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University of Texas, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History

A Guide to the Ann W. Richards Papers, Part 10

Descriptive Summary

CreatorRichards, Ann W.
TitleAnn W. Richards Papers, 1933-2000 [Part 10].
Title: Treasury Papers,
Dates: 1983-1990,
Quantity: (ca. 45 feet).
RepositoryDolph Briscoe Center for American History,The University of Texas at Austin

Scope and Contents of the Treasury Records

Ann Richards served as the first female Treasurer of Texas from 1983-1990. When she took office, Richards became the first woman in Texas to hold statewide office in fifty years. She updated the Treasury by installing computers and check-encoding machines that reduced the amount of time it took for money to be deposited into the Treasury from 36 hours to 90 minutes, thus gaining millions of dollars in additional interest revenue for the state. Richards also altered the system the office used to monitor the security of bank deposits and expanded the investment authority of the Treasury. During her terms as Treasurer, Richards made more money for the state of Texas than all previous Texas Treasurers combined. While in office, she increased hiring in the Treasury for women and minorities, and helped pass legislation requiring health insurers to cover alcohol and drug treatment. In 1986, Richards was reelected without opposition, becoming the first woman to serve two consecutive statewide terms in Texas. Records in this series include correspondence, Treasury staff files, legislative lists, press releases, and reports created during Ann Richards's terms as Treasurer from 1983-1990.


Arrangement of the Treasury Records

   1. Legislative
   2. Administrative
   3. Bill Cryer's Files
   4. Constituent Correspondence
   5. Press and Publicity
   6. Personnel


RESTRICTION: All official records from Richards' terms as Treasurer are open for research unless otherwise specified on the finding aid. See box descriptions for specific restrictions due to exceptions to public disclosure in the Public Information Act [formerly Open Records Act]. (V.T.C.A., Government Code, Section 552.)

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Ann W. Richards Papers, 1933-2000, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin.

Treasury Records

95-119/A1(07214830)Legislative, 1983-1985:
Agency Funds Management Committee (Leedom)
Joint Committee on Fiscal Policy
Governor's Advisory Committee on Minority Business Enterprise
Legislation, general
Texas House of Representatives
Speaker of the House
Texas Senate
Lt. Governor
Governor's appointments
Inauguration Ceremony [Mark White as Governor], 1983
Executive orders
First Lady of the Governor [Linda Gale White]
Proposed legislation, 1985
Treasury, Legislative Task Force:
Cash Flow Management Legislation
Appropriations, 1986-1987
95-082/3(05255224)Texas State Treasury printed material
Unclaimed Property Diskette Reporting System User's Guide, 1988
2.325/U89Legislative:Legislative lists, 05.11.00
Labor and Employment Relations on State Agency Personnel House Committee (Criss), 05.10.00
Special Session Legislation, 05.09.03
Legislation, 05.09.00
Treasury Emergency Appropriations Legislation, 05.09.01
Treasury Regular Appropriations Legislation, 05.09.02 House of Representatives correspondence, 05.01.00
Unclaimed funds and property, 1984-1989
Press releases
Legal matters/lawsuits

Office administrative files, 1981-1989
Operating budget, 1984
Correspondence, 1985
AWR9Mexico trip notes, rental agreement, 1986
Texas Agenda notes, 1989
Phone numbers
96-378/A12(07674079)Center for Creative Leadership, "Dynamics of Strategy: Goals into Action," [strategic planning program] October 4-8, 1987
Treasury letterhead, business card, envelopes
Phone messages, notes, phone numbers, 1989 and undated
Item Processing computer instructions, undated
Graph: Treasury annual interest earned, compared to State General Revenue and Teacher Retirement System earnings
House Banking Committee testimony
Newsclippings, 1982-1988 and undated
Ann Richards
"Success," by Ann Richards, undated
Inter-office memos, 1990
Correspondence guidelines
Personnel Action Summaries, [Treasury hiring statistics by ethnicity and gender] 1990
Press releases, [incomplete] 1983-1986
Printed material
Unclaimed Money Fund
Newspaper clippings on spending by state officials on new equipment and office furnishings, [includes Treasury] 1983-1984
Briefing materials, Asset Management Advisory Committee, Texas State Treasury Department, 1985
Charts and graphs, 1979-1988
Texas non-agricultural employment
Unemployment rate: U.S. and Texas
Texas state appropriations
Texas crude oil price per barrel
Fiscal Notes, Bob Bullock, Comptroller of Public Accounts, November 1985
Treasury News, press release, May 6, 1988
Cash surplus in General Revenue Fund
Municipal Finance Journal, Vol. 8, No. 4, Fall 1987
"From the Trenches: Interview With Gray Davis-Controller, State of California," by Jeffrey R. Leifer
"Current Spending and Future Trends in Health and Human Services for the State of Texas: A Report Prepared for the Select Committee on Tax Equity," January 1988
Texas Council for Exceptional Children Bulletin, Winter 1988
CURE News and Notes (Citizens United for Rehabilitation of Errants), March 1989
Ann Richards' support of substance abuse counseling for prisoners
Treasury Notes, publication of the County Treasurers' Association of Texas, Volume XXII, Issue no. 3 November 1988,
Ann Richards, speaker at the Fortieth Annual Conference of the County Treasurers Association of Texas
Texas Weekly, volume 5, issue 29 January 23, 1989,
The Institute for the Humanities at Salado Newsletter, 1989
State Treasury Department, Agency Data Request Response to Special Committee on the Organization of State Agencies, 1988
Correspondence from Special Commission on Organization of State Agencies
Memoranda book, 1982:
General information
Governor's task force
Sunset Commission
State Depository Board
State Banking Board
Texas Bankers Association
Organizational structure
Functions of divisions and budget
District banks and "Lateral Road Fund"
Automated Information Systems Advisory Council
Reporting escheat accounts to Treasurer
Research on various topics
Cash management
Unclaimed property
Functions of the State Treasurer
"What We Have Accomplished," report to Treasury staff, 1983
Newspaper clippings, 1982-1983
Ann Richards
Celebrates election as Treasurer
Swearing-in as Treasurer
Report of Communications Improvement Suggestions, 1984
Report on State of Texas Tax Revenue Anticipation Notes to the Cash Management Committee, September 29, 1987
Staff retreats, 1985, 1986
Mary Beth Rogers' files
Agendas/Project lists
Long-range planning, 1984-1985
Staff salaries
Cash management
Unclaimed property
Interoffice memoranda, 1985-1988
Ethics/staff training
Personnel issues
June planning session workflow/organizational chart
Fax numbers, directory, 1986
Travel expenses, 1987-1989
Agency goals, 1983:
Project and priorities
Cash management
Item processing
Depository Board
Direct Deposit
Personnel needs
Texas Political and Legislative Committee of Communications Workers of America conference, 1989
Legislative Program
Campaign finance laws, 1983-1985
General Treasury records, 1982; 1987-1990
Treasury Newsclips index, May-June 1989
Attorney General's legislative accomplishments, 1989
Press releases, unclaimed property, 1989 and undated
Treasurer's legislative accomplishments, 1989
Press correspondence, 1989
Unclaimed property auction, 1989
Treasury hiring records, 1982 and 1988
Treasury non-tax revenues
Governor's Task Force on State Trust and Asset Management, Governor Clements, 1982
Printed material, linked deposit program, Texas Department of Agriculture and Texas State Treasury
Ann Richards' speech, Rapid Deposit program
Texas Treasury yield vs. money market, 1980-1989

95-263/T18(04928738)Bill Cryer's Files:
Press releases, 1982-1983
Richards' swearing-in as Texas State Treasurer
Jorge Gutierrez named General Counsel
Richards' testimony on Treasury's budget before House and Senate
State Depository Board
Approval of new repositories
Approval of new state depositories
Banks approved
Interest rate formula review
Approves banks, S & Ls, for state accounts
Treasury employee newsletter
New interest rates for time accounts
Time account rates
Orville Monroe named director of Securities Management Division
Asset Management Advisory Committee appointments
[Texas Foundation for] Women's Resources
Ruthe Winegarten's project on Ann Richards
House passes emergency funding bill
State legislature approves Treasury's emergency appropriations request
Treasury's progress report released to legislature
State Treasurer reports potential for $23 million increase in income
Washington, D.C., press conference
Abandoned safe deposit box bill
Safe deposit bill passes
Safe deposit box claim
Treasury hosts art exhibit
Amado Pena and Sierra Club
Unclaimed property collections up 51%
Austin Jaycees speech
Unclaimed property returned to Melinda Hightower, Amarillo
Ron Mullen and Ann Richards press conference
Austin's unclaimed security deposits
$200 million T-bill purchase
Austin's unclaimed utility and security deposits
Treasurer looking for Depression-Era safe deposit box owners
Federal government's released list of safe deposit owners
Article on Safe Deposit boxes, Dallas Times Herald, 1983
Unclaimed property deposit to General Revenue and Available School Funds (42% increase over previous year)
Lateral Road Grants
State depositories
Informational letter
Questions about state depositories
Unclaimed money fund list, 1983
National Forest Service grants awarded to 12 East Texas counties
Clinton Manges leasing dispute and check
Money order from former state employee
Treasury Progress Report, 1983
General revenue fund, N1209, 1987
Treasury warrant paid to the people of Texas
Computer Documents
Software guides/instructions
Printed material
Texas Instruments/Dharma Bums at Liberty Lunch
Bill Cryer, letters to newspapers
Publication of Unclaimed Money Fund list
Letters to banks about interest rate formula
Key employees vitae [not confidential]
Treasury status report, May 1983
Potential for $23 million increase in income
Treasury accomplishments
Interim performance report to the 68th legislature
Division goals and improvements
Unclaimed property collections jump 82%
Articles on Richards and Treasury
Warrants, paper vs. card
Press, 1983
Treasury accomplishments
Newspaper interviews
Facts about the Treasury
State Depository Board
Procedure changes
Press releases
Treasury divisions
Division duties, accomplishments, staff
Public information office, projects and budget
Briefing book
Pending projects
Gold coins
Communication briefings
Public relations articles, 1985 and undated
Computer forms
Ann Richards' resume, 1984
Treasury Accomplishments
Agency budget information
Emergency Appropriations Bill
Pay raises for aides
Asset Management Advisory Committee
Board meeting
Briefing materials, 1985
Articles reprinted
Ann Richards
Original art
Treasury visual graphics
Final budget, Treasury, 1984-1985
Report on the Costs Associated with Publicly Financed Debt
Treasury News: safety of public funds


Constituent Correspondence

95-263/T6(04928749)Correspondence: 09.08.00-09.09.00, 1987-1990
Thank-you letters
Information sent to Treasury
To Treasury staff for good work
Unclaimed Property division
Clippings, cards, gifts, publications sent
From colleagues of Richards
Board members, committees
For participation or help with special projects,
For speeches
For positive press
For contributions/donations
Voting in mock elections
Printed material
Understanding a Dream, by Poet Demps Pettway
"STUN" letters [Letters from disturbed of irate individuals]
Letters against
Affirmative Action
Ann Richards
Chain letters
Letters from religious individuals
95-263/T7(04928920)Correspondence: 06.01.01-06.35.00, 1983-1987
State Agencies
Agency referral letters, general
Mental Health and Mental Retardation
Child support
Gay rights
Utility payments
Pension funds
Previous Treasurers
Dallas economy
Attorney General's office
Legal matters
Jim Mattox
Comptroller of Public Accounts
Bob Bullock
Revenue estimates
Sales tax
Department of Agriculture
Jim Hightower
Texas-Israel Exchange
State Purchasing and General Services Commission
General Land Office
Garry Mauro
Secretary of State
Jack Rains
Public official laws
Myra McDaniel
Employees Retirement System (ERS)
Clayton Garrison
Texas College and University System
Coordinating Board
Texas Commission on Alcohol and Drug Abuse
Robb Southerland
Ross Newby
Texas Employment Commission
Department of Human Services
Governor's Commission for Women
Carol Nasworthy
Gay Erwin
Membership list
Department of Highways and Public Transportation
Capital Metro
Savings and Loan Department
Board of Insurance
Legislative Budget Board
Veterans Land Board
Veterans Affairs Commission
Veterans Land Program
Veterans Land Bonds
State Auditor
Lawrence Alwin
Criminal Justice Division
Public Community/Junior College Association
Texas Education Agency
Foundation school program
University of Texas
Board of Regents
Texas Guaranteed Student Loan Corporation
TENRAC [Texas Energy and Natural Resources Advisory Council]
Public Building Authority
Department of Community Affairs
Texas Department of Health
Mental Health Association
Texas Department of Mental Health and Mental Retardation
Public Utility Commission
Cosmetology Commission
Bureau of Vital Statistics
Rehabilitation Commission
95-263/T1a(07085497)Correspondence: 06.11.00-07.02.00, 1986-1990
State and Federal Agencies
Department of Human Services
Child welfare
Adult Protective Services
"OWTG" Award recipients
Department of Health
Bureau of Vital Statistics
Cash receipt processing
Hermas Miller
Chronically Ill and Disabled Children's Services
Governor's Commission for Women
"Outstanding Woman in Texas Government" (OWTG) Award recipients and celebration
Department of Highways and Public Transportation
Minority Business Enterprises (M.B.E.)
Cash Management Task Force
Economic Opportunity Forum
Acquisition and relocation assistance
Savings and Loan Department
First Heights, F.S.A., Houston, TX
State Board of Insurance
Legislative Budget Board
Article V, General Appropriations Act
Budget Execution Proposals
Biennial budget hearing
Texas Employment Commission
"OTWG" Award recipient
Veterans Land Board
State Auditor
Classification Review Report
American Group Trust Committee
Texas Open Records Act
Texas Education Agency
School finance
International Money Management Foundation
Allegations against Windham School District
"OTWG" Award recipient
University of Texas
Thank-you notes
Industrial Areas Foundation
Blackland Neighborhood
Board of Regents
Permanent University Funds Investment
Texas Guaranteed Student Loan Corporation
Annual report
Correspondence [Confidential materials removed to 95-263/T22a and RESTRICTED]
Department of Mental Health and Mental Retardation
Allegations against Austin State Hospital
Public Utilities Commission
Crawford Technical Services
Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission
Fees from hunting and fishing licenses
Department of Commerce
Job Training Partnership Act (JTPA)
TOMIC Development Corporation
International Newsletter: Tokyo
Marketing Division
Texas Film/Music Department
Attorney General
Boycott of Texas record labels
Texas Department of Corrections
Ann W. Richards' visits
Prison reform and ministry
Pardons and paroles
Texas Rehabilitation Commission
"OWTG" Award recipient
Correspondence [Confidential materials removed to 95-263/T22a and RESTRICTED]
Texas Commission for the Blind
Texas Board of Medical Examiners
Railroad Commission of Texas
Oil and Gas Division
Santa Fe Railroad Line
Texas Historical Commission
Clement's veto of Human Burial Protection Act
"OWTG" Award recipient
Worker's Compensation Commission
Texas Workers' Compensation Act
First Boston Corporation
Office of State-Federal Relations
U.S. Senate
Lloyd Bentsen
Revenue Reconciliation Legislation
95-263/T8(04928782)General correspondence: 09.02.01-09.08.00, 1983-1987
Letters from children and students
Thank-yous to Richards for speeches given
Constituent correspondence
Property taxes
Mayor of Galveston Janice Coggeshall
Texas Homeport Trust Fund
State Senator Oscar Mauzy
Mayor of Austin Frank Cooksey
Henry Ellison
City of Austin Sesquicentennial Commission
Travis County
Lateral Road Funds
Child Support
Rapid Transit Authority
Austin Council on Alcoholism
Mayor of Austin Ron Mullen
Congratulations letters
Honors and awards
Meetings with businesses and organizations
Pay equity
95-263/T9(04928589)07.01.00-08.05.00, 1983-1987
Federal government
State/Federal Relations Office
U.S. Congress
Correspondence with various congressmen:
J.J. Pickle
Lloyd Bentsen
Gary Hart
Gonzalo Barrientos
Geraldine Ferraro
Albert Bustamante
Issues and legislation:
Employee Education Assistance Act
Public Health Services Act
Family planning program
Foreign investments
Unclaimed property
Tax Reform Act
Sexual Abuse Act
Immigration bill
Constituent mail forwarded
General thank-yous
Texas Congressional Delegation
Carlton Carl
Federal Reserve
U.S. Treasury Department
Federal agency referral letters [constituent correspondence regarding federal matters, that was forwarded to appropriate agencies/persons]
Federal issues
Federal referral letters
International issues
General correspondence
Local referrals
Requests for donations/contributions
National Association of State Treasurers [NAST]
Organized labor/unions
Social services
Local referral letters
United Cerebral Palsy
Creative Rapid Learning Center
United Way of Texas
National Association of State Auditors, Comptrollers, and Treasurers [NASACT]
95-263/T10(04928090)08.06.00-09.01.00, 1983-1987
Leadership Texas (Austin)
Mississippi Queen conference
County Treasurers' Association of Texas
National Association of Unclaimed Property Administration (NAUPA)
Women's organizations and information
Tyler Women's Forum
Women and Their Work
Texas Women's Alliance
Dallas Women's Foundation
Department of Health
Rules on abortion
Texas State Convention National Organization for Women
Women's International News Gathering Service (WINGS)
Austin Rape Crisis Center
Texas Historical Commission
Women's Advisory Group
American Business Women's Association
The Women's Fund for Research and Education
Texas Foundation for Women's Resources (TFWR)
Governor's Commission on Women
Discovery Class' report on Texas women
Girls' State Organizations
Women's Banking Associations
Houston Area Women's Center
AAUW Educational Foundation
Austin Women's Center
Executive Women in State Government
Texas Bankers Association
Independent Bankers Association
International Exposition of Rural Development
Environmental organizations and issues
Wild Basin Wilderness Preserve
Austin's Clean Indoor Air Ordinance
Environmental improvement loans
The Faulkner Center for Alcohol and Drug Dependence
Alcohol-Drug Education, Inc.
Austin Groups for the Elderly (AGE)
Heart of Texas Foundation
Senior citizens organizations
Southern Regional Council
Council of State Governments
Earthwatch Texas
Capital Area Food Bank of Texas
Laguna Gloria Art Museum
Jewish organizations and trip to Israel
Agudus Achim
Jewish Federation of San Antonio
Dallas Action for Soviet Jews
Houston AIPAC Metro Committee
Jewish Federation of Greater Dallas
Council for Secure America
Dallas Action for Soviet Jewry
Union of Councils for Soviet Jews
American Israel Public Affairs Committee
Texas State Historical Associations
Centre for Development and Population Activities
Galveston Rotary
Baylor Fling
Ann Richards' speech for women graduates
General correspondence
Invitations, events, requests for information
Books and publishing
Condolence letters
Health and public safety
Texas women
Nina Miley
Homestead exemption
National Guard Armory (Medina County)
Galveston Rotary
Republic of Texas money (worth)
Letters of encouragement (primarily to students)
Requests for photographs
Advice for women in public affairs
Death of Richard Yarborough
Section 21.06 of the Texas Penal Code
Thank-you letters
Girls State
South Africa
Texas Legislative Service
"How to Talk Trash to Texans: Plus, the Antidote for Boring Advertising"
NM Rothschild International Asset Management Limited
Christmas greetings
Houston Area Women's Center
Political correspondence
95-263/T11(04928374)03.09.00-04.03.01, 1983-1987
Treasury working information, 1983-1984
Department fund drives, 1983-1984
Issues and special problems, 1983-1984
Knowledge of economics
Accident prevention, 1983-1984
Treasury accomplishments
Installation of centralized capitol complex phone system
Deferred compensation
Treasury organization
Surveys and questionnaires
Treasury operations
Treasury photographs
"Money Talks" publication and mailing list
Vault authorization
Treasury operating budget, 1983-1984; 1985-1986
Budget estimates, 1986-1987
Biennium budget, 1986-1987
Performance and funds management, 1984
Financial topics
Thank-you letters
State depositories
95-263/T13(04928909)09.22.01-09.24.03, 1987-1990
Businesses and organizations
Additions to companies
Changes in staff or business location
Chief Justice
Law firms
Texas Pharmaceutical Association
Laredo County Health Department
Municipal Treasurers Association
University of Houston-Victoria
The Fuji Bank
Swiss Bank Corporation
Price Waterhouse
White House
Posthorn Global Asset Management
Reno Tahoe Company
Southwest Econometrics
Henry Gandy
Office of State-Federal Relations
Triangle Galleries
Milgrim Thomajan and Lee
State Banking Board
General Counsel
Treasurer of Virginia
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Texas Department of Banking
Mesirow Investment Services
Salvation Army
Richards' speech to Texas Advisory Organization Conference banquet
Southwest Texas State University
Richards' commencement speech
Office of the Architect of the Capitol
Texas Books in Review
Baylor Medicine
Wisconsin Treasurer
Constituent and organizational correspondence
[Bulk are requests for financial or legal assistance. Also includes complaints against agencies, support and requests for employment. Like subjects are often not found together, but are filed chronologically]
Anti-smoking laws
Texas Housing Agency
Central American Peace and Democracy Watch
Televised instruction in Texas
Cash management seminar
Tax bill on farmers
Public education
Electronic payment systems
Cigarette taxes
Automobile insurance rates
Austin Family House
Lower Colorado River Authority
Center for Creative Leadership
Lady and The Tramp boutique
Max Sharman
Lyndon Baines Johnson School
Robert Scroggins
Harry Petersen, Jr.
Allison Hightower
Senior Citizens
Health care
Legal matters
California State Finance Advisory Committee
Texas Conservation Corp Program
Barbara Jordan
Kennedy-Western University
Texas Department of Human Services
Vendor Drug Program
Gallery of World Peacemakers
Richards' words on peace
American Educational Complex
[2 folders]
Central Texas College
Republic of Texas notes (worth of)
[2 folders]
Texas Research League
State of Texas silver coins
Department of Public Safety
Texas Independence Bank
State Board of Insurance
Lean Beef Operation
Election inspectors
Citizens Security Savings and Loan Association
Irish Cultural House Incorporation
Home Energy Assistance Program
Teacher education programs
Cigarette tax bills
Income tax
Medicaid funding
Bureau of Vital Statistics (obtaining vital records)
Unclaimed property [Letters with confidential information removed to 95-263/T22a and RESTRICTED]
National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators
Texas Public Finance Authority
Request for help in forming a legal clinic
Renewal of drivers licenses
The Democracy Foundation
Texas Housing Agency
Department of Health and Human Services
Austin economy
Health care
Alabama State Bar
Texas Department of Mental Health
Inmate letters
Social Security/Disability benefits
Requests for financial help or other assistance [bulk]
Student loans
Nursing Board
Association for Retarded Citizens
Education of handicapped children
Robert Thurman case
Social Security Hearing Office
Orphans benefits
"Yellow Rose of Texas" certificate
Older workers program
Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)
Discrimination complaints [Confidential materials removed to 95-263/T22a and RESTRICTED]
Department of Human Services
Special Services Division
United Teacher Association Insurance Company
Legal representation/legal matters
Change in ownership
U.S. Army
Capital Metro Services
College scholarships and financial aid
Independent living facilities
Gonzales County
Lack of commodities
Direct deposit
Checks and accounts
Requests for employment assistance
Honorary Texas Citizenship certificate
Veterans Administration
State Commission on Judicial Conduct
Requests for assistance in locating relatives and friends
Request for assistance in locating a copy of a song, "No Place But Texas"
State Racing Commission
Unemployment benefits
Home Energy Assistance Program
Texas Department of Commerce
Gold Cross Ambulance
Complaints about utility bills and phone bills
Texas Department of Banking
Foundation for a Compassionate Society
Questions about the worth of stock certificates
Sur Oregon Club (Project Bravo)
Questions about Customs House in Bowie County
The Woman's Club of Kingsville
Cancer fundraiser
State bids for services
Old Snake River Property Owners Association
Missing children
State requirements
Parochial schools
Handicapped children
Nursing home benefits
Child custody
Child support
Medical/Health care
Access to adoption records
Laguna Gloria Art Museum
Mt. Sinai Baptist Church
Requests for assistance in relocating to Austin
Savings accounts of the deceased
Obtaining titles to property
Metro Hearing Aid Center
Willing Worker Baptist Church
Church awards banquet
Elderly care
Alzheimer's disease
Colm O'Maoileidigh Irish Dancers of Texas
Requests for school flags
St John's College
Tax identification numbers
Estate disputes
De-annexation of property
Hudson, Texas
Literacy Council of Williamson County
National Young Leaders Conference
Internal Revenue Service
Medically Needy Program
Accidents on the job
Vital records
Aluminum Company of America (ALOCA)
Army re-location
Special education
Long-term disability
Property disputes
Highway Department
Criminals who profit through publication
Access to sealed birth records
Cable for Cripples program
Witness protection
Saving the African-American Child conference
Ann Richards' remarks
Titles to automobiles
Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service (ASCS)
Starr County
Breast cancer
Richards' policy on constituent correspondence
Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)
Requests for employment
Job training
Job connections
Unemployment benefits
Loan/mortgage restructuring
Request for sponsorship
Girls Etc. Outreach
Food stamps
Rio Grande Valley Search and Rescue
Request for funding
Frozen bank accounts
Minority grants
Requests for recipes for various cookbooks
Women's Club of Fort Sam Houston
Operation Kindness
"Little Taste of Texas"
Twilight Home
Dallas Women's Bowling Association
American Business Women's Association, De Soto chapter
150 Year Commemorative, Port Lavaca
Ladies Auxiliary of Forest Grove
Property Owners Association
Carpenter Elementary School
95-263/T14(04928625)04.01.00-05.03.00, 1987-1990
Banking and finance
Rio Grande Savings and Loan, failure of
First Interstate Public Finance
East Park National Bank
Treasury deposits
Citizens Bank
Treasury deposits
Lytle State Bank
Account balance confirmation
1st State Bank
Account balance confirmation
American Bank
Account balance confirmation
Fidelity Bank
Account balance confirmation
Gollob, Morgan, Peddy and Co. [certified public accountants]
Rapid deposit
Advisory Commission on State Emergency Communications
Rapid deposit program
Texas Department of Banking/Texas Banking Commission
Sexual harassment charge [Removed to 95-263/T22a and RESTRICTED]
Chase Manhattan Bank
Texas American Bank
Relationship with Texas Housing Agency/Treasury
First Republic Bank
First State Bank of Miami (TX)
Texas Department of Banking
The Financial Institutions Reform Recovery and Enforcement Act of 1989
Banking Section of the Finance Commission
House Banking, Finance and Urban Affairs Committee
Hearing, March 1989
Conditions of banks in Texas and other states
Banking, Finance and Urban Affairs Committee
Special Asset Banks
Bank One
First National Bank of Bridgeport
Banking policies affecting credit-worthy borrowers
NCNB Texas [Bank]
Banking licenses
Moody's Investors Service
[3 folders]
Printed material (on municipals)
The Bond Buyer, August 25, 1989
Wall Street Journal, August 25, 1989
Fidelity Bank
Highway retainage accounts
Public Securities Association
Collateralized mortgage obligations (CMOs)
Washington Hackett & Co.
State pension funds
First City, Texas
Master Trust Custodian for Treasury
Texas Commerce Bancshares, Inc.
Lepercq Realty Advisors
Treasury investments
TBI Capital Management
Short-term investments
Policies and performance
Texas Education Agency (TEA)
Request for lockbox system
Atlanta Sosnoff
Stock market crash (effects of)
G.T. Capital Management
Houston Area Research Center (HARC)
Community Development Block Grant Program
Ford Foundation
Community based economic development
University of Texas project
Eppler, Guerin and Turner
Research on Texas economy
Gardner and Preston Moss, Inc.
Review of economic and financial conditions
Financial outlook for Southeast Texas (1989)
Article on the economy and deficit reduction
Articles on the economy
Blueprint for financing the economic diversification of the Texas economy.
"One Industrial World" brochure
Research paper for a national stock market program
Texas Land Commissioner
Report on Texas economy
Liz Smith [Daily News]
American economy
Emerging Technology Commercialization
Recovery of Texas economy
Technology Futures, Inc. (Laurel Anderson)
[2 folders]
Small businesses in the international economy
Hall Financial Group
Texas economy
Baylor College of Medicine
Study on economic impact in Texas
University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center (Dallas)
Tannery project (La Salle County)
Benefits to economy
World Policy Institute
Study on world economy
Public Finance Investment Banking
"Global Data Watch"
Individual economic concerns
[2 folders]
Economic statistics showing income distribution
Henry S. Miller/Grubb & Ellis
Merrill Lynch
Flexicash program
Standard & Poor's Ratings Group
Texas State Representative Mike Jackson
Cash management seminar invitation
Ernst and Young
Cash management services
MBank Brownsville
Annual financial reports, budgets, and audits
Department of Highways and Public Transportation
Cash Forecasting Reports
Capital Guaranty Insurance Company
11th District of Texas Court of Appeals
Dallas County Community College District
Texas Optometry Board
6th District Court of Appeals
State Securities Board
Employees Retirement System of Texas
Sul Ross State University
Texas Real Estate Commission
Texas Air Control Board
Texas Racing Commission
Texas State University
9th District Court of Appeals
EF Hutton Group
Cutbacks by municipal bond underwriters
State savings bonds
Mayer, Brown and Platt
[2 folders]
South Carolina v. Baker ruling, [federal government taxing the interest on state and local government bonds]
State Representative Henry Cuellan
Article on tax exempt financing
Hunton and Williams
Tax exempt municipal bonds
Ann Richards' letter to banks on her concern over the South Carolina v. Baker ruling
Association for Governmental Leasing and Finance
Taxation of State and local bonds
General Accounting Office report on tax policy
First Wisconsin Asset Management
Texas water development bonds
Public Securities Association
Tax-exempt bonds (long-term)
Investment authority for the Treasury
Preferred Physicians Insurance Company
Texas Public Finance Authority bond issue
Proposal to restructure the corporate alternative tax
Effect on municipal bonds
IDS Financial Service/IDS Certificate Company
Release of deposits with state of Texas
Cost of bonds in taxes
Sale of excise tax revenue bonds
Public Securities Association
Long-term tax-exempt bonds
Texas College Savings Bond program
Public School Facilities Funding program
EE Series U.S. savings bonds
Midwest Securities Trust Company
Various Texas municipal bonds
Bond interest tax exemption claims
Moody's Investors Service
State of Texas College Student Loan General Obligation Bonds
Senate Post Audit and Oversight Bureau
General obligation bond issue
Public Securities Association
Tax-exempt municipal bonds
Capital Guaranty
"AAA" municipal bond insurance
State of Hawaii
Department of Budget and Finance
General obligation bond issuances
Franklin Group of Funds
The Bond Buyer, August 27, 1990
Institutional Fiduciary Trust brochure
Public Securities Association
"Fundamentals of Municipal Bonds"
Discount Corporation of New York Municipals
State of Louisiana general obligation issue
National Automated Clearinghouse Association
Notes from annual conference in Washington, D.C., 1990
Department of Information Resources
Automated Statewide Inventory System of Texas
Lateral Road Fund
Wichita County Commissioner
Dallas County Commissioner's Court
Angelina County
Travis County judge
Capital Guaranty
Municipal bond insurance
Cigarette taxes
Standard Times reporter's article on taxes
Committee on Tax Equity
State taxes
Mail orders, out-of-state
Sales tax laws
Sales taxes
New automobile sales tax
Advertising sales tax
Delinquent sales taxes
Tax returns
Taxation of out-of-state banks
Taxes, questions
Texas state income tax
Texas inheritance taxes, questions
Assistant U.S. Attorneys
Exemption from attorney's license tax
Tax identification numbers
Tax permits
Illegal use
Flea market and craft sale vendors
"Al Capone" tax bill
HB 2335 (Omnibus Criminal Justice Reform Bill)
HB 24 (increased financial penalties for drug sale/possession)
Business taxes
Senior citizens
Tax advantages
Warehouse tax
Donations to State of Texas General Revenue Fund
Florida's Prepaid Post-secondary Education Expense Program
Employee educational assistance
College tuition savings bonds
Prepaid college tuition programs
Arizona Deputy State Treasurer
College tuition bonds
Auction Agent Services
Texas' annual financial report (FY 1987-1988)
Annual Cash Report (Texas), 1989
State Representatives
Eddie Lucio, Jr.
Bob Bullock's school financing plan
Al Luna
Central American peace accord
Wilhelmina Delco
State employee grievances
Hugo Berlanga
Richard Williamson
Ralph Wallace
Abandoned accounts legislation
Roy Blake
M.A. Taylor
Lloyd Criss
John Culberson
Edgewood v. Kirby
Robert Earley
Bob Hunter
Selection of Abilene as site for Peacekeeper Rail Garrison
Henry Cuellar
David Hudson
Funding problems for Texas' community colleges
D.R. Uher
Unclaimed money fund
Richard Waterfield
Fund for debt consolidation
Texas Legislature (member of)
State agency owned securities
Dan Morales
Local governments
Mickey Leland
Goodman Bus Service
Jerry J. Beauchamp
Job training/ education
Mike McKinney
Prison Construction Alternatives Committee
Orlando Garcia
Prison Construction Alternatives Committee
Robert Earley
Prison Construction Alternatives Committee
Ric Williamson
Prison Construction Alternatives Committee
Steven D. Wolens
Ashley Smith (2)
House Committee on Financial Institutions
Michael Andrews
Bob Bullock
Emerging Technology Commercialization Corp.
J.J. Pickle
International Revenue Code
Mike Andrews
Alternative Fuels Incentive Act
Bob Hunter
Taxes for small businesses
Debbie Sheeran
Unclaimed money
Frank Madla
Bob Melton
Board of Pardons and Paroles
Work Program Facility
Mark Stiles
House Select Committee on Coastal Preservation
Ken VanderVoort
Cash management conference
Layton Black
Frank Tejeda
Ric Williamson
Investment strategies for state pension funds
Ernestine V. Glossbrenner
HB 148 (bonds)
Randy Pennington
Treasury investment policies
Robert Junell
Oil overcharge
Allen Hightower
Debra Danburg
Gibson Lewis (Gib)
Highlights of 71st Legislature (regular session)
Memorial service for Mickey Leland
Cash management
Recommendations for employment of individuals
Eddie Bernice Johnson
Literacy Council
Cyndi Krier
Literacy Council
Ray Farabee
Chet Brooks
Unclaimed property
Richard Anderson
Unclaimed property
Grant Jones
Roy Blake
Carl Parker
Linked deposit program
Chet Brooks
Hugh Parmer
Joint Interim Committee on Affordable Housing
95-263/T14a(07137229)Correspondence: 05.03.00-06.11.00, 1987-1990
[Note: the following is arranged by the agency to which Richards forwarded correspondence, then further arranged by date. This often results in the same subjects being scattered within each agency.]
Various state agencies, departments, committees:
Texas Senate
Texas Legislative Council
Bond Review Board
Health and Human Services Coordinating Council
Child Care Development Board
Bond Review Committee
Sale of Texas bonds
Governor's Office
Bill Clements
Cash Management Improvement Act
Outstanding Women in Texas Government
Equal Employment Opportunity
EEO-4 Report
U.S. Savings Bond Campaign
School finance
Central Office of Federal Funds Management
Drug-free Schools and Communities Act
Governor's Executive Development Board
Management Development Center
American Heart Association
Texas State Management Development Center
United Way/Capital Area Campaign
Central Office of Federal Funds Management
Nevada State Treasurer (Ken Santor)
Select Committee on Tax Equity
New address notice
Legislative Black Caucus
Minority hiring
Texas Junior College Teachers Association
Junior college employees' insurance
U.S. Senate
Lloyd Bentsen
Unclaimed property legislation
Texas Commission for the Blind
SB 617
Texas House of Representatives
Committee on State Affairs
Initiative, referendum, petition, ratification and recall power to the people
[5 bills]
Comptroller rewarding informants who turn in state tax evaders
Texas House of Representatives and Texas Senate
Legislation affecting the Treasury
Texas Housing Agency
Overnight repo
Sunset Review
Texas Probation Association
Ann Richards' speech
Texas Department of Public Safety
Returns of security deposits
Texas Parks and Wildlife
Anonymous donation
Deer dogs
Texas Rehabilitation Commission
Disability benefits
State Securities Board
Texas Securities laws and regulations
State Securities Act
Texas Commission on Human Rights
Equal Employment Opportunity compliance training
Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Officer Standards and Education
Law Enforcement Management Institute
State of Texas Aircraft Pooling Board
Aircraft operations manual
Office of Consumer Protection
Texas Water Development Board
State Property Tax Board
Texas Railroad Commission
Locating oil and gas reserves
Texas Commission for the Blind
Alternative vending concepts
Republic of Texas Bureau of Customs records
Employees Retirement System
Teacher Retirement System
Department of Licensing and Registration
Travis County District Attorney
Treaty oak case
State mowing of private lots
Cigarette theft and tax evasion
Assistant Attorney General
Maternity leave
Insurance companies case
Child support enforcement
Howard Hughes estate case
Health care
Nursing homes
Inexco Oil v. Garry Mauro
Consumer Protection Division
First Mortgage Investment Association
Safety and health seminar
Texas Open Records Act
City sales tax on phone and mail items
Pari-mutuel racing
Unclaimed assets fees
Comptroller of Public Accounts
Energy futures
Texas Annual Financial Report, 1986-1987
Texas Racing Commission Fund
O'Melveny and Myers information
Hiring policies
Businesses not charging and collecting sales taxes
The Recovery Center v. Comptroller
Sales and state taxes
State hotels and motels
Sales and use taxes
Automobile registration taxes
Crime legislation
Prison capacity
Claims division
Late payments
University of Texas Health Science Center
Texas State Bonds
The Recovery Center
Inventory monitoring system
Electronic fund transfers
Electronic tax payments
Texas businesses
Printed material
It's Texas-- Here's Why
Child Care Development Board
Unclaimed property
Rapid payments
Deferred compensation
Cash management
Flea market vendors and state sales tax
Department of Agriculture
Beekeeper suits
"Alternate Programs in Agriculture" [paper]
Texas agriculture
Linked Deposit program
Heritage award
Catfish farms
Deposit of state funds
Outstanding Women in Texas Government
Environmental issues
Child Care Development Board
Request for employment
Rapid Deposit Program
State Purchasing and General Services Commission
Surplus property
Purchasing practices of state agencies
Pay telephone services
State Board of Insurance headquarters
Asbestos air monitoring
Building and Property Services
Disabled accessibility to state agency leased space
Cash handling procedures
General Land Office
Clean energy
Garry Mauro
Unclaimed real property
Adopt-A-Beach program
Purchase of Murchison Middle School
Outstanding Women in Texas Government
Office of the Secretary of State
Election inspectors
Target Oil trademark
Starting a business
Notary Public
Employees Retirement System of Texas
Pension funds
Group Insurance Advisory Committee
Insurance benefits
Retirement benefits for the elected class, 1990-1991
Financial statement
Teacher Retirement System of Texas
Teacher retirement legislation
Forged retirement checks
Teacher retirement funds
Minority firm participation
Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board
Investigation of the affiliated American Educational Complex and Central Texas College
Texas Health Care Data, 1987
Texas Commission on Alcohol and Drug Abuse (TCADA)
Youth services funding
Budget deductions
Drug Abuse Awareness and Prevention campaign
Texas State Plan to Serve Substance Abusers at Risk of HIV
Texas Employment Commission
Dallas conference on the future of Texas
Richards' speech
Delayed benefits checks
Testing procedures
General Aptitude Test Battery
Displaced homemakers and single parents in Texas
Project RIO (Re-Integration for Offenders)
Helping prisoners find employment
Reducing paperwork
State payment penalties
Reduction of state unemployment tax rate
Constituent correspondence:
Thank-you to Richards for speaking at Helen Farabee's memorial service
Request for employment
Cedar Park Village Development
SB 245
SB 2 (Colonias Bill)
Pay raise for state employees
Seat belts on school buses
Paying state employees on the following month
Architectural Passage Act
Smokers' rights
License plate tag stickers
Proposed constitutional amendments, 1989
Worker's compensation
Unemployment insurance
Women and politics
Course syllabus and bibliography
Financial difficulties
Prison conditions
Requests for records
Southwestern Seed Service Laboratory
Texas agriculture
Linked Deposit program
Construction and maintenance companies
Expansion of state sales tax
Industrial maintenance projects
95-263/T15(04928400)Constituent and non-constituent correspondence: 09.10.00-09.22.01, 1988-1990
Austin Independent School District
Printed material
Cultural Arts Directory, Tarrant County
Minority-owned businesses
Programs and organizations
Migrant workers
Texas A&M University Outreach
Spanish as official language of Texas
Affirmative action
Hispanic immigrants
Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Austin
Women and Minorities in Engineering Fund
Emancipation Day "Juneteenth" Commission
Minority hiring and contracting [through Treasury]
H.R. 4000, "The Civil Rights Act of 1990"
Academic programs
College tuition bonds
Students in gangs
Higher education
Loan programs
Prepaid college tuition programs
Reading programs
Austin Summer Reading Camp
Corporal punishment in schools/paddling students
School dropout
Prevention strategies
Merging Texas Southern University and University of Houston
Scholarship programs
Educational issues
Elementary education legislation
Project 2000
State schools closings
Trade schools
Education reform
Gifted and talented programs
Problems with public education system in Texas
School finance
SchoolFacs financing program
Bond elections
Legislation (SB 1)
Minority education
No pass-no play rule
Early childhood education
The Present Education Crisis in Texas, Jon Fleming
Extracurricular activities
Remedial education
Pre-kindergarten programs
"English-only" issue
English as official Texas language
Teachers' salaries and benefits
Teacher education and certification
Teacher career ladder
Discrimination against handicapped drivers
Department of Public Safety
Legislation SB 613
Requests for contributions to publications
Newspaper business
Richards' blurb for Lilian Brown's book
Correspondence with press
Women in Communications
Houston Women
Women in politics and business
Women lawyers
Publications on women
Women's Legislative Days in Austin
Women leaders
Study of women
Texas women
Governor's Commission for Women
Women in history
Rape prevention
Correspondence with Treasurers from other states
Correspondence with state representatives
Change of address notifications
95-263/T16(04928750)Constituent correspondence: 09.36.01-10.04.00, 1988-1990
Child sexual abuse
Child support
Attorney General's office
Child care
Programs and organizations
Day care centers and nurseries
Prison sentences for sexual offenders
State employees
Retirement and benefits
Employees Retirement System of Texas
Payment dates
Consumer protection
Propane pricing petition
Credit reporting practices
Environmental issues
Polluted water
Oil and gas pollution
Hazardous waste
Carver Terrace community
Texas coastal planning
Radioactive waste disposal sites
Student conservation efforts
Environmental business practices
Pantex plant
Earth Day
Energy and chemical plants
Preservation of wildlife
Opposition to toxic waste facilities
Expansion of New Braunfels Municipal Airport
Tax Increment Finance District
Santa Fe Railroad
Sale of North and South Orient Lines in West Texas
Oil spills
Affordable housing
Habitat for Humanity
Shelters for the homeless
Housing programs
Programs and funding
Dallas Gay Alliance
Texas Department of Health
Home equity loans
Mortgage loans
Superconducting Supercollider
Electoral college system
Hunting deer with dogs
Worth of Republic of Texas notes/currency
Political questions
Political articles in the press
95-263/T17(04928818)09.24.03-09.29.03, 1988-1990
Recipe requests
Requests for contributions/donations
Other requests
Alcohol and drug abuse
Rehabilitation programs
Greater Austin Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse
Texas Commission on Alcohol and Drug Abuse
Correspondence with legislators SB 911, Treatment for chemical dependency
Testimony by Richards before the Senate Committee on Health and Human Services
Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act
Educational programs
Animal rights/animal protection
Shooting pet lions
Denial of Permits
Endangered species
Texas Parks and Wildlife
SB 2, Colonias Bill
Water Amendment [Proposition 2]
Migrant health issues
Insurance and workers' compensation
SB 832
HB 18, Omnibus Rural Health Care Act
Medicaid eligibility
Cost of health insurance
Teachers/public school employees
State workers
State Board of Insurance
Rural health care
CIDC [Chronically Ill and Disabled Children] Program
Families dealing with catastrophic illness
95-263/T19(04928851)Constituent correspondence: 04.03.02-04.18.00, 1983-1987
Financial topics
State depositories
Rapid Deposit Program
Demand accounts
Depository Boards
Banking Board/Texas Department of Banking
Branch banking
Point-of-sale terminals
Banking concerns/problems
Bank charters
Interest rates
Commercial paper [Investment of state funds in tax-exempt commercial paper]
Cash management notes
Short-term financing tools
General fund cash flow problem
Short-term Revenue Anticipation Note sale
Cash management notes
Repurchase agreements
Investment funds
Minority Financial Institutions Program
Depository Trust Company
Industrial revenue bonds
Economy [Texas' financial crisis]
Constituent correspondence
Advice, concern, criticism
Budget cuts, businesses, taxes, people with financial problems
New York stock exchange seat
95-263/T20a(07214862)Constituent correspondence: 09.04.00-09.08.00, 1987-1990
Congratulation letters (from Ann Richards)
Honors and awards
Eagle Scouts
Birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, retirements
Committee members
Requests for support
Recommendation and support letters
Requests for employment
General correspondence
Organizations and businesses
Thank-you letters
Legislative matters
Chet Brooks
95-263/T20b(07214851)Constituent correspondence: 09.01.00-09.05.00, 1987-1990
Information sent from businesses
Requests for autographs and photographs
Requests for information on Treasury
Questions about currency and worth of notes
Thank-yous for speeches
Letters about Richards' keynote address to the
Democratic National Convention
Resignations, employment changes, changes of address
People having finance troubles and other problems
Unclaimed property
Letters from students
Youth on drugs
Legislation and federal matters
Schools and universities
School finance
Changes in employment
Congratulation letters (from Ann Richards)
Honors and awards
Eagle Scouts
Birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, retirements
Committee members
Requests for donations
95-263/T21(04928104)Constituent correspondence: 02.25.01-03.08.00, 1983-1987
Unclaimed property [bulk]
White oil
Oil and gas
Texas Treasury Safekeeping Trust Company
Services and products
Computer purchasing
Treasury special staff delegation
1984-1985 Biennium Budget
Space plan
Policies and procedures
Treasury Activity Committee
1983-1984 Coins and currency
Asset Management Advisory Committee
95-263/T24(04928556)Constituent correspondence: 04.29.00-06.01.00, 1983-1987
Financial topics
Cash Flow Management Program
Texas' cash flow problem
Budget, House and Senate plans
Automated Clearinghouse
Lateral road funds
Contributions to General Fund
Efforts to reduce budget/cash flow problem
Legislative issues
Correspondence with state representatives, legislators, elected officials [bulk of correspondence with Gib Lewis, Lena Guerrero, Gonzalo Barrientos, Bill Hobby, Mark White, Bill Clements]
Requests for support/endorsements
Various legislative issues
Cigarette Tax Recovery Trust Fund [Letter from Attorney General removed to 95-263/T22a and RESTRICTED]
Unclaimed property bill
Cash management note legislation
Investment of state funds
Tax Reform Act
Branch banking legislation
Safekeeping Trust Bill
Seatbelts on schoolbuses
State's cash flow problem
State income tax
Oil overcharge
General thank-yous
Voter registration and turnout
Bill Hobby correspondence
Mark White correspondence
Budget reductions
Oil prices
Creation of Texas Treasury Safekeeping Trust Company
Nomination of Richards for Scantlebury award
Bill Clements correspondence
State of the State Address
Appointment congratulations letters
Recommendations for appointments
Constituent correspondence on legislative matters
Governor's Ad Hoc Committee on Interstate Banking
Higher education
Merger of Texas Woman's University and North Texas State University
Select Committee on Higher Education
Clement's Asset Management Task Force
State agencies
Constituent mail regarding various state agencies
Correspondence with representatives of state agencies
Budgets and annual financial reports
Legislation affecting state agencies
Department of Public Safety
Texas Railroad Commission
Texas Youth Commission
T.E.A. [Texas Education Agency]
Department of Human Services
Texas Parks and Wildlife
Texas Indian Commission
Texas Department of Health
Department of Aging
TRS [Teacher Retirement System of Texas]
95-263/T26a(04928670)Constituent correspondence: 02.25.00-04.01.00, 1987-1990
Unclaimed property [bulk]
Inquiries about claims
Thank yous for receipt of money
General suggestions
Delaware v. New York
Texas intervention
Oil and gas
Americans Against Unfair Gas Taxes
Oil, gas and mineral lease
Natural gas benefits
Texas Railroad Commission
Oil and gas royalties
State Bar
State agency owned securities
Master trust custodians
Businesses, agencies and boards
Chase Global Custody
Texas Housing Agency
Texas State Board of Public Accountancy
General correspondence with businesses and organizations
Automated Information and Telecommunications Council
Texas Department of Information Resources
Time account
Rapid Deposit Program
Deferred compensation
Uniform Statewide Accounting System
Item Processing System
Compromise tax bill
Bills passed that affect Treasury
70th regular and special sessions
Lone Star publication
Energy conservation
Recycling program
Employees safety and health
General questions and requests for information
State-Federal relations
Texas State Board of Public Accountancy
Jimmy Paul Vanderbilt case
Value of Republic of Texas notes and currency
Texas Memorial Museum
Obtaining official Texas coins
Abraham Lincoln's money system
Texas Water Commission
Cash Management Reform Act
Treasury stamp on checks
Treasury accomplishments
Registration fee for engineers
Complaints regarding taxes
Texas Water Development Board
Texas Commission on Alcohol and Drug Abuse
Legislative Budget Board
Cash management conference
Cash management seminar
Social Security
Credit insurance
Physical examinations of employees
Westmark Development Corporation
Texas Historical Commission
First RepublicBank
Requests for employment
Bank closures
Effect on Treasury deposits
State budget
Workers' compensation insurance
Governmental Accounting Standards Board
Debt consolidation loans
Texas Growth Fund
Bank loans
Pension fund investments
Texas economy
State depositories
Energy Engineers
Home equity loans
Bank account numbering system
Standard and Poor's
Improving benefits for
Complaints regarding banks
Credit Unions
Tax-exempt status
Bank credit card rates
CITIFILE tax services
95-263/T26b(04928873)Consituent correspondence: 01.00.00-02.25.00, 1987-1990
Freeport exemptions
Income taxes
Requests for biographical information
Requests for photographs
Requests for Richards' opinions on politics, women, her work, leadership
Questions from students
Licenses, Ann Richards
Identification cards
Hunting and fishing license
License plates (official)
Parking identification card, University of Texas football
Minority banks (business with Treasury)
Treasury deposits and financial balances
Legal matters involving Treasury
Tax protests
Texas Insurance Code
Pari-mutuel racing
Application to issue state bonds
American Express Corporate Card program
State bidding and contracts
State of Texas budget crisis
Treasury budget
Trust fund committee
Cigarette taxes
Treasury enforcement of tobacco tax stamp laws
Letters from informants of noncompliance
Requests for employment
Veterans benefits
State Employee Recognition Day
Inventory of Texas Basic Personnel Statutes
Handicapped Employment Report
Career services
Voter registration and awareness
Businesses and organizations
Information sent to Treasury
Invitations to seminars and conferences
Management training
Compliments for Treasury staff
Unclaimed Property Division
Nominations of employees for programs, awards
Letters of recommendation for Treasury applicants
Electronic transfer of funds
Rapid Deposit Program
Linked Deposit Program
School bond program
Texas Department of Banking
Weekly bulletins
Texas Local Government Investment Pool
Cash management
Seminars and conferences
S. 926, Cash Management Act of 1989
Cash management notes
Requests for copies
Unclaimed property
Problems and complaints
Compliments for staff
95-263/T28(04928465)Correspondence 09.29.02-09.36.01, 1988-1990
CIDC [Chronically Ill and Disabled Children]
Disabled persons, discrimination against
Department of Public Safety
HB 1222
New campus, Texas School for the Deaf
Tobacco and cigarettes
Tobacco tax bills
Cigarette Tax Recovery Trust Fund
Smoking restrictions
Daycare legislation
Energy policy
Oil and gas
Natural gas
Electricity rates
Criminal justice
Cost of system
Use of military bases
Construction Alternatives Committee
Education for inmates
Prison-building program
Project B.O.O.T. [Behavioral Optimization and Outreach Training]
Letters from Prisoners
Complaints about prison conditions
Proclamations of innocence
Requests for legal help
Jim Mattox bribery scandal
Plastic surgery for prisoners
Texas Adult Probation Commission
Events supporting HB 2335
Release of prisoners
Letters about prisoners
Correctional facilities
Suggestons for prison reform
Notification of victims about parole of inmates
Prison conditions
Early release of criminals
Board of Pardons and Paroles
Treaty Oak poisoning
National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund
The Alliance of Guardian Angels, Inc.
Drug war
Drug money
HB 2335 work program
Omnibus criminal justice reform bill
Individual crimes
Programs for troubled youth
Death penalty, letters of opposition for
Amnesty International
Suggested license plate slogan for Texas: "Friendship"
Ann Richards' remarks [that slogan was wimpy and more appropriate Kansas or Ohio]
Response letters from Kansas and Ohio
Physical punishment in schools
Adoptive services
Lettes from children
Lack of resources for troubled children
School publication
Protection of children
Child sexual abuse
Missing children
Early Childhood Education and Development Act of 1989
Children's Defense Fund
Paternity laws
Child care
Shelters for abused children
95-263/T30(04928217)Correspondence: 01.01.00-10.06.00, 1983-1987
General thank-yous
Mark White
Chet Brooks
Ross Perot
Richard Celeste
Congratulations to students, 1987
Criticism of Democrats
County bonds
Sale of bonds
Cigarette tax stamps, 1983
Child support enforcement
Cash management
State lottery
Pari-mutuel betting
EMILY'S list
Public money program status report
Senate Caucus
State expenditures
DPS new job classifications
Treasury work sessions
Treasury administration
Internal audit
Restructuring State and County Division
New computer technology
Computer purchases, bids, recommendations
Rapid deposit
Cranston Securities
Cash flow problems and changes/cash management
Interoffice memo, 1984
Equal employment, 1983-1984
Treasury management study, fiscal reporting
Public money program status report
Warrants division
Chargeback state warrants
Securities management
Unclaimed property/money [bulk]
Out-of-state deposits
Hazardous waste disposal fee fund, 1987
Women's Commission Governor's Award, 1986
95-263/T31(04928895)Correspondence: 09.08.00-09.18.00, 1983-1987
"Stun" files
County Treasurers
Other State Treasurers
Borger Hospital case
Minority affairs
Bilingual education
Parenthood education
Yellow Rose of Texas Project, June 1986
Women's issues
Women in politics
95-263/T32(04928261)09.01.00 Correspondence 09.01.00-09.02.00, 1983-1987
General correspondence
Requests for employment
Constituent correspondence
Letters from students
Questions about the Treasury
Treasury cash management
Ann Richards' changes in the Treasury
Visitors to the Treasury
Requests for photographs and information
Lateral road funds
Events and invitations
Information sent from businesses
General requests
Ann Richards' meetings, trips
Treasury business
Unclaimed property laws
Colleges and universities, correspondence with or about
Mary Beth Rogers' correspondence
Treasury business, 1982; 1985 and undated
Harold Jobes, Department of Water Resources contract
Homer Foerster, State Purchasing and General Services Commission
Treasury maintenance
Robert Williams, Chief of Capitol Security
95-263/T23(04928272)Correspondence, Constituent and other, 1981-1989:01.03.00-02.12.00 Legal matters, 1983-1984; 1989
02.23.00 Warrants, 1983-1986
02.25.00 Unclaimed property, 1981-1987
06.03.01 State Agencies, Comptroller's Office
Bob Bullock, 1983-1986
06.04.01 State Agencies, Agriculture Department
Jim Hightower, 1983-1985
General constituent correspondence
Donna May Speer [child support], 1989
School project, 1989
Consumer protection, 1989
Letters from students, 1986-1988
02.20.00 - 10.01.00 Issues and General correspondence, November-December, 1987
Cash management
State employees' benefits
Constituents with individual problems
Congratulations letters
Texas Women's Hall of Fame
Texas Family Land Heritage Program Ceremony
Ann Richards' desk calendar, April - July, 1988
Press, 1983-1990:
Correspondence with the press, 1983-1987
Press releases, 1983-1990
Treasury accomplishments, 1987-1990
Savings of Treasury programs
Treasury newsclippings
Printed material
Treasury Notes brochures
Treasury facts (update)
Treasury functions
Internal memoranda, 1983-1990
Cash management, 1983
Mary Beth Rogers memos, 1983-1984
Invitation to informal event, undated
Treasury minority hiring and contracting, 1989
Records Retention Schedule, 1990
Legislation, [1983?]; 1986-1988 and undated:
Legislative followup / Ann Richards phone calls [1983?]
Legislation affecting the Treasury
Bond Review Board
Treasury Safekeeping Trust Co.
Bill summaries
Federal Reserve legislation
Legislative sessions
Printed material:
"Money Markets 1983"
Uniform Group Insurance Program of the State of Texas
Treasury Unclaimed Property Diskette Reporting System, User's Guide, 1988
95-263/T1a(07085497)Constituent correspondence, 1986-1990:06.12.00 - 07.02.00
95-263/T1b(07173164)Political and Constituent correspondence, 1987-1990:[Bulk regarding federal issues that Richards forwarded to appropriate representatives] 07.02.00 - 09.01.00
Federal legislation and Congressional issues
Representatives, Senators, elected officials
Lloyd Bentsen
J.J. (Jake) Pickle
Bill Archer
Phil Gramm
Governor, Washington D. C.
U.S. Department of the Treasury
Travis County Treasurer
Secretary of State Jack Rains
Railroad Commissioner Kent Hance
Businesses, organizations, agencies and charities
Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas
Texas Women for Soviet Jewry
National Association of State Treasurers (NAST)
American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO)
Leadership Texas
Governor's Commission for Women
Women's Hall of Fame
Women's Advocacy Project
AWARE (Austin Women's Addiction Referral and Education Center)
Bluebonnet Girls State
Women Executives in State Government (WESG)
Planned Parenthood
Individuals and Residents Against Toxic Emissions (IRATE)
Austin Family House
Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)
Texas Civil Liberties Union Foundation
Children At Risk
Texas Humanities Alliance
County Judges and Commissioners Association of Texas
Tax-exempt municipal bonds
Internal Revenue Service (IRS)
De minimus issue
Health care
Social Security
Tax legislation
Cigarette/tobacco tax bill
Daycare/child care
Soviet Jews
Texas Women for Soviet Jewry
U.S. Census
Deferred compensation
Mikhail Gorbachev
Foreign interests and trade
Central America
Soviet Jews
Soviet military
U.S.-Mexico trade
South Africa
Middle East
Margie Elizabeth Neal
Mental health and mental retardation
Family violence
Clean Air Act
Election inspectors
Republic of Texas notes (worth of)
Criminal justice system
Rehabilitation programs
AWR9Constituent correspondence:
Outgoing correspondence regarding the environment, 1989-1991
Treasury correspondence
Travel itinerary, Europe, December 1984
95-263/T23(04928272)Travel vouchers, 1983-1985

95-119/A1(07214830)Press and Publicity:
Newsclippings, Presidential campaign, 1988
AWR9Articles, newsclippings, 1983, undated
Press releases, 1984-1990
2.325/U89 Publications and reports:
Treasury Facts, Prepared by the Office of Ann W. Richards, State Treasurer, May 1983
Motivations, Aspirations, Perceptions, Opinions, and Work Styles of Leadership Texas Women, Final Report, Prepared by Cristina Banks, Cheri Ostroff, Elizabeth Souter [1983?]
Money Talks, Treasury newsletter, December-January 1986
Emergency Budget Estimates, Texas State Treasury Department, Ann W. Richards Treasurer, Fiscal Year 1983, January 19, 1983
Ann Richards, Texas State Treasurer: A Study of Her First Year in Office, Texas Foundation for Women's Resources, Ruthe Winegarten, Project Director, (draft) 1983, 1983
Blueprint for Transition: A Case Study of the State Treasury of Texas, report by Lynn Whitten, 1983
Texas State Bonds: An Overview and Comparison of Costs, Prepared by the Texas State Treasury Department, December 1987
Costs for bulk mailing of bond report
"The Bottom Line on the State Treasury is Non-Tax Revenue," article by Ann Richards for the Texas House Democratic Caucus Newsletter, May 2, 1989
Treasury Accomplishments from January 1-October 31, 1983
Emergency Budget Estimates, Texas State Treasury Department, Fiscal Year 1983, January 19, 1983
Treasury Progress Report Submitted to the Sixty-eighth Legislature, May 1983
Investment Policy Manual, Texas State Treasury Department, undated
State Depository Applications for FY 1990-1991, Submitted for Review by the State Depository Board on August 7, 1989, Texas State Treasury
Uniform Statewide Accounting System Implementation Project, Initial Report to the Uniform Statewide Accounting System Committee, August 25, 1989
Performance and Funds Management Report, Submitted to the Legislative and Executive Budget Offices, March 31, 1990
AWR9Emergency Budget Estimates Fiscal Year 1983, January 19, 1983
Treasury Progress Report: Submitted to the Sixty-Eight Legislature, May 1983
State of Texas Treasury Investment Policy
State Depository Applications for FY 1990-1991, August 7, 1989
Uniform Statewide Accounting System Implementation Project, August 25, 1989
Performance and Funds Management Report, March 31, 1990

Correspondence, 1983-1990:
Social security numbers
Requests for employment and resumes
Personnel files, 1983-1987

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