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Walter G. Schmidt Texas Postal History Collection:

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Descriptive Summary

Creator: Schmidt, Walter G. (Walter Godfrey), 1914-1990.
Title: Walter Schmidt Texas Postal History Collection
Dates: 1963-1983
Abstract: Walter G. Schmidt’s Texas Postal History Collection contains correspondence, manuscripts, financial records, registers, maps, postal bulletins, lists, and microfilm. The collection is comprised of research materials and manuscripts which Schmidt created and collected between 1963-1983, in preparation for a book on the history of Texas post offices and postmasters. The collection includes a comprehensive list of post offices in Texas from Abbie to Zyback along with historical information on each post office, records of appointments of postmasters in Texas (1846-1929), Republic of Texas Post Office Department ledger books (photocopies), manuscripts and notes for Schmidt's proposed book, site location reports and accompanying maps related to Dallas County (1878-1964), and correspondence, receipts, vouchers and accounts ledgers, records and registers of appointments of postmasters of Texas (1846-1971), plus miscellaneous correspondence, maps, postal bulletins, and index cards arranged alphabetically by postmaster and post office.
Identification: AR356
Extent: 26 boxes (12.5 linear ft.)
Language: Materials are in English.
Repository: Special Collections, The University of Texas at Arlington Libraries

Biographical Note

Walter Godfrey Schmidt was born January 23, 1914 in Evansville, Wisconsin to Theodore and Anna Frances Schmidt. Mr. Schmidt was educated in Catholic schools and received his degree from Notre Dame, where he studied music and played football. After graduation, he spent time traveling with his band until he joined the U.S. Army and was sent to Europe during WWII. After the war, on a stop in the Philippines, he met Evelyn Louise Harry of Camden, Maine, an Army nurse. They were married in Manila and returned to the States in 1949, Walter having decided to make the military his career. No matter where he was stationed, he organized stamp clubs and gave music lessons. On February 1, 1962, Lt. Colonel Schmidt retired from the U.S. Army. He and his wife moved to Dallas, where Mr. Schmidt started Summit Sales, a business dealing in industrial paper. He started his research on this collection in order to publish a book on Texas postal history, however Schmidt suffered a stroke which led to his death in 1990. The Collectors Club of Chicago published Schmidt's An Encyclopedia of Texas Postal History research. Walter Godfrey Schmidt died on July 17, 1990.

Scope and Contents

The Walter G. Schmidt Texas Postal History Collection consists of the book manuscript and research materials of Walter G. Schmidt. Contained in 26 boxes (12.5 linear feet), the Schmidt Collection traces the postal history of Texas under Six Flags. These materials include correspondence, photocopied maps, postal bulletins, and microfilm, along with all of his personal notes and writings. The bulk of the material was used in the publishing of a book by the Collectors Club of Chicago.


The collection consists of 26 boxes containing 160 folders, 4 ledger books, and 6 boxes of index cards arranged in 7 series:
All materials relevant to these headings are further subdivided into topics and arranged alphabetically within each series. The items in each folder are filed in chronological order when appropriate.
Series I. Comprehensive List of Post Offices in Texas (70 folders)
Series II. Records of Appointments of Postmasters by County (30 folders)
Series III. Republic of Texas Records (12 folders and 4 additional ledger books)
Series IV. Manuscript and Notes (17 folders)
Series V. Miscellaneous Papers (21 folders)
Series VI. Microfilm (10 folders)
Series VII. Index Cards (7 boxes)



Open for research.

Index Terms

These materials are indexed under the following headings in the catalog of The University of Texas at Arlington Libraries. Researchers desiring materials about related topics, persons or places should search the catalog using these headings.
Schmidt, Walter G. (Walter Godfrey), 1914-1990--Archives.
Postal service--Texas--History--Sources..
Post office stations and branches--Texas--History--Sources.
Postal service--Texas--Directories.
Alternate Titles
Historical Manuscripts Collection

Administrative Information


Walter G. Schmidt Texas Postal History Collection, AR356, Box Number, Folder Number, Special Collections, The University of Texas at Arlington Libraries.


Gift, 1993.

Administrative Information

Grant Support

The retrospective updating and conversion of this finding aid was supported with funds from the National Historical Publications & Records Commission (NHPRC) for the Special Collections "Documenting Democracy: Access to Historical Records" project, 2014-2015.

Note to the Researcher

In arranging the Schmidt Collection, the list of post offices seems to be complete. In the post office appointments and histories filed by county, there are several missing counties, which include: Hart, Jefferson, Jim Hogg, Jim Wells, Johnson, Jones, Karnes, Kaufman, Kendall, Kenedy, Kent, Kimble, King, Kleberg, Knox, Lamb, Lampasas, Lee, Leon, Liberty, Live Oak, and Llano. Also, Mr. Schmidt included counties which do not exist today including: Buchel, Davis, Encinal, Foley, Greer, Panhandle, San Antonio, San Felipe, and Willis.

In the Republic of Texas records, Ledger 3 is missing, but can be found on microfilm reel #2. There is not a complete manuscript of the book and, over the period of 20 or so years of research, Schmidt experimented with different formats which you can see in the collection, an example is Box 17 File 7. In the Miscellaneous series you will find material from the Bexar Archives. These may help you with the Spanish and Mexican periods.

There are 10 reels of microfilm, which includes Dallas County, Texas post office site locations; Republic of Texas correspondence, receipts, vouchers and accounts ledgers 1-8; Records and Registers of Appointments of Postmasters of Texas (1846-1929, 1930-1971) with duplicates of the appointments of Postmasters Texas (1846-1929). There are three different arrangements for the Index Cards: alphabetical by post office (Q-R, T-Z missing), postmasters alphabetically by post office (C-Z incomplete), and postmasters alphabetically (incomplete).

Container List

Series I. Comprehensive List of Post Offices in Texas (70 folders)

Information included: name of post office, county name, date established, date discontinued or zip code if still in service, postmasters' names, dates appointed, government established by.
Box Folder
1 1 Abbie--Aken
2 Alabama--Alvord
3 Amanda--Aquilla
4 Arab--Astonia
5 Atascosa--Azle
6 Baber--Bazette
7 Beach--Beyersville
8 Biard--Bivowac
9 Black--Blythe
10 Board--Boz
11 Bracewell--Bryson
Box Folder
2 1 Buaas--Byzone
2 Cabeza--Canyon
3 Capiote--Caywood
4 Cecil--Chittipin
5 Choat--Clymore
6 Coahoma--Conway
7 Cooke's Point--Cozart
8 Crab Apple--Crystal Water
9 Cuba--Dayton
10 Deadwood-Dexter
Box Folder
3 1 DHanis--Dozier
2 Draco--Dysart
3 Eagle--Elroy
4 Elsa--Ezzell
5 Fabens--Fix
6 Flaccus--Foy
7 Fraimville--Fussell
8 Gabion--Gewhitt
9 Gholson--Gower
Box Folder
4 1 Graball--Gyral
2 Habermacher--Hastings
3 Hatch--Hix
4 Hoban--Hoyte
5 Huaca--Hynesville
6 Iago--Izoro
7 Jacinto--Justine
8 Ka--Key West
9 Kiam--Kyote
10 La Baca--Lampasas
Box Folder
5 1 La Nana--Lexington
2 Libby--Lonie
3 Lookout--Lytton Springs
4 MaBank--Manvel
5 Mapes--Mazeland
6 McAdams--Meyersville
7 Miami--Mizpah
8 Mobeetie--Mottt Springs
9 Moulton--Myrtle Turf
10 Nabors--Newgulf
Box Folder
6 1 Newhard--Nye
2 Oak--Olympus
3 Omaha--Ozro
4 Pacio--Payton
5 Peacan Grove--Phoenix
6 Pickett--Plymouth
7 Pocahontas--Poynor
8 Prade Ranch--Pyron
9 Quail--Razor
10 Re--Rhymer
Box Folder
7 1 Ricardo--Riviera Beach
2 Roach--Roznov
3 Ruben--Salona
4 Salt Creek--Sayersville
5 Scallorn--Seymour
6 Shackelford--Shumla
7 Siam--Sowers
8 Spade--Stewartsville
9 Stickley--Syringa
Box Folder
8 1 Tabor--Tazewell
2 Teague--Thurman
3 Tib--Toyahvale
4 Tracy--Tyson
5 Udolphs--Vaughan's Mill
6 Veach--Voxpopuli
7 Waco--Wayside
8 Weakly--Wexford
9 Wharton--Wilton
10 Wimberly--Wynne
11 Yakima--Zyback

Series II. Records of Appointments of Postmasters in Texas 1846-1929 and Registers of Appointments of Postmasters for Texas 1930-1971 (30 folders)

Appointments filed alphabetically by county. County histories also included.
Box Folder
9 1 Anderson--Atascosa
2 Austin--Bexar
3 Blanco--Briscoe
4 Brooks--Castro
5 Chambers--Collingsworth
Box Folder
10 1 Colorado--Dallam
2 Dallas
3 Dallas
4 Davis--Dewitt
5 Dickens--Encinal
6 Erath--Foard
Box Folder
11 1 Foley--Galveston
2 Garza--Greer
3 Gregg--Hardeman
4 Hardin--Henderson
5 Hidalgo--Hutchinson
6 Irion--Lipscomb
Box Folder
12 1 Loving--McLennan
2 McMullin--Motley
3 Nacogdoches--Navarro
4 Newton--Palo Pinto
5 Panhandle--Presidio
6 Rains--Runnels
Box Folder
13 1 Rusk--San Patricio
2 San Saba--Starr
3 Stephens--Terry
4 Throckmorton--Tyler
5 Upshur--Victoria
6 Walker--Willacy
7 Williamson--Zavalla

Series III. Republic of Texas, Post Office Dept. Records (12 folders and 4 additional ledgers)

Ledger Books
Box Folder
14 1 Ledger 1--List of Post Offices and Postmasters 1839-
2 Ledger 2--List of Post Offices and Postmasters 1839-
3 Ledger 5--Letter Book 1942-1846--cut up copies in envelopes
3 Alta Springs--Burleigh
4 Caldwell--Egypt
5 Fanthorps--Grand Cane
6 Hallets--Kendricks
7 LaBaca--New Washington
8 Oak Grove--Quintana
9 Reaston Greens--Travis
10 Vannoys--Zavalla
11 Mail Routes and Contractors, Miscellaneous, New Orleans, State Officials
12 Miscellaneous Republic of Texas material
15 Ledger 4--Letter Book 1840-1842
Ledger 6--Accounts of Contractors and Post Offices 1840-1841
Ledger 7--Journal Account of Expenditures 1840-1842
Ledger 8--Day Book-Daily Account summaries of amounts due 1840-1841

Series IV. Manuscript and Notes (17 folders)

MANUSCRIPT AND NOTES of book to have been entitled "Texas Post Offices and Postmasters Under Six Flags," perhaps to be published in two volumes.
Box Folder
16 1 Prologue and Introduction
2 Section 1 or A
2 Alphabetical list of Texas Post Offices
2 Intro and list thru Blowout, Blanco Co.
3 Section 1 or A continued
3 Thru Clearlake, Collin Co.
4 Section 1 or A (continued)
4 Thru Decker, Nolan Co.
4 (that's all of this section completed)
5 Section 2 or B
5 Texas Post Offices by County
5 Intro, list (complete) and notes
6 Sections 3, 4, 5 and 6
6 Texas Post Offices, established by Spain, Mexico, Republic of Texas, Confederacy, etc., along with notes.
7 Section 7
7 Texas Post Office Summary
7 Recapitulation by county
8 Section 9 or A
8 Zip Code info
9 Bibliography
10 Research Notes
Box Folder
17 1 Proof Sheets
1 Abbie-Anadarco
2 Beth-Franco
3 Gossett-Lacoste
4 Lynn-Pidcock Ranch
5 Pumphrey-Sharon
6 Sweet Home-Zyback
7 Alpha list of Post Offices
7 (different format)
7 Abbie--Frio

Series V. Miscellaneous Papers (21 folders)--

correspondence, maps, postal bulletins, etc.
Box Folder
17 8 Bexar Archives
8 Research Material
9 Correspondence
9 Feb. 19, 1964-March 16, 1982
10 Maps
10 Post Offices Dallas County, Texas 1846-1946
10 Post Route Map of Texas
11 Postal Bulletins
11 July 31-Dec. 31, 1958
12 Postal Bulletins
12 Jan. 8-July 16, 1959
13 Postal Bulletins
13 Dec. 12, 1963, Dec. 10, 1964, Dec. 15, 1966
14 Postal Bulletins
14 Jan. 5-Dec. 28, 1967
15 Postal Bulletins
15 Jan. 4-Dec. 26, 1968
Box Folder
18 1 Postal Bulletins
1 Jan. 2-Dec. 18, 1969
2 Postal Bulletins
2 Jan. 1-Dec. 17, 1970
3 Postal Bulletins
3 Jan. 14-Dec. 23, 1971
4 Postal Bulletins
4 Jan. 27-Dec. 7, 1972
5 Postal Bulletins
5 Jan. 4-Dec. 23, 1973
6 Postal Bulletins
6 Jan. 24-Dec. 26, 1974
7 Postal Bulletins
7 Jan. 2-Dec. 18, 1975
8 Postal Bulletins
8 Jan. 1-Dec. 16, 1976
9 Postal Bulletins
9 Jan. 13-July 28, 1977
10 Postal History of Dallas County, Texas
10 Research notes for article
11-13 Colored Photocopies of Envelopes for the Schmidt book

Series VI. Microfilm (10 folders)

Box Folder
19 1 Records of the Post Office Dept., Records Group 28
1 Site location reports and accompanying maps relating to Dallas Co., Tx.
1 1878-1964
2 Post Office Dept. Records, Republic of Texas
2 From Tx. State Library Archives 4-8-76 Reel #1
2 Nov. 15, 1835 thru Austin 1841
2 Correspondence, receipts, vouchers and accounts.
2 Ledgers 1-8
3 Records of the Post Office Dept., Records Group 28
3 Records of Appointments of Postmasters Texas 1846-1929
3 1846-1855
3 1856-1867
3 1868-1877
4 1868-1877 starting with pg. 992 Washington Co.
4 1878-1890
4 1891-1904 ending with Hockaday Co.
5 1891-1904 starting with Hood Co.
5 1905-1929
6 duplicate reel--same as reel #3
7 duplicate reel--same as reel #4
8 duplicate reel--same as reel #5
9 Registers of Appointments of Postmasters for Texas 1930-1971
9 Anderson--Johnson County
10 Jones--Zavala County

Series VII. Index Cards (7 boxes)--

alpha order by post office includes dates of establishment and discontinuances, name changes and references along with some newspaper articles
20 Aaron--Chamber's Creek
21 Chambersia--Forsan
22 Fort Belknap--Hanover
also Mabank--Nixonville
23 Noack--Peyton
also Stickley--Syringa
Index Cards--List of postmasters filed alphbetically by post office
24 Asa--Border
25 Boren--Sheridan
26 Sherley--Wyandotte
Index Cards--List of postmasters filed alphabetically by surname
Ackley, Eva--Zorn, Joseph Jr.