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University of Texas, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History

A Guide to the Ann W. Richards Papers, Part 06

Descriptive Summary

CreatorRichards, Ann W.
TitleAnn W. Richards Papers, 1933-2000 [Part 6].
RepositoryDolph Briscoe Center for American History,The University of Texas at Austin


Arrangement (Gubernatorial Records/Staff and Office Files)

   Press Office Files:

Administrative Information

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Ann W. Richards Papers, 1933-2000, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin.

Detailed Description of the Collection


Press Office Files, 1990-1994,
(41 ft.).

Scope and Contents of the Press Office Files
Records include clippings, press releases regarding general topics, appointments, and the Governor's schedule, information on bills proposed and/or passed in the 72nd and 73rd Legislatures, and copies of Ann Richards' speeches, including her inaugural address.
General Press Releases, J through Z, 1991-1994,
(15 ft.).
Scope and Contents of the General Press Releases
Types of records are press releases, statements of Governor Ann Richards, and related materials including correspondence, clippings, reports, executive orders, executive summaries, reviews, proclamations, newsletters, printed material, memoranda, testimony, transcripts, lists, drafts, orders, speeches, fact sheets, legislation, and a few photographs. Records date from 1991-1994 and are the Governor's Press Office files on information released to the news media. Subjects with significant coverage include crime, disasters, the economy, education, energy, the environment, grants, insurance, immigration, legislation, military base closings, nursing homes, prisons, public finance, relations with Mexico, Queen Elizabeth II's visit to Austin, and state agencies and officials. Arrangement is alphabetical by subject, and then chronological.
95-019/896(05261680)General Press Releases, J through Z::
Jail, 1991, 1993-1994
[3 folders]
Jail lawsuit, settlement in Nueces and Harris County lawsuits Letters from Governor to Dan Morales
Jail Bonds Governor seeks support for Proposition 14
Texas to receive $56 million in federal funds for costs of undocmented felons in state jails
Jalisco, Mexico, 1991
Governor Richards and Governor Cosio signed cooperative agreement
Japan, 1994
Governor asks President Clinton for new aviation talks with Japan
Jasso, Gilbert Garcia, 1992
Governor's letter to him regarding complaints of discrimination in the National Guard
Jimmerson, Jeffrey Todd, 1994
Parole petition denied for Cleburne-area felon
Job Training Partnership Act, 1991
Governor's letters to Labor Department on the Governor's Office assuming responsibility
Jobs, 1992-1993
[3 folders]
Governor, religious and lay leaders announce plans for Youth Summer Employment, "Governor's Clean Machine"
Governor's speech to Industrial Development Council in Fort Worth regarding Smart Jobs Fund
Governor signed SB 130, Smart Jobs Fund Program
Jones, Dennis, Department of Mental Health and Mental Retardation, 1991
Governor's letter to him on stopping abuses in psychiatric hospitals
Jordan, Barbara, 1991-1992
[2 folders]
Barbara Jordan Awards, Governor's Committee on People with Disabilities
Endorsement of the Ethics Bill
Juarez, Mexico, 1994
Ciudad Juarez chosen as site of Mexican Border Environmental Cooperation Commission
Judicial appointments, 1992
List of judicial appointments the Governor made as of January 1992
Judicial selection, 1991, 1993-1994
[4 folders]
Governor's statements regarding the U.S. Supreme Court rulings
Governor's letter to Justice Tom Phillips on his proposal
Governor's letter to Dan Morales regarding settlement of case
Juror Appreciation Week proclamation, 1991
Justice, U.S. Department of, 1994
Grant for community policing programs
Juvenile Justice Plan, 1994
Released by Ann Richards Committee
Juvenile Justice & Delinquency Prevention, 1993-1994
[2 folders]
Advisory Board hearings on juvenile crime and youth at risk
Grant for juvenile justice programs
Juvenile Probation Commission, 1994
Governor moved funds from workers' compensation budget for community corrections program
Kahn, Alan R., 1992
Letter of resignation from the Board of the Department of Commerce
Kantor, Mickey, U.S. Trade Representative, 1994
Governor's letter asking him to protect Texas lamb producers from foreign competition
Kelly Air Force Base, 1994
Governor instructed Texas Department of Commerce to lead Rapid Response Team to assist laid off workers
Kennedy, John F., 1993
Governor Richards' recollection of the day of his assassination
Kennedy Center, 1991
[2 folders]
Texas Festival publicity report
Governor's quote for use during the Texas Festival
Killeen, 1991, 1994
[6 folders]
Funding for Fort Hood area
Governor's statement on the massacre at Luby's
Governor's request that flags be flown half-mast in honor of those killed at Luby's
Governor urges Texans to support victims' fund
Governor hailed administrations' proposal to privatize Sallie Mae
Killer bees, 1992
Governor awards emergency grant to monitor bee migration
King, Martin Luther, Jr., 1991-1993
[3 folders]
Governor's statement at mock signing of SB 134
Governor's statement on first official state holiday
Governor's statement on the celebration of this holiday
Kiosks, 1994
Governor unveils Info/Texas public access touchscreen kiosks
Korioth, Claire, 1991
Governor's letter to chair of Insurance Board regarding effects of workers compensation rates on small businesses
Krueger, Bob, 1993
Governor's remarks at press conference announcing his appointment to replace Senator Lloyd Bentsen
Kyle, Jack, Parole Board, 1994
Governor's letter to him regarding parolee Roy Allen Stuart
Lamb producers, 1994
Governor's letter to Mickey Kantor asking him to protect lamb producers from foreign competition
La Porte, Texas, 1990-1991
Governor's letter to Buck Wynne regarding Houston Chemical Services' permit to build incinerator
Laredo bridge, 1994
Governor announces release of presidential permit for fourth Laredo bridge
Laredo International Airport, 1993
Received grant from Federal Aviation Administration
Laredo Toll Road Project, 1992
Law Enforcement Officer Standards & Education, Texas Commission on, 1994
LBJ [Lyndon B. Johnson] School, 1992
Audit of school's survey of eligible legalized alien population in Texas
Leadership, 1991
Governor's comments on effective leadership
Legislative Budget Board, 1992
Governor's letter regarding state agency budget requests
Legislative package, 72nd Texas Legislature, 1991
Summary of Governor's major legislation
Legislature, 72nd, Texas, 1991
Legislature, 73rd, Texas, 1993
Questions for the Governor from Tom Barry, Austin American Statesman, regarding her accomplishments
Lewis, Gib, 1992
[2 folders]
Governor's statement regarding his announcement not to seek re-election
Letter from "Fund for Animals," stating their concerns about Lewis being on the Parks and Wildlife Board
Lindsay, Jon, Harris County judge, 1992
Letter to Dan Morales regarding Ruiz compromise and Harris County jail overcrowding
Lindsey, Gale, 1991
Governor's statement regarding Lindsey's resignation from the Texas School for the Deaf board
Letter of resignation, School for the Deaf board
Literacy, 1991
Governor's remarks to Alliance for literacy press conference
Lockheed Corporation, 1992
Governor's statement regarding acquisition of General Dynamics
Los Angeles, 1991
Governor to travel to California to meet with film executives
Lottery, 1991, 1993
[4 folders]
Governor's statement on defeat by House of Representatives of proposed constitutional amendment
Governor's remarks for televised Sunday address urging support for the lottery
Governor's article on Proposition 11, submitted to Abilene Reporter-News
Governor's statement on passage of Proposition 11
Explanation of how lottery funds are spent
Louisiana, 1992, 1994
[2 folders]
Governor's letter to Edwin Edwards regarding increase in Louisiana's hazardous waste disposasl tax
Texas donates bass to fisheries in Louisiana that were damaged in a hurricane
Luby's Cafeteria, 1991
[2 folders]
Governor's statement on the massacre in Killeen
Governor urges support for victims' fund
Luce, Tom, 1991
Articles, editorials
School finance, taxes
Lynaugh, James A., 1991-1992
[2 folders]
Governor's letter and statement regarding federal court order to pay Harris County $750,000 for jail overcrowding
Letter from Governor to implement plan to alleviate prison overcrowding
95-019/895(05256293)Manufacturing Assistance Center, Texas, 1994
Federal funds received for center
Margraves, Ross D., Jr., 1994
Governor's statement on his resignation from Texas A&M University's Board of Regents
Martin, Representative Mike, 1992
Governor's quote on his being "Citizen of the Year"
Matagorda Island, 1991
[2 folders]
Legislative conference
Violation of Open Meetings Act by top state officials
Mattox, Jim, 1993
Governor's statement regarding his decision not to run for the U.S. Senate seat held by Bentsen
Mauro, Garry, 1991, 1994
[3 folders]
Governor's letter to him in response to his asking for her support for Veterans Loan Program
Governor named him to serve as chairman of event in Austin to welcome home Texans from Desert Storm
Governor's letter to Land Commissioner regarding Coastal Coordination Council
Mayors, 1992
Mayors United on Safety, Crime and Law Enforcement presented Governor with anti-crime legislation package
MCI, 1994
Network services division headquarters in Dallas
Medicaid, 1991
[3 folders]
Governor signed legislation to increase funding
Governor's testimony before Senate Finance Committee
Passage by Senate of funding
Medicare, 1992
Federal grants for rural health care
Meek, Paul, 1991
Governor's letter to Chairman of Public Utility Commission regarding "Settlement Rule"
Meissner, Doris, 1994
Governor's letter regarding plans to send Cuban Refugees to Port Isabel facility
Meno, Lionel "Skip", 1991, 1994
[4 folders]
Governor's letter to Senator Barrientos to support his nomination
Governor's statement on the Senate's confirmation of new Education Commissioner
Governor's letter to him regarding Texas Education Agency reorganization
Meno's letter to Ron Franklin regarding Dr. Roderic Paige
Mental Health Mental Retardation, Texas Department of (MHMR), 1991
[3 folders]
Governor's remarks at mock signing of SB 112
Governor's letter on abuses in psychiatric hospitals
Governor's statement regarding Judge Sanders' decision
Mental Health & Mental Retardation Facility Review Task Force, 1992
[4 folders]
Governor's statement on vote to close state schools
Press conference on Governor's decision regarding state schools
Governor accepted recommendation to close schools
Mexia & Travis State Schools, 1992
Governor's statement on vote to recommend closure
Mexia, 1992
Governor's remarks at press conference on recommendations to close two state schools
Mexican American Chambers of Commerce, Texas Association of, 1993
Governor announced financing option to minority-owned businesses
Mexico, 1991
[11 folders]
Governor signed HB 1879 by Von Dohlen and presented it to President Salinas of Mexico
Governor discussed alliance of cooperation with border states
Governor's statement on Congressional approval extending fast track authority
Governor Richards and Governor Cosio signed agreement
Schedule of Governor's trip to meet with Mexican governors
Governor's economic development trip to Mexico
Sixty white-tailed deer transported from Central Texas to Mexico
Governor's statement on nomination of Luis Donaldo Colosio to be President of Mexico
Governor's statement on assassination of Mexican Presidential candidate Luis Donaldo Colosio
Governor's statement on nomination of Ernesto Zedillo to Presidential candidacy
Governor's letter to Salinas regarding duty-free limit law
Meza, Raul, 1994
Governor's Fugitive Squad arrests him for violating parole
Middle East, 1991
Governor's statement on the U.S. air attack on Iraq
Migrant workers, 1992
Governor urged them to call unemployment office for disaster assistance information, regarding crop losses
Military base closings, 1991, 1993-1994,
[10 folders]
Governor's statement on proposed closure list
Scope and objectivity of Governor's Task Force on Economic Conversion
Governor's testimony at the hearing in Fort Worth
Governor's remarks at the hearing on the closing of Goodfellow in San Angelo
Governor's statements regarding decisions to close bases
Governor's letter concerning closure list
Governor hosting meeting with Base Realignment and Closure Commission and officials
Governor's statement at meeting
Governor instructed Texas Department of Commerce to lead Rapid Response Team to assist laid off workers at air force bases
Minority contracting, 1993
Governor signed Executive Order regarding state contracting with women and minorities
Minorities, 1993
[2 folders]
Governor asks Coordinating Board for plan to increase minority student enrollment
Governor announced financing option available to small and minority-owned Texas businesses
Minority businesses, 1993
Lending project TEXCAL
Montford, Senator John, 1993
Governor's statement regarding the Senator as "Governor for a Day"
Morales, Dan, Attorney General, 1991-1994
[15 folders]
Letter regarding jail overcrowding lawsuit
Settlement of jail lawsuit
Governor's letter regarding redistricting in House
Governor's statement following settlement of Ruiz jail lawsuit
Governor's letter on low-level radioactive waste disposal agreements with states
Letter to Governor regarding Justice Department's announcement to terminate Ruiz litigation
Governor's statement on the settlement of the prison lawsuit
Governor's letter regarding judicial selection
Governor's statement on his investigation of the Teacher Retirement System
Governor's letter requesting his opinion on truancy laws
Governor's letter asking him to investigate legal actions against the federal government regarding illegal immigration
Governor's statement on his lawsuit against federal government for reimbursement of costs for immigration
Governor's statement regarding his opinion on truancy laws
Critical habitat designation for golden-cheeked warbler
Mosbacher, Robert, 1991
[2 folders]
Governor's letter concerning census accuracy of population figures
Governor's letter regarding Coastal Management Program
"Most Wanted, Texas Ten," 1993-1994
[31 folders]
Governor's Fugitive Squad captures criminals on Texas Ten Most Wanted list
Creation of "Texas Most Watched" program
Release of new top ten lists
"Most Watched" Task Force, 1994
Governor announces creation of 1100-member task force for sex offenders and violent parolees
Mothers Against Drunk Driving, (MADD), 1993
Rated Texas and Governor "D" in "Rating the States" survey
Motorcycle, 1992
Governor accepted Harley Davidson on behalf of state and signed proclamation on Motorcycle Safety Month
Movies, 1991
Governor announced "An American Story" will be filmed in Texas
Munoz, Henry III, 1994
Announced resignation from Texas Transportation Commission
Murders, 1991
Governor's statement regarding the Yogurt Shop Murders in Austin
Music Month, Texas, 1993
Governor proclaims October as "Texas Music Month"
McBeath, W.S., 1991
Letter to the Governor that the Alcoholic Beverage Commission will work to improve hiring practices
McBeath, Sherman, 1991
Letter from Annette LoVoi, Governor's Ombudsman, to Alcoholic Beverage Commission regarding concerns with hiring practices
McDonnell Douglas Corp., 1991
[2 folders]
Questions in response to media inquiries on possible location in Texas
Incentive package to attract corporation to Texas
McDuff, Kenneth Allen, 1992
Texas Crime Stoppers
Governor seeks citizens' assistance in effort to apprehend fugitive McDuff
95-019/963(05261952)NADBank, 1994
Texas chosen as site of EPA Border Office in El Paso and NADBank in San Antonio
Narcotics Control Program, Texas, 1991-1994
[5 folders]
Federal funds for law enforcement projects
Awarded Angelina County DARE grant
Narcotics Task Force, 1993
Funding of the West Texas Multi-Co. task force
NASA loaned executive, 1991
Promoting aerospace industry in Texas
NASA, 1993
Governor's statement regarding the agreement with Texas Medical Center
National & Community Service, Texas Commission for, 1994
[3 folders]
Governor signs Executive Order establishing the commission
AmeriCorps plan serves as national prototype
National Estuary Program, 1992
Corpus Christi Bay to be included in national study
National Guard, Texas, 1991-1994
[7 folders]
San Antonio Guard troops put on alert
Discrimination complaints
Muster Day complaint
Results of investigation
National Night Out, 1994
proclaimed "Texas National Night Out" [communities against crime] August 2, 1994,
National Research Laboratory Commission, 1991
J. Fred Bucy resignation
Superconducting Supercollider
National Science Foundation, 1992
Grant to improve science and math education in Texas
Natural gas, 1991-1992
[5 folders]
Legislation, Governor's remarks
Use in Governor's automobile
Refueling station for UPS
State vehicles to operate on compressed natural gas
Clean fuel vehicles in Austin, Governor's remarks
Natural Resources, Texas Department of, 1991
Creation of department in Senate, Governor's remarks
Natural Resource Conservation Commission, Texas, 1991, 1993-1994
[8 folders]
SB 2, environmental agency consolidation
Consolidation of Water Commission and Air Control Board
Governor's awards for environmental excellence
Hazardous permit for American Envirotech
Outstanding Natural Resource Waters designations
Victoria County designated as an air quality attainment area for ozone
Natural Resources Subcommittee of the Texas House of Representatives, 1994
Governor's statement on property rights
Nelson, Senator Jane, 1994
Letter to Governor regarding Ronnie Earle
New York, 1991-1992
[2 folders]
Insurance regulation/Visit to New York Insurance Department
Economic development meetings
Nixon, Richard M., 1994
Governor signs proclamation declaring day of mourning for Nixon's death
No Nonsense American Woman press conference, 1993
Governor presented "American Woman of the Month" award
North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), 1992-1994
[15 folders]
Dallas selected as host city, Governor's statement
Governor's statements on NAFTA
Meeting between President-Elect Clinton and Mexican President Salinas
Governor's letter to U.S. Representative Richard Gephardt
Formation of Elected Officials for NAFTA
Ruling by U.S. District Judge Charles Richey
Selection of Dallas NAFTA Labor Secretariat Office
Texas chosen as site for EPA Border Office and NADBank
Juarez to be site of Mexican BECC [Border Environmental Cooperative Commission] office
Safeguarding Texas laws and programs
Nacho Garza named to BECC
Letter from Governor on BECC budget cuts
Nursing education, 1991
Funding for additional nursing students
Nursing homes, 1991-1994
[9 folders]
Press conference on regulation
Governor's letter to Tom Suehs of Texas Health Care Association
Bragg Report on nursing homes in Texas
Bob Bullock's letter to Governor regarding actions taken and concerns
Inspection of nursing homes in Houston, Governor's remarks
Governor's Office calls on Attorney General to investigate complaints of fraudulent sales to the elderly
Public and private monitoring of conditions
Governor's letter to Max Sherman on long term care
Nutrition bill, 1993
Governor signs SB 714, expansion of food programs
Oil, 1994
Governor calls for stripper well tax credits
Oil Spill Prevention & Response Act, 1991
Governor signed SB 14, creating response policy
Ombudsman's Office, 1991, 1993
[2 folders]
Inquiry to Department of Human Services regarding Rodney Lewis, placement of foster children
Request for Attorney General to investigate fraudulent sales to the elderly
One-Stop Career Center, 1994
Department of Labor awarded Texas $5 million grant
Open Records Act, 1993-1994
[2 folders]
Republican Party Open Records requests, cost to taxpayers
Judge Dietz's ruling on Republican Party requests
Governor's statement
Operation Trident, 1993
Grant for Harris County fugitive apprehension program
Outstanding Natural Resource Waters, 1994
[3 folders]
Designation of 5 bodies of water
Governor's letter to John Hall, Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission
Governor's statement to Natural Resources Subcommittee
OxyChem news conference, 1991
Texas Plastics Recycling Project, Governor's remarks
95-019/893(05256282)P-3 [Navy patrol aircraft] contract, 1994
Padre Island, 1992
American General Corporation property
Palestine, Texas, 1991
Governor's train trip from Rusk to Palestine
Pantex Nuclear Weapons facility [Department of Energy], 1993-1994
Environmental assessment for interim storage of plutonium
Cleanup standards
Parade, Operation Desert Storm [Persian Gulf], 1991
Capitol Salute to Texas Troops
Governor's Committee to Salute Texas Troops
Executive Order
Pardons & Paroles, Board of, 1992, 1994
Governor's remarks on investigation of board members
Capital Murder legislation and policy changes
Parker, Senator Carl, 1993
Governor's letter regarding Senate without Parker
Parker Limited Edition World Memorial pen, 1992
Pens produced from nuclear missiles for world disaster relief
Parking survey [state employees], 1994
Parks & Wildlife Department, Texas, 1991-1993
[7 folders]
Governor's remarks
Reception at the mansion
Fund for Animals, protesting possible appointment of Gib Lewis to Texas Parks and Wildlife
Proposal to close eleven state parks
Donation of bass to Louisiana
Anheuser-Busch $2 million donation to Texas Parks and Wildlife
Parole, 1991-1992, 1994
Governor's decision on parole for capital murderers
Abolishing parole on aggravated offenders
Investigation of parole consultants
Death row commutations fact sheets
Parole of Michael Blair
Parole petition of Jeffrey Jimmerson
Penal code, 1993
Tougher sentences for violent offenders
Performance audits, 1991
Governmental agencies
Advisory boards and regulatory agencies
Proposals for reorganization of various agencies
Texas Performance Review
Perfume, 1992
Houston perfumer Michael Varney designs perfume in honor of Ann Richards
Perkins, Richard, 1992
Texas Workers' Compensation Commission
Perry, Rick, 1994
Coastal Management Plan
Persian Gulf, 1991, 1993
Governor's statements
Phillips, Tom, 1991
Judicial system [proposal of citizens commission]
School finance
Pickens, T. Boone, 1991
Financial investigation of West Texas State University
Pickle, Jake, 1993
Governor's statement on Pickle's decision not to seek reelection
Pipeline contract, 1992
Gifford-Hill-American, Inc.
Plastics recycling project, 1991
OxyChem news conference
Playa Del Rio Wetlands, 1992
Development of South Texas wetlands area
Podesta, Louis, 1993
Republican candidate for Governor files complaint against Richards
Capital For a Day program
Poss, 1991
Texas Interested Citizens Statewide Public Opinion Survey
Governor's response to survey
Port Arthur, 1993
Grant to hire more police officers
Port Isabel, 1994
Transfer of Cuban refugees INS detention facility
Prayer service, 1991
Honoring military overseas
[Texas] Press Association Convention, 1991
Governor's plans for special session
Price, John Wiley, 1993
Inmate search methods at prison in Gatesville
Prisons, 1991-1994
[3 folders]
Governor calls for stronger treatment programs for prisoners and tougher legislation for DWI offenders
Morales signs settlement order ending county jail lawsuits
Harris County Jail overcrowding
Prison expansion
Prison Bond Package
HB 93
Governor's visit with prisoners
Prison site selection
Ruiz case
Sites for substance abuse treatment facilities
Parole release data
Alberti v. Harris County case
Inmate furloughs/furlough system
Prison overcrowding
Governor Richards' record on crime
"Operation Safe Schools" youth summit
"Most Watched" crime task force
Governor's remarks on crime
Construction of new prison beds
Comptroller John Sharp's Audit of Texas prison system
"The Price and Performance of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice"
Department of Criminal Justice
Open records policies
Michael Blair case
Department of Criminal Justice's reply to Comptroller's audit
Undocumented felons in state jails
Governor transfers one million dollars from her budget for jail construction
Emergency funding for additional jail beds
Proclamations, 1991-1994
Press releases and copies of specific proclamations
Productivity Suggestion Awards for state employees, 1991
Project Quest, San Antonio welfare reform program, 1994
Property rights, 1994
Governor's statement to Natural Resources Subcommittee on Property Rights
Endangered Species Act and critical habitat designation
Psychiatric hospitals, 1991
Hearing on abuses in psychiatric hospitals
Public Finance Authority, Texas, 1992, 1994
Consolidated lease plan for state agencies
Savings in interest costs from refunding revenue bonds
Estimate of cost savings
Public Utility Commission, 1991
Settlement rule (secret meetings)
Quality Texas, 1994
Texas Quality Award recipients
Queen Elizabeth II, 1991
Visit to Texas agenda, schedules, guest lists, and press releases
Media pool to cover visit and list of staff for reception
[Confidential materials removed to 97-185/1 and RESTRICTED]
95-019/891(05255971)Questionnaires, 1991-1994
Richards' answers to questions from individuals and organizations
Quorum Report, 1994
Letter to Governor from Jane Nelson about Ronnie Earle
Quotes, Ann Richards, 1991-1994
[2 folders]
Rabies, 1994
[3 folders]
Governor declares rabies a problem in Texas
Governor and Public Health officials urge precautions to prevent human exposure
U.S. Department of Agriculture approves Governor's request for $1.3 million for rabies vaccination project
Radioactive waste, 1992
Governor's letter to Morales on waste compact agreements
Radioactive Waste Disposal Authority, 1991
Governor's letter regarding site proposed for Hudspeth County near El Paso
Radioactive Waste Disposal Facility, Low-level, 1992
Governor's letter to Van Horn Advocate regarding siting in Hudspeth County
Raiford, Burt, 1994
Governor's letter urging increased monitoring of nursing homes
Recycling, 1992
Governor's letter and executive order asking state agencies to comply with Omnibus Recycling Bill
Redistricting [House], 1991-1992
[7 folders]
Governor's letter to Morales on not calling special session
Governor's statement on Supreme Court's redistricting decision
Governor's statement on resolving the plan for the Texas House of Representatives
Supreme Court ruling on Senate redistricting and response to questions about special session
Governor's letter to Dallas Morning News regarding error in editorial
Governor's statement in response to ruling of U.S. Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit
Secretary of State notified officials that the November general elections for the State Senate should be conducted under SB 1
Refugees, Cuban, 1994
Governor's letter on sending refugees to Port Isabel facility
Release letters [copyright laws], 1993
Governor's Press Office letter
Religious leaders, 1992
Meeting with Governor regarding Los Angeles riots
Reno, Janet, 1994
Governor's letter about deputizing U.S. Customs agents to fight drug smuggling
Reorganization plan, 1991
Governor's testimony before the Senate State Affairs Committee
Draft reorganization proposals for Texas state government
Republican National Convention week, 1992
Governor signs proclamation designating August 17th-20th
Republicans of Texas, Associated, 1992-1993
Negative press releases regarding Richards administration
Republican Party, 1993-1994
[2 folders]
"Open Records Requests" tax taxpayers
Governor's statement regarding their request for Open Records and ruling by Judge Dietz
Research League, Texas, newsletters, 1991-1994
Resolution Trust Corporation, 1991
Letter to Governor from its chairman on HB 2192 and SB 1211
Restaurant Association, Texas, 1992
Governor's remarks on "Education First"
Retirement benefits [state employees], 1991
Governor's statement on SB 1331
Revenue, Governor's Task Force on, 1991
[2 folders]
Governor's remarks to first meeting in Austin
Final report
Richie, Carl, 1993
[2 folders]
Selected as Toll Fellow by Council of-[UNK] Governments
Elected president of Toll Fellowship Program
Rockefeller, Jay, 1992
Schedule of Senator's visit to Austin and meeting with Governor
Rockets, Houston, 1994
[2 folders]
Governor's letter of congratulations and best wishes
Governor signed proclamation designating Houston Rockets Week
Ross-Barnett, Marguerite, 1992
Governor's statement on Ross-Barnett's death
Ruiz lawsuit, 1992
[4 folders]
Morales' letter to Governor regarding termination of litigation
Governor's statement following Morales' announcement
Governor's statements on settlement of prison lawsuit
Rural health care, 1992
Texas receives federal grants for rural health care
Rural hospitals, 1991
Governor announced grants to improve or add services
`Rush," 1991
Governor visited the Houston set of the movie "Rush"
Rusk, 1991
Governor's trip on Texas State Railroad from Rusk to Palestine
Russian prime minister, 1993
Governor to meet privately to discuss how Texas Oil and Gas can do business
Ryan, Nolan, 1993
Governor's statement on his retirement
Salinas, President of Mexico, 1991, 1993-1994
[6 folders]
Visit to Austin and address to joint session
Governor signed HB (Texas-Mexico Initiative) 1879
Governor discussed alliance of cooperation with 4 border states
Governor's satellite feed on the meeting at the mansion with President-Elect Bill Clinton
Trip to Austin to meet with Bill Clinton
Governor's letter on relaxing duty free limit on goods
Press credential forms for President Salinas' visit to the Texas State Capitol, 1991
[Confidential items removed to 97-185/1 and RESTRICTED]
Sallie Mae, 1994
Governor supports privatization of Student Loan Marketing Association
Salyer, Clay, 1993
Board of Chiropractic Examiners
San Angelo, 1994
[2 folders]
Governor told sheep and goat producers she would help their industry
Twin Buttes Dam repairs paid by Bureau of Reclamation
San Antonio, 1992, 1994
[3 folders]
Governor to visit Gold Star Schools
Governor met with students in Youth Summit on juvenile crime and community safety
Governor announces Texas chosen as site for EPA Border office in El Paso and NADBank in San Antonio
San Antonio Light, 1993
Governor's statement on the closing of the newspaper
Sargent Beach Task Force, 1992
Governor toured beach and established Sargent Beach Task Force
Save Our Schools, 1993
[2 folders]
Statewide campaign to pass School Finance Constitutional Amendments
Governor's statement regarding defeat of Proposition One
Save Our Springs, Anti bill, 1993
Sierra Club lauds Governor's veto of SB 1029
Saxton, James, 1991
Governor's statement on his resignation from Insurance Board
Schapiro, Asher, 1992
Employees Benefits Services
Employee Retirement System
Schindler's List Project, 1994
Governor and Steven Speilberg announced success of program educating high school students
School Assembly, Texas, 1991
[2 folders]
Correction in scheduled date of assembly
Agenda finalized on the summit to be held in Austin
School equity, 1991
Governor's statement on Supreme Court ruling on constitutionality of financing provisions of SB 1 [Edgewood v. Kirby]
95-019/890(05262412)Schools/School finance, 1991-1994
[40 folders]
Letter to Governor from students regarding legislation
Governor called for changes in public school system
Meeting to discuss education funding
Governor's statement on Judge McCown's ruling on Edgewood v. Kirby
Governor's statement on education bill regarding no pass no play
Governor's letter to Chief Justice Tom Phillips
Governor's statement in response to Supreme Court ruling
Governor to visit Gold Star Schools
Governor's remarks at the Superintendent Summit
Governor announces "Good Schools Plan"
Governor decides not to call special session on education finance
Letter from Governor to Superintendents, no new state money next biennium
Governor's statement in response to no new state money
Governor joins Houston area schoolchildren to send aid to children in Dade County, Florida [hurricane]
Bob Bullock's opinion on school finance
Fair Share Plan
Education First
Governor's statement on legislative process during special session
Governor's statement on Texas students passing the TAAS test
Governor's statement regarding passage of School Equity Constitutional Amendment, SJR 7
"The Best of Texas" video learning project for schools
Governor's statement, defeat of Proposition One
Governor's live broadcast message on the education crisis
Governor's statement following House vote to approve Education Finance Bill
Governor's statement on signing of School Finance Plan
Texas School Performance Review progress report, John Sharp
Governor's letter, school voucher system
Press conference on alternative school programs for violent students
Governor's statement on Judge McCown's ruling
Texas Youth Summit/juvenile crime
Skip Meno's letter to Ron Franklin
Extra $100 million from revenue fund for public schools
Statewide Youth Summit
Funds for textbook purchases
Governor recognized achievement gains at Ysleta School
Schwarzenegger, Arnold, 1992
[2 folders]
Visit to Texas for Youth Fitness Rally
Announcement for "Great Texas Workout"
Seaborne Conservation Corps, 1994
Program to rescue at risk youth
Secretary of State John Sharp, 1992, 1994
Senator, United States, 1992
Governor's statement, appointment of an interim U.S. Senator
Sesame Street Day in Texas, 1994
Governor's proclamation/party at Governor's mansion
Settlement Rule, 1991
Governor's letter to Chairman Meek at the Public Utility Commission
Shalala, Donna, 1994
Electronic benefits transfer program
Sharp, John, 1991-1994
[10 folders]
Letter to Governor on irregularities in audit of Department of Commerce
Texas Business Tax
Summary of Comptroller's audit report to the Governor on the budget
Governor's letter on the future of the state in the next 20 years
Governor's statement on his announcement that Texas will have $529 million in account at the end of the fiscal year
Governor's statement regarding taking his name out of the running for U.S. Senator
Unveils $4.5 billion in savings
Proposals to restructure state government
Texas School Performance Review progress report
Governor's statement, audit report on Texas prisons
Letter from the Governor regarding transfer of funds, Dental Examiners Board responsibilities
Sheep & goat producers, 1994
Future of industry, Governor's statement
Sherman, Max, 1994
Letter from Governor, long term care, nursing facilities
Siedman, L. William, 1991
Letter to the Governor regarding loan legislation
Slack, Richard C., 1970, 1973
Ethics in government
SLIAG funds [State Legalization Impact Assistance Grant], 1994
Governor's statement
Small Business Administration (SBA), 1993
[2 folders]
Governor's letter on funding for pollution control in small businesses
Lending project for minority businesses
Smart Jobs Fund, 1992-1993
[2 folders]
Governor's speech to Industrial Development Council in Fort Worth
Governor signed SB 130, first bill of session
Smith, David R., Health Commissioner, 1994
Governor's letter declaring rabies a problem in West and South Texas
Smithville, 1991
Governor announces rural transit facility as part of Energy Office's Mass Transit Program
Softball, 1994
Governor presented proclamation to Waco Midway All-star Softball Team
Southern Governors' Association, 1993
Southern Governors sign historic compact on emergency management
Southwestern Bell Corporation, 1992
Movement of corporate headquarters to San Antonio
Southwestern Bell Telephone's Centralized Network Operations Center, 1994
Governor attended opening ceremony
Space, 1992
Governor's testimony before the Space Subcommittee of the U.S. House of Representatives in Houston
Space Center, 1993
Governor's statement, agreement between Texas Medical Center and NASA
Space station, 1993-1994
[6 folders]
Governor's statement on President Clinton's support for Superconducting Supercollider and Space Station
Space Station Freedom consolidated in Houston, contractor will be Boeing Aircraft
Governor's statement regarding funding for the station
Programs to help displaced employees affected by federal cuts in programs
Governor's statement, passage of the Space Station funding
Spain, 1992
Governor received 17,000 letters from Texas school children asking the King of Spain to make Texas the home for three replicas of Christopher Columbus' ships
Special elections, 1991-1994
Special session, 1st called, 72nd Legislature, 1991
[4 folders]
General information
Governor's policy budget
Bills and resolutions signed
95-019/902(05256384)Special session, 1991-1992
[11 folders]
Bills and resolutions signed during the 1st and 2nd called sessions, 72nd Legislature, including appropriations
1st called, 72nd Legislature, Governor opened call to items, signed proclamation
2nd called, 72nd Legislature, proclamations opening the call to various items
2nd called, 72nd Legislature, proclamation calling it for 2 p.m. on August 19, 1991
Proclamation calling 3rd session of 72nd legislature, redistricting
3rd called session, 72nd Legislature, Governor opened call to date of primary elections
3rd called session, 72nd Legislature, bills and resolutions signed by the Governor
4th called, general file
Governor's statement on her decision not to call a special session on education finance, 1992
4th called session, 72nd Legislature, Governor signed proclamation calling session for noon, November 10, 1992
4th called session, 72nd Legislature, resolutions signed by the Governor
Spofford, Texas, 1991
Governor's letter to Dr. Anderson on radioactive waste disposal facility in Kinney County
Stalking bill, 1993
Starr County, 1993
Sponsor of a free health clinic in Rio Grande City
State agencies, 1991
Governor said she would seek to consolidate agencies for leaner state government in State of the State Address
State agency heads, 1991-1992, 1994
[3 folders]
Governor's speech to group meeting in Austin
Governor's letters that they should manage with less money
State board members, Texas, 1991
Seminar information packet
State employee retirement benefits, 1991
Governor's statement on filing SB 1331 without signature
State employees, 1993-1994
[3 folders]
House Group for Good Government letter to Governor calling for hiring freeze/Republican group
Governor's letter responding to request for hiring freeze
Governor announces uniform state job application
State employment, 1994
Governor announces uniform state job application
State government, 1991
Governor's testimony before Senate State Affairs Committee and draft reorganization proposal
State Legalization Impact Assistance Grant, (SLIAG), 1994
Governor's statement on SLIAG funds [see also SLIAG]
State of the State Address, 1991
[2 folders]
Letters and releases on reactions to speech
Highlights of the Governor's speech
Insurance, tax equity, environment
State school closures, 1992
Governor's statement on Mental Health Mental Retardation State Facility Review Task Force's vote to recommend closure of state schools
Stoker, Ray, 1991
Governor's letter to Chairman of Highway and Public Transportation Commission on discrimination in hiring
Stripper oil wells, 1994
Governor calls for tax credits in speech to Texas Independent Producers Royalty Owners Association (TIPRO) in San Antonio
Stuart, Roy Allen, 1994
Governor's letter to Jack Kyle, Parole Board, on circumstances surrounding parole
Student loan bonds, 1991
Governor's article, support of Proposition 13
Suehs, Thomas, Texas Health Care Association, 1991
Governor's letter to him urging policing of nursing homes
Sulphur Springs, 1992-1993
[3 folders]
Town Hall meetings discussing state issues, such as school finance and nursing homes
Super Bowl, 1993-1994
[3 folders]
Governor wagers "Yankee" jalapenos in Super Bowl bet with Governor Cuomo of New York
Governor to deliver Super Bowl winnings to Caritas of Austin
Governor's bet with New York Governor Cuomo
Superconducting Supercollider (SSC), 1991-1994
[9 folders]
Letter of resignation from J. Fred Bucy of the National Research Laboratory Commission
Governor's statement following U.S. Senate vote to continue funding
Governor's statement on President Clinton's support for Space Station and the Supercollider
Governor's statement on the House vote
Governor's statement on U.S. Senate's vote on funding
Governor's statement on the congressional vote not to fund the Supercollider
Governor's statement on $6 million grant from Department of Energy to study site
Terms of the settlement between Texas and the Department of Energy
Governor's statement on the U.S. House vote on the settlement
Superintendent summit, 1992
Governor's remarks to the group at the LBJ School
Superintendents, 1992
Letter from the Governor, no new state money for public education
Supreme Court, U.S., 1993
Governor's letter to Bruce Lindsey on appointment of Ruth Bader Ginsburg to court
Swinford, David, State Representative, 1992
Governor's letter regarding prison site selection
Tax Equity, Select Committee on, 1991
Governor announced that she will recall and revitalize
Tax bill, 1991
Governor signed SB 3 and HB 11
Taxes, 1991, 1993
[3 folders]
Bob Bullock's proposal for restructuring revenue sources
Letter to Governor from Dallas businessmen regarding detriment of taxes
Governor's statement regarding Bob Bullock's call for amendment to ban income tax without vote
Taylor, Bill, 1991
Letter of resignation as Director of Texas Department of Commerce
Taylor, Marcus, District and County Attorneys Association, 1994
Governor's letter expressing concern about Roger Eugene Fain, Jr., paroled violent offender
Teacher Retirement System, 1993
Governor's statement regarding Dan Morales' investigation
TEC [Texas Employment Commission] press conference on Greater Texas, 1991
Governor's remarks
TDCA [Texas Department of Community Affairs], 1991
Governor asked State Purchasing to cancel lease on building they occupy due to air quality problems
Teague, Marvin O., Court of Criminal Appeals, 1991
Governor's statement on his death
Telephone records, 1993-1994
Republican Party of Texas' request for Governor's Office phone records
Deputy Press Secretary Margaret Justus' statement regarding the 13 private and campaign telephone lines
Governor's statement on the findings of the Travis County District Attorney regarding destruction of phone logs
"Ten Most Wanted, Texas" lists, 1993-1994
[31 folders]
Governor's Fugitive Squad, captures of most wanted criminals
Creation of "Texas Most Watched" program
Term limitation proposal, 1991
Governor's statement
Texas Assessment of Academic Skills Test (TAAS), 1993
Governor's statement on students passing the test
Texas Business Tax (TBT), 1991
Background information from Comptroller's Office
Texas Clipper, 1994
Seaborne Conservation Corps program to rescue at risk youth
Texas Commitment, 1992
Governor's remarks to conference on clean fuel vehicles
Texas Festival, 1991
Governor's quote to Kennedy Center for use during festival
Texas Independent Producers & Royalty Owners (TIPRO), 1992
Governor announces workshops for oil and gas discovery
Texas Insurance Purchasing Alliance, 1994
Governor announces health insurance for small businesses
Texas Manufacturing Assistance Center, 1994
Texas to receive $71.4 million in federal funds for center
Texas Medical Center, 1993
Governor's statement on their agreement with NASA
Texas Monthly, 1992
"Ann's Plans," article on Ann Richards
"Texas Most Watched" program, 1994
Background information
Texas-OU football game, 1991-1992
[2 folders]
Governor's wager with Oklahoma Governor Walters
Texas Quality Award, 1991, 1994
[2 folders]
Winners of award
95-019/964(05261770)Texas Stadium bill, 1991
Governor's statement on HB 779
Texas State Railroad, 1991
Governor's railway trip from Rusk to Palestine
Texas Tech Lady Raiders Day, 1993
Governor's proclamation on their winning NCAA Tournament
TEXCAL [State of Texas Contract Assignment Lending Project], 1993
Lending project for minority businesses
Textbooks, 1994
Governor's statement on additional funds for textbooks
Textile & apparel industry, 1991
Governor's remarks at her press conference in Lubbock
TGV Corporation, 1994
Governor's letter to Senator Jim Turner on the franchise's missed deadline
Thanksgiving, 1991
[2 folders]
Proclamation giving state employees Friday off after Thanksgiving
Proclamation for True First Thanksgiving Day
Thompson, Ray, 1993
Resignation from Structural Pest Control Board
TIPRO [Texas Independent Producers & Royalty Owners], 1994
Governor calls for stripper oil well tax credits
Tobacco Investments, Students Against, 1991
[2 folders]
Governor's letter regarding University of Texas investments Articles and press release
Tombari, Carol, 1991
Governor announced her as chair of federal committee on Energy Technology Joint Ventures
Total Quality Management (TQM), 1992
[3 folders]
Governor announces TQM initiative for the state
National Education Goals conference
Tower, John, 1991
Governor's statement on Tower's death
Town hall meeting, 1993
[2 folders]
Governor to host first town hall meeting in Sulphur Springs
Governor discusses state issues at town hall meeting
Trade agreement, 1991
[2 folders]
Governor's statement on Congressional approval extending fast track authority for President Bush to negotiate trade agreements
Governor Richards and Governor of Jalisco, Mexico, signed cooperative agreement
Traffic safety campaign, 1993
Governor announced cooperative campaign with Anheuser-Busch companies
Transportation, Texas Department of, 1992, 1994
[4 folders]
Governor announced 4-level interchange to connect two Rio Grande expressways
Governor's letter to Mayor Larry Francis of El Paso regarding highway funding for El Paso
Announcement of $15 million Urban Street Program
Department endorses ALICE Road improvement project
Transportation, U.S. Department of, 1994
[2 folders]
Texas A&M University Transportation Center
Awarded $1 million
$99 million earmarked for transportation projects in Texas
Travis & Mexia State Schools, 1992
Governor's statement on Mental Health Mental Retardation's (MHMR's) State Facility Review Task Force's vote to recommend closure of state schools
Travis, Charles D. ("Dickie"), 1992
[2 folders]
Governor's letter to him about group health insurance coverage for school districts and employees
Governor's letter to him regarding employee education program
Treasury, State, 1993
Governor's statement regarding consolidation of the Treasury with the Comptroller's Office
Treaties, 1994
State leaders try to safeguard existing Texas laws and programs that may conflict with NAFTA
Truan, Senator Carlos, 1991
Letter to Governor saying she is the greatest governor since Governor James Allred
Praise for Governor's efforts with the Insurance Board and Public Utility Commission
Truancy laws, 1994
[2 folders]
Governor's letter to Dan Morales requesting his opinion on the enforcement of truancy laws
Governor's statement regarding Dan Morales' opinion
Turner, Senator Jim, 1994
Governor's letter to him regarding the High Speed Rail Franchise and missed deadline
Twin Buttes Dam, San Angelo, 1994
Buereau of Reclamation agreement to pay all repairs
Umphrey, Walter, 1991
Possible appointee to Texas Parks and Wildlife Board
United States Senator, 1992
Governor's statement regarding appointment of interim U.S. Senator
UPS [United Parcel Service] press conference, 1991
Governor's remarks on dedication of natural gas refueling station for UPS, Dallas
Urban Street Program, 1994
Texas Department of Transportation announced $15 million program
V-22 Osprey, 1992-1994
[4 folders]
Governor's statement on her meeting with Defense Department officials/ERINT and base closures
Governor's letter to John Deutch, Deputy Secretary of Defense, regarding budgeting of the V-22
Al Gore's letter
Governor's statement on Defense Acquisition Board's decision to fund v-22 Osprey
Valley interchange, 1992
Governor announces approval of 4-level interchange on US 281 and US 83 in Pharr
Vance, Carol, 1994
Governor's letter to him regarding changes in the Department of Criminal Justice's open records policies (Michael Blair parole)
Veterans, 1993-1994
[2 folders]
Passage of HB 1356, Hazelwood Act
Governor's letter to Coordinating Board
Governor signed proclamation encouraging state agencies to hire and trail unemployed veterans
Veterans Loan Program, 1991
Governor's letter to Garry Mauro in response to his asking for her support
Veterans Parade, 1991
Tentative agenda for the salute to Texas troops home from the Persian Gulf
Victoria County, 1994
[2 folders]
Governor's remarks on EPA response to their environmental concerns
Governor signs designation to gain attainment status for them
VISTA [Volunteers in Service to America], 1994
Governor signs Executive Order creating Texas Commission on National and Community Service
VLSI Technology, Inc., 1992
Governor's visit/support of high-tech industry
Volunteer Conference, Texas, 1991-1992
[3 folders]
Governor announced her office will sponsor 15th annual conference
Conference awards, Governor's remarks
Governor to recognize outstanding volunteers
Volunteer Leadership Conference, 1993-1994
[2 folders]
Top volunteers to be honored at conference Awards announced
Volunteer Week in Texas, National, 1992
Governor issued proclamation
Voter registration, 1992
Governor proclaims Student Voter Registration Day and urges students to vote
Voucher system for schools, 1993
Governor's letter about her reservations of the proposal
Vought Aircraft Company, 1994
Company layoffs
Waco, 1994
Governor presented proclamation to Midway All-Star Softball Team
War, 1991
Governor's statement regarding U.S. air strike against Iraq
Water Commission, Texas, 1991-1992
[6 folders]
Governor's letter to Buck Wynne on suspending permitting for incinerators
Buck Wynne's report and letter of resignation of chairman
Governor's remarks on hazardous waste at swearing-in of John Hall to Commission
Governor's participated in press conference for "Clean Texas 2000"
Governor's statement at press conference on "Clean Industries 2000"
Water Development Board, Texas, 1991
[2 folders]
Governor's statement on grant of $1.45 million to Colonias Meeting, Governor's remarks
Waterfield, Dick, 1991
Statement by Rick Perry on Waterfield's resignation from Department of Agriculture/racial slur
Weatherization, 1991-1992
[2 folders]
Weatherization Assistance Program funding
Governor announces funding for energy weatherization program for low-income citizens
Welfare reform, 1994
Governor's letter to President Clinton on program (Project Quest)
Wentworth, Jeff, 1994
Governor's letter regarding Muster Day held at Camp Mabry by Texas National Guard
Western Governors' Association, 1994
Letter from Governor and Western Governors on Border Environment Cooperation Commission budget requests and cuts
Williamson, Barry, 1992
Remarks on Lena Guerrero's false statements on her resume
Willis, Robert Cecil, 1994
Death of
Wine, 1992
Governor's letter to Walter Haimann regarding serving out of state wine at a dinner at the Governor's Mansion
Women, Governor's Commission for, 1991
Notice of organizational meeting
Women & Infant Children (WIC), 1993
Governor attended meeting at El Paso clinic regarding immunization
Women in Government, Executive, 1991
Governor Richards' answers to questionnaire
Women in Military Service for America Memorial Foundation Inc., (WIMSA), 1991
Governor names Frances Goff to chair
Women Veterans Recognition Day, 1991
Governor signed proclamation May 23, 1991
Women's Campaign Research Fund, 1991
Leadership conference in Austin
Women's Hall of Fame, Texas, 1993
[2 folders]
Governor announces selection of Women's Hall of Fame candidates
Governor announces selection of Women's Hall of Fame inductees
Wool Act, National, 1993
[2 folders]
Governor's letter to editor of San Angelo Standard-Times regarding her support for the continuation of the act
Governor's statement on U.S. Senate vote to eliminate funding
Workers compensation, 1991
Governor's letter to Claire Korioth, Insurance Board
Workers' Compensation Commission, 1992
Governor's letter to Dane Harris regarding the appointment of Richard Perkins
Workforce & Economic Competitiveness, Texas Council on, 1994
[2 folders]
Awarded $380,000 for 7 planning grants
Department of Labor awarded Texas $5 million for One-Stop Centers
Workplace Scholar Program, 1994
Technical training assistance to employers and Texas workers
Wyatt, Mrs. Joe, 1992
Governor's letter to her regarding her membership on the Air Control Board
Wynne, Buck, 1991-1992
[4 folders]
Governor's letter regarding suspending permitting on hazardous waste facilities
Governor's letter regarding Houston Chemical Services' application permit in LaPorte
Letter to Governor with report and resignation as Chairman of the Water Commission
Letter to Governor on assisting state in administering National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES)
Yogurt [shop murders], 1991
Governor's statement
Youth Service Day, 1993
Governor's proclamation
Youth Summit, 1993-1994
[3 folders]
Governor met with students from schools to discuss ending juvenile crime
Governor opens statewide youth summit in Austin
Ysleta Elementary School, 1994
Governor recognized them for achievement gains
Zedillo, Ernesto, 1994
Governor's statement on his nomination to PRI Presidential candidacy
Zuliani trial, [1992?]
Concerns of the district court jury
ZZ Top, 1991
Governor signed House Resolution 755 by Ron Wilson

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