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Tarrant County Central Labor Council Records:

A Guide

Descriptive Summary

Creator: AFL-CIO. Tarrant County Central Labor Council
Title: Tarrant County Central Labor Council Records
Dates: 1957-1976
Abstract: This collection documents the history and proceedings of the Tarrant County Central Labor Council. Records consist primarily of minutes of meetings and local, state, and national correspondence. Minutes for Executive Board meetings and Regular Council meetings are included for 1966 through 1975. Correspondence with affiliated local unions from 1970 through 1975 include Tarrant County Central Labor Council newsletters and notices to all affiliated local unions. Also included are various types of printed materials and some financial records.
Identification: AR237
Extent: 9 boxes (3.54 linear ft.)
Language: Materials are in English.
Repository: Special Collections, The University of Texas at Arlington Library

Historical Note

The Tarrant County Central Labor Council of the AFL-CIO, is a local central organization which was formed by the 1957 merger of the Fort Worth Trades Assembly, an AFL affiliate, and the Tarrant County Industrial Union Council, the CIO affiliate, when the American Federation of Labor (AFL) and the Congress of Industrial Organzations (CIO) merged nationally that year.

Scope and Contents

This collection consists primarily of minutes of meetings and local, state, and national correspondence. Minutes for Executive Board meetings and Regular Council meetings are included for 1966 through 1975. Correspondence to affiliated local unions from 1970 through 1975 consists of Tarrant County Central Labor Council newsletters and notices to all affiliated local unions. Also included are various types of printed materials and some financial records. Texas correspondence includes files on such diverse topics as state conventions, the Farah Strike, the General Electric Strike, and the United Farm Workers Organizing Committee. The national files contain correspondence with several departments of the national AFL-CIO and George Meany, along with correspondence with Congressman Jim Wright and Senators Ralph Yarborough and Lloyd Bentsen.


Records consist of 125 folders arranged in 5 series.
Series I. Executive Board Meeting Minutes (10 folders), 1957-1975
Series II. Council Meeting Minutes (10 folders), 1962-1975
Series III. Correspondence, Affiliated Local Unions (6 folders), 1970-1975
Series IV. Correspondence, Texas AFL-CIO (44 folders), 1966-1975
Series V. Correspondence, AFL-CIO (55 folders), 1969-1977



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Index Terms

These materials are indexed under the following headings in the catalog of The University of Texas at Arlington Libraries. Researchers desiring materials about related topics, persons or places should search the catalog using these headings.
AFL-CIO. Tarrant County Central Labor Council--Records and correspondence.
Texas AFL-CIO--Records and correspondence.
Central labor councils--History--Sources.
Labor unions--Texas--Fort Worth--History--Sources.
Labor unions--Texas--Tarrant County--History--Sources.
Strikes and lockouts--Texas--Tarrant County--History--Sources.
Farah Manufacturing Company Strike, 1972-1974--Sources.
Mexican American agricultural laborers--Labor unions--Organizing--Rio Grande Valley (Colo.-Mexico and Tex.)--History--Sources.
Mexican American agricultural laborers--Labor unions--Organizing--California--History--Sources.
Boycotts--Texas--Tarrant County--History--Sources.
Fort Worth (Tex.)--History--Sources.
Tarrant County (Tex.)--History--Sources.
Alternate Titles

Related Material

AR2: Fort Worth Trades Assembly Records, 1901-1957

AR3: Tarrant County Industrial Union Council Records, 1950-1957

AR4: Tarrant County Cental Labor Council Records, 1956-1971

AR412: Tarrant County Central Labor Council Records, 1953-1983

Separated Material

Constitutions were removed from the collection and placed in the Texas Labor Archives Constitution Collection. Certain print serials were removed as the duplicated holdings already contained in the Texas AFL-CIO Collection. Convention Proceedings were removed from the collection and placed in the Texas AFL-CIO Convention Proceedings Records, AR110, Series X.

Administrative Information


Gift of Tarrant County Central Labor Council, 1971-1989.


Tarrant County Central Labor Council Records, AR237, Box Number, Folder Number, Special Collections, The University of Texas at Arlington Libraries.


Gift, 1977, 1979.

Accessioned as number 77-43, 79-2.

Processing Information

Records were maintained in original order. Minutes of the Executive Board meetings and Regular Council meetings, as well as correspondence to local affiliated unions, are in chronological order. Other correspondence is filed alphabetically by subject and is divided into Texas files and National files. Materials within folders were received in reverse chronological order. Contents of these folders were arranged in chronological order.

Administrative Information

Grant Support

The retrospective updating and conversion of this finding aid was supported with funds from the National Historical Publications & Records Commission (NHPRC) for the Special Collections "Documenting Democracy: Access to Historical Records" project, 2014-2015.

Container List

Executive Board Meeting Minutes (10 folders), 1966-1975

Box Folder
1 1 Minutes, 1966
2 Minutes, 1967
3 Minutes, 1968
4 Minutes, 1969
5 Minutes, 1970
6 Minutes, 1971
7 Minutes, 1972
8 Minutes, 1973
9 Minutes, 1974
10 Minutes, 1975

Council Meeting Minutes (10 folders), 1966-1975

Box Folder
1 11 Minutes, 1966
12 Minutes, 1967
13 Minutes, 1968
14 Minutes, 1969
15 Minutes, 1970
16 Minutes, 1971
17 Minutes, 1972
18 Minutes, 1973
19 Minutes, 1974
20 Minutes, 1975

Correspondence, Affiliated Local Unions (6 folders), 1970-1975

Box Folder
1 21 Newsletters, notices, 1970
22 Newsletters, notices, 1971
23 Newsletters, notices, 1972
24 Newsletters, notices, 1973
25 Newsletters, notices, 1974
26 Newsletters, notices, 1975

Correspondence, Texas AFL-CIO (44 folders), 1966-1975

Box Folder
2 1 Automobile Insurance Hearing, 1970
Correspondence, printed material
2 Dallas AFL-CIO, 1966-1971
Minutes, financial statement, correspondence
3 Environmental Action of North Central Texas (ENANCT), 1972-1974
Printed material, Hydrocarbon control for Texas
4 Environmental Coalition of North Central Texas (ECONOCT), 1971-1972
Correspondence, printed material
5 Farah Strike (Amalgamated Clothing Workers, AFL-CIO), 1972-1974
Printed material, correspondence, financial records
6 General Electric Strike, 1969
Printed material, correspondence, instructions
7 Governor's Conference on Technical Vocational Education, 1970
8 Industrial Relations Research Association, 1972-1975
Printed material, case studies
9 Industrial Union Department, 1972-1974
Printed material, correspondence
10 Miscellaneous Correspondence (Texas), 1968-1976
11 National Council on Crime and Delinquency, 1970
12 Office of Economic Opportunity (OEO) Labor Leader Training Project (University of Houston), 1968-1970
Correspondence, printed material, voucher
13 Senate Election Law Study Committee, 1971
Correspondence, Senate Election Law Study Committee Report
14 Southern States Apprenticeship Conference, 1972-1975
Printed material, minutes, financial records, plans for 24th Conference in Fort Worth
Box Folder
3 1 Smith, Governor Preston, 1968-1972
Correspondence, printed, material, Governor's Fiscal Recommendations for 1970-1971
2 Texas AFL-CIO, 1968-1971
Correspondence, printed material
3 Texas AFL-CIO Constitution and By-Laws, 1962-1971
Proposed constitutional changes and revisions
4 Texas AFL-CIO Convention, 1969
Reports, minutes, procedures, printed material, financial records
5 Texas AFL-CIO Convention, 1971
Legal documents, proposed amendments, reports, printed material, correspondence
6 Texas AFL-CIO Convention, 1973
Printed material, correspondence, arrangements for conventions
7 Texas AFL-CIO Convention, 1974
Printed material
8 Texas AFL-CIO Executive Board, 1957, 1965-1974
Memoranda, minutes, financial records, reports, procedures
9 Texas AFL-CIO Merger (First Constitutional Convention), 1957
Roll call and computation of votes
Box Folder
4 1 Texas AFL-CIO Scholarship, 1968-1976
Applications, tests, printed material, correspondence
2 Texas AFL-CIO Summer Citizenship Conference, 1965-1974
Correspondence, schedules, printed material
3 Texas Consumers Association, 1969-1975
Correspondence, newsletter, minutes, by-laws, printed material
4 Texas COPE Convention, 1970
Printed material, correspondence
5 Texas COPE Convention, 1972
Printed material, correspondence, memoranda
6 Texas Department of Public Welfare, 1971
Brochures, leaflets, speech
7 Texas Employment Commisssion, 1966
Correspondence, printed material
8 Texas Hemophilia Association, 1971
Corrrespondence, copy of Senate Bill 534
9 Texas Occupational Safety Board, 1968-1971
Correspondence, minutes, copies of safety standards, copy of Occupational Safety and Health Act
10 Texas Postal Workers Union, 1972
Correspondence, printed material, ballots, resolutions, constitution, reports, financial records
11 Texas Research League, 1966-1967
Printed material, newsletter, correspondence
12 Texas Senior Citizens, 1971-1973
Correspondence, printed material
13 Texas State Chiropractic Association, 1971-1973
Correspondence, printed material
14 Texas Urban Development Commission, 1970
Printed material, summary of recommendations
15 Texas Workmen's Compensation, 1968-1970
Printed material, correspondence
16 Union Buying Service, 1965-1971
Correspondence, printed material
Box Folder
5 1 United Farm Workers Organizing Committee, AFL-CIO, 1968-1976
Correspondence (Cesar Chavez), printed material, eg., Boycott, El Malcriado, El Cuhamil, financial records
2 United States Commission of Civil Rights (Southwestern Field Office), 1970
3 United Steelworkers of America, 1969

Correspondence, AFL-CIO (55 folders), 1962-1977

Box Folder
5 4 AFL-CIO Mortgage Investment Trust, 1969-1974
Correspondence, printed material
5 Amalgamated Meat Cutters and Butcher Workmen of North America, 1969-1975
Correspondence, printed material
6 American Arbitration Association, 1969-1974
Correspondence, printed material
7 American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees, 1974
Correspondence, printed material
8 American Federation of Teachers, AFL-CIO, 1969-1970
Correspondence, printed material
9 American Trade Union Council (Histadrut-Israel), 1968-1976
Correspondence, printed material (Shalom)
10 Bentsen, Senator Lloyd, 1971-1975
Correspondence, printed material, newsletters
11 Building and Construction Trades Department, 1970-1974
Correspondence, printed material
12 Consumer Interest, 1968-1973
Correspondence, printed material (Food Monopoly)
13 Department of Civil Rights, 1969-1973
Correspondence, printed material
14 Department of Community Services, 1969-1973
Correspondence, printed material
15 Department of Education, 1968-1973
Correspondence, printed material
Box Folder
6 1 Department of Education, 1973-1976
Correspondence, printed material
2 Department of Health, Education and Welfare, 1973
Correspondence, memoranda
3 Department of International Affairs, 1971,1975
Correspondence, printed material
4 Department of Labor, 1973-1974
Correspondence, printed material
5 Department of Legislation, 1971-1973
Correspondence, printed material (Impeachment Campaign)
6 Department of Legislation, 1973-1976
Correspondence, printed material
7 Department of Organization and Field Services (Alan Kistler), 1970-1976
Organizational bulletins, memoranda
8 Department of Publication, 1967-1976
Correspondence, printed material, requests and copies of publications
9 Department of Public Relations, 1969-1976
Correspondence, printed material
10 Department of Research, 1969-1970
Correspondence, comparison of state compensation laws
11 Department of Social Security, 1968-1974
Correspondence, printed material
Box Folder
7 1 Department of Urban Affairs, 1969-1975
Correspondence, printed material (Housing Newsletter)
2 Fair Labor Standards Act, 1970
Statement by George Meany
3 International Allied Printing Trades Assocation, undated
4 International Association of Machinists (National Airlines Strike), 1969-1970
Correspondence, printed material
5 International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, 1969-1973
Correspondence, printed material
6 International Brotherhood of Painters and Allied Trades, 1973
Correspondence, printed material
7 International Typographical Union, 1967
Correspondence, printed material
8 Israel Histadrut Associates, 1975-1976
Correspondence, printed material
9 Kirkland, Lane (Secretary-Treasurer National AFL-CIO), 1969-1976
Correspondence, financial reports
10 Labor Studies Center, Inc., 1977
Correspondence, printed material
11 Meany, George (President National AFL-CIO), 1976
Correspondence, printed material
Box Folder
8 1 Miscellaneous Correspondence, 1970-1975
Correspondence, printed material
2 National AFL-CIO, 1969-1975
Correspondence, convention materials
3 National AFL-CIO Auxiliaries, 1966-1975
Correspondence, printed material (Women's programs and meetings)
4 Office of Economic Opportunity (Job Core, Headstart), 1967
Printed material, news release
5 Oil, Chemical and Atomic Workers International Union, 1969-1975
Correspondence, printed material (Shell Oil Boycott)
6 Peace Corps, 1969
Correspondence, printed material
7 Postmaster General of the United States, 1971
Correspondence, printed material (Right to Petition)
8 Retail Clerks International Union, 1968
Printed material
9 Right-to-Work Laws, 1957-1966
Correspondence, printed material (14B Fight in Congress)
10 Senior Citizens, Inc., 1967-1969
Correspondence, printed material (Senior Citizens News)
11 Service Employees International Union, AFL-CIO, 1967-1975
Correspondence, printed material
12 Southern Labor School, 1967-1975
Correspondence, printed material
13 Textile Workers Union of America, 1973
Correspondence, printed material
14 Union Label and Service Trades Department, 1968-1971
Correspondence (Consumer Boycotts), printed material
15 Union Label and Service Trades Department, 1972-1976
Printed material, news releases (Consumer Boycotts)
Box Folder
9 1 United States Cabinet Members, 1969
Newsclipping describing cabinet members
2 United States Civil Defense, 1967-1968
Correspondence, printed material
3 United States Congressmen, 1962-1975
Correspondence, printed material (Olin Teague, Joe Poole and others)
4 United States Major Committees of House and Senate, 1969-1970
Newsclippings, correspondence
5 Wright, Congressman Jim, 1969-1972
Correspondence, printed material
6 Yarborough, Senator Ralph, 1966-1973
Correspondence, printed material, articles of association for the Ralph Yarborough Committee