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Dallas Commission on the Status of Women

Overview of the Collection

Creator: Dallas Commission on the Status of Women
Title: Dallas Commission on the Status of Women
Dates: 1970-1981, 1988
Accession No.: 09702
Quantity: 7 boxes, 5 binders
Language: The records are in English.
Repository: Texas/Dallas History & Archives Division, Dallas Public Library 1515 Young St  Dallas, TX 75201

Biographical Note

The Dallas Commission on the Status of Women was founded in 1975 to further the opportunity and advancement of all women and men, and to eliminate discrimination on the basis of sex. The commission built on the legacy of many national, state and local women's organizations that acted as important voices for the rights of women. The Dallas Commission on the Status of Women came about with the help of advocacy from the local branches of Women For Change, League of Women Voters, and other local women's organizations. These women's organizations wanted Dallas to have its own official city commission for women and so they petitioned the mayor and city council for a commission in 1975, the International Year of the Woman. The commission was approved by the Dallas City Council on June 30, 1975.

The members of the commission were appointed by Dallas City Council members, who picked two people from their district. The commission included 22 members with Dr. Carolyn Galerstein, a Spanish Professor at the University of Texas at Dallas, as its first Chairwoman. The commission was divided into four task forces: Political, Legal, Financial; Education; Employment; and Health and Social Services. Over its lifespan, the commission held several public hearings and workshops that were meant to address problems facing local women and provide information and resources for women. The main output of the Dallas Commission on the Status of Women was its annual report. The report was divided by the commission's task forces and examined the life of women in Dallas while providing recommendations to city council. Dallas City Council decided to disband the commission in September 1979 after determining that the commission had fulfilled its duty and was no longer needed. Supporters of the commission argued against the disbanding, stating that women's rights issues still needed to be addressed in the city.

Scope and Contents

This collection documents the activities of the Dallas Commission on the Status of Women. The collection contains the administrative files and internal documents of the commission including meeting minutes, memoranda, agendas, budgetary reports, member biographies, and photos and negatives. The records of the commission's task forces are present in the collection with the exception of the employment task force's records. The Health and Social Services Task Force provides the bulk of the task force records, including letters and recommendations concerning mental health services to Texas state representatives and the City of Dallas. Annual reports from the four years of the commission's existence are present in the collection and include draft reports with written notes and edits. Chairwoman Carolyn Galerstein, Vice-chairwoman Shirley Miller, and Health and Social Services Task Force head Mary Krueger provide the majority of the correspondence in the collection with general correspondence coming from various members and leaders in the commission.

Press releases, invitations, programs and informational packets document the commission's active role in holding public hearings and events in the city for women. Commission members collected news articles, newspapers and magazines, news releases, pamphlets, informational packets and reports that had relevance to the commission and its mission from various sources and organizations. The collection contains a large number of news articles organized by subject. The news articles address the activities and conflicts of the commission and issues, such as abortion and women's health, that concern the commission. The commission and its members collected reports from the City of Dallas, the state of Texas, and the federal government which dealt with the status of women in America. The collection contains records from different women's organizations and records pertaining to the Equal Rights Amendment and International Women's Year advocacy. Members of the commission were members of other local and national women's organizations and collected materials from these organizations prior to the commission's start and during the commission's life. The records from these women's organizations document the commission members' participation in and following of other women's organizations across the United States.



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Krueger, Mary. Miller, Shirley. Galerstein, Carolyn. Baillargeon, Margaret.
Dallas Commission on the Status of Women
Dallas County (Tex.)
Dallas commissions, Women's Rights, Feminism

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Commission Work 1975-1979

Box Folder
1 1 History / Members / Biographies 1975-77
2 Budgetary Information 1976-77
3 Memoranda 1975-76
4 Memoranda 1977
5 Memoranda 1978
6 Memoranda 1979
7 Meeting Agendas 1975-1979
Binders Meeting Notes Binder 1976-77
8 Meeting Minutes 1975
9 Meeting Minutes 1976
Box Folder
2 1 Meeting Minutes 1977
Binders Meeting Minutes Binder 1978
2 Meeting Minutes 1979
3 Photos and Negatives 1976, undated


Task Forces 1976-79

Box Folder
2 4 Health and Social Services Task Force - Lobbying to Texas Government 1977-78
5 Health and Social Services Task Force - Committee Reports and Recommendations to City Council 1976-79
6 Health and Social Services Task Force - Minutes and Review of Activities 1976-78
7 Health and Social Services Task Force - Goals for Dallas 1976-78
8 Health and Social Services Task Force - Miscellaneous 1976-77
9 Education Task Force 1976-79
10 Political, Legal, and Financial Task Force 1976-78


Reports 1975-1979

Box Folder
3 1 Annual Report 1975-76
Binders Annual Report Draft Binder 1975-76
Binders Profile of the Dallas Women Annual Report 1975-76
2 Annual Report 1976-77
3 Annual Reports 1977-78
4 Annual Reports 1978-79
5 Recommendations to City Council 1976, 1978


Correspondence 1973-1980

Box Folder
3 6 General 1975-79
7 Carolyn Galerstein 1975-77
8 Shirley Miller 1973-74, 1976-77
9 Mary Krueger Received 1975-79
10 Mary Krueger Sent 1976-80


Publicity and Outreach 1976-77, 1979

Box Folder
4 1 Public Hearings / Events 1976-77, 1979
2 Press Releases and Invitations 1976-77, 1979


Collected Print Materials 1970-1980, 1987-1988, undated

Box Folder
4 3 News Articles - Women's Rights 1972-77, 1979
4 News Articles - DCSW General 1975-79, 1988
5 News Articles - DCSW Public Hearings / Events 1976-77
6 News Articles - DCSW Annual Reports 1977
7 News Articles - Issues Related to the Mentally Disabled 1977-79
8 News Articles - Women's Health Care / The Elderly 1975-76, 1978-80
9 News Articles - Violence Against Women 1976-79
10 City Commissions and Boards 1975-77
11 News Articles - Abortion 1974, 1977, 1979
12 News Articles - Children's Issues 1976-1979
13 News Articles - Parenting / Marriage 1976-77, 1979
14 News Articles - Miscellaneous 1972-74, 1976-79, 1987
15 Received News Releases / Invitations 1976-77, 1979
Box Folder
5 1 Resources for Women 1975-77, undated
2 City and County Commissions on Women - Information Packets and Reports 1975-78
3 State Commissions on Women - Pamphlets and Information Packets 1975-77, undated
4 Miscellaneous Pamphlets 1975-76, undated
5 Miscellaneous Received Documents 1971, 1976-79
Box Folder
6 1 Miscellaneous Newspapers and Magazines 1970, 1972, 1977, 1979


External Reports 1973-1979

Box Folder
6 2 U.S. Government Reports on the Status of Women 1973-1979
3 Reports and Documents from City of Dallas and State of Texas 1974-79
Binders Child Care Policy Options Analysis Report 1976


Women's Issues and Organizations 1970-78, 1981

Box Folder
6 4 International Women's Year 1975-78
5 Capitol Hill Women's Political Caucus 1972-73
Box Folder
7 1 Equal Rights Amendment 1973-75, 1978, 1981
2 Women For Change Dallas - News Articles 1970-72
3 Women For Change Dallas 1970-73
4 Women's Equity Action League 1971-76
5 National Association of Commissions for Women Conference in Omaha 1977
6 National Association of Commissions for Women Board Meeting January 28-29 1978
7 National Association of Commissions for Women Meeting Minutes 1975-76
8 National Association of Commissions for Women Newsletters and Pamphlets 1975-77
9 National Association of Commissions for Women Reports, Budgetary Information, Memoranda 1974-77