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Muskogee Company records [Part 2]

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Creator: Muskogee Company
Title: Muskogee Company records [Part 2]
Dates: 1808-circa 1939
Dates (Bulk): circa 1910-circa 1930
Abstract: This collection contains records related to the Muskogee Company, a holding company which directed several small railroads in Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Kansas. Most of the collection concerns the Muskogee Company: company history, finances, correspondence, and the smaller companies under its direction including the Midland Valley Railway, the Oklahoma City-Ada-Atoka Railway, the Cherokee Construction Company, and the Kansas, Oklahoma & Gulf Railroad. Records on the Osage Railroad and the papers of Charles Edward Ingersoll—the Philadelphia businessman who helped create and direct the Muskogee Company—are also included.
Accession No: Mss 0045
Extent: 105 boxes (105 linear feet)
Language: Material is in English
Repository DeGolyer Library, Southern Methodist University

Historical Note

The history of the Muskogee Company begins with the Choctaw, Oklahoma & Gulf Railroad, built in the 1890s by a group of Philadelphia businessmen headed by Charles Edward Ingersoll. The line ran from Hartford, Arkansas to McAlester, Oklahoma. It was constructed to serve the Arkansas coal fields in which the Philadelphians held extensive interests: the Sebastian County Coal & Mining Co., American Smokeless Coal Co., Mazzrad Coal & Mining Co., and Garland Coal & Mining Co.

In 1902 the Ingersoll group sold their line to a competitor and decided to start a new line – the Midland Valley Railroad – from Ft. Smith, Arkansas to Wichita, Kansas. The road was to travel northwest from Arkansas through Indian Territory (Oklahoma) via Muskogee, Tulsa, and a portion of the Osage Indian Nation, and was conceived with the idea of serving the coal market in Kansas and points beyond.

In order to finance the new line, the Philadelphians formed the Cherokee Construction Company, which issued notes and mortgages and quickly began work on the Midland Valley Railroad. As the Midland Valley became operable, it issued its own stocks and bonds. When the line reached Arkansas City, Kansas, additional companies – the Midland Construction Company and the Wichita & Midland Valley Railroad – were formed to complete the construction and operation of the line from Arkansas City to Wichita. These two additional companies were based in Wichita.

Although the Midland Valley Railroad was originally intended primarily to haul coal, the discovery and development of oil fields during the early 1900s, and the subsequent economic and population growth, led to expansion both in traffic and of the railroad itself. Growth was largely due to traffic in oil, but the line saw increases in passenger and freight traffic as well. The Glenn Pool Branch line was constructed to serve the Glenn Pool oilfield. An independent road, the Osage Railway, was built during the early 1920s to accommodate traffic from the oil fields located in the Osage Nation.

Several holding companies were also formed during the 1920s, and were primarily concerned with the Midland Valley’s affairs – the Foraker Company, Bird Creek Company, and the Muskogee Company. Another, the Southwestern Company, was formed in order to acquire the stocks and bonds of the Kansas, Oklahoma & Gulf Railroad, a nearby road that had twice gone into receivership. In 1926, the Southwestern Company was able to take over the K.O. & G. and, after its recognition, was soon operating that railroad profitably. In 1929, the Muskogee Company acquired the Oklahoma City-Ada-Atoka Railroad Company and its subsidiary line, the Oklahoma City- Shawnee Interurban Company. Thus, the Ingersoll interests came to own and operate four different lines with a total of 756 miles of track.

Through prudent management, the railroads survived the Great Depression and continued operating successfully thereafter. In 1953, however, the Osage Railroad was abandoned. In 1963, the Texas & Pacific, a subsidiary of the Missouri Pacific Railroad, acquired the Midland Valley; Kansas, Oklahoma & Gulf; and the Oklahoma City-Ada-Atoka railroads. The latter was sold to the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe that same year, while the former two lines were consolidated with the Texas & Pacific.

Scope and Contents of the Collection

The Muskogee Company Papers are organized into three administrative divisions: the Muskogee Company (including all of the predecessor companies), the Osage Railway, and the personal papers of Charles Edward Ingersoll. Within each of these three series, the files have been placed in chronological order according to the earliest date of correspondence within each file. Because the original files have been, for the most part, left intact, some overlapping of topics at the file level is to be expected. The papers date from the 1890s to the 1960s, but the bulk of the collection ranges from the 1910s to 1930s.

By far, the largest part of the collection is the Muskogee Company records, comprised of all papers related to the Midland Valley Railroad and its subsidiary companies. Many of these papers originated in the Muskogee office of A. W. Lefeber, vice president and general manager of the Midland Valley. The rest are from the Philadelphia offices of Charles Ingersoll. Correspondence from 1903-1926 is primarily concerned with the Midland Valley and Kansas, Oklahoma & Gulf railroads. From 1929 on, the papers cover the Midland Valley; Kansas, Oklahoma & Gulf; and the Oklahoma City-Ada-Atoka roads.

The Osage Railway was built and operated as an independent line. Therefore, papers related to its affairs have been arranged separately from the other railroads.

The personal papers of Charles Edward Ingersoll are compromised of materials regarding both private and business matters unrelated to the Muskogee Company. Ingersoll, a Philadelphia lawyer who was born in 1860, served as president of the Central Penn National Bank and of the North Pennsylvania railroad. He also worked as director of the Missouri Pacific railroad, the Pennsylvania railroad, and the Philadelphia & Western railroad. He also directed the Philadelphia Electric Company, and served on the Board of Managers of the Girard Trust Company and the Philadelphia Savings Fund Society.

Mr. Ingersoll also served as a delegate to the 1896 Democratic National Convention, and ran for a seat in Congress in 1902.

Arrangement of the Collection

The collection is organized into 3 series. Due to size, this inventory has been divided into two separate units which can be accessed by clicking on the highlighted text.
Part 1
Series 1: Muskogee Company records
  • A. Company History
  • B. Operating
    • 1. Administration and Management
      • a. Annual Passes
      • b. Contracts
      • c. Correspondence
      • d. Derailments and Accidents
      • e. Earnings and Expenses
        • i. General
        • ii. AFEs
      • f. Federal Control
      • g. Mail Service
      • h. Leases
      • i. Payroll
      • j. Personal
      • k. Timetables and Passenger Service
    • 2. Physical Operation
      • a. General
      • b. Additions and Betterments
      • c. Ballast
      • d. Construction
      • e. Equipment
      • f. Floods and Washouts
      • g. Fuel Supply
      • h. Inspections
      • i. Maintenance of Way
      • j. Rails and Track
      • k. Right of Way
      • l. Stations and Extensions
      • m. Structures and Bridges
      • n. Property and Office Space
      • o. Ties
    • 3. Subsidiary Companies
      • a. Kansas, Oklahoma & Gulf Railway
      • b. Glenn Pool Tank Line Co.
      • c. Oklahoma City-Ada-Atoka Railway Company
      • d. Wichita & Midland Valley Railroad Company
      • e. Cherokee Construction Company
      • f. Midland Construction Company
      • g. Bird Creek Company
    • 4. Correspondence with other Railroads
      • a. Louisiana & Arkansas Railway Company/Louisiana Railroad & Navigation Company.
      • b. Miscellaneous Railroads
  • C. Financial
    • 1. General
    • 2. Accounting
    • 3. Annual Reports
    • 4. Bonds
      • a. Midland Valley Railroad Company
      • b. Kansas, Oklahoma & Gulf Railway
      • c. Cherokee Construction Company
      • d. Midland Construction Company
      • e. Wichita & Midland Valley Railway
      • f. Oklahoma City-Ada-Atoka Railway
      • g. American Smokeless Coal Company
      • h. Garland Coal & Mining Company
      • i. Sebastian County Coal & Mining Company
    • 5. Stocks
      • a. Midland Valley Railroad Company
      • b. Wichita & Midland Valley Railway
      • c. Garland Coal & Mining Company
      • d. Mazzard Coal & Mining Company
      • e. Kansas, Oklahoma & Gulf Railway
      • f. Sebastian County Coal & Mining Company
      • g. Bird Creek Company
      • h. Cherokee Construction Company
      • i. Various Companies
      • j. Oklahoma City-Ada-Atoka Railway
    • 6. Treasurer
    • 7. Ledgers
      • a. Midland Valley
      • b. Cherokee Construction Company
      • c. Kansas, Oklahoma & Gulf
      • d. Kansas, Oklahoma & Gulf of Texas
      • e. Oklahoma City-Ada-Atoka Railway Company
      • f. Sebastian County Coal & Mining Company
      • g. Garland Coal & Mining Company
      • h. Midland Construction Company
      • i. American Smokeless Coal Company
      • j. Muskogee Company
      • k. Bird Creek Company
      • l. Minutes of Stockholders and Directors Meetings
      • m. Records of Stocks and Bonds
      • n. Stock Certificates
  • D. Traffic
    • 1. General
    • 2. Correspondence
    • 3. Solicitation
    • 4. Coal
    • 5. Oil
    • 6. Cotton
    • 7. Rates
    • 8. Interstate Commerce Commission
    • 9. Reports
  • E. Coal Lands
  • F. Legal
    • 1. General
    • 2. Litigation
  • G. Interstate Commerce Commission
  • H. Legislation
  • I. Associations
  • J. Maps
Part 2 [this page]
Series 2: Osage Railway records
  • A. General
  • B. Traffic
  • C. Financial
Series 3: Charles Edward Ingersoll papers
  • A. Family Papers
    • 1. Correspondence
    • 2. Estates
    • 3. Income Tax Returns
  • B. Business and Investments
  • C. Railroads
  • D. Boards and Civic Matters


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Muskogee Company records, DeGolyer Library, Southern Methodist University.

Acquisition Information

Gift, Charles E. Ingersoll, Muskogee Corporation, 1964.

Processing Information

The collection was already processed when the finding aid was completed. The "Historical Note," and "Scope and Contents of the Collection," both above, were also already written.

The final and complete version of the finding aid was written by Paul H. Santa Cruz, 2009.

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Lara Corazalla, 2010.

Detailed Description of the Collection

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Series 2: Osage Railway records

Box Folder
72 20 Development of Foraker oil field, 1919
21 Articles of Incorporation; minutes of Board of Directors meetings. 1921-1924
22 Reorganization of Osage Ry., 1922
23 Correspondence re: construction and operation of line, 1921. Map
24 Personnel record—W.R. Lee, conductor, 1921-1923
25 Correspondence re: construction and operation of line, 1922-1923
26 Construction of railroad; settlements with contractors. 1922
27 General correspondence, 1922-1923
28 General correspondence, 1922-1923
29 Interstate Commerce Commission finance docket authorizing construction of Osage Ry., 1922-1923. Maps
30 Interstate Commerce Commission Valuation—completed reports, 1922-1925
31 Engineer’s daily progress reports, 1923
32 General attorneys—Messrs. Grinstead and Scott; Messrs. Hamilton, Gross, and Howard. 1923-1926
33 General file, 1924-1938
34 Interstate Commerce Commission in re: Osage Ry. protest of application of Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe RR for construction of new line in Oklahoma, 1924. Maps
Box Folder
73 1 Correspondence re: construction and operation of line, 1924
2 Location of station at Lep, Oklahoma, 1924. Map
3 Accidents, 1924-1939
4 Correspondence re: construction and operation of line, 1925
5 Interstate Commerce Commission valuation matters, 1925-1935
6 Equipment—locomotives, 1925-1939
7 Correspondence re: construction and operation of line, 1926-1938
8 Transportation Mutual Insurance Co., 1926-1938
9 Reduction of crew when business is slack, 1929-1932
10 Map of Osage Nation
11 Fractional maps of Osage Ry.; maps showing oil mining tracts for sale in Osage Co.
12 Fractional maps of Osage Ry.; maps showing oil mining tracts in Osage Co., newspaper clippings attached
13 Osage Ry. station plans at Lyman; map of oil land tributary to Osage Ry.
14 Contract with American Railway Express Co., 1922-1926
15 Phillips Petroleum Co.—tracks to serve, movement of oil, etc., 1923-1937
16 Gypsy Oil Co.; Skelly Oil Co., 1923-1931
17 Movement of oil: Carter Oil Co.; Indian Territory Illuminating Oil Co.; Peters Petroleum Co.; Sun Oil Co. 1924-1928
18 Prepaid freight, 1925
19 Solicitation of traffic, 1935-1936
Box Folder
73 20 Treasurer’s cash book transcripts, 1921-1923
21 Transcripts of Assistant Treasurer’s cash book, 1922-1924
Box Folder
74 1 Auditors reports, 1926-1929, 1931-1935, 1938, 1941-1943
2 Accounting balance sheets, 1922-1927
3 Accounting balance sheets, 1932-1935
4 Accounting balance sheets, 1936-1938
5 Accounting balance sheets, 1939-1942
6 Transcript of Treasurer’s cash book, 1934-1938
7 Check book—account with Central National Bank, Philadelphia, 1921-1932
8 Osage Ry. cash book no. 1, 1921-1926
9 Handling and reporting of cash, 1922-1924
10 Ledger—cash and record book, 1922-1932
11 Capital stock tax returns, 1922-1939
12 Oklahoma state tax annual return, 1923
13 Recapture Clause—excess operating income, 1923-1933
14 Annual stockholders and directors meetings, 1923-1934
15 Ledger—account book, 1923-1927
16 Ledger—account book, Central National Bank, First National Bank (Muskogee), 1924-1929
Box Folder
75 1 Estimated income reports, 1924-1930
2 Comparative report of revenue and expenses to Corporation Commission of Oklahoma, 1924-1939
3 Capital stock increase, 1924-1935
4 Tax assessments, Shidler, Oklahoma, 1924-1935
5 Interest on demand loans, 1924-1925
6 Assistant Treasurer—overdrafts, 1925-1938
7 Auditor’s correspondence, 1925-1930
8 Reduction in officer’s salaries, 1926-1937
9 Estimate of earnings, 1926-1938
10 Ledger—Central National Bank account book, 1926-1940
11 Information sent to Poor’s Publishing Co., 1927
12 Account with Central Penn National Bank, 1928-1939
13 Oklahoma Income Tax Returns, 1931-1937
14 Monthly estimates of revenues and expenses, 1936-1942
15 Annual reports to the Corporation Commission of Oklahoma, 1924-1929, 1931-1933, 1944
Annual reports to Interstate Commerce Commission, 1922-1930
76 Annual reports to Interstate Commerce Commission, 1931-1932, 1934-1942
77 Annual reports to Interstate Commerce Commission, 1943-1953

Series 3: Charles Edward Ingersoll papers

Box Folder
78 1 Fifth Street properties, 1904-1919
2 Rent for Penllyn Farm, 1908-1909
3 Correspondence re: Penllyn Farm, 1908-1913
4 Correspondence re: Springhouse and Penllyn Roads, 1908-1917
5A Correspondence with Mrs. John Hobart Warren (Aunt Hattie), 1908-1917
5B Correspondence with Mrs. John Hobart Warren, 1908-1917
6 Correspondence between CEI [Charles E. Ingersoll] and son Harry, 1908-1918
7 Correspondence between CEI and son Jared, 1908-1922
8 Correspondence between CEI and son Sturgis, 1908-1923
9 Mrs. A.Y. Stewart, 1908-1912
10 N. Bardac, 1908
11 Properties—Wharton and McIlvaine Farms, 1909
12 Vincent Hessler (a.k.a. Edward Powers), 1909-1927
13 Cattle for Penllyn, 1910
14 Correspondence re: roads to Penllyn, 1910-1911
15 Appointment of George L. Platt to West Philadelphia High School, 1911-1914
16 Correspondence re: dairy herd, Penllyn Farm
17 Applications for herdsmen, Penllyn Farm, 1912
18 Insurance policies, 1912-1913
19 Livestock Sanitary Board regarding hog cholera, 1912-1916
20 Rent of yacht from Mrs. Catherine Norris Harrison for summer in Maine, 1913
21 Job applicants for chauffer, mechanic, 1913
22 Pamphlets and correspondence re: farm work, 1913-1918\7
23 Penllyn Farm, 1913-1920
24 Correspondence with Charles Hicks re: Forest Hill Farm and Penllyn Farm, 1913-1921
25 Property in Philadelphia, 1913-1920
26 Loan to Charles A. Beach, 1913-1919
Box Folder
79 1 Electric lights at farm, 1915
2 American Guernsey Cattle Club, 1915-1923
3 Ruth v. Bready, 1915-1916
4 Workmen’s compensation in Pennsylvania, 1916
5 Correspondence with John Hobart Warren Ingersoll, 1916-1922
6 Operation of Wharton Farm, 1916-1918
7 Wharton Farm, 1916-1919
8 Livestock on Penllyn Farm, 1917-1920
9 Hoover Farm, 1918-1922
10 Operation of Wharton Farm, 1918-1922
11 Sale of Meadow Farm, 1918-1922
12 "Farmers’ Club"—minutes of monthly meetings, 1918-1923
13 Correspondence re: graves of men killed in France, 1919-1923
14 Forest Hill Farm, Penllyn Farm, 1920-1921
15 William F. McFarland, Manager of Forest Hill Farm, 1921
16 Sale of Atwood Farm, Hoosick Falls, New York by Mrs. John H. Warren, 1921-1922
17 Preston J. Grin—account of Penllyn Farm, 1921-1924
18 Claims of C.E. Ingersoll against C.P. Dailey and J. M. Frank & Co., 1921-1922
19 C.E. Ingersoll v. Kelly in re: Penllyn Farm, 1922
Box Folder
80 1 Alterations and additions to house at Penllyn Farm, 1922-1923
2 Penllyn Farm, 1922-1924
3 Memorial Tower in Church of the Messiah, Gwynedd, Pennsylvania—dedication of memorial to "Harry Ingersoll and the Officers and Men of Company H, 313th Infantry, 79th Division, who lost their lives in the Battle of the Argonne." 1922-1926
4 Alice Robertson, U.S. Representative, 122
5 Endorsement of Albert Denton as Comptroller of Currency, 1923
6 Rent of Orthodox Cottage, Penllyn, 1924-1925
7 Opposition of the Law Association of Philadelphia to proposed amendment to U.S. Constitution to regulate labor 1924
Box Folder
80 8 Estate of John Hobart Warren, 1908-1913
9 Estate of John Hobart Warren, 1912-1923
10 Estate of John Hobart Warren—stock held in the Thomas Iron Co., 1914-1920
11 Estate of John Hobart Warren, 1916-1919
12 Estate of Sara E. Ingersoll, 1909-1912
13 Estate of C. Considine, 1909-1919
14 Estate of A.W. Meigs, 1912
15 Estate of Phebe W.I. McCall, 1915-1920
16 Estate of Eliza J. Fisher, 1917-1918
17 Estate of Roger F. Sturgis, 1918-1919
18 Estate of Harry I. Meigs, 1918-1927
19 Estate of Harry Ingersoll, 1918-1919
20 Estate of Harry Ingersoll, 1918-1921
21 Estate of Emily Norris Vauk, 1919
22 Estate of Edward Ingersoll, 1919-1920
23 Estate of Robert G. Leconte, 1926-1927
24 "Trust for Mildred Sturgis" checkbook, 1934-1939
25 Charles Edward Ingersoll—last will and testament; various papers re: fairgrounds property in Wichita, Kansas. 1911-1942
26 Estate of Sally Robert Smith, 1916-1946
81 Estate of Sally Robert Smith—ledgers, 1919-1946
82 Estate of Sally Robert Smith—notebooks; Income account 1938-1941, 1941-1944; tickler for rent 1938-1940, 1942-1946; tickler for coupons, estates of Sally Robert Smith and Charles E. Ingersoll (no date)
Box Folder
83 1 Harriette M. Warren, 1914-1917
2 Henry Ingersoll, et al., 1918
3 A. Diesbach, Paris, France; Harry McKeen Ingersoll; Henriette A.S. Ingersoll. 1919
4 Income tax returns—C.E. Ingersoll, Trustee, 1920
5 Ingersoll family members income tax returns, 1921
6 Ingersoll family members income tax returns, 1923
Box Folder
83 7 Correspondence with R.S. Ranch, President of Winchester-Simmons Co. of Philadelphia (no date)
8 Correspondence with C.B. Stuart re: Choctaw, Oklahoma & Gulf, McAlester Coal Co., and F. I Gowen. 1903
9 Correspondence re: Ann Arbor Placer Mining Co., 1906
10 Solicitation re: sale of land in Sonora, Mexico; sketch showing location of land, 1908. Copy of last will and testament of Ramon Llerena, 1881
11 Purchase of shares from Consolidated Cotton Duck Co., 1908-1910
12 Correspondence regarding stock of Owen Bottle Machine Co., 1908-1912
13 Economy Gas Co., 1908-1917
14 Central National Bank, Philadelphia, 1908-1920
15 Nancy Hicks mine, 1909
16A Timberland in Poplar, Tennessee; Horace Mann; James Strong Timber. 1909-1910
16B Timberland in Poplar, Tennessee; Horace Mann; James Strong Timber. 1909-1910
17 Account with Benson & Prichard to purchase and sell various stocks, 1909-1915
18 Suggestions for organization of capital stock of Charleston Consolidated Railway, Gas and Electric Co., 1909-1924
19 Correspondence re: coal and timber tracts, 1910-1912
20 "Railroad Account" with Thomas Biddle & Co., 1911-1913
21 Canadian developments, 1912-1913
22 New courthouse in Muskogee, 1913-1922
23 Report of mineral wealth of the David Farm, near Bridgeport, Pennsylvania, 1913
24 Annual report of Dominion Power and Transmission Co., Ltd., 1913
25 Correspondence with James Fisher concerning house at 724 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, estate of Mrs. Emily Judith Purviance. Includes original mortgage and insurance documents dating from 1808. 1913-1922
Box Folder
84 1A General Asphalt Co., 1915-1924
1B General Asphalt Co., 1915-1924
2 Westinghouse, Church, Kerr & Co., Engineers and Constructors—promotional material, 1916
3 Union Traction Co. list of stockholders, 1916-1921
4 Inspection trip over Philadelphia Co. line, 1917-1918
5A Rogers & Davis, Inc., 1917-1922
5B Rogers & Davis, Inc., 1917-1922
5C Rogers & Davis, Inc., 1917-1922
6 Franklin National Bank, 1919
7 Ranger Oil Field Syndicate, 1919-1920
8 Tulsa Chamber of Commerce, 1920
9 United Security Life Insurance Co., 1921
10 Philadelphia Hydro Electric Co., 1922
11 Indiahoma Refining Co., 1922-1924
12 Hencken Tunneling proposition, 1924-1925
13 Eldorado Refining Co., 1924-1926
14 Inquiry from H.C. Phillips concerning possibility of sale of Midland Valley to Santa Fe RR, 1925
15 Purchase of stocks, 1925-1926
16 Cities Service Co. financial reports, 1927
17 First National Bank, Muskogee, 1929-1933
18 Loan from Central Penn National bank, 1929-1932
Box Folder
84 19 Correspondence with F.J. Lisman, broker, re: various railroads, 1916-1923
20 Reports of National Association of Owners of Railroad Securities, 1919-1923
Box Folder
85 1 Statement showing stock-ownership of large railroads, 1920
2 Correspondence from J.A. Rabbitt re: construction work in Canton, China, 1921
3 Railway Business Association, 1925
4 Boston & Maine Railroad Co.—General Readjustment Committee, 1924-1925
5 List of stockholders of Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific, 1915
6 Reorganization of Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific, 1915
7 Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific receivership, 1915
8 Florida Land Syndicate—formation of White City, Okeechobee and Ft. Myers RR Co., Ocean to Gulf route, 1925
9 Lehigh Valley Terminal Co., 1907-1913
10 Lehigh Valley Transit Co. report on accounts, 1911-1914
11 Lehigh Valley Transit Co., 1916
12 Purchase of shares of Lehigh Valley Transit Co. preferred stock, 1917
13 Long Island RR Co., 1913-1923
14 Election of C.E. Ingersoll as Director of Missouri Pacific, 1917-1918
15 Minutes of meetings of Directors and Executive Committee of Missouri Pacific, 1917-1924
16 Reports to Directors and correspondence re: operations of Missouri Pacific, 1917-1924
17 Correspondence with Matt C. Brush, Missouri Pacific, 1924-1927
18 Montgomery Traction Co.—report of H.S. Farquahson, 1910-1911. Photos, map
19 Montgomery Transit Co., 1916
20 New York, Winchester & Boston Ry., 1922-1923
Box Folder
86 1 Norfolk Southern Ry.—inspection trip by C.E. Ingersoll, 1913-1914. Includes timetables, pamphlets, and maps
2 Norristown Transit Co.—minutes of Directors meetings, C.E. Ingersoll, President, 1910-1924
3 Norristown Transit Co. and Philadelphia & Western Ry., 1920-1923
4 Correspondence re: Norristown-Valley Forge Bus Line project, 1913
5 Documents and correspondence re: North Penn RR Co., 1853-1924. C.E. Ingersoll, President, 1916
6 North Penn RR, 1916-1923
7A Pennsylvania RR—C.E. Ingersoll, Director (file demonstrate CEI’s influence on Penn RR), 1907-1924
7B Pennsylvania RR, 1907-1924
8 Correspondence re: Pennsylvania RR, Philadelphia & Western Ry., Montgomery County Transit Co., and Norristown Transit Co., 1910-1911
9 Pennsylvania RR—traffic conditions at Broad St. station, Philadelphia, 1910
10 Pennsylvania RR—report of Advisory Board on Philadelphia Passenger Terminal, 1911
11 Correspondence re: Pennsylvania RR, Philadelphia & Western Ry., Montgomery County Transit Co., and Norristown Transit Co., 1911-1914
12 Pennsylvania RR "Courtesy" booklet—criticism by C. E. Ingersoll, 1913
13 Correspondence re: Pennsylvania RR and Philadelphia & Reading RR, 1914-1915
14 Pennsylvania RR Supply Company report of material on hand, 1914
15 Pennsylvania RR—equipment requirement, 1914
16 Norfolk & Western Ry. proposed lease to Pennsylvania RR, 1914-1924
17 Pennsylvania RR—annual report of Purchasing Department, 1915-1916
18 Correspondence re: reconstruction of Broad St. station 1915
Box Folder
87 1 Pennsylvania RR—real estate agent’s report re: construction of Hotel Pennsylvania, 1916
2 Pennsylvania RR—consolidation or merger involving other lines, 1916
3 Pennsylvania RR—Pittsburgh station, 1916. Map
4 Pennsylvania RR—manufacturing plant at Altoona, Pennsylvania, 1917
5 Pennsylvania RR—report of Insurance Department, 1917
6 Charles A. Fagan—reorganization of Law Department of Pennsylvania RR, Pittsburgh, 1919-1920
7 Pennsylvania RR—Committee on proposed lease of Norfolk & Western Ry. Co., 1924
8 Correspondence with A. W. Thompson re: possible rearrangement of Board of Directors of Pennsylvania RR, 1924-1928
9 Pennsylvania RR—Philadelphia Passenger Terminal Improvement Committee; Reading Co.—service to Gwynedd Valley. 1924
10 Philadelphia & Western Ry., 1910-1911
11 Philadelphia & Western Ry., 1911-1914
12 Philadelphia & Western Ry., 1915-1924
13 Philadelphia & Western Ry.—service to Valley Forge, 1915-1923
14 Correspondence re: Philadelphia & Western Ry. construction of trolley line, 1916-1920
15A Philadelphia & Western Ry., 1922-1924
15B Philadelphia & Western Ry., 1922-1924
16 Philadelphia Rapid Transit Co., 1907-1920
Box Folder
88 1 Philadelphia Rapid Transit Co.—income account, 1910-1919
2 Philadelphia Rapid Transit Co.—resignation of C.E. Ingersoll as Director, 1911-1922
3 Philadelphia Rapid Transit Co., 1914-1915
4 Philadelphia Rapid Transit Co., 1916-1920
5 Philadelphia Rapid Transit Co., 1916-1917
6 Philadelphia Rapid Transit Co., 1920
7 Phoenixville, Valley Forge & Stratford Electric Ry., 1912-1923
8 Phoenixville, Valley Forge & Stratford Electric Ry. Co., 1915-1916
9 Correspondence re: Pittsburgh & West Virginia Ry., 1915-1918
10 Pottstown & Phoenixville Ry. Co.—proposed bridge over Schuylkill River, 1913-1922
11 Prescott & Northwestern RR Co. brochure and maps, 1912-1913
12 Public Service Ry. Co.—plan for zone system of fares in New Jersey, 1919
13 Reading Co. history, 1920
14 San Antonio, Uvalde & Gulf Ry.—political and agricultural conditions, 1913-1914. Map
15 Philadelphia Westchester Transit Co., 1922
Box Folder
88 16 Episcopal Hospital, Philadelphia, 1904-1923
17 Rules and annual reports of Episcopal Hospital, Philadelphia, 1905-1913
18 Township Commissioner—upkeep of road, 1906-1907
Box Folder
89 1 Correspondence with Dr. Henry Ferguson, St. Paul’s School, 1908-1917
2 St. Paul’s School endowment fund, 1908-1922
3 Correspondence re: C.E. Ingersoll’s candidacy for Democratic Congressional Representative, 1908
4 The Indigent Widows and Single Women’s Board of Philadelphia—C.E. Ingersoll on advisory board. Annual reports. 1909-1921
5 Springhouse and Penllyn Pike—annual treatment of roads, 1909-1912
6 Committee for Grover Cleveland memorial, 1909-1913
7 Valley Forge Park Commission—annual report, 1910-1921
8 St. Paul’s School—minutes of Trustees meeting
9 St. Paul’s School, 1910-1923
10 Lower Gwynedd Township—annual statements, list of voters, 1911-1917
11 Correspondence re: extension of Concord Electric Ry. to St. Paul’s School, 1911
12 Delancey School—C.E. Ingersoll, director, 1911-1912
13 Girard Trust Co.—miscellaneous documents, 1911-1917
14 Involvement in Democratic politics, 1912
15 Philadelphia Electric Co.—C.E. Ingersoll elected director, 1912-1934
16 C.E. Ingersoll declines to serve as President of Board of Managers of the University of Pennsylvania Hospital, 1913
17 "Currency Law"—Federal Reserve Act, 1913-1914
18 Committee on Wissahickon Park Extension, 1913-1917
19 Rittenhouse Improvement Association, 1913-1922
20 Thayer Memorial, University of Pennsylvania, 1914-1916
21 Decline to join Board of Trustees of Carson College for Orphan Girls, 1914
22 Bethlehem City Water Co., 1914-1916
23 Valley Forge Park Commission—Ingersoll plan for construction of electric railway through park, 1916
24 The Philadelphia Saving Fund Society, 1916-1922
25 Fund raising—Diocese of Pennsylvania Church Pension Fund, 1916-1918
26 Annual reports of Episcopal Hospital, Philadelphia, 1916-1922
27 War Commission Diocese of Pennsylvania, 1917-1919
28 Contribution to Montgomery County Farm Bureau, 1917-1922
29 Committee on National Defense, 1917-1919
30 Home of the Merciful Savior for Crippled Children, 1917-1923
Box Folder
90 1 St. Margaret’s House—minutes of directors meetings, 1917-1922
2 St. Paul’s School—financial reports, 1917-1922
3 The Philadelphia Society for the Promotion of Agriculture—resignation C.E. Ingersoll, 1918-1921
4 Community House—Springhouse, Lower Gwynedd Township, 1919-1920
5 League for the Preservation of American Independence, 1919-1920
6 Election of C.E. Ingersoll as President of Central National Bank, Philadelphia, 1920
7 Women’s Medical College of Pennsylvania, 1921
8 Central National Bank, Philadelphia, 1921-1922
9 Deed—School Board of Lower Gwynedd Township, 1922
10 St. Paul’s School, 1924
11 Welfare Foundation of Philadelphia, 1924
12 Correspondence re: Senate Resolution 283—appropriation for Interstate Commerce Commission, 1924-1926
13 Senator Magnus Johnson, Minnesota, Speaker at Pennsylvania Bankers Association Dinner, 1924
14 Philadelphia & Western Homeowners Association, 1924-1925
15 St. Paul’s School, 1924-1927

List of Photographs

The Muskogee Company papers include approximately 221 photographs, which may be found in folders throughout the collection. Folders that contain photographs are identified in the guide, while full descriptions of the photographs are herein listed.
Box Folder
13 22 Baldwin Locomotive Works builder’s photographs, 1907:
-Choctaw, Oklahoma & Gulf RR No. 56, class 10-34E
-Gulf & Interstate Ry. No. 11, class 8-30C
-L & M 151, class 10-30D
-The Eastern Steel Company, class 6-32D
4 photos.
Box Folder
15 6 Choctaw, Oklahoma & Gulf RR Co. No. 56, 1907. 1 photo.
Box Folder
85 18 Montgomery Traction Co. equipment, track and structures, 1910. 6 photos
Box Folder
14 45 General Electric Co. gas electric motor cars, 1913:
-Minneapolis, St. Paul, Rochester and Dubuque Electric Traction Co. No. 9, type RE-70-B-11
-Great Northern Ry. Co. Nos. 2300, 2301, type CRE-70-B-11
-Arkansas RR Co. No. 102, type CRE-70-B-11
-Frisco No. 2109, type CE-70-B-11
-two views of interior of Frisco passenger coach, type CE-70-B-11
6 photos
Box Folder
15 6 Baldwin Locomotive Works builder’s photographs, 1913:
-Midland Valley RR No. 7, class 10-34E
-Missouri, Oklahoma & Gulf, Gulf Route No. 217, class 10-34E
3 photos
Box Folder
15 39 Coal cars built in Muskogee shops from second-hand material, 1917. 2 photos.
Box Folder
16 3 Baldwin Locomotive Works builder’s photographs, 1920:
-Midland Valley No. 71, class 12-38-1/4-E, 119
-Midland Valley No. 101
2 photos
Box Folder
14 25 Interiors of rebuilt coach cars, 1921. 2 photos
Box Folder
16 14 J.G. Brill Co. gasoline railway cars, 1922. Interior and exterior views. 4 photos
26 Pullman Car Manufacturing Co., 1925. Passenger coaches rebuilt from Pullman sleeping cars. Interior and exterior views. 3 photos
33 Kansas, Oklahoma & Gulf Ry. dump cars, 1926. 1 photo
44 Oklahoma City-Ada-Atoka and Midland Valley RR Co., 1929-1930. Locomotive, passenger train, and structures. 11 photos.
Box Folder
22 36 Change of line, and cuts and fills at MV mile 180, circa 1918. 6 photos
Box Folder
17 40 Midland Valley shops and stations, 1921. 9 photos
Box Folder
23 21 Kansas, Oklahoma & Gulf, 1925: collapse of wooden trestle bridge, and derailment of train; construction of steel bridge over Wapanucka River. 8 photos
26 Oklahoma City-Ada-Atoka Canadian River crossing, 1929-1930. 9 photos
27 Stock pens at Denison, Texas, 1930. 2 photos.
Box Folder
18 50 Oklahoma City-Ada-Atoka, 1930: duplicate sets of sixteen photographs of structures and track conditions. 32 photos.
Box Folder
23 31 Kansas, Oklahoma & Gulf and Oklahoma City-Ada-Atoka Ry., 1925. Track conditions. 4 photos.
52 Photographs of exterior and interior of new office building for Midland Valley, Kansas, Oklahoma & Gulf, and Oklahoma City-Ada-Atoka in Muskogee, 1933. 16 photos.
Box Folder
19 1 Oklahoma City-Ada-Atoka, 1934. View of spur track at Ahlosa, Oklahoma to serve Fitts Oil Pool. 1 photo.
Box Folder
17 40 Ingersoll inspection trip of Midland Valley RR, 1921. Photographs of Charles E. Ingersoll and various members of inspection party posing with Chief Bacon Rind, Pawhuka, Oklahoma. 4 photos.
Box Folder
23 52 Children of Tupelo, Oklahoma welcoming the Midland Valley RR to Tupelo, 1929. 3 photos.
Box Folder
72 4 A.W. Lefeber in Muskogee office, at his retirement, 1953. 2 photos.
4 Charles Edward Ingersoll
4 Robert H. Lomax—1954—President of MVRR, KO&G, OKAA Ry.
4 C. Jared Ingersoll—1932-1954 Chairman of the Board MV, KO&G, OCAA.
Box Folder
10 1 Muskogee Fair, 1912. Boys and Girls Demonstration Club exhibit of cotton grown along the line of the Midland Valley. 1 photo.
Box Folder
22 37 Fire at Muskogee shops—1916. 3 photos.
Box Folder
17 40 Panoramic view of "burned district" of Tulsa Cosden Oil Refineries. 1921. 4 photos.
5 Flood of June 9, 1923, Third District, Kansas end. 25 photos, bound in booklet.
Box Folder
68 14 Explosion at Barnsdall Producing & Refining Co., 1925. 6 photos.
Box Folder
23 31 Postcards of Maude, Oklahoma. 7 photos.
Box Folder
58 8 Grounds and buildings at Cedar Bluff Lodge, 32 miles southeast of Muskogee, Oklahoma, 1931-1932. 21 photos.
Box Folder
50 1 Construction crews on track, circa 1934. 11 photos.
Box Folder
24 6 Entrance to Muskogee Company office in Industrial Trust Building, Wilmington, Delaware, 1937. 2 photos.

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