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A Guide to the Henry R. Cassirer Papers, 1936-2005

Descriptive Summary

Creator Cassirer, Henry, 1911-2004
Title Henry R. Cassirer Papers,
Dates: 1936-2005
Abstract Correspondence, printed material, scripts, notes, reports, audio tapes, photographs, speeches, and scrapbooks document the life and career of Henry R. Cassirer, particularly his work as a CBS executive in the 1940s and his long association with UNESCO.
Identification: 96-017; 96-146; 2005-003
Extent 24 ft., 3 in.
Languages Materials are in English, German, and French.
Repository Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin

Biographical Note

Born in Berlin, Germany, in 1911, Henry Cassirer attended the Odenwaldschule, an experimental school founded by his grandfather near Frankfurt. The rise of Nazism caused him to abandon Germany for England where he completed his education and worked in radio at the BBC. In 1942, he immigrated to the United States where he began a career with CBS and served as editor in chief for television news. After obtaining his U. S. citizenship he was employed by UNESCO and in 1952 moved to Paris becoming a roving ambassador and consultant for the organization. Henry Cassirer died December 28, 2004.

Scope and Contents

Correspondence, printed material, scripts, notes, reports, audio tapes, photographs, speeches, and scrapbooks document the life and career of Henry R. Cassirer, particularly his work as a CBS executive in the 1940s and his long association with UNESCO. Personal papers include correspondence with his parents and information about his early life.

NOTE: Some material in German and French.



Organized by type of material. Arrangement varies.


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Cassirer, Henry R.--Archives.
Columbia Broadcasting System, inc.
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Henry R. Cassirer Papers, 1936-2005, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin.

Detailed Description of the Papers



2G42 Reel-to-Reel Tapes:
Rival brand,
1/4 in. × 1200 ft., 7" reel:
Rival brand, 1/4 in. × 1200 ft., 7" reel, 7/11/59:
"Concertino de Printemps"
"Ballad for Americans"
Rival brand 1/4 in. × 1200 ft., 7" reel, Darius Milhaud concert
BASF Tonband Fur Grundig-Gerate 260m, DM 19:
Manuel de Faya
BASF magnetophonband,
270m, 900 ft.
Type L R audiotape,
900 ft.:
"Te Deum de Lully," 1/11/59
"Litany pour Orque," de Bernard Allain
Type L R audiotape, 900 ft., Yiddish songs
BASF 4.60
Scotch tape, 600 ft., Purdue 1961
Scotch tape,
600 ft.:
Hugh McCoy-Wild tracks
The Firing Line with R. Ashtoy, CBS Station KNX, Los Angeles, July 1964
Viresse I9, "Echo Of The Drums," 13'28
Scotch tape,
1200 ft.:
Scotch tape,
1200 ft.
Scotch tape,
1200 ft.:
"Motivation and the Reborn Artist"
Mahler, Cavelti, et al
Tape, Lotte Lenya, Das Bilbao Lied
Tapes from parents, Edith, Radio OIT, La Radio Rurale au Senegal
BASF tape, R.
Scotch tape, 80. Geb. Kurt, 1963
Scotch tape, L.A. TV program, August 16, 1964
Magnetophonbond tape, Kurt Geb., 1963
Philips tape, chamber music, 1962
Loose tape, spur
2 copie
Videotape, HC anniversaire, August 25, 1991
2G43 Photographs and negatives:
Photographs and negatives of children, December 1952, August 1954:
Vivi, December 1952, 1954, 1955, August 1954
Unidentified people and places:
Vacation, August 1952
Deauville, 1953
Puerto Rico
Nance and Seine
Contact sheets #1 of 3:
San Remo
Lucy's birthday, 1954
UNESCO flash test, 1954
1954, 1955
January 1955
November 1953
October-November 1955
Rome, 1953
October-November 1954
1954, 1955
Paris, Tangier September 1955;
Spring, 1953
February, 1956
TV in Nord Arras
La Provence, Spring 1955
Contact sheets #2 of 3:
January 1955
Paris, 1956
Prades, 1956
October 1956
Paris, 1956
May 1953
Orleans, 1954
1952, 1953
Christmas, 1956
Italy, 1957
June, 1958
Contact sheets #3 of 3:
Roscoff, 1958
Golden wedding anniversary, Paris [Cassirer's parents]
Italy, Newhouse, 1960; May 1960
UNESCO missions to:
Pakistan, Israel, 1960
Israel, 1961
Felix, 1961
Envelope with unidentified negatives
August 1954
Unidentified contact sheet
Miscellaneous photographs #1 of 3:
Portraits, 1972
Photographs on scrapbook pages, 1947
UNESCO photograph exhibition on the disabled, 1981
Pace de Fontenoy
Miscellaneous photographs #2 of 3:
Miscellaneous loose photographs
Henry Cassirer, official photographs
Miscellaneous photographs #3 of 3:
Photographs of old Buddhist temples and shrines
Mali, 1968
Envelope with miscellaneous contact sheets
Envelope with photograph and small weaving
Henry Cassirer, official (mission, travel photos)
Photographs from scrapbook: Einige Bilder aus Kanada, 1947
2G44 Notes on miscellaneous projects:
Working files, 1944-1951:
Ford Foundation project
Film projects
News book
Axis propaganda
Small nations
Business correspondence
Until 1951-:
Miscellaneous notes, speeches, pamphlets
Notes concerning TV News, #1 of 3
Notes concerning TV News, #2 of 3
Notes concerning TV News, #3 of 3
"Truman and Beyond"
Documents, #1 of 2
Documents, #2 of 2
Miscellaneous photographs, newspaper articles, notes, #1 of 2
Miscellaneous photographs, newspaper articles, notes, #2 of 2
Miscellaneous magazines, journals
2G45 Miscellaneous notes, journals, and books:
Notes, CBS News, loyalty board
Notes, articles written during World War II
Miscellaneous notes
Notes concerning World War II, CBS News:
Miscellaneous notes, journal
Education and TV
Polio photographs
TV news, education, miscellaneous notes
Parent education:
Articles, miscellaneous notes
Rural Development Education, #1 of 3
Rural Development Education, #2 of 3
Rural Development Education, #3 of 3
Deutsche Verlags-Anstalt: Notes on Symposium:
"Communication and the Future of Higher Education," #1 of 2
Deutsche Verlags-Anstalt, #2 of 2:
Notebooks and notes
Miscellaneous journals, book, Seeds in the Winds of Change (inscribed)
2G46 Maps and journals:
Notes, journals, photographs of early CBS
Magazines, maps, articles, postcards
Scrapbook of newspaper articles regarding "Axis" newspapers, column: "Listening to Berlin" written by Henry Cassirer
Dr. Andre Berge, Etre Parent Aujourd'hui
Dr. Andre Berge, Aujourd'hui L'enfant
Paul Geheeb Briefe, Paul Geheeb
Roger Brunet, Le Redeploiment Industriel
Henry R. Cassirer, Und Alles Kam Anders
Henry R. Cassirer, Seeds in the Winds of Change
Henry R. Cassirer, Television Teaching Today
Henry R. Cassirer, Kommunikation und die Zukunft der Bildung
Reinhard Cassirer, B.A., The Irish Influence on the Liberal Movement in England 1798-1832, with Special Reference to the Period 1815-32.
2G47 Books, manuals, pamphlets:
Development Digest:
Bibliography of Works on Cartographic Communication
Television, a World Survey
Audio Visual Communication Review
UNESCO Chronicle
L'innovation en Haute-Volta
Cornelia Quarti, Profession: Parent
Ausbildung der Ausbilder
Cirf: Training for Progress, 1969
Cirf: Training for Progress, 1970
Cirf: Training for Progress, 1971
Gunter D. Roth, Mobilisierung der Berufsbildung
"Arbeitsheft Sozialkunde," tele-BERUF
"Arbeitsheft Volkswirtschaft," tele-BERUF
"Bayerischer Rundfunk," tele-BERUF, Institut Panafrican pour le Development
Institut Panafrican pour le Developpement, Xth anniversary publication
Internationale Africaine des Forces pour le Developpement, Avril 1975,
Mediensysteme in der Erwachsenenbildung, Mediaprojekte, 1975
Manual on Rural Broadcasting, March 1976
Mediaprojekte, Teilentwurf Curriculum Horfunk, Marz 1976
"Stichworte," tele-BERUF
Panafrican Institute for Development
"Rapport General du Colloque Interafricain" (X anniversaire)
Television in vocational education:
Working Paper 1: "Vocational Education in the Countries of the European Community"
Working Paper 2: "Institutions"
Working Paper 3: "Subject Bibliography"
Working Paper 4: "Attempt to Define Terminology"
Asia Calling, January 1976
Asia Calling, January 1979
Africom, January, February 1978
Development Communication Report, June 1981
Development Communication Report, September 1981
Development Communication Report, December 1981
Rapport d'Activite de l'Institut Panafricain pour le Developpement IPD 1973-1976
Notes and journals: Vocational Education, #1 of 2:
"Exams and Schematics," winter 1972-1973
"Report on Media in Vocational Training"
"Volkswirtschaft Wenn sie," tele-BERUF, Trimester 2
"Wenn sie Sozialkunde," tele-BERUF, Trimester 3
Lehrmittelring: Medien in Berufsausbildung
Notes and journals: Vocational Education, #2 of 2:
United Nations development programme
Adult education programs
Report: "La Formation des Professionnels de la Radio et de la Television en Afrique"
Articles, notes, reports, newsletters and manuals: satellites
Notes: satellites
Notebooks: satellites
Dossier de recommandations
Le Bulletin de l'Idate
ESA contract report
Seminar and workshop on the ESA Olympus satellite
2G48 Reports: naturalization, CIA and FBI:
Naturalization, CIA and FBI, and correspondence concerning:
U.S. visa for parents, #1 of 3
Naturalization, CIA and FBI, #2 of 3
Naturalization, CIA and FBI, #3 of 3
Spirituality, cybernetics, communication, economic and social development, articles, notes and audiocassette tapes:
"Pitfalls of Cybernetics," article and letter
Chapter on communication, economic and social development
Audiocassette tapes:
Alpbach 1, David Bohm 1983 #
Alpbach 2, Fritjof Capra 1983 #
Alpbach Dalai Lama 1983,
Alpbach, Bermann A
Alpbach, Francisco Varella 1983,
Roberto Laneri
Article, notes and letters:
Nada Brahma
Flexible training conference, notes and audiocassette
Magazine and seminar printed matter:
InterMedia, November 1984
National Seminar on Communication Research in India, March 1984,
(2 copies)
Notes, news articles, journals, photographs:
Press reports concerning UNESCO
Pamphlet; Actualites Sociales
Rola Telewizji W Nauczaniu, #23, 1963
The Designer, September 1971
Film User, September 1971
Speeches, journals 1971:
"Mass Media, Adult Education"
"Communications, Key to Man's Self-Awareness"
"Los Medios de Informacion y la Evolucion Rural"
"Les Moyens d'Information et l'Evolution Rurale"
"Education in a Society of Modern Communication"
Vis Com 71
Icographic, October 1971
Papers and reports concerning educational communications, October 1971
2G49 Notes, journals, 1972:
United Nations, notes and articles, and journals:
Ceres, French version November-December 1972,
Ceres, English version November-December 1972,
International Child Welfare Review, English version
International Child Welfare Review, French version
"Le Role de la Television dans l'Education des Parents," October 1971
"Formation, Action Pour Le Developpement," Fevrier 1972
Notes and articles, 1973:
United Nations, September 1973
"Notes on the Future of Communication in a Democratic Society" by Henry Cassirer
Journal: C. O. Informations, 1973
"Oso-nachrichten," October 1973
Newsletter: Social and Human Forecasting, Autumn, 1973
Prix Jeunesse Tage child, family, television 1973,
Prix Jeunesse Tage 1973
German Foundation for International Development, African Broadcasting in the Seventies
Glenn T. Seaborg, et al, Maitriser Le Futur
Notes, journals, magazines 1974, 1975:
"Wissenschaftsdienst," August 1974
"Ninth International Course on Vocational Education and Teaching in Agriculture," English version 1974,
"Ninth International Course on Vocational Education and Teaching in Agriculture," French version 1974,
"Les Moyens de Communication au Service d'une Nouvelle Orientation de l'Education au Maroc," September 1974
Abstracts, 1974
Mass Media in an African Context, no. 69
Mass Media in an African Context, no. 69, French version
"Bild der wissenschaft," February 1974
"Oso-nachrichten," February 1974
Development Digest, October 1974
Education for Rural Development, April 1975
Neue Sammlung, Marz / April 1975
Innovation, English, French versions August 1975,
Innovation, English, French versions October 1975,
Eva Cassirer-Solmitz, Kurt Cassirer: Zum Gedenken
Notes, papers, journals, 1976:
Ebu Review English, French versions 6, November 1976,
Educational Media International
ICEM CIME, September 26, 1976
INTERMEDIA, April 1976
Mass Media Adult Education
Mediaprojekte, 1976
Notes, articles, journals, 1977:
Africom, 1977
Icograda Congress, 1977
Innovation, February 1977
Inter, April 15, 1977
Evolving Perspectives On The Right To Communicate
Interstages, 1977
Journal Of Communication, Spring 1977
Literacy Discussion
2G50 Notes, journals, books:
Notes, journals
Henry Cassirer; Kommunikation und die Zukuft der Bildung
Fernsehen und Bildung
Journalism Quarterly, September 1949
A Televizio Szerepe A Szulok Neveleseben
Radio for Education and Development, May 1977
L'Universite a Domicile, October 1972
Universita e Televisione, 1972
Kommunikations, Medien und die Zukunft der Hochschul-Ausbildung, November 1973
L'integration Scolaire des Enfants et Adolescents Handicapes, September 1985
2G51 Notes, journals, magazines, notebooks, books:
Concerning learning for the handicapped, civil rights for the handicapped, photographs, disability, UNESCO, les femmes et le handicap
Notes, journals:
Handicapped information
Notes, articles, journals
Notes, articles, photograph concerning handicapped, 1981-1983
A Voice Of Our Own
L'OIT et le Monde du Travail
Journals concerning handicapped
Notebooks concerning handicapped, I, II, III VI VII 1981, 1983-1984, 1984-1985, 1986-1987,1988,1990
2G52 Scrapbook #1, #2, #3:
Scrapbook pages:
IJ-It's news to me
K-It's news to me financial
T-TV Ideas and projects
Scrapbook #2:
Scrapbook pages:
B-Buma, bank correspondence
E, F-Financial
M-Medical correspondence
P, Q-Photo
S, T-Taxes, TV projects
W-Correspondence with R. Mueller, H. Weintzel, G. Weisner
Scrapbook #3, Correspondence in alphabetical order:
N-Z, correspondence with family and friends, 1950s, 1960s
Correspondence with parents, Marta, Tom, 1950s, 1960s
2.325/D42b Oversize scrapbook pages
2G53 Photographs, journals, correspondence:
Miscellaneous photographs
Training notes, articles, journals
Notes, documents for book on communication: Man to Man
Publishers, 1987-1988
Publishers, copies of UNESCO documents for Man to Man, Journal: Chronologie de L'UNESCO 1982-1984,
Notes concerning TV News, miscellaneous notes
Copy of chapter one: "Myth of Invincible German Army"
"Watch that Propaganda Line"
Chapter eight: "Adventures of a Short Wave Listening Station"
Synopsis for "Listen to Hitler"
"A Democratic Yankee"
"Report to the Nationa," February 1944
Suggested classification of my papers, 1972
Correspondence and documents, 1979
Correspondence, 1996
Miscellaneous journals
Henry R. Cassirer: Seeds in the Winds of Change
Henry R. Cassirer: Journalismus 30 Und Alles Kam Anders L'Espace et la Communication
2G54 Journals, articles, notes, 1952-1971:
UNESCO journals, 1952-1959
Audio Visual Communication Review, Fall 1957
Television Education Populaire, May 1958
Peuple Et Culture, December 1954
"Atti del Convegno Nazionale de Studio Sulla Televisione per Ragazzi," UNESCO, 1955
Notes, articles, (volume II) 1952-1959
Miscellaneous journals
The Illustrated Weekly of India, September 14, 1958, September 21, 1958
Until 1963, notes, articles (UNESCO, educational TV)
USC, 1964
Notes, UNESCO, educational radio and TV, 1966, 1967, 1968
2G55 Journals, articles, notes 1970-1971:
UNESCO notes, 1969-1970
Journals, magazines
Articles, notes: satellites, film
Miscellaneous notes, articles, journals concerning satellites
Group RA correspondence, parts III and IV
2G56 Notes, correspondence concerning consultant for Swiss television:
Miscellaneous notes and correspondence:
Consultant for Swiss television,
Mademoiselle Kathleen Kelley
Notes, correspondence:
Bayerischer Rundfunk consultant, 1972
Telekolleg, Teleberuf
Miscellaneous notes, articles, correspondence:
Miscellaneous photographs
Photocopy of German passport, 1939
Journals, notebooks, articles:
Telekolleg, September 10, 1972, November 12, 1972,
Telekolleg, December 14, 1972
Ontario Institute of Studies in Education, 1974
Course #3107XS:
Christopherson, Eleanor M.
House, Joan
Hulley, Gary
Kolakowski, H.
Lang, Daniel W.
Lane, Bessie E.
Lewis, David
Lourim, Mike
Macrae, Dawn
Moorcroft, Robert
Myles, Gord
Pearse, Shirley
Strong, Fred
Course #1114XS:
Barron, Helen
Biss, John
Cawley, Richard
O'Reilly, A.
Heiner Letters, 1951-1970
2G57 Miscellaneous correspondence, reports, journals, miscellaneous notebooks:
Miscellaneous correspondence:
Frau Eva Cassirer Heppenheim/Bergstrasse Odenwaldschule
Briefe on Heiner
Annotated report on adult education and media in Hungary for UNESCO survey
Report on India Rarm forum with my annotated questions and part of comments
Miscellaneous journals and notebooks
Various files of personal interest
The Right To Communicate, part I, sections A and B
Geography, notebooks, maps, notes
Communication work after retirement:
Communication planning, 1972
Communication policies
Notes, reports:
Agriculture education, 1973-1980
Ecole Superieure de Telecommunications, 1977
Handicap and sexuality
Personal correspondence 1941, 1955, 1965
2G58 London University correspondence and papers, IVC parent education, Senegal:
London University professional correspondence
London University, #2
Notebooks concerning London University
London University, notes, articles, booklets
Parent Education, notes, articles, reports, correspondence
Parent Education, notes, articles, reports, correspondence, continued
International Year of the Child:
Planned Parenthood, letters and notes
"Parenthood and the Care of the Child," notes and reports
United Nations correspondence
Miscellaneous notebooks and reports
Deutsche Welle Mission, February-March 1976:
Haute Volta
Cote d'Ivoire
2G59 Senegal: notes, articles, journals, notebooks:
Notes, articles:
Report from Henny de Jong, Dakar April 1970-1971,
Letters: 1936, 1937, 1938, June 1940
Correspondence, briefe, 1936-1946
H. Cassirer personal papers, 1968, 1969, 1970, 1971
Publications collected by parents of H. Cassirer
Correspondence, 1962, 1967, 1969, 1970, 1971, 1974
Africa, 1963
UNESCO, March 12, 1964
September 1964
#4, Mexico, 1964
#5, Nigeria, TV meeting, September 17-30, 1964
#7, UNESCO, Geneva, ITU Conference, October 14, 1964
#8, Cairo, November 1964
#9, Prague; Warsaw, Poland, 1965
#10, Bern, September 1-2, 1965
#11, Dakar, October 1965
#12, Dakar II, October 1965
#13, Munich, October 17-18, 1965
#14, Bangkok, May 1966
#17, Germany, July 29, 1966
#19, Rome, Basel, November 28, 1966; December 3, 1966
#20, IEEP, 4/7/1966
#21, UER meeting 9, 10, September 1966
2G60 Various notebooks:
#2, Africa II, 1966
#15, UN Roundtable, Bangkok, 1966
Brussels, February 22-23, 1968
Munich, June 13-14, 1968
#18, Prague, Poland, October 4-10, 1966; October 11-15, 1966
#22, USA, April 1967
#23, Munchen, January 16, 1967
#23, Brasil, Dakar, May 8-17, 1967; May 18, 19, 1967
#24, Munich, February 20, 1967
#25, UK, February 27-March 3, 1967
#26, Heubode, July 17, 1967
Dakar, December 3, 1967
Geneva, November 27, 1967
FAO, May 7-15, 1968
Brasil, December 7-18, 1968
Mali, Senegal, October 7-10, 1968; October 10-17, 1968
Geneva, November 26, 1968
Monte Carlo, March 20-22, 1969
Brussels, Netherlands, May 5-6, 1969
Denmark, August 8-9, 1969
U.S., September 2, 1969
Munich, February 12, 1969
Brussels, February 26, 1969
XX Ferrer
Violence 29, July 6-7, 1970
Violence II
Italy, March 18-21, 31, April 1, 1971
Jamaica, Cambridge, May 7-15, 1971; May 16-28, 1971
Sopron, Canada, October 4-8, 1971; October 11-15, 1971
IPPF, London, October 20-23, 1971
General conference, 1970
General conference, II 1970,
Munos, Brussels, Boun, February 5, 1970; February 19, 1970; February 20, 1970
Ceylon, Malaysia, Siuggiore March 13, 1970; February 4, 1970; April 4-11, 1970
New York, Canada, April 27-May 2, 1970; May 5-8
Munchen, June 13, 1970
WHO, August 16-18, 1970
Washington, Alaska, August 18, 1970; August 18
Alaska II; Korea 16. IX August 31, 1970
Munich, Vienna, 19-2 VII July 12, 1971; 1971
Communication Policies, January 1, 1972
I Communication Policy and Planning Workshop, July 17-29, 1972
II Communication Policies Workshop, July 1972
Geneve, CO, January 31, 1973
Hungary, October 21-26, 1974
2G61 Copies of Radio and Television, Stoke Mandeville, Alaska:
Radio and Television Forces Of Change, file copy, parts I-IV
Radio and Television Forces Of Change, parts I-IV
Premiere Partie Qu'est-ce Que L'Environment des Travailleurs?
Radio and Television Forces Of Change
(second copy)
Part I, Radio and Television; Part II, The Message
Stoke Mandeville: notes, correspondence, brochures and pamphlets
Notebooks concerning Stoke Mandeville
TTT Television Teaching Today, articles and correspondence
Correspondence and stories, Chu Chu and Bow Wow
NEA, Alaska, Alaska Satellite Project, notes, articles, correspondence, National Geographic map of Alaska August, September 1970;
Booklets on Alaska education
2G62 Books, pamphlets, correspondence, UNESCO reports:
Correspondence with Edith Geheeb, 1941
BBC, 50 Deutsches Programm, 1938-1988
CBS News on D-Day
CBS Program Book, January 1942
L'Espace et la Communication, Mars, Avril 1971
Maitriser Le Futur
Senghor Liberte 1 Negritude et Humanisme
Zum Gedenken, Eva Cassirer-Solmitz, Kurt Cassirer
Sur le Cinema et la Television, Tanger, 1955
UNESCO, notes from various conferences, #1 of 2
UNESCO, notes from various conferences, #2 of 2
UNESCO Reports and Papers on Mass Communication:
Nos. 11-31
2G63 Nos. 32-99
Miscellaneous photographs: personal and professional, #1 of 2
Miscellaneous photographs: personal and professional, #2 of 2
Photographs from small scrapbook from the Information Service of the government of the Republic of Senegal
Boat information
"Altpapier" and `Glass-wool'
2G64 H. Cassirer publications index 46-80, photographs, cassettes:
Index cards #1 of 2:
Index cards #2 of 2
Kurt Cassirer photograph negatives
Old photographs, negatives and viewmasters
3Z289.1 Fourteen glass negatives [restricted]
2G64 Audiocassette list
Inhalt Regina Ullmann, tape
Edith Geheeb, September 28, 1977
Edith Geheeb, September 29, 1977
Edith Geheeb, June 1976
Edith an Kurt, January 9, 1974
Edith an Kurt, 1975
Radio seminar concerning handicap, December 21, 1991
Lucienne Billon
Interview with parents, December 10, 1972
Talk with father and Edith concerning Nazis, August 28, 1973
Vater und Heiner über die Cassirer familie, February 16, 1975
Reunion parents/eus, November 26, 1985
Catherine B., reunion parents/eus, November 26, 1982
Reunion parents/eus, 3
Cassirer, St. Martin Medaille, 3/5/1991
Memo Prix Jeunesse, July 13, 1972, January 23, 1973
Francis Angelloz, Radio Semnoz, 6/5/89
BBC German service, July 1989
Droits de l'enfant, October 31, 1988
Report on mission to Senegal, February 20, 1969
Senegal, Senegalese cradle songs 1969;
Interview UNESCO expert, October 1971
Interview with Cal Nordenstreng and Elihu Katz, September 16, 1973
Rene Cassin et les droits de l'homme, January 7, 1983
Collectif Handicap Radio Contrebande, #1, #2, #3, May 24, 1984
Brazil, S. Jose dos Campos, interview of National Commission for Space Activities December 19, 1968;
Jayweera discussion on education and broadcasting, 1970s
From Chester Burger to Dr. Henry Cassirer
From Chester Burger to Dr. Henry Cassirer, News, 1946
Arlette and Henry, radio, Geneve, November 9, 1979
At home, analyzing Romeo and Juliet, November 1968
New Year's, 1968-1969
Vivi with guitar, February 8, 1971
Chez Arlette Chou Chou and Bow Wow, 1969
UNESCO party, October 27, 1971
Closing statement, Stuttgart symposium, November 4, 1972
Talk with A concerning book, December 25, 1972
NEA briefing on mission to Alaska, August 18, 1970
Father Randall interview in Stebbins, Alaska, September 1970
2G65 8 mm film:
Buma (version francaise) UNESCO
Les Mass Media et L'Education des Adultes
Ces Dames de Camelia
La Television au Village, version francaise
TV UNESCO, ces Dames de Camilia
2G126 Henry Cassirer emails and letters to Chester Burger, 1996-2003
Henry Cassirer and friends emails and letters to Chester Burger, 2004-2005