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A Guide to the International Association of Venue Managers Records, 1927-

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Creator: International Association of Venue Managers
Dates: 1927-
Abstract Organized in the 1920s as the Association of Auditorium Managers, the International Association of Venue Managers is the primary professional organization for managers of performance, sports, and meeting facilities. The IAVM addresses issues and concerns of its membership and contributes to its members' professional development. Records include conference proceedings and meeting transcripts, programs, printed material, newsletters, trade magazines, clippings, oral history tapes, and blueprints. The bulk of the material consists of records from the organization's annual conferences and trade shows. Forms part of the Professional Touring Entertainment Industry Archives.
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Historical Note

Organized in the 1920s as the Association of Auditorium Managers, the organization's membership became international with the inclusion of Canadian facility managers in the 1930s, and the name changed in 1934 to reflect the expanding scope. As the primary professional organization for managers of performance, sports, and meeting facilities, the IAVM addresses issues and concerns of its membership and contributes to its members' professional development.

In the summer of 2010 the name of the organization was changed to the International Association of Venue Managers.

Forms part of Touring Entertainment Industry Archive.

Scope and Contents

Conference proceedings and meeting transcripts, programs, printed material, newsletters, trade magazines, clippings, oral history tapes, and blueprints document the International Association of Venue Managers, Inc. The bulk of the material consists of records from the organization's annual conferences and trade shows. The records reflect the construction and operation of large multipurpose arenas, theaters, stadiums and convention centers. Includes material created in the United States and Canada.


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International Association of Assembly Managers--Archives.
Civic centers--Administration.
Convention facilities--Administration.
Facility management.
Public buildings--Administration.
Sports facilities--Administration.

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International Association of Venue Managers Records, 1927-, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, the University of Texas at Austin.

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3M57 Proceedings of the Annual Convention, Chicago, Illinois, September 21-22, 1931
Proceedings of the Annual Convention, Chicago, Illinois, August 14-16, 1933
Proceedings of the Annual Convention, Chicago, Illinois, August 13-14, 1934
Auditorium Managers' Association Convention, Chicago, Illinois, August 18-20, 1935
Proceedings of the Auditorium Managers' Association, Central and Southern District, St. Louis, Missouri, December 9, 1939
Auditorium Managers' Association, Spring meeting, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, March 15-16, 1940
International Auditorium Managers Association, 17th Annual Convention, Houston, Texas, August 13-15, 1940
Proceedings of the combined meeting of Central and Southern Districts, Kansas City, Missouri, December 16-17, 1940
Proceedings of Annual Conventions:
18th, San Francisco, California, August 6-8, 1941
19th, Cincinnati, Ohio, July 22-24, 1942
20th, Chicago, Illinois, August 14-16, 1944
Post War Conference, Minneapolis, Minnesota, July 24-26, 1945
21st, Chattanooga, Tennessee, August 12-14, 1946
22nd, New Orleans, Louisiana, July 21-23, 1947
23rd, San Jose, California, July 12-14, 1948
24th, Boston, Massachusetts, July 25-27, 1949
25th, Grand Rapids, Michigan, July 23-26, 1950
26th, Quebec, Canada, June 20-23, 1951
27th, Miami Beach, Florida, August 10-13, 1952
28th, Chicago, Illinois, July 6-8, 1953
31st, El Paso, Texas, August 16-18, 1956
34th, Atlanta, Georgia, July 29-August 1, 1959
35th, New Orleans, Louisiana, July 26-30, 1960
41st, Las Vegas, Nevada, July 25-29, 1966
42nd, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, July 24-28, 1967
43rd, Houston, Texas, July 22-25, 1968
44th, St. Louis, Missouri, July 28-31, 1969
45th, Atlanta, Georgia, July 20-23, 1970
46th, Vancouver, British Columbia, July 26-29, 1971
47th, San Diego, California, July 24-27, 1972
48th, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1973
49th, San Antonio, Texas, 1974
50th, Detroit, Michigan, (Golden Anniversary) 1975
51st, New Orleans, Louisiana, 1976
52nd, San Francisco, California, July 24-28, 1977
53rd, Louisville, Kentucky, July 23-27, 1978
3M58 Newspaper clippings, 1975-1981
Annual Conference Proceedings, Chicago, Illinois, August 13-14, 1934
Winter board meeting agenda, Philadelphia, Atlantic City, and New York City, December 3, 4, 6, 1932
IAAM business meeting transcripts:
San Francisco, California, July 27, 1977
New Orleans, Louisiana, July 14, 1976
Detroit, Michigan, July 23, 1975
Detroit, Michigan, July 21, 1975
Seattle, Washington, July 25-31, 1980
July 29, 1981
July 27, 1981
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, July 20, 1982
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, July 18, 1982
Louisville, Kentucky, July 21-27, 1978
Houston, Texas, July 20-26, 1979
Annual Conference Proceedings:
40th, Chicago, Illinois, July 27-30, 1965
39th, Miami Beach, Florida, July 28-31, 1964
38th, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, July 23-26, 1963
29th, Long Beach, California, July 18-22, 1954
30th, Denver, Colorado, July 18-20, 1955
31st, El Paso, Texas, August 16-18, 1956
32nd, New York, New York, July 9-13, 1957
33rd, Seattle, Washington, August 1-4, 1958
34th, Atlanta, Georgia, July 29-August 1, 1959
Board of Directors meeting transcripts:
Louisville, Kentucky, Vol. 1-3, January 11-12, 1978
San Francisco, California, Vol. 1-4, July 28, 1977
Box Office and Ticket Procedures, by Robert Stewart, 1977, 1984
"Auditorium Data Survey," by Lindsey C. Lueddeke and the Publications Committee, 1959
Planning and Management of Public Assembly Facilities, by Francis R. Deering, Don Jewell, and Lindsey C. Lueddeke, 1961, 1964
The 1966 IAAM Survey: Statistics from a Survey by IAAM, 1966
3M59 Annual Conference Proceedings:
27th, Miami Beach, Florida, August 10-13, 1952
28th, Chicago, Illinois, July 6-8, 1953
29th, Long Beach, California, July 18-22, 1954
30th, Denver, Colorado, July 18-22, 1955
32nd, New York, New York, July 9-13, 1957
33rd, Seattle, Washington, August 1-4, 1958
36th, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, July 18-21, 1961
Board of Directors meeting transcripts:
Mid-Winter meeting, Chicago, Illinois, Vol. 1-2, December 9-10, 1980
Miami Beach, Florida, Vol. 1-6, July 24-30, 1981
Chicago, Illinois, Vol. 1-3, November 16-17, 1982
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Vol. 1-3, July 16-21, 1982
New Orleans, Louisiana, January 8-9, 1976
Detroit, Michigan, Vol. 1-3, July 24, 1975
3M60 Auditorium surveys:
Dallas Memorial Auditorium and Convention Center, undated
Asheville, North Carolina, Civic Center, 1978
Madison, Wisconsin, June 1962
Norfolk Cultural and Convention Center, Norfolk, Virginia, 1967
Municipal Auditorium and Convention Center at Niagara Falls, New York, 1967
Convention and Exposition Center, Cincinnati, Ohio, 1972
Monroe, Louisiana, undated
Columbia, South Carolina, undated
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, April 1960
Jackson, Mississippi, July 1960
Mason City, Iowa, May 1962
Hot Springs, Arkansas, June 1960
Baltimore, Maryland, October 1955
Tulsa, Oklahoma, January 1960
Springfield, Missouri, February 1961
El Paso, Texas, February 1961
Twin Cities of Benton Harbor and Saint Joseph, Michigan and surrounding area, August 1962
Board of Directors meeting transcripts:
San Francisco, California, Vol. 1-3, January 5-6, 1977
Summer meeting, San Diego, California, July 23, 28, 1972
New Orleans, Louisiana, Vol. 1-2, July 9-10, 1976
St. Petersburg, Florida, Vol. 1-2, January 4-5, 1975
Houston, Texas, Vol. 1-2, December 13-14, 1978
Louisville, Kentucky, Vol. 1-5, July 21-27, 1978
Seattle, Washington, Vol. 1-6, July 25-31, 1980
3M61 Auditorium News:
April-May, August-December, 1970
February 1971 - June 1985
Annual Conference Proceedings:
Chicago, Illinois, August 14-16, 1944
25th, Grand Rapids, Michigan, July 23-26, 1950
26th, Quebec, Canada, June 20-23, 1951
27th, Miami Beach, Florida, August 10-13, 1952
28th, Chicago, Illinois, July 6-8, 1953
50 Years of Service, A History of the International Association of Auditorium Managers, 1925-1975, 1976
Board of Directors meeting transcripts:
Mid-Winter meeting, Seattle, Washington, Vol. 1-3, December 11-12, 1979
Houston, Texas, Vol. 1-5, July 20-26, 1979
3M62 IAAM Industry Profile Survey, vol. 1-2, 1995
Annual Conference Proceedings, 1966-1978
Annual Conference Programs, 1927-1928, 1930, 1934-1937, 1939-1942, 1944, 1949, 1952-1970, 1973-1992
3M63 Magazines:
Meetings News:
January 1981
July 1981
November 1981
December 1981
January 1982
February 1982
March 1982
April 1982
April 15, 1982
May 1982
June 1982
July 1982
August 1982
September 1982
October 1982
November 15, 1982
January 1983
February 15, 1983
March 1983
April 1983
May 15, 1983
Amusement Business:
One hundredth-Anniversary collector's edition, 1894-1994 July 29 - August 4, 1996
Billboard, 100th Anniversary Issue, 1894-1994
Variety, July 24-30, 1995
Applause, August 1995
3M64 IAAM Facility Manager:
March-April, 1995
May-June, 1995
July-August, 1995
September-October, 1995
January-February, 1996
March-April, 1996
July-August 1996
September-October, 1996
November-December, 1996
March-April, 1997
May-June, 1997
July-August, 1997
September-October, 1997
November-December, 1997
January-February, 1998
March-April, 1998
May-June, 1998
July-August, 1998
Crowd Management:
April-June, 1995
July-September, 1995
October-December, 1995
April-June 1996
Volume 25, number 26, October 20, 1995
Performance Guide:
Accomodations, vol. 10, no. 4, 1997
Black Book, vol. 10., no. 4, 1997
Booking Agencies, vol. 9, no. 7, 1996
Booking Agencies, vol. 10, no. 6., 1997-1998
Concert Production, vol. 9, no. 9, 1996
Concert Production, vol. 10, no. 7, 1997
Equipment Manufacturers and Production Personnel, vol. 10., no. 5, 1997
Facilities, vol. 9, no. 2, 1996
Facilities, vol. 10, no. 2, 1997
Talent/PM, vol. 9., no. 3, 1996
Variety/Coporate Entertainment, vol. 10, issue 8, 1997
Providence Civic Center
Public Assembly Facilities, Don Jewell, 1992
IAAM News:
March 1, 1995
March 15, 1995
April 1, 1995
April 15, 1995
May 1, 1995
May 15, 1995
June 1, 1995
June 15, 1996
July 1, 1995
August 1, 1995
September 1, 1995
October 15, 1995
December 15, 1995
January 1, 1996
January 15, 1996
February 1, 1996
October 1, 1997
October 15, 1997
November 1, 1997
November 15, 1997
December 1, 1997
December 15, 1997
January 1, 1998
January 15, 1998
February 1, 1998
February 15, 1998
March 1, 1998
March 15, 1998
April 1, 1998
April 15, 1998
May 1, 1998
May 15, 1998
June 1, 1998
June 15, 1998
July 1, 1998
July 15, 1998
August 1, 1998
The Society for the Preservation of Professional Touring Entertainment History, First Annual Board of Directors' meeting, Denver, Colorado, July 31, 1995
Panstadia International, Quarterly Report, vol. 3, no. 2, January 1996
Panstadia International, Quarterly Report, vol. 4, no. 3, July 1997
Amusement Business:
AudArena Stadium, International Guide Cavalcade of Acts and Attractions: 1997
98-321/1 IAAM Annual Conference and Trade Shows:
Audiocassette recordings of IAAM conferences:
Houston, Texas, presentations and panel discussions 1979,
Seattle, Washington, presentations and panel discussions 1980,
Miami, Florida, 1981:
Presentations and panel discussions
Board of director's meeting
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 1982:
Presentations and panel discussions
Board of director's meeting
98-321/2 IAAM 60th Annual Conference and Trade Show, New Orleans, Louisiana, 1985
IAAM 61st Annual Conference and Trade Show, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, 1986:
Host Committee manual, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, 1986:
Volume I:
Table of contents; committee memebers/structure; terms of reference
Meeting minutes
Incorporation/association; correspondence
Volume II:
General; finance
Sponsorships and grants
Deadlines; promotion; hotels/facilities
Volume III:
Transportation; registration; IAAM Office; trade show, Parks and Recreation Departmentpre- and post-conference tours; entertainment; breakfasts
Program/scheduling; opening ceremonies; golf tournament; board dinner and protocol; youth program; Edmonton night; Montreal Reno acknowledgements and thank you letters 1984; 1983;
Techniques for Effective Alcohol Management (TEAM), 1985-1986:
Alcohol management training
TEAM Information
Alcohol management letters
Alcohol policies
Governor's Representative list
Memoranda, 1985
Report: Responsible Alcohol Service, New Orleans, Louisiana, July 25, 1985
Correspondence, 1985
Server training, 1986
S. W. Morris & Company technical proposal: IAAM/TEAM training seminars, 1986
News media kit: Alcohol Control Conference, November 11-13, 1986
Statement of Richard L. Bensen, Executive Director, IAAM, May 30, 1986
98-321/3 50th Annual Converntion and Trade Show, Reno, Nevada, 1983:
Robert Cashell
Richard Scott
John-Edward Alley
Layne Longfellow
Paul Clip
Stephen J. Borebeck
Jonathan T. Howe
Thomas K. Connellan
Release and license
Cable TV - Sunday, 9:30 am
Cable Television
Spouses and young persons
Travel councellor service
Kenneth Rouse
Performing arts
Convention centers
Press information
Audio/visual equipment
Guard services
Joint outing
Registration correspondence
Planning meeting
Convention bureau
Board dinner
Form letter - IPS, FCB, Auditorium News, and membership pitch
Committees - Affiliate membership, Tom Liegler, chairman
Affiliate membership
Prospective membership pitch through Auditorium News request
Feasibility firms
Trade show bureau
Trade show bureau
98-321/4 Districts general 1984
Districts 1983-1984
District meetings:
Conference exhibitors
Al Richards survey, convention center/exhibit hall, 1986
Bills paid, August 1978
Stadium managers
Lilly Endowment, January 22, 1986
Presidential year planning meeting, Jerry Barshop, April 6, 1983
Performing arts
Cliff Wallace correspondence, 1984
Master book, 1983-1984
Long range planning committee, 1981-1984
Long range planning, 1984
Nominating committee, permanent
Financial, historical information, 1980-1985
Illinois Arts Council, 1977/78
Chronological files:
December 1982
April 1983
May 1983
June 1983
July 1983
IAAM general
Long range plans, 1975-1986
AMSCPA general reference/information
Directory, 1979/80
Chronological files:
September 1982
October 1982
November 1982
January 1983
February 1983
March 1983
98-321/5 IAAM Annual Conference and Trade Shows:
IAAM 61st Annual Conference and Trade Show, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, 1986:
Member registration packet
Nonmember registration packet
IAAM 62nd Annual Conference and Trade Show, Washington, DC, 1987:
Member registration packet
Nonmember registration packet
Committee reports/board book, 1985
Scholarship applicants:
Laura Abel, 1980
Heidi Knudsen, 1987
Mandy Christine Taylor, 1987
Antoinette Marie Vogt, 1987
John Neil Wigmore, 1987
Anthony J. Zerilli, 1987
Richard L. Cole, 1982
Renee Ann Ertl, 1985
Douglas Todd Fisher, 1983
Beth Ann Gandy, 1981
James Milton Harp, 1981
Tammy Christine Hodges, 1986
June Hove, 1986
Jonathan Jacobsen, 1985
Rachelle M. Jirik, 1986
Hugh Brian Hedman, 1984
Eric Keith Johnson, 1984
Mitzi Kimball, 1985
Roni Beth Litz, 1981
Heather Knudsen, 1984
Kristi Paul, 1984
Charles J. T. McCabe, 1986
Marie Teresa McCurrie, 1980
Steven King Neal, 1986
Barry Join Owens, 1982
Leslie Snyder, 1984
Gina Surratt, 1981
Jim O. Swenson, 1984
Rachel Susan Thomas, 1981
Hugh F. Walsh, III, 1981
Michael Walsh, 1984
Marshall Jay White, 1982
Carroll Mark Albritton, 1980
John Howard Bankhead, 1980
Michael Paul D'Angelo, 1980
Donald P. Napier, 1980
Shawn Ragland, 1980
David John Sassano, 1980
Committee reports, 1976
Miscellaneous, A-Z, 1976
Table topics, 1976
Conference by-laws, 1975
Auditorium News correspondence, 1976
By-laws, 1975
Board of directors meeting agenda, 1975
Federal legislative, 1978/79
Board of directors meeting, 1978
IAAM history, 1978
Mid-Winter meeting, director's book, January 11-12, 1976
Board of directors meeting, 1979
Exhibit space applications/contracts, 1988
IAAM News classified advertising, September 1989
Convention historical, 1983
Product information, 1976
Auditorium News confidential reports, 1976
Crowd management seminar mailing list
Convention registration list, 1983
Mid-Winter board of directors meeting, 1975
Don Johnson, board of directors meeting, 1980
Association name change, board action, 1980
Annual Conference and Trade Show slide presentations, 1976
Labor relations bill, 1977-1978
Exhibitors evaluation summary report, 1975
Stadium managers seminar packet:
New Orleans, Lousisiana, January 27-30, 1986
Palm Springs, California, January 26-29, 1986
Member profile survey, 1984
Correspondence, 1984-1985
Board of directors meeting, Seattle, Washington, 1980
Policy manual draft, July 1990
IAAM Annual Conference and Trade Shows:
Nashville, Tennessee, 1988:
Event sheets, July 20-27, 1988
Master schedule:
July 19-23, 1988
July 24-26, 1988
98-321/6 IAAM Foundation masterbook, 1986-1987:
Memoranda to trustees, correspondence, activity reports
Cashflow, CMS
EDS, member mailings, Oglesby, Team
By-laws, 1987
Crowd management annotated bibliography
IAAM Executive Development Series:
"Manging the mingling: turning contacts into contracts," Spring 1988
"Effective negociating," Spring 1987
"Reasponsible alcohol management: It's good for business," Winter 1986
"Facility marketing: mystery or magic," Summer 1986
"Test drive a PC: making the computer work for your facility," Summer 1985
"Employee relations, the legal side: how to protect you and your facility," Summer 1984
"Managing the unsatisfactory performer: improving people productivity in your facility," Spring 1984
"Taking controll: time management for the facility executive," Spring 1983
"Decision making: assessing risks, planning strategies," Summer 1983
Convention liaison council, 1987
IAAM Annual Conference and Trade Show, Reno, Nevada, registration packet 1989:
CFE applications
Scripts, 1987
Richard Barnes
Policy manual, 1987
Certification submissions, 1977
Voluntary certification program:
Douglas Borg
Ralph J. Boyes, Jr.
George Brodeur
Donald A. Brown
Walter C. Clewis
John W. Fearey
Jeremy B. Ferris
John E. Friedmann
Ralph Gilman
Daniel A. Graveline
Roy Gumtow
William Hemphill
Ivan Hoig
J. William Jaques
Doug McGlaun
Wayne Murphy
John Pierron
Charles E. Rixse
Arthur Scharf
Robert A. Schoettler
John F. "Jack" Shands
Denzil Skinner
Cal Smith
Dottie Townsend
Hugh F. Walsh, Jr.
Sidney Weedman
Cohen, Wallace, Wolf
John Elden
Raymond L. Lambert
Al Leggat
William Mike McGee
Don Werner
Ron Wigmore
Jerry M. Barshop
Thomas D. Minter
Frank E. Russo, Jr.
Robert Sigholtz
Richard D. Snyder
Heinz Warneke
Gerald E. Bloomquist
John Christison
Larry L. Dittloff
Voluntary certification program:
Certification 1981/82
Francis E. Deering
Harold C. Hansen
Al Antee
Jimmie E. Gatlin
Bill Harrison
Clinton E. Norton
Dan Steven Camp
98-321/8 Facility Manager, Fall 1988
Facility Manager promotional material
IAAM Annual Conference and Trade Show, dated samples, 1987
Ray Ward, 1986
Pittsburgh directory, 1983
Honorary membership, 1992
Techniques for Effective Alcohol Management (TEAM):
Publications, 1980-1986
Model Alcoholic Beverage Retail License Liability Act of 1985
S. W. Morris and Company, Inc., technical proposal:
IAAM/TEAM training seminars, May 2, 1986
Somebody do something: a perspective on the issue of abuse of alcohol, Miller Brewing Company, 1983
Enterprises for New Directions, Inc.: A proposal to market and deliver TEAM training to IAAM members, May 2, 1986
U. S. Department of Transportation National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration: Who's going to call the first meeting? Action guide for local drunk driving programs, March 1983
IAAM Executive Development Series: Responsible alcohol management: it's good for business, program materials, July 25, 1985
Drunk driving brochures, February 1985
IAAM Annual Conference and Trade Show proceedings:
41st Annual Conference, Las Vegas, Nevada, 1966
42nd Annual Conference, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 1967
43rd Annual Conference, Houston, Texas, 1968
44th Annual Conference, St. Louis, Missouri, 1969
45th Annual Conference, Atlanta, Georgia, 1970
46th Annual Conference, Vancouver, British Columbia, 1971
47th Annual Conference, San Diego, California, 1972
48th Annual Conference, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1973
49th Annual Conference, San Antonio, Texas, 1974
50th Annual Conference, Detroit, Michigan, 1975
51st Annual Conference, New Orleans, Louisiana, 1976
52nd Annual Conference, San Francisco, California, 1977
53rd Annual Conference, Louisville, Kentucky, 1978
2000-103/1 IAAM press clippings, 1970s and 1980s
Press releases, 1979-1987
Newspaper clippings, 1976-1981, 1993
Conference public relations, 1974-1976
Public Relations, 1979, 1983
Miscellaneous clippings, 1981
Press clippings, July 1981-December 1981
Nominated directors-at-large, 1983-1984
Press clippings, October 14-December 1, 1983
Member Visibility Program, 1983
Member Information, 1982
Member press coverage, 1982-1983
District meeting clip coverage, 1983
General IAAM coverage clip file, 1983
Newspaper clippings, 1980-1981
Nominated district vice presidents, 1983-1984
Press releases, 1983-1986
Public Relations Report and Plan, 1983
Press information, 1981
Press releases beginning June, 1981
Media information, IAAM 57th annual conference and trade show
Member Visibility Kit, 1, 2, and 3 masters
Annual Conference PR Master Book, 1980
IAAM Crowd Management Seminar press clips, 1984
Items of historical interest sent by James M. Klain, 1993
Auditorium News, January, February 1979; March, June, October 1980; May-November 1981, January, February, April-June, August-November 1982
Confidential reports and correspondence, 1978-1985, 1994
Clippings, IAAM Convention, 1982
General Press Clippings since 1983
District Meeting clips since July 1983
IAAM Convention clips, 1983
IAAM officer press clips
Press clippings, July-December, 1982
Correspondence, Toronto Conference, 1963
IAAM Convention clips, 1983
Press clippings, January-March 1982
Unidentified press clippings, 1978, July 1980
Press clippings, April-June 1982
2000-103/2 IAAM Directory, 1972
IAAM Guides To Members and Services, 1986, 1989-1998
1999 Guide: Member and Services Directory
Facilities: The Bible for Convention, Exposition and Event Management, Directory, 1997
Facility Manager:
Winter 1989-90
Spring, Fall, 1990
Spring, 1991
January-March, 1992
January-March, April-June, July-September, 1993
January-February, March-April, May-June, July-August, September-October, November-December, 1994
January-February, March-April, July-August, 1995
March-April, November-December, 1996
January-February, 1997
March-April, September-October, 1998
September, October, November-December, 1999
January, February, 2000
2000-103/3 Crowd Management, April-June, 1995; October-December, 1996
NARAS Journal, Fall 1990
Facility Buyers Guide, 1994, 1995
Stadium and Arena, April 1996
IAAM Foundation Annual Reports, 1991-1992, 1992-1993
IAAM Annual Reports, 1992-1993, 1993-1994
IAAM and IAAM Foundation Annual Reports, 1994-1995 through 1998-1999
International Convention Center Conference brochures, 1990's
Performing Arts Facility Management Seminar brochures, 1990's
IAAM Foundation promotional material
Public Facility Management School at Oglebay brochures, 1990's
Crowd Management training and conferences brochures
IAAM Mid Winter Board Meeting, Denver Colorado December 2-5, 1994,
IAAM Board Meeting, July 22, 1988
Newspaper clippings, 1975
IAAM Conference Information, 1993-1999
Preliminary Conference Programs, 1994-2000
Annual Conference and Trade Show programs
Miscellaneous IAAM brochures and pamphlets
Miscellaneous IAAM printed material
Trade show exhibitor files, 1987-1988
Application/contract for exhibit space, IAAM Conference, Nashville, Tennessee, 1988
IAAM Exhibitors Prospectus, Nashville, Tennessee, 1988
IAAM Exhibitor files, ARA-Krueger, Inc., Nashville, Tennessee, 1988
2000-103/4 IAAM Exhibitor files, K-Zamboni, Nashville, Tennessee, 1988
Financial, 1988
Insurance, 1988
Association Statistical Summary Reports, August 1987-March 1988
New member applications and membership transfers:
July 13, 1988
July 12, 1988
January 11, April-June, 1988
March 11-31, 1988
February 19-March 3, 1988
December 18, 1987-February 12, 1988
October 16-December 4, 1987
September 4-October 2, 1987
July 24-August 21, 1987
July 10-July17, 1987
July 2, 1987
2000-103/5 Auditorium News photos
February, March, July, October-December 1979
February, April, May, June, September-November 1980
Handicapped photos, April 1981
IAAM Conference and Trade Show photos
Philadelphia, 1973
New Orleans, 1976
Houston, 1979
Seattle, 1980
Seattle, photos not used 1980,
Miami, 1981
Miami, photos not used 1981,
Milwaukee, 1982
Reno, 1983
Montreal, 1984
New Orleans, 1985
Reno, 1989
IAAM Board Meeting, NABW Executive Committee meeting, December 1980
District 6 meeting, March 1982
Arizona State University
Facility photographs
Facility slides
2000-103/6 Photos
Portraits, identified
Candid photos, identified
Portraits and candid photos, unidentified
Assorted IAAM photos
D. Finfrock
Auditorium News, September 1979
IAAM Conference and Trade Show slides
Edmonton, Canada, 1986
Washington, D. C., 1986
Nashville, 1988
Pittsburgh, 1992
IAAM District meeting slides
District I
District II, 1991
IAAM people, District II, 1991
District II, Fort Lauderdale, 1992
IAAM people, District III
District III, Cedar Rapids, 1992
District IV, "Outtakes"
District IV, Vancouver, 1992
IAAM people, District V
District V, 1992, undated
District VI, 1992
IAAM people, District VII
IAAM, 1986
Slides not used in 1986
Slides used in 1986
IAAM candids, 1988, undated
IAAM children
IAAM adults
Miscellaneous IAAM people
IAAM Open House, 1991
ADA Hot Topic Seminar
ICCC Slides, 1991, undated
IAAM Awards Luncheon, 1998
2000-103/7 Publications and Productions, 1990s
1996 Industry Profile Survey
Marketing Yourself: A Handbook for the Public Assembly Facility Manager
IAAM Information Packets:
Arena Leasing Agreements
Booking and Scheduling
Convention Center Lease Agreements
Convention Center Marketing Report, October 1992
Determining Economic Impact
Developing Alcohol Management Programs
Feasibility Studies
Recycling Programs
Requests for Proposals
Smoking Policies
Public Assembly Facility Law: A Guide for Managers of Arenas, Auditoriums, Convention Centers, Performing Arts Centers, Race Tracks and Stadiums by Turner D. Madden, et al.
A Brief Summary of Major Differences Between ADAAG Review Federal Advisory Committee Final Report: Recommendations for a New ADAAG and Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines
William Caruso and Advocates for Disabled Americans and Paralyzed Veterans of America v. Blockbuster-Sony, Brief for the International Association of Assembly Managers as Amicus Curiae
IAAM Foundation Instructional VHS Videos:
Building, Motivating and Maintaining the Crowd Management Team, part 1
Building, Motivating and Maintaining the Crowd Management Team, part 2
Card Tricks: How to Spot Fake Identification Cards
Customer Service Begins with Me
Emergency Planning at Public Assembly Facilities
Managing the Crowd
Safety Awareness at Public Assembly Facilities
Service Excellence: Dealing with Guest Problems
Service Excellence: Patrons with Disabilities
IAAM Foundation Supplemental material:
"Customer Service Begins with Me"
"Emergency Planning at Public Assembly Facilities"
"Managing the Crowd at Public Assembly Facilities"
"Safety Awareness at Public Assembly Facilities"
IAAM Service Awards
2000-103/8 Facility files A-C
Abilene Civic Center
Adelaide Convention Centre
Albany County Civic Center
Albuquerque Convention Center
Albany, NY
Alexandria Exhibition and Riverfront Center
Ambassador Auditorium, Pasedena, California
America West Arena, Phoenix, Arizona
Aotea Centre, Auckland, New Zealand
Arizona Veterans Memorial Coliseum, Phoenix
Arlington Convention Center, Texas
Astrodomain Complex, Houston, Texas
Atlantic City Convention Center
Austin Convention Center, Texas
Baltimore Arena
Baltimore Convention Center
Baltimore Civic Center
Barcelona Promocio, Spain
Bayfront Center, St. Petersburg, Florida
Bayfront Plaza Auditorium and Convention Center
Bayside Exposition Center, Boston
B. C. Pavilion Corporation
Washington State Coliseum, Pullman, Washington
Bell County Expo Center, Belton, Texas
Benedum Center, Pittsburgh
Birmingham-Jefferson Civic Center, Alabama
Manatee Civic Center, Bradenton, Florida
Blockbuster Pavilion, Charlotte, North Carolina
Blumenthal Performing Arts Center, Charlotte, North Carolina
Boettcher Concert Hall, Denver
Boise State University's Morrison Center
Boise Westcoast Hotel and Bank of America Center
Boissier City Civic Center, Louisiana
Braden Auditorium, Illinois State University
Bradley Center, Milwaukee
Bradley Center Arena, Milwaukee
Breen Events Center, Irvine, California
Broome County Veterans/Memorial Arena and Forum
Brown County Expo Center, Green Bay, Wisconsin
Brown County Veterans Memorial Coliseum and Expo Center
Broward County Convention Center, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Buffalo, New York, Proposed Stadium
Butte Silver Bow Civic Center, Butte, Montana
Cairo International Conference Center, Cairo, Egypt
Cajundome, Lafayette, Louisiana
Calgary Convention Center, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
CAM_PLEX Facilities, Gillette, Wyoming
Canada Olympic Park, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Capital Centre, Landover, Maryland
Carnegie Hall, New York, New York
Carolina Theatre, Greensboro, North Carolina
Carrier Dome, Syracuse, New York
Casper Events Center, Casper, Wyoming
Centennial Hall, Juneau, Alaska
Centennial Hall, Tucson, Arizona
Century Center, South Bend, Indiana
Cerritos Center for the Performing Arts, Cerritos, California
Cervantes Convention Center, St. Louis, Missouri
Charleston Civic Center, Charleston, South Carolina
Charlotte Convention Center, Charlotte, North Carolina
The New Charlotte Convention Center, Charlotte, North Carolina
Charlotte County Memorial Auditorium, Punta Gorda, Florida
Cherokee Strip Conference Center, Enid, Oklahoma
Chattanooga Convention Center, Chattanooga, Tennessee
Civic Center of Des Moines, Des Moines, Iowa
Civic Center, Exhibition Hall, Decatur, Illinois
Clarke Park, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Cleary Auditorium and Memorial Convention Hall, Windsor, Ontario, Canada
Cleveland Convention Center, Cleveland, Ohio
Coconut Grove Exhibition Center, Miami, Florida
Columbus Ironworks Convention and Trade Center, Columbus, Georgia
Columbus Convention Center, Columbus, Ohio
Commonwealth Convention Center, Louisville, Kentucky
Copps Coliseum, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Cornwall Civic Complex, Cornwall, Ontario, Canada
Cow Palace, San Francisco, California
Commission De L'Exposition Provinciale
2000-103/9 Facility files D-I
Dallas Convention Center, Dallas, Texas
Dallas Market Center, Dallas, Texas
Dane County Expo Center, Madison, Wisconsin
Danville Civic Center, Danville, Illinois
David L. Lawrence Convention Center, Pittsburgh
Dayton Convention Center, Dayton, Ohio
Dean E. Smith Center, Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Dean E. Smith Student Activities Center, Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Dee Events Center, Ogden, Utah
Deer Creek Music Center, Indianapolis, Indiana
Denver Coliseum, Denver, Colorado
Desert Sky Pavilion, Phoenix, Arizona
Des Moines Convention Center, Des Moines, Iowa
Display Solutions, Inc.
Dixie Center, St. George Utah
Dothan Civic Center, Dothan, Alabama
Dothan Opera House, Dothan, Alabama
Duquesne University Convocational Recreational Center, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Edmonton Northlands, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Edward C. Elliot Hall, Purdue University, Indiana
Egan Center/Sullivan Arena, Anchorage Alaska
Dyche Stadium, Evanston, Illinois
El Paso Civic Center, El Paso, Texas
Embassy Theater, Fort Wayne, Indiana
Erie Civic Center, Erie, Pennsylvania
Ernest N. Morial Convention Center, New Orleans, Louisiana
Ervin J. Nutter Center, Dayton, Ohio
Expo Québec
Facilities, general
Fargodome, Fargo, North Dakota
Farmington Civic Center, Farmington, New Mexico
Flanders Expo Gent, Belgium
Flinders Park National Tennis Centre, Victoria, Australia
Florida Facilities
Florida State Fair and Expo Park, Tampa, Florida
Five Seasons Center, Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Florida Suncoast Dome, St. Petersburg, Florida
Florida Theatre, Jacksonville, Florida
Fort Worth/Tarrant County Convention Center, Texas
Ft. Lauderdale Performing Arts Center, Florida
Ft. Lauderdale Performing Arts Center, Florida
Four Seasons Arena, Great Falls, Montana
Frank W. Mayborn Civic and Convention Center, Temple, Texas
Fox, Atlanta, Georgia
General Motors Place, Vancouver, British Columbia
Genesis Center, Gary, Indiana
George R. Brown Convention Center, Houston, Texas
Georgia International Convention and Trade Center, College Park, Georgia
Georgia Mountain Center, Gainseville, Georgia
Georgia World Congress Center, Dalton, Georgia
Glen Falls Civic Center, Glen Falls, New York
Glendale Civic Auditorium, Glendale, California
The Grand Center, Grand Rapids, Michigan
Grand Opera House, Galveston, Texas
Grand Wayne Center, Fort Wayne, Indiana
Greensboro Area Convention and Visitors Bureau
Greensboro Coliseum Complex, Greensboro, North Carolina
Greenwood Civic Center, Greenwood, South Carolina
Gateway Arena, Cleveland, Ohio
Halifax/Nova Scotia
Hamilton Entertainment and Convention Facilities, Inc.
Harborview Center, Clearwater, Florida
Harbourfront Theatre, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Hartford Civic Center, Hartford, Connecticut
Heinz Hall, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center
Helsinki Ice Hall, Finland
Hershey Park Arena/Stadium, Hershey, Pennsylvania
Huntington Civic Center, Huntington, West Virginia
Imperial Theater, New Brunswick, Canada
Indiana State Fairgrounds Event Center
Insight Research Corporation
International Amphitheatre, Chicago
International Centre, Curaçao, Netherlands Antilles
International Exposition Center, Cleveland, Ohio
2000-103/10 Facility files I-M
Iowa State Center, Ames, Iowa
Irvine Meadows Amphitheatre, Encino, California
Irving Arts Center, Irving, Texas
Jacksonville Convention Complex, Jacksonville, Florida
Jacob J. Javits Convention Center, New York, New York
James L. Knight International Center, Miami, Florida
James L. Knight Center
Joe Louis Arena, Detroit, Michigan
John B. Hynes Convention Center
Juan de Fuca Parks and Recreation
Kansas Coliseum Complex, Wichita, Kansas
Kansas Expocentre, Topeka, Kansas
Kemper Arena, Kansas City, Missouri
Kiel Center, St. Louis, Missouri
Kentucky Fair and Exposition Center, Louisville, Kentucky
Kentucky Rural Economic Development
Kingdome, Seattle, Washington
Kitchener Memorial Auditorium, Ontario, Canada
Knoxville Convention and Exhibition Center, Knoxville, Tennessee
Koger Center for the Arts, Columbia, South Carolina
Krannert Center, University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana
Kiefer Lakefront Arena, New Orleans, Louisiana
Lakeland Civic Center, Lakeland, Florida
Lakeview Arena, Marquette, Michigan
Landmark Theatre, Syracuse, New York
Lane County Convention, Eugene, Oregon
Lansing Civic Center, Lansing, Michigan
Las Vegas Tourist Information
Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, Nevada
Lawlor Events Center, Reno, Nevada
Lincoln Theater, West Hartford, Connecticut
Lisner Auditorium, Washington, D. C.
Loyde Noble Center
Los Angeles Convention Center, Los Angeles, California
Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena
Louisiana Superdome, New Orleans
Louisville Memorial Stadium, Louisville, Kentucky
Lowell Memorial Auditorium, Lowell, Massachusetts
Lubbock Memorial Civic Center and Auditorium, Lubbock, Texas
Lyric Theatre, Baltimore, Maryland
Milwaukee Exposition and Convention Center and Arena (MECCA)
M. K. Brown Memorial Auditorium, Pampa, Texas
Macon City Auditorium, Macon, Georgia
Mandel Hall, Chicago, Illinois
Madison Square Garden, New York, New York
Macon Coliseum and City Auditorium, Macon, Georgia
McMorran Place, Port Huron, Michigan
Madison Civic Center, Madison, Wisconsin
Majestic Theatre, Dallas, Texas
Manatee Civic Center, Palmetto, Florida
Market Square Arena, Indianapolis, Indiana
Marriott Center, Utah
Mayo Civic Center, Rochester, Minnesota
McCormick Place, Chicago, Illinois
McNichols Sports Arena, Denver, Colorado
Memorial Auditorium, Chattanooga, Tennessee
Mesa Community Center, Mesa, Arizona
Met Center, Bloomington, Minnesota
Metra Park, Billings, Montana
Meydenbauer Center, Bellvue, Washington
Miami Arena, Miami, Florida
Miami Beach Convention Center, Miami Beach, Florida
Midland Center for Performing Arts, Kansas City, Missouri
Midland Chamber of Commerce, Midland, Texas
Mid-South Coliseum, Memphis, Tennessee
Minneapolis Convention Center, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Mobile Auditorium Complex, Mobile, Alabama
Modesto Centre Plaza
Monroe Civic Center, Monroe, Louisiana
Montana Entertainment, Trade, and Recreation Center (METRA), Billings
Monona Terrance Convention Center
Montgomery Civic Center
Montreal Convention Center
Moody Civic Center, Galveston, Texas
2000-103/11 Facility files M-P
Morrison Center, Boise, Idaho
Moscone Center, San Francisco, California
Municipal Auditorium, San Antonio, Texas
Music Hall, Dallas
Muskogee Center, Muskogee, Oklahoma
National Exhibition Center, Birmingham, England
Nampa Civic Center
Nashville Convention Center, Nashville, Tennessee
Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum, Long Island, New York
New Orleans Convention Center
New Orleans Convention and Exhibition Center
Niagara Falls Memorial Arena
Northwest Georgia Trade and Convention Center, Dalton Georgia
Oslo Byhall As/Oslo Spektrum, Oslo, Norway
Oakland Coliseum
Oakland Convention Center
Ocean Center, Daytona Beach; Manatee Civic Center, Bradenton; Escambia County Civic Center, Pensacola
Ocean City Convention Hall, Ocean City, Maryland
Odeum, Villa Park, Illinois
O'Keefe Center, Toronto
Ohio Stadium/St. John Arena, Columbus, Ohio
Ocean Allied, Facility Management
Olympic Velodrome, Carson, California
Olympic Stadium, Barcelona, Spain
Orange County Convention and Civic Center, Orlando, Florida
Operadora de Ferias Y Exposiciones
Orange County Performing Arts Center, Costa Mesa, California
Orchestra Hall, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Oregon State Fair and Expo Center
Orlando Arena
Orlando Centroplex-Performing Arts Center, Florida
Orlando Expo Centre
Oxnard Community Center Complex
Palm Springs Convention Center, Palm Springs, California
Palmetto Expo Center
Pan American Center, University of NewMexico
Paramount Theatre, Austin, Texas
Pasadena Center, Pasadena, California
Patriot Center, George Mason University
Pennsylvania Convention Center, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Pensacola Civic Center, Pensacola, Florida
Peoria Civic Center, Peoria, Illinois
Performing Arts Center, Fort Laderdale, Florida
Pershing Municipal Auditorium, Lincoln, Nebraska
Philadelphia Convention Center
Phoenix Civic Plaza
Pine Bluff Convention Center, Pine Bluff, Arkansas
Place Bonaventure, Montreal
Pioneer Theatre and Auditorium, Reno, Nevada
Plano Center, Plano, Texas
Playhouse Square Center, Cleveland, Ohio
Pontchartrain Center, New Orleans, Louisiana
Port Arthur Civic Center, Port Arthur, Texas
2000-103/12 Facility files P-S
Portland Center for Performing Arts, Portland, Oregon
Portland Expo Center, Portland, Maine
Prarie Capital Convention Center, Springfield, Illinois
Prime Osborne Convention Center, Jacksonville, Florida
Prince George Multiplex, British Columbia
Providence Civic Center, Providence, Rhode Island
Providence Performing Arts Center, Providence, Rhode Island
Québec Convention Center
Le Colisée de Québec
Queen Sirikit National Convention Center, Bangkok, Thailand
Queen Elizabeth Stadium-Hong Kong Coliseum
Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Denver, Colorado
Radio City Music Hall
Regina Exhibition Park, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
Rhode Island Convention Center
Richardson Civic Center, Richardson, Texas
Richmond Centre, Richmond, Virginia
Richmond Coliseum, Richmond, Virginia
Richmond Memorial Auditorium, Richmond, California
Rivercenter, Davenport, Iowa
Riverport Dome, St. Louis, Missouri
Riverside Centroplex
Roanoke Civic Center
Robson Square Conference Center
Rochester Community War Memorial, Rochester, New York
Rochester's Riverside Convention Center
Rosemont Horizon, Chicago
Scanticon, Denver, Colorado
Saenger Performing Arts Center, Richmond, Virginia
Saginaw Civic Center, Saginaw, Michigan
St. John's Memorial Stadium, Newfoundland, Canada
St. Lawrence Center for Arts, Toronto, Canada
St. Louis Arena
St. Paul Civic Center, Minnesota
Salina's Bicentennial Center
Sam Houston Coliseum, Houston, Texas
San Antonio Convention Center
San Diego Convention Center
San Diego Sports Arena
San Diego Symphony
San Jose Convention and Cultural Center
San Jose State University Recreation and Events Center
Santa Clara Convention Center
Saskatoon Arena, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
Saskatchewan Centre of the Arts
Saskatchewan Place
Scottsdale Center for the Arts
Scottish Rite Auditorium, Los Angeles
Seagate Center, Toledo, Ohio
Seidenstricker Halle Bielefeld
Seattle Center
Sheely Center for the Performing Arts, Glenbrook North High School
Sheffield Arena
Sioux City Convention Center
Shoreline Amphitheatre, Mountainview, California
Smith Cneter, University of North Carolina
Sonoma County, Veterans Memorial Auditoriums
South Florida Fairgrounds
Southern Jubilee Auditorium, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Spartanburg Memorial Auditorium, Spartanburg, South Carolina
Stadium Australia
Starwood Amphitheatre
State Fair of Virginia
Stephen C. O'Connell Center
St. Joseph Civic Arena, St. Joseph, Missouri
Strand Theatre, Shreveport, Louisiana
Sturges Young Civic Center, Sturgis, Michigan
Sullivan Sports Arena
Sundome, Florida
2000-103/13 Facility Files S-Y
Sydney Entertainment Center
Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center, Tampa, Florida
Tampa Convention Center, Tampa, Florida
Target Center, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Quad City Civic Center, Moline, Illinois
New England Hall and Charter Room
Spa at the Camelback Inn
Thomas and Mack Center, Sam Boyd Stadium
Thomas J. White Stadium
Three Arts Theatre, Columbus, Georgia
Thunder Bay Community Auditorium
Toledo Masonic Auditorium and Great Hall
Tradex Fraser Valley Trade and Exhibition Centre
New World Music Theatre
Tsai Performance Center at Boston University
Tucumcari Convention Center, Tucumcari New Mexico
Tulsa Performing Arts Center
Tupperware Convention Center, Orlando, Florida
Two Rivers Plaza, Grand Junction, Colorado
USTA National Tennis Center, Flushing Meadow Park, New York
Union Colony Civic Auditorium, Greely, Colorado
Utica Memorial Auditorium
Valley Forge Convention Center
Vancouver Trade and Convention Center
Vancouver Playhouse
Veterans Memorial Auditorium, Columbus, Ohio
Veterans Memorial Auditorium, Des Moines, Iowa
Veterans' Memorial Civic and Convention Center of Lima, Lima, Ohio
Victoria Conference Centre
Visalia Convention Center and Theaters
Waco Convention Center
Von Braun Civic Center, Huntsville, Alabama
War Memorial Auditorium, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
Washington State Convention Center, Seattle, Washington
Washington Center, Olympia, Washington
Washington Convention Center, Washington, D. C.
Weidner Center for the Performing Arts
Westchester County Center, White Plains, New York
West Monroe Convention Center
West Palm Beach Municipal Entertainment Center
West Plains Civic Center, West Plains, Missouri
Wharton Center for Performing Arts, East Lansing, Michigan
Wheeling Civic Center, Wheeling, West Virginia
Edward W. Weidner Center for the Performing Arts, Green Bay, Wisconsin
Wiener Stadhalle, Vienna, Austria
Wildwood Convention Center, Wildwood, New Jersey
William D. Mullins Memorial Center, Amherst, Massachusetts
Will Rogers Memorial Center, Fort Worth, Texas
William G. Mennen Sports Arena, Morristown, New Jersey
Winnipeg Convention Centre
Worcester Centrum, Worcester, Massachusetts
World Trade Center, Boston, Massachusetts
Yuma Civic and Convention Center, Yuma, Arizona
Yankee Stadium, New York, New York
Balloon advertisements
Proceedings, 45th annual conference, Atlanta, Georgia, 1970
Proceedings, 44th annual conference, St. Louis, Missouri, 1969
Proceedings, 46th annual conference, Vancouver, British Columbia, 1971
Program, 43rd annual conference, Houston, Texas, 1968
Program, 42nd annual conference, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 1967
2000-155/1 Miscellaneous Facility Files:
Lille Grand Palais, Lille, France
Photograph, BC Convention Center
Calgary Centre for Performing Arts, Alberta Canada
Vancouver Trade and Convention Centre, British Columbia
Brisbane Convention and Expo Center, Queensland Australia
Cobo Hall, Detroit, Michigan
Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center
Mabee Center, Oral Roberts University, Tulsa Ocklahoma
Queen Elizabeth Conference Center, Westminster, London, England
Perth Entertainment Centre, West Australia
Macky Auditorium Concert Hall, Boulder Colorado
Madison Square Garden, New York, New York
Mayo Civic Center, Rochester, Minneapolis
Long Beach Convention and Entertainment Center
Lincoln Center, New York, New York
Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Mobile's Multi-Use Auditorium Complex, Mobile, Alabama
Carson Center, Carson, California
Pittsburgh Civic Arena and Exhibit Hall
Charlotte coliseum, Charlotte, NCC
Oriole Park at Camden Yards, Baltimore, Maryland
Cashman Field Center, Las Vegas, Nevada
Indiana Convention Center-Hoosier Dome, Indianapolis, Indiana
Paramount Theatre, Oakland, California
George Brown Convention Center, Houston, Texas
Tulsa Convention Center, Tulsa, Oklahoma
Salt Palace, Salt Lake City, Utah
Fenway Park, Boston
Spectrum, Philadelphia
Atlanta Civic Center
Aloha Stadium, Honolulu, Hawaii
Allen County War Memorial Coliseum
Sharonville Convention Center, Ohio
Anaheim Convention Center, California
Tuscon Community Center, Tuscon, Arizona
Denver Division Theatres and Arenas
San Francisco War Memorial and Performing Arts Center
Rushmore Plaza Civic Center, Rapid City, South Dakota
Sacramento Community Convention Center
Moscone Center, San Francisco California
Recent Trade Shows
Facility Interiors
Facility Exteriors
IAAM Conference and Trade Show printed material
Facility Manager, October-December 1993, September-October 1995, January-February 1998, May-June 1999
Material used in IAAM exhibit, July 2000
John C. Elden photos
Draft of IAAM membership growth chart
Milwaukee Convention of Auditorium Managers photo, 1961
International visitors photo, San Francisco conference, 1977
Carl Hammond and Doris Stovall photos
IAAM/AMS Seminar program, Orlando, Florida
Senior Executive Program Photo
Don Hancock photo, 1994 Trade Show
1999 Conference and Trade Show announcement card
Leonard Zerilli photo
Foundation Artwork, "Moving at the Speed of Success"
Headline from Amusement Business, May 31, 1975
Houston Trade Show opening photo, 1979
Mike Kobluk, John Swinburn, Bob Mayer, and Dick Walsh photo
IAAM membership brochure, "Join the Acknowledged Leader"
Don and Jeanne Myers IAAM Conference Scrapbook material:
Personal membership information
Letters Received, 1944-1957
IAAM conference photos
Photo scans
"This is the Life" by Jeanne Myers
Printed material
IAAM conference moving images (VHS videotape), 1951, 1954-1958
Identifications-Don Myers Video, IAAM
IAAM Conference Souvenir menus


Leonard Zerilli Papers

2002-016/1 (09516115) IAAM Tickets to the Future Steering Committee Manual, April 1993
IAAM Policy Manual, 1990
IAAM Case Statement, June 22, 1990
IAAM Industry Profile Survey, 1991
IAAMF Grant Applications, 1991
Proposal for the production staging of IAAM Annual Conference and Tradeshow, 1994
Education-Tickets to the Future Case Statement, 1993-1994
Memorandum of Advising Comments, 1994
IAAM Foundation Chairman, 1990
Bylaws and Policy Review
Case Statement
Notes: Phone calls and meetings
State of the Foundation
Industry profile survey
Mid-winter Agenda
Auction/sports day
Board of Directors Orientation Guide
IAAM Foundation Chairman 1991
Minutes of the Board of Trustees
Notes: Phone calls and meetings
Agenda items
Industry Profile Summary
Monthly Reports
2002-016/2 (09516126) IAAM Foundation Chairman, 1992
Approval of minutes
Committee reports
Fundraising Projects
Action items
Financial reports
Auditor's report
IAAM Foundation Chairman, 1993
Approval of minutes
Action items
Committee monthly reports
Financial reports
Correspondence 1990-1992
Correspondence, 1993
Correspondence, 1993-1994
Correspondence, 1994
Correspondence, 1995
March, 1990
April, 1990
May, 1990
June, 1990
July, 1990
September, 1990
October, 1990
December, 1990
January, 1991
February, 1991
March, 1991
April, 1991
May, 1991
June, 1991
July, 1991
August, 1991
December, 1991
January, 1992
February, 1992
March, 1992
April, 1992
May, 1992
June, 1992
November 1, 1992
May 15, 1993
June 1, 1993
IAAM Newsletter District VII
October, 1991
Volume 1, number 2
Volume 1, number 3
Volume 1, number 4
Volume 2, number 1
Volume 2, number 2
Financial statements, 1984-1985
2002-016/3 (09516137) IAAM Foundation meeting, Nashville, Tennessee, July 23, 1988
IAAM Board of Trustees Meeting, Nashville, Tennessee, July 23, 1988
IAAM Foundation Meeting, Reno, Nevada, December 3, 1988
IAAM Foundation Board of Trustees Meeting, Boston, Massachusetts, December 2, 1989
IAAM District VII Conference and Board Meeting, San Jose, California, February 3, 1990
IAAM Foundation Board Meeting, Boston, Massachusetts, July 14, 1990
IAAM Board of Trustees Meeting, Boston, Massachusetts, July 14, 1990
IAAM Board of Trustees Meeting Notes, Boston, Massachusetts, July 14, 1990
IAAM Board of Trustees Meeting, Kansas City, Missouri, August 10, 1991
IAAM Board of Trustees Meeting Speeches, Kansas City, Missouri, August 10, 1991
IAAM Annual Conference and Trade Show Programs, August 9-14, 1991
IAAM Board of Trustees Meeting, Meza, Arizona, February 5, 1991
2002-016/4 (09516148) IAAM Board of Trustees Meeting Notes, Mesa, Arizona, February 5, 1991
IAAM Board of Trustees Meeting, San Diego, California, December 14, 1991
IAAM Board of Trustees Meeting, San Diego, California, August 1, 1992
IAAM Board of Trustees Meeting, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, December 5, 1992
IAAM Board of Trustees Meeting, Irving, Texas, April 30-May 1, 1993
IAAM Oglebay School for Public Assembly, 1993
IAAM Board of Trustees Meeting, Minneapolis, Minnesota, December 4, 1993
IAAM Foundation Annual Report, 1991-1992
IAAM Foundation Trustees Correspondence, 1993
IAAM Foundation Board of Trustees, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, August 3, 1993
IAAM Board of Trustees Meeting, Irving, Texas, May 20-21, 1994
IAAM Board of Trustees Meeting, Minneapolis, Minnesota, August 2, 1994
2002-016/5 (09516159) IAAM Board of Trustees Meeting, Denver, Colorado, December 3, 1994
IAAM Board of Trustees Meeting, Irving, Texas, May 20-21, 1995
IAAM Board of Trustees Meeting, Denver, Colorado, August 1, 1995
IAAM Board of Trustees Meeting, Irving, Texas, December 3-4, 1995
IAAM Board of Trustees Meeting, Grapevine, Texas, June 21-23, 1996
IAAM Scholarship, 1992
Industry Profile Survey Proposal, undated
Industry Profile Survey, 1991
Financial statements, 1988-1989
Financial audit, 1990-1991
Financial statements, 1993-1994
2004-208/1 (09516013) Nominating committee, 1994-1995
Nominating committee, 1995-1996
IAAM policy manual, 1985-1986
IAAM policy manual, 1990
IAAM policy manual, 1992
IAAM policy manual, 1993
Policy manual and strategic plan, 1995
Marketing plan, 1996
Marketing and strategy plan Towe Ford Museum, 1989
IAAM Foundation, 1987
IAAM Foundation, 1995-1996
IAAM Foundation miscellaneous, 1990
Education-"Tickets to the Future," 1994
2004-208/2 (09516024) Community counseling services, 1991-1992
McElravy Award, 1994
Memorial auditorium restoration, 1993-1994
Projected usage attendance, undated
Notes, 1985
Notes, 1993
Clippings, 1971, 1993
Sacramento Bee May, 1994
Business proposal, 1990
IAAM Professional development committee, 1993-1994
Position description questionnaires, 1986-1987
2004-208/3 (09516035) Position descriptions, 1981
Event services manager, 1987
Booking event coordinator, 1987
Employee training, 1970
Salary Survey, 1970
Organizational charts, 1983-1984
IAAM Membership directory, 1972
IAAM Membership directory, 1973
IAAM Membership directory, 1976
IAAM Membership directory, 1977
IAAM Membership directory, 1978
IAAM Membership directory, 1979
IAAM Membership directory, 1981
IAAM Guide to members and services, 1990
IAAM Guide to members and services, 1991
IAAM Guide to members and services, 1992
IAAM Guide to members and services, 1993
IAAM Guide to members and services, 1994
IAAM Guide to members and services, 1999
IAAM Guide to members and services, 2000
IAEM Worldwide directory of members, 1996-1997
PCMA Membership directory, 1996-1997
California society of association executives membership directory, 1995-1996
IAEM Northern California chapter membership directory, 1996
IAAM membership, 1972-1973
IAAM membership, 1974-1975
IAAM District VII Membership, 1973-1974
2004-208/4 (09516046) IAAM Conference program and trade directory, 44th annual conference, St. Louis, Missouri, July 28-31, 1969
IAAM Conference program and trade directory, 45th annual conference, Atlanta, Georgia, July 20-23, 1970
IAAM Symposium, University of Illinois, May 19-22, 1974
IAAM spotlights on management annual conference, Fairmont Hotel San Francisco, July 24-28, 1977
IAAM 51st annual conference program, New Orleans, Louisiana, July 11-15, 1976
IAAM 54th annual conference program, Houston, Texas, July 22-26, 1979
IAAM 1974 convention, 1974
IAAM Annual conference and trade show, Louisville, Kentucky, July 23-27, 1978
IAAM 1987 annual meeting, Washington, D.C., August 1-4, 1987
IAAM Nashville conference, July 22-27, 1988
IAAM Reno conference, 1989
IAAM Annual conference, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 1994
"The Buck Stops Here!" Challenges of being the CEO, July 29, 1995
IAAM Annual board meeting, Dallas, Texas, June 20-23, 1996
District VII seminar public sector labor relations, 1975
IAAM District VII meeting, Carmel California, February 23-26, 1975
IAAM District VII meeting, Tucson, Arizona, February 7-10, 1988
IAAM District VII meeting, Concord, California, February 5-8, 1989
IAAM District VII meeting, February 6-11, 1993
IAAM District VII meeting, Salt Lake City, Utah, February 12-17, 1994
IAAM District IV-VII joint conference, Seattle, Washington, March 30-April 2, 1996
Association of college university and community arts administration, 1987-1988
Association of college university and community arts administration, New York, NY, December 16-21, 1987
National association of exposition mangers, 1987-1989
2004-208/5 (09516057) National association of exposition managers, meeting, June 2-5, 1987
National association of exposition managers, 59th winter meeting, Anaheim, California, December 1-4, 1987
National association of exposition managers meeting, Houston, Texas, November 29-December 2, 1988
National association of exposition managers conference, New York, New York, November 28-December 1, 1989
National association of exposition managers annual meeting, December 3-6, 1996
National association of exposition mangers exhibitor handbook, 1988
Sixth annual international convention center conference, Monterey, California, November 6-9, 1987
Seventh annual international convention center conference, November 10-13, 1988
International convention center conference, Indian Wells, California, November 9-12, 1989
Professional convention management association conference, Nashville, Tennessee, January 3, 1988
NAEM/PCMA joint summer meeting, June 6-9, 1989
Special facility seminar, 1982
Papers presented at the 1968 and 1969 management seminars for new managers, 1968-1969
IAAM new managers seminar, 1975
Papers presented at the 1970 management seminar for new managers, July 19, 1979
Papers presented at the 1971 management seminar for new managers, July 25, 1971
Papers presented at the 1972 management seminar for new managers, July 23, 1972
Papers presented at the 1973 management seminar for new managers, July 1973
IAAM New managers seminar, 1976
Crowd management seminar, November 17-19, 1986
IAAM Long range planning committee, 1995-1996
IAAM Long range planning meeting, Dallas, Texas, November 18-21, 1993
IAAM Long range planning meeting, Dallas, Texas, November 4-6, 1994
Conference notes, 1971-1972
Conference notes, 1983-1992
Conference correspondence, 1974
Sacramento community convention center rent report, 1986-1988
2004-208/6 (09516068) Budget, 1987-1988
Financial monthly reports, 1983-1984
Fund raising campaign, 1993
Compensation recommendations, 1992-1993
IAAM Fund-raising assessment, June 1996
IAAM Planning/Action study with recommendations for fund raising, 1992
IAAM audited financial reports, 1996
IAAM position papers Sacramento Community Center, 1977-1985
Seating arrangements, undated
Event medical services, 1988
Emergency plan, 1984
Emergency preparedness plan for Fresno Convention Center, 1989
Life safety manual cathedral hill hotel, San Francisco, California, 1986
San Francisco convention center emergency plan, 1986
Community center public traffic evaluation, 1987-1988
Sacramento community convention center annual report, July 1985-June 1986
IAAM annual report, 1993-1998
2004-208/7 (09516079) Sacramento Earl Warren Community Convention Center
Annual report
July 1, 1974-June 30, 1975
July 1-1975-June 30, 1976
July 1, 1976-June 30, 1977
July 1,1977-June 30, 1978
July 1, 1978-June 30, 1979
July 1, 1979-June 30, 1980
July 1, 1980-June 30, 1981
July 1, 1981-June 30, 1982
July 1, 1982-June 30, 1983
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2004-208/8 (09516080) IAAM News
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IAAM Chronological files
Team San Jose Operation Agreement, 2004
2004-208/9 (09516090) IAAM 75th anniversary exhibit
Subcommittee, 2000
Austin group, 2000
Programs, 2000
Chronological files
Ephemera, 1975-1987
2007-226/1 Facility and Operations Manual, 1977
IAAM Annual Conference Evaluations, 1997-2003
IAAM Awards, 2002-2004
Awards: Frank Poe-Charles A. McElravy Nomination, 2004
Board of Directors Mid Winter Meeting (includes 2 CDs), December 2005
Board of Education Nominating Committee:
IAAM Nominating Committee:
IAAM Board of Governors, 2005-2006
Committee Service-Lionel Dubay, 2002-2003
Concert Industry/Crowd Safety, 2000-2001
IAAM Correspondence-General, 2002-2003
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Headquarters, 1999-2002
IAAM WHQ Sale, 2002
IAAM Organizational Needs Assessment Task Force (ONATF):
2002-2003(includes quarterly and year-end reports)
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IAAM Board of Governors, 2006-2007
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Jack Zimmer, 1999-2001
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IAAM Executive Director Contract and Evaluation-Jack Zimmer, 1999-2000
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John Christison Award, 2006-2007
Senior Executive Symposium:
SES Board of Governors (materials to share with new and old members), 2003-2005
Staff Reorganizational Proposal and Bonuses, 2001
WHQ-Bank Loan, 1999-2002
IAAM Miscellaneous Correspondence, 1994-1996
IAAM 80th Annual Conference and Trade Show, 2005
University Venue Management Conference, 2006
Annual Reports:
Financial Statements and Report, 2000 and 1999


At Sid Richardson Hall

2.325/OD5 Oversize plans
Dallas Memorial Auditorium and Convention Center
Convention and Exposition Center, Cincinnati, Ohio
Wild West Show poster
3W97c Oral history
Original oral history tapes (4 tapes), 1986
3W199 IAAM Education tickets to the future, VHS tape, undated
IAAM cassette tapes, 1979-1986
3So94-3So95 Oversize photographs
2.325/F36 Constitution and by-laws of the International Association of Auditorium Managers, Inc., 1963
IAAM Facility Manager
September-October 1998
January-February 1999
March-April 1999
January 15, 1999
February 1, 1999
February 15, 1999
March 1, 1999
March 15, 1999
VDSM Meeting, Germany
Performing Arts Seminar, Chicago
Olympic stadium
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IAAM Conference and trade show, Denver, 1995
Oglebay, 1998
Dick Palmer
Robert Sigholtz
IAAM Board of Trustees Meeting, August 1, 1995
Sacramento Community Center
75th Anniversary exhibit, 2000
Assorted slides and photos
Assorted IAAM brochures
IAAM promotional material and 1998-1999 annual report
Photo of Carol Wallace
IAAM Code of Ethics
Assorted IAAM brochures
Printed material from IAAM conference and trade show, Nashville, 2000
Material used in IAAM exhibit, 2000
Performance, August 1996
Crowd Management, July-September 1996
IAAM Facility Manager, May-June 1996
IAAM 71st annual conference and trade show materials
IAAM pamphlets: "History. It's what got us where we are today."
2.325/D41f Bob Reid records at the Met Center
souvenir programs
4Ad127 Publicity photographs
IAAM member photographs, 1988-1990
O'Jays photographs, undated
Muhammad Ali vs. Joe Frazier photographs, September 30, 1975
2.325/C30a Don Jewel Manuscripts
Privatization of public assembly facility management
History and analysis, 1988
Places for people: the planning and management of public assembly facilities, 2000
Public assembly facilities, 2003
2.325/F53c IAAM meeting programs, 1955-1957, 1959-1968, 1970
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Planning and Management of Public Assembly Facilities-Practices, Policies of Auditoriums, Arenas, Convention Centers, 1965
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Madison Square Garden: 100 years of history, 1979
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IAAM Past Presidents Reception and Dinner, 1997
Membership photos, 1970-1980
2.325/C25 Senior Executive Symposium (class manuals):
2.325/D45 [2008-093]:
Videocassette: Ice Follies 60th Anniversary, Ice Castle, Blue Jay, CA, 1996
Oral history audiocassettes, including explanatory notes authored by William Dean Justice:
Allen J. Bloom
Tom Liegler
William A. Cunningham
Corrine Sidney-Hanley
Ben Farrell
Richard “Dick” Palmer
Tom Collins
Jerry Seltzer
Don Watson
Elsie Stephens
Bill Luther
Richard Dwyer
Dave Dewald
Gary Lashinsky
Dean Phillips
Mike McGee
Tom Powell
Art and Barbara Squires
Mrs. Morris (Beverly Grossman) Chalfen
International Conference in Houston, professional sessions, featured speakers include John Denver, 1979
2.325/F256 Papers:
Bob Reid and Jim Klain
2.325/A155 [2008-104]:
Cinderella Frozen in Time, Dorothy Hamill’s Ice Capades, 1993
2009-287/1 Industry Profile Survey, 1978-1981
IAAM - Data and Survey Committee, July 1, 1978
IAAM - Data and Survey Committee, July 1, 1979
IAAM - Data and Survey Committee
Industry Profile Survey - Drafts, 1977
Industry Profile Survey - Responses, 1978-1980
Public Assembly Facility Management School - Minutes, 1988-2002
IAAM, 2000-2001
2009-287/2 Annual Conference Programs, 1927-1937, 1956-2002
Annual Conference Program and Registration, 1986-2004
Annual Conference Packets, 1979-2001
Annual Conference Exhibitor’s Prospectus, 1977-2005
Annual Conference Silent Auction, 2002-2004
2009-287/3 IAAM Guide to Member and Services, 1960-2002
Public Assembly Facility management: Principles and Practices
Super Bowl XXIX: The Golden State of Football
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Facility Manager, July/August 2001-December 2005
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An Introduction to the IAAM
12th Annual Arena Management Conference, 2001
Auditorium News, Previous Year
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Proceedings of the Annual Conference, 1967-1976
Papers presented at the 1968 and 1969 Management Seminars for New Managers
IAAM miscellaneous printed material
Newspaper, Amusement Business, 1974-1975
IAAM professional development printed materials
IAAM brochures, 2002
Printed materials for special meetings at the annual conferences, 1990s-2000s
Historical photographs
Old letterhead and forms
Proclamation of IAAM week, Washington D.C., 1987
CD-Rs - Board of Directors, 2003 and Frank Poe Presidential documents, 2001-2002
2A64 Industry Profile Survey - Data Sheets, 1978-1979
Photostats of historical newspaper articles
Library Book, Spinning the Globe: The Rise, Fall, and Return to Greatness of the Harlem Globetrotters by Ben Green, 2005
2012-092/1-2 [LSF][2012-092]
Frank Erwin Center Jr. Special Events Center Section
IAAM Industry Profile Survey, 1991
Amusement Business, 1994, 1997
Performance Magazine, 1984, 1988
IAAM Offices and Awards - Justice
Red Book Special Events Center/Frank Erwin Center Original Book Calendars, August 1977 - December 1995
Operation Financial Statement, 1981-82, 1984-85, 1987-1990
UT Ticket Master budget, 1982-1983
Event Turnstile count records, 1977-1990
10 Year Anniversary Planning, 1987-1988
Box Office Sales Information
Agency for the Performing Arts
Houston Pops
Barrington Management Corp.
Kolmar Luth Agency
Ozark Attractions Agency
Columbia Artist Agency
Concerts West
Arts Squires/ Southwest Concerts
International Concert Management ICM - E. O. Stacey
Monterey Peninsula Artist - Fred Bohlander
Proposed Concert PAC/Pavarotti
Early ERC (Erwin Center) Reviews, Lawrence Welk World Team Tennis
ERC Brochures, 1977-1978
ERC Logo's Proposed for 10 Anniversary
Vending on campus
Ice Capades Daily Disbursement Report, 1976
Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment) Program Book, 1979
"Send in the Clowns," Crain Anderson brochures
Meeting notes with Vice President Brown, 1976-1977
Dean Justice to-do list, 1976-1977
Names to Remember, 1976
Athletic Department Locker Rooms and Offices, 1976
Acquisition Contract File Ticket Master Computer Ticketing System, 1980
Dean Justice appointment book, 1976
Dean Justice's daytimer, 1990
2012-092/3 Philanthropy in Texas 1987, 1996
Amusement Business, 1996-1998
Newspaper clippings
Muppet Babies "Magic Box" program
Muppet Babies "Where's Animal?" program
The Muppet Show program
Sesame Street Live "Missing Big Bird Mystery" program
Harlem Globetrotters World Tour program, 1998
Tour of World Figure Skating Champions programs, 1995-1997
Ice Follies program, 1969, 1977-1979
Ice Around the World program
International Ice Revue "Festival on Ice"
Holiday on Ice programs, ca. 1970s
Billboard, 1986, 1996
2012-092/4 IAAM Facility Manager, Fall 1989
IAAM Auditorium News, Summer 1986
IAAM Auditorium News, Summer 1986
Applause: Ten Eventful Years
Applause: 20 Year Old Celebration
Applause: Farewell to the Eighties, 1989
Crain Anderson draft copy "Arena Viewing Lounges - Frank Erwin Center, 1990
NCAA Signage - Basketball Tournaments - Policy conflicts
Cellular One Advertising Proposal - Message Center, 1989
Erwin Center brochure, 1995
Alcohol Beverages Licenses, UT Campus, 1989-1990
Security - Erwin Center Disclosure Policy, Guests/Patrons, 1986
Organization chart, 1989
IRS Unrelated Income Tax
Professional Touring Event Advertising Budget, 1985-1989
Professional Touring Event Income/Expense Statements, 1977-1990
American Concession Management/ Contract Budget Projection, 1982-1983
UT Ticket Master System (UTTM) Operating Manual, 1981
Professional Touring Event Producer, 462 Management (Danny Eaton)
Professional Touring Event Producer, Houston Pops
Professional Touring Event Producer, Stone City Attractions
Professional Touring Event Producer, Pace Concerts
Letter to Pres. Faulkner re: Management transfer to Athletics
Top Banana Awards Proposal
Travis County Expo Center
Retirement Letters - Justice
Marcel Marceau Complaint letter and response
Comp ticket policy letter, 1980
IAAM University Facilities Survey, 1980
Parents Room for Concerts Attracting Young Teens
News Clippings
Show Biz
Eriwn Center
Photographs of staff and performers
Management transfer doucments, Dean Justice retirement
Letter opposing transfer of management to Athletics
McElravey Award nomination letter, 1987
IAAM Presidency
Fiscal reports, 1985, 1987
Organization chart, 1990
Top Banana Award proposal
2012-092/5 Newspaper clippings, 2008-2011
Event and general entertainment programs
The Skating Scene Fact Book
Encore! 3 Tenors, 1994
Monster Jam World Tour
Everything Entertainment, 1993
Farrington Productions
Rugrats - A Live Adventure
ETM Entertainment Network
Golden Books Touring Attraction, 1998-2000
The Troika Organization
Royan Hanneford Circus
2012-092/6 "Talent and Booking" directory, 1976, 1979, 1981
Music and Booking Source Directory
Los Angeles Publication, "The Music Center Story - A Decade of Achievement, 1964-1974"
Aud Arena Stadium Guide, 1981-1990
Dean Justice Day Timers, 1987, 1989
Artifacts Artifact Collection