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Barry Lopez:

An Inventory of His Papers [Part 3], 1964-2001 and undated, at the Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library

Descriptive Summary

CreatorLopez, Barry, 1945-
Title:Barry Lopez Papers,
Dates:1964-2001 and undated
Abstract:Papers of author Barry Lopez from 1964-2001.
Collection #R14.1
Quantity:76 boxes and 2 tubes (67.0 linear feet)
Repository:Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library, Texas Tech University

Biographical Sketch

Barry Lopez is an essayist, author, and short story writer. His books include Arctic Dreams, for which he received the National Book Award, and Of Wolves and Men, a National Book Award finalist, as well as several collections of short stories and two collections of essays. He has received fellowships from the American Academy of Arts and Letters, the John Burroughs Society, the Orion Society, and other institutions. In his nonfiction, Mr. Lopez writes often about the relationship between physical landscape and human culture. In his fiction, he frequently addresses issues of intimacy, ethics, and identity. His work has been widely anthologized and translated into thirteen languages. He travels widely and has collaborated with a number of artists on a variety of projects in theater, music, and the fine arts. Since 2003 he has been Visiting University Scholar at Texas Tech University. He lives on the McKenzie River in rural western Oregon.

Book publications include:

  • Lopez, Barry. Resistance. New York: Knopf, 2004.
  • Lopez, Barry. Vintage Lopez. New York: Vintage, 2004.
  • Lopez, Barry. Light Action in the Caribbean. New York: Knopf, 2000.
  • Lopez, Barry. About This Life. New York: Knopf, 1998.
  • Lopez, Barry. Apológia. Athens: U of Georgia P, 1998.
  • Lopez, Barry. Lessons from the Wolverine. Athens: U of Georgia P, 1997.
  • Lopez, Barry. Field Notes. New York: Knopf, 1994.
  • Lopez, Barry. The Rediscovery of North America. Lexington, UP of Kentucky, 1990.
  • Lopez, Barry. Crow and Weasel. Berkeley: North Point, 1990.
  • Lopez, Barry. Crossing Open Ground. New York: Scribner, 1988.
  • Lopez, Barry. Arctic Dreams. New York: Scribner, 1986.
  • Lopez, Barry. Winter Count. New York: Scribner, 1981.
  • Lopez, Barry. River Notes. Kansas City, MO: Andrews & McMeel, 1979.
  • Lopez, Barry. Of Wolves and Men. New York: Scribner, 1978.
  • Lopez, Barry. Giving Birth to Thunder. Kansas City, MO: Andrews & McMeel, 1978.
  • Lopez, Barry. Desert Notes. Kansas City, MO: Andrews & McMeel, 1976.

Scope and Contents

The collection contains correspondence, research materials, manuscripts, speaking engagement files, guest teaching files, book reviews, college class work, and magazines. Most of the materials concentrate on Lopez’s research for Arctic Dreams, Of Wolves and Men, Apologia, Crow and Weasel, and other writings. The guest teaching files deal with his time at Notre Dame and Eastern Washington University.

The collection is in good condition and is part of the James Sowell Family Collection in Literature, Community and the Natural World.



The collection is organized into the following series:
1. Biographical Information (interviews)
2. Correspondence– Business and Reader
3. College class work, radio material
4. Articles and Manuscripts for Magazines
5. Manuscripts and research for books: (a) Desert Notes 1976, (b) Of Wolves and Men 1978, (c) Giving Birth to Thunder 1978, (d) River Notes 1979, (e) Winter Count 1981, (f) Arctic Dreams 1986, (g) Crossing Open Ground 1988, (h) Crow and Weasel 1990, (i) The Rediscovering of America 1991, (j) Field Notes 1994, (k) Lessons From the Wolverine 1997, (l) About This Life 1998, (m) Apologia 1998, (n) Beginnings of new books.
6. Research – Miscellaneous and Concerning Wolves
7. Projects
8. Guest teaching - Notre Dame and Eastern Washington University
9. Speaking Engagements
10. Calendars
11. Closed Boxes
12. Newspaper Collection
13. Small Artifacts
14. Manuscripts and Research: Miscellaneous
15. Arctic Dreams
16. Reviews and Oversized Research
17. Of Wolves and Men
18. Calendars
19. Oversized boxes and tubes of maps, broadsides, newspapers
Due to the size of the inventory, this finding aid has been split into three files:
Ephemera and Interviews, Correspondence, and Research for Books, Boxes 1-20
Manuscripts and Research, Boxes 21-64
Manuscripts and Research - Miscellaneous, Boxes 65-76, tubes 1-2, and oversize drawers (O 10.20; O 3.1)


Access Restrictions

The collection is open for research. Copyright is retained by the authors of items in this collection, or their descendants, as stipulated by U.S. copyright law.

Index Terms

The subject headings used by the Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library are derived from the Library of Congress and/or locally developed.
Subjects (Persons)
Lopez, Barry Holstun, 1945-
Lopez, Barry Holstun, 1945- --Archives
Lopez, Barry Holstun, 1945- --Correspondence
Lopez, Barry Holstun, 1945- --Manuscripts
Arctic regions.
American literature--20th century
Natural history
Natural history in literature
Novelists, American--20th century--Correspondence

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Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Barry Lopez Papers, 1964-2001 and undated, Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Texas

Collection accession #(s):
2000-0297-X, 2002-0052-B

Purchase, 2000

Processed by

Edie Wishman, 2001; reprocessed by Dr. Diane Warner, 2008.

Collection Inventory


Newspaper Collection



68These items were removed from their original files.


Manuscripts and Research: Miscellaneous, 1993-1999 and undated

691Correspondence: World Environment Day, 1999
2“A Passage of the Hands”: Typescript with corrections, undated
3“A Passage of the Hands”: Typescript and proofs, 1998
4“Lessons from the Wolverine”: Correspondence and galleys, 1994
5“Searching for Depth in Bonaire”: Business correspondence and typescripts, 1996-1997
6“Searching for Depth in Bonaire”: Research materials, 1993-1994
7“Searching for Depth in Bonaire”: Typescript with corrections, 1994
8“Searching for Depth in Bonaire”: Typescript, 1994
9Scrapbook Material: Name Tags and Pin, undated
10Literary Production: Comments written for books, 1994-1999 and undated


Arctic Dreams: Newspapers

701Arctic Dreams, research, notes and newspapers, Crested Butte Chronicle, “Crossing the Alaskan Brooks Range on Skiis, by Roy Smith with Gil Hersch; Dec 22, 1978, Dec 29, 1978, Jan. 5, 1979, Jan 12,1979; Tundra Times, Oct. 1979, 1978-1979 1978-1979
2Bear Pause, Denver Museum of Natural History (2 issues), Feb. 1986, March 1986
3New York Times, ABA award list, Oct. 23,1986
4New York Times, review, Feb. 12, 1986
5San Francisco Chronicle Review, review, Feb. 9, 1986
6San Francisco Examiner, ad, Feb. 9, 1986
7The New York Times, Feb. 12, 1986
8New York Times, review, March 29, 1986San Jose Mercury News, review, March 16, 1986
9The Seattle Times/Seattle Post-Intelligencer, review, [1986]
10The New York Times, ad, March 21, 1986Seattle Times, review, March 21, 1986
11Oregon Life [Eugene Register-Guard], review, March 2, 1986
12The Guardian [Manchester], May 15, 1986
13Sunday Express [England], May 11, 1986
14The Mail on Sunday [England], May 11, 1986
15Vista, The Tampa Tribune/Times, (includes correspondence from editor), June 8, 1986
16The Berkeley Monthly, May 1986
17Not Man Apart: the newsmagazine of Friends of the Earth, 16.2, March-April 1986
18New York Times Book Review, (3 copies) Feb. 16, 1986
19New York Times Book Review, Feb. 23, 1986
20New York Times Book Review, March 9, 1986
21New York Times Book Review, April 6, 1986
22New York Times Book Review, April 13, 1986
23New York Times Book Review, April 20, 1986
24New York Times Book Review, April 27, 1986
25New York Times Book Review, May 4, 1986
26New York Times Book Review, June 1, 1986
27New York Times Book Review, Dec. 7, 1986
28New York Times Book Review, May 31, 1987


Reviews and Oversized Research: Newspapers, misc., for Of Wolves and Men, Crow and Weasel

711“An eagle hunts down a wolf,” photocopy from Life 32(16):119-120, April 21, 1952
2“Sheem,” photocopy of story, no author or citation information, undated
3“A list of works relating to Lycanthropy,” compiled by George F. Black, photocopy, 1920
4The Vita Merlini, photocopy of p. 36-37, undated
5The Survival of Pagan Gods, photocopy p. 190-191, undated
6“Movements and behavior of a wolf pack in Alaska,” Bob L. Burkholder; photocopy from Journal of Wildlife Management, Jan. 1959
7“The wolf boy of Agra,” William Fielding Ogburn, photocopy from The American Journal of Sociology, March 1959
8Lycanthropy article, photocopy, no citation, undated
9“The great offshore oil lottery,” by Ted Barry, from NYT Magazine, Oct. 11, 1981
10“Musk ox ruminations,” by Anne Fadiman, from Life Magazine, May 1985
11“Across the High Arctic,” by Fred Kline, from The Washington Post Magazine, April 22, 1979
12The Alaska-Yukon-Pacific-Exposition, illustrated. Book, [32] p., Seattle: Robert A. Reid, Publisher, 1909
13“The Natural: a conversation with planetary dream-weaver Barry Lopez,” by Terry Greene, from New Times, Nov. 21-27, 1990
14“Requiem for the North,” by Loral Dean, from Today, [1980?]
15“The Moral of the Story,” by Debra Woodruff, from The Tucson Weekly, Nov. 28-Dec. 4, 1990
16New York Times Book Review, Dec. 2, 1990, June 14, 1981, Nov. 18, 1990
17“Wisdom from Myths,” by Paul Pintarich, from The Sunday Oregonian, Sept. 16, 1990
18Writer’s NW, Winter 1990
19Literary Lapses, Nov. 30,1990
20“B. Lopez invites reader to ride with Crow and Weasel,” by Paula Huff, from The Salt Lake Tribune, Nov. 3, 1990
21Children’s Bookshelf, Nov. 25, 1990
22“Lopez’s lyrical book may draw loyal readership from all realms,” by Jane Resh Thomas, from Minneapolis Star Tribune, Oct. 28, 1990
23The New York Times, p C25-26, Nov. 14, 1990
24“Write of Passage,” by Mark A. Stein, from Los Angeles Times, Nov. 14, 1990
25Books, from The Seattle Times/Seattle Post Intelligencer, Dec. 2, 1990
26“Animal Visions,” by Paul Karr, from The Bloomsbury Review, March 1991
27“Poet of hope for the planet,” by Caroline Drewes, from San Francisco Examiner, April 16, 1991
28“Highly acclaimed author bridges age gap,” by Jane Resh Thomas, from The Plain Dealer, Dec. 23, 1990
29“Writer gives voice to nature’s wisdom,” by Paul Denison, from Eugene Register Guard, Oct. 25, 1990
30“Getting Out There,” by Alex Tizon, from Pacific, Seattle Times, Oct. 21, 1990
31What’s Happening, Nov. 1, 1990
32Parent’s Choice, awards issue, 1990
33“Going places,” by Sara Wheeler, from The New York Times Book Review, June 21, 1998
34“Memoirs project magic in Barry Lopez’s hands,” by William Porter, The Denver Post, June 14, 1998
35“Prose graceful as a landscape,” by Randall Edwards, The Columbia Dispatch, June 7, 1998
36“Paths that cross,” by Robert Michael Pyle, from The Sunday Oregonian, June 7, 1998
37The Vancouver Sun, Saturday review, includes correspondence, July 4, 1998
38The Oregonian, Section B, May 20, 1998
39Oregon Life, The Register Guard, May 24, 1998
40“Lopez writes the words to wrap your brain around,” by Andy Whipple, from The Bulletin, Sept. 8, 1998
41“Barry Lopez: a reader’s companion,” by Nicholas Basbanes, from The Register Guard, June 28, 1998
42“Coming home,” by Nicholas A. Basbanes, Grand Rapids, Aug. 23, 1998
43Eugene Weekly, May 21, 1998
44New in paperback, from The Sunday Oregonian, June 6, 1999
45Summer reading, from The Wall Street Journal, May 22, 1998
46“Barry Lopez crosses verbal open ground,” by Clay Evans, from Sunday Camera, June 14, 1998
47City Pages, June 17, 1998
48“Author Barry Lopez prefers staying on the fringes of fame,” by Richard H. Weiss, St. Louis Post Dispatch, and business card, June 11, 1998
49Letter, from Donna McLachlan, Nov. 17, 1998
50Eugene Weekly, July 8, 1999
51Poets & Writers News, 1999
52The New York Times Book Review, Aug. 9, 1998
53Poster, About This Life, undated


Oversize Material: Of Wolves and Men

721The Siege, layout for Of Wolves and Men, undated
2“Howls in the night,” by Abe Peck, from The Birmingham News, Jan. 20, 1979
3Living Well, Willamette Valley Observer, Oct. 27, 1978
4“What’s playing, what’s happening,” from the Philadelphia Inquirer, Dec. 3, 1978
5“New wolf book a howling success,” by Helen L. Mershon, Oregon Journal, Dec. 4, 1978
6Eugene Register-Guard, TV and Radio Week, Nov. 4-10, 1978
7New York Times Book Review, Nov. 19, 1978, April 8, 1979, Nov. 26, 1978
8Book Review, 1.5, Oct. 8, 1978
9Not Man Apart, Jan.-Feb 1979
10Eugene Register Guard, Section D, Dec. 28, 1978; Nov. 16, 1978
11Friends of the Earth, notebook with wolf cover, undated
12Of Wolves and Men (working title: The Book of the Wolf), annotated and corrected galley sheets, [1978?]



731The 1983 Western Wilderness Calendar, 1983
2The 1984 Western Wilderness Calendar, 1984
3The 1986 Western Wilderness Calendar, 1986
4The 1990 Western Wilderness Calendar, 1990
5Barry Lopez and Franz Lanting Ideas & Images, page mockups with holographic notes and typed list of quotation sources, 1995 Calendar 1995
6Barry Lopez & Frans Lanting, Ideas and Images, 1995 Calendar 1995
7Under Western Skies, Writers and the West, with excerpts from Wallace Stegner, Edward Abbey, Frank Waters, & Barry Lopez, 1995 Calendar, 1995
8Barry Lopez and Frans Lanting, Ideas & Images, 1996 Calendar, 1996
9Barry Lopez and Frans Lanting, Ideas & Images, 1996 Calendar, proofs, small size, with holographic corrections, 1996
19Barry Lopez and Frans Lanting, Ideas & Images, 1996 Calendar, proofs, 1996
11Under Western Skies: Writers and the West, featuring excerpts from Edward Abbey, Barry Lopez, Wallace Stegner and Frank Waters, 1996 Deluxe Calendar, 1996
12Under Western Skies: Writers and the West, featuring excerpts from Edward Abbey, Barry Lopez, Wallace Stenger, & Frank Waters, 1997 Deluxe Calendar, 1997
13Connections, Barry Lopez & Frans Lanting, 1997 Deluxe Calendar, 1997
14Connections, Barry Lopez & Frans Lanting, proof of 1997 Deluxe Calendar, Browntrout publishers, with postcard dated March 26, 1996, 1996
15Under Western Skies, featuring excerpts from Barry Lopez, 1998 Deluxe Calendar, 1998
16Under Western Skies: 1999 Deluxe Calendar, proofs, in plastic envelope with writing in red marker: "To: Barry, From: Wendover (?), 1st color proof. Please call 800-950-8712 with any corrections asap. Thank you very much, I love this calendar", 1999
17Under Western Skies, With excerpts from Barry Lopez, 1999 Deluxe Calendar, 1999
18Under Western Skies, Text by Barry Lopez, 2000 Calendar, 2000


Oversized Materials

741New York Times Magazine, Oct 20, 1991
3Focus Michiana, July 1987
4Inside Borders, Dec. 1997
5New York Times Book Review, July 22, 1979
6Empire Magazine (Denver Post), Jan. 16, 1983
7We Alaskans: The Anchorage Daily News Magazine, March 20, 1983
8New York Times Book Review, April 22, 1984
9New York Times Magazine, Oct. 5, 1986
10New York Times Book Review, Dec. 7, 1986
11We Alaskans, The Anchorage Daily News Magazine, April 1, 1990
12We Alaskans, The Anchorage Daily News Magazine,
13The Australian’s Review of Books, Dec. 1999 May 18, 1986
14Pacific Wilderness Journal, Feb./March 1975
15Pacific Wilderness Journal, June/July 1974
16Not Man Apart, Dec. 1971
17Washington Post, Outlook, Sunday, Mar. 27, 1988
18Washington Post, Style, Sunday, June 9, 1974
19Washington Post, Style, Monday, April 26, 1971
20Washington Post, Style, Monday, June 14, 1971
21Washington Post, Style, Thursday, July 22, 1971
22Washington Post, Outlook, Sunday, March 25, 1984
23Tales, 2.3, Fall 1975
24New York Times Book Review, Nov. 10, 1991
25Sunday Oregonian, Arts, Oct. 11, 1992
26Forest Voice, 8.2 (March-June) 1995
27Sunday Oregonian, Forum, Aug. 27, 1995
28We Alaskans, Dec. 20, 1992
29Emerald (Univ. of Oregon), Nov. 18 1969
30McKenzie Enterprise, 2.24, June 1-15 (1976?)
31New York Times, Travel, Sunday, March 13, 1983
32Oregon Life, Eugene Register Guard, June 5, 1975
33Lane Alum, Eugene Register Guard, April 22, 1972
34McKenzie Enterprise, 1.9, Aug. 16-31, 1974
35Art on the Wind, 1988
751Apologia colophon, single sheet, fine press ed undated
2Broadside, “I will tell you something,” 2000
3Broadside, “The stories people tell…,” 1990
4Broadside, “Once I was asked by a seatmate…” from “A Voice,” 2005
5Broadside, “The image I carry of Cortés…,” 1990
6Broadside, Sontau Ya'uchim = Soldier Leaders, undated
7Book cover design, River Notes, undated
8Of Wolves and Men, pre-publication mock-up, 9 sheets, undated
9Crow and Weasel, grocery sack, undated
10Artwork, John Huehnergarth, “Weekend,” Audubon, July 1973
11Cover art, About This Life, undated
12Calendar, proofs, Lopez and Frans Lanting, 1997,
13Of Wolves and Men, 3 illustration boards: 2, 3a, 3b, undated
14Book cover design, Field Notes, undated
15Poster, Booktent Santa Cruz, undated
16LP liner notes, The Times They Are A-Changin', Bob Dylan, 1964
17Magazine article, "Newman's Complaint" by Rober Ebert, Sept. 1969
18The Book of the Wolf (later: Of Wolves and Men), pre-publication mock-ups, 1977?
19Magazine article, photocopy, "A Going Away Present" by Jan Wojcik, undated
20Newspaper article, photocopy, Salt Lake City Tribune, Jan. 31, 1988
21Magazine article, photocopy, "An Urgent Need to Map Biodiversity" by Edward O. Wilson, Feb. 9, 1987
22Flyer, Centrum, Fort Worden State Park, Port Townsend, WA, 1977
23Mailer, Poetry Symposium, Seminar in Fiction, Centrum, Fort Worden State Park, Port Townsend, WA, 1978
24Poster, Experiences in Creativity, Centrum, Fort Worden State Park, Port Townsend, WA, 1977-78
25Proof sheets, Yukon Charley, May 2, 1980
26Proof sheets, Galapagos, April 27, 1989
27Mailer, Carleton College Alumni Bookstore Newsletter, Fall 1983
28AWP Newsletter, Sept. 1985
29AWP Newsletter, Nov. 1984
30Article, "Little Adventures in Tokyo" by Rick Kennedy, Oct. 31, 1986
31Iowa Journalist, Spring 1985
32Mailer, Portland Art Museum, May-June, no year
33Poster, National Book Award Winner, Davis Museum and Cultural Center, Wellesley, MA, 1995
34House plans designed by Dennis H. Lopez, Jan. 1989
35Proof sheets, "Charles Simic" by Barry Lopez undated
36Proof sheets, "Weekend" by Barry Lopez, May 21, 1973
37California Desert, oversize proofs, Jan. 1987
38Columbus and after, rethinking the legacy, [1992?]
39Manuscript ideas and drafts, from Apple Correspondence, 1974-1975 and undated
40Map, United States, Nystrom series of desk maps, undated
41The insider’s guide to Oregon, undated
42Mountain lion galleys, 1981
43Beyond wilderness galleys, 1990
44[Japanese] special issue, Joh Azuma, the message of light and darkness, [1985]
45Artwork samples, Curt Richter, undated
761Poster, Field Notes, Eccles Conference Center (Utah State?), undated
2Poster, Seven At One Stroke (play Lopez appeared in during senior year at Notre Dame), undated
3Cover, Lane Community College (Oregon), photo by Lopez, undated
4Poster, Of Wolves and Men, 1975
5Poster, Addison Repertory Theater presents Crow & Weasel, undated
6Poster, Why do Americans oppose oil drilling in the Arctic Refuge?, undated
7Poster, Pacific Northwest Booksellers Assoc., 1995
8Poster, Lessons From the Wolverine, signed, undated
9Poster, About This Life, undated
10Cover art, Giving Birth to Thunder (needs conservation), undated
11Map, Lake Baykal, World Aeronautical chart, 1952
12Poster, Earthmass, inscribed, Paul Winter, St. Paul, Minnesota, April 14, 1984
13Poster, Crow and Weasel, signed, yellow post-it (removed): “Poster signed by all the people involved in Crow & Weasel production (one of a kind)," undated
14Poster, Crossing Open Ground, undated
1521 Tom Pohrt drawings and sketches, Crow and Weasel; ink, pencil, watercolor, photocopies taped together for large image, undated
16Artwork, geometric; black, grey, white, with grey tone marbling on separate sheet, no attribution but may belong with Paul Kelsch letter, undated
17Correspondence, Paul Kelsch, April 6, 1993
18Correspondence and 2 color photos, Dennis Lopez, Feb. 27, 1991
19Poster, A Reading by Barry Lopez, Knox College, April 30, no year
20Poster, Prescott College, Environmental Award, Arizona, Dec. 19, 1992
21Photo of Lopez, b&w, undated
22Poster, 12th Annual Spring Literary Festival, Ohio University, May 7-9, 1997
23Hand drawn map of Lopez property, no label, undated
24Hand drawn map of Lopez property, labeled Occupancy, undated
25Poster, The Minnesota Center for the Book, 1993
26Army Map Services, Corps. of Engineers map, Umiat, research material, Arctic Dreams, 1976
27U.S. Geological Survey map, Mackenzie Bay, research material, Arctic Dreams, undated
28Poster, Of Wolves and Men, sepia, corners torn, undated
29Correspondence, (1976) and print (1970), Gray wolf, William D. Berry, 1970 and 1976
30Photo, color, cougar, gift of Kate Stafford, 1990
31Cover on illustration board, Arctic Dreams, undated
32Poster, Alan Magee, Staempfli, signed, 1990
33Artwork, 7 yr. old Alexa Spoerle Michelson, May 15, 1998
34Lithograph, The Ziggy Treasury, inscribed by Tom Wilson, 1977
35Laminated poster, Arctic Dreams, undated
36Poster, Writing Out Loud, Michigan City, Indiana, 5th edition, undated
37Poster, Writing Out Loud, Michigan City, Indiana, Reunion edition, 1989
386 Posters, An Evening with Barry Lopez, TTU, 3 signed, 2 on foam core, undated
39Poster, Great Basin Book Festival, Reno, Nevada, Sept. 23-25, 1999
40Poster, New York is Book Country, Sept. 17, 1989
41Flyer, Creative Writing at Notre Dame, undated
42Art proofs, Crow & Weasel, (Japanese ed.?) 5 color sheets, undated
43Citation for Doctor of Humane Letters, Univ. of Portland, 1988
44Poster (and yellow post it, moved to blank paper) An Evening with Barry Lopez, Pitzer College, Claremont, Calif., Feb. 23, no year
45Poster, The Second Annual Esther Freier Endowed Lecture Series in Literature, Univ. of Minnesota, March 15, 2002
46Poster, What Book Changed Your Life, undated
47Poster, Rick Bartow, Barry Lopez, Willamette Univ., March 1, 2002
48Poster, Oregon State University presents, April 25, 2002
49Poster, Trinity University presents, 2 copies, Feb. 24, no year
50Poster, Best essays NW, Knight Library, Univ. of Oregon, Nov. 25, no year
51Poster on board, Desert Notes cover and Lopez photo, undated
52Poster, Who Speaks for America, Washington State U, Pullman, WA, Nov. 1984
53Handbill, A Benefit Reading, Elliott Bay Book Company, Seattle, Jan. 31, no year
54Poster, Barry Holstun Lopez & Edward Abbey, Univ. of Utah, Oct. 29, no year
55Poster, b&w, Benefit reading by Barry Lopez, Elliott Bay Book Co., all proceeds … to Copper Canyon Press, 2 copies, Jan. 31, no year
56Poster, The 2000 Walter and Nancy Kidd Tutorial Reading, U of Oregon, May 18, 2000
57Poster, Barry Lopez coming to the Central Coast, May 2002
58Texas Book Festival, Nov. 10-12, 2000
59Stand up promotional display unit, Arctic Dreams, undated
60Poster, Travelling images, Portland Art Museum, 2 copies, March 1983
61Poster, School of American Research Membership Events, 2 copies, 1983-1984
62Poster, Bozeman, Montana Perspectives on the Environment, with correction on white paper glued to poster: “Partially funded by the Montana Committee for the Humanities,” 1981-82
63Poster, William Woods College Concert Lecture Series, Fulton, MO, 1983-1984
64Announcement, Harbourfront Reading Series, Toronto, Ontario, 2 copies, undated
65Poster, b&w, Barry Lopez, environmental and fiction writer, (signed by Jana Pyle), Nov. 1, 1989
66Announcement, 12th Annual Literary Festival, Old Dominion Univ., Oct. 2-5, 1989
7Poster, Writing Out Loud, 3rd edition, Michigan City, Indiana, undated
68Poster, Writing Out Loud, second annual, Michigan City, Indiana, undated
69Poster, Univ. of California, Davis, Spring 1987 Literary Series, Places on Earth, 1987
70Artwork, photograph, J. Scott Harman, Nankoweap, May 6, 1987
Tube #1A rolled tube with the South Atlantic Sea Floor Maps and Arctic Polar Region Maps, undated
Tube #2A rolled tube with a "Thank You" poster from Blake Middle School of Hopkins, Minnesota, 1998
O 10.20.11Poster, Calendar and map, North American Hydrocarbon map, 1981-1982, yellow post-it: "map used for Arctic Dreams (research material)," 1981
2Poster, and 6 advertisement pages, Toyota Land Cruiser, yellow post-it "1969-Toyota, responding to Barry's articles in Auto Driver, asked Barry to come out and talk to them - His comments helped shape their advertising campaign for the Toyota Land Cruiser," 1970
3Poster, Oregon literary map, undated
4Poster, two-sided, 1) [earth from space], 2) Apollo 17, supplement to the National Geographic, Sept. 1973, yellow post-it, "Pinned above BL's desk for many years (along w/travel map). Also image was basis for essay "A Most Compelling Vista" - summer 1999, Portland Magazine," Sept. 1973
5Poster, Great Nebula in Orion, NGC 1976, Messier 42, c1959, yellow post-it, "Third of the 3 images that were above BL's desk for many years," 1976
6Poster, No man is an Island . . . John Donne, yellow post-it, "Hung in BL's office for many years," undated
7Poster, 2 sided, 1) AAA United States map, 2) United States mileage table, 2 yellow post-its, 1) "Map of BL's first travels around the country (thru 1968 [68 crossed out, 73 written below). Hung above his desk for many years, 2)Red - flights, ±1973, Blue - road trips," 1961
8Poster, Bruno Zehnder's Penguins, inscribed, yellow post-it, "gift from reader," 1981
9Map, Berry’s Relief Map of the United States, with typed note: “I penciled in this map sometime in the late ‘50s,” to show places Lopez had lived or traveled through, [1955-1959?]
O 10.20.21Poster: Coyote Builds North America, 50 Arena Stage, 2000/2001
2Poster: Barry Lopez, The Blake School, April 26-28, 1998
O 10.20.31Map: North Atlantic Ocean, West Indies, Depth in Meters, Mercator projection, scale 1:4,250,000, published by Defense Mapping Agency Hydrographic/Topographic Center, Washington, D.C., 2nd ed., 75 x 114 cm. Aug. 3, 1985
2Map: Omega International Chart Series, Pacific Ocean, Central and South America, Mexico to Ecuador, Soundings in Meters, Mercator project, scale 1:3,500,000, published by Defense Mapping Agency Hydrographic/Topographic Center, Washington, D.C., 3rd ed., 81 x 114 cm., May 25, 1985
3Map: Omega International Chart Series, South Pacific Ocean, Guayaquil to Valparaiso, Depths in meters, scale, 1:3,500,000, published by Defense Mapping Agency Hydrographic/Topographic Center, Washington, D.C., 1st ed., 75 x 120 cm., Jan. 13, 1979
4Map: Omega International Chart Series, South Pacific Ocean, South America, Chile, Valparaiso to Islas Diego Ramirez, Depths in meters, scale 1:3,500,000, published by Defense Mapping Agency Hydrographic/Topographic Center, Washington, D.C., 1st ed., 75 x 119 cm., Jan. 20, 1979
O 3.1.11a group of 6 ship plans, Polar Design Associates Ltd., yellow post its photocopied,
O 3.1.21a group of 6 ship plans, Polar Design Associates Ltd., yellow post its photocopied and removed, 1990-1992

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