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Woodson Research Center, Fondren Library logo link Woodson Research Center is home to the Rice University Archives and many archives and manuscript collections, mainly focusing on Houston and Texas entrepreneurs, Rice University personalities; history of science and humanities; United States Southern history and Civil War; British history and drama; Texas business, performing arts, religion and political activities.
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Guide to the John Campbell personal papers, 1820-1906 MS 329
Guide to Admiral Sir John Thomas Duckworth Correspondence with Vice-Admiral Charles Stirling, 1803-1810 MS 305
Guide to the Charles Wishaw Clubbe papers, 1840-1878 MS 307
Guide to the C. A. Dwyer collection, 1854-1882 MS 248
Guide to the Kentucky Infantry, 6th Regiment, Company Records, 1861-1865 MS 294
Guide to the Instruction dans l'Arithmetique arithmetic instruction book, ca. 1650 MS 227
Guide to the Early Rice Institute records, 1844-1941 UA 101
Guide to the Peninsular War letters, 1808-1814 MS 155
Guide to the James K. Lovejoy papers, 1863-1864 MS 246
Guide to the William S. Glass financial papers, 1852-1867 MS 322
Guide to the Memoranda to British Ship Captains from the Admiralty, 1807-1809 MS 204
Guide to the Charles A. Somerset Letter, July 30, 1828 MS 122
Guide to the HMS Melville Order Book, signed by William D. Puget, commander, 1837-1838 MS 228
Guide to the Benham, William and Daniel, and Allied Family Papers, circa 1848 MS 296
Guide to the Reinermann, Sandman, Bethje and Quensell families of Harris County papers, 1841-1917 MS 339
Guide to the Dreier Family Papers MS 363
Guide to the "On the Flogging of Women" commentary, circa 1827 MS 100 '>
Guide to the Douglas Harlan Texas & National Politics collection, 1970-1999 MS 538
Guide to the Rice University Committee on Applied Mathematics and Systems Research Records UA 159
Guide to the Committee on Campus Safety Records UA 160
Guide to the Committee on Affirmative Action Records, 1970-1985 UA 158
Guide to the Alan Chapman academic papers, 1918-2007 UA 186
Guide to the Rice University Hewlett Project records UA 032
Guide to the Rice University Fondren Library Renovation and Expansion Project records
Guide to the Letters concerning the slave trade and the USS John Adams, 1842-1849 MS 083
Guide to the Deutsches Notgeld currency album, 1914-1928 MS 084
Guide to the Texas Mexico Border Campaign at Camp Stewart photographs MS 085
Guide to the Indentured servant contract between the Duke of Chandos and one George Harvey, 1761 MS 171
Guide to the William P. Hobby, Jr. and Diana Poteat Hobby Family Collection, ca. 1950s-2000s MS 628
Guide to the Pierre Jalbert Academic and Professional papers MS 092
Guide to the Floyd S. Edmiston World War I clothing and equipment collection, 1914-1918 MS 101

Adams, John A. S. (John Allan Stewart), 1926-
Guide to the John A.S. Adams Papers, 1951-1989 MS 048

Akers, William W.
Guide to the William W. Akers Chemical Engineering papers and Rice University Vice President for Administration records, 1960-1994 UA 154

Al-Zand, Karim
Guide to the Karim Al-Zand Papers MS 632

Alcover, Madeleine
Guide to the Madeleine Alcover Cyrano research materials and Academic papers, 1957-2014 MS 631

Allen, Herbert, 1907-1990
Guide to the Herbert Allen Business and Personal Papers, 1938-2014 MS 519

Allen and Morris
Guide to the Allen and Morris Business Ledger, 1862-1864 MS 221

Alter, Fred C.
Guide to the Fred C. Alter papers, 1924-2008 UA 335

American Association of University Professors
Guide to the American Association of University Professors: Rice University Chapter records, 1944-2004 (bulk dates 1960-2004) UA 096

American Defense Group
Guide to the American Defense Group records, 1941-1944 MS 353

American Institute of Architects, Houston
Guide to the American Institute of Architects Houston (AIA Houston) oral history interview collection, 1980-1985 MS 603

Anderson, Benjamin M.
Guide to the Anderson-Greenwood Family History records, 1850-2004, MS 534 MS 534
Guide to the Benjamin M. Anderson Aeronautical History collection, 1784-1988 MS 069

Anderson, Dillon, 1906-1974
Guide to the Dillon Anderson papers, 1941-1973 MS 540

Anderson, John
Guide to the Lt. John Anderson notebook, 1794 MS 158

Anderson, John Robert
Guide to the John Robert Anderson manuscript "The Old Adam," 1982 MS 375 '>

Anderson, Leland
Guide to the Leland Anderson family papers, 1880-2010 MS 916

Anderson, Ralph, Jr.
Guide to Ralph Anderson, Jr. papers, 1860-1989 MS 413

Andre, Lilibeth
Guide to the Rice University Shell Center for Sustainability records, 2003-2017 UA 393

Angel, DebbieLevy, Vicki Samuels
Guide to the Houston Hadassah collection, 1955-1976 MS 775

Applebaum, Esther
Guide to the Gus Buck BBG banner, 1966 MS 859

Archivists of the Houston Area (AHA!).
Guide to the Archivists of the Houston Area (AHA!) records, 1998-2019 MS 499

Aresu, Bernard, 1944-
Guide to the Bernard Aresu Academic Papers, 1983-2013, UA 404 UA 404

Arnold, Edwin, Sir
Guide to the Sir Edwin Arnold correspondence MS 127

Arnold, Matthew, 1822-1888
Guide to the Early Fondren Library manuscripts collection, ca. 1700-1948 MS 018

Arnold, Oren
Guide to the Oren Arnold Manuscript and Galleys of "The Golden Chair", 1954 MS 023 '>

Aron, Sheila
Guide to the Temple Freda [Bryan, TX] collection MS 811

Arthur, Percy Bale, Allen "Red" '>
Guide to the Red Bale / Percy Arthur Rice Institute football memorabilia collection, 1925-2008 UA 224

Askanase, DavidAskanase, Susan Ellen (Silverman)
Guide to the Askanase family papers, 1948-2013 MS 776

Atwood, W.L.
Guide to the W. L. Atwood archaeological letters and map, 1966 MS 178

Aulbach, Louis
Guide to the Louis Aulbach Buffalo Bayou research materials, 2011 MS 599
Guide to the Louis Aulbach Olivewood Cemetery research collection, 2008 MS 669

Austin, Sarah
Guide to the Sarah Austin letters, ca.1800-1850 MS 119

Auston, David
Guide to the Rice University Provost Office Records: James Kinsey (interim) and David Auston, 1993-1995 UA 098
Guide to the Rice University Provost Office Records, David Auston, 1990-2000 UA 180

Autrey, Lynette Schneider
Guide to the Lynette S. Autrey papers, 1913-1998 MS 051

Autry, James Lockhart, II
Guide to the James Lockhart Autry Family Papers, 1832-1998 MS 003

Avalon, Robert
Guide to the Robert Avalon music collection, ca. 1955-2010 MS 612

Awapara, Jorge, 1918-2005
Guide to the Jorge Awapara publications, 1941-1978 UA 325

Axson, Stockton
Guide to the Stockton Axson papers, 1912-1935 MS 338

Ayo, Vicki Welch
Guide to the "Boys From Houston" research files, 1963-1989 MS 686 '>

B'nai B'rith Houston Women's Council
Guide to the B'nai B'rith Houston Women's Council records, 1952-2000 MS 748

Baker & Botts
Guide to the Texas railroad history collection, 1867-1935 MS 640

Baker, James Addison
Guide to the Capt. James A. Baker correspondence, clippings, and photographs collection MS 487

Baker, James Addison, 1857-1941
Capt. James A. Baker and the Rice Institute papers UA 200

Baker, James Addison, 1930-
Guide to the Baker Family papers, 1853-1976 MS 040

Baker, James Addison, Jr.
Guide to the Broadacres and Milroy Place Subdivision development documents, 1923-1926 MS 371

Baker-Ripley Foundation
Guide to the Baker-Ripley Foundation Records MS 728

Baker College (Rice University).
Guide to the Rice University James A. Baker College Masters' Records, 1955-2008 UA 069

Baldwin, Charles
Guide to the Charles Baldwin Letters, 1846-1858 MS 166

Ballew, William V., Jr.
Guide to the William V. Ballew, Jr. papers, 1965-1968 MS 254

Banks, GeorgeLiberty Hall (Houston, Tex.)
Guide to the George Banks collection, 1964-2014 MS 745

Banks, Joseph, Sir
Guide to the Sir Joseph Banks letter, 1784 MS 169

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