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A Guide to the William A. Cunningham Papers, 1958-1996

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Creator Cunningham, William A.
Title William A. Cunningham Papers
Dates: 1958-1996
Abstract William A. Cunningham was president of the International Association of Assembly Managers and is a facilities management consultant. Correspondence, publications, pamphlets, surveys, reports and administrative records relate to the International Association of Assembly Managers (IAAM), professional sports, auditoriums and other large assembly facilities.
Accession No. 97-288
Extent 27 ft., 6 in.
Language English.
Repository Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin

Biographical Note

William A. Cunningham was president of the International Association of Assembly Managers and is a facilities management consultant.

Scope and Contents

Correspondence, publications, pamphlets, surveys, reports and administrative records relate to the International Association of Assembly Managers (IAAM), professional sports, auditoriums and other large assembly facilities.

Forms part of the Touring Entertainment Industry Archive.


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Cunningham, William A.
International Association of Assembly Managers--Archives.
Civic centers--Planning.
Executives--Training of
Facility management
Public buildings--Planning.

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William A. Cunningham Papers, 1958-1996, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin.

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97-288/1 Leases:
California, 1958-1981
Kansas City, 1964-1985
Pittsburgh, 1966
National Football League, 1966-1980
Cincinnati Reds, 1967
Cincinnati Bengals, 1967
California Angels, 1967-1981
San Diego Padres, 1968
Atlanta Braves contract, 1969
Cincinnati Reds lease, 1972
Cleveland Indians, 1973
Toronto Blue Jays, 1976
Miami Dolphins, 1977
Minnesota Twins, 1979
New York Giants contract, 1980
Portland, 1980
Raiders contract, 1981
Leases, 1981-1983
Oakland A's, 1982
Arizona, 1982
Pittsburgh, 1982
British Columbia Lions, 1983
Baseball, 1984
Philadelphia, 1985
Baltimore, 1985
Montreal, 1985
97-288/2 Kaiser Engineers, Citrus Bowl, 1988
Pontiac Silverdome, 1982-1987
San Mateo fairgrounds, 1985-1989
San Jose arena:
Correspondence, 1987
Coliseum consultants, 1987-1988
Maps, plans
Multi-purpose facility proposals, 1987-1988
Seattle Arena:
Contracts and correspondence with R. W. Beck, 1990
The New Seattle Arena, February 1989-1990
Miscellaneous printed material, 1990
97-288/3 City of Phoenix:
Sports complex, request for proposals
Phoenix stadium center proposal, Phoenix Stadium Group Limited
Sports complex business offer, Capital Mall Development Group
Development proposal, Phoenix Sports and Entertainment Complex, volume one, February 14, 1986
Development proposal, Phoenix Sports and Entertainment Complex, volume two, February 14, 1986
Phoenix Civic Plaza, correspondence and agreements, 1985-1986
Sports complex plans, 1986
City of Madison, Report of Potential Market Demand, July 1987
Addendum to Report of Potential Market Demand, Madison, Wisconsin, September 1987
Market evaluation, September 1988
Proposed convention center, Madison Wisconsin, 1988-1992
Monona Terrace:
Food and beverage operations program, May 1991
Survey of local meeting use, April 20, 1992
Job creation and property tax impacts, July 1992
Schematic design, May 1993
Final environmental impact statement, July 1993
Marketing plans, 1993-1994
Market reassessment and schematic plan review
Madison correspondence, concerning architectural plans
FFE and program
CVB, market
Small plans, Madison Art
Madison, Wisconsin file, 1993
97-288/4 Legal Documents:
Golden West Baseball Company vs. City of Anaheim, October 23, 1985
Golden West Baseball Company vs. City of Anaheim, November 17, 1985
Golden West Baseball Company vs. City of Anaheim, November 20, 1985
Golden West Baseball Company vs. City of Anaheim, March 27, 1986
Golden West Baseball Company vs. City of Anaheim, June 16, 1986
Golden West Baseball Company vs. City of Anaheim, June 17, 1986
Golden West Baseball Company vs. City of Anaheim, June 20, 1986
Golden West Baseball Company vs. City of Anaheim, July 10, 1986
Golden West Baseball Company vs. City of Anaheim, September 10, 1986
Golden West Baseball Company vs. City of Anaheim, September 11, 1986
Golden West Baseball Company vs. City of Anaheim, 1986
Anaheim Stadium, daily parking lot entrance report, June 1980
Anaheim Stadium Center, Orangewood site master plan, 1982
Anaheim Stadium, traffic impact study, 1982
Anaheim Stadium Center, Orangewood site master plan draft, November 1982
Development agreement, by and between City of Anaheim and Anaheim Stadium Associates, 1983
Portland site criteria study, Portland, Oregon, 1978-1986
Trial exhibits
Correspondence and miscellaneous information
97-288/5 Report on survey of alternative stadium locations, Los Angeles Angels, Los Angeles, California, November 1962
Agreement between King County, Washington and Seattle Baseball Club, March 1976
Northwest Triangle Study, Portland, Oregon, May 1984
Anaheim Stadium Center, Orangewood site master plan, Oakland, California
Correspondence concerning Challenge of the Seventies
International Association of Assembly Managers:
New Manager's Seminars
Facility Consulting Board
Standard license agreements
CFE recertification
Pacific Coliseum, Vancouver, British Columbia Pavilion
British Columbia
Interview forms, British Columbia
British Columbia, background information
Oregon Convention Center, Portland, Oregon
Fresno Convention Center:
Schemes, site plan
Agreements, correspondence and orientation
Miscellaneous material:
Ontario FF & E draft
Equipment list and budget (FF & E)
Kingdome stadium tours
Cincy crowd report
Franchise and building marketing
I. C. M. A.
97-288/6 Sioux Falls:
Faxes, correspondence
Small plans
Management RFC process
Coliseum Consultants, Sioux Falls project book
McCormick Place, Chicago:
Som-McCormick Place
Portland Arena, Portland Oregon, 1981:
Phase I, oral presentation
Phase I, progress
Contemporary arenas
Lost events analysis
Chiles Center and Exposition Center
Second Phase I, presentation
Santa Ana
97-288/7 Toledo era report
Toledo, Ohio, report, 1982
Columbus, Ohio, center study
Lansing Civic Center and Exhibition Hall study:
Lansing study
Lansing report
Interviews and report information
Lansing Civic Center and Exhibition Hall, William Cunningham, Coliseum Consultants
Oakland, California:
Oakland, National Football League
Working papers
Presentation, February 3, 1988
San Francisco and Oakland, California, demographics
San Jose Ice Rink:
Reader board
Pro-Formas Sra-San Jose arena
San Jose agreements:
Letter of intent
Agreement to enter
Tacoma, Washington:
City Sheraton
97-288/8 International Association of Assembly Managers executive development series:
"Taking Control: Time Management for the Facility Executive," spring 1983
"Managing the Unsatisfactory Performer: Improving People Productivity in Your Facility," spring 1984
"Handling the Press: The Secrets of Successful Media Relations," spring 1985
"Test Drive a P. C.: Making the Computer Work for Your Facility," summer 1985
"Responsible Alcohol Management: It's Good for Business," winter, 1986,
two copies
"Effective Negotiating," spring 1987
"Managing the Mingling: Turning Contacts into Contracts," spring 1988
Agreement of lease, Chicago Bulls, June 1973
Riverfront Stadium management study, June 1977
Color slides of various multipurpose facilities, part of a lawsuit between Seattle Mariners and the Kingdome, 1981
Master plan and management recommendations, Toledo, Lucas County, August 1982
Second amendment to ground lease, City of Anaheim and Anaheim Stadium Associates, October 1982
Golden West Baseball Company vs. City of Anaheim, 1984-1994
"Evaluation of the Performance and Marketability of NAP Boards," Coliseum Consultants, March 1985
Panstadia International Quarterly Report, spring 1993
Ground lease, City of Anaheim and Anaheim Stadium Associates
San Jose Arena, agreement to enter
San Jose Arena, management agreement
Hockey use agreement, San Jose Sharks
Arena maintenance, oversight
International Association of Assembly Managers, senior executive program
San Jose stadium
Hockey use agreement
Jirik/Rick, community issues
San Jose Arena, transportation and parking management plan
Expense, rev for Les
San Jose Warriors
San Jose, dean, authority
San Jose, opening
Ontario Convention Center, Ontario, California:
Food service equipment catalog cutbook preliminary loads
Request for design and builder services, volume I
97-288/9 Request for design and builder services, volume II
Correspondence, 1992-1993
Convention Center, 1995
Management issues
Miscellaneous correspondence, 1991-1993
L & H and Price Waterhouse
Event revenue reports
Photographs, original board and management
"The Financial Feasibility of Coliseum Expansion"
Hession, Joseph, Warriors, collector's edition
Oakland Athletics Magazine, volume 6, number 4, 1986
"A Study of Marketing Practices in Major League Baseball, During the 1977 and 1978 Seasons," October 1978
"A Study of the Attitudes and Attendance Patterns of Major League Baseball Fans in the East Bay," October 1978
Floppy disks
Brochures concerning Oakland, California
A History of the International Association of Auditorium Managers 1925-1975:
International Association of Assembly Managers:
By-laws, 1968 and 1971
History Task Force material, 1996
History Committee
Oakland Convention Center:
Budget, fiscal year 1985-1986
Presentation, 1986
Management audit, Management, Inc., January 1987
Management audit, January 1987
Report original
Publication notes
KASS Management Services, 1986
Akron Convention Center:
Pre-schematics report
Program of requirements
97-288/10 Attendance and revenue summaries
Concessions and packaging, speculations and contracts
Arena guide advertisements
Small seat charts
Coliseum operating agreement, funds
Coliseum releases, brochures, postcards
A's lease
Seals contract
Warriors contract
Oakland Coliseum study, new stadium
Weber, David, Oakland: Hub of the West
International Association of Assembly Managers:
History Committee
Show producers, promoters
Conference programs
97-288/11 Oakland Convention Center, 1986:
Contract, correspondence, and work papers, 1986
Budget and finance, 1986
NCBCC marketing
Management evaluation
Management audit and analysis
Akron, Ohio:
Presentation transparencies
Interviews, 1989
Earlier studies
Maps, site plans and photographs
Contracts and costing
CVB contracts, city and county
Proposal and correspondence, 1989-1991
Original print
URS critique
Market study, proposal and presentation, 1991
Hotels and other promotional material
CVB material
Board of Directors and staff minutes from Board of Directors' meetings, 1985-1986
Kay Winer
97-288/12 Grand Forks, North Dakota:
Special Events Center, 1984
Events Center assessment for Mayor's Events Center Committee, 1992
Greater Grand Forks Convention and Visitors Bureau, memos, 1992
Agreement, 1992
Mattrix, 1992
Correspondence, 1992
Letter from Hawaii, 1992
Events Center interviews, 1992
Notes, preliminary documents, 1992
Computer statistics, 1992
Overhead interview
Transparencies and overheads
Preliminary concept
RFQ, architects
Hotel brochures, information
Consulting services proposal
Miscellaneous printed material, 1991-1992
International Association of Assembly Managers:
Industry profile survey, 1978-1979
Position description handbook, 1991
Convention Center marketing report, October 1992
Glossary, first edition, May 1993
New Boston Garden vs. City of Boston, volume I
New Boston Garden vs. City of Boston, volume II
State program requirements
Century Corporation
Private management, miscellaneous articles, 1985-1992
Minutes, 1991-1992
Newspaper clippings, 1992
97-288/13 Cleveland Browns lawsuit, 1974-1984
Boston Garden, 1984:
Findings and recommendations
Boston testimony outline and data
Correspondence, testimony outline
Miscellaneous research information
Boston Garden, 1990
Auditorium events, 1990-1991
Facility architects
Private management:
Contracts and proposals
Background of firms
97-288/14 Portland Arena feasibility, 1986:
Report and miscellaneous correspondence
Projection data
Northwest Arena data
Notes on NBBJ
Portland Coliseum
Dave facility data
Arenas in other cities, league data
Other arenas, National Basketball Association data
Seattle Sonics:
Seattle Center, Sonics, spectators
City management interim period
Correspondence, contract
97-288/15 International Association of Assembly Managers:
"Auditoriums and Arenas: Facts from a Survey by the International Association of Assembly Managers," 1961
"Planning and Management of Public Assembly Facilities," 1961
"Auditoriums and Arenas: Supplement," 1961
Management seminar for new managers, 1968-1973
Survey of practices and policies, July 1970
Industrial profile survey I-IV, 1970
Industrial profile survey V-XII, 1974
Professional sports lease survey, February 1974, August 1976
District Seven meeting, Palm Springs, California, February 1977
Market profile, March 1977
Facility and operations manual, volume I, 1980
Facility and operations manual, volume II, 1980
Convention Center and exhibit hall survey, 1986-1987
Results of the International Association of Assembly Managers and Touche Ross, "Organization and Compensation Survey for the Public Facilities Industry," July 1989
Socioeconomic information on candidate areas for National Football League, franchises, December 1973
The Portland Memorial Coliseum and Civic Stadium needs assessment, final report, May 1978
Economic and market analysis of a multipurpose sports facility in Calgary, Alberta, final report, December 1979
Long-range master plan for Aloha Stadium, final report, February 1984
"Community Convention Center Feasibility Analysis," Sioux City, Iowa, February 1985
Mecca Arena, financial and site evaluation, April 1985
"Bureau Funding Survey, Results and Summary Tables," 1985
Sacramento Convention Center study, draft, 1987
"Stadium Feasibility Analysis, Volume I: Research and Data"
97-288/16 "Coliseum, Stadium Economic/Facilities/Site Analysis for the Metropolitan Coliseum-Stadium Task Force," draft report, April 4, 1978
Development plan for Aloha stadium, Honolulu, Hawaii, 1983-1984
Shoreline amphitheater feasibility study, March 1984
"A Market and Financial Study of the Fairlands Pavilion, the Santa Clara County Fair Multipurpose Facility/Arena," San Jose, California, May 1984
"Assessment of Market, Economic Benefits and Financing, An Expansion Program for the Duluth Arena and Auditorium," March 1985
Articles concerning facilities, 1985-1987
City of Spokane, study of public assembly facilities, April 1986
Hawaii's Convention Center, February 1986
"A Framework for Action on the Proposed Columbus Convention Center," Columbus, Ohio, April 1988
Tampa Sports Authority, bid documents and specifications, June 1988
"Onondaga County War Memorial Area/Convention Center Complex Report," August 1, 1988
Kingdome master plan, 1990
"Financial Analysis of Alternatives Under Consideration for Hastings Park," Vancouver, British Columbia, August 1991
Mayo Civic Center study, May 1993
Lincoln, Nebraska:
"Proposal to Perform a Comprehensive Marketing Feasibility Study and Master Plan for Convention and Exposition Center Facilities," October 23, 1987
Convention center, marketing and feasibility study, December 1987
Proposal presentation, 1987
Notes, 1987
Miscellaneous report thoughts, 1990
Lincoln Convention Center, task force, January 1991
Convention Center site selection study
Orientation and interviews
Site analysis
Pershing Auditorium, Lincoln, Nebraska
Needs assessment:
Correspondence and contract
97-288/17 City of Lincoln Nebraska:
"Convention Center Market Analysis and Future Needs Assessment"
"Pershing Auditorium Expansion Proposal Analysis"
"Convention Center Functional Program of Requirements"
"Comparative Analysis of Cornhusker and Pershing"
Convention Center conceptional plans
Convention centers information
Stadiums information
Facility brochures and pamphlets
97-288/18 Kingdome, Seattle, Washington, 1986-1992:
Kingdome report
Job descriptions
Management alternatives
Existing organizational chart
Blank charts
Study, 1986
Correspondence, RFP proposal
Interview forms, schedule
North Platte Convention Center, North Platte, Nebraska, 1993-1996:
Site analysis
Transparencies, work session with committee, September 9, 1992
Background information
Rough notes
Competing cities
North Platte interviews, 1992
Public Facility, Spokane, Washington, 1992-1996:
Spokane, report forms
97-288/19 Lincoln, Nebraska:
"Outlook for CBD Development, Lincoln Center," working paper, January 1979
Events and attendance, 1989
Rate schedule, 1989
OPR budgets and balance sheets, 1990
Monthly usage reports and calendars of events, 1990
Correspondence and faxes, 1990
Council, Mayor, 1990-1991
City expansion, 1993
Correspondence with architects, BVH/HNTB
Promotional brochures
"Market Demand for and Attitudes Toward Minneapolis, Minnesota as a Convention/Trade Show Site," June 1984
Minnesota Convention Center, August 1984
Schematic design report, Minneapolis Convention Center, September 1986
Northlands Coliseum, Edmonton, Alberta, 1981
"The Future of Candlestick Park", March 1982
"The Market for Retail Development in the Coos Bay Area," July 1988
"Providence, Rhode Island Convention Center, Parking Facility and Motel, Volume I," January 1989
"Providence, Rhode Island Convention Center," May 1989
San Diego Convention Center, 1993
San Francisco needs assessment for additional meeting and/or exhibit space, September 1994
BC Place
Georgia Dome
General Dome
Skydome, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Omaha, Nebraska
Architectural plans
97-288/20 Tradeshow Week's:
1986 Major Exhibit Hall Directory
1987 Major Exhibit Hall Directory
1988 Major Exhibit Hall Directory
1990 Major Exhibit Hall Directory
1991 Major Exhibit Hall Directory
The Best of Tradeshow Week's
Standards, 1982-1986
Stadium feasibility analysis, San Francisco, California, October 1983
Correspondence concerning facilities, 1984-1989
Austin Civic Center, August 1985
Concept plan report, Minneapolis Convention Center, June 1986
Special events center, 1986
Feasibility study and civic center design concept, Illinois Quad City, April 1986
Updated economic evaluation of the proposed San Jose sports arena, February 1987
Executive summary and action plan, Florida Citrus Bowl expansion, November 1987
Market analysis and feasibility study for additional convention and exhibit facilities, Tacoma, Washington 1987
Feasibility and impact study of proposed options to expand Salt Lake City downtown area facilities, August 1988
Proposal to provide consulting for a marketing/management plan for the west Palm Beach municipal auditorium, October 1988
"Colorado Springs Multi-Use Arena Report, Volume I," January 1989
"Salt Palace Feasibility and Impact Study for Salt Lake County, Utah," April 1989
"The Salt Palace Center, Expansion/Renovation/Feasibility Study," January 1990
"Study of the Return of the Raiders," Oakland, California, February 1990
ICMA, financing alternative for convention center construction, April 1990
Performance Guide, Facilities, December 1990
Master plan, Oregon arena project, 1991
Earle Brown Heritage Center, September 1993
Market feasibility and economic impact study of the proposed Minnesota Convention Center
Programming and standards
97-288/21 International Association of Assembly Managers Guide to Members and Service:
Arena Auditorium Stadium Guide:
Audarena Stadium Guide
Audarena Stadium Guide and Facility Buyer's Guide, 1995
City of Minneapolis Convention Center, 1985
Minneapolis Convention Center facilities program draft, June 1986
Convention Center Marketing and Feasibility Study, Lincoln, Nebraska, 1987
San Jose program criteria, 1987
Miscellaneous facility plans, 1987-1989
97-288/22 Minneapolis Convention Center, 1986-1988:
Correspondence and scheme critiques
Minneapolis general manager search, 1987-1988
Minneapolis, Minnesota Convention Center files
Pending projects and proposals, 1986-1989
Aloha Stadium, 1983:
Correspondence, recommendations
Jim Vas Dias
Des Moines, 1984
United States Football League study, McKinsey, 1984
San Jose Convention Center, correspondence, background information, 1984
Architectural facility plans
97-288/23 San Jose Convention Center:
Interview notes
Work papers
San Jose, 1986
Providence Convention Center study, 1984-1990:
Work papers and interviews
Calgary-SRI, 1981-1992:
Stampede and Society
UNLV operations audit, December 1984
Arizona State University, 1982
Seattle Center management study, 1986
J. L. Hall Port presentation, October 1, 1991
Gallup poll for the International Association of Assembly Managers
International Association of Assembly Managers, professional sports lease survey, 1985
97-288/24 International Association of Assembly Managers, Gallup survey, 1991
International Association of Assembly Managers, pro lease survey, 1985
Gallup poll, 1991:
Auditoriums and theaters
Convention centers
Industry profile survey, 1994:
Final list
IPS contract, noon contract
Completed T's
Report format and inserts
Franchise relocations and lawsuits
97-288/25 San Jose Convention Center:
Construction manual, contract 3, 60% submittal, December 23, 1985
Sketch detail book, for 60% submittal, December 23, 1985
Architectural plans, facilities, 1984
Coliseum Consultants, architectural program, proposed convention center facility, San Jose, California, July 1983
Architectural program, Shoreline Amphitheater, for Bill Graham Presents, September 1984
Architectural program, Calgary Olympic Coliseum, draft, Calgary, Alberta, March 1981
Coliseum Consultants, correspondence, 1984
Oregon Convention Center, March 1987
Greensboro, North Carolina, 1996
Masonic Center, San Francisco, 1992
Tacoma Dome, Tacoma, Washington, 1994
Calgary, Alberta, Canada, 1994
International Association of Assembly Managers, questionnaires
Preliminary questionnaire development, 1994
Industry profile survey, volume I, 1994
Industry profile survey, volume II, 1994
97-288/26 Facility operating results, 1975-1986
"A Review of Facilities of Fifteen Stadiums Which Accommodate National Football League Football," City of Miami, March 1979
Akron Convention Center, 1989
Luxury suites, 1981-1991
National Football League, 1964-1991
Candlestick and San Francisco Dome, 1983-1984
Detroit lawsuit, 1974-1984
Detroit lawsuit, 1982-1984
Legal document, Opdyke Investment Company vs. Norris Grain Company,
Legal Documents and depositions:
Joe Louis agreements and projections, 1984
Norris Grain Maple Leaf Mills, exhibits, 1984
Pasternak interview notes, exhibit 9, 1984
Financing documents, exhibit 10, 1984
Land documents, exhibit 11, 1984
Joe Louis Arena and Olympia operating data, exhibit 6, 1984
Pontiac Silverdome operating statistics, exhibit 8, 1984
McNulty, exhibit 4, 1984
Economic development, exhibit 3, 1984
Miscellaneous clippings, 1984
97-288/27 Olympia arena concessions, 1973-1977
Facility newspaper clippings, 1981-1996
Parking, 1982
National Basketball Association, 1982-1989
"Projection of Benefits to Opdyke Investment Company Resulting from Construction and Operation of Olympia II Arena," Pontiac, Michigan, July 22, 1983
United States Football League, 1983-1985
"Survey of Other Cities," work papers related to the state of Michigan Circuit Court litigation between Opdyke Investment Company and Norris Grain Company, April 30, 1984
Legal documents and depositions:
Opdyke Investment Company vs. Norris Grain Company, August 31, 1983
Opdyke Investment Company vs. Detroit Hockey Club, May 1984
Deposition, exhibit 1, 1984
Letter of intent, exhibit 2, 1984
New arena projections, exhibit 13, 1984
Feasibility study and preliminary prospectus for Joe Louis, exhibit 14, 1984
Legal documents, 1984
Legal document, Opdyke Investment Company vs. Norris Grain Company
Convention centers, 1985-1989
Major League Baseball, 1986-1989
National Hockey League, 1986-1991
New and minor leagues, 1987-1989
Concessions, 1988
Sports economics facility construction, 1988-1989
Amphitheaters, 1989-1994
97-288/28 Poster of the Minneapolis Convention Center
"Minneapolis Convention Center Feasibility Study and Site Analysis," April 9, 1984
(2 copies)
"Minnesota Convention Center Feasibility Study and Site Analysis, Hennepin Avenue Site," July 21, 1984
"Minnesota Convention Center Feasibility Study and Site Analysis, Development Plan," July 21, 1984
Amusement Business, 100th anniversary commemorative edition, 1894-1994
Design development, San Jose multipurpose arena
City of Phoenix, sports complex and development plan