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Creator: Dallas Peace Center
Title: Dallas Peace Center records
Dates: 1988-2010
Abstract: The Dallas Peace Center Records contains artifacts from the Dallas Peace Center. Included are newsletters issued by the organization covering many topics relating to war, peace, and non-violence, amongst many other things; a Vietnam War-era member list (included in the donor file as it contains personal information); a banner hung at the Dallas Convention Center during the 1984 Republican National Convention.
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Language: The materials are in English
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Administrative History

The Dallas Peace Center was an organization focused on peace and non-violence within our highly weaponized and industrialized world. The Center can trace its early history to the Vietnam War, of which there were many organizations opposed. They continued through to the 1980s, when the United States was involved in what this group deemed dangerous and violent, involvement in Libya and the Contra affair, nuclear weapons production and testing, human rights violations, and weapons/gun control issues within the US. Among many other issues, they felt the need to speak out. This was accomplished through their newsletter, the "Dallas Peace Times."

In 1991, the publication went through a name change, to the "New Peace Times." Then in 1996, another name change was implemented, back to the "Dallas Peace Times." The rest of the organization's history is somewhat of a mystery. An internet search of this group brings up an old webpage, last updated around 2005, and copies of some of the newsletters included in this collection; other than that no other information can be found. There is no "about us" or "history" section on their page. Other organizations with similar goals do obviously exist.

Sources: Dallas Peace Times/ New Peace Times newsletters.

Scope and Contents Note

The items and documents found in this collection are from the organization's existence - the mid to late 1980s through 2010 (seen through the last newsletter included in the file). The collection is organized into one series: Publications.


Records are arranged chronologically.


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Collection of the Dallas Historical Society, Dallas Peace Center records.

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Gift of Mavis Belisle.

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Collection arranged chronologically, with undated items included after the last recorded year of newsletters. Collection processed by Teresa Ryant.

Description of Series

Series 1: Publications, 1988-2010

Publications (1988-2010), contains newsletters issued by the Dallas Peace Center. Its title is the "Dallas Peace Times" with a name change coming in 1991, "New Peace Times," with a second name change in 1996 back to the "Dallas Peace Times." It includes two folders of undated newsletters that do not appear to fit into the included articles. However, further research shows that at least two of them are from an earlier time than the first included newsletter based on events written about and mentioned in articles.
Box Folder
1 1 Dallas Peace Times, Nuclear weapon component shipments, Dept. of Energy radiation facility leaks, state executions, raising awareness for the poor through its link against military spending, December, 1988
2 Dallas Peace Times, Nuclear weapon component shipments, Dept. of Energy radiation facility leaks, state executions, raising awareness for the poor through its link against military spending, November-December, 1989
3 Dallas Peace Times, Violence and cruelty in game shows, Panama, Salvadorian-grown coffee boycott, "clean" nuclear plants, Middle East peace, Canadian/Mohawk land rights, NRC dumping procedures, weapon-like toy procedures, January-December, 1990
4 New Peace Times, Name change of publication, air pollution illnesses, Gulf War, Texas Blackland prairie, unity against the death penalty, January-December, 1991
5 New Peace Times, Haiti, Gulf War, new public park initiatives, rethinking Columbus in light of the 500th anniversary of his "discovery", recycling programs, NAFTA/NATO, hazardous waste disposal, race riots, and Rodney King, January-December, 1992
6 New Peace Times, Post-Soviet Russia, Somalia, peace and Clinton, EPA issues, tax and war, Yugoslavia, foreign aid, Guatemala, January-December, 1993
7 New Peace Times, Iran-Contra, arms exportation, NAFTA, Cuba, Rwanda, tobacco, toy weapons. May is missing from the folder, January-December, 1994
8 New Peace Times, Immigration, the transformation of war, Nigeria, Palestine, January-December, 1995
9 Dallas Peace Times, Landmines, ozone attainment, Burma, gun violence, Trinity River action, UN security council actions. (February, October and November missing) January-December, 1996
10 Dallas Peace Times, The Middle East, torture and survival, the death penalty and its Texas numbers, botched executions, February-December, 1997
11 Dallas Peace Times, Africa, Iraqi victims, Canadian rainforest destruction, living simply, January-December, 1998
Box Folder
2 12 Dallas Peace Times, Yugoslavia, Exxon/Mobil merger and global warming, Martin Sheen protest in Dallas, East Timor, Iraq. (No Jan., Oct.-Dec., June missing pgs. 1 and 2) February-September, 1999
13 Dallas Peace Times, WTO, Amnesty International, and NATO, Kosovo, the anniversary of the atomic bomb dropping on Japan, January 2000-January, 2001
14 Dallas Peace Times, El Salvador, Colombia, Richland College peace studies program, 9/11, Middle East war, February, 2001-January, 2002
15 Dallas Peace Times, Military reservists and conscientious objector status, civil liberties, human trafficking, February, 2002-January, 2003
16 Dallas Peace Times, Protest of War in Iraq, Earth Day activities, weapons and profiteering, Patriot Act proposals, green policies February, 2003-January, 2004
17 Dallas Peace Times, Protest at Pres. Bush ranch, UT bid to make new, usable nukes at Los Alamos, CAFTA, and NAFTA, war on terror, 2004 election, February, 2004-January, 2005
18 Dallas Peace Times, An exhibition showing the cost of war on soldiers, West Bank/Israeli/Palestine peace and pullout, April-December, 2005
19 Dallas Peace Times, Dallas Peace Center meets with Cindy Sheehan, human rights day events, military recruiters scout high schoolers, protestors visit George and Laura Bush during Dallas visit, U.S. schoolyard bully of world community, January-December, 2006
20 Dallas Peace Times, 3,000th military death brings on peace surge, calling for the closure of Guantanamo Bay, Texans take part in Iraq war march, detention center troubles, immigrants contribution to society, genocide, Darfur, January-December, 2007
21 Dallas Peace Times, Civil disobedience and civil rights in Dallas, nuclear activity in Texas, reviews of peace-related books and literature, DNA exonerations evidence of broken system, immigration crackdown threatens Texas businesses, January-December, 2008
22 Dallas Peace Times, The death penalty, medical marijuana, continued protest against the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, February-December, 2009
23 Dallas Peace Times, Cesar Chavez Blvd. naming, non-violent action or civil rights. (No Sept.-Nov.) January-December, 2010
23 Dallas Peace Times, Dallas churches offer sanctuary to refugees, religion, and military/national power, Joan Baez speaks on Libyan attacks, defense contractors in Dallas. UTD protests Reagan's Star Wars research grant on campus, nuclear pollution, how to prevent nuclear war, is peacemaking worldwide plausible, Nicaragua, undated