Texas State Library and Archives Commission

Board for Texas State Hospitals and Special Schools:

An Inventory of Texas Confederate Woman's Home Resident Files at the Texas State Archives, [ca. 1900], 1913-1965 (bulk 1932-1950)


Creator: Texas. Board for Texas State Hospitals and Special Schools.
Title: Texas Confederate Woman's Home resident files
Dates: [ca. 1900], 1913-1965
Dates (Bulk): (bulk 1932-1950)
Abstract: Records consist of applications for admission to the Texas Confederate Woman's Home, death certificates, correspondence, bills, receipts, occasional photographs, and summary data sheets on residents (name, birthdate, residence, name of parents and children or other relatives, religious denomination, date entering the home, usually a death date, burial arrangements, and sometimes a statement as to who is to receive the effects of the resident upon her death). Dates covered are [ca. 1900], 1913-1965, with the bulk dating 1932-1950. These are the resident files of the Texas Confederate Woman's Home, operated initially by the United Daughters of the Confederacy, then by the Texas State Board of Control, and finally by the Board for Texas State Hospitals and Special Schools.
Quantity: 7.26 cubic ft.
Repository: Texas State Archives
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History of the Texas Confederate Woman's Home

The Texas Woman's Confederate Home was initially established and operated by the United Daughters of the Confederacy (UDC). In 1903 the organization created a Wives and Widows Home Committee, which raised funds for the home and oversaw its construction. The UDC purchased property in north central Austin for the home, and in 1906 A. O. Watson was hired to design a building on the site. In 1905 the 29th Legislature passed a bill to transfer the home to the state but it was vetoed by Governor Samuel W.T. Lanham (House Bill 387, Regular Session). In 1907 a constitutional amendment providing for state ownership of the home was rejected by Texas voters (Senate Joint Resolution 12, 30th Legislature, Regular Session). The Confederate Woman's Home was opened in 1908 by the United Daughters of the Confederacy to care for widows and wives of honorably discharged Confederate soldiers and other women who aided the Confederacy. Residents were required to be at least sixty years of age and without means of financial support. Some of the women had been residents at the Texas Confederate Home, residing with their husbands, and transferred to the Woman's Home. The United Daughters of the Confederacy operated the home until 1911, relying solely on donations to cover expenses. The State of Texas assumed control of the Home on March 10, 1911 by provisions of Senate Bill 275 (32nd Legislature, Regular Session). The property was deeded to the state and the facility was placed under a six-member board of managers. At the time of the transfer, the institution had eighteen residents. The two-story facility, constructed in 1906-1907, had fifteen bedrooms. At its opening on June 3, 1908, three women were admitted to the home; by 1909 it housed sixteen. In 1913 the state constructed a large two-story brick addition, designed by Page Brothers, architects, which included twenty-four new bedrooms. A brick hospital building was built in 1916, with a hospital annex added eight years later.

The institution was placed under the Texas State Board of Control in 1920 by the 36th Legislature (Senate Bill 147, Regular Session). The Board appointed a manager for the home and was responsible for appropriations and maintenance. The Home housed between eighty and 110 residents from 1920 through 1935. From 1938 to 1945, the population of the home fell from eighty-seven to fifty-five. In 1949 administration of the Home was transferred to the Board for Texas State Hospitals and Special Schools (House Bill 1, 51st Legislature, Regular Session). In 1963 the last three residents were moved to private nursing homes at state expense, and the facility was closed. The state sold the property in 1986. During its fifty-five years of operation the Home cared for over 3400 women.

[Information for the history of the home was taken from the Handbook of Texas, from the general laws and the records themselves.]

Scope and Contents of the Records

Records consist of applications, death certificates, correspondence, bills, receipts, occasional photographs, and summary data sheets on residents (name, birthdate, residence, name of parents and children or other relatives, religious denomination, date entering the home, usually a death date, burial arrangements, and sometimes a statement as to who is to receive the effects of the resident upon her death). Dates covered are [ca. 1900], 1913-1965, with the bulk dating 1932-1950. These are the resident files of the Texas Confederate Woman's Home, operated initially by the United Daughters of the Confederacy, then by the Texas State Board of Control, and finally by the Board for Texas State Hospitals and Special Schools. Correspondence is generally between the superintendent of the home and family members of residents, some is between the resident and family members. In some cases, correspondence is present before the resident was admitted concerning her forthcoming admittance and after she died, especially when the resident did not leave a will and there were multiple heirs to whatever the resident had left in her effects or her accounts at the Home. Correspondence is also present between the superintendent and the resident while she was on furlough visiting her family. Topics of the letters concern the activities of the resident at the home; conditions at the home; concerns of the superintendent over the behavior of residents; arranging for arrivals, discharges, and furloughs of residents; and notifying families of the medical conditions of the resident and of the resident's death. Family members did not always come for funeral services held at the home, so some letters have descriptions of the services and the internment at the State Cemetery. Residents of the Confederate Woman's Home had the option to be buried at the Texas State Cemetery in Austin.

Arrangment of the Records

These records are arranged alphabetically by the name of the resident.


Restrictions on Access

Portions of these records fall under Public Information Act exceptions: medical records (V.T.C.A., Occupations Code, 159.002 (Medical Practice Act)); information about social services received by recipients (Human Resources Code, Title 2, Section 12.003). Most of the original applications to the home were removed because they contained a signed affidavit by a physician. The part of the application containing the medical record was redacted on photocopies of the applications. The redacted applications are in the resident files. The original applications will become available 100 years after the date of the signed medical affidavit on the application. If the original application did not contain the physician's affidavit, it was left in the resident's file. A few letters are present that discuss various social services assistance some recipients of the home received, in these cases the information regarding the assistance was redacted on a copy of the original letter. If a requester wishes to review the redacted information we are obligated to seek an open records decision from the Attorney General on whether the records can be released. The Public Information Act allows the Archives ten working days after receiving a request to make this determination. The Attorney General has 45 working days to render a decision.

Restrictions on Use

Most records created by Texas state agencies are not copyrighted. State records also include materials received by, not created by, state agencies. Copyright remains with the creator. The researcher is responsible for complying with U.S. Copyright Law (Title 17 U.S.C.).

Under the Copyright Act of 1976 as amended in 1998, unpublished manuscripts are protected at a minimum through December 31, 2002 or 70 years after the author's death.

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Index Terms

The terms listed here were used to catalog the records. The terms can be used to find similar or related records.
Corporate Names:
Texas Confederate Woman's Home.
Texas. State Board of Control.
Public institutions--Texas.
Public welfare--Texas.
Document Types:
Correspondence--Texas--Public institutions--1913-1965.
Photographs--Texas--Public institutions--ca. 1900, 1913-1965.
Application forms--Texas--Public institutions--1913-1965.
Management of public institutions.
Administration of public welfare.

Related Material

The following materials are offered as possible sources of further information on the agencies and subjects covered by the records. The listing is not exhaustive.

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Texas State Board of Control, Confederate Home resident files, 1886-1963, approximately 11 cubic ft. - RESTRICTED- [There is no finding aid available for this unprocessed collection. Call numbers are 301-17 thru 22, 28, 34]
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Texas State Board of Control, Correspondence re: Confederate Home, 1915-ca. 1941 (bulk 1936-1941), 2.41 cubic ft. [There is no finding aid available for this unprocessed collection. Call numbers are 4-16/118, 4-17/35 and 36 and unnumbered.]
Texas State Board of Control, Confederate Home register of inmates, 1886-ca. 1903, 0.45 cubic ft. [There is no finding aid available for this unprocessed collection. Call number is 2-7/1272.]
Texas State Board of Control, Confederate Home procedural manual, 1962; and 1932 annual report, fractional [There is no finding aid available for this unprocessed collection. Call number is 2-9/753.]
Texas State Board of Control, State Cemetery List, undated, 0.24 cubic ft.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

(Identify the item), Texas Confederate Woman's Home resident files, Board for Texas State Hospitals and Special Schools. Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

Accession Information

Accession number: 1973/171

These records were transferred to the Archives and Information Services Division of the Texas State Library and Archives Commission by the Texas State Board of Control on June 13, 1973. The files were initially sent to the United Daughters of the Confederacy in July 1964 by the Confederate Woman's Home when it closed; they were then transferred by the UDC to the Board of Control on September 14, 1972.

Processing Information

Laura K. Saegert, November 2004

Detailed Description of the Records

Resident files, [ca. 1900], 1913-1965 (bulk 1932-1950),
7.26 cubic ft.

303-1 Abbee, Mary Susana Isabelle, 1948-1953
Adams, Nora Prudence, 1932-1938
Addock, Maggie Thomas, 1944-1945
Adkins, Emma L., 1946-1956
Alexander, Emma L., 1924, 1929, 1938
Allen, Bettie Lou, 1954-1961
Allen, Jessie B., 1943
Allen, Maggie David, 1928-1941
Allison, Ellen Rebecca, 1931-1937
Anderson, Ellen, 1942
Anderson, Elizabeth L., 1942-1948
Anglin, Pamelia, 1943
Aull, Nina Duvall, 1935-1936, 1944
Baccus, Mary Elizabeth, 1942-1951
Bacon, Clothida Ann, 1936, 1942
Bagby, Elmira Leona, 1930, 1942, 1960
Baker, Mary E., 1941-1942
Bailey, Ida, 1950-1952
Barfield, Alice, 1938-1951
Bauguss, Angie Cameron (Mrs. J.W.), 1932-1944
Baxter, Fannie, 1939-1946
Belt, Mollie J., 1942-1945
Berry, Alice M., 1943-1954
303-2 Blackstone, Lula Griffin, 1948-1952
Blakemore, Mary Curtis, 1939-1942
Boaz, Martha Elizabeth, 1946
Bolton, Susie Belle, 1939-1955
Bottom, Harriet Melinda, 1946-1947
Borden, Nannie Benton, 1929-1949
Borum, Amanda A., 1939
Bowen, Sarah A., 1946-1950
Box, Josie, 1945
Boyce, Mary Ophelia (Mrs. William), 1936-1937
Boykin, Martha Jane, 1937-1938
Bradfield, J.O., 1928
Bradshaw, Leonora Ann, 1937-1938
Breazeale, Mary E., 1939-1963
[3 folders]
Breckeen, Mary L.E., 1947-1949
Brewer, Lou Ann, 1943-1945
Bridge, Jeannie E., 1934-1936
Brooks, Rosa Anne Payne, 1945
Brown, Joanna A., 1926-1946
Burton, Julia T.M. Burton, 1937-1938
Butler, Clemmie C., 1936, 1946
303-3 Calloway, Leona Susan (Mrs. J.A.), 1944
Cain, Minta Ellen (Mrs. Robert L.), 1941-1947
Campbell, Laura E., 1932-1937
Campbell, Mary E., 1942-1943
Carter, Mattie E., 1956
Canion, Roxie, 1954-1956
Carnochan, Kate, 1925-1926
Cartwright, Susie, 1933-1939
Cathey, Fannie May, 1925, 1940
Champion, R.M., 1938
Chiles, Mary Jane, 1946-1947
Chreitzberg, Belle, 1955-1957
Clabaugh, S.D., 1931
Claiborne, Ella Holbrook, 1945-1946
Clark, Ella, 1932, 1938
Clarke, Eliza B. T., 1941
Clopton, M.A., undated
Cobb, A.B., 1935-1936
Cocke, Lizzie Young, 1937-1940
303-4 Coker, Virginia, 1939
Colley, Amanda Missouri, 1928-1936
Conner, Frances Elizabeth, 1937
Cooke, Laura Lauina, 1954-1955
Cooper, Mary E., 1939-1948
Copeland, Mary Susan, 1948-1956
[2 folders]
Cosper, Elizabeth, 1947-1955
Cosper, Lue Braddock, 1958-1959
Coughtry, Hattie, 1941
Covington, Emma, 1921-1940
Cowin, M.A., 1930
Crayton, Margaret Louise, 1928-1935
Crow, Mrs. C.D., 1928
Crummer, Nancy Elizabeth, 1943
Crutcher, Della Mattie, 1935-1946
Culver, Mrs. John M., 1942
Daniells, Lucindy C., 1947-1952
Dannheim, Clara, 1938-1939
Davidson, M.E., 1924, 1934-1938
Davis, Mary Lou, 1932-1936
Davis, Mary P., 1941-1942
Dechman, Bell Henrietta, 1935-1941
Denton, Alice, 1934-1938
Derrough, J.O., 1937-1939
Diamond, Paralee Cook, 1938
303-5 Dickson, Elizabeth Jane (Mrs. J.M.), 1952-1954
Dollins, Susie, 1926-1937
Dillard, Miriam Virginia, 1938-1943
Dougherty, Mary A., 1941-1944
Douglas, Nancy, 1944
Dowdy, Julia, ca. 1935
Downes, Mary Ellen, 1939-1942
Dozier, Dora, 1956-1958
Drehr, Sallie M., 1919, 1937
Drennon, Susan, 1942
Duckworth, Jane, 1935-1936
Duncan, Mollie Porter, 1936-1943
Dunham, Lillie D., 1942-1943
Dupree, Ella, 1934-1936
Edrington, Mollie, 1949-1950
Edwards, Gertrude, 1955-1957
Egger, _____, 1930
Elgin, Annie Bernhardt, 1945
Ellis, Matilda, 1948-1953
Elmore, Ellen, 1936, 1944
Emery, Elnora, 1931, 1945
English, Mattie, 1948-1957
Erwin, Sarah Craig, 1928
Everitt, Lucretia Jane, 1958-1961
Fanning, Mary Miranda, 1932-1939
Ferguson, Elizabeth Jane, 1940-1944
303-6 Ferguson, Martha Ann, 1951-1956
Fite, Becky, 1929-1937
Fleet, Belle C., 1934, 1939
Ford, Mary Jane, 1935, 1944
Ford, Mattie, 1934-1945
Forquean, Elizabeth Boales, 1941-1945
Fowler, Martha Ann, 1937
Frame, Sarah Elizabeth, 1934-1936
Fuller, Sarah Jane, 1934-1936
Gann, Mary E., 1946-1951
Gardner, Alice F., 1935-1941
Gardner, Laura Elizabeth, 1937, 1942-1945
Garner, Artelia Willis, 1942-1943
George, Susan, 1937
Gillespie, Fannie McGary, 1938
Gilmer, Bettie A., 1917, 1938-1943
Glenn, Rhoda, 1947-1949
Goodwin, Caroline M., 1948
Gordon, Mary A., 1923, 1927, 1947-1948
Gragg, Sophia, 1933, 1946
Graves, Hattie L., 1944-1949
Green, Anna Elizabeth, 1940
Green, Jane M., 1932
Griffin, Rosa Haynes, 1939-1944
Guinn, Sarah E., 1944-1950
Guynes, Evelyn Matilda, 1935
Haddox, Lula, 1940-1942
Hale, Josphine, 1945-1961
Hamilton, Mary Ann, 1945
Hamilton, Sarah Jane, 1931-1940
303-7 Hancock, Julia Kelly, 1943-1960
Hanna, Martha Ann Harriet, 1935-1949
Harder, Ann E., 1936-1941
Hardin, Mattie, 1942-1944
Hargrove, Elizabeth R., 1946
Harkness, Margaret M., 1939-1940
Harling, Frances Janie, 1950-1953
Harris, Magnolia H., 1933-1949
Harris, Nancy E., 1934-1940
Harris, Ida Irene, 1952
Harwell, Sarah E., 1931-1935
Hayes, Laura Ann, 1935
Hearne, Charlotte T., 1948
Henderson, Sophronia, 1937-1938
Henderson, Ellen Missouri, 1922, 1943
Henry, Anna, 1949-1956
Herndon, Anna H., 1941-1948
Herrington, Sarah Sanders, 1934-1935
Highsmith, Anna A., 1928, 1941, 1946
Hill, Nannie, 1933-1942
Hines, Alice, 1952-1954
Hinson, Lula, 1945-1946
Hobbs, Laura, 1937-1939
Hodges, Tennie M., 1944-1946
303-8 Holcomb, Selma E., 1932, 1959-1964
Holland, Marzee, 1936-1938
Holmes, Catherine Magnolia, 1939-1957
[2 folders]
Horner, Amanda, 1936-1937
Howard, James R., 1935-1936
Howell, Amanda Melonia, 1926-1940, 1956
Howell, Fannie Moran, 1934-1935, 1942
Hudson, Alice T., 1935-1936
Huffman, Lou, 1943-1944
Hughes, Sarah Elizabeth, 1930, 1938-1940
Hultsman, Melissa, 1948-1957
Hunt, Corrinne, 1935-1936
Hunt, Mary E., 1948-1953
[2 folders]
Ingram, Eliza Jane, 1941-1946
Isley, Alice Sherwood, 1937-1939
Jarvis, Martha C., 1938-1943
[2 folders]
Jennings, Arminta, 1940
Jessup, Nora Emily, 1937-1945
Johnson, Eliza J., 1941-1945, 1961
Johnson, Emma, 1940, 1946
Johnson, Jane, 1935, 1941
303-9 Johnson, Judith C., 1950-1952
Jones, Cordelia Ann, 1931-1935
Jones, Emma, 1956-1959
Jones, Hettie, 1945
Jones, Mary Emma, 1929-1944
Joslin, Martha S., 1935-1937
Keath, Lou, 1931, 1941
Keegan, Lucy H., 1932, 1941
Kelly, Adell Gunter Sproles, 1947-1951
Kennedy, Martha, 1931, 1940
King, Mrs. H.M., 1950-1954
[2 folders]
King, Nancy Belle, 1959
Knaecker, Angelina, 1932, 1936
Kuenstler, Mamie, 1944
Kyle, Elizabeth Lusby, 1958-1965
Lambard, Mollie Ann, 1922-1949
Lane, Mary Jane, 1936
Lard, Laura, 1937-1944
Lee, Emma L., 1939-1953
Little, Mrs. R.H., 1928-1929
Lockett, Johanna C., 1943-1949
Loden, Lizzie Harris, 1945-1946
Loe, Tennie Clark, 1941-1946
Long, Alice, 1928-1937
Long, Mattie, 1949-1961
[2 folders]
303-10 Ludwick, Augusta Clizer, 1941-1942
Lueders, Bertha, 1942
McAdams, Hettie C., 1943-1946
McCullar, Addie, 1939-1943
MacIntosh, Mary L., 1936-1947
Mack, Georgia Ann, 1946-1948
Marshall, Mary Ellen, 1922, 1934, 1940
Massey, Kansas, 1933-1940
Mauldin, Malinda, 1941-1943
Mayfield, _____, 1929
McGaffey, Agnes, 1946-1962
[3 folders]
McGill, Janie Moores, 1935-1937
Menefee, Missouri, 1918, 1941
Merchant, Tulitia Ann, 1945-1946
Milam, Mary E., 1939-1941
Mills, Carrie (O.A.), 1932-1944
Milsaps, Kate, ca. 1943
Moore, Sallie Elizabeth, 1936-1945
Moore, Sallie Reeves, 1941-1942
Morris, Ella P., 1941-1945
Morris, Martha, 1916-1938
Morris, Lula, 1955-1960
Moseley, Nora, 1940
303-11 Mosley, Amanda Viola, 1935-1937
Nichols, Bettie Jane, 1930-1948
Noble, Amanda, 1943
Norton, Geneva, 1941-1950
Ottmers, Sophie Henrietta, 1945-1950
Outman, James, 1929
Overall, Ella B., 1937-1940
Owens, Sarah Jane, 1946-1961
Ownes, Sarah F., 1934, 1940
Palmer, Kittie (Sarah Catherine), 1944
Palmer, Lucy Ann, 1943
Parr, Lydia Jeffalorina, 1942-1944
Parrish, Berthal, 1955-1961
[2 folders]
Patterson, Mrs. E.L., 1928-1929
Pearson, Manora, 1943-1952
Peers, Fannie, 1938-1954
Perry, Mary Martha, 1947
Persinger, Fannie, 1938-1940
Pickle, Margaret Morris, 1944-1949
Pinson, Annie Russell, 1940-1941
Polk, Mary I., 1934-1938
Pollard, Rose Maury, 1942-1943
Porter, Sarah E., 1950-1951
Pride, Mary Ellen, 1925-1945
Provine, Lou Ann, 1943-1944
303-12 Puett, Susan Martha, 1944
Pyles, Mary E., 1940, 1947-1953
Rafferty, Maggie, 1945
Raines, Bettie E., 1945-1950
Raines, Elizabeth King, 1938, 1945
Rankin, Mary Frances, 1944
Raworth, Alice, 1943-1945
Ray, Martha Jane, 1928-1944
Reed, Lucy Caroline, 1959-1960
Register, Mollie Cook, 1935-1938
Reinemer, Ann Thorpe, ca. 1900, 1943-1947
Reynolds, Annie M., 1934-1937
Rhodes, Rebecca, 1944
Richardson, Sallie P., 1913, 1936, 1938
Rimes, Annie W., 1922, 1936
Robert, Anna L., 1951-1953
Robinson, Georgia Ann, 1920-1937
Rogers, Amanda, 1925, 1928
Rogers, Edna Gabrella, 1952
Rogers, Ida, 1952-1958
Rogers, Martha Ann, 1933-1936
Rosewood, Eliza, 1934-1944
Routon, Elizabeth A., 1934-1936
Rowland, Emma, 1939-1959
Rucker, Jane Elizabeth, 1943-1957
Rundell, Mary E., 1935-1936
Russell, Louise, 1946-1948
Sarrett, Lula M., 1957-1958
Sauer, Jennie, 1938
303-13 Schooler, Bettie Elizabeth, 1947
Scott, Nancy, 1939-1951
Shackleford, May Connerly, 1941-1944
Shaw, Frances C., 1940-1941
Shaw, Mary E., 1927-1941, 1950
Shoults, Valeria Ann, 1939
Shreve, Mahala, 1938-1939
Sims, Lou F., 1943-1944
Singletery, Eudora E., 1948
Sirpless, Burnita J., 1947
Sloan, Mary E., 1941
Smiley, Mary E., 1940-1942
Smith, _____, 1917
Smith, Amanda, 1936-1939
Smith, Melia Rebecca, 1945-1955
Smith, Francis, 1935-1936
Smith, Frankie (B.H.) Smith, 1947-1959
Smith, Lennie, 1933, 1944
Smith, Mollie M., 1938
Sory, Nettie W., 1939-1949
Spain, Margaret E., 1945
Spear, Hannah Jane, 1941-1945
Spillar, Mary Elizabeth, 1930, 1938
Spruill, Mrs. M.B., 1928
Stanton, Onie Jane, 1939
Starnes, Louisa C., [1944]
Stewart, Mary Ann, [1927], 1936
Stewart, Mollie, 1933, 1940
Thomas, Vesta A. Sutton, 1934-1937
Sydnor, Irene Hicklin, 1943, 1947
Thompson, Eugenia E., 1924, 1937
Thompson, Dicie Ann, 1940-1942
Thompson, Mary Banks, 1935-1937
Thompson, Susan Ann, 1933-1939
303-14 Thurmond, Ruth, 1938-1951
[2 folders]
Toombs, Eunice Victoria, 1944-1949
Townsend, Parthenia, 1938-1944
Townsend, Mary Jane (S.B.), 1939-1941
Trammell, Faythe Katherine, 1931-1941
Trigg, Mary Amelia, 1928-1936
Tumbleson, Nan, 1953-1955
Turner, Julia, 1936-1944
Turner, Lula, 1941
Van Pelt, India (J.W.), 1937, 1941
303-15 Waite, Mary T., 1937-1942
[2 folders]
Walker, Flora, 1942-1945
Walker, Emma, 1942-1952
[2 folders]
Walker, Josephine Maria, 1945-1946
Walker, Matilda (D.W.), ca. 1936-1937
Walker, Mollie, 1941-1944
Walker, Nancy E., 1944-1946
Wallace, Lucie S., 1913-1937
Wallace, Matilda, 1932-1936
Ward, Mattie, 1939-1945
Warren, Mary Frances, 1939-1940
Warren, Sarah, 1924, 1928
Waxler, Susan, 1942-1947
Westbrook, Margaret J., 1945-1947
Whitaker, Laura, 1939-1948
Williams, Annie, 1955-1956
Williams, Kate, 1945-1949
Wilson, Euphemia Messer, 1937-1940
Wilson, Matilda Hicks, 1930-1944
Winfree, Alice, ca. 1945-1957
[2 folders]
303-16 Wingo, Lucy, 1957
Wise, Annie Teel, 1937-1939
Womack, Mary, 1937-1952
[2 folders]
Wood, Mary Frances, 1944-1948
Woodfin, Sallie Alsobrook, 1935-1943
Woodward, Paulina Elizabeth, 1939
Wright, Arvilla, 1942-1945
Wroe, Carey Matson, 1937-1938