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I. J. Schoenberg Papers, 1900-1993

Descriptive Summary

Creator: Schoenberg, I. J.
Title: I. J. Schoenberg papers
Dates: 1900-1993
Abstract: Consists of correspondence, manuscripts of published and unpublished papers and lectures, research notes, teaching materials, and photographs documenting the career of mathematician Isaac Jacob Schoenberg.
Identification: urn:taro:utexas.cah.00211
Extent: 26 linear feet
Language: English , Russian , French , Dutch; Flemish , German , Romanian; Moldavian; Moldovan .
Repository: Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin

Biographical Note

Isaac "Iso" Jacob Schoenberg (1903-1990) was born in Galatz, Romania, and received his Ph.D. from the University of Jassy [Iasi] in Moldavia in 1926. He came to the United States in 1930 on a Rockefeller fellowship where he served as a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Chicago and Harvard University. In 1933 he became a member of the Institute for Advanced Study at Princeton (1933-1935). His major mathematical teaching posts were at the University of Pennsylvania (1941-1966) and the University of Wisconsin-Madison (1966-1973). He was released from work at the University of Pennsylvania from 1943-1945 to work at the Army's Ballistic Research Laboratory in Aberdeen, Maryland, where he began his work on the theory of splines. Other research interests of Schoenberg include Pólya frequency functions and cardinal splines.

Scope and Contents

Consists of correspondence, manuscripts of published and unpublished papers, lectures, research notes, and teaching materials documenting the career of mathematician Isaac Jacob Schoenberg. The collection includes correspondence with a number of notable mathematicians, including Edmund Landau, J.R. Kline, Paul Erdös, and George Pólya. There are also materials documenting Schoenberg's personal and family life, most notably correspondence showing Schoenberg's attempts to help family and friends immigrate to Israel and the United States prior to the outbreak of World War II. Mathematical subject matter includes research notes, lectures, drafts on analysis, approximation theory, and splines.

Forms part of the Archives of American Mathematics.


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Index Terms

Personal Names
Erdős, Paul, 1913-1996
Landau, Edmund, 1877-1939
Pólya, George, 1887-1985
Schoenberg, I. J.
Corporate Names
Institute for advanced study Princeton, N.J.
University of Pennsylvania. Department of Mathematics
University of Wisconsin-Madison. Mathematics Department
Approximation theory
Mathematical analysis
Mathematics--Study and teaching
Spline theory
United States

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Preferred Citation

I. J. Schoenberg Papers, Archives of American Mathematics, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin.

Detailed Description of the Collection

Series I. Personal

91-3/1 Family correspondence, 1934-1972
Publicity, 1938-1962
"Mother's immigration", 1941
"Letters - Dolly", 1950-1969
Affidavit of support, 1953-1954
Family history
Poems and a biographical sketch of Schoenberg's mother, 1917-1974
Charlotte Landau - diploma, 1927
Student notebooks
Tesâ la matematicâ, , 1913-1914
Gaiet de Matematici, 1919-1920 - Göttingen - Summersemester, 1925. , 1919-1927
91-3/2 Vorlesungen über die Theorie der Trigonometrischen Reihen, Prof. Edmund Landaû, , 1922-1923
Vorlesungen über Zahlentheorie - Professor Schûr, , 1923-1924
Gaiet le matematici [?], , 1924
Vorlesungen über Periodische und Fast-periodische Funktionen von Prof. Harald Bohr, Göttingen, , 1928-1929
Vorlesungen über Zahlentheorie - Professor Schûr [?], Analizâ matematicâ, , 1929-1933
Vorlesungen über Zahlentheorie - Professor Schûr [?], , undated
4RM55c [SRH1230020475] Diploma - Sigma Xi, 1931
91-3/2 Financial statements and receipts
Legal documents, 1976-1983
91-3/3 Artwork
The problem of k=2, n=4, 1982
Constructive art, undated
Outdoor sculpture, 1983

Series II. Professional

91-3/3 Correspondence
By correspondent
91-3/4 D
91-3/5 Hai-Hu
I-Yuan, Houng
4RM55c [SRH1230020475] Oversized computer printouts, undated
91-3.5 K
91-3/6 R
Schoenberg, I. J
91-3/7 T-U
Unidentified correspondents
Duetsch Leon [oversized letter]
91-3/7 By subject
Landau-Blichfeldt, 1929-1931
Opere, 1932-1940
Letters on Colby College and return to Penn, 1937-1940, 1945
Maine meeting, 1938-1939
91-3/8 Armour, 1940
Referee report, 1940-1942
Philadelphia, 1941
Reprint requests, 1946-1947
Abian, 1959-1962
Number Theory Institute, 1961-1962
Princeton, 1963-1964
Wolfe, Dorothy, 1964
Linkages and geometry, 1968
Madison Jewish Welfare Council, 1970-1972
Northwestern University Regional Conference, 1970-1971
W. Weston Meyer, 1972-1983
May 5th, 1973 [Schoenberg's 70th birthday and retirement party], 1973
Seng, Lee, 1974
Pittsburgh, 1974-1977
On trip, 1974-1975
91-3/9 Journal submissions, 1975
Warsaw, 1975
Ford awards, 1976
Instituto - Roma , 1976-1977
Conferences, 1976-1977
West Point, 1978-1982
B-splines, 1979
Stirling-Schellenbach paper, 1981-1982
Utah, 1981-1982
Book sale, 1981-1987
Book translation [Haimovici], 1982
Schoenberg- Selecta , 1983-1987
Landau books, 1986
Frobenius-Landau correspondence [photocopies], undated
4RM55c [SRH1230020475] Oversized correspondence, 1908, undated
Landau C.V, 1901
91-3/9 Research files
[Archivist's note: arrangement is based upon Schoenberg's original organization]
Theory of functions, Analizâ mathematicâ , undated
91-3/10 Numerical tables, circa 1940-1949
Numerical tables from n 4 (t) = -∞ ∫ ∞ e^(-x^4) cos (tx) dx, circa 1940-1949
Integration of system, circa 1940-1949
Contribution to the problem of approximation if equidistant data, 1946
Leasts squares theory, 1944
Air [?] tables, circa 1940-1949
Reading Appell-Laceur - Chapter 2, undated
Untitled notes, 1949
Contributions to the problem of approximation of equidistant data by analytic functions, 1946
Catalog of punch card tables of mathematical functions, 1945
Untitled notes, circa 1940-1949
Irrationality of e E o , 1943
Newton square law theory, undated
91-3/11 Ballistics of Newton square law of resistance, undated
On the computation of the value of series, undated
Numerical interpolations, 1940-1941
∑ OP i= minimum - Chicago, 1932
Assorted notes, 1931-1932, undated
Assorted notes, 1950
"Odd notes", 1932-1934
Paper on the Karl [?], 1956
Isoperimetric inequalities revival, 1954
Ptolemy's inequalities, Hyperconvex functions, 1939
91-3/12 Least squares theory, undated
Reviews, undated
Extensions of theorems of Descartes and Laguerre to the complex domains, 1934
Assorted notes, undated
A theorem on Fourier-Stieltjes integrals, 1934
Assorted notes, 1932
Notes and drafts, 1935
Moultonboro - Princeton, 1937
Assorted notes, 1933
Convex curves, 1954
Assorted notes
91-3/13 circa 1936
Laplace formula in probability of distribution of error, undated
On absolutely convex functions, undated
Solving linear equations by relaxation, undated
Distribution of arithmetic functions, 1932-1936
Assorted notes, undated
Assorted notes
1947, undated
HAAR problems in the complex field, 1954
4RM55c [SRH1230020475] Oversized geometric constructions, circa 1954
91-3/13 Generalized spline functions (Alhberg and Nilson), 1947
91-3/14 Differential equations and splines, undated
Assorted notes, 1956, undated
Notes on continual mapping, undated
Pompeii Theorem [?], undated
Assorted notes, 1954, undated
Assorted notes and tables, undated
Assorted notes, 1952
Limits of spline distribution, 1946
On CVD kernals, 1956
On multiply monotone functions and their Laplace transforms, 1954
Lineal functions, 1951, undated
Assorted notes, 1958
91-3/15 Higher order iterates of the smoothing function [includes some correspondence], 1945-1947
Linear operators vanishing for a certain degree polynomial, 1938-1953
Smoothing operations and differential equations, 1954
CVD, 1954, undated
Totally positive functions, 1946
On Runge's example of polynomial interpolation, circa 1930-1939
Assorted notes, 1938
Inverses [?] of g(x)= -∞ ∫ ∞ (x-t) f(t) dt, 1946-1948
Assorted notes, 1946
Screw lines in Hilbert space, 1936-1938
On roots of cubii, 1938-1941
Attempt at old Pólya conjecture, [1934], 1938-1939
Assorted notes, 1936-1937
Assorted notes, undated
91-3/16 Notes on metric spaces and completely monotone functions, 1937-1938
Fallout from "Planck" problem, 1942
On Rolle's theorem for continuous (non-differentiable) functions, undated
Assorted notes, 1942, undated
Contributions to the theory of series ∑+/- CV, 1938
On Fourier integrals and metric geometry, 1936
Centroids with imaginary masses, 1939
Assorted notes
Polyhedra and quadratic forms, 1946
On metric spaces of constant local Euclidean dimension, 1939
91-3/17 ∫∫ |f(x) ^2|dx dy, 1971
Convexity preserving convolutions, 1959-1976
Approximations of lineal polynomials (Motzkin), 1951-1955
Extremum problems: variations; Bernstein's inequality, 1976
Masses in H, 1955
On unitary transformation and screw lines, 1956
Differential equations, 1948-1951
Assorted notes, 1951
Relaxation, 1951, undated
91-3/18 Q-cardinal interpolation, 1974-1980
Assorted notes, 1952-1955
Notes on convex domains, 1933-1947
Quadrature formula obtained by partial integration, 1945, undated
Quadrature formula and spline interpolation, 1957, undated
Approximations, undated
Deriving quadrature from Sterling interpolation, 1944
Mechanical quadratures, undated
Spline quadratures, 1957, undated
Metric spaces, 1928-1940
91-3/19 Hyperconvexity, 1939-1940
Menger's theorems, 1938
Assorted notes, 1957
Mapping, 1960
"Mixed notes having to do with a,b = ½", 1962
Assorted notes, 1955
Theory of Approximations, 1950
Problems on f (x) = x1 ∫ x dx x1 ∫ x2 x1 ∫ x-1 dx, undated
Strengthening of Gauss-Lucas, 1941
Assorted notes, undated
[?] Theorem and related problems, undated
91-3/20 Zeroes of multiple positive segments, 1954
Frejér problems, 1956
Convexity preserving kernals, 1936, undated
New proof for Marihhaber [?] theorem, 1960
On a Pólya conjecture on f (x) = ∑ |u=0, f^(u) (y (u)), 1941
P.d. functions on spheres with variable radii, 1938-1940
Bernoulli problems, undated
D {sin S2}, 1939-1941
An attempt at improving the Denjoy-Carleman theorem, 1941-1942
Connected with [?] by splines, undated
Upper periodic functions, 1938-1939
Hungarian problems, undated
4RM55c [SRH1230020475] Oversized tables and graphs, undated
91-3/20 Erdös conjecture, 1957
Polish problems, 1946, undated
Additive integral functions, 1955-1958
Monthly paper on f (x) = 0, if x is irrational, q if x = k/q, 1956-1958
Menger curvature problems, 1954-1955
91-3/21 Assorted notes, 1955
Theory of Approximations, 1959
Stirling-Schellenbach interpolations, 1943, undated
On zeroes of polynomials with k-times positive coefficients, 1953-1954
Assorted notes, 1963
Notes for Sterling-Romberg, 1980, undated
Assorted notes, undated
The Sterling-Schellenbach series transformation, 1961
Important notes for Sterling-Schellenbach, undated
Notes on the Sterling-Schellenbach method, 1943, undated
91-3/22 Jackson constant in best approximation theory, 1953-1954
Sterling-Schellenbach, 1944-1967
Optimal quadratures, 1969-1985
Assorted notes, 1957
Gauss computataions, 1977
Papers on Laplace transformations, 1950
Assorted notes
1951, undated
1973, undated
Cyclic variations, 1948-1950
91-3/23 Two-dimensional chromos, 1978
Besicovitch constant B n , 1962-1983
Netanyahu's problem, 1969-1985
Remarks to a paper by P. Bateman, 1962
Galatea, 1970
Continuous continued functions, 1959
Convex functions, 1941
Solving linear equations, 1952
Absolutely convex function, 1942
(N+1) times monotone functions, 1941
Rational C.M. functions, 1941
An application of Schwartz's lemma, 1942
Bieberbach nonsense, 1941
Assorted notes
Real variables, 1956
The Haar problem, undated
Screw lines in H, 1954
Problem, 1938-1940
Functions on spheres, 1938-1940
Real and complex [?], 1960
Assorted notes, 1960, undated
The Haar papers, 1957
Laplace transforms, 1939-1948
Totally positive symmetric matrices: a generalization of the Stieltjes problem, 1956
Operation "Sea Serpent" [I], 1956
Operation "Sea Serpent" [II], 1933-1954
L'Affaire Sigeiti Moriguti , 1954-1956
Big cube problem, 1961-1976
4RM55c [SRH1230020475] Geometric constructions, undated
91-3/24 Conditionally convergent series of analytic [?], 1960
Zentralblatt , 1936-1937
91-3/25 Runcheweyh letter, 1983
Notebook, undated
Tables for equidistant spline interpolation, 1966-1971
Bivariate interpolation, 1972
Octahedron in E 4 , 1969
The Blumenthal theorem, 1970
The fundamental functions for cardinal spline interpolation for the degrees n=2, 3, 4, 5, 1971
A small tract on cubic spline interpolation, 1970-1971
The technique of equidistant spline interpolation, 1970-1971
Assorted notes, 1953
Navy reports, 1949-1951
Bilharz – Steffensen –Thiboux – Haar, 1954-1955
Chromos problem, 1974
Splines, 1971-1972
91-3/26 Study of class P 2 , 1965
Simply connected sets of lines of 0, undated
Assorted notes, 1949
The discrete problem, 1947
On totally positive distribution functions, 1946-1947
Assorted notes, 1949-1951
N-chrome, 1962, undated
Pisot paper—notes, 1963
4RM55c [SRH1230020475] Oversized notes, undated
91-3/26 Color problem, 1962-1974
91-3/27 Hilbert transform, 1973-1976
Circle splines I, 1975, undated
Circle splines II, 1976
A new Insterman [?] problem, 1954
Assorted notes, undated
Dahmer [?], 1981
Several variables, 1959, undated
Assorted notes I-II, 1951-1960, undated
91-3/28 Le Stang-Naarden, 1956-1957
Assorted notes, 1946-1961
Unclassified problems, 1954-1965
Assorted notes, 1986
Slide rule, mod 100, 1971-1986
Final report on the project no. N6 onr-24912, undated
On variation-diminishing transformations, 1948, undated
Assorted notes, 1948, undated
91-3/29 Assorted notes, 1980, undated
Bernie extensions, 1967
Reprints for Sterling—Schellenbach, 1962-1980
Assorted notes, undated
Averages, undated
4RM55c [SRH1230020475] Gauss computations—UNIVAC printouts, 1977
91-3/29 "Davy Jones' Locker"—unpublished writings, 1932, undated
4RM55c [SRH1230020475] Galley proof, "A Remark on the preceding note by Bochner", circa 1934
91-3/29 Geodesic triangles, 1934
Favard, 1937-1971
Local convexity in Euclidean spaces, 1937
Finished papers, 1938-1946
91-3/30 Review of Mathematical Snapshots, 1939
4RM55c [SRH1230020475] Oversized galley proofs, undated
91-3/30 Runge paper, 1943-1962
An iteration method for computation with Laurent series, 1945
A theorem on polygons in n dimensions with applications to variation-diminishing and cyclic variation- diminishing linear transformations, 1945-1947
Assorted notes, 1946-1979
Manuscript on totally positive functions, 1946
On Pólya frequency functions III: the positivity of a class of determinants and applications, 1947-1952
On spline distributions and their limits: The Pólya distribution functions, 1947-1948
Helly's theorem of convex domains, 1948
91-3/31 Navy reports, 1948-1950
Iterates of cyclic transformations, 1948-1949
On the positivity of translation determinants for Pólya frequency with an application to the interpolation problem by spline curves, 1949
Isoperimetric inequalities, 1951
Memorial to John Robert Kline, circa 1955
Some extremal problems for positive definite sequences and related extremal convex conformal maps of the circle, 1957
On variation diminishing transformations on the circle, 1957-1959
Some polynomial extremal problems and mechanical quadratures, 1958
On the variation of diminishing approximation methods, 1958
Some polynomial extremal problems and mechanical quadratures, 1958
A new explicit V.D. approximations, 1959-1982
Rising curves of vanishing slopes, 1958-1959
An extremum problem for polynomials, 1959
91-3/32 Lattice points— Columbia, 1960
On the unicity of solutions of problems of best approximation, 1960
Kakeya's problem, 1961-1973
Pisot paper, circa 1961-1962
Pisot paper, 1963
Irregularities of billiard ball motions, 1963-1974
Amsterdam paper, 1965, undated
Spline functions and variation diminishing approximation methods, 1965-1966
91-3/33 Hermite interpolation, 1967-1985
Totally positive functions, Edmonston, Alberta, 1968
Does Blumenthal's theorem generalize?, 1969
Favard—Pittsburgh, 1970
Interpolating splines as limits of polynomials, 1970-1983
Two applications of approximate differentiation formulae, 1970-1982
Approximating lengths, areas, and volumes, 1970-1978
Metric geometry—Askey conjecture, 1971
Splines and histograms, 1971-1972
Pick in R 3 , 1972
Hausdorff moment problem solved in L2, 1972-1973
Notes on spline functions II. On the smoothing of histograms, 1972
Splines and the logarithmic function, 1974-1975
On Charles Micchelli's theory of cardinal L-splines, 1974, undated
Bryn Mawr, 1974-1975
On Chebyshev and Markov-type problems for polynomials in a circular ring, 1975-1977
91-3/34 The Landau problem for motions in a ring, 1975
Rome paper, 1976-1977
Cardinal smoothing splines, 1976
Lexington conference, 1976
The Landau problem for motions on a curve, 1976
On the matrix approach to the Fibonacci numbers an the Fibonacci pseudoprimes, 1976-1981
4RM55c [SRH1230020475] Oversized numerical tables, undated
91-3/34 On a problem of Steinhaus on lattice points, 1977-1978
Stella octangula, 1978-1981
Extremum problems for the motions of a billiard ball, 1978
91-3/35 N-chromos [?] in R^k, 1978
The finite Fourier series II. The graphical harmonic analysis of skew polygons as a source of outdoor sculptures, 1979-1983
Computation of finite Landau- [?] motion in the parabola y= ½ x^2, 1980
4RM55c [SRH1230020475] Oversized computer printouts, 1980
91-3/35 The Landau problem for motions on curves and time- optimal control problems, 1980
Mathematical Time Exposures , 1980-1984
A direct derivation of Jacobian identity from an elliptic functions, 1980-1981
Hausdorff's moment problem and expansions in Legendre polynomials, 1980
The Landau problem III, 1980
On polynomial interpolation at the points of a geometric progression, 1980-1981
4RM55c [SRH1230020475] Oversized computer printouts, 1980
91-3/35 A new approach to Euler splines, 1981-1993
91-3/36 High-order continuity implies good approximation solutions of certain functional equations I, 1982-1985
The paper on R4, 1982
The behavior of the exponential Euler spline Sn (x; t) as n ∞ negative values for base t, 1982
On the equidecomposibility of a regular triangle and a square of equal areas, 1983-1985
A direct approach to the Villaceau circles of a torus, 1983
Euler's contribution to cardinal spline interpolation: the exponented Euler spline, 1983
On the Gauss-Lucas radius of a polynomial, 1984-1985
On the anti-cylinder, 1985
On the Turning Lozange of constant side whose vertices alternate between two circles of a ring, 1985
Miscellanea. Music and science, 1985
A proof of Grace's theorem by induction, 1985
The Chinese remainder problem and polynomial interpolation, 1986
Final paper for Stirling-Schellenbach, undated
Extremum problems for the multi-dimensional case of König and Szücs of billiard ball motions, undated
91-3/37 A conjectured analogue of Rolle's theorem for polynomials with real or complex coefficients, undated
Notes on spline functions, undated
On the anti-cylinder, undated
Monosplines and quadrature formulae, undated
Splines and histograms, undated
4RM55c [SRH1230020475] The π o approximation for Bulgarian mothers, undated
91-3/37 The Landau problem for the differential operator D^2 – X^2, undated
Monthly problems
American Mathematical Monthly problems
91-3/38 Calgary, Edmonton, 1967-1975
Are there reciprocal orthogonal polynomials, 1970-1982
A problem from F. Richards, 1973-1983
Advanced problems for AMM, 1979-1984
A new problem for "Nieum archief voor Wiskunde,", 1980-1981
A problem for new Eindhoven, 1981
Problem E 3005, 1983
The Graham-Knuth problem, 1983
The Tsintifas problem, 1983
Problems on Appell sequences, 1984-1985
Problems from proseminar, 1985
Problem 6488, undated
Teaching notes
T-determinants and combinatorial analysis, 1934-1946
91-3/39 Courant problems, 1934-1936
Problem seminar, 1935-1939
Math 601, 1938-1957
Non-technical mathematics, 1939-1942
Honors exams, 1939-1949
Number theory, Colby College, circa 1930s
4RM201 [SRH1230024915] Non-Tech Math 1a, 1939-1940
Conditions Governing Access
91-3/39 Courant problems, 1940, undated
Complex variables, 1941
Problems for seminar, 1941-1947
Theory of functions, 1941-1942
91-3/40 Complex variables, 1942
Special topics, 1942-1945, undated
Special topics in the theory of functions, 1942-1943
Theory of functions, 1946-1947
Theory of functions, 1946-1947
91-3/41 Math 600, 1946-1948
4RM201 [SRH1230024915] Math 630 Theory of Functions, 1946-1947
Conditions Governing Access
91-3/41 Notebook on a course in finite differences, probabilities, and statistics, 1946-1947
Proseminar, 1946-1948
Notes on a course, 1946-1947
Assorted notes, 1947-1951
Laplace transforms, 1947
Laplace transforms - Math 663, 1947-1948
Laplace transforms vol. I, 1947-1948
Laplace transforms vol. II, 1947-1948
Laplace transforms vol. III, 1947-1951
Partial differential equations of physics and engineering - Stanford, 1948
Proseminar, 1948
4RM201 [SRH1230024915] Math 131, Advanced Calculus II, 1948-1949
Conditions Governing Access
91-3/42 Advanced calculus, 1949
Functions of a real variable, 1949-1950, 1956
Laplace transforms—Fourier integrals, 1950-1951
Assorted problems, 1950-1961
Partial differential equations—UCLA, 1951
Real variables I, 1952-1953, 1962-1963
4RM201 [SRH1230024915] Real Variables II, 1952-1953
Conditions Governing Access
91-3/42 Functions of real variables, 1952-1953
4RM201 [SRH1230024915] Math 231, 1954
Conditions Governing Access
91-3/43 Problem seminar, 1954-1960
Linear transformations in Hilbert space, 1955-1956
Divergent series, 1957
Laplace transforms, 1957-1958
Real variables, 1957-1958
Besicovitch seminar, 1958-1959
Proseminar, 1958-1959
91-3/44 Analysis seminar, Stanford-La Jolla, 1959-1968
Problems of moments, 1959
Proseminar, 1959-1960
Number Theory, Summer Institute, University of South Carolina, 1960
Proseminar, 1960-1961
Pisot, 1961-1962
Erdös' theorem ∫ (mn) = f(m) + f(n), 1961
Real variables II, 1962-1963
Math 320, 1962-1963
Numerical analysis, 1966, undated
Convexity course, 1967
91-3/45 UW mathematics 115, elementary course, 1971
Number theory - Math 488, 1977
Number Theory - U.S. Military Academy - West Point, 1978
Courant F.L. paper, undated
Convexity course, undated
Complex variables, undated
Non-technical assignments, undated
Seminar problems, undated
Seminar problems, undated
Special topics, undated
Math 130, solution to problems, undated
Complex variables, undated
Lectures by Schoenberg
Probability, 1938-1939
On smoothing interpolation with special reference to punched card computing methods, 1945
91-3/46 Partial differential equations - National Bureau of Standards, 1951
Cal Tech, 1957
Number theory, 1959-1960
Notes for a lecture, 1961
Clay [?], 1963-1967
Swarthmore, 1964-1966
Splines and histograms, 1964-1972
Report on the International Congress of Mathematicians—Moscow, 1966
Landau problem lecture [0, +∞], 1970
On quadrature formulae of Chebyshev and Gauss which are optimal in the series [?] by Sand, 1976-1985
91/47 Rome, undated
Lectures by others
Karlin, S. "Integral equations and total [?] stochastic processes,", 1956-1957
Loewner, Charles
"Advanced matrix theory,", 1957
"On generation of monotonic transformations of higher order by infinitesimal transformations,", 1962
"On semigroups in analysis and geometry,", 1962
Loewner, K., "Theory of matrices,", 1956-1957
Number Theory Institute I, 1961
Number Theory institute II, 1961-1962
Number Theory Institute III, 1961-1962
91-3/48 Pólya, George, "Notes on aspects of calculus,", 1955
Wielandt, H., "Topics in analytic theory of matrices,", 1967
Weyl, Herman, "Continuous groups,", 1933-1934
Writings by others
Alsina, James, "The Peano curve of Schoenberg is nowhere differentiable,", 1980
Cavaretta, Alfred
"An elementary proof of Kolmogorov's theorem,", undated
"A theorem of Bernstein type for periodic spline functions,", undated
"On cardinal perfect splines of least sup normal on the real axis [three copies],", 1970
"Oscillatory and zero properties for perfect splines and monosplines,", undated
Gabai, Hyman, "Mathematical implications and other poems,", undated
Goodman, A.W., "Notes on the Iliev-Sendov problem,", undated
Greville, T.N.E., "The spline interpolation of sequences satisfying a linear recurrence relation", undated
Gurney, Ronald, "Selected extracts from some of the letters sent to Natalie Gurney by personal friend and scientific colleagues of her husband, Ronald W. Gurney, --after his sudden death in New York, --April 14, 1953, undated
Istratescu, Vaile Ion, "On a conjecture concerning the zeroes of polynomials,", undated
I-Yuan, Houng, "On the degree of convergence of best least square approximation by spline functions,", 1972-1973
Marsden, Martin
"Operator bounds and error bounds for quadratic spline interpolation,", undated
"A proposal for the support of a project entitled approximation theory and functional analysis,", undated
Miller, Michael J., "On Ilief's conjecture and the geometry of polynomials,", 1984
91-3/49 Newman, D.J., "Some remarks on the convergence of cardinal splines,", undated
Reddy, T. Ram, "A study of certain subclasses of univalent analytic functions,", 1983
Riemenscheider, S.D
"Convergence of interpolating cardinal splines: power growth,", undated
"Convergence results for cardinal hermite splines,", 1976
Schur, I., "On algebraic equations whose roots possess only negative real parts,", 1921
Tzimbalario, Jean
"Rational approximation to xª", undated
Lebesgue constants for cardinal L-spline interpolation, undated
Wall, Charles, "Density bounds for Jordan's totient,", 1971-1972
Wang, A.H. and R.L. Klein, "A numerical method to obtain optimal quadrature formulas,", 1977
Weinert, Howard and Gursharan Sidhu, "A stochastic framework for recursive computation of spline functions—part I: interpolating splines,", undated
Wolfe, Dorothy, "A minimal point of a finite metric set,", undated
Al-Co, 1943-1979
Cu-Kl, 1900-1976
Kr-Meir, 1906-1980
Meir-Sagan, 1939-1986
91-3/50 Sharma-Van, 1924-1976

3W111 [SRH1230030404] Photographs
Family photographs, circa 1938
Luny and Jolanthe, Haifa, 1952
Symposium on inequalities, 1965
Sharma, Tim Goodman, and S. L. Lee, 1986
West Point [?], undated
Trip to the zoo, undated
Michigan State University mathematics department, undated
Unidentified photographs, undated