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Texas Civil Rights Project Records:

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Descriptive Summary

Creator: Texas Civil Rights Project.
Title: Texas Civil Rights Project Records
Dates: 1966-1993
Abstract: The Texas Civil Rights Project (TCRP) began operations in Austin, Texas, as of September 23, 1990. The dates indicated also include the original charitable status application with the U.S. Treasury Department. James C. Harrington, former Legal Director of the Texas Civil Liberties Union Foundation (TCLU), settled disputes with TCLU in September 1990, and immediately set up the TCRP. First and fourth amendment issues, along with legal assistance to disenfranchised populations demonstrates the intent and outreach of the TCRP. These official records of the Texas Civil Rights Project are comprised of legal case files, including documents and tapes from Thomas vs. Hays County; McPhail vs. U.S. Customs and Border Protection; Wittie vs. 8 Brazos; Daniel Pogue vs. Alba-Golden ISD; E.D.B. vs. Rosario; Texas Indigenous Council vs. Georgetown; Kafka Vs. Mozarts; Watson vs. TXDOT; Redwine vs. Plains Grill; State of Texas vs. Atwood; State of Texas vs. Oscar Reyes; Newspaper Tree vs. Montolvo Docket; Democracy Coalition vs. City of Austin; and the Dan Tamir case file.
Identification: AR390
Extent: 9 boxes (4.05 linear ft.)
Language: Materials are in English.
Repository: Special Collections, The University of Texas at Arlington Libraries

Historical Note

The Texas Civil Rights Project (TCRP) began operations in Austin, Texas as of September 23, 1990. However, the dates extend to include the original charitable status application with the U.S. Treasury Department. James C. Harrington, former Legal Director of the Texas Civil Liberties Union Foundation (TCLU), settled disputes with TCLU in September 1990, and immediately opened the TCRP. The agreement ended finance and ideology conflicts and turned all legal operations, including the South Texas Project, over to the infant TCRP. First and fourth amendment issues, along with legal assistance to disenfranchised populations, illustrate the intentions, and outreach of the TCRP. Constitutional questions and legal precedence established through TCRP cases involve a spectrum of issues: agricultural issues, HIV, redistricting, busing and minority education, freedom of speech, equal protection and worker benefits, police misconduct, immigration and asylum, discrimination, drug smuggling, prison inmate rights, stalking, child labor, slander, and mental health care.

Scope and Contents

Texas Civil Rights Project Records consist of administrative and operational materials, often showing the daily functions, outreach and objectives in running a public assistance legal clinic. Also included is the original charter, constitutional by-laws, volunteer outreach and attorney outreach information, mailing lists used, a biography of James Harrington, materials pertaining to the Comal, Carver and EALC clinics. The bulk of the collection consists of case files, including correspondence between defense and plaintiff attorneys, between courts of law and both parties in the sundry civil and criminal cases documented. Legal cases primarily encompass first and fourth amendment conflicts between citizens or organizations and local, State or Federal authorities. The magnitude of cases are detailed in the container list accompanying this finding aid. There are published articles and brochures covering a wide range of high profile cases, press releases and essays associated with TCRP legal defense achievements. There are also several booklets, brochures and bumper stickers promoting the purposes, outreach and goals of the organization. The collection's scope and detail allows research and rare glimpses into the workings, preparation, investigations and final outcomes of many of the precedent-setting cases. The records also include extensive statistical data from Federal, State and legal clinic client demographics.


Records consist of 102 folders arranged in 3 series:
Series I. Office, Organizational Files, 1966-1993, bulk 1985-1991 (15 folders)
Folders arranged alphabetically, file units chronologically. Materials include administrative papers of the organization; volunteer, attorney and client intake and monthly work sheet form(s); information, schedules, log sheets; East Austin Law Clinic (EALC), Comal and Carver clinic operations papers; organization by-laws and constitution; mailing lists.
Series II. Legal Case Files, 1971-1993, bulk 1987-1991(74 folders)
Folders arranged alphabetically, thereunder chronologically. Materials encompass agricultural and AIDS cases, through employment and United Farm Workers issues. Series includes: correspondence between attorneys and courts; a variety of court documents, settlements and final judgments; redistricting in Texas; police brutality and shootings; immigration and asylum issues; sex and employment discrimination; drug testing; drug smuggling; prison inmate rights; religious rights issues; IRS harassment; child protective services, child labor; slander; mental health care; stalking; citizens rights; free speech.
Series III. Published Articles, Brochures, 1987-1993 (13 folders)
Arranged alphabetically, thereunder chronologically. Newspaper articles (photocopied), covering high profile cases handled by TCRP; specific cases, general press releases and essays by Harrington. Booklets, brochures and bumper stickers published and distributed by and promoting TCRP purposes, activities and outreach.



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Texas Civil Rights Project--Records and correspondence.
Civil rights--Texas.
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Texas Political History Collection

Administrative Information


Materials for the Texas Civil Rights Project Records were in the possession of James Harrington and the Texas Civil Rights Project until they were officially deeded and donated to the Special Collections Division, The University of Texas at Arlington Library, on June 21, 1993. The donation was negotiated by Jane Boley, Special Collections archivist, after many years of correspondence with James Harrington.


Texas Civil Rights Project Records, AR390, Box Number, Folder Number, Special Collections, The University of Texas at Arlington Libraries.


Gift, 1993. Accessioned as number 93-25.

Administrative Information

Grant Support

The retrospective updating and conversion of this finding aid was supported with funds from the National Historical Publications & Records Commission (NHPRC) for the Special Collections "Documenting Democracy: Access to Historical Records" project, 2014-2015.

Note to the Researcher

Many of the letters and office correspondence within this collection were written on previously used stationery. Topical material on one side of a page may not relate to a page's other side. The side intended for the TCRP archives will relate to the topic(s) of adjoining pages. Occasionally, cross referencing of both sides may be necessary.

Container List

Office, Organizational Files, 1966-1993, bulk 1985-1991

Box Folder
1 1 Attorneys and Schedules, 1985-1988
East Austin Law Clinic (EALC) volunteer questionnaires for staffing. Various pages are handwritten or typed; schedules and meetings.
2 Carver Intake, 1987-1989, bulk 1989
Legal Aid Society of Central Texas (LASCT) intake client questionnaires and log sheets. Legal size sheet case fact questionnaires for intake of future clients, cases and analysis. Approximately ninety-one pages legal size.
3 Carver Legal Clinic Intake, January-July 1987
Legal size case fact sheet questionnaires from local residents seeking legal assistance. Same format as used for Carver Intake materials above.
4 Clinic Intake, 1987-1988
Client intake 5″×7″ format cards. LASCT client intake forms and log sheets, ca. 1987. Approximately one-hundred legal size case fact questionnaires. Case of Oralia Ramirez and rental payment; handwritten notes included, ca. September 1989. Vasquez v. Re-Furb-Co., Inc., ca. 1986.
5 Comal Clinic Client Forms-1989, 1987-1989
LASCT and Comal group questionnaires and log sheets, ca. 1989. Case fact sheets, ca. January-December 1989.
6 Comal Clinic Clients-Reynero, Julia Family, 1989-1990
Estate of husband Aniceto Reynero: marriage and death affidavits, warranty deed, other court documents.
7 Comal-General, 1985-1990
LASCT, EALC and Comal Clinic letters to volunteer attorneys, ca. November-December 1985. Texas Attorney General offices, Mediation Center, Dispute Resolution Center letters concerning volunteer staffing requests. EALC volunteer attorney schedule. East Neighborhood Community Center proposal for EALC use. ACLU recognition of EALC establishment. Chicano Law Students Association (ChLSA) organizational, volunteer correspondence. EALC 1986 annual report; demographics of client base. Nominations for 1988 Pro Bono Award. Clinic coordinator job outline. EALC historical profile.
8 Constitution: Bylaws and Policy Guide, June 1986
Constitution of the Central Texas Chapter of the Civil Liberties Union. By-laws of United South Austin (nonprofit corporate establishment). ACLU Policy Guide; revised 1986.
9 EALC-Carver Library, August-December 1987
Monthly worksheets and log sheets showing racial, gender, neighborhood data involving clinic visitors (demographics); ca. January-September 1987. Case fact sheets, August-December 1987.
10 EALC-Case Facts, 1986-1988
Demographic monthly worksheets, log sheets, case fact forms.
Box Folder
2 1 EALC Client Information, 1988
Comal Clinic intake log sheets and case fact sheets.
2 EALC and LASCT, 1966-1986
Folder contains information on original founding of legal defense programs for poor or disadvantaged population in central Texas. Federal IRS form L-178, establishing Legal Aid and Defender Society of Travis County, Texas, a charitable foundation, July 29, 1966. Also, correspondence between CLU/TCRP (Civil Liberties Union/Texas Civil Rights Project) offices and volunteer attorney staff members. LASCT Interest On Lawyer's Trust Accounts (IOLTA) grant application. Newspaper articles and flyers promoting EALC. Overview history of EALC clinic. LASCT financial statement; accountants report from Garcia, Morrison and Company, for two years ending December 31, 1985 and December 31, 1986. Canceled checks from donations to legal rights organization.
3 EALC Time Sheets, TCLUF Letter, 1987-1989
EALC correspondence, volunteer time sheets, "Agreement for Professional Services" contract.
4 Harrington, James C.-Biography, n.d.
Resume and biographical data on Legal Director Harrington.
5 Mailing Lists, ca. 1989
Church directories, television station lists, Texas Attorney General Office, consumer protection lists, promotional flyers for EALC. Christian Yellow Pages publication photocopy, miscellaneous other computer lists.

Legal Case Files, 1971-1993, bulk 1987-1991

Box Folder
2 6 Agricultural Hazards-AHCA Interim Committee-General, June-November 1988
TCLU and Texas Agriculture Subcommittee correspondence. EPA, OSHA guidelines and `imminent federal domain' concerning agricultural pesticides. State of Texas legislation protecting workers and use of pesticides. Employer guideline pages, attorney correspondence on Agricultural Hazard Communication Act, Interim Study Committee, State of Texas.
7 AIDS-Correspondence, January 1986-April 1987
Agenda, Quarantine Strategy Meeting, January 4, 1986. HTLV Texas State Testing Sites, February 1986. Commissioner's Task Force on AIDS, April 3-8, 1986. List of panel members.
8 AIDS and Health Department-General, December 1985-December 1986
AIDS quarantine proposal, January 16, 1986. Extensive correspondence between the following: Texas Attorney General office; Gay and Lesbian Law Students Organization; Texas Commission on Human Rights; Texas Department of Health; Lambda Legal Defense Fund; Metropolitan Community Church leaders and other religious denominations, political entities and offices. Report of the Commissioner of Health's Task Force on AIDS, November 14, 1986.
9 AIDS and Health Department-General, January 1987-June 1988
Austin Task Force on AIDS-related discrimination correspondence, ACLU and AIDS support and awareness groups, San Antonio Police Officers' Association, various news articles. "Sounding Board-Screening for HIV: Can We Afford the False Positive Rate?", New England Journal of Medicine, July 23, 1987. "Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report,"New England Journal of Medicine, v. 36 #31, August 14, 1987. United States Congress, H.R. 3071, 100th Congress, 1st Session. Federal Register, v. 52 #210, 30 October 1987, p. 41818. Report of the Counsel on Ethical and Judicial Affairs. U.S. Congress, Subcommittee on Regulation and Business Opportunities, House Committee on Small Business, October 19, 1987, "AIDS Antibody Testing" policies. Texas State Board of Insurance. Legislative Task Force on AIDS. National Legal Conference on AIDS and Minorities. "An Interim Report: Prevention and Control of Acquired Immuno-deficiency Syndrome,"Journal of the American Medical Association, October 16, 1987, p. 2097.
10 Austin I.S.D.-Student Publications, August 1989-September 1991
Austin Association of Texas Professional Teachers, Student Publication Policies. Student Press Law Center. Austin I.S.D. Publication Policy, April 24-September 19, 1991. Case involves information and dissemination questions involving sex education and HIV.
11 Barrett v. Adams Fruit Company, Inc.-General, October 1989
Citations from Federal Reporter, 2d Series, p. 1306, on the case handled by ACLU staff, later founders of TCRP. Amicus Curiae intent from UFW and James Harrington. Equal protection and worker's compensation issues.
12 Bonilla-Argueta, Maria-Asylum, 1969-1990, bulk July-October 1990
First immigration application, ca. 1969. Folder contains both typed and handwritten copies of interviews with Maria Bonilla-Argueta, correspondence with Federal Immigration and Department of Justice offices.
13 Bowles v. WENCO, Inc.-General, September 1989-February 1990
Richard Bowles was fired after refusing employer mandated drug testing. Some handwritten notes, Texas Employment Commission correspondence. WENCO manual Procedures and Guidelines on employee policies. Hearing notices from Texas Employment Commission.
Box Folder
3 1 Chamberlain-Pleadings, January 1986-May 1990
Carl Chamberlain, age 14, died in a vehicle accident while being pursued, high speeds, by San Antonio Police (SAPD). News articles, attorney correspondence, interrogatories, SAPD accident reports. Attorneys John Schulman, Denton & McKamie law firm correspondence. Writ of mandamus, plaintiff's original petition, judgments and petitions, motion for protective order by City to avoid plaintiff discovery motion.
2 Chamberlain v. San Antonio, City of and Police Department, December 1990-May 1991
Attorney correspondence, plaintiff's interrogatories, SAPD guidelines for operation of emergency vehicle, further court motions by both plaintiff and defendant, vita of Dr. George L. Kirkham (witness for plaintiff).
3 Chamberlain v. San Antonio, City of and Police Department-General, December 1985-December 1986
Police action report, SA City code on liabilities. School records on Carl Chamberlain pertaining to his academic and social skills, grade reports, immunization information.
Release form from Carl Chamberlain's mother, Irene Chamberlain, directed toward any school or medical personnel dealing with the case. Bexar County autopsy report. ACLU original intake form on Irene Chamberlain. Correspondence with ACLU, plaintiff attorneys including John Schulman and James Harrington. Insurance industry liability charts on similar cases. Handwritten letter, seven pages, discussing son Carl Chamberlain and written by mother Irene Chamberlain.
Interviews conducted by Sammy Ned Miller, memorandum from plaintiff's investigator. Interviews include Matthew Digg, teenage passenger riding with Carl Chamberlain at the time of the fatal crash, and with police Sgt. Grassmuck, in charge of cadet training, and also neighbor to these families.
4 Chamberlain v. San Antonio, City of and Police Department-General, 1987-1991
Attorney John Schulman's correspondence with parents of Carl Chamberlain concerning the risks and benefits of a lawsuit. Also discussed is the hard-line (attorney's words) position of the City of SA and SAPD toward liability or responsibility. Photos of accident scene. Deposition of SAPD Sgt. Haddon and dispatcher named Quick. Order regarding motion for protective order filed by defendants.
Legal citation of case Brower v. County of Bexar, et al. Handwritten letter from Irene Chamberlain to attorney John Schulman. Interview of Janea Cooke, age 18, conducted by law clerk David Griffin. Cooke was a neighbor and friend of Carl Chamberlain and SAPD Sgt. Haddon.
5 Cisneros, Marika, March-May 1991
Review and case law involving bail bonds issuance, defendant costs, bonding agents and counties. Attorney correspondence and original intake form for Marika Cisneros.
6 Dallas County Grand Juries, July 1988-May 1989
Handwritten notes and calculator tapes on percentages of minority voting and representations. Dallas County census data, 1970-1980. Letter from Judge Pat McDowell addressed to Lane Nevares, providing authority for Nevares' research and right to examine the minute books of Criminal District Court No. Five of Dallas County. Letter from James Harrington discussing Texas Open Records Act [TX Revised Civil Statutes Annotated, Art. 6252-17a, Vernon Supplement 1989].
7 Dallas Gay Alliance-Pleadings, 1988-1989
News articles on attorney William Nelson, of Dallas, concerning his filing a lawsuit against Parkland Hospital and Dallas County, involving AIDS patient discrimination. Dallas Gay Alliance and Texas Human Rights Foundation (THRF) news releases. Plaintiff's motion, memorandum, original petition.
8 Davis v. Kirbyville Fire Department-General, May 1989-January 1991
Issues surround sex discrimination, hiring policies by a volunteer fire department. Harrington and ACLU correspondence involving Kirbyville Fire Department (KFD), attorney E. Jack Lawrence typed and handwritten notes involving the case. Legal citations from Vernon's Statutes (Public Offices, art. 6252-17). Attorney time record on case. Several pages of handwritten notes from Wanda Davis to Harrington. ACLU and Harrington news releases on lawsuit. Wanda Davis' original application for membership with the KFD. KFD Standard Operating Procedures guidelines, constitution and KFD bylaws.
9 Davis v. Kirbyville Fire Department-Pleadings, December 1989-March 1991
Plaintiff's original petition, court documents and motions.
10 Dyer, Joe v. City 0007-General, July 1990-February 1991
News articles, Austin City ordinances and resolutions involving consumption of alcohol in public domain. Case notes, computer copy of arrest record. Defendant's motion, City of Austin memorandum.
11 Gober v. R & H Well Service-Trial, September 1986-December 1989
Attorney interview notes. Exhibit A, Affidavit of John P. Morgan, MD. TEC records, letters and hearings. Motions, correspondence, judgment. Several other court motions, rehearings. Case involves employer drug testing, TEC benefits and guidelines.
Box Folder
4 1 Gober v. TEC, 1990
South Texas Project travel and expenses, attorney time record, court brief of appellant, supplement to brief. Gober was terminated from R & H Well Service due to drug testing, rights to unemployment benefits also denied by TEC.
2 Gober v. TEC-Application for Writ of Error, 1991
TEC, attorneys and Attorney General correspondence on case. Application for writ of error, response to writ of error.
3 Gober v. TEC-Brief for Appellee, 1990
Brief for appellee.
4 Gober v. TEC-Statement of Facts, 1988-1989
143rd Court, Judge Bob Parks presiding, complete statement of facts; John L. Swanson, court reporter. Plaintiff's exhibits one and two.
5 Hernandez v. Corrigan, 1989
Application for writ of error, answer to application. Questions deal with `at will' employment, unemployment benefits and discharge from employment.
6 ICFER-Coalition v. Austin ISD, 1991
Inner City Coalition for Equitable Education Resolution (ICFER) suit concerning economic and ethnic segregation in Austin public schools.
7 Jennings v. MINCO-Discovery, Retaliation, May 1989-August 1990
Plaintiff Brenda Jennings' first request for production of documents. Newsletter from Harrington on free speech and key role of TCLU. Handwritten copies of Jennings' diary. Interrogatories, attorney correspondence, MINCO human resources memorandum. Oral deposition of Ruth House, attorney handwritten notes of deposition.
8 Jennings v. MINCO-Exhibits Admitted into Evidence, May 1986-December 1986
Study done by Research Triangle Institute, "Economic Cost of Alcohol and Drug Abuse In Texas," ca. 1984. The document was initially submitted to the Texas Commission on Alcohol and Drug Abuse. MINCO interoffice memorandum includes discussion of drug testing and flip chart sheets used for presentation.
9 Jennings v. MINCO-General, December 1986-February 1991
Attorney correspondence on case. MINCO employee warning report, Brenda Jennings' handwritten request for clean lab coat, physician's receipt for office visit cost. Letters to editor (paper's name not cited) on drug testing. Handwritten notes on Jennings' six month review with MINCO, further handwritten notes on promotion possibilities.
Law clerk time sheet. Interview and handwritten notes involving Sherry Burch, co-worker and witness for Jennings.
10 Jennings v. MINCO-Law Notes, Retaliation, May 1987-March 1990
`At will' employment and common law right to privacy, legal citations from Vernon's Statutes. Court papers include interrogatories, petitions, motions. Attorney correspondence. City of Austin's Employee Privacy Protection Ordinance guide.
Box Folder
5 1 Jennings v. MINCO-Oral Deposition of B. Jennings, April 1990
Case involves employer drug policies, harassment of employee, discrimination, lack of opportunity for advancement, employer's purposeful actions to cause dissatisfaction on employee's part, freedom of speech in workplace. Transcription by Jack Sykes & Associates, certified shorthand reporters (CSR). Oral deposition, 170 pp.
2 Jennings v. MINCO-Oral Deposition of B. Jennings, 1986-1990
Original transcription by Debra Wood (CSR). Oral deposition continued, July 9, 1990; photocopies of handwritten interviews and correspondence, pp. 173-224. Deposition stipulations (14 pages), exhibits entered into evidence (April 1987), first interrogatories, plaintiff's answers, Jennings' diary photocopies, 1986-1987.
3 Jennings v. MINCO-Payroll Registers, December 1987-July 1988
Computer format printouts of payroll data, dates as indicated. May have been used by plaintiff in establishing lack of promotion, pay increase and responsibility assignments due to employer discrimination.
4 Jennings v. MINCO-Payroll Registers, December 1988
Continuation of materials as contained in folder above.
5 Jennings v. MINCO-Pleadings, Retaliation, December 1986-October 1990
Attorney correspondence, `at will' employment discussions, court judgments, petitions, motions, settings, orders, compromise and settlement agreements. Travis County District Judge James Meyers' cause, specifying reasons and precedence for setting aside lower court ruling against Jennings.
6 Jennings v. MINCO-Settlement, June 1989-April 1990
Attorney letters involving compromise and settlements.
7 Jennings v. MINCO-Summary Judgment, Retaliation, December 1986-March 1989
Attorney correspondence, settlement and judgment questions, finding of facts, conclusions, court documents, final judgment. Affidavit of Elizabeth Coker, CEO of MINCO Technologies.
8 Jennings, William and Don Gladden v. Joshua ISD, 1987
United States Court of Appeals, Fifth District, appeal involving Joshua ISD. The case involves use of drug dogs and unreasonable search or seizure, constitutional questions.
9 Lara, Mike v. Colorado ISD-Pleadings, November 1989-February 1990
Final judgment, dress code and constitutional questions. Attorney and court correspondence.
10 MALDEF v. Uher-Trial Exhibits, March-May 1991
Texas redistricting plans. Initial intake form, open records questions, law clerk hours sheet. Court, attorney and House redistricting committee correspondence. Initial request for open records filed by Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund (MALDEF). Numerous fax copies (affidavits) between Travis County, Attorney General Dan Morales, Texas Senate committee on redistricting, TCRP/TCLU press releases.
Box Folder
6 1 MALDEF v. Uher-Pleadings, March-August 1991
MALDEF suit naming Texas State Representative Tom Uher, redistricting committee chairman. Correspondence, plaintiff motions, filings, memorandum, briefs, final judgment. Committee report to Texas Attorney General Dan Morales.
2 McNamara v. Barajas & Thompson-Pleadings, 1988-1989
Jack D. McNamara's suit against Sheriff R. D. Thompson and Dan Newsome. McNamara retired as a United States Marine Colonel and holds a Ph.D. in Mass Communications. Case involves the rights of Mexican American laborers and drug smuggling by local law enforcement. Papers include original intake form, writ of mandamus, correspondence encompassing Texas Open Records Act. Copy of McNamara's publication The Nimby News, City of Alpine, Brewster County, Texas.
3 Mejia-Herrera, Regina Victoria-Asylum, 1990-1991
Political Asylum Project of Austin (PAPA) letter to James Harrington (in Spanish). Department of Justice forms, biographical information, finger print card, affidavit A# 70-290-549 statement by Herrera for her claim to asylum status, federal request for asylum form.
4 Muon v. Parole Board-General, 1989
Yan Muon, sixty-three years of age at time of the case, Cambodian native, inmate with the Texas Department of Corrections prison system. He does not speak or understand English. Case pertains to improper prosecution and inadequate representation. Defendant's inability to understand, to participate and to defend himself at trial. Requests for fluent interpreter and parole hearing functions.
5 Nazarites-Banks/Yusuf Abdul Amin, September 1981-March 1992
Rodney Banks' (a.k.a. Yusuf Amin) suit against TDC, regarding guidelines oppressing his Islamic religious beliefs, grooming of facial and head hair and other specific mandates of Muslim teachings. Court briefs, motions, TDC disciplinary report forms, affidavits. Handwritten correspondence and court filings by Banks/Amin.
6 Nazarites-Bryant, Roy Lee, 1983-1988
TDC inmate Roy Lee Bryant's suit involving Islamic codes and facial hair, disciplinary reports, handwritten letter from Banks. Correspondence and TDC forms grouped chronologically by annum. Special investigation reports, inmate grievance reports, inter-office communiqué, handwritten affidavits, sworn statements, notes.
7 Nazarites: General, ca. 1986-1989, bulk 1977-1981
Discrimination suit involving TDC inmates involving Islamic codes and beliefs. Final judgment, memorandum, travel and mail expenses (receipts), daily time sheets, attorney correspondence.
8 Nazarites: Jehad Abdullah Shabazz (aka James Loggins), 1971-1989
TDC inmate admission information, conduct record, inter-office memorandum. TDC appeal, administrative forms, disciplinary forms, segregation forms. United States District Court complaint for violation of civil rights. Statement of documentary evidence respecting inmate claims of civil rights violations, oppression of religious expression and beliefs.
9 Nazarites-Miscellaneous Literature, 1980-1988
Photograph and 35 mm negatives of plaintiffs. Poster and four books on Islamic topics: Who Was Noble Drew Ali?, Ansar's Guide Through the Scriptures for BETTER LIVING, Who's Who on the Planet Earth?, The Laws of Purification For Ansaarullah Women in Al Islam.
10 Nazarites: Miscellaneous Pleadings, 1982
Moorish Science Temple of America, based in St. Louis, Missouri. Ban of the religious sect from Illinois prisons. Plaintiff's original complaint, Vanderbilt, et al v. TDC and named unit wardens. Questionnaire for religious claims suit, several pages of legal size questionnaires in spread sheet form. TDC form request for remedy, typed letters from TDC inmate Henry Stiehl. Plaintiff's conference summary, inmate grievance form. Court orders and memorandum.
11 Olvera v. State of Texas-Pleadings, 1987-1991
Several 4″×6″ postcard notifications from Texas Court of Criminal Appeals settings and filings. Amicus curiae briefs and court documents. Appellant's briefs, petitions, first court of appeals opinion. Case involves mass picketing charges brought by State upon complaint of company, dba Auto Convoy Company. Court ruling supports the constitutional premise of, quoting from judge McCormick's ruling, "the very heart of freedom of expression afforded by the First Amendment."
12 Price, Samantha v. Austin ISD-Briefs, 1987
Samantha Price, age five at time of the original suit, participating, et al. Student in Austin ISD, Winn Elementary. Court orders and school busing, neighborhood school concepts. United States Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals filing, brief filed on behalf of Elias Flores Harrington by his parents Rebecca and James Harrington. Case involves student assignment and distribution, racial segregation questions. Questions itemized in court filing include: a) discriminatory school segregation, institutional intent; b) results and history of discrimination found since 1979; c) disparate physical facilities in minority school zones; d) foreknowledge of AISD's actions and resulting effects.
13 Price, Samantha v. Austin ISD-Deposition of James Harrington, January 19, 1989
Oral deposition, 159 pp.
Box Folder
7 1 Price, Samantha v. Austin ISD-Deposition of Rebecca Harrington, January 24, 1989
Oral deposition, 89 pp.
2 Price, Samantha v. Austin ISD-General, August 1987-January 1991
Attorney correspondence on school busing, neighborhood school concepts, handwritten notes on school board meetings, ACLU intake form. Appeal from the United States District Court, Western Division, judge William Higginbotham. Correspondence and considerations on precedent case Board of Education of Oklahoma City v. Dowell.
3 Price, Samantha v. Austin ISD-Pleadings, Memorandum Judgment, September 1987-August 1989
News articles, court documents and pleadings. Original civil action court filings, naming Samantha Price and other school children, via parents as plaintiffs. Suit alleges segregation and historical bias against Mexican-American children in particular. Findings of fact, appeals, motions.
4 Price, Samantha v. Austin ISD-Record Excerpts, Docket Date June 14, 1990, 1987-1990
Documents contain record excerpts, U.S. District Court for the Western District of Texas final judgment, memorandum opinion, judgment, transcripts, examples, evidence.
5 Pyle-General, ca. 1991-1992
Stalking and harassment issues. Case involves post-divorce conflicts, and actions; primarily ex-husband Dan Gray, Tom Green County Deputy Sheriff, San Angelo, Texas. Documents include specific events and evidence, advertisements placed in publications, a bullet, handwritten notes and interviews, grand jury indictments, police incident reports, arrest warrants, divorce decree, statements by Dan Gray, Betty Pyle (formerly Betty Gray), Dan Gray's current wife, others.
6 Pyle-Bullet and Envelope, 1991
A bullet sent by Dan Gray to ex-wife Betty, with her name written, hand lettering on the .32 caliber bullet. The round is intact with black powder, primer and bullet seated in the shell casing. Letter size envelope with cut out lettering saying "Betty, Is this fun yet?" According to investigators, the stains on the envelope originally came from catsup, which was intended to simulate blood.
7 Ramirez v. IRS-General (EALC), 1988-1989
United States tax court suit against Ramirez family. Complications involve estranged husband having tax records, while IRS pursues wife for amounts never paid on profit sharing and other assets.
8 Rogers, Klay-Department of Human Services-General, 1990-1991
Texas and Child Protective Services issues. Child abuse and the State seizing children from parents. Decree terminating parental rights and granting adoption. Handwritten pages listing parties involved, chronology of events. Newspaper articles on cases cited. Correspondence includes defendants, attorneys and State of Texas. Handwritten notes on CANRIS legal citations, slander research and law notes, Vernon's Statutes photocopies.
9 Salinas, Mario v. TDC-General, 1992
Salinas incarcerated by TDC. Claims involve eye surgery while in TDC custody, exposure to HIV. Handwritten notes from Salinas. Chronology of events listed, handwritten court filings by Salinas submitted to U.S. District Court, Southern District of Texas. Copies of TDC inmate grievance forms.
Box Folder
8 1 Shannon, Gregory P.-General, 1988
Mental health issues, insurance industry discrimination on claims and coverage. Correspondence from attorney Brian Shannon on mental health care. Specifically, his concerns about his brother Greg's schizophrenia and treatment. Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board Proposed Rules.
2 Texas Child Support-General, 1989
Association for Children for Enforcement of Support, preliminary case statements, National Child Support Advocacy (NCSAC), court memorandum and response, motion to dismiss. Texas non-compliance with the 1984 Child Enforcement. Act; Attorney General Jim Mattox in charge of the Texas program.
3 Texas Child Support-Program Results…, 1990
Publication of Office of Child Support Enforcement, Audit Division, Program Results/Performance Measurements Audit-State of Texas, Report No. TX-87-PR/PM. U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.
4 Texas v. Gardner-General, 1989
Violation-disregard order of police officer. Donald Ray Gardner as defendant.
5 TICOA v. McKnight-Discovery, 1989-1990
Slander issues, child labor. Defendant Barbara McKnight sued by door-to-door magazine subscription soliciting firm. Defendant's motion. Notice of intent to take oral deposition.
6 TICOA v. McKnight-General, 1987-1991
Parent Watch organization correspondence, attorney correspondence, news articles on topic. Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations of the Committee on Governmental Affairs, United States Senate, Hearing on Door-to-Door Sales. Complaint and testimony of Kathy R. Keyes before U.S. District Court, Western District of Texas, San Antonio, Texas. Barbara McKnight testified before the House Subcommittee on Child Endangerment, Enslavement. McKnight also appeared on radio talk shows about TICOA. Transcript of radio show Pat Rogers Morning Talk Show, WOAI Radio, San Antonio, Texas, 10:10am, April 8, 1987.
7 TICOA v. McKnight-Deposition of Belo Kellum (pp. 1-114), April 24, 1989
First half of Kellum's deposition. Kellum's involvement as contractor with TICOA, a publisher's clearing house operation, and Kellum's function as the field work operations company. Kellum's organization was the direct contractor and hiring agent for young, often teenage workers.
8 TICOA v. McKnight-Deposition of Belo Kellum (pp. 115-228), April 24, 1989
Second of two folders of Kellum's deposition. Second half of deposition. Refer to information in folder above.
9 TICOA v. McKnight-Pleadings, 1987-1991
Defendant's second answer and counter-claim, notice of filing, defendant's third amended answer and counter-claim, plaintiff's answers at deposition, original petition, attorney correspondence, motions for summary judgment.
10 UFW-HEB Court Actions, 1985-1991
HEB Food Stores, Albertson's and other store chains suit against leafleting distributed by United Farm Workers of America (UFW). Right to picket and freedom of speech issues.
11 Valenzuela v. Aquinno-General, 1991
Amicus curiae briefs, attorney correspondence, Vernon's Statutes citations, free speech and residential picketing.
12 Zanardi v. Melde Construction-General, 1991-1992
Receipts from expenses incurred. Melde Construction work proposal, Austin Board of Realtors contract, residential lease agreement, handwritten notes on case, attorney correspondence, plaintiff's original court petition.

Published Articles, Brochures, 1987-1993

Box Folder
9 1 Austin Police Department-Shooting of Arthur Martinez, October 1990-March 1991
Newspaper articles on Austin Police Department shooting of Arthur Martinez, age 17. Community outcry, coroner's report showing youth shot from behind, controversies surrounding the shooting and trial. City of Austin Police Department press release on shooting, TCRP statements and correspondence.
2 Chavez, Cesar, May-April 1993
Eulogy given by James Harrington upon death of farm worker rights leader Cesar Chavez; English and Spanish translations. Copy of news articles from. Texas Observer, Texas Lawyer and Dallas Morning News.
3 General Press Releases and Articles, 1987-1991
Press releases and news articles on a variety of topics. Congress Watch/Public Citizen. Texas Governor William Clements and law suits. Clements' lawsuit relates to controversy of payment for academic trip expenses to and from Nicaragua. International political conflicts may exist embracing Clements' actions. Pan American University professor Harold Nelson attended an international health conference in Nicaragua.
Folder also includes news release written by James Harrington, dealing with U.S. Postal Service and private citizenry, Christmas mailing lists. TCRP essays and press releases on police exploitation and undue force. Essay by Harrington celebrating Texas' Bill of Rights 155th anniversary.
4 General Press Releases and Articles, 1992-1993
Essays and press releases by James Harrington on variety of topics: human rights, redistricting, Texas' Bill of Rights, rights of mental health patients, HIV and prison inmates, Rodney King and police brutality, Texas' foster care programs, immigration and asylum issues, city youth curfews, border immigration, sweatshops and labor protections, school censorship and freedom of the press, pro bono controversies, women's rights and rulings by the Texas Supreme Court.
5 MHMR Suits, Rose Garden, Al Slayton, 1989-1992, bulk 1992
Mental Health and Mental Retardation conflicts. Al Slayton and the Rose Garden facility, located in Temple, Texas; residences he operates for people with mental illness. Some residents are parolees or homeless veterans. Slayton's own life includes prison time served.
6 Pro Bono-News Articles, 1990-1992
State Bar of Texas, reforms and `Sunset Ax' laws for representation of persons without means. Mandatory representation questions and policies. Article by Glenna Whitley, "Why We Love to Hate Lawyers,"D Magazine. TCRP essay and press release on attorney pro bono suit. Magazine and newspaper articles on topic.
7 Pro Bono-Press Releases, 1991-1992
State Bar of Texas news releases, Report on Mandatory Pro Bono by the Committee on Legal Services To the Poor in Civil Matters, 1991. Plaintiff's original petition, essay on topic and authored by James Harrington.
8 Redistricting, 1991-1993
News, articles, essays by James Harrington, redistricting lawsuits, TCRP press releases.
9 Robinson, Texas, 1991
Lawsuit and complaints surrounding police and fire departments in Robinson, Texas. Roberta and Richard DePriest, Robinson City police officers, manufactured and marketed T-shirts which addressed conflicts over city services, taxation. Legal questions on right to do business.
10 `Save Our Springs', 1992
City of Austin citizens movement (`SOS') to protect water quality and land development. City council members and developers accused of illegally conspiring to thwart voter intentions and input
11 Texas Bill of Rights…, ca. 1991
Booklets and brochures published by TCRP include: a) Our Texas Bill of Rights, ca. 1991; b) Texas Civil Rights Reporter; c) Civil Rights: Everyone's Fight; d) TCRP-information and membership brochure; e) 2nd Annual Texas Bill of Rights Dinner-program notes; f) TCRP brochures promoting Texas' independence. Bumper stickers: Don't Burn Buildings--Burn the Ballot Boxes; Rodney King…Ricky Dale Thomas… Where Is Justice?
12 Thomas, Ricky Dale-News Articles, 1991-1992
Handwritten notes, legal citations, news articles on Thomas and his erroneous conviction. Harrington's article Castrating Justice, ca. March 1992. TCRP press releases, mailing list of individuals sought to support Thomas' case.
13 Unreasonable Search and Seizure, 1991-1992
Newspaper articles from Austin American Statesman and Pittsburgh Press on airport search and seizure actions, drug trafficking and interception, drug search bias issues, policies and guidelines used by federal and local authorities. Suit brought by J. LeWayne Kelly, degree in criminal justice, drug and alcohol counselor employed by developer Trammell Crow.