueprints
Abilene, Texas, 1925-1928
Mission, Texas, 1926-1927, undated
Seguin, Texas, 1928, undated
Interference matters, patent controversy
Gallsworthy vs. Schoch, 1923-1931, undated
Gallsworthy vs. Schoch briefs, 1931, undated
Southern Coast Corporation, 1937-1938, undated
Log books and notebooks, 1938, undated
Monterrey Gas Co. reports, 1927, 1929, undated
Wharton Sulphur Company newsclippings, notes, and miscellaneous, 1930, 1936, undated
Texas Gulf Sulphur Co. notes, tax form, clippings, and miscellaneous, 1930, 1935-1936, undated
3Q197 Printed material, 1917-1949, undated
Water purification printed material, 1923-1940
Bureau of Industrial Chemistry
Navy Contract progress reports, September 1948-September 1949
Danciger vs. Gray trial information, 1937-1938
Danciger vs. Gray measurements, notes, notebooks, 1937-1938
3Q198 Masters' theses and student reports, 1924-1944
3Q199 Acetylene
Reports, March to August, 1942
Notes on absorption of acetal (C 2 H 2) in glycol
Interaction of ethylene and acetylene
Acetylene solubility
Vapor pressure charts of acetone and H 2 O
Acetylene notes
Acetylene report, 1953
Miscellaneous on acetylene and other gases
Acetylene research affidavits, 1937-1947
Acetylene supply tower calculations, 1951-1952
Glow discharges
Glow discharge treatment of gases
Glow discharges, 1953
Electric discharge processes reports, 1953, undated
Water analysis report, 1938
Notes, undated
Reports, undated
Printed materials, undated
Other miscellaneous, 1951, 1953, undated
Electric discharge project reports
Final report, September 1, 1954
Notes on new discharge, 1952
3Q200 Notes, undated
Publications and speeches by Schoch
List of Bureau of Industrial Chemistry publications
Address, June 16, 1948
Manuscripts, 1943-1948
Reports, 1941-1954
Statistics report, 1940
Cotton papers, 1941
Class materials
Electrosynthesis in gases, undated
Graduate class work, undated
Special reports
Brief for biennium, 1951-1953
Report to Schoch, August 10, 1950
Reports by Schoch, 1947-1949
Reports to Board of Regents
November 1942-Spring 1953
U.S. Bureau of Mines reports, 1931-1934
American Petroleum Industry papers, 1933-1934
Fractionating Towers report, undated
Claymore Case
1935-1942, undated
Exhibits 2-6 (photographs), 1942, undated
Exhibits 7-10, 1941-1942, undated
Exhibits 11, 12, 14, 1942, undated
3Q201 Lignite treatment
Correspondence, 1946-1951
Lignite Plant design, 1948
Schoch report, 1941
Report to Schoch, 1947
Notes and papers, 1948-1953
Financial records, 1946-1953
Printed materials, 1950-1951
3Q202 Bureau of Industrial Chemistry
Lignite data notebooks, 1917-1940
3Q203 Bureau of Industrial Chemistry
Lignite data notebooks, August 1930-September 1942
3Q204 Bureau of Industrial Chemistry
Lignite data notebooks, 1942-1949, undated
3Q205 Patents
U.S. patents
Numbers 709,867-1,750,000, 1902-1930
1,760,000-1,800,000, 1930-1933
1,900,000-2,100,000, 1933-1937
2,100,000-2,200,000, 1937-1940
2,200,000-2,495,665, 1940-1950
French and Canadian patents, 1911-1938
German and miscellaneous patents, 1888-1940
British patents, 1910-1945
3Q206 Bureau of Industrial Chemistry
Bound reports, Numbers 2A-17A, 1935-1948
3Q207 Bureau of Industrial Chemistry
Bound reports, Numbers 17B-26B
UT faculty meeting minutes and miscellany, 1938-1945, undated
Schoch Income tax forms, 1938-1945
Miscellaneous legal reports, 1939-1958, undated
Miscellaneous reports, 1931-1951, undated
3Q208 Printing plates mounted on wood blocks, undated
3Q209 Blueprints, drawings, and photographs
Blueprints for paper Development of Glow Discharge , 1954
detail of electrode
Mag. disc., prongs, spacings, etc. (Jenkins), 1952
for paper II - Glow Discharges, undated
Paper I, Jenkins, 1954
Last Pilot Plant, 1954
Free Energies of Formation, undated
Miscellaneous, 1943
Efficiencies of Acetylene produced from Feed Gases of various compositions, undated
Miscellaneous, 1952, undated
Last Pilot Plant by Jenkins, Parish, 1952
Shaft seals, 1945
T-Circuit connections, 1952
Magnesium disc. no. 2, 1952, undated
Disc. no. 3, 1953
Gap structure for disc. no. 1, undated
Simplified flow diagram of discharge unit, 1942
Acetylene from hydrocarbons, 1950
Holcombe: Water Cooling Tower, 1946
Current wave types, 1946
Safety circuit, undated
Howard: Solinoid Case, 1951
Acetylene from hydrocarbons, 1946
Extra copies, 1947
Details of Magnesium disc., undated
Wheel efficiency studies, undated
Graphs and blueprints, 1928-1932, undated
1942, undated
Chemical charts, undated
Acetylene charts, undated
Charts, undated
Miscellaneous blueprints, 1929-1951
Map - Recycling Unit #1, undated
Pilot plant, undated
Pilot plant, end removed, undated
Blower wheel, side view, undated
Cross Discharge, undated
Print negatives of last electric discharge chamber, undated
Schoch process flow diagram of methane through Butane (negative), undated
Photographs used in Final Air Force report, undated
Lignite plants, undated
City Public Service Board, undated
Negatives for paper on Development of Glow Discharge, undated
3Q210 Card files
County by county measurements dealing with lignite, clay, sand, manganese, and water, 1902-1942
Card files, 1902-1942
3Q212 Card files, 1902-1942
3Q214 Card files, 1902-1942
3Q215 Gray back notebooks
Lignite investigations
1918-1940, undated
Malordants, 1940
Chem. 87, 1939-1943
Notes on Electric Discharge, 1940
Passivity of Nickel, undated
Acetylene Pilot Plant data, 1942
Untitiled, 1937
Address book, notebook, ledger