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A Guide to the William A. Blackburn Papers, 1869-1909

Descriptive Summary

Creator Blackburn, William A., 1969-1909.
Title William A. Blackburn Papers
Dates: 1869-1909.
Abstract Papers concerning activities of W. A. Blackburn, lawyer, of Austin, Texas, and other family members, with some local church records.
Extent 7 ft., 5 in.; manuscript, typescript, printed, photographic.
Language Materials are in English and German.
Repository Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin

Scope and Contents

Papers concern legal activities, land speculation, and estate management for the Townsend family and the activities of W. A. Blackburn, lawyer; W. D. Blackburn, mining engineer; and N. T. Blackburn, engineering professor. They contain correspondence, bills, receipts, powers of attorney, wills, photographs, daybooks, journals, diary, scrapbook materials, and record books for the First Presbyterian Church and for the German Methodist Episcopal Church of Austin, the latter in German.

Photographic collection consists of photos of Townsend family members and commercially produced stereographs of Colorado, Fairmont Park in Philadelphia, and San Jose Mission in San Antonio. Also contains early snapshots, possibly of sharecroppers' houses.

Index Terms

Subjects (Persons) - Papers
Blackburn, Nathaniel Townsend.
Blackburn, W. D.
Blackburn, William A.
Robards, Charles L.
Townsend family
Subjects (Persons) - Photographs
McKinley, William
Robertson, James Harvey
Townsend Family
Subjects (Organizations) - Papers
First Presbyterian Church (Austin, Tex.?)
German Methodist Episcopal Church of Austin
Methodist Episcopal Church, South
Presbyterian Church.
Places - Papers
Austin (Tex.)
Taylor (Tex.)
Places - Photographs
Austin, Texas
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Subjects - Papers
Land speculation
Practice of law
Mines and mining
Subjects - Photographs
Austin Dam (Colorado River)
Bullfights and bullfighters
Daniel Baker College (Brownwood)
First Presbyterian Church (Austin)
Houses and housing
Rocky Mountains
San Jose y San Miguel de Aguayo Mission
Texas - Capitols.
Other Creators - Photographs
Chamberlain, W. D. (photographer)
Doerr, H. A. (photographer)

Related Material

Blackburn-Townsend Family Papers, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

William A. Blackburn Papers, 1869-1909, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin

Detailed Description of the Collection


William A. Blackburn Papers Inventory

3H53 General, (W. A. Blackburn) 1870-1873
3H54 General, (W. A. Blackburn) 1874-1876
3H55 General, (W. A. Blackburn) 1877
3H56 General, (W. A. Blackburn) 1877-1878
3H57 General, (W. A. Blackburn) 1880-1886
3H58 General, (W. A. Blackburn) 1887-1893
3H59 General, (W. A. Blackburn) 1894-1900
3H60 General, (W. A. Blackburn) 1901-1909
3H61 Robards and Jackson, 1869
W. D. Blackburn, 1909
3H62 W. D. Blackburn, miscellaneous
N. T. Blackburn, 1904-1909
General, undated
3H63 Fieldnotes
Diary of Helen Blackburn, 1907
Scrapbook and scrapbook materials, 1892-1895
Trustee book of German Methodist Episcopal Church of Austin, Texas, 1878-1904
Account book of First Presbyterian Church, 1889-1893
Cash books, 1871-1879
3H64 Ledger, 1879-1891
Daybook, 1880-1888
Journal, 1880-1909
3H65 Daybook, 1889-1891
Journal, 1891-1892
3H66 Journal, 1905-1906
Docket, 1870-1872
3H67 Bills, receipts, financial records
3H68 Bills, receipts, financial records
4K472 Journal, Volume 2, 1894-1898
4K473 Journal, Volume 3, 1898-1909
Artifact Collection


William A. Blackburn Photographs, 1869-1909;
5 inches: 72 albumen and collodion stereographs; 52 albumen, collodion, and gelatin cabinet cards; 8 other albumen prints; 6 matte collodion prints; 20 other collodion prints; 91 photomechanical reproductions.

Arranged alphabetically by persons and places.
3S33 Photographs, Persons
1. C., W. J.-- 1894
2. Culbertson, Angeline Louise-- 1889
3. Culbertson, Angeline Louise-- 1890
4. Culbertson, Angeline Louise-- 1892
5. Culbertson, Angeline Louise-- 1893
6. Culbertson, Angeline Louise-- 1897
7. Culbertson, James William-- 1892
8. Culbertson, James William-- 1893
9. Culbertson, James William-- 1894
10. David-- 1904
11. Dewey (Adm.)-- 1899 [?]
12. Handen, George Rankin [?]
13. Margaret [cousin of W. A. Blackburn?]
14. McKinley, William--also see # 11 1900--
15. Miller, I Ernest-- 1874
16. Mosely, William Blackburn
17. Nason, Henry Townsend-- 1896
18. Pauline
19. Pauline
20. Robertson, James
21. Townsend, Angeline L.
22. Townsend, Angeline L.
23. Townsend, Elma
24. Townsend, James Wanton
25. Townsend, James Wanton
26. Townsend, James Wanton--3 copies--also see # 23
27. Townsend, Martin Ingham--also see #23 1895--
28. Townsend, Pauline S.--see # 23, 24
29. Townsend, R. W., Jr.
30. Will--[W. A. Blackburn?]
31. Will--[W. A. Blackburn?]
32. Worrell, Steve H -- 1903
Photographs, Places
1. Austin, Capitol Building
2. Austin, Capitol Building
3. Austin, Capitol Building
4. Austin, First Presbyterian Church
5. Austin, Hyde Park
6. Austin, Hyde Park
6.a. Austin, Austin Dam
7. Austin, Skyline
8. Bullfight, Mexico
9. Bullfight, Mexico
10. Bullfight, Mexico
11. Cape Horn, Columbia River
12. Ceylon, Kandy--Giant Bamboo
13. Cheyenne, Cascade Falls
14. Cheyenne, Seven Falls
15. Colorado, Balanced Rock
16. Colorado, Boulder Pass
17. Colorado, Cleer Creek Canyon
18. Colorado, Cleer Creek Canyon
19. Colorado, Crooked Tree Bend
20. Colorado, El Mayor Douro Rock, Glen Eyrie
21. Colorado, Estes Park
22. Colorado, Estes Park, Lake Mary
23. Colorado, Gateway to the Garden of the Gods
24. Colorado, Gateway to the Garden of the Gods and Pikes Peak
25. Colorado, Green Lake
26. Colorado, Glen Eyrie
27. Colorado, Monument Park
28. Colorado, Mount Lincoln summit
29. Colorado, Snake River
30. Colorado, Ute Pass, Falls
31. Colorado, Ute Pass, Rainbow Falls
32. Colorado, Ute Pass
33. Daniel Baker College, Brownwood, Texas
34. Honolulu, Hawaii, Avenue of Royal Palms
35. Ixtaccihuatl, Woman in White, Mexico
36. Little [UNK]
37. Main Street
38. Mexico
39. Michigan, Museum and snow
40. "Old Faithful", Yellowstone National Park
41. Philadelphia, Fairmont Park, Basin Summer House
42. Philadelphia, Fairmont Park, Basin, walk to
43. Philadelphia, Fairmont Park, Brown Street Entrance
44. Philadelphia, Fairmont Park, Columbia Bridge
45. Philadelphia, Fairmont Park, Laurel Hill
46. Philadelphia, Fairmont Park, Lemon Hill
47. Philadelphia, Fairmont Park, Lemon Hill
48. Philadelphia, Fairmont Park, Lemon Hill, Summer House
49. Philadelphia, Fairmont Park, Lincoln Monument
50. Philadelphia, Fairmont Park, Old Park
51. Philadelphia, Fairmont Park, Old Park
52. Philadelphia, Fairmont Park, Old Park
53. Philadelphia, Fairmont Park, Round House
54. Philadelphia, Fairmont Park, Semon Hill
55. Philadelphia, Fairmont Park, Semon Hill
56. Philadelphia, Fairmont Park, Valley Green Hotel
57. Philadelphia, Fairmont Park, Wissahicken Bridge
58. Philadelphia, Fairmont Park, Wissahicken Creek
59. Philadelphia, Fairmont Park, Wissahicken, [UNK] in
60. Philadelphia, Fairmont Park, Wissahicken, [UNK]
61. Philippine Islands, San Pedro Macati
62. Richard's House and Tent
63. San José Mission, San Antonio, Texas
64. San José Mission, San Antonio, Texas
65. San José Mission, San Antonio, Texas
66. San José Mission, San Antonio, Texas
67. San José Mission, San Antonio, Texas, Rose Window
68. San José Mission, San Antonio, Texas
69. San José Mission, San Antonio, Texas
70. Scenes in the Life of Christ--14
71. Scotland, Forth Bridge and Highland Kilt
72. Shack and Tennant House
73. Shack--interior
74. Shack--interior
75. Shack--interior
76. Sugar Valley
77. Sugar Valley
78. Sugar Valley
79. Tennant House--also see # 72
80. Tent House
81. Tent House--interior
82. Tent House--interior
83. Tent House--interior
84. Wood Street
Photographs, Things
1. Boat, Model
2. Calf
3. Horse
4. Plant
5. Plant
6. Wagon
7. Windmill
8. Wood Hauler
1. P. [?] H. Turnbull
2. Unidentified--9