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Series 1: United States Views

Series 2: Foreign Views

Series 3: Expositions

Series 4: Military

Series 5: Transportation

Series 6: Agriculture, Animals, Astronomy and Industry

Series 7: Children

Series 8: Christian Religion and Still Life

Series 9: Genre, Courtship and Domestic

Series 10: Genre and Comic

Series 11: People and U.S. Presidents

Series 12: Tissues and Special Formats

Series 13: Stereo Lithographs

Series 14: Small Boxed Sets

Series 15: Boxed Travel Sets

Series 16: Stereoscopes, True-Vue and View-Master Viewers, and Magic Lantern Projectors

Series 17: Magic Lantern Slides

Series 18: McLaurin Notebooks

Series 19: Stereo World Magazine

Southern Methodist University

Banks McLaurin, Jr. stereograph collection

A Guide to the Collection


Creator: McLaurin, Banks, 1924-
Title: Banks McLaurin, Jr. stereograph collection
Dates: 1851-1994
Dates (Bulk): 1851-1910
Abstract: Banks McLaurin, Jr. (1924-2003) began collecting stereographs and 3-D materials after he retired from a career in the petroleum industry. His interests were broad, and the collection contains stereoscopic views by hundreds of photographers and publishers from the United States with some regional Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and views by many foreign photographers. Specialized subjects include: agriculture, industry, humor, floral, world's fairs and expositions, political figures, and wars: the American Civil War, Spanish American War, World War I, World War II, Boer War, etc. Stereos are in such various formats as flat mounts, curved mounts, tissues, and chromolithographs. The collection includes boxed travel sets by Keystone, Underwood & Underwood, H.C. White, and others, magic lantern slides, stereoscopes, View-Master and True-Vue viewers, and books.
Accession No: Ag2000.1296
Extent: 61 Boxes (41,5 linear feet)
Language: Material is in English
Repository DeGolyer Library, Southern Methodist University

Biographical Note

Banks McLaurin, Jr. was born in Austin, Texas, on February 21, 1924, the son of Banks McLaurin, Sr. and Evelyn Davidson McLaurin. Mr. McLaurin fondly remembered looking through the family stereoscope at views as a boy in the same way children of later generations watched TV. He kept the viewer and about 135 views throughout his life. He graduated salutatorian from Austin High School in 1941. While at the University of Texas majoring in civil engineering, he joined the Navy ROTC. After he graduated in 1944, during World War II, he served aboard the USS Portland at Okinawa. He married Louise Cromwell Morrison and had three children, Candace Morrison McLaurin Volz, Thomas Banks McLaurin and Marion Glover McLaurin Forbes. Mr. McLaurin was a member of the Episcopal Church and an avid genealogist.

With a degree in engineering, McLaurin pursued a career in the field of petroleum first with Humble Oil Company, followed by thirty years with the Atlantic-Richfield Company. His father-in-law, who had one of the first home movie cameras in the 1920s, sparked his long-time interest in photography. McLaurin’s involvement in the medium evolved from making movies and slides to still photographs. After he retired, while he accompanied his wife to antique shops and shows, he thought he needed to collect something, too, and stereographs fit in with his photography interests and fondness for travel.

McLaurin loved the stereoscopic medium and collected from seemingly every category and time period. Although he enjoyed stereo’s virtual armchair travel, he and his wife frequently traveled abroad, where he also bought views for his collection. Banks McLaurin, Jr. died in Austin at the age of 79, November 17, 2003.


"Banks McLaurin, Jr." Austin American Statesman, November 19, 2003.

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Scope and Contents of the Collection

The Banks McLaurin, Jr. stereograph collection consists of approximately 9,000 stereographs, boxed travel sets, magic lantern slides, True-Vue reels, View-Master cards, 36 stereoscopes, viewers, a wooden stereo cabinet, books and back issues of Stereo World, ca. 1851-1930. The collection is arranged by state, country and subject. There are flat mount, curved mount, tissue and lithograph reproduction stereos (lithos) in the collection.

McLaurin collected in the following categories: American states, expositions, events, humor, people, foreign countries, war and disasters, agriculture, and industry. He collected approximately 9,000 stereo cards from a total of 106 countries. Besides views from around the world in various subject areas, he also sought stereos by different photographers, amassing views by roughly 800 image-makers. Some of his favorite stereos were the early, delicate French tissues.

McLaurin also acquired stereoscopes of all kinds, shapes and sizes, foreign and domestically produced, 36 in all from various time periods. He eventually branched out to include collecting later 3-D formats, Tru-Vue reels and View-Master cards and viewers as well. Because of the variety and depth of his stereo interests, the McLaurin collection mirrors and illustrates the history of the stereograph, world and social history and material culture from about 1851 to 1930. He carefully documented his stereos in a series of five notebooks leaving behind an impressive catalogue of his collection. Anxious to have his stereographs and viewers available to the public, he generously donated his collection to the DeGolyer Library at Southern Methodist University in 2000.

In Series I through 14, there are no listings of individual stereographs in the finding aid, but there are inventories in Notebook III. Some individual stereo titles are listed in Series 15 through 18. No updating of spelling or place names was done. In the boxed sets, some stereos have two numbers for a single view, one in front of the title which is a negative number and sometimes one in the middle at the top of the card for the number of the view in the series. Sometimes the copyright date is also noted as "c." on the mount and title list.

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Arrangement of the Collection

The collection is organized into 19 series:
Series 1: United States Views
Series 2: Foreign Views
Series 3: Expositions
Series 4: Military
Series 5: Transportation
Series 6: Agriculture, Animals, Astronomy and Industry
Series 7: Children
Series 8: Christian Religion and Still Life
Series 9: Genre, Courtship and Domestic
Series 10: Genre and Comic
Series 11: People and U.S. Presidents
Series 12: Tissues and Special Formats
Series 13: Stereo Lithographs
Series 14: Small Boxed Sets
Series 15: Boxed Travel Sets
Series 16: Stereoscopes, True-Vue and View-Master Viewers, and Magic Lantern Projectors
Series 17: Magic Lantern Slides
Series 18: McLaurin Notebooks
Series 19: Stereo World Magazine

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Access to Collection:

Collection is open for research use.

Publication Rights:

Permission to publish materials must be obtained from the Director of the DeGolyer Library.

Copyright Statement:

It is the responsibility of the user to obtain copyright authorization.

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Access Terms

This collection is indexed under the following terms in the Southern Methodist University Libraries' online catalog. Researchers desiring related materials may search the catalog using these terms.
Tissue stereographs
Lantern slides
Stereoscopic views.
Stereoscopic cameras.

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Related Materials

Digital reproductions can be accessed online at Banks McLaurin, Jr., stereograph collection

There are many other stereograph collections in the DeGolyer Library.

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Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Banks McLaurin, Jr. stereograph collection, DeGolyer Library, Southern Methodist University.

Acquisition Information

Gift, Banks McLaurin, Jr., 2000, 2003.

Processing Information

The Banks McLaurin, Jr. stereograph collection has essentially been maintained as Mr. McLaurin had it organized. In addition, Mr. McLaurin compiled five notebooks of personal information relating to his collecting, the photographers, companies, subjects, locations and stereoscopes represented in his collection. Some of these notes and lists have been incorporated into the finding aid using his subject headings with minor editing for consistency in format and terminology. His notes on purchasing the viewers are listed with the descriptions. For further detailed information see the individual notebooks.

Finding aid by Anne E. Peterson, 2007.

Processing Note

Anne E. Peterson, 2007, with assistance from Susan Schmidt.

Finding aid by Anne E. Peterson, 2007; Danae Renieri, 2019

Encoded by

Lara Corazalla, 2007, Ada Negraru, 2019

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Detailed Description of the Collection

Series 1: United States Views
11 boxes

1 Alabama to California
2 Colorado to Florida
3 Georgia to Maryland
4 Massachusetts to Minnesota
5 Mississippi to New Mexico
6 New York
7 New York City
8 Niagara Falls to Oregon
9 Pennsylvania to Tennessee
10 Texas to Washington
11 Washington DC to Yellowstone

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Series 2: Foreign Views
14 boxes

Countries in this series: Aden, Algeria, Antarctic, Australia, Austria, Bahamas, Belgium, Belgium Congo, Bermuda, Bolivia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Burma, Cambodia, Canada, Ceylon, Chile, China, Columbia, Cuba, Czechoslovakia, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Egypt, El Salvador, San Salvador, England, Fiji, Finland, France, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Greenland, Guam, Guatemala, Honduras, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Iraq, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Jamaica, Japan, Java, Kenya, Korea, Lapland, Lebanon, Luxemburg, Malaysia, Mexico, Monaco, Morocco, Mozambique, Netherlands, New Guinea, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Nigeria , Norway, Palestine, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Philippines Islands, Poland, Porto Rico, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Scotland, Sudan, Sweden, Switzerland, Syria, Thailand, Tanzania, Turkey, Uganda, Ukraine, Uruguay, Venezuela, Wales, West Indies, Yugoslavia.
12 Aden to Cambodia
13 Canada to Equator
14 Egypt to England
15 England, London to Finland
16 Germany to Iceland
17 France to Germany, Berlin
18 India to Israel
19 Italy
20 Jamaica to Mozambique
21 Netherlands to Poland
22 Portugal to Puerto Rico
23 Romania to South Africa
24 Spain to Switzerland
25 Syria to Yugoslavia

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Series 3: Expositions
2 boxes

Expositions in this series: Crystal Palace Exhibition, London 1851; International Exhibition of 1862, London; Exposition Universelle, Paris 1867; The First Annual Exhibition, London 1871; Centennial Exposition, Philadelphia 1876; World’s Columbian Exposition, Chicago 1893; California Midwinter International Exposition of 1894, San Francisco 1894; Trans-Mississippi and International Exposition, Omaha 1898. World’s Fair of 1900, Paris 1900; Pan-American Exposition, Buffalo 1901; Louisiana Purchase Exposition, Saint Louis 1904; 1902 Toronto; 1906 Portland; Jamestown Exposition, Hampton Roads 1907; Panama Pacific International Exposition, San Francisco1915.
26 London, 1851 to Omaha, 1898
27 Paris, 1900 to San Francisco, 1915

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Series 4: Military
2 boxes

Wars in this series: Boar War (1899–1902), Civil War (1861-1865), China Opium War (1839 to 1842), Russo-Japanese War (1904-1905), Spanish-American War (1898), Turkish-Italian War (1911), World War I (1914-1918).
28 Wars: Boer to Turkish-Italian
29 Wars: World War I

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Series 5: Transportation
2 boxes

30 Railroads, Roads/Auto, Airplanes
31 Ships and Naval Ships

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Series 6: Agriculture, Animals, Astronomy and Industry
1 box

32 Agriculture and Industry, Astronomy, Flowers and Plants, Flower Arrangements, Animals and Birds

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Series 7: Children
1 box

33 Children, Children with Animals (sometimes humorous)

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Series 8: Christian Religion and Still Life
1 box

34 Scenes of the Life of Christ, Christ Passion, Christmas, Still-Life, Skeleton Leaves (death memorial series), Statuary, and Sad Situations (illness, death)

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Series 9: Genre, Courtship and Domestic
1 box

These are often humorous. Many are series and as such precursors to motion pictures.
35 Courtship and Marriage (sometimes tongue in cheek humorous series), French Cook Series (husband being amorous with the young attractive cook), Gossip (women talking together), Halloween Party, Mouse and Rat Series, and the New Woman (women riding bicycles, asserting themselves with men, telling men to sew their own clothes, etc.).

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Series 10: Genre and Comic
1 box

36 Comic Situations, Humor, Hunting, Fishing, (sometimes humorous) and Sports

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Series 11: People and U.S. Presidents
1 box

37 People, Blacks (often making fun of African Americans), Indians, U.S. Presidents, Photographica, and People with Stereo Viewers

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Series 12: Tissues and Special Formats
1 box

38 Europe, Genre, Cortescopes, Cavender’s Camerascope, Real Photographs, and Small Format Stereo

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Series 13: Stereo Lithographs
1 box

39 U.S. and Foreign Lithographs, Courtship, Genre, and Humor

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Series 14: Small Boxed Sets
1 box

40 Keystone View Co. [eye comfort series] The Keystone Eye Comfort and Depth Perception Series. For the Development of Comfortable Vision and a High Degree of Depth Perception. Stereos labeled B0 1 & BI 1, BI 2.
EC 1 V32929 Man in chair
EC 2 V32930 Man in chair
EC 3 V32931 Man in chair
EC 4 V32932 Man in chair
EC 6 32934 Polar bear and baby calf
EC 7 32935 Man and squirrel
EC 9 32937 Landscape and birds
EC 10 Landscape
EC 107 (33288) Ship and squirrel
EC 229 (35227) Man and boat
Kroll’s Stereoscopical Pictures for the use of squint-eyed people. Stereos labeled 1 through 30. Stereos are for children with squinting eyes.
Humor. Set of 12 stereos describing the humorous conflict between an artist and a musician.
925 McDaub finishing his picture
926 He dreams of Honduras
927 Signor Tempestnoss
928 McDaub awakened
929 Anathematizing
930 Prepares for vengeance
931 A squirt through the wall
932 McDaub congratulates himself
933 The Signors room
934 Determined on revenge
935 Meeting in the studio
936 The battle of the two arts
Sears, Roebuck & Co. – 50 stereos of Sears headquarters in Chicago of the operations: accounting, administration, dining, president, switchboard, railroad, etc.
Japan and Russian Views. 48 Assorted Photocolortypes of architectural, occupational and topographical views of Japan and Russia.
Foreign Stereographs and Lithographs. Set of 25 stereographs of odd sights and scenes from foreign countries numbering 101 to 125, dated 1925, American Colortype (A.C.).
World Series. Set of 46 stereo lithographs, copyright 1905, Kawin and Co., mainly architectural and landscape images, numbering from 115 to 291 with many missing numbers.

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Series 15: Boxed Travel Sets
8 boxes

41 Journey in the Holy Land, Through the Perfecscope (2 identical sets of views), Underwood & Underwood. Stereos in the box are the first set of 100 views of Palestine and the Holy Land, which includes architectural, occupational and topographical images.
Egypt and Its Wonders: Through the Perfecscope. Stereos in the box are not of Egypt, but rather a duplicate set of the 100 views listed above of Palestine and the Holy Land, which includes architectural, occupational and topographical images.
42 Keystone View Co., Tour of the World, Foreign # 1 to 299
43 Keystone View Co., Tour of the World, Foreign # 302 to 698
44 Keystone View Co., Tour of the World, Foreign # 700 to 1038
45 Keystone View Co., Tour of the World, Foreign, US and Canada # 1039 to 1200
46 Stereographic Library, Tour of the World, empty boxes for above boxes 13 to 16
47 British Isles, Grand Canyon, Holland, Java, Niagara Falls, Real Children, Russia, HEAVY
British Isles, Vol. I, Vol. II, Stereographic Library. Set of 100 with 6, 12, & 73 missing. Bought 1990 at Unlimited, Ltd., The Antique Mall on Midway Rd., Dallas.
1 25404 London Bridge from Surrey Side
2 13113 The Great Tower Bridge
3 28249 The Thames Embankment, London
4 28226 The Bank of England
5 28250 below Temple Bar, London
6 Missing
7 25482 Old Curiosity Shop London
8 28105 Traffic on high Holburn St., London
9 28101 The Strand, London
10 25423 Law Courts, London
11 28253 Trafalgar Square, London
12 Missing
13 V-13196 Houses of Parliament across the Thames
14 11312 Entrance of the House of Lords
15 11311 The House of Commons
16 V-25486 Westminster Abbey
17 V-18170 Buckingham Palace
18 28254 Terrace of Richmond Park
19 28104 In the Rockeries, Kew Gardens, Surrey Co.
20 28255 Scene in Kew Gardens, Surrey Co.
21 13134 Windsor Castle, Windsor
22 W-28244 Norman Gateway, Windsor Castle
23 W-28256 Gray's Elegy Scene, Stoke Poges
24 28257 Old Almshouses built by Queen Victoria, Whippingham
25 28258 Colored Chalk Cliffs, Isle of Wight
26 28259 Bar Gate, High St., Southampton
27 28260 Pilgrim Fathers Memorial, Southampton
28 28261 Chained books, Minister Library, Wimborne
29 28262 St. Anne's Gateway, Salisbury
30 28212 Salisbury Cathedral
31 28203 Market in Salisbury
32 13158 Stonehenge, Wiltshire
33 3025 Abbey Church, Bath
34 V-28187 Glastonbury Abbey
35 V-28186 Exeter Cathedral
36 28264 Drake's Island, Plymouth
37 28265 War & Drake Memorials, Plymouth
38 28266 Royal Albert Bridge, Plymouth
39 28267 Smeaton's Lighthouse, Plymouth
40 V-28268 Interior, Truro Cathedral
41 V-25440 Perranporth – Rugged Coast
42 V-28269 St. Michael's Mount, Cornwall
43 V-25405 Land's End
44 28270 Water tower
45 W-28206 Chester Cathedral, Chester
46 W-28500 Carnarvon Castle, Wales
47 28271 Main Entrance, Conway Castle, Wales
48 2705 Pont y Pais, Betws-y-Coed, Wales
49 28272 View of Landing Stage, Liverpool
50 28273 Landing Stage, Liverpool
51 28274 Queen Victoria Statue, Liverpool
52 28275 St. John's Gardens, Liverpool
53 28276 Ranelagh St., Liverpool
54 28277 City Hall, Manchester
55 V-13190 Furness Abbey, Lancashire
56 V-15452 Church of Rydal, Lake District
57 13123 Wadsworth's home, Lake District
58 V-25450 Borrowdale Valley, Lake District
59 V-25449 Derwentwater, Lake District
60 13116 Langdale Valley, Lake District
61 V-28278 Dungeon Gill Waterfall, Lake District
62 V-25474 Stybarrow Crag
63 28279 Swing Bridge, New Castle-on-Tyne
64 28280 Northumberland St., New Castle-on-Tyne
65 28281 Market place, New Castle-on-Tyne
66 V-13191 Cathedral nave, Durham
67 28282 York Minister
68 28283 Old Walls, York
69 3018 St. Mary's Abbey, York
70 28284 War memorial, Sheffield
71 28285 Cutlery Plant, Sheffield
72 28286 Market Place, Nottingham
73 Missing
74 28288 Chatsworth, near Derby
75 28289 East Gate & Clock Tower, Leicester
76 28290 Gallowtree Gate, Leicester
77 28188 Interior View, Litchfield Cathedral
78 28291 L.M.S. Station, Birmingham
79 28292 Town Hall, Birmingham
80 28293 City Hall, Birmingham
81 V-28176 Warwick Castle
82 28162 Kenilworth Castle
83 28294 Shakespeare's Birth Place, Stratford-upon-Avon
84 W-28300 Living room of Shakespeare's Home, Stratford-upon-Avon
85 W-28301 Resting Place of Shakespeare, Stratford-upon-Avon
86 28295 Anne Hathaway’s Cottage, Stratford-upon-Avon
87 V-25407 Shakespeare's memorial theater, Stratford upon-Avon
88 V-25409 Addison's Walk, Oxford
89 V-25465 King's College, Oxford
90 V-25467 Bridge of Sighs, Cambridge
91 V-28184 Ely Cambridge – Interior
92 V-28296 Blickling Hall, Norfolk
93 V-28190 Peterborough Cathedral
94 V-28297 Gothic Interior, St. Botolph's, Boston
95 V-28298 Lincoln Cathedral – Interior
96 V-28168 Arundel Castle
97 25427 Brighton – on the beach
98 V-28175 Gate of Battle Abbey, Sussex
99 V-13177 Canterbury Cathedral – Interior
100 28299 Moonlight on the English Channel
Grand Canyon, Vol. 1, Stereographic Library. Keystone View Co. Set of 18 in box with a descriptive book with maps, The Grand Canyon of the Arizona Through the Stereoscope by Underwood & Underwood. All copyrighted by U & U – date of publication ca. 1900. Bought at Gainesville Antique Mall on 12/13/91.
(1) 6072 A Wonder to the primitive inhabitants – Santa Fe Train crossing Cañon Diablo, AZ
(2) 6073 From the Red to San Francisco Mountain – A Woody Wilderness in AZ
(3) 6074 Blown asunder by volcanic energies – Red Mountain, AZ
(4) 6075 Labyrinthine ways through the lava ash formation Red. Mt. Crater, AZ
(5) 6076 The sinuous Colorado, yellow as the Tiber, Grand Cañon, AZ
(6) 6077 Among the buttes, Red Canon Trail, Grand Cañon, AZ
(7) 6078 Fathoming the depth of a vanished sea – Grand Cañon, AZ
(8) 6079 Descending into Grand View Trail, Grand Cañon, AZ
(9) 6080 Diacritic stalagmites in a limestone cave, Grand Cañon, AZ
(10) 6081 Angel’s Gateway and Newberry Terrance from Cottonwood Spring, Grand Cañon, AZ
(11) 6082 Beside the Colorado – looking up to Zoroaster Tower from Pipe Cr., Grand Cañon, AZ
(12) 6083 Down the Granite Gorge, Grand Cañon, AZ
(13) 6084 Prospecting for gold, Indian gardens, Grand Cañon, AZ
(14) 6085 Rounding Cape Horn on Bright Angel Trail, Grand Cañon, AZ
(15) 6086 Thos. Moran, America’s great scenic artist, sketching at Bright Angel Cover, AZ
(16) 6087 Over all broods a solemn silence – sunset at O’Neill’s Point, Grand Cañon, AZ
(17) 6088 Overlooking Nature’s greatest Amphitheatre, from Rowe’s Point, NW, Grand Cañon, AZ
(18) 6089 On the brink, one mile above the River, Grand Cañon, AZ west from Rowe’s Point
Holland. Underwood & Underwood. Set of 17 stereos on Holland in case, c. 1904.
Quaint houses, bridges & fishing boats, Hoorn
Everyday business on a canal, Volendam
Groningen, St. Martin’s Kerk and University Museum
Looking up canal to old weigh house, Amsterdam
Weigh House and Market, Hoorn
Busy Leuvehaven, north to fish market & Groote Kerk, Rotterdam
From Zeider Kerk over Weigh house to suburbs, Amsterdam
Voorburgwal reflecting St. Nicholas Church, Amsterdam
Market and Weigh House, Nymegen
Church at Delfthaven where Pilgrim Fathers prayed
Windmill on Dyke road west of Dordrecht
Countrywomen with milk pails, Goes, Zealand
Fishing boats at pier, Helder
East across the Oudehaven with its shipping & bridges, Rotterdam
Tree lined canal north to Zuider Kerk, Amsterdam
Southeast from Zuider Kerk, Amsterdam
Hugh Windmills at Zandyk
Java. Underwood & Underwood. Set of 36 stereos in a box for 36, c. 1907
9063 The Cathedral at Batavia
9064 Pier at Tandjong, Priock, from steamer’s deck, arrival at Batavia, capital of Java
9065 Molenfleit canal and the North Walk, principal European thoroughfare of Batavia
9066 "North Walk" and its picturesque Melenfleit Canal, Batavia
9067 Gang Patganongen, an important street in the Chinese District of Batavia
9068 One of the many public laundries along the banks of the Melenfleit Canal, Batavia
9069 A morning bath in the Melenfleit Canal, Batavia
9070 Koenigs Plein (King’s Place), a public square in Batavia
9071 Bellevue Hotel, shaded by palms, at Buitenzorg, the enchanting mountain Resort in Java
9072 From Hotel Bellevue, Buitenzorg s.w. over forests of coconut palms to Mt. Salak
9073 Palace of the Governor-General, within the botanical gardens, Buitenzorg
9073 Looking down the main street of Buitenzorg, to Bellevue Hotel – canary trees on walk
9075 Street Market – foreground are "durians," one of the most noted of fruits, Buitenzorg
9076 Avenue of canary trees covered with gigantic creepers, Botanical Garden, Buitenzorg
9077 Lily pond and banyan tree at Buitenzorg Botanical Garden
9078 Deer on the botanical gardens of Buitenzorg
9079 Maze of roots and old decayed trunk of a banyan tree in the botanical garden of Buitenzorg
9080 The big leafed Victoria Regia, and the curious "Sausage" tree, Botanical Gardens, Buitenzorg
9081 Screw pines in the Botanical Gardens, Buitenzorg
9082 Luxuriant palms in the finest Botanical Gardens in the world
9083 Javanese, the native inhabitants of eastern Java near Villadolce Hotel, Garoet
9084 A band of alang-alang player, an ancient instrument of natives of Garoet
9085 Soldiers crossing a stream during maneuvers – flooded rice fields in foreground, Garoet
9086 Natives fishing in the low waters of a pond, Garoet
9087 Native vendors, ragged and dirty, awaiting arrival of the train, Brambanum
9088 The outdoor market, on roadway leading to the noted Temples, Brambanum
9089 A world famed example of Hindu art – temples of Brambanum
9090 Temple of Loro Jonggran 9th century Bramantic temple at Brambanum
9091 Loro Junggran "the pure exalted virgin" to whom the temples of Brambanum are dedicated
9092 "The three graces" – a far-famed sculpture in the great temples of Brambanum
9093 Boro Boedor – the most remarkable and magnificent monument Buddhism has ever erected
9094 A section of the three miles of sculptures – picture bible of Buddhism, Boro Boedur Temple
9095 Latticed shrines and central dome on top of the remarkable temple of Boro Boedor
9096 One of the hundreds of statues of Buddha at the great temple of Boro Boedor
9097 An avenue of trees leading north from the temple of Boro Boedor
9098 Looking over the tropical fields of Java from the summit of Boro Boedor Temple
Niagara Falls, Vol. I. Stereoscopic Library. Underwood & Underwood. Set of 18 in box with descriptive book and map, Niagara Through the Stereoscope. Some stereos have U&U labels; some have U&U patents and Keystone labels – 7 and 11 to be exact. Bought at Gainesville Antique Mall on 12/19/91.
K (1) 5395 General view of the Falls – Maid of Mist at landing
U (2) 5396 Tourists viewing the falls from Prospect Point
U (3) 5397 Looking down over the bluff at Prospect Point
K (4) 5398 American Falls from below
U (5) 5399 Maid of the Mist at Large
U (6) 5400 The falls from the Maid of the Mist, S-70
U (7) 5401 Niagara – S.W. from the tower
U (8) 5402 Rapids above Niagara Falls, S-74
K (9) 5403 American and Luna Falls
U (10) 5404 Looking into Cave of the Winds, S-73
K (11) 5405 American Falls and Rock of Ages
K (12) 5406 American Falls from Canadian side
K (13) 5407 Horseshoe Falls from above
K (14) 5408 Autumn on Niagara's banks – SW towards falls S-77
K (15) 5409 Dixon crossing on a rope below the falls
K (16) 5410 Looking at the waters below the falls
K (17) 5411 Whirlpool Rapids below the falls
K (18) 5412 Looking over the Whirlpool down river from falls
Real Children, Vol. I? Stereoscopic Library. Keystone View Co. The first 8 stereos were in box; added five more from what I had, which fit the name on the box. It appears that 5 more would fill the box as other groups on Grand Canyon, Yosemite and Niagara Falls hold.
R10 1028 Fun for the boys and girls on their playground, Copenhagen
R13 (9)1055 Monument of Catherine II & Alexander Theater. St. Petersburg
R17 10850 Little folks studying in village school, Ramur, Palestine
R20 (24) 7663 school boys having their school outdoors, Burma
R30 (92) 9427 Primary School, Jalapa, Mexico
R31 8051 Beauford Road from Quebec to Montmorenei, Canada
R33 11405 Moki Indians in their strange home, Wolpi, AZ, USA
R35 6939 The snow fort and its gallant defenders
21330 (1) Indians - Playing Indian
33834 (2) Children – Philippine Negritos Fishing for Frogs
14061 (5) Japanese children reading a newspaper
17475 (11) American children at play (USA)
24710 (19) Children - Czechoslovakian children
R1 8094 Peasant Children on the Steps of the Temple of Vesta, Rome, Italy
R4 11404 Little neighbors "building houses" near Cathedral, Burgos, Spain
R5 6 Praca (Square) and Column of Dom Pedro IV, Lisbon, Spain
R7(90)10012 The River Teme and charming green country around Ludlow, England
Other stereos on children
613 Innocence abroad, ca. 1898
26401 Farmer's wife churning butter
11404 A June Carnival – Dancing Round the Daisy Pole, ca. 1900
W21327 P46 Winter – Boys playing fort in the snow
17512 P14 Ready to go on picnic
R9(92)1236 Stored castle of the Brothers, and Moat, Bornhofen on the Rhine, S. from river-road, Germany
R11(53)653 Children at play in a farmer’s field before terraced Tvinde water fall, near Vossevangen, Norway
R12(59)865 An old well vine-shaped porch and little folds at home-Lerdal, beside Lake Siljam, Sweden
R14(50)1920 An Austrian hamlet, Val Ampezzo
R19(26)3589 Children are children the wide world round-playing Hop Scotch in Cashmere
R24(65)10293 Christmas holiday pleasures at the Fern Tree Bower, near Hobart, Tasmania
R29(90) Young Banana Plants-growing prospects of a Country Home near Mayaguez, Porto Tico
R32(43)4697 The worlds most unique inhabitants-Esquimaux with summer tents, Greenland
R3?(20)1524 Beside the Zider Zee-thrifty Dutch villagers on the fisherman’s wharf at Volendam, Holland
Russia. Underwood & Underwood Publishers. Set of 100, most stereos ca. 1897, 1898, and 1899 with one dated 1904. 26 missing. Were in a library, call number 914.7. On back of stereos the number 52934 stamped. This set was purchased Oct. 8, 1992 for $85.80 at Past Time Antiques, 1059 Main Street, Cambria, CA 93428.
1-9 Missing
10 Allegorical Statue – Man conquering the Brute, Fontanka Bridge, St. Petersburg
11 Boischaya Morskaya, the street leading to the Czar’s Winter Palace, St. Petersburg
12 Monument to Alexander I, Arch of Triumph, and the Staab Building, St. Petersburg
13 The Imperial Winter Palace from Nevsky Prospect, St. Petersburg
14 The Peristyle of the Hermitage, St. Petersburg
15 Gallery of Modern Sculpture, in the Hermitage, St. Petersburg
16 The Imperial Summer Garden, St. Petersburg, 1062
17 Equestrian Statue of Peter the Great, St. Petersburg
18 St. Isaac’s Cathedral, St. Petersburg – the largest Church in Russia, 1064
19 St. Petersburg, Russia, from the Dome of Isaac’s Cathedral
20 The Admiralty Building, University and Vasilii Ostrof, St. Petersburg
21 Riding School of the Life Guard, Senate, Academy and Vasilii Ostrof, St. Petersburg
22 St. Catherine Church and Holy Water Procession, St. Petersburg – Aug. 1st, 1897
23 Missing
24 Palace Bridge, Admiralty and St. Isaac’s Church from the Exchange, St. Petersburg
25 Missing
26 Missing
27 Burian Place of the Czars, in the Peter Paul Church of the Fortress, St. Petersburg
28 Making Hay in Russia
29 The Avenue of the Fountains, Imperial Palace, St. Petersburg
30 Peterhof Palace, Russia, the Czar’s Home in the summer
31 Equipages before Peterhof Palace, Russia, the Czar’s Home in the summer
32 The Fountains from Peterhof Palace, summer residence of the Czar of Russia 1078
33 Their Majesties, the Empresses of Russia and Germany, driving through Peterhof Park
34 Narcissus Fountain on Empress Island, Colonists Park, Palace Grounds of Peterhof
35 Missing
36 Missing
37 Founding of the Alexander Hospital, St. Petersburg, Russia by the Emperor and Empress of Germany, 1897
38 The Czar of Russia and the French President laying the Corner Stone of the Troytzky Bridge, St. Petersburg
39 Holy Trinity Church with the Monument built of Turkish Cannon, St. Petersburg
40 Missing
41 The Largest of the Imperial Palaces, Tsarskoe Selo
42 The Lake and Island in the Imperial Grounds, Tsarskoe Selo
43 The Imperial Majesties, the Czar and Czarina of Russia, Krasnoe Selo - Aug. 25th, 1897
44 Review of the Russian Troops by the French President, Krasnoe Selo, Russia – Aug. 25th, 1897
45 Foreign Representatives at the Military Review, Krasnow Selo – Aug. 25th, 1897
46 Their Majesties the Czar and Czarina of Russia and the Pres. of France, Krasnoe Selo
47 From Sparrow Hills, Napoleon’s first view of Moscow
49 Temple of Our Savior, the Greatest Church in Moscow
48 The Historical Novo Devitchi Convent, near Moscow
50 Missing
51 Missing
52 Moscow, the Pride of the Czars, s.e. from the Temple of our Savior
53 The Moskwa River and the shimmering spires of "Holy Moscow"
54 Missing
55 The Kremlin, Moscow
56 The Kremlin Wall and Tower of the Sacred Gate, Moscow, 1102
57 Spaski Vorota, Sacred Gate of the Kremlin, where all heads must be uncovered, Moscow
58 Missing
59 Tower of Ivan the Great and Cathedral of the Archangel Michael, Kremlin, Moscow, 1105
60 The King of Bells (200 tons), Moscow
61 Holy Moscow, from the Tower of Ivan the Great, Russia, 1107
62 Cathedral of the Assumption where Emperors of Russia are Crowned, Moscow
63 Cathedral of the Annunciation, where the Czars have been baptized and married, Moscow
64 The Great Czar Cannon, Moscow
65 The Great Bazaar in the Kitai Gorod, Moscow
66 Central Entrance to the Great Bazaar, Kitai Gorod, Moscow
67 Missing
68 The Market in the Kitai Gorod, Moscow
69 Romanoff House, Moscow, birthplace of Michael, first Tsar of the reigning dynasty
70 The Rumiantsof Museum, Moscow
71 Petrofski Imperial Palace, Moscow
72 The Great Sunday Market of Moscow
73 Church of the Nativity, one of the 800 Greek Churches in Old Moscow
74 Nijni-Novgorod, Summer Market Place of all Nations
75 Interior of the Church of the Nativity of the Holy Virgin Nijni-Novgorod
76 The Floating Bridge over the Oka and the Fair of Nijni-Novgorod
77 Missing
78 Missing
79 Missing
80 Chinese Row in the Market of all Nations, Nijni Novgorod
81 Siberian Hides and the village of the Tartars, Nijni Novgorod
82 Missing
83 Principal Street of ancient Kief, Little Russia
84 Alexandrofski Slope and the winding Dnieper River, Kief
85 The St. Vladimir Monument and the murmuring Dnieper, Kief
86 The Podol portion of ancient Kief
87 Missing
88 The Fairy Land of Little Russia
89 Interior of the Vladimir Cathedral, Kief, most beautifully decorated Church in Russia
90 The Birth of Jesus, in Vladimir Cathedral, Kief
91 The Resurrection in Vladimir Cathedral, Kief
92 Missing
93 The handsome Opera House of Odessa, Russia, one of the finest in Europe
94 The Cathedral – Odessa, Russia
95 Interior of the Cathedral – Odessa, Russia
96 The Great Staircase, Odessa, Russia
97 Wheat for export at South Russia’s great seaport, Odessa
98 Overlooking the extensive salt fields (20,000 tons) of Solinen, Russia
99 A reservoir at the Salt Fields, Solinen
100 The Black Sea from the Russian Coast
Note: this set was purchased 8 Oct. 1992 for $85.80 at Past Time Antiques – 1059 Main Street, Cambria, CA 93428.
48 Scenic America, Seventy-two Perfect Stereographs, Switzerland, Tour of the World, World War Through the Stereoscope and Yosemite Valley, HEAVY
Scenic America. Vol. III., Vol. IV. Stereographic Library. Keystone View Co. 35 of a set of 100. Set in box is numbered 3 to 50; box on outside says "101-200."
3 W29573 Splendor of Entrance Hall, Congressional Library, Wash. D.C., ca. H.C.A. White
6 V26112 Southwest to White House from State, War & Navy Bldg., Wash., D.C., ca. U&U
2 26100 Washington from an airplane, Wash., D.C.
8 H151 26334 The Lincoln Memorial, Wash., D.C.
11 32566 Bancroft Hall, US Naval Academy, Annapolis, MD
12 32833 Mt. Vernon Place, Baltimore, MD
13 86 V23470 Deck of an Oyster Boat, Chesapeake Bay, MD
14 32836 Rodney Square and DuPont Bldg., Wilmington, DE
15 T28 32569 Looking north on Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA
19 32831 Washington Memorial Chapel, Valley Forge, PA
18 23145 Washington's Headquarters at Valley Forge, PA
20 29576 America's Foremost Seaside Resort, Atlantic City, NJ
21 32828 Old Nassau Hall, Princeton Univ., Princeton, NJ
22 T32 32276 From Commerce & Broad Sts., Newark, NJ
23 16730 Palisade of the Hudson, NJ
24 32775 George Washington Bridge, World's greatest, NY City
25 32364 Hudson River Valley, Bear Mountain Bridge, NY
26 32360 Cadets at West Point, NY
27 32823 Manhattan from the air, NY City
28 T38 23155 North on Broadway past Trinity Church, NY City
30 32400 T The Great White Way, NY City
34 T43 26494 Coney Island, NY's Island most popular beach resort, NYC
32 32703 Manhattan's skyline from Brooklyn Bridge, NY City
39 T76 32578 T Capital of the Old Dominion, Richmond, VA
40 T78 32218 Home of Thomas Jefferson, Monticello, VA
41 W29577 T Natural Bridge in VA
42 32839 Asheville, NC Land of the Sky
43 23482 Magnolia Gardens, near Charleston, SC
44 32187 North on Peachtree St., Atlanta, GA
45 107 13747 Chipping a turpentine tree, GA
46 V23238 Coconut trees at Palm Beach, FL
48 32313 Singing tower at Mountain Lake, FL
47 26850 The Royal Poinciana, Palm Beach, FL
49 26826 Miami's skyline from the harbor, FL
50 26587 Franklin St., Tampa, FL
Delaware 5
Dist. of Columbia 4
Florida 5
Georgia 2
Maryland 3
New Jersey 4
New York 2
New York City 6
North Carolina 1
Pennsylvania 3
South Carolina 1
Virginia 3
Seventy-two Perfect Stereographs. H. C. White Co. Housed in black box.
Switzerland Underwood & Underwood. Set of 100 in a Keystone box; most of the slides are U & U labeled – the few that are not noted "key" in front of the numbers. All subjects in Switzerland. Bought at Gainesville antique mall on 12/19/91.
[1] 1736 [S697] Falls of the Rhine & Laufen Castle
[2] 1737 St. Gall, historic and beautiful
[3] 1738 Interior of the Monastery Church, St. Gall
[4] 1739 Zurich, the metropolis of Switzerland
[5] 1740 The village favorite
Key [6] 1741 Lucerne and her beautiful lake
[7] 1742 Picturesque bridge, tower & church, Lucerne
[8] 1743 The Lion of Lucerne
[9] 1744 [S698] Lucerne & the lofty Pilatus
[10] 1745 [S699] Alpine elevator to the clouds, Mt. Pilatus
[11] 1746 The summit of historic Pilatus
[12] 1747 [S700] The backbone of Europe from the summit of Pilatus
Key [13] 1748 Lake of Lucerne from Axenstein
Key [14] 1749 Sisikon and the mighty Uri-Rothstock
Key [15] 1750 The bold Axenstrasse hewn from cliffs, Lake Lucerne
[16] 1751 [S702] Tunnels of the Axenstrasse, overhanging Lake Lucerne
Key [17] 1752 [S703] The river Aare at Berne
[18] 1753 Berne and her great mountain shain
[19] 1754 [S704] Principal street and the old clock, Berne
[20] 1755 At the village fountain
[21] 1756 A Swiss home and its home-maker
Key [22] 1757 Ancient Thun and its lake from the castle
[23] 1758 Interlaken and Jungfrau
[24] 1759 Grindlewald Valley, the Wetterhorn & Schreckhorn
Key [25] 1760 Staubbach Falls, Lauterbrunnen Valley
[26] 1761 The Eiger and Lauterbrunnen Valley
[27] 1762 Murren, loftiest of Switzerland’s hamlets
[28] 1763 The Breithorn and Tschingelhorn, upper Lauterbrunnen
[29] 1764 [S705] Jungfrau from the summit of Scheidegg
[30] 1765 Grindlewald Valley and the Wetterhorn
[31] 1766 Glacier basin below the Fiescherhorn
[32] 1767 Ascent of Jungfrau – crossing the Glacier
[33] 1768 [S706] A country road
[34] 1769 Upper Grindlewald glacier
[35] 1770 [S707] Youthful years and maiden beauty
[36] 1771 [S708] The wonderful gorge of the river Aare
[37] 1772 Looking down the Rhine valley from Disentis
[38] 1773 Looking down the Via Mala toward Thusis & Rhine Valley
[39] 1774 Piz Bernina & Roseg, Engadine
[40] 1775 Bella Vista, Piz Bernina & Morteratsch Glacier, Engadine
[41] 1776 Peaks of Palu, Engadine
[42] 1777 Upper Engadine
[43] 1778 The Engadine, looking S.W. from Hahnensee
[44] 1779 [S709] The descent to Italy from Maloja Pass, Engadine
[45] 1780 Engineering feats on St. Gothard RR, Italian side
[46] 1781 St.Gothard R.R. at Wassen
[47] 1782 Grimsel Pass Oberaarhorn & Finsteraanhorn
[48] 1783 View of Rhone Valley from Furka Pass
[49] 1784 Looking south from Eggishorn over Rhone Valley
[50] 1785 [S710] Fischer Glacier & Oberaaehorn NE from Eggishorn
[51] 1786 [S711] The great Aletsch Glacier & Marjelen Lake
[52] 1787 [S712] Edge of Aletsch Glacier & Marjelen Lake
[53] 1788 An ocean of Ice, great Aletsch Glacier
[54] 1789 Looking N. down the Visp valley from near Stalden
[55] 1790 [S713] The Alpine Spirit’s sanctuary – Zermatt
[56] 1791 Matterhorn from pathway above Zermatt
[57] 1792 Matterhorn, seen from the Schwarzsee
[58] 1793 Gorner Glacier, Monte Rosa
[59] 1794 Zermatt from the Schwarzsee
[60] 1795 "Lion of the Alps," the Matterhorn
[61] 1796 [S714] Breithorn, Monte Rosa group from the Gornergott
[62] 1797 Lyskamm, Monte Rosa group from Gornergrat
[63] 1798 Summit of Mt. Rosa from Gornergrat
[64] 1799 Zermatt from the Schwarzsee
[65] 1800 [R2] Swiss hamlet near eternal snow – Saas-fee
[66] 1801 A typical alpine home – Saas-fee
[67] 1802 Industry and simplicity – Saas-fee
[68] 1803 Sion, with its medieval homes and castles
[69] 1804 Inn where Napoleon stopped, Bourg St. Pierre
[70] 1805 [S715] Monastery and dogs, Great St. Bernard Pass
[71] 1806 Great St. Bernard Pass, Lake & Monastery
[72] 1807 Eastern Side Mt. Blanc range
[73] 1808 Ancient castle of Chillon, Lake Geneva
[74] 1809 [S716] Lake Geneva and the Dent du Midi
[75] 1810 Village of Montreus on Lake Geneva
[76] 1811 Sunset, Lake Geneva
[77] 1812 Lake Geneva – bridges across the Rhone
[78] 1813 Balmat, first to ascend Mt. Blanc, Chamonix
[79] 1814 [S717] Frightful Alpine precipices toward Mt. Blanc
[80] 1815 [S718] Mount Blanc, from the Brivent
[81] 1816 Climbing heights above Valley of Chamonix
[82] 1817 Ascent of Mont Blanc, Bossons Glacier
[83] 1818 Tunnel in Bossons Glacier
[84] 1819 Ascent of Mt. Blanc, at Pierre Pointue
[85] 1820 Ascent of Mt. Blanc, crossing Bossons Glacier
[86] 1821 Ascent of Mt. Blanc, ice cliffs on Bossons Glacier
[87] 1822 Ascent of Mt. Blanc, from Grands Mulets hut
[88] 1823 Ascent of Mt. Blanc, looking back to Grands Mulets
[89] 1824 Ascent of Mt. Blanc, Dome du Gouter
[90] 1825 Ascent of Mt. Blanc, resting at Grand Plateau
[91] 1826 Ascent of Mt. Blanc, Valley refuge hut
[92] 1827 Summit of Mt. Blanc, highest point in Europe
[93] 1828 [S719] Descent of Mt. Blanc, crevasse near summit
[94] 1829 Mer de Glace and Grandes Jorasses
[95] 1830 Ascent of Aig. du Tacul
[96] 1831 [S720] Ascent of Aig. du Tacul, s.w. to Aig du Geant
[97] 1832 Ascent of Aig. du Tacul
[98] 1833 The Mauvais Pas & Mer de Glace
[99] 1834 [S721] Mer de Glace with mountains in background
[100] 1835 [S722] Great Ice Fall at end of Mer de Glace
Tour of the World, Vol. I. Stereographic Library. Keystone View Co. Date of issue: ca. 1932. Set of 50. Bought 11/19/91 at East Fork Mall, Sunnyvale, TX for $60 + tax.
Front # (back #) Top # left front
1089 (355-3012) 205 Anne Hathaway's Cottage Shottery, England
8639 (9781) 779 The Ancient Sphinx of Giza, Egypt
W8801 (W8801) 654 The Paderewski Villa, Warsaw, Poland (ca. H.C. White)
9869 (9869) 774 Looking up the Great Pyramid, Egypt
12568 (12568) 881 The Taj Mahal, Agra, India
12700 (12700) 190 Burn's Cottage, Ayr, Scotland
12804 (128040 107 Harvesting bananas, Costa Rica
13577 (38178) 1111 Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, WY
14455 ( ) 157 Eccentric growth of Cocoa Pods, Dominica, BWI
V14498 (V14498) 167 Cutting Tobacco near Habana, Cuba
V14730 (V14730) 946 Rice Planters at work, Japan
14739 (14739) 928 A country girl among the Tea Fields, Schizuoka, Japan
16648 (16648) 1200 Full moon, Yerkes Observatory
19671 (19671) 705 Garden of Gethsemane and Mt. Of Olives, Jerusalem
20742 (20742) 825 Victoria Falls, Rhodesia, South Africa
20757 (20757) 831 Mammough Pits of South Africa's Greatest Diamond Mine
21038 (21308) 1081 The Indian Village of Kasaan, Alaska
V21911 (V21911) 124 Llamas, Cerro de Pasco, Peru
21941 (21941) 119 Panama Hats being woven, Tabacunda, Ecuador
23796 (23796) 80 Carved Altar of Guadalupe, Tepozotland, Mexico
23842 (238420 963 The Great Wall of China n. Nankow Pass, China
23870 (23870) 995 Canal between Canton and the Is. of Shameen, China
V24056 (11064) 1009 Filipino farmer with water buffalo, Luzcon, P. Is.
V24316(C962-V24316) 1031 Kangaroo, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
25249 (25216) 356 Washday in Volendam, Holland
V25486 (V25486) 231 Westminster Abbey, London, England
(26557) 5006 1066 Wanona Tunnel Tree, Mariposa Grove Yosemite, CA
V27402 (V27402) 898 Elephants Piling Teak Logs, Rangoon, Burma
V27427 (V27427) 867 Carved Temple of Vimala Sah., Mt. Abu, India
V27701 (V27701) 744 Palace of Nebuchadnezzar, Iraq
29609 (290609) 1126 Grand Canyon from El Tovar on South Rim, AZ
29575 (29575) 16 Independence Hall, Philadelphia, PA
29609 (29600) 412 Eiffel Tower and Champs de Mars from Trocadero, Paris
29639 (3178) 405 Restored Cathedral of Reims, France
27828 (27828) 306 Grundivigs Church, Kobenhavn, Denmark
30063 (30063) 313 Potsdammer Platz at night, Berlin, Germany
32229 (32229) 4 The Dazzling Dome of the Capital at night, Washington, D.C.
32741 (32721) 1072 Mt. Hood, or from an airplane
32792 (32792) 1137 The Worlds Highest Bridge, Royal Gorge, CO
33280 (33280) 717 Church of the Nativity, Bethlehem, Palestine
33329 (28757) 457 The Ramblas and its Flower Market, Barcelona, Spain
V33422 (V33422) 579 Cathedral of Milan, Italy
33516 (33516) 1132 Crystal Springs Dome, Carlsbad Caverns, NM
34080 (34080) 1 Washington, DC from an airplane
34094 (34094) 668 Pushkin Monument, Moscow, USSR
34120 (34120) 1196 Airplane view of Niagara Falls, NY
34174 (34174) 29 Empire State Bldg., NY City from the air
34885 (32822) 64 The Alamo, San Antonio, TX
37171 (37171) 1046 Hawaiian Pineapple Ready for the Cannery
38221 (38232) 110 Ships Passing through the Panama Canal, Panama
Tour of the World, Vol. I, Vol. II, Stereographic Library. Boxed set of 102.
396 25586 River Meuse and Parc de la Citadel, Namur
390 25593 Royal Palace, Brussels
399 33273 The Fortress and City as Restored since the War, Dinant
383 25590 Menin Gate, Ypres
369 25585 Notre Dame Cathedral & Harbor, Antwerp
373 25592 Guild Houses on The Grande Place, Antwerp
166 20591 Where It Is Always Summer - The Green Isles of Bermuda...
144 V21901T Rio de Janeiro
143 21831 Avendia Biera Mar, Rio de Janeiro
T57 21859 Rua Visconte, Rio de Janeiro
H48 W27120 Chateau Frontenac, Quebec
134 21861 Inca Lake
T264 21865 Bay & City of Valparaiso
301 27843 Kronbork Castle and Harbor, Helsinger
308 27831 A drizzly day in Jutland near Kolding
115 21938 Waterfront at Guayaquil
411 24991 Arch of Triumph, Paris
421 18777 Palace of Versailles
441 32734 T Among the gardens of Mentone
415 V24810 Old City Island and Seine, Paris
434 3189 Monument to American soldiers, St. Nazaire
429 29641 The Pledge at Deauville
416 24818 Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris
412 29609 T (29600) Eiffel Tower, Paris
422 18781 Clemenceau, Wilson & Lloyd George leaving Versailles
French West Indies
156 14439 T Coffee pickers, Guadalupe
329 30047 Oberammergau
348 30065 Cathedral of Cologne
345 33243 Where the Moselle enters the Rhine, Coblenz
328 W33233 Berchtergarden
336 W33236 Heidelberg on the Neckar
326 W24581 Upper Hall in the Hof Brauhaus, Munich
341 30061 Rheinstein Castle on the Rhine
340 30058 T/W24502 Ehrenfels Castle on the Rhine
313 30063 Potsdammer Platz, Berlin
Great Britain - England
213 V28269 St. Michael's Mount, Cornwall
238 33017 Heart of London
209 3087 T/3064 Tower of Magdalene College, Oxford
247 28303 Old Roman Walls from York Minister, York
243 3064 T Windsor Castle from the Thames
221 13160 Quaint cottages, Isle of Wight
205 8089/355(3012) Anne Hathway's Cottage, Shottery
203 V25461 Hunting hounds, Shropshire
210 V25477 Lynmouth, English Alps
235 3084T/3061 Old Curiosity Shop, London
241 13101T Overlooking the Thames at night, London
177 V12687 T Ross Castle, Lakes of Killarney
176 V12639 T Lower Lake, Killarney
195 2649T Sterling Castle
191 2659T Loch Katrine
192 12703 T A Highland House
194 2657 T Overlooking the Tay
199 V12736 T Princes Street, Edinburgh
198 2672 Abbotsford, residence of Sir Walter Scott
T240 12872 (291) Esquintas, Twin Volcanoes
254 33167 A summer stroll, Reykjavik
400 V33274 Luxemborg
53 24157 Governor's Palace, Monterey
52 V23653 Monterey, Mexico's largest manufacturing city
67 23761 Waterfront of Mazatlan
82 23783/23693 At the bull fight, Mexico City
70 23769 Falls of Juanacatlem, Jalisco
92 16185 Taxco Church
88 23657 T Ixtacihuatl
84 24160 Xochimilco
78 23775 National Palace, Mexico City
65 23758 Cathedral in Culiacan
442 33305 Monte Carlo on the Riviera
363 25245 Peace Palace, The Hague
353 12213 The Amstel, Amsterdam
352 V12218 Amsterdam from Zuider Kirk
366 25680 River & parallel canal, Rotterdam
281 25626 Little Stave Church at Byglo, Oslo
277 33170 Oslo on a summer night
266 V15794 Placid Lake Oldenay and Grytereids Glacier
260 25629 Hillside farm near Engan
270 V25640 Charming Odde
251 25646 Bergen from Floifjeld
33280 Church of the Nativity, Bethlehem
3117 Church of the Nativity, Bethlehem
T48 V21910 T Heart of the Andes
125 21939 Aeroquioshe and Elmisto
United States
T5 26490 T Washington Monument, Wash., DC
T3 32229 The Dazzling dome of the Capital, Wash., DC
T6 32185 The White House, Wash., DC
T2 26100 T Wash., DC from an airplane
H25 26337 Plymouth Rock, Plymouth, MA
T37 32823 T Manhattan from the air (Fairchild Aerial Surveys)
T34 26293 T New York City from an airplane
T16 34412 Pittsburgh, PA at night, from Mt. Washington
T14 32731 The Civic Center at Pittsburgh from the air
H37 26319 William Penn's house, Fairmount Park, Philadelphia
T13 V23221 T Horseshoe Curve, Allegheny Mts., PA
T12 32568 T Devil's Den, scene of fierce fighting, Gettysburg, PA
1 White Coral without third dimension effect
2 4306 White Coral with third dimension effect
114 20877 City and bay of Panama from Ancontril
Puerto Rico
159 V10287 Rural Puerto Rico
300 25250 Helsingborg
147 V21890 T Overlooking Caracas
Tour of the World. Keystone View Co. Set of 199 stereos ca. 1895-1909 in an oak box with two stereo viewers patented 1904; probable date of issue is 1909. Stereos are numbered on back (stamped) 1-200 with 71 missing.
116 Bridge of Sighs, Venice, Italy
171 American Falls, Niagara, NY, USA, ca. 1901
224 Capitol, Washington, DC, USA, ca. 1900
246 Coconut Grove, Lake Worth, FL, USA, ca. 1897
387 Natural Bridge, VA, USA, ca. 1897
1007 In the surf, Atlantic City, NJ, USA
1603 The Grand Opera, Paris, France
1619 Arch of Triumph, Garden of the Tuileries, Paris, France, ca. 1896
1641 Avenue des Champs Elysees, Paris, France, ca. 1900
1721 Court of the Lions, Alhambra, Granada, Spain, ca. 1896
1871 Axenstrasse Tunnel, Lake Lucerne, Switzerland, ca. 1901
1901 Rome, the Eternal City, from St. Peter's, Rome, Italy, ca. 1904
1907 The Roman Forum, Rome, Italy, ca. 1904
1958 The Leaning Tower of Pisa, Italy, ca. 1895
2471 The Bowery, New York City, NY, USA, ca. 1897
2500 Lakes of Killarney, Ireland, ca. 1902
2503 Blarney Castle, Ireland, ca. 1897
2047 Market Place, Cologne, Germany, ca. 1896
2111 Tower of London, England, ca. 1901
2601 Princess St. and Waverly Gardens, Edinburgh, Scotland, ca. 1902
2626 The Valley of Tay, Scotland, ca. 1898
2713 The Artist's Dream, bettws-y-Coed, North Wales, ca. 1897
3002 Westminster Abbey, London, England, ca. 1900
3012 Anne Hathaway's Cottage, Shottery, England, ca. 1897
5004 Glacier Point, Yosemite, Valley, CA, USA, ca. 1899
5007 The Fallen Monarch, Mariposa Grove, Yosemite Valley, CA, USA, ca. 1897
5041 Characteristics Holland
5048 Cliff House and Seal Rocks, San Francisco, CA, USA, ca. 1901
5075 Birdseye View of Union Stockyards, Chicago, IL, USA, ca. 1897
6044 Mormon Temple and Tabernacle, Salt Lake City, UT, ca. 1897
6465 The Duomo or Cathedral, Florence, Italy, ca. 1905
6983 Independence Hall, Philadelphia, PA, USA, ca. 1905 by B.L. Singley
7170 Treading out the grain, threshing as in the olden days, Greece ca. 1906 by Keystone View Co.
7304 View of Jerusalem from Mount of Olives, Palestine, ca. 1906
8002 Royal George, Grand Canyon of the Arkansas, CO, USA, ca. 1897
8008 in the Heart of Box Canyon (near Ouray) CO, USA, ca. 1901
8014 Cliff palace in the Mesa Verde, CO, USA, ca. 1898
8016 Dining room, Soldier's Home, Marion, IN, USA, ca. 1901
8046 Congressional Library, Washington, D.C., USA, ca. 1900
9195 Preparing to climb the golden stair, Chilkoot Pass, Alaska, ca. 1898
9434 Washington St., showing Old South Meetinghouse, Boston, MA, ca. 1898
9451 Glory Enough for One Day (shot in Aroostock Co., ME), ca. 1899
9460 Laliberte's Fur Parlor, Quebec, Canada, ca. 1899
9466 Beautiful Mirror Lake, Yosemite Valley, CA, USA, ca. 1899
9506 "We's done all dis s'morning," ca. 1899 by BLS ca. 1905 by KV Co.
9676 Leaping to Stand Rock, Wisconsin Dells, WI, USA, ca. 1899
9737 Ruins of Karnak, Egypt, ca. 1899
9759 Threshing Beans in the Field, Egypt, ca. 1899 by BLS, ca. 1910 by KV Co.
9774 Tilling the Soil as in Ancient Days, Egypt, ca. 1899
9779 With the flocks, Egypt, ca. 1899
9781 The Sphinx, Gizah, Egypt, c. 1899
9786 Bird’s Eye View of Cairo, Egypt, c. 1899
9788 Mosque of Mohammed Ali, Cairo, Egypt, c. 1899
9812 Inundation of the Nile, Egypt, c. 1900
10053 Mayon, the peerless cone of Southern Luzon, n. Legaspi, PI, c. 1906
10064 Filipino farmers harrowing rice fields, n. Manila, PI, c. 1906
10068 Threshing rice with carabao, Luzon, PI, c. 1906
10070 Hulling Rice for Breakfast, Luzon, PI, c. 1906
10074 Husking cocoanuts, n. Pagsanjan, Luzon, PI, c. 1906
10103 Dog Team, Antwerp, Belgium, c. 1900
10151 Government House, formerly the Palace, Honolulu, Hawaii, c. 1901
10265 Taking time on a Sugar Plantation, Porto Rico, c. 1900
10304 Throne Room, Royal Palace, Berlin, Germany, c. 1900
10325 A street scene in Hamburg, Germany, c. 1901
10346 The Rhine from Drachenfels, Germany, c. 1903
10348 Castle Rheinstein from Gunner’s Watch, Germany, c. 1900
10352 Toiling in the Vineyards, Rudesheim, Germany, c. 1904
10558 The Great Brooklyn Bridge, New York City, NY, USA, c. 1900
10637 Parliament Bldg, Toronto, Canada, c. 1901
10692 The buffalo in his snow-bound home, BC, Canada, c. 1903
10706 The Wetterhorn form Grindelwald, Switzerland, c. 1900
10708 Guide cutting steps, Upper Glacier, Grindelwald, Switzerland, c. 1900
10745 Entrance to the Gorge of the Aras, Meiringen, Switzerland, c. 1900
10750 Lauterbrunnen Valley and Staubbach Fall, Switzerland, c. 1901
10765 Looking at the Matterhorn form Riffelburg Hotel, Switzerland, c. 1901
10768 Mountain Corridors, Gorner Gorge, Switzerland, c. 1901
10804 City of Mexico, Ancient Tenochtitlan of the Aztecs, c. 1900
10843 Public Fountain, San Luis Potosi, Mexico, c. 1900
10896 Art creation by the Master Hand, Acambaro, Mexico, c. 1900
10931 Scene of the Passion play, Ober-Ammergao, Germany, c. 1901
10953 The Famous Galata Bridge, Constantinople, Turkey, c. 1900
11002 Garden of Gethsemane and Mt. of Olives, Palestine, c. 1900
11004 Jews’ Wailing Place, Jerusalem, Palestine, c. 1899
11054 Jaffa from the sea, Palestine, c. 1900
11059 A coffee house in Palestine, c. 1900
11068 Jordan and the Promised Land, Palestine, c. 1900
11070 Nazareth, Palestine, c. 1900
11132 Cedars of Lebanon, Syria, c. 1900
11161 The Acropolis from Philoppapos Hill, Athens, Greece, c. 1900
11186 Jerusalem, a City of Domes, Palestine, c. 1906
11200 The Tiber, Castle of San Angelo and St. Peter’s, Rome, Italy, c.1904
11205 The Library of the Vatican, Rome, Italy, c. 1900
11206 Hall of the Immaculate Conception, the Vatican, Rome, Italy, c. 1900
11225 Pope Leo lying in State, Rome, Italy, c. 1903
11234 Coliseum, the King of Ruins, Rome, Italy, c. 1903
11235 Overlooking the Vatican and Tiber from St. Peter’s Rome, Italy, c. 1903
11244 Piazza di San Marco, Venice, Italy, c. 1903
11248 The majestic Duomo, Milan, Italy, c. 1904
11305 Looking towards the Strand from Trafalgar Square, London, Eng., c. 1901
11475 Roundup on the Sherman Ranch, Genesee, KS, USA, c. 1902
11623 Harvesting in the Great West, Washington, USA, ca. 1901
11625 Shooting Prairie Chickens, ca. 1901
11661 Nature's Wondrous Gorge Spanned by Man's Ingenuity, Georgetown, CO, USA, ca. 1901
11680 Lexington common, MA, USA, ca. 1901
11766 Women washing clothes, Nice, France, ca. 1900
11751 The Casino, Monte Carlo, Monaco, ca. 1900
11798 Promenade des Planches, Trouville-sur Mer, Normandy, France, ca. 1909
11885 Jinrikisha and Banyan Tree, Durban, Natal, South Africa, ca. 1901
11896 Government Ave, Cape Town, South Africa, ca. 1901
11917 Still There's No Place Like Home, ca. 1901
12006 Interior of Throne Room, Forbidden City, Peking, China, ca. 1900
12014 A Chinese Saw Mill, Peking, China, ca. 1900
12050 The Renowned prospect from the Peak, Hong Kong, China, ca. 1900
12101 Colombo Harbor from Landing Jetty, Ceylon, ca. 1901
12269 Wild Elk, Montana, USA, ca. 1904
12456 Hudson River Valley, NY, USA, ca. 1902
12509 Mahratta Durbar Hall, Rajah's Palace, Tonjore, India, ca. 1901
12515 Interior, Dilwara Temple, Mount Abu, India, ca. 1901
12526 A Characteristic Street in Mandura, India, ca. 1902
12521 The Taj Mahal, Agra, India, ca. 1902
12600 Suspension Bridge, Kenmare, Ireland, ca. 1902
12615 A Letter from Pat in America, Ireland, ca. 1902
12702 A Highland Home, Scotland, ca. 1902
12703 Historic Sterling Castle, Scotland, ca. 1902
12707 Traveling through the Trosachs, Scotland, ca. 1902
12804 Harvesting Bananas, Costa Rica, CA.A., ca. 1902
12860 Tortilla Making, Salvador, CA.A., ca. 1902
13408 In the Fair and Fertile Jordal Valley, Norway, ca. 1903
13409 Taking Hay Down from the Mountains, Norway, ca. 1903
13422 Milking the Goats, Hardanger Fjord, Norway, ca. 1903
13424 Norwegian wedding Party, Hardanger, Norway, ca. 1903
13315 In the narrow streets of La Guayra, Venezuela, ca. 1902
13393 Where the Lotefos and Skarsfos Meet, Hardanger, Norway, ca. 1906
13101 Overlooking the Thames at night, London, England, ca. 1902
13120 Lake Grasmere and Village from Red Bank, Lake Dist., England, ca. 1904
13003 Council Room, Royal Palace, Stockholm, Sweden, ca. 1901
13019 Path cut in Granite, mountainside near Trolhatta, Sweden, ca. 1906
13077 The Round Tower, Copenhagen, Denmark, ca. 1901
13080 Queen Louise Bridge, Copenhagen, Denmark, ca. 1901
13504 Flat Iron Bldg., Fifth Ave. & Broadway, NY City, NY, USA, ca. 1903
13512 Balanced Rock, Garden of the Gods, CO, USA, ca. 1903
13520 Grand Canyon, AZ, USA, ca. 1903
13532 Los Angeles Pigeon Farm, CA, USA, ca. 1903
13528 Cawston Ostrich Farm, CA, USA
13538 Ten Acres of Calla Lilies, southern, CA, USA, ca. 1903
13546 More than 10,000 acres of Orange Groves, San Gabriel Valley, CA., ca. 1903
13567 One of the great trees in the rain forest of OR, USA, ca. 1903
13577 Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone National Park, WY, USA, ca. 1904
13579 Gap of the Golden Gate Winter, Yellowstone National Park, WY, ca. 1904
13584 Old Faithful, Queen of Geysers, Yellowstone, WY, USA, ca. 1904
13588 Angel Terrace, Yellowstone, WY, USA, c. 1904
13595 The Noisy Roadside Growler, Yellowstone, WY, USA, c. 1904
13596 The Famous Fish Pot, Yellowstone, WY, USA, c.1904
13602 Interior of Congressional Library, Wash, DC, c. 1903
13619 Ship Mast being shipped from Port Blakely Mills, Largest Lumber Mills in USA, n. Seattle, WA
13624 First Haul of the Season, Salmon Industry, Columbia River, OR, USA, c. 1904
13637 Mt. Hood, near its crest, OR, USA, c. 1904
13647 The Shepherd and his flock, MT, USA, c. 1904
13701 Marble Quarry, Proctor, VT, USA, c. 1903
13740 Harvesting Indian River Pineapples, FL, USA, c. 1904
13741 Cultivating Rice, SC, USA, c. 1904
13747 A Turpentine Farm, Savannah, GA, USA, c.1904
13772 Up Broadway and Fifth Ave., NY City, NY, USA, c.1904
13790 Sixty Five Acres of Hops, OR, USA, c.1905
13802 Among the Wonderful Ice Peaks, Illecillewaet Glacier, BC, Can., c. 1903
13806 Mt. Sir Donald, Matterhorn of NA Alps, BC, Canada, c.1903
13809 Lake Louise and Glaciers of Mt. Victoria, from Chalet, Alberta, Canada, c. 1903
13822 Moraine Lake, Canadian Lakes, BC, Canada, c. 1903
13885 A Shady Nook, Montmorency River, Quebec, Canada, c. 1903
13886 Quiatchouan Falls, n. St. John, NB, Canada, c. 1903
13895 In the Arcadian land, Nova Scotia, Canada, c. 1903
13987 View from Dufferin Terrace, Quebec, Canada, c. 1906
13993 Street of French Canadian Village, c. 1906
14004 Japanese Girls in Suisenji park, Kumamoto, Japan, c. 1901
14047 An Idyllic Spot for Jap. Maids to Stroll, Japan, c. 1904
14076 White Robed Potter Peddlers, Seole, Korea, c. 1901
14081 Plowing Scene near Seole, Korea, c. 1901
14244 Water front of NY City from Brooklyn, c. 1908
14327 Path of the Red-Hot Hurricane, St. Pierre, Martinique, FWI, c. 1902
14355 Volcanic Eruption, Gros Morne, Martinique, FWI, c. 1903
14416 Soufriere’s Mammouth Crater, St. Vincent, FWI, c. 1902
14437 Mighty Earthquake Fissures, Guadaloupe, FWI, c. 1903
14710 Tea and Rice near Shizuoka, Japan, c. 1904
14757 Japan’s largest Silk Weaving Plants, Am Methods, Kiryu, Japan, c. 1904
14730 Rice Planters at Work, Japan, c. 1904
14812 Fuji-San, Japan, c. 1905
15808 Harbor of Barcelona, Spain, c. 1906
15827 A Peasant at Home, Valencia, Spain, c. 1906
15901 Melbourne, Australia from Dome of Exhibition Bldg., c. 1908
15913 Typical Natives of the Fiji Island, Suva, c. 1908
15914 Native Grass House, Suva, Fiji Islands, c. 1908
16507 San Francisco Bay during visit of Pacific Fleet, CA, c. 1908
20197 A Mountain of Oysters Ready for Shipping, Hampton, VA, c. 1907
20877 Looking down on the City of Panama, Canal Zone, c. 1906
20860 Tropical Vegetation, Panama Canal, c. 1906
20861 Culebra Cut, Looking North, Panama Canal, CZ, c. 1906
20862 The indispensable American Steam Shovel, Panama Canal, CZ, c. 1906
20881 Spanish Laborers at Work on the Panama Canal, CZ, c. 1909
World War Through the Stereoscope, Keystone View Co. Set of 48 in box – none missing. Bought in Marshall, TX, Dec. 1990.
1 15625 Sarajevo, Yugoslavia
2 10331 Parade, Berlin, Germany
3 18689 Russian Troops on review
4 V-18825 Tangled Ruins of Marne Bridge
5 V-18858 German Dead in La Basse Area
6 V-18840 No Mans Land near Lens, France
7 V-18874 Proud Men of the North who fought at Flanders Field
8 V-18865 Battle of Cambria
9 V-18862 Scots Entrenched
10 V-18826 Pres. Poincore and Marshall Joffre at Somme Front
11 18765 Cathedral of Reims, France in ruins
12 18834 Desolate Waste at Chemin des Dames Sector
13 18835 Camouflaged Trench, Chemin des Dames Sector
14 18633 French Soldiers Resting
15 18817 The Horrors of War
16 V-18911 Feeding
17 18651 French 155 MM Gun
18 18832 French Troops Inspecting Wrecked Zeppelin
19 18927 Enemy Airmen bombed one of our supply trains
20 19191 U.S. Observation Airplane
21 18756 French 75 in action
22 V-19216 Dirigible R-34 at Mineola
23 V-18898 Shells Bursting in French Village
24 19149 Hugh Armored Tank
25 19000 Pres. Wilson Addressing Congress
26 19198 Learning to use gas mask
27 18360 Building Barbed Wire Entanglement, Ft. Sheldon, IL
28 19100 Our answer to the Kaiser
29 19192 Thousands Marching – our National Army
30 19193 Thousands of Uncle Sam's Sailors
31 19004 Four of our Subs in dry dock in Navy Yard
32 V-188948 Joffre & Pershing in Paris
33 18715 View of Famous Bridge over the Marne
34 V-18948 In Belleau Wood where Americans checked Germany
35 V-199249 Grave of Lt. Quentin Roosevelt
36 19248 The Place des Halles, St. Mihiel
37 19249 The Stars & Stripes flying over Ehrenbreltstein, Germany
38 V-19229 Doughboys of 89th Div., Treves, Germany
39 V-19230 Gen. Pershing decorating officers of 89th
40 19209 Uncle Sam & John Bull parading in London
41 18775 Victory day celebration, 14 Jul 1919, Paris
42 18781 Clemenceau, Wilson & Lloyd George Washington
43 V-19237 U.S. Transport Leviathan formerly Vaterland
44 V-19266 Some of our 2 million troops, Brest, France
45 V-19217 Abandon Ship Drill by U.S. Troops
46 19153 Happy reunion
47 23306 Back to Homeland by Unknown Solider
48 13365 America's Most Notable gathering of Military Heroes
Yosemite Valley, Stereoscopic Library. Keystone View Co. Underwood & Underwood set on Yosemite National Park dated 1902. Including map and book, Yosemite Valley Through the Stereoscope, copyright, 1902, 1908.
1. 6017 U&U S288 (ENE) From Inspiration Point, showing Bridal Vail Falls
2. 6018 c. U&U El Capitan east to Half Dome
3. 6019 c. U&U Ribbon Falls looking N from Valley
4. 6020 c. U&U El Capitan, a granite mountain 3300' tall
5. 6021 c. U&U The Three Brothers
6. 6022 c. U&U North Dome, Half Dome and Cloud's Rest
7. 6023 c. U&U Mirror View of Cathedral Rocks
8. 6024 c. U&U Amidst Yosemite's charms – Sentinel Hotel
9. 6025 c. U&U Majestic Yosemite Point & Yosemite Falls
10. 6026 c. U&U The Valley, Half Dome, Nevada Falls
11. 6027 c. U&U Yosemite Falls from Glacier Point trail
12. 6028 c. U&U Looking up the sheer face of Glacier Point
13. 6029 c. U&U Looking down from Overhanging Rocks
14. 6030 c. U&U Nearly a mile down and only a step from Glacier Point
15. 6031 c. U&U Overlooking scenery from Glacier Point
16. 6032 c. U&U From Glacier Point, over Mirror Lake, Half Dome
17. 6033 c. U&U Nevada and Vernal Falls from Glacier Point
18. 6034 c. U&U Amid majestic heights and chasm of Yosemite Valley
19. 6035 c. U&U On the brink of a fearful chasm from Glacier Canyon
20. 6036 c. U&U Climbing up a steep zigzag trail at Eastern end of Valley
21. 6037 c. U&U Nevada Falls and Cap of Liberty
22. 6038 c. U&U Mirror Lake looking NW
23. 6039 c. U&U From Clouds Rest over Lake Tenaiya
24. 6040 c. U&U From Clouds Rest SE towards Mt. Clark

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Series 16: Stereoscopes, True-Vue and View-Master Viewers, and Magic Lantern Projectors
10 boxes

49 “Monarch” stereoscopes, Keystone View Co.A set of two "Monarch" stereoscopes, manufactured by Keystone View Co., Meadville, PA, patented Apr. 12, 1904 in tiger oak wooden box with set of 200 Tour of the World stereos, published ca. 1909. Bought Oct. 24, 1991 from estate of Mrs. Alvin H. Lane. $550
Viewer: Alexander Beckers burl walnut wood viewer. 50 stereos can be mounted in it, and there is a handle to rotate them. Has a flip up mirror to facilitate viewing regular views and tissues, dates ca. 1860. Bought Feb. 3, 1992 from Lower Greenville Antique Mall. $460
Viewer: Federal, 40-T01 all metal viewer on an adjustable stand for use in schools and libraries. Bought in Jefferson, TX in ca. 1987 for $125, which included about 15-20 views.
50 1. Claudet-style wooden viewer veneered, flip up mirror for viewing stereos, can view tissues through lens. C.F. Clifford, 30 Piccadilly, London, England. Will accommodate 3 9/32 x 6 5/8 tissue or stereos (vs. normal 3 ½ x 7) indicating it was manufactured ca. 1855/60. Bought at McKinney Ave. Antique Mall; Xmas present from Louise 1992 $379.75
2. Stereographoscope probably manufactured in France ca. 1890, purchased at Unlimited, Ltd. on May 11, 1994 along with stereos made by Rotary Photographic Co. of London for $220 tax included.
3. Verascope Richard. Stereoscope, Brevete S.G.D.G. Vues Prises Avec Le Verascope Richard, ca. 1893. Bought at Unlimited, Ltd. on May 17, 1994 along with 17 thin glass views made by Wellington, 1 ¾ x 4 ¼".
4. The "Paragon" Scope, Keystone View Co. Patented USA, Oct. 15, 1896; USA, Jan. 18, 1898; Canada Feb. 1, 1896; Germany, France, Great Britain, Australia, Belgium. Birdseye maple wood with red velvet around eye piece with brass fittings and hardware. Bought at Memories Mall, Richardson, TX Aug. 13, 1994 for $165 including 39 stereos 1896-1901 period – all the old mountings of Keystone rather than gray.
5. The "Perfecscope," trade mark, patent Oct. 15, 1895, H.C. White Co. Embossed on top of hood, "Exposition Universelle Internationale, 1900" [Paris].
51 Sun Sculpture,” “Ideal,” Keystone View Co. stereoscope, Corte-scope6. Underwood & Underwood "Sun Sculpture" trademark stereoscope patented June 11, 1901.
7. "Ideal" viewer, patented 28 July 1903 by C.H. Graves. Includes a book with a set of 24 views, Round About – Jerusalem which fits over the slide rail of the Ideal viewer. Bought at Johnson Antique Show at Plano Centre on 29 May 1994, from Kilbridge Antiques of Sapulpa, OK for $140
8. Keystone View Co. stereoscope with wood slide and frame, metal hood, undated. Bought at Brimfield, MA on May 12, 1995.
9. The Corte-Scope, Cleveland, OH, metal viewer, patent pending. Bought at Little Red Hen Antiques, Paso Robles, CA on Oct. 8, 1992 along with a few Corte-Scope views and some German eye correction cards (30). $26 and $49 for cards.
52 “Imperial,” “Pocket Rotoscope,” Stereoindupong,” “Travelscope,” Stereograms Ltd. viewer10. Keystone No. 50 Home Training Manual Stereoscope with Keystone No. 50 Home-Training Manual, Patent No.160196, Keystone View Co., Meadville, PA, Made in USA. Founded in 1892. Maroon plastic viewer purchased in box with instructions and boxed set of 12 stereos EC-41 through EC-52 on 5/6/93 at Collectors Antique Mall for $45. 1340 Delta, 12 stereo set in labeled box, each stereo labeled B0 3.
EC 41 Empire State Bldg.
EC 42 U.S. Capital Building and grounds from the air
EC 43 Boulder Dam
EC 44 Niagara Falls
EC 45 Birds
EC 46 Sensitive Plant
EC 47 Congo Fisherman
EC 48 Orchid Plant
EC 49 Dogs being trained
EC 50 Scene in Rockies
EC 51 Landscape
EC 52 Landscape
11. "Imperial," D.R.G.M. No. 157580. "Fur diesen Apparat, sind, passende Bilder, von Landschaften und Genresachen, stets vorhanden, Weitere, Erganzung Derselben, in Vorbereitun." Sold in box with chocolates ca. 1890. Small viewer with one view bought in Copenhagen, Denmark on June 25, 1992.
12. "The Pocket Rotoscope," the Rotary Photographic Co., LD. 12 New Union St., London Works: West Drayton. Small green, yellow and gold box with built-in viewer and stereos inside. Purchased 10/29/93 at New Market; MD at Comus Antiques; bought with 10 stereos to go with it for $100.
13. Stereoindupong M.B.H., Frankfurt, D.R.O.M. "The American Express Company Luxury Cruise on the R.M.S. Mauritania to the Mediterranean, 66 days. Leaving New York February 7, 1923." Black folding metal viewer with stereos in maroon box.
14. Stereograms Ltd. Pale blue and black plastic viewer and small color transparency stereographs in blue leather box.
15. "Travelscope, 3rd Dimension, Natural Vision Photographs," manufactured by Keystone View Co. a set of views in a small dark blue box for the Century of Progress Exposition, Chicago, IL, 1934.
53 Raumbild, Stereo Book, Nu-Scope, Taylor-Merchant Stereopticon, 3D Book Viewer 16. Raumbild viewer, manufactured ca. 1939 with 10 2.25 x 5" views manufactured by Otto Schonstein, Munchen, Germany. Bought at Heritage Antiques in West, TX on Nov. 6, 1993 for $100.
17. Stereo Book. U.S. Occupied Zone of Germany. Box in the shape of a book with black metal viewer inside and 36 stereos. Stereos are 2.35" x 5." Made in Germany in the occupied zone in 1945 by Raumbild-Werkstatte, Munchen. Viewer bought in July 1996 in Chatham, MA.
18. Deutschland im Raumbild viewer and 2 ¼ x 5" stereos in red leather box, ca. 1948-1952. Includes five series: Bavaria; Berlin-Potsdam; German views, series I, series II; Historic Buildings; XV Olympics, Helsinki, 1952.
19. Nu-Scope, "It can be put away when not in use," the Nu-Scope Co., Reading, PA, patent applied for. Stereoscope and box with photograph of two girls on lid with stereoscope with pink hood inside. Bought on May 27, 1994 at The Antique Marketplace on Burnet Road, Austin, TX for $95 including tax and 16 stereos (lithographs).
20. Taylor-Merchant Stereopticon 707. Three black fold-up cardboard viewers. Bought with sets of stereo reproductions – 72 in all.
21. 3 D Book Viewer in envelope, made by Stiles Studio.
54 Alexander Becker's stereo viewer Alexander Beckers burl walnut wood viewer. 50 stereos can be mounted in it, and there is a handle to rotate them. Has a flip up mirror to facilitate viewing regular views and tissues, dates ca. 1860. Bought Feb. 3, 1992 from Lower Greenville Antique Mall, Dallas, TX. $460
55 22. Tru-Vue, Inc., Rock Island, IL, viewer with 12 rolls including "A Century of Progress" and Christmas themes in special inlaid Christmas box with catalogue, See the World! True-Vue Positively Life-like. and list of films available. Bought at Unlimited, Ltd. on 9/10/94 for $92.01.
23. Stereoscope RoMo Standard, brown plastic viewer. Made in France. Bought with 5-21 picture slides at Collections Antique store in Buenos Aires, Argentina on Feb. 21, 1995. The slides were patented. (Old version of viewer #24.)
24. Stereoscope Lestrade Simplex, red plastic viewer. Bought with 3-8 picture slides at the Hospices de Beaune in Oct. 1994, Beaune, France. (See viewer #23.)
25. View-Master, c. 1943 Model; Sawyers, Portland, OR. Purchased 10/29/93 at Limited – Unlimited, Dallas for $53 which included 6 reels.
26. View-Master, patent 2,189, 265, Canadian patent 408893, British patent 538492, purchased at Unlimited, Ltd. on 5 May 1994 for $47 with 10 reels.
27. Sawyer’s View-Master viewer in a brown and beige plastic box holding 100 view cards with Canadian, USA and British patents listed. Bought in Chatham, MA, July 1996.
28. Sawyer View-Master, U.S. Patent 2189285, Portland, OR. Can. Pat 408893; Brit Pat. 538492. Bought at St. Luke’s Plaid Door April 1995 for $2.00.
29. View-Master 3410 with 16 reels. Mfg. by Sawyer’s, Portland, OR in 1949. Bought from the Unlimited, Ltd. The Antique Mall, Dallas on Nov. 14, 1992 for $45.
30. "Sawyer’s View-Master Junior Projector." Bought in the Sandwich, MA, doll museum in July 1996 for $35.
31. View-Master, Model E; made by View Master, Portland, OR. Bought at the Antique Sampler & Auction House, Inc., Arlington, TX on 29 March 1994 for $64.
32. "Sawyer’s View-Master, Lighted Stereo Viewer." Brown plastic viewer bought in Austin, TX Sept. 21, 1996 for $35.
33. View-Master, 1993 model; made by View-Master, Portland, OR. A subsidiary of Tyco Toys Ltd. Bought at Carlsbad Caverns Natl. Park, NM on Nov. 26, 1993 for $14.00.
34. View-Master, 1994 model; made by Tyco; bought at Toys R’US, 15 Sept. 1994.
56 Romo Lestrade Cards and View-Master Reels
57 Federal, 40-T01 metal viewer on standFederal, 40-T01 all metal viewer on an adjustable stand for use in schools and libraries. Bought in Jefferson, TX in ca. 1987 for $125, which included about 15-20 views.
58 1. Magic Lantern projector small in size, used kerosene lamp, but now use flashlight to be safe. Purchased in Georgetown, VA in 1976.
2. Magic Lantern projector, Euphaneron, sold by E.G. Wood, 2, Queen St., Cheapside, London, England. Trade Mark MM. Uses light bulb. Bought Jan. 21, 1992 from Inwood Village Antiques for $179.

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Series 17: Magic Lantern Slides
1 box

59 Magic Lantern Slide Series HEAVY/ GLASS
1. French glass lantern slides; humorous (narrow wooden box)
2. American History, round with wooden frames
3. Southern States, Set A (black case)
4. Animals of North America C (wooden box)
5. Mixed series of Russian, Animals, Religion, French Humor (wooden box)
6. Mixed series of Japan, U.S., and Europe (black plastic box)

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Series 18: McLaurin Notebooks
1 box

Mr. McLaurin compiled five notebooks of personal information relating to his collecting, the photographers, companies, subjects, locations and stereoscopes represented in his collection. Some of these notes and lists have been incorporated into the finding aid using his subject headings with minor editing for consistency in format and terminology. His notes on purchasing the viewers are listed with the description.
60 Notebook I: Inventory of Stereo Photographers by State and Country; Alphabetical Listing of Photographers
1. List of U.S. and Foreign Photographers by Location
2. List of U.S. and Foreign Stereo Photographers and Distributors
3. Inventory of Total Number of Stereographs, Lithos, Magic Lantern Slides and Viewers
Notebook II: Stereo Numbers and Stereo Publishers
1. List of Stereos by Number with Description
Notebook III: Keystone, Underwood & Underwood, and Boxed Sets
1. List of Keystone View Co. U.S. and Foreign Stereographs
2. List of Underwood & Underwood U.S. and Foreign Stereographs
3. List of Keystone View Co. U.S. and Foreign Boxed Sets
4. List of Underwood & Underwood U.S. and Foreign Boxed Sets
Notebook IV: Special Types: Lithos, Tissues, Viewers, and View-Master
1. List of Tissues by Number
2. Index of Lithographs by Number
3. List of Viewers
4. Miscellaneous Index by Number
5. List of Magic Lantern, Viewers and Slides
6. List of View-Master Viewers and Reels
Notebook V: Stereograph Listing and Photographers; Articles on Stereographs and Viewer History
1. List of Stereo Viewers and Slides
2. List of Photographers and List by Country and State
3. Photocopy of chapter in Thomas J. Schlereth, Victorian America: Transformations in Everyday Life, 1876-1915 (New York, N.Y. : HarperCollins, 1991)
4. Dates of World Fairs and Expositions
5. Collection of assorted articles and photographs on stereo viewers and their history.

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Series 19: Stereo World Magazine
1 box

61 Back issues of Stereo World, ca. 1851-1994.

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