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University of Texas, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History

A Guide to the Ann W. Richards Papers, Part 09

Descriptive Summary

CreatorRichards, Ann W.
TitleAnn W. Richards Papers, 1933-2000 [Part 9].
RepositoryDolph Briscoe Center for American History,The University of Texas at Austin



   1. Printouts of Computer Programs
   2. Books, Artifacts, Official Gifts, Photographs, and Audio/Visual Material

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Ann W. Richards Papers, 1933-2000, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin.

Detailed Description of the Collection


Printouts of Computer Programs, 1995,
(1 ft.).

Scope and Contents of the Printouts of Computer Programs
Records are documentation for dBase, Clipper, and other computer programs used for mail logs and other database needs for the Governor's Information Resources, including Scheduling Office, Runaway Hotline, and Crime Victims Clearinghouse. The Governor's gift log and a dictionary of state health and human services terms were also in electronic format. Programs were printed out in January 1995. Unless the raw data is available, the databases cannot be rebuilt with just this information.
95-019/912(05257092)Printouts of computer programs


Books, Artifacts, Official Gifts, Photographs, and Audio/Visual Material

95-019/982(05260381)Printed books:
General and Special Laws of Texas:
67th Legislature:
First called session, 1981
Second and third called sessions, 1982
68th Legislature:
Regular session:
Chapters 1-380, 1983
Chapters 381-776, (Vol.2) 1983
Chapters 777 to end, (Vol.3) 1983
First called session, 1983
71st Legislature:
Regular session:
Chapters 1-497, (Vol.1) 1989
Chapters 498-773, (Vol.2) 1989
Chapters 774-1262, (Vol.3) 1989
Chapters 1263-1265 (end), (Vol.4) 1989
First called session, 1989
House Journal, Texas, 72nd legislature, First called session, Vol. VI, pages 1263-1882, August 1991
Vernon's Texas Session Law Service, No. 13, 1992
(8 copies)
95-019/808(05262933)Photograph, group of women,
[Removed and placed with photos]
Texas Commission on Alcohol and Drug Abuse, children's art show, framed certificate, 1991
[Removed to 99-350/A1]
95-019/1001(05263834)Gubernatorial gifts:
Breaking the Tradition
The Gulf War Perspectives
Life Child: The End of Poverty
Lobby Magazine
Die as Fools
The Scarlet Lady
Insiders Guide to Environmental Negotiation
Savage Inequalities
The Competition Time Bomb: 25 Threats
Reach High to the Stars Kids
New Phillippine Christmas Carols
Fifty Little Businesses for Women
Dallas Cowboys' Wives Cookbook
Kingmakers: A Novel of Political Ambition and Corruption
The American Reader
Texas Politics Today, Sixth Edition
State of the World, 1992
Rossing Magazine, October 1991
Forces Magazine: Economic, Social, and Cultural Quarterly
Junior Ambassadors Friendship Mission,
5 booklets
Beyond Power
The Wild, Wild West Cookbook
American Heritage Magazine, February-April 1992
The Way the World Words
Working at the Calling
Women's Bar Association, Tarrant County Membership Directory
Reinventing Government
Angel Over Her Shoulder
A Day in the Life of Ireland, Limited Edition
The Therapeautic Community
The Scarlet Lady
95-019/1002(05263812)Guide to the Black Organizations, 1992-1994 edition
Official Guide to South San Antonio
Labor Market Responses to Employer Liability
Caring and Sharing Favorite Recipies
The Spotted Sow and other Texas Hill Country Ballads
Hill Country Telephone Coop Phonebook, May 1992
3 books about Communism in the Soviet Union
A New Day
Education with a Purpose
Watchful Care: A History of America's Nurse Amesth.
Storming the Statehouse
Getting the Statehouse
On My Honor, I Will
Heloise from A to Z: All New Hints from Heloise
Reviving the American Dream
Constitution for Representative Democracy
Armed and Female
Antiguarian Pursuits
"Fellow Pages," 1991-1992 Dallas Urban League
Corpus Christi Bay Area Business Magazine
Kerala Directory, 1992
Port of Houston Handbook and Industrial Guide
Murder on Pine Island Bayou
Saudi Arabia Magazine
Greater East Dallas Chamber Membership Directory
Recipes from Rio Cookbook
Cooking with Arlington Cares
Earning What You're Worth? Sales Call Reluctance
American Heritage Magazine, May/June 1992
Selection of Photographic Art on Giulin Landscape
Way of Work and Way of Life
Peace in the Parish
Getting the Job Done
95-019/1003(05263743)George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography
Walk in my Moccasins
Wind, be Still
State of the World, 1992
What are You Worth? New World of Executive Compensation
Crossed Over a Murder, a Memoir
The Learning Gap
Book of the States, 1992-1993 edition, Vol. 29
Gender Shock
Declaration of Financial Freedom, document
Reviving the American Dream: Economy, States, Federal, Government
Changing Our Ways: America and the New World
George Bush and Saddam Hussein
American Heritage Magazine, July-September, 1992
Mega Trends for Women
Newport News Shipbuilding: The First Century
Education Reform in the 90's
Hearts of Glass
Living on the Edge of America
Savage Inequalities
Books about Harley Davidson, Inc.
95-019/1004(05263776)George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography
Southwestern Historical Quarterly
Pressure Points: The Phases of a CED's Career
The See Through Years
To You from Me, Some Poetry
Las Glorias de Gloria Cookbook
American Heritage Magazine, November 1992
The Last Word: A Treasury of Women's Quotes
An Aristocracy of Everyone: Political Education and the Future of America
Mysteries of Life and the Universe
One Oar in the Brazos
The Gombeen Man
Ackoff's Fables Irreverent Reflections on Business
The Loop: Dream House on Building a House by a Pond
America, I Love You
American Holidaze and From Both Sides of the Desk
The Way Home
Implications of a North American Tree
Exports and Local Development: Mexico's New Maquilado
Wills Point Historical Society Recipe Book
A Year in Central Park
Bolivia: Creating Opportunities in America, booklet
The Texas Revolutionary Experience
Implementing TQM: Total Quality Management
Short Trips in and Around Dallas
Tierra Antiqua Naturaleza de Estado de Mexico
Giant Print Holy Bible, King James Version
95-019/1007(05263801)Salvage Inequalities
West Texas Adventure
From the Ranch to Town (poems)
The Journey: Waypoint, 1978
A Collection of the Cowboy Poems
How Men are Like Noodles
Honor and Tribute: The Veterans Band
Thinking of a Living
A Diplomat at Home
Notes on the Refrigerator Door
Richest Lady in Town
Texas Cowboy
Hunters Guide to Professional Outfitters
Fort Hood: The First 50 Years
Blood Brothers
The Neck of the Bottle
A Thousand Campfires: A Scouter's Story
The Quality Teacher
Big George
A Man Named Miliken: An Adventure Along the Natchez Trace
OSS and the Yugoslav Resistance
Precious Bible Promises
The Birds of Tikal An, annotated
Bale O' Cotton
Center Stage
Sex in the Forbidden Zone
Sex in the Therapy Hour
Gullett: An Eating Experience
Children of the Heater
Texas Wildlife Viewing Guide
Hispanic Texas: A Historical Guide
Defensive Living for the 90's
Family Reunion
The Princess
Battleship Texas
Texas Range Plants
In the Depth of Darkness
Living with the Enemy
Star of Destiny
A Passion for Justice
Ethics and Excellence
Up the University
Fired Again and Again, Praise the Lord
Goddess of Mystery
We the People
International Cuisine
Mexican Sayings
The Way it Was (According to Josie)
Hologa: Fernando Gonzales Quintanillo
Nuevo Leon: Un
Montanas de Nuevo Leo: Testimonio
95-019/1005(05263845)Artifacts, gifts
Holy flag
Angel pin
Knight necklace
Cloth material
Texas Bluebonnet soap
Pewter armadillo
Van Cliburn audiocassette
"Banner Brigade" album pages and memorabilia
95-019/1006(05263754)Panda bear with backpack (prevention of child abuse)
95-019/1008(05263798)Virgin Mary icon
Waylon's West Texas Barbeque Apron
Microchips and GATT baseball cards, 1 GATT button
Texas Flag scarf with signatures (Horseshoe cowboy appreciation award stored with awards)
Decorated fly swatter
Book, Black English Vernacular: From "Ain't" to "Yo Mama"
Audio cassette "Philosophy of Youths"
Palm tree, moon and clouds scene on square pin
Harley-Hearts earrings
Kona hats made of coconut straw
Flyshooters and 1 fluttering butterfly
Book, Pajama Lady and Death Row Friends
Glass Citicorp paperweight
Graduate School of Social Work, University of Houston poster
Audio cassette, "The Tax Machine"
Burgundy beaded purse
Sun visor, megaphone, towel, sunglasses
City of Levelland key
White satin capital for a day TSTC and Cross pen
Ai-Noren (Japanese shop sign/curtain)
Autographed frame photograph of Big Bird
Book, Radiance of My People
World championship Barbados cook-off foam mug and Billy Rankin video cassette
Green wooden box
Pot holder and apron, Texas motif
95-019/1009(05263823)Gold-plated necklace
Polka record
The wild turkey
Quebec letter opener
Pearl necklace
Cowboy hat
Pink and white table cloths
Sun necklace
Houston livestock watch
95-019/1010(05263867)Japanese doll
Cutty Sark glasses commemorating Sam Houston
Texas wildlife expo
"Shots Across Texas" red mounted boot
Autographed old west anti-drug poster
Governor Montemayor's campaign photo album
95-019/1011(05263856)Photographic silk screen "From My House to Yours"
Wooden frame for a sachel
95-019/1012(05263903)Ft. Worthopoly board game
Houstonopoly board game
Dallasopoly board game
An income of Her Own board game
Video cassette "Texans' War on Drugs"
Book Conch Pearls: Women's Perspectives, compilations of interviews
"Cherished Pride" lithographic print
Poster sized photograph of Ann Richards and Theresa Waters
Framed quote "Texas, Where Men are Men and Women are Mayors, Senators, and Governors"
Acrocanthosaurus poster
Gold boot
Coffee mug
95-019/1013(05263787)Leap of faith jacket
White blouse with gold and black sequins
Sports jacket
President's Council (Arnold S. jacket)
Ann Richards Governors blue jacket
Black Heartbeat of America jacket
Ann Richards garment bag
Ann Richards duffel bag
Ann Richards travel bag
White blouse with flag motif decorations in red, gold, and blue
95-019/1014(05263732)Quilt with Texas Sesquicentennial and Texas State symbols
White leather boots with gold trim
95-019/1015(05263765)The Committee on Ways and Means
Three Cross pens
Fossil watch
Silver earrings and pin
Door hinge (Capitol)
Wooden pen and pencil
Framed pictures from Japan
The Two Million Year Old Self
The World of the Mexican Worker
Mexico: A Higher Vision
An Autobiography of Tom Landry
Mexico: Por Un Mejor Futuro
First Ladies: The Saga of the...
Ranald S. Mackenzie on the Texas Frontier
Cartografia Historica de Tamaulipas
Two fighting cocks
Cigarette box
95-019/1017(05260519)Green porcelain vase with top
95-019/1018(05255905)The People's Government of Yunnan Province (plaque)
95-019/1019 (basement 2.B10)Whooping Crane National Wildlife Federation Award (statue) 1993
95-019/1020 (basement 2.B10)"The Time is Now: Women in Power" poster
"Dazed and Confused" poster
Decorated eggs (5)
Waterford Crystal Appreciation plaque
Tiffany paperweight
Small box of jewelry
Porcelain red rose
Tri-gold earrings
Black leather portfolio
Port of Brownsville serving tray
University of Texas Longhorn collage pin
Motorola video and commemorative coin
Framed photograph of Richards and Princess Pocahontas, 1992
Handmade wooden longhorn wall hanging
95-019/1021 (basement 2.B10)Tigua Indian painted vase and lid
[2 parts]
Brick with Richards' name inscribed
Pinewood State of Texas seal
1994 Sam Houston Superstars yearbook
Pewter bowls (2)
Woodcarved wall hanging, "Lone Star State First Lady"
"Project Recycle" world globe and glass stand
[2 parts]
Limestone business card holder
95-019/1022 (basement 2.B10)Pearl tie clip
Daishiki (African shirt and skirt)
Porcelain yellow rose
Clay pot
"Museo de Antropolgia de Xalapa"
"Tajin Gobierno del Estado Veracruz"
Tajin (hard copy)
Tajin (soft copy)
African art
Waterford crystal letter opener
Silver belt buckle
Enamel pill box
95-019/1023 (basement 2.B10)Japanese doll
A Solution to the Problems of Our World
Silver ball necklace and earrings
"Speak Out for the Children" buttons (3)
The Library of Dudley R. Dobie
"The Spit'n' Image"
What is Worth Doing?
Ladies' First
Through My Eyes
Reforming Education in a Changing World
"Hands Around Dallas" t-shirt
The Border
Baseballs (2) [One with Nolan Ryan autograph]
"Year of the Rooster" gold tile
Glass cluster with suspended coins
Monterey glass box with brass top
Black satin Gulf Pacific jacket
Sterling silver "Nina" ship replica [label portion broken]
Grecian urn
Stained glass hanging
95-019/1024 (basement 2.B10)Bent Willow Star table
95-019/1025 (basement 2.B10)Scale model U.S. Navy P-3 Aircraft
95-019/1026 (basement 2.B10)Earthen pot
Wood and silver jewelry box [one leg broken]
Hermes silk scarf
Puerto Rico: Borinquesn Querida
Notes on the Republic
What is Scientology?
Indian peace pipe
Texas: Legacy of a Proud Land
Canvas bootbug
Bronze watermelon slice
Passport to Russia CD
Passport to France CD
Passport to Italy CD
Mexican coins (2)
El Estado de San Luis Potosi
Arks do Mexico
San Luis Potosi Una Veta
Pictorial History of Hale County, Texas
95-019/1027 (basement 2.B10)Vienna: 1815-1848
Texas wooden frame clock
Black sandalwood bow (contains gold shawl)
Mother of pearl clock from Philippines
Texas Deer Hunters belt
Crystal eagle
Crystal star
Small marble box
White and blue pearl necklace
Dies y Seis glass appreciation plaque
Book: Ecodiversidad En Nuevo Leon Acciones que Trascienden
Silver 5"×7" Tiffany picture frame
Black walnut music box
95-019/1028 (basement 2.B10)Harley-Davidson motorcycle phone
Laced slippers, sleeping mask, cosmetic bag, cosmetic glass tray
Bell Helicopter wall clock and coffee mug
[2 parts]
Concepcion Mission oil painting
Crystal Mezuzah door hanging [Jewish object]
Silver filigree Menangkabau house
Japanese hair bow
Jefferson goblets, pewter (2)
95-019/1029 (basement 2.B10)U. S. Veterans commemorative silver dollar coins (2)
Crystal engraved serving tray
"Let's Play Lotto" ink pen
Red, white, and blue pins made of beads and safety pins (2)
Audio cassette: President Clinton's "Historical Independence Square Speech"
Red, white, and blue pot holder
Red chili pepper bandanna
Texas-From-a-Republic to an Empire
Texas: Commemorating a Century of Statehood
The Sex Education Handbook
Framed poem: "Promise Yourself"
Framed Texas Iron magazine cover of Richards on motorcycle
Framed photograph of Richards and the mayor of Reynosa
Framed photograph of Richards and a rabbi
Beach cover-up
Autographed Arthur Meyerson "Texas Round-Up" poster
Small black and silver vase
Silver plated "piggy" bank
"Clean Industries 2000" banner
Framed poem and 2 poem booklets
Long-sleeved red, white, and blue cotton blouse
"Texas, Where Men are Men and Women are Governors"
Crystal engraved "Crew" square dish
Hand-crafted wooden donkey and cactus with United States flag
Horseshoe cowboy statue
Framed poem: "Dedication to Governor Ann Richards"
Monjure Originals Texas pin
95-019/1030 (basement 2.B10)Books:
The New Leaders Guide to Lines of Leadership
Climbing Back
America's Agenda Rebuilding Economic
Clear Body Clear Mind
Ready to Learn
Images for Children
The Vermont Experience
Skyline Israel from Above
George Bush vs. Saddam Hussein
The Brownsville Raid
1992 State Fair of Texas
Man on Two Ponies
Holy Bible [Today's English version]
MoJo Photographs
Christmas Annual of Christmas Literature and Art
Black leather bound award "Puente In"
Framed and matted wood block art and postcards
Large pale green vase and stand [vase broken; 2 parts]
Etched glass vase with Texas symbols
West's Appointment Book for Judges and Lawyers
Autographed baseballs (2)
Nolan Ryan
Roger Clements
Shanghai no. 9 silk scarf, multi-colored
Luxury mohair blanket
95-019/1031 (basement 2.B10)Silver miniature photograph album
City key to Juarez
Silver necklace with pearl
Kazakhstan flag
Framed 8 ×10 photograph of the President of Deutschland
Silver tray
Kazakhstan jewelry box with dirt [a box inside a box]
Bolo tie
Bear steins 1-3
Mexican coins (2)
Desk clock, German
Leaf pearl brooch
Texas and Great Britian pendant
Crystal Baccarat eagle
Leather portfolio
Hand-sewn quilt
Baccarat crystal
Wide silver bracelet
Ann Richards brand
95-019/1032 (basement 2.B10)Wooden stool [cracked on one side]
95-019/1033 (basement 2.B10)Porcelain doll
95-019/1034 (basement 2.B10)Oriental vase in Oriental box
Harley-Davidson motorcycle helmet
Windmill clock
Oregon Symphony Pops premiere
Oregon Symphony Menotti: Apocalypse
Los Indios Lucio Blanco
Small Texas pin with bluebonnets
Department of the Army bronze seal
Historic dynamite groundbreaking stick
Brooch with United States flag, silver star, silver foot, donkey, and dove
Pin from Russia
Framed photographs (2)
Sony pin
Texas Capitol doorknob paperweight
Monogrammed Holy Bible
Dutch-American Heritage Day, plaque November 16, 1993
Round newel post replica (?) commemorating "Inauguration of President Joann Horton, Texas Southern University," 1993
95-019/1035 (basement 2.B10)Autographed Spurs basketball
Mooney TLS model aircraft [2 tail fins broken]
Sterling silver replica of Norfolk mace
Black lacquered bowl with lid, blue flowers on top
Limited edition Parker World Memorial pen
95-019/1036 (basement 2.B10)World Champion Booger Red Cowboy
Single Square Dancer's t-shirt
Texas Film Festival t-shirt and pamphlet
Mother's Day mugs (2) [one broken]
Environmental Law
Cassette: "Good Citizenship" by Jerry Clower
State of the World (2)
Silver tray
Ceramic tile with Japanese art
Ceramic plate [wooden box broken]
Glass vase
Cassettes: Pfizer Portfolio of State Issues
With a Black Platoon in Combat
Justice Lies in the District
Astros jacket (satin)
Video: "Over 60 Whitewoman Rap"
Japanese doll
I Always Wanted to be Somebody
History of the City of Adelaide
95-019/1037 (basement 2.B10)Artifacts:
Autographed black and white poster of Hakeem Olajuwon
Carved jewelry bow
The I's of Texas Award [broken]
Round crystal with pie slice cut out
Wooden mantle clock from Sweet Briar College
Vietnam Women's Memorial Print by Glenna Goodacre
White long-sleeved Craig Taylor shirt
Dutch American Heritage Day, 1992 limited edition ceramic tile
Home-made video of a song by C.D. Little
City key to Carthage, Texas
Printed Christmas handkerchief
Pitchfork-style stainless steel dinner fork and pin "Poke me with a fork, I'm done"
Waylon Jennings CD: "Too Dumb for New York, Too Ugly for Los Angeles"
Cross bolo with various Texas momentos
8" × 10" photograph of the Capitol and fireworks
Pencil portrait of Richards and the Capitol
Poster of Conquistador autographed by Jose Cisneros
Poster of Sakharov and his quote by Richard Sobol
95-019/1038 (basement 2.B10)Motorcycle helmet
Tiffany & Co. gold round clock
Oriental wall hanging
Orozco: mural painting
Pasajes Y Estampas Del Descubrimi
Canyon Visions
Rafael Coronel
New Mexico
Bronze duck
Tamaulipas 92 Las Cronicas
Silver broach with 3 pearls
Large plant potter
95-019/1039 (basement 2.B10)Thunder Junction silver coin
Asa P. ("Ace") Borger Home Christmas ornament 1926
Apple bird feeder
Satin Christmas pillow
"He Came to set the Captives Free", "The Spellbound" and 2 audio cassettes
San Antonio's Newest Mission acrylic paperweight
Religious songs audio cassette
"Tales from the Neon Prairie" audio cassette by Scott Fant
Small angel pin
Off-white rebozo
White porcelain miniature rose
Del Davidson audiocassette
Job Recorded Bulletin No. 159
Throw blanket
Patriotic sequined vest
White and blue porcelain Oriental vase
Wooden Texas Santa ornament
Sam Houston envelope and stamp (Cachet)
Stone (Texas shaped)
Wood chips
Mexican coins
Blue, white, and orange needle-work cross
Information Super Highway
Gold-plated bear pin
95-019/1040 (basement 2.B10)Painted handkerchiefs (3)
God & Sex
Blank note cards from Moody Gardens (5)
Blue long-sleeved shirt with bluebonnets painted on front
Sketch of a street in Guadalajara
World Cup 1994 Quarter Final soccer stand
Large photograph of Smart City Kids on playground
El Estado de Tamaulipas
Off Shore Technology Research Center paperweight
Engraved Secretary of the Navy, John Dalton, quill pen
Blown glass carousel
[2 pieces]
Brass bookends and paperweight
Coffee mug with Harley picture
Painted cotton vest
Quillo [blanket that folds into a pillow]
Sam Houston Race Park tote bag
Dream catcher necklace in bag
World Cup soccer mug [goes with stand?]
Deerskin (?) fringed miniature jacket with zipper (purse?) "Tamaulipas"
95-019/1041 (basement 2.B10)Texas Legation plaque
Circular Indian artwork [turquoise and gold]
Blue and white donut-shaped Oriental teapot
Beaded Indian ceremonial mask
Oriental Man statue [finger broken]
Brass ornament
Brass and green pitcher
Large paperweight with yellow and green design
Silver shell purse
Cross pen and pencil set with Harley Davidson
Silver cross pen and pencil set
Oriental painted plate
95-019/1042(07563271)Pre-Hispanic priestess
95-019/1043(07563282)Eagle statue
95-019/1044(07563292)Framed items:
Framed sketch of Indian girl
Framed sketch of Richards riding motorcycle
Framed presentation of Truman Arnold Learning Center
Drawings (2) by Bao-Chun Liu and Wang Chi
Water-color print from Brenham State School
Sketch of Buffalo Soldier
Framed painting, "Spring in West Texas"
Broadside, "Historical and Statistical View of the United States of America"
Autographed Brush Country Escort Bulletin by Carlson
95-019/1045(07563329)Framed photograph of 5 officers from the El Paso County Sheriff's Officers' Association
Framed fish print by Windham
"M Mountain" oil painting
Framed etched-glass mirror with star (March of Dimes), Angel M. Rivera, Jr. [damaged: broken glass]
95-019/1046(07563307)Framed collage of lottery tickets
Framed Certificate of Professional Travel Counselor
Framed picture of Capitol
Framed Blind Chess Championship poster
Framed print of Gurerro Aztecs Insignia
Framed National Air Traffic Controller Association in Convention at San Antonio, 1992
Framed sketch of Gainesville Factory Shops opening
Framed Texas map
Texas Heritage Trust posterboard
Framed picture of Ovation Aircraft
95-019/1047(07563318)Framed etched mirror of Sam Houston
Framed poster: "Welcome Governor Ann Richards to DeSoto"
Framed painting of flowers in a vase
La Mujer Latina En El Siglo XXI (Poster of Spanish woman)
Framed greeting from Texas Civil Justice League
Framed print: "`T' Patchers in Action: Italy 1943"
Framed photographs of "The People's March on Congress Avenue"
95-019/1048(07563351)Framed oil painting of farm scene [frame chipped]
Framed print: "Barbed Wire Lookout" by Les McDonald, Jr. [frame cracked]
Picture of Caddo Lake [de-framed due to broken glass]
Framed signed print 1/250 "The Children" by David Griffin
Framed photograph of Caddo Lake
95-019/1049(07563340)Framed oil painting "Annie With Her Hair Down"
Framed 25th Anniversary of the First Moon Landing stamp collection
Framed Space Shuttle STS 60, February 1994 Photograph with UH Patch
Framed V-22 Picture and envelope
Framed oil painting of young boy in cowboy hat with twig in mouth
Framed print: "The Magic of Jefferson, Texas"
Framed oil painting of Richards, Capitol, Alamo, Longhorn herd, and oil wells
Walking cane
95-019/1050(07563330)Hand-crafted walking cane
Framed items:
Legend for "We've Just Begun" framed print
Framed print: "A Shining Relationship: Mexico and Texas"
Framed proclamation
Framed Sam Houston's "Tribute to Courage" print
Framed poster: Careers and Technology Learning Academy, Edgewood Independent School District [glass broken and removed]
Abraham Lincoln and the War Governors limited edition print
"The Texas Legacy" framed photo graphic (limited edition)
Framed watercolor print of San Antonio Riverwalk
95-019/1051 (2.325)Framed photograph: Texas Rangers with Governor Ann Richards
95-019/1052 (2.325 west wall)3′ × 5′ Oil painting of countryside
95-019/1053 (2.325 west wall)Framed autographed photograph of White Wings Baseball Team
95-019/1054 (2.325 west wall)Long ivory wooden panel from Indian Doctors of Houston
95-019/1055 (basement 2.B10)Beaded sombrero
95-019/1056 (basement 2.B10)Oriental jar in Oriental box
95-019/1057 (basement 2.B10)Oriental wall hangings in long Oriental boxes (2)
"Chris Michalek earned an A on her education report card... the incumbent got an F "Texas State Teachers Association
"I Love the Mustangs"
"Emphysema slims: throw tobacco out of sports"
"Clinton Democrats 1992"
Texas images (flag, cowboy hat and boots, bluebonnets, oil rig, etc.)
"Will Davis, Exploring New Frontiers" [swimming with dolphins design]
"Stephen F. Austin's 200th Birthday" San Felipe, Texas, 1993
"AAPL" [American Association of Professional Landmen]
"Texas A&M International: Laredo, Texas"
"Celebration of Life, American Cancer Society Cancer Survivors' Day" [signatures cover back of shirt]
"Blast off to a world of success: Paris [UNK] Head Start"
"Saluda County: Where Texas Began"
"HOSA 1123: Spread the word, save a life" [red ribbon design]
"De Kalb Elementary: Building partnerships for student achievement"
"Boogies Diner, Aspen 1992: Eat healthy, dress cool"
"Friendship is global: love and peace" [design with multicultural children]
Texas with dollar signs, signed "Timpson" 1993
"Mountain View Mountain Lions"
"Kurdistan Relief Association"
"Kennedale High School: where everybody is somebody"
"Catch the Spirit: Caldwood Elementary", accompanied by pin with same logo
"Think Child Safety: Emergency Services of Paris-Lamar County, Paris, Texas"
"Lady Longhorns National Volleyball Champions, 1988"
"Elm Grove, Texas: Hilary Ford, 3/16/90"
TS2(07674013)"Don't mes with Stop 6 Texas" [street names on back]
"George's Lip Service" [crashed van and spectators, regarding George Bush's broken promises]
"I switched to the Commerce News, How about you? 886-NEWS"
"Haleiwa, Oahu: `Potatoe"' [design of potatoes in circle with red slash]
"El Paso Diablos" sweatshirt
Business card: Elvia G. Hernandez
"Paris cat attack: Paris, Texas 1993-1994"
"Stephen F. Austin's 200th Birthday", San Felipe, Texas, 1993
"Free our people: ADAPT of Texas" [logo of handicapped person breaking chains] Austin, Dallas, El Paso, Houston
"Paris Dragons: Catch the heat" [basketball logo], on back: "Ann Richards 1"
"Team Orthopedic: A cast of characters" NAON [leg in cast on crutches] 1993
"Collinsville Chamber of Commerce"
"X97 Gulf Coast Country Digital 96.9 FM"
"Diabetes educators have hearts as big as Texas" Bluebonnet chapter of AADE
"Bringing you the best in blues from Antone's Records"
"Bay City, Texas, 1894-1994 Centennial"
"You will love national health care if you love efficiency of Post Office, compassion of IRS, Pentagon prices"
"Hutto, Texas"
TS3(07674024)"From the streets of Laredo to the steps of the Capitol: The People's March, Laredo Delegation, proud partner in the New Texas" January 15, 1991
"Lee College" [on back: "Governor Richards"]
"Team Travis"
"I'm Bushed...How about you?" [political statement regarding George Bush], accompanied by pin with same logo
"Bushwackers 1992" [political cartoon of George Bush being hit with a club]
"Boys and Girls Club of Greater Fort Worth: Gradebusters"
"PVC Insanity, North Texas best, 1993: Boosting engineering, science and technology"
"Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Fort Worth"
"Homecare Workers Local 434B" [logo of house in white cross]
"The Texas Connection" Fujitsu [design with cattle skull and Texas flag]
"United we stand, 1992" Bushwackers, NYC [political cartoon of people standing on the back of George Bush] 1992,
"Community Action Program" CAP [arrow design]
"Washington-on-the-Brazos Children's Arbor" [tree and log cabin]
Back: "The Antique Rose Emporium"
"Ms. Texas Bunny sez, `plant a tree, protect the planet"' [pink bunny holding tree and earth]
"George Bush's war record" [wins: Panama and Iraq, losses: drugs, environment, taxes, deficit, economy, jobs, Los Angeles]
"Reduce Reuse Recycle: City of Yoakum"
Wooden tribal figurine with spears
Hard hat, "State Preservation Board, Governor Ann Richards"
Hard hat, "The State of Texas, Governor Ann Richards"
NAS Kingsville TX. PWD Seabees
Pewter cup, Thomas Jefferson Memorial Foundation, engraved "IWF"
Supima cotton fabric samples (2), pink and green
Quaker Boy "Easy Yelper" turkey call
Leather belt, white, with Texas flag design
Quaker Boy boat paddle box turkey call, 1993 poplar limited edition #60, signed
Coffee mug, black and gold, "Pittsburgh: The Ezekiel Airship, Official Main Street City"
Small Texas flag
United States flag and Texas flag
United States flag and [?] flag [flag has three stripes, black, red, gold]
"Club Member, Self Confidence Formula, Reduce Crime" blue and gold
Four houses and night sky, "Temple Shalom"
Small gold pin with Chinese characters? (in red box)
Light switch cover, brass, engraved "ARW"
Belt buckle, brass, horse design, Tony Lama collection
Small United States flag
Small flag, unidentified [earth in left corner, surrounded by stars, moon, and pyramid?, gold, white, and red stripes]
Large brass bell with wooden handle
Garter, orange and black
Necklace, Capitol painted on pendant, with blue silk cord
Necklace, wooden pieces with red, white, and blue hearts, "West Texas Tumbleweed", Pecos, Texas
Large hand stamp, numerical
Small slab of wood, writing on wood illegible [wolf?]
Texas-shaped stone paperweight, "Governor Ann Richards"
Brass medal, "Houston Police Department" (in blue box)
Watch, "Corporate Finance" (in brown box)
Quartz holographic watch with Yoda design by 3-D Arts
Blue and gold scarf/banner, "Ann Richards 1992: 1st E.A.F"
Drug education guide cards, "Make it Mesquite Drug Free", sponsored by Mesquite Chambers of Commerce (2)
Key to city of Midlothian, Texas
Black bow tie and 8 black button covers (white box)
Green satin jacket, "Gulf Greyhound Park, Houston, Galveston", gift from Esther Rice, La Marque, Texas
Brass picture frame, "Photo Etch", Fort Worth, Texas, 1993 Engraved, "Governor Ann Richards" (white box)
A14(07674159)Corn husk angel doll [halo is loose]
Wooden animal-shaped box (hippo?) presented to Governor Richards by Hutto Elementary School, September 11, 1992
Large paper clip on stand with Texas flag, "God Bless Texas: Bob Bullock, Lieutenant Governor of Texas"
Wooden plaque with hand painted seal, "Onward with confidence, OGWR Borough Council" from the Mayor of the Borough of OGWR
Knee-high hosiery, smoky taupe, Sears Roebuck
Small silver-plated steel trays (2)
Pendant, "SGA/AHS Summit 1993" (gray box)
Crocheted bluebonnet (white box)
"Talk! Listen! Please?!" [Artists for Mideast Peace] (black box)
"Peace" [Artists for Mideast Peace] (black box)
Brooch, red, green, and blue with pearl
Silver Texas-shaped earrings, made by Hubert Carrico
Donkey pins (2) (gray box)
Donkeys holding United States flags [Democratic Party]
"Harley Honey" belt or key chain clip (in blue bag)
Small rubber soccer ball, with face
Dream catcher, orange leather with shell and beads, Jim and Laura Earth Walk, Chama, New Mexico
2.325/X47A Apron, "Texas, Chili Capital of the Southwest, Governor Ann Richards"
Camouflage hunting jumpsuit
Cummerbund, black

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