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University of Texas, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History

A Guide to the Ann W. Richards Papers, Part 02

Descriptive Summary

CreatorRichards, Ann W.
TitleAnn W. Richards Papers, 1933-2000 [Part 2].
RepositoryDolph Briscoe Center for American History,The University of Texas at Austin


Arrangement of the General Counsel Files:

   a. Administrative Correspondence
   b. Capital Clemency Files
   c. Legal Opinions and Advice

Arrangement of the Policy Council Files:

   1. Policy Council Files:

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Ann W. Richards Papers, 1933-2000, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin.

Detailed Description of the Collection


General Counsel Files:

Administrative Correspondence, 1990-1995, [bulk 1991-1994],
(26 ft.)
Scope and Contents of the Administrative Correspondence
Records are correspondence, reports, legal documents, procedures, memoranda, plans, proclamations, executive orders, contracts, bid specifications, press releases, resolutions, legislative bills, copies of programs, resumes, applications, photographs, videotapes, clippings, minutes, studies, petitions, financial records, manuals, handbooks, rules, regulations, questionnaires, and memoranda of agreement. Materials date from 1990 to 1995 (bulk 1991-1994), and are the administrative correspondence files for the General Counsel's Office under Governor Ann Richards. Records relate to criminal justice, prison overcrowding, paroles, pardons, emergency medical reprieves, execution of death row inmates, juvenile justice, lawsuits, claims by citizens, grievances, state agencies, intergovernmental relations, historically underutilized businesses, the super collider, judicial selection and redistricting, nursing homes, Indian gaming, bingo, task forces, census undercount, North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), oil overcharge/stripper well settlement funds, appointments to judgeships, ethics, requests for State Cemetery burials, open records requests, gifts to the governor, disaster plans, immigration, the environment, and Matagorda Island. Correspondents include inmates, agency heads and staff, board and commission members, and the general public. Dave Talbot served as general counsel to Governor Richards. His assistants included Karen Gladney, Nancy P. Kaul, Susan Albers, and David Weiser. Administrative correspondence is arranged by year. Documents are grouped somewhat by subject, although records relating to a particular topic may be found in several spots within a year. Inventory notes provide a better idea of the materials found in each box.
RESTRICTION: All General Counsel materials are restricted due to attorney-client confidentiality unless otherwise specified in the finding aid. Contact archives staff for more information.
95-019/772(05262977)Open Records Requests, A-Bod:
Ablon, Ben
Adams, Kirk
Adamson, Bruce Campbell
Adolphus, Judge James C.
Alamo Children's Advocacy Center (Marilyn F. Gibbs)
Al-Uqdah, Muhsen Hassan
Archer, Erika (AWR Committee)
Askins, Michael
Associated Press
Atlas, Scott
Austin American Statesman
Austin Chronicle (Louisa Brinsmade)
Baker, Laura A.
Ballard, Kyle (Guida, Slavich and Flores)
Barker, Harold
Barron, Steve
Bauer, Susie
Benavides, John A.
Bennett, Penny
Bergin-Lytton, Trish
Bey, Stanley James Mason
Boehm, John C., Jr.
Bohenkamp, R. Scott
Book, Edgar Lee
Bonar, Ave
Borskey, Mark D.
Bodisch, R.J., Sr.
95-019/773(05258540)Open Records Requests, Bod-Coo:
Bodisch, R.J., Sr.
Bowman, Odan Ben
Britto, Richard
Brodmax, Ken
Brogley, Art
Brown, Pam
Brown, Prince
Brunner, Michelle
Bui, Theresa
Bunch, Michael
Burchell, Anna (The Childress Index)
Burger, Susan
Burnett, Clif
Burwell, Joy
Cagle, Rusty
Calhoun, Eric G.
Calkins, Ira
Capshaw, S. Calvin
Carmichael, J. Dwight
CASA of Fannin County (Paula Spindle)
Castillo, Michael
Cavazos, Ernesto R.
Chambers, George and Jim Christoferson
Chapman, Randall
Chappell, Brent
Cherry, Evelyn
Clevenger, Ty (The Independent Review)
Cook, Edward L.
95-019/774(05258583)Open Records Requests, Cor-K:
Corsbie, R. James
Corpus Christi Caller Times (Tyrone Meighan)
Crisis Intervention of Houston, Inc. (Doreen Roozee)
Crittenden, Norm
Cummings, Don
Curry, Tim
Cutbirth, Joe
Dallas Morning News
Dallas Multicultural Alliance, Inc.
Daniel, Ricardo J.
Darling, Donna
Davenport, Dawn
Davis, Carl
Day, Frances
DeRotte, Christopher
Diggs, Robert (WFAA TV Austin Bureau)
DiMucco, Frank, Jr.
Donner, John
Dubay, Rebecca King (The Staffer)
Dunn, Margaret E.
City of Eagle Pass Organized Narcotics Task Force
El Paso Herald Post (Raul Hernandez)
El Paso Times (David Crowder)
Elkins, Keith
Ellis, Ella "Kissy"
Evans, Akwasi (Texas Publication Association)
Fikac, Peggy
Finch, Ted
Finley, Gail
Flinga, Richard V.
Frederick, David
Fort Worth Star Telegram (Ken Dilanian)
Gabehart, Gary J.
Gaines, Anthony Ray
Garth, Wayne
George, R. James, Jr.
Gilmer, Terry L.
Girouard, Bryan
Godines, Valeria
Gonzales, Francisco and Juan Rangel
Graham, Sunny
Gravois, John (Houston Post)
Grayum, G. Richard
Grandbury ISD
Greenstreet, Gale
Gregory, Michelle
Grundy, Robert S.
Guinn, Robert
Hallmark, Janette
Halwas, Naneen
Hammel, L. Richard (Voice of the Taxpayer)
Hancock, Lee
Hannah, James (Carrole Printing Co.)
Hannasch, Charles
Hardy, Terry
Harris, Shirley
Harte-Hanks Communications
Hary, Jessie
Heasley, Kim
Helland, Hans
Henderson, David E.
Hendricks, Bill (San Antonio Express-News)
Henegar, John Thomas
Henrikson, Greg
Hill, Don (Community Precinct 4, Denton, TX)
Hill, Jepetha P.
Hines, Thomas Ann (People Against Violent Crimes)
Hinojosa, Arnold
Holland, Robert B., III
Hopkins, Bernard A.
Horn, Marion
Horton, Terry
Houston Chronicle (Bill Dawson, Deborah Tedford)
Houston Post (Ken Herman, Mary Lenz, Gardner Selby)
Huck, Arthur D.
Huffman, Jerry
Hughes, Karen Parfitt (Republican Party of Texas)
Innovative Database Systems (John M. Bechtel)
Jacoby, Robert
Johnson, Robert W., Jr.
Kearney, Peggy (Pracon Consulting)
Keith, Erbin B.
Kilday, Anne Marie
Knotts, Eural
Koch, Vereda
Korseniowshi, Andrzej
Kreston, Andrew
Krusee, Representative Mike
Kuempel, George G.
95-019/775(05262762)Open Records Requests, L-Rat:
Lake Travis Recycling Team
Lax, Michael
Leon, Mark
Loya, Felix
McAlister, Kyle (KACU-FM)
McCulloch, Kathleen M.
McGough, Theresa (Crime Victims Assistance Center)
Madden, Representative Jerry (Public private Partnership Program)
Maley, John
Meddick, Sherry Lee
Mikus, Jim
Mincke, Bradley
Minor, LeRoy J.
Mishkin, Kate
Moore, Doris
Moore, James C.
Moore, Michael Anthony
Magy, Vanessa (Nelson-Brown Equities, Inc.)
Nevils, Kathy
New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Roger Croteau)
Newer, Vaughan
Nichols, Neil
Nichols, Robert
Norman, Amy
O'Connor, Allen
Oncken, Denise
Osio, Ralph
Osowski, Laura (Friendship of Women, Inc.)
Parks and Wildlife Department
Panal (Les Breeding)
Pemberton, Jimmy
Perez-Wisely, Teresa
Perry, Joseph W., Jr.
Peters, Chrissie
Phenix, George Robert
Pike, James
Plante, Michael
Poteet, Ruth (Ann Richards Committee)
Preston, Robert
Price, Kim
Pugh, Jack K.
Rains, Russell E.
Ramsey, Ross (Houston Chronicle)
Rangel, Juan R.
Ratcliffe, R.G. (Houston Chronicle)
95-019/776(05607219)Open Records Requests, Rat-Z:
Ratcliffe, R.G. (Houston Chronicle)
Rendon, Sam
Republican Party of Texas (Milton Rister, Ray Sullivan)
Rosas, Steve
Roseate Women's Center of Northwest Houston
Salinas, Emma
Salisbury, Ben E.
Salyer, Clay, D.C.
Samuelson, Eric
Sanchez-Lozano, Marion (Estilo Communications)
San Angelo Times
San Miguel, Roberto (Attorney General's Office)
Schnieder, Mike
Scott, William A.
Seaquest Partners (Anna K. Bayramshian)
Selig, Edward
Sempe, Charles A.
Shafer, Linda K.
Sharp, Floyd (Amarillo Citizens Committee)
Sheet Metal Workers Local Union No. 54 (Vinton G. Lambright)
Sheffield, Scott W.
Shelton, James T.
Shepard, Virgil
Shipley, George
Sills, Ed
Slater, Wayne (Dallas Morning News)
Simmons, Sara (Texas Employment Agency)
Solis, Tonya (The Daily Sentinel)
Sprecher, Milford (IDC Government)
Stark, Glenn
Stromberg, Stephanie (Bryan and Associates)
Sullivan, Ray
Texas Observer
Texas Resource Center
Thompson, Jim
Thompson, William
Trujillo, Patricia
Turner, Kay
Turner, Robert (AWR Committee)
Unger, Allison
Vidarri, Policarpio-Paul
Voss, Matthew
Wahl, Peter
Wallace, Dillan
Ward, Michael (American Statesman)
Warren, Janet
Warren, Ralph (DeGuerin and Dickson)
Watts, Stuart
West, Senator Royce
White, Margaret
Wilkins, Barbara Hargrove
Williams, Donald
Williams, Scott
Willman, R. Robert, Jr.
Wiseman, J. Patrick Wong, Jennifer
Wood, Kenneth R.
Woodson, Patrick L.
Worrell, Jim (Daily Oklahoman)
Yager, Theda
Young, Linda
95-019/777(05258357)Administrative correspondence, 1991
95-019/778(05262208)Administrative correspondence, 1991
95-019/779(05258448)Administrative correspondence, 1991
95-019/780(05265465)Administrative correspondence, 1991:
Staff financial disclosures
Howard Hughes case
95-019/959(05261930)Administrative correspondence, 1991
95-019/970(05261635)Administrative correspondence, 1991
95-019/984(05260960)Administrative correspondence, 1991
95-019/954(05256930)Administrative correspondence, 1991
95-019/781(05255400)Administrative correspondence, 1992
Pardon/clemency requests [bulk]
95-019/782(05257900)Administrative correspondence, 1992
95-019/783(05264258)Administrative correspondence, 1992
95-019/930(05260337)Administrative correspondence, 1992
95-019/931(05260360)Administrative correspondence, 1992
95-019/958(05261941)Administrative correspondence, 1992
95-019/784(05262570)Administrative correspondence, 1992-1995
95-019/785(05258594)Administrative correspondence, 1993
95-019/786(05611726)Administrative correspondence, 1993
95-019/787(05607208)Administrative correspondence, 1993
95-019/933(05262161)Administrative correspondence, 1993:
Letters opposing executions
95-019/934(05260858)Administrative correspondence, 1993
95-019/788(05263007)Administrative correspondence, 1994
95-019/789(05262730)Administrative correspondence, 1994
95-019/790(05264076)Administrative correspondence, 1994
95-019/985(05262729)Administrative correspondence, 1994
95-019/983(05260971)Administrative correspondence, 1994
95-019/797(05258379)Administrative correspondence, 1994
Capital Clemency Files, 1972-1994, (bulk 1991-1994)
(12 ft.).
Scope and Contents of the Capital Clemency Files
Records are correspondence, court records, legal documents, memoranda, petitions, clippings, videotapes, proclamations and requests for reprieves. Files date from 1972 to 1994 (bulk 1991-1994) and are the capital clemency files from Governor Richards' general counsel's office. With recommendation from the Board of Pardons and Paroles, the governor of Texas has the right to pardon, grant a 30-day reprieve in a capital case, commute sentences, and remit fines. Records are files regarding death row inmates executed during Governor Richards' term in office. Correspondents include the inmate and his family, the inmate's lawyers, the governor and her general counsel, district and appellate court judges, staff of the Attorney General's Office, the Texas Department of Corrections (later the Texas Department of Criminal Justice), the Board of Pardons and Paroles, and the general public. David Talbot served as General Counsel during Governor Richards' term in office. Additional correspondence from individuals and groups opposing the execution of death row inmates can be found in the General Counsel's Administrative correspondence. Records are divided between files of background information on death row inmates and protest correspondence. Arrangement is somewhat alphabetical by last name of the inmate.
RESTRICTION: All General Counsel materials are restricted due to attorney-client confidentiality.
95-019/792(05262707)Capital Clemency Files:
Anderson, Larry #733, 1985, 1987, 1989, 1994
Barnard, Harold Amos #683, 1987, 1989, 1993-1994
Beavers, Richard Lee #916, 1988, 1993-1994
Bell, Walter #524, 1989
Bird, Jerry Joe #512, 1974, 1976-1977, 1985-1986, 1990-1991
Black, Robert V. Jr. #819, 1986, 1988, 1991, 1992
Bonham, Antonio Nathaniel #700, 1985-1987, 1990, 1992-1993
Bower, Lester Leroy Jr. #764, 1989
Buxton, Lawrence Lee #743, 1983, 1986, 1990-1991
Cantu, Ruben Montoya #804, 1985, 1987-1988, 1993
Clark, David Michael #874, 1991-1992
Cook, Anthony Quinn #918, 1988, 1993
Cordova, Joe Angel #730 or #715, 1982, 1987
Crank, Denton Alan #803, 1985, 1988-1994
95-019/796(05617150)Cuevas, Ignacio #526, 1975, 1979, 1982-1983, 1987-1991
DeMouchette, James #572, 1977-1982, 1987, 1992
Drew, Robert Nelson #755, 1984
Duff-Smith, Markum #694, 1981, 1985-1989, 1992-1993
Ellis, Edward Anthony #749, 1983-1992
Harris, Danny Ray #649, 1980, 1983, 1989-1993
Harris, Curtis Paul #637, 1979, 1986-1988, 1993
Herrera, Leonel Torres #702, 1982-1985, 1989-1993
May, Justin Lee #783, 1978, 1984-1985, 1988-1992
95-019/793(05262831)Montoya, Ramon #737, 1988, 1990-1993
Lott, George Douglas #[?], 1993-1994
Lincecum, Kevin Wayne #832, 1988-1989, 1992
Kinnamon, Raymond Carl #808, 1985
Kelly, Carl Eugene #688, 1981, 1984-1985, 1990-1993
Johnson, Curtis Lee #761, 1984-1987, 1992
Jernigan, Joseph Paul #699, 1981-1984, 1990-1993
James, Johnny #839, 1986-1993
Holland, David #820, 1986, 1989-1993
Gutierrez, Jesse #971, 1994
Griffin, Jeffrey Lee #647, 1979, 1983-1985, 1992
Green, G.W. #576, 1977, 1984-1985, 1991
Gosch, Lesley #[?], 1993-1994
Garrett, Johnny Frank #729, 1982-1992
95-019/940(05256249)Santana, Carlos #695, 1981, 1987, 1993
Russell, James #579, 1973-1974, 1977, 1981, 1991
Romero, Jesus, Jr. #801, 1985-1990
Phillips, Clifford X, #723, 1982, 1985-1986, 1989, 1993
East, Wayne, #720, 1990
Herrera, Leonel Torres, #702, 1990
Kunkle, Troy, #784, 1989
Nethery, Stephen Ray, #698, 1994
95-019/795(05257922)Bridge, Warren Eugene #668, 1980, 1986-1988, 1992-1994
Drew, Robert Nelson #755, 1987-1988, 1992-1994
Jacobs, Jesse DeWayne #872, 1990, 1993-1994
Clark, Herman #715, 1982, 1986-1989, 1992, 1994
Williams, Walter Key #722, 1983, 1990-1994
Wilkerson, Richard James #756, 1983-1993
White, Billy Wayne #585, 1977-1978, 1981-1984, 1990-1992
Webb, Freddie Lee #848, 1986-1994
Stewart, Darryl Elroy #664, 1980, 1984-1988, 1992-1993
Nethery, Stephen Ray #698, 1981-1988, 1991-1994
Sawyers, John Christopher #742, 1983, 1986, 1989, 1991-1993
95-019/857(05263062)Drew, Robert Nelson, correspondence and petitions opposing his execution, 1987-1988, 1992-1994
Letters opposing clemency for Robert Nelson Drew
Banks, Delma, correspondence opposing his execution, 1992
Moore, Bobby James, correspondence opposing his execution, 1993
Graham, Gary, correspondence opposing his execution, 1993
95-019/798(05260494)Guerra, Ricardo Aldape, correspondence and petitions opposing his execution, 1992
3 letters opposing clemency for Ricardo Aldape Guerra
95-019/799(05264214)Guerra, Ricardo Aldape, correspondence and petitions opposing his execution, 1992
Montoya, Irineo Tristan, correspondence and petitions opposing his execution, 1992
95-019/802(05258459)Guerra, Ricardo Aldape, correspondence and petitions opposing his execution, 1992-1994
Printed material
Comision Nacional De Derechos Humanos
Rougeau, Paul, correspondence and petitions opposing his execution, 1994
95-019/940(05256249)Foulder, Joseph, correspondence opposing his execution, 1992
Graham, Gary, correspondence opposing his execution, 1994
Guerrero Rendon, Gloria Angelica, correspondence opposing her execution, 1992
Martinez, Carlos Miranda, correspondence opposing his execution, 1992
Montoya, Ramon, petition opposing his execution, undated
Napier, Carl E., correspondence opposing his execution, 1994
Pegueira, Alda, correspondence opposing his execution, 1992
Torres, Jose, correspondence opposing his execution, 1992
Tucker, Karla Faye, correspondence opposing her execution, 1992
Velazquez, Ricardo, correspondence opposing his execution, 1992
Williams, Walt, correspondence opposing his execution, 1994
95-019/800(05263040)Rougeau, Paul, correspondence and petitions opposing his execution, 1994
95-019/801(05257310)Rougeau, Paul, #603, 1972, 1978, 1989, 1994
Correspondence and petitions opposing his execution, 1994
95-019/803(05260213)Rougeau, Paul, correspondence and petitions opposing his execution, 1994
Legal Opinions and Advice, 1991-1995,
(12 ft.).
Scope and Contents of the Legal Opinions and Advice
Records are mainly internal memoranda, but also include correspondence, drafts, reports, notes, summaries, maps, charts, statistics, and videotapes, dating 1991-1995. These files are legal opinions and advice provided by the General Counsel staff to Governor Ann Richards. Subjects covered are reorganization of the Governor's Office, the Capitol restoration project, problems with agencies (including the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission and the Texas Department of Commerce), nursing home reform, appointments, energy conservation, executions, pardons and paroles and other criminal justice issues, contracts for services, agreements, grants, settlements and judgments, open records requests, legislation and special sessions, the supercollider, redistricting, relations with Mexico, immigration, the Job Training Partnership Act, lawsuits and litigation, user fee airports, claims, deeds and easements, Indian gaming, the Ombudsman, and the oil overcharge fund. Correspondents include Governor's Office staff, Attorney General's Office staff, other agency heads and staff, litigants and their attorneys, and Hans Mark. Handwritten notes from Governor Richards document her responses to some of the recommendations by the General Counsel. Records are somewhat grouped by topic. Contents sometimes appear to be filed alphabetically.
RESTRICTION: All General Counsel materials are restricted due to attorney-client confidentiality.
NOTE: Subjects listed are not complete listings of box contents, but are suggestive of topics found in each box.
95-019/762(05260938)Legal Opinions and Advice:
State Preservation Board
Capitol restoration project
Victoria Air Conditioning wage rate dispute
Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission
Texas Agricultural Finance Authority
Higher education authorities
Texas National Research Laboratory Commission
Folowell v. Texas Department of Human Services
State of Texas v. Linda Morales
McDonnell Construction v. Beverly Enterprises (Folowell)
Norris Case: opinion of the European Court of Human Rights
Investigation of the West Virginia State Police Crime Lab
Individual cases and legal matters
Department of Commerce
Marine Terminal issues
Rickey Dale Thomas
Bruce Stevens pardon
"Cop Killer" song
Boycott of Time Warner
Three Rivers Federal Correctional Facility
Clarence Hobbs/Paint Creek Water Supply
Roy Stamps
Yogurt store murders
Interstate Indian Council Conference
Jack Warren Davis case
Bexar County Serologist
Bexar County Forensic Science Center
State Energy Conservation Office
Texas National Research Laboratory Commission
State of Texas v. Alliance U.S.A.
Modular Power Systems v. State of Texas
State of Texas v. Kay Bailey Hutchison
Governor's office safety policy statement
Gay rights lawsuit
Challenge to Texas' sodomy statute
Fundamental Principles...Interpret the Texas Constitution Independently of the Federal Constitution
[Confidential resumes removed to 95-019/805b and RESTRICTED]
South Texas
South Texas Transportation Study
Agreement for Southwest Border States
Three Rivers Federal Correctional Facility
Governor's Office Strategic planning
Special Sessions
Surplus Property Agency
Personnel/Public relations issues
Burial space
Erection of memorials in the State Cemetery
List of repeat letter writers to the Governor
International Orphan Care
95-019/763(05260370)Criminal justice
Surplus Property Agency
Courts of inquiry
Texas Board of Medical Examiners
Programs in the Governor's Office
State Conservation Board
Boards, Commissions
Loan Star loan documents
Office of Immigration and Refugee Affairs
Freda Sue Mowbray appeal
USS Lexington
Ethics complaints
Hans Mark, Chancellor, University of Texas
United States and Mexico relations
95-019/764(05261001)Job Training Partnership Act
Fort Worth v. Texas Department of Commerce
General legal opinions and advice
Bob Hope Special
Loaning of employees to other agencies
Use of Governor's name and image
Texas Department of Transportation liaison
USS Lexington (naval museum)
Rulemaking definitions
Child Care Development Board
Religious and Lay Leaders Meeting
Governor's projects and programs
Environmental SWAT team
Texas open government laws
Removal of state officers
Texas Rehabilitation Commission
Continuing education/job training
Texas Commission on Human Rights
Job training packet
Equal employment opportunity
Sexual harassment
Classification Act
Criminal Justice plan
15 Rules to Live By in the New Texas
Bill Park & Associates
Railroad Commission
Governor's Office Ethics Handbook
Sexual harassment
Conflicts of interest between state agencies
Contract violations and penalties
Employees Retirement System
Health care
Self-insurance pool
Filling vacancies by appointment or special election
Energy conservation programs
Texas and New Mexico river disputes
Governor's Energy Office
Recycled Content Building Program
Judicial redistricting
Red River Boundary Commission
Renewal of Commission
Appointments [non-confidential]
Public improvement districts
Building maintenance
Public Utility Commission
Telecommunication tariff applications
Gas and utility clients
Pardons and Paroles, Board of
Prison overcrowding
Release programs
Transfer of prisoners
Improving parole approval rates
Prison overcrowding
Uniformity in sentencing
Adjustment to tax rates for counties with high state prisoner counts
Select Committee on Rate and Policy Form Regulation
Parks and Wildlife Department
Scandal / mail fraud
Land exchange and acquisition
Hueco tanks
Burleson road tract
Nursing homes
Reform and complaints
ARA vs. Texas Department of Human Services
Department of Justice
Objection to new district court, Midland County
Business with South Africa
School finance
Senate Bill 3: Consolidation of state and legal services
Department of Public Safety
Solicitation rule
Power of attorney forms
Attorney-client communication
Psychiatric facilities
Small business assistance
Governor's office
Organizational changes
Visitor's log
95-019/765(05260891)Land acquisition
Film Commission
Financial disclosures
4E Technologies
Home Port
Governor's Office policies and procedures
Governor's powers
High school incentive program
International treaty transfer
Historically underutilized businesses
Job Training Partnership Act
Board of Pardons and Paroles
Boards, general information
Board of Chiropractic Examiners
Board of Barber Examiners
Board of Dental Examiners
Board of Insurance
Reorganization of Governor's Office
Air Control Board
Board of Education
Conservatorship Board
Child abuse
Child support
Tax protest
Civil rights legislation
Department of Commerce
Concurrence letters
Victims of Crime Act grants
95-019/766(05260406)[Texas] Department of Commerce
Economic development
EDA grants
State Preservation Board
State Board of Insurance
State-Federal Relations, Office of
Lawsuits / litigation:
Zortman v. Ysleta ISD
Edwards Aquifer
Kickapoo / Tigua gaming
Getch/J. David Smith
El Paso court of inquiry
Contract with University of Texas Quality Center
Montgomery County
Woodlands Road Utility District No. 1
User fee airports
Texas State Technical Institute
Vacancies [of state offices]
Veteran's preference
Pardon request
Johnnie Ray Vigil
Voting Rights Act
Bilingual ballot
Utility districts
Montgomery County
[Texas] Water Commission
Upper Colorado River Authority
TQM [Total Quality Management]
WC Enmon billings
Texas State Quality Award
Texas Register
Texas Racing Commission
Board of Veterinary Examiners
San Antonio River Authority
Texans War on Drugs
Texas Commission on Alcohol and Drug Abuse audit report
Texas Growth Fund
Texas homestead exemption
Homestead law
Texas Department of Transportation
Texas-Mexico Transportation corridor
Texas Department of Health
Texas Department of Human Services
Health and Human Services Commission
Texas Education Agency
Texas Health Care Association
Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs
Sick Building Syndrome
Grievance regarding 30-Day Probation/Retaliation
[Confidential materials removed to 95-019/805b and RESTRICTED]
Texas Housing Agency
Texas National Guard
Counter Drug Plan
Air National Guard
Armored vehicles
Outside of Continental United States training
Legal claims and complaints
[Confidential material removed to 95-019/805b and RESTRICTED]
Commissioner of Education
Consumer Competency Roundtable
Judical appointments
[Confidential material removed to 95-019/805b and RESTRICTED]
Texas Department of Commerce
Finance and business development
Texas Department of Criminal Justice
Texas Department of Insurance
Texas ROSE [Ratepayers Organization to Save Energy]
Child Care Development Board
Muscle Chiefs
Meeting minutes
Texas Victim Clearinghouse
National Victims Conference
Upper Colorado River Authority
Governor's Commission for Women
Texas Register
Texas Commission for the Blind
Chubu seeing eye guide dogs
Ysleta del Sur tribe
Texas Narcotics Control Program Task Force
Sexual harassment complaint
[Confidential materials removed and RESTRICTED]
SWAT teams
Brownsville Port Bridge Project
Consumer Federation of America
Consumer Competency Roundtable
General Services Commission
State lease
Commissioner of Education
Attorney General
Request for information
[Confidential item removed to 95-019/805b and RESTRICTED]
95-019/767(05260993)Settlements, claims
Deeds, easements
Agreements, contracts
Health Policy Task Force
Internal audit
Child Protective Service
Oil overcharge funds
Concept approvals
Concurrence requests
Grant funding
Personal service agreements
Amistad Area Narcotics Task Force
Open records requests
Nursing homes
95-019/768(05260950)Land patents, trades, easements
Grant awards
Health Policy Task Force
Visiting judges
Texas Department of Criminal Justice
Punishment Standards Commission
Legislation for 73rd session
Alberti case [Harris County jail lawsuit]
Project Rio
Prison construction
95-019/868(05260870)Department of Criminal Justice
SCR 26 [re: women convicted of murder after abused by spouses]
Indian gaming
Settlements, judgments
Open records requests
Memoranda of understanding
Letters of concurrence
95-019-867(05260927)Videotapes (2)
Merchant v. Texas Department of Commerce
Aurispa v. Texas Department of Commerce
NAFTA [North American Free Trade Agreement]
Mena v. Richards [redistricting]
George Green [whistleblower]
East Texas Job Training Partnership Act
LULAC v. Richards [South Texas higher education]
Affiliated Foods v. Richards
Alberti v. Sheriff of Harris County
Energy contracts
Texas Department of Mental Health and Mental Retardation
Facilities Review Task Force
95-019/866(05260392)Sexual harassment case
Oil overcharge fund
Dental Board sunset
Matagorda Island
Edwards Aquifer
Relations with Mexico, NAFTA
Texas Independent Producers & Royalty Owners
Proposal for oil overchange funds
Pardon requests and recommendations
Proclamation information [re: state cemetery burial, special session]
Mental Health and Mental Retardation Facilities Review Task Force
Personnel, conflict of interest
Requisitions, extraditions, settlements, lawsuits
Vidor, violation of civil rights
Simon Hernandez v. Richards
Lozano v. Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission
Edwards Aquifer
Family medical leave policy
Search for heads of agencies
Bingo tax
Texas Department of Commerce
South Texas Transportation Study
Clemency, pardon
Historically Underutilized Businesses, minority contracting
95-019/870(05260326)Settlements, judgments
Dental Board sunset
Texas Workers Compensation Insurance Fund
LoanStar, energy conservation program
Graham, Gary [death row inmate, re: innocence]
Texas Education Agency, Commissioner Meno
Misuse of state resources
Merchant v. Texas Department of Commerce
Grants, Criminal Justice Division
Vidor Ku Klux Klan
Automobile Theft Prevention Authority
Racing Commission
Pardon and communication recommendations
Paroles, escapes, custodial deaths
Indian gaming
Settlements, judgments
Immigration impact on education
W.C. Enmon contract
Dental Board
Texas National Guard


Policy Council Files, 1988-1995,
(18 ft.).

Scope and Contents of the Policiy Council Files
The Policy Council in the Office of the Governor was created to help ensure that the governor's policies were implemented by state agencies and commissions. The council was organized by issues such as education, health and human services, environment, and border and immigration; it advised the governor on emerging problems and opportunities and developed policy options for the governor's consideration. Directors of the council were the governor's primary liaisons to state agencies and board members, and they directed special committees or projects that the governor authorized. The Policy Council recommended candidates for appointments to agency positions and evaluated potential appointments. It also analyzed legislative proposals (in cooperation with the Legislative Office) and assisted the Budget and Planning Office in evaluating agency budget proposals.
These are the files of Governor Richards' Policy Council and they cover border and immigration, education, the environment, health and human services, and transportation issues. Susan Rieff served as director of the Policy Council during Ann Richards' tenure as Governor. Subseries are organized by policy areas. Records are correspondence, clippings, memos, lists, notes, charts, agenda, press releases, reports, proposals, resolutions, charts, publications, maps, minutes, rules, legislation, forms, recommendations, timelines, and printed material, dating from 1988 to 1995.
Border and Immigration Issues, 1990-1994,
(6 ft.).
Scope and Contents of the Border and Immigration Issues
Records are correspondence, clippings, memos, lists, notes, charts, agenda, press releases, reports, proposals, resolutions, charts, publications, maps, minutes, rules, legislation, forms, recommendations, and printed material, dating from 1990-1994 (bulk 1993-1994). These are subject files for the Governor's policy council section on border and immigration issues. Subjects include colonias, relations with Mexican border states and cities, the North American Free Trade Agreement, education, ecology, communication, the environment, health, immigration, transportation, utilities, and Tropical Storm Arlene. Geographical areas covered are the Rio Grande Valley, El Paso, Laredo, and the Mexican border states. A small amount of material is in Spanish. Sandra Martinez served as the director of border issues for the Governor's Policy Council. Part of the files are arranged alphabetically by subject. Other sections are grouped by broad topic and then are alphabetical.
95-019/640(05263084)Border and Immigration Issues:
Alton, City of, 1993-1994
Agreement with McAllen
Economically distressed areas program
Sewer Project
Sewage transportation
Atlas project, 1993
Proposal, Multiple attribute GIS environmental baseline, Lower Rio Grande Valley
Automobile Theft Prevention Authority, 1993-1994
Border Solutions Committee
Rosters, agendas
Border Environmental Cooperative Commission, 1994 Conference
Border Financing Environmental Infrastructure, 1994 Seminar
Border crossings/U.S. Customs, 1992-1993
Federal inspection facilities
Border police
Conference on bridge and border crossings
Border Governors' Association, 1992-1993
Conference, planning
Border Community Development Commission, 1993
Border Housing and Community Development Partnership presented by the Border Low Income Housing Coalition
Border Low Income Housing Coalition, 1993-1994
Meeting minutes
Brownsville, City of, 1992-1994
Environmental Protection Agency satellite office
Port of Brownsville annual report, 1993
Ship channel regulations, cargo statistics, maps
Clean Air Act, 1993
Texas Air Control Board
Cuatro Caminos Conference, 1993
Cuban refugees, 1994
Port Isabel Detention Center
El Mercado, Houston, 1992
Potential building site for state agencies
El Paso, 1991-1993
Colonias wastewater treatment assistance program
Rio Grande Council of Governments
El Paso/Juarez environmental plan
Air quality
El Paso Border Patrol, 1993
El Paso court of inquiry, 1994
Investigation of state underfunding El Paso county
Empowerment zone, 1994
President Clinton's Community Revitalization Program
Strategic plan for Empowerment Zone designation of Rio Grande Valley
Enterprise zones, 1993
Proposed legislation
Proposal, agenda
Flag exchange, 1994
Texas/Mexico exchange of historic Alamo flag for three Mexican flags
Harlingen Loop 590, 1991
Delay in construction
HUD [Department of Housing and Urban Development] Valley information, 1993
Flooding from Tropical Storm Arlene in Valley areas
Land use planning authority, 1990, 1993-1994
Economically Distressed Areas Program
Model subdivision rules
Housing Justice Campaign
HB 1583, HB 1347, HB 1817
Land Use Bill for Border Counties
Museum of American Folk Art and Ford Motor Company, 1992
Latin American Folk Art exhibit
National Governors' Association, 1992-1994
Conference issues
State economic comparisons
Operation Safe Home, 1994
Combating drugs and crime in public housing
Southern Governors' Association, 1992-1993
Central American/Southern States Partnership
United States/Latin American trade
Central American task force
Texas Air National Guard, 1992, 1994
Delivery of water services to colonias
Elimination of Corpus Christi battalion
Discrimination allegations
[Confidential report removed to 97-185/1 and RESTRICTED]
Texas Natural Resource Information Systems, 1994
Agency border programs
Census data
U.S. brokers, 1992-1993
Trade with Mexico
U.S.-Mexico border infrastructure finance summit, 1993
Visiones Del Pueblo and Ford Motor Company, 1992-1993
San Antonio Museum of Art
Latin American folk art exhibit
Committees of Honor
Western Governors' Association/Mexico City trip, 1993-1994
Tribal Environmental Cooperation Project
Border Environmental Dialogue
World Bank border funding, 1993-1994
95-019/641(05258404)Aldape execution, 1992-1993
Border, Mexican businesses, 1991-1992
Death row, Mexican citizens, 1993
Chihuahua, Mexico, 1993
Coahuila, Mexico, 1993-1994
Jalisco, Mexico, 1993
Governor Medina, Guanajuato, Mexico, 1992
Mexico City, Mexico, 1993
Mexicans for Democracy, 1991
Mexican Consulate, 1992-1994
[Photographs of vases removed]
Mexic-Arte Museum, Austin, 1993
Diego Rivera exhibit
[Photographs of Rivera and art removed]
Mexican National Commission for Human Rights, 1993
Mexico's personal exemption law, $50 limit on duty-free goods brought into Mexico, 1992-1994
Mexico in transition, President Carlos Salinas de Gortari, 1991-1992
Nuevo Leon, Mexico, 1992, 1994
Nuevo Laredo
[Photographs of wastewater treatment plant removed]
Tamaulipas, Mexico, 1993
Carbon II, 1994
Vera Cruz, Mexico, 1993
President Salinas' visit to Dallas, May 1993, 1993-1994
Solidarity-Mexico, 1993
Border Office, Texas Department of Health, 1994
Border agriculture, 1991-1994
Border cholera, 1991-1992
Border health, 1988, 1991-1994
Border Health Association, 1992-1993
Border, anencephalic babies, 1991-1994
Health Education Training Center Alliance of Texas, 1991-1992
PCB [polychlorinated biphenyl] levels, Lower Rio Grande Valley, 1993-1994
South Texas Hospital, Harlingen, 1993
Office of Texas-Mexico Health and Environment Issues, 1991
95-019/642(05258539)Border working groups:
Border working groups, 1991-1993
Border working group problem statements, 1990-1992
Border working group agency border assessments, 1991-1992
Environmental Protection Agency colonias working group, 1992-1993
Colonias subcommittee, 1988, 1992
Education subcommittee, 1992
Health and environment subcommittee, 1990, 1992
Housing subcommittee, 1991-1992
Housing initiatives, 1991-1992
Infrastructure subcommittee, 1991-1993
Labor/Workforce subcommittee, 1992
Texas Water Commission colonia project, 1993
Texas Water Development Board border working group, 1992
A&M colonia initiatives, 1991-1994
Archaeological colonia surveys, 1987, undated
Colonias information, 1988, 1990-1994
Colonias correspondence, 1992, 1994
Colonias funding, 1992-1994
Cameron Park colonia, 1991-1994
Communications group, 1991-1993
Eagle Pass colonias, 1992
Economically Distressed Areas Program model rules, 1991
El Paraiso colonias, 1992
El Paso colonias, 1990, 1992-1994
Hidalgo County colonias, 1991-1993
HUD [Department of Housing and Urban Development] colonias project, 1992, 1994
HUD colonias line item, 1993
Laredo colonias, 1993-1994
Presidio County Community Development Block Grant, 1994
Proposition 12, 1991-1992
Rural Development Administration, 1992
Socorro colonias, 1992
Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs Colonia group, 1993
Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission colonias, 1993
Texas Water Development Board colonia working group, 1993
[State Auditor's working papers exception to public disclosure, removed to 97-185/1 and RESTRICTED]
Texas Water Development Board internal audit, 1993
[State Auditor's working papers exception to public disclosure, removed to 97-185/1 and RESTRICTED]
Testimony of Andrea Abel, 1992, 1994
[Polychlorinated Biphenyls] Fish advisory, Hodalgo County, 1993
Hazardous waste, 1992-1994
Waste sites on Texas-Mexico border: Memo regarding phone call to Ambassador Negroponte, Governor Mendoza and Consul Mendoza, 1992
Environmental Protection Agency's Integrated Border Environmental Plan, Border Trade Alliance, International Boundary and Water Commission, 1992, 1994
Border Infrastructure/Mexico's Secretary of Urban Development and Ecology, 1991-1992, 1994
Integrated Border Environmental Plan, 1991-1994
La Paz Agreement, 1992-1993
NAFTA [North American Free Trade Agreement]:
Border Environment Cooperation Commission/NADBank application process, 1994, undated
Border needs
Correspondence, 1992, 1994
Tim Von Dohlen, 1992
Richard Gephardt, 1992
Ronald Coleman, 1991
Implementation file, 1993-1994
General correspondence, reports, press releases, 1991, 1993-1994
Industrial Areas Foundation Marshall Plan, 1991-1992
Border Investment Plan
Interfaith Education Fund
Maquiladores, 1990-1992
Environmental issues
Birth defects
Texas Industrial Areas Foundation, 1991-1993
Valley Interfaith, 1994
Border affairs, inter-liaison office, Highway Department, 1991, undated
Mission statement
Border truck industry, Laredo, 1993
Testimony before the Texas Senate Committee
Bridges, 1991-1992, 1994
Camino Colombia Toll Road, 1992-1993
Cameron County International Bridge, 1994
Del Rio Border Station, 1992
Eagle Pass Bridge, 1994
Infrastructure Finance Conference, 1993
Laredo Camino Columbia Toll Road, 1991
Laredo International Bridge IV, 1994
Los Indios Bridge, 1993
Pharr Bridge, 1993-1994
Corpus Christi port, 1993
Laredo truck crossing, 1992-1993
Mandatory hook-ups, 1988, 1994
Laredo colonias, 1992-1993
El Paso water supply, 1992-1993
Lower Valley Water Authority, 1992-1994
Hidalgo County Water Development Board, 1993
International Boundary and Water Commission, 1989-1994
Task Force on Border Infrastructure, 1994
Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission "N" factor rule, 1994
Texas Water Development Board, 1991-1993
Westway water district, 1992-1994
Camino Columbia Toll Road, petitions and letters of support, 1993
Texas-Mexico international border crossings, background information, Texas Department of Transportation, 1991
95-019/645(05611792)1995 Border Governors' Conference, 1994
1994 Border Governors' Conference, 1993-1994
1993 Border Governors' Conference, 1992-1993
1992 Border Governors' Conference, 1992
Governor's Border Working Group report, 1993
NAFTA brochures, 1993
Employment and worker training
Environmental infrastructure
Health and human services
Existing conditions
Trade flows
Socio-economic indicators
95-019/921(05264247)Border and immigration correspondence, 1994-1995
97-185/6(06839173)Briefing notebook on immigration, 1993
Health and Human Services Issues, 1988-1994, [bulk 1994],
(2 ft.).
Scope and Contents of the Health and Human Services Issues
Records are correspondence, reports, overviews, memos, legislation, publications, timelines, lists, clippings, goals, press releases, charts, correspondence, master plans, program information, and a correspondence log, dating from 1988-1994 (bulk 1994). Materials are files of the Governor's Policy Council section on health and human services. Subjects of letters include nursing homes and elderly care, child care, requests to serve as delegates to the 1995 White House Conference on Aging, medically underserved areas, and substance abuse programs in prison. Additional files detail the Texas Criminal Justice Treatment Initiative, involving substance abuse treatment in prisons or alternative locations. Pat Cole served as director of health and human services issues for the Policy Council. The correspondence probably was to be filed in the main correspondence files, but filing was not done before Richards left office. Correspondence is in chronological order by month. Arrangement of substance abuse treatment files is somewhat by type of material.
95-019/885(05260122)Health and Human Service Issues:
Log of correspondence, 1993-1994
April-December, 1994
Blind people
Nursing homes
Substance abuse
95-019/848(05260359)Texas Criminal Justice Treatment Initiative, 1994
Alcohol and drug abuse treatment for criminal offenders
Texas Department of Criminal Justice
Texas Commission on Alcohol and Drug Abuse
Texas Commission on Alcohol and Drug Abuse report, 1988
Substance abuse among Texas inmates
Criminal Justice Policy Council overview, 1990
Drug treatment in prisons
Texas Task Force on State and Local Drug Control report, 1991
Presented to the 72nd Texas Legislature
Senate Bill 828, 1990-1991
Treatment alternatives to prisons
Bill summary, bill analysis
House Bill 93, 1991
Bill text report
Senate Interim Committee on Criminal Justice report, 1992
Presented to the 73rd Texas Legislature
Senate Bill 532, 1993
Treatment Alternatives to Incarceration Programs, 1992-1993
Timeline, organizational chart
Commission on Alcohol and Drug Abuse
Texas House and Texas Senate awards, FY 1994
Pilot evaluation design
Process and preliminary evaluation
Press release
Texas Criminal Justice Treatment Initiative
Substance Abuse Master Plan, Phase I, 1992
Implementation, agenda, timelines
Substance Abuse Master Plan, Phase II, 1993-1994
Working retreat agenda
Timelines, project tables
Substance Abuse Master Plan, Phase III, 1994
Working retreat agenda
Timelines, project tables
Timeline, 1994-1995
[Removed and placed with Oversize materials]
Environmental Issues, 1990-1995,
(9 ft.).
Scope and Contents of the Environmental Issues
Records are mainly correspondence, but also include copies of legislation, clippings, memos, press releases, lists, maps, and environmental assessments, dating from 1990-1995. Records are the Governor's Policy Council files on environmental issues. Subjects of correspondence include low level radioactive waste, hazardous waste, the Edwards Aquifer, the Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission, water quality, state parks, the golden cheeked warbler and other endangered species, and state implementation plans for Environmental Protection Agency emissions regulations. A separate file contains information on Playa del Rio, a proposed resort, and efforts to save the wetlands from resort development by creating a wildlife refuge on Boca Chica. Susan Rieff served as director of environmental issues for the Policy Council, and was assisted by Frank Fuller and Allison Baker. Arrangement is somewhat chronological.
95-019/922(05264269)Environmental Issues:
Environmental correspondence, 1991-1993, July 1994 - January 1995 [bulk 1994]
Energy and water, 1994
The Galveston Bay plan, Galveston Bay National Estuary Program, 1994
Playa del Rio, 1992-1993
Proposed addition to the Lower Rio Grande Valley National Wildlife Refuge
95-019/921(05264247)Environmental correspondence, 1994-1995
Agricultural correspondence, 1994-1995
Use of Compound 1080 baits
96-147/1(04858053)Legislation, 73rd Legislature, 1993:
HB 1305, Equal Protection Bill
HB 1307, Anti-"SOS" [Save Our Springs] Bill
SB 750, Issuance of business permits
SB 684, Agricultural Exemption Bill
HB 1306, Equal Protection
SB 1226, "Takings" or Compensation of private property
HB 656/SB 366/SB 228, Environmental Mandates
SB 963/HB 2048, Municipal Solid Waste Management
HB 2181, Trust Fund Bill
SB 1453, Municipal Utility District Bill
SB 639, "Recontek" bill or Solid Waste Permits
HB 2568, Cost Recovery, Texas Water Commission
SB 737, Alternative Fuels
Texas Water Commission/Texas Air Control Board/Texas Water Development Board/Texas Automobile Dealers' Association Bills
SB 179, State Park Hunting Bill
SB 609, Pesticide Regulation
Veto file, 73rd Legislature
SB 1029/HB 4/HB 2135, Local Land Development
Legislative Natural Resources Board
Anti-environmental legislation
Parks and natural areas, proposals and ideas, 1994
[Photograph of buffalo herd removed]
Galveston Bay Foundation
Texas Coastal Trail, Frank Fuller files, 1993-1994
Galveston Bay Loop, Frank Fuller files, 1994
Corpus Christi Bay, National Estuary Program (NEP) request, 1992-1993
[3 folders]
Environmental correspondence, Ann Richards, 1991
Environmental correspondence drafts, Ann Richards (Frank Fuller files), 1992-1994, undated
96-147/2(04858530)Environmental correspondence, Ann Richards signature files, January 1991 - February 1993
96-147/3(04858213)Environmental correspondence, Ann Richards signature files, March 1993 - October 1993
96-147/7(04858224)Environmental correspondence, Ann Richards signature files, February-September 1994
Speech, Texas State Soil and Water Conservation Board, 1994
96-147/6(04858381)Environmental correspondence, Ann Richards signature files, October 1994 - November 1994
96-147/3(04858213)Environmental correspondence, 1990-1994
Ann Richards' Environmental Plan, 1990
96-147/4(04913275)Environmental correspondence, 1991-1994
Environmental promises and accomplishments, Ann Richards, 1990-1993
96-147/6(04858381)Environmental accomplishments, 1991-1994
Hunting and fishing
Nature tourism
Land conservation
Balcones Canyonlands Conservation Plan (BCCP)
Caddo Lake/East Texas hardwood
Playa del Rio
Land and Water Conservation Fund
National wildlife refuges
Speech, Texas State Soil and Water Conservation Board, 1994
Environmental issues, correspondence and clippings, 1992-1994
Texas Parks and Wildlife Department
Texas Wildlife Expo '92
Awards [slides removed]
Endangered habitat/endangered species
Golden-cheeked warbler
96-147/7(04858224)Correspondence, Christie Bourgeois, Research Division
Briefing memos, 1994
Colorado City
San Antonio
State events, Policy Council, 1994
Education Issues, 1994-1995,
(2 ft.).
Scope and Contents of the Educations Issues
Records are correspondence with attachments including booklets, reports, resumes, press releases, clippings, test results, publications, proposals, and memos, dating from 1994-1995. Subjects include higher education, elementary and secondary education, discrimination, literacy, educational standards, violence in schools, workforce development, rewards for teacher excellence, and programs for at-risk youth, including Upward Bound. Correspondents include Texas Education Agency and Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board officials, U.S. Department of Education officials, parents and teachers. Sonia Hernandez served as Policy Council director of education issues. Arrangement is somewhat chronological.
95-019/921(05264247)Education Issues:
Education correspondence, 1994-1995
95-019/921(05264247)Labor and workforce training correspondence, 1994-1995
96-147/7(04858224)Correspondence with Christie Bourgeois, Research Division:
Briefing memos, 1994
Colorado City
San Antonio
State events, Policy Council, 1994
Transportation Issues, 1993-1994,
(2 ft.).
Scope and Contents of the Transportation Issues
Records are correspondence, memos, briefing updates, clippings and printed material dating from 1993-1994. These are the files of Clint Winters, who was in charge of transportation issues for the Policy Council. Winters provided Governor Richards with memos detailing transportation issues in specific locations so that she would be aware of problems and concerns when visiting places throughout Texas. Files are arranged alphabetically by city or county.
96-147/6(04858381)Transportation Issues:
Accomplishments, 1993-1994
Abilene, 1993-1994
Arlington, 1994
Austin, 1994
Bay City, 1993
Beaumont, Jefferson County, 1993-1994
Beeville, 1994
Big Bend Area, 1994
Border, 1994
Bryan/College Station, 1994
Cameron County, 1994
Carthage, 1993
Clear Lake area, Harris and Galveston counties, 1993
Corpus Christi, 1994
Dallas, 1993-1994
Wright Amendment
Flight restrictions at Love Field in Dallas
Denison information center, Highway 75, 1993
Denton, 1994
Eagle Pass, 1994
96-147/7(04858224)East Texas, 1993-1994
El Paso, 1993-1994
Ennis, Ellis County, 1994
Fort Worth, Tarrant County, 1994
Freer, 1994
Frisco, 1994
Gainesville, 1993
Galveston, Galveston County, 1994
Grayson County, 1994
Harlingen, 1994
Houston, 1994
Huntsville, 1994
Kingsville, 1994
Lake Worth, 1994
Longview, Gregg County, 1994
Lubbock area, 1994
Midland/Odessa, 1994
Mt. Vernon, 1994
Pharr/Reynosa, 1993-1994
Plano, 1994
San Angelo, 1994
San Antonio, 1994
Temple, 1992-1994
Texarkana, 1993
Uvalde County, 1994
Valley Area/South Texas, 1994
Victoria, 1994
Waco district, 1994
Wichita Fallas, Wichita County, 1994
96-147/6(04858381)Wise County, 1993
96-147/7(04858224)Correspondence, Christie Bourgeois, Research Division:
Briefing memos, 1994
Colorado City
San Antonio
State events, Policy Council, 1994

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