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Bremond Family Papers

An Inventory of the Collection

Overview of the Collection

Creator: Bremond family
Title: Bremond Family Papers
Dates: 1860-1956
Dates (Bulk): 1860-1920
Abstract: John Bremond, the Bremond family patriarch, moved to Austin, Texas in 1846 and opened a dry goods and grocery store. John and his wife Elizabeth had ten children and the papers, dating from the 1860s to the 1950s, document the multiple generations of the Bremond family in Austin. Included are business records, correspondence, property and business records, and legal records, as well as ephemera from social events, and photographs
Identification: AR.D.010
Quantity: 6.2 linear feet (15 document boxes, 1 artifact box and 1 Bible box)
Location: Archives stacks, Secure storage, qAR, Travis County Room, Artifacts
Language: English
Repository: Austin History Center, Austin Public Library,
810 Guadalupe, PO Box 2287, Austin, TX 78768

Biographical Note

The Bremond Family: The Bremond family's connection with Austin, Texas began in 1846, when John Bremond (1813-1866), the patriarch of the family, moved to Austin. A year later he opened a dry goods and grocery store, later to be known as Bremond and Company, across from the Driskill Hotel. John and his wife Elizabeth (Roberts) had 10 children, with the eldest, Eugene Bremond (1832-1910), founding the State National Bank. The Bremonds were good friends with the family of John Henry Robinson who owned 320 acres of land in Austin and Travis County, where he opened a saloon, a liquor store, and served as director of the American National Bank. Many Bremonds and Robinsons married over the years.

John and Elizabeth (Roberts) Bremond: John Bremond (1813-1866) and Elizabeth (Roberts) Bremond (1814-1898) moved from New York to Texas and started a dry goods and grocery store, later to be called John Bremond and Company, in 1847 on 6th Street. The store was very successful, and ended up employing several of their 10 children.

Eugene and Augusta (Palm) Bremond: Eugene (1832-1910) was the eldest son of John Bremond and Elizabeth (Roberts) Bremond. He married Mary Amelia Robinson (1842-1872), the daughter of his business partner, John H. Robinson, in 1861 and worked in his father's grocery. Eugene and Mary had 4 children: Lily (1867-1927), Walter (1864-1925), Elizabeth (1862-1876), and Eugene Jr (1870-1948). After Mary's death in 1872, he married Augusta Palm (1843-1929) and they had two children, Maud (b.1876) and Pierre (1875-1937). Augusta was the daughter of the noted intellectual Sir Svante Palm, who gave his extensive library collection to the University of Texas and for whom Palm School is named. In 1882, Eugene chartered the State National Bank, locally known as "the Bremond Bank," which enjoyed great success and employed a number of his children, including Pierre and Walter. His banking work led him to join the Austin Board of Trade, similar to today's Chamber of Commerce.

Nina (Abadie) and Pierre A. Bremond: Nina (Abadie) Bremond (1874-1962) was Eugene's daughter-in-law, married to Pierre. She was born in 1874 in St. Louis, Missouri where she grew up as a socialite of enough status to be mentioned in the social sections of the city's newspapers and magazines. She married Pierre Bremond in 1897 at St. Mark's Episcopal Church. Pierre Bremond (1875-1937) was Eugene's son by his second wife, Augusta Palm. He attended boarding school at the Texas German and English Academy in Austin before transferring to the Lakewood Heights School in New Jersey. He was an automobile enthusiast and owned the first automobile in Austin (1903). In 1925, Pierre succeeded his uncle, Walter Bremond as President of the State National Bank after having been an officer and then vice president at the bank for 29 years.

Harriet "Hallie" (Robertson) and John Bremond, Jr.: Hallie Robertson (1843-1887) married John Bremond Jr. and had four children: Randolph (1865-1890), Estelle (1863-1902), John III (1868-1923), and Hallie (1885-1964). She was born in Gordonsville, Virginia in 1843 and she died of cancer in Austin in 1887. John Bremond Jr. (1840-1918) was born in Philadelphia, PA and moved to Austin when he was a boy. He entered into a partnership with his brother Eugene in 1865 and established their father's wholesale and dry good store as John Bremond and Company. When Eugene sold his share to John in 1870 to pursue operation of his bank, John added Hallie's brother as his partner.

Maud (Bremond) Carr: Maud (1876-1931) was the daughter of Eugene and Augusta, and sister to Pierre. She attended the Ogontz School for Young Ladies in Pennsylvania and married Alfred Carr in 1901.

Katherine "Kate" (Bremond) and Everard T. Eggleston: Everard T. (1841-1885) and Kate (Bremond) Eggleston (1855-1939) were Eugene's sister and her husband. They were married in 1874. Everard died 11 years later leaving Kate to manage his estate. Kate and Everard's sister, Mary Eggleston, got into a legal dispute over property ownership after Everard's death, which was settled in 1901.

Other Bremond Family Members:This collection includes a small amount of materials from other family members, many of whom lived on what was known as the Bremond Block:

  • Pierre Bremond (1853-1871): One of the sons of John Bremond and Eugene Bremond’s younger brother. He passed away while attending university in New York City at the age of seventeen.
  • Walter Bremond (1864-1925): He was the son of Eugene and Mary. He married Mary Anderson (d.1951) in 1886 and eventually became president of his father’s bank.
  • Josiah (1828-1904) and Josephine (Bremond) Crosby (b.1840): Josephine was Eugene’s sister and Josiah was her husband. Josiah was one of the six founding fathers of El Paso.
  • Hugh (1830-1883) and Maria Louise (Bremond) Haynie (1838-1889): Maria Louise was Eugene’s sister and Hugh was her husband. They were married in 1853 and had 8 children.
  • Estelle (Bremond) Hilliard (1863-1902): Estelle is the daughter of John Jr. and Hallie (Robertson) Bremond.
  • Hallie (Bremond) (1885-1964) and Hale Houston (d.1969): Hallie was the daughter of Hallie (Robertson) Bremond and John Bremond Jr. She married Hale Houston and had three children.
  • William R. Houston (b.1917): William is the son of Hallie and Hale Houston.
  • Anne (Bremond) (d.1990) and Carl Matz (d.1950): Anne and Carl are the daughter and son-in-law of Walter Bremond and his wife, Mary Anderson. They were married in 1918 and had a daughter, Carol Matz.
  • Joseph A. and Virginia (Bremond) Nagle: Virginia was Eugene’s sister and Joseph was her husband. They were married in 1862 and had six children.
  • John and Madeline (Bremond) (1845-1923) Robinson: Madeline was Eugene’s sister and John Robinson was her husband. They were married in 1868 and had four children.
  • Pauline (Bremond) Robinson (1849-1935): Pauline was Eugene’s sister. She married Alfred Robinson in 1868 had four children. She was widowed in 1885 at which point she moved in with Eugene and his family.
  • Lily (Bremond) Steiner (1867-1927): Lily was the daughter of Eugene and Mary Amelia (Robinson) Bremond. She married Ralph Steiner and they had two children.

Source: “John Bremond and Company” by Phoebe Allen available in the Bremond biography file at the Austin History Center.

Scope and Contents

The Bremond Family Papers span from the 1860s to the 1950s, with the majority of the materials created between 1860 and 1920. The collection spans roughly 3 generations of the Bremond family beginning with John and Elizabeth Bremond who moved to Austin in 1846. Because John Bremond was a prominent businessman in Austin, much of the collection provides information about his business, Bremond and Co., and the State National Bank, started by his son, Eugene Bremond. The family's prominence also leads to a significant amount of materials that document the social life of Austin at the time, such as invitations to parties and other social events, tickets from travel, and programs from events like graduations and plays. Also included are documents regarding legal matters (property deeds, estate management) and family financial records (household expenses, tuition bills for school, etc.). Finally, the collection includes a large number of photographs, several diaries, a scrapbook, a family Bible, and a family photograph album. All of the materials in the collection are related to family members who are either in Austin or writing to family there while travelling or at school, with the exception of Nina (Abadie) Bremond's series which contains a large amount of materials from her life in St. Louis, Missouri before she married Pierre Bremond and moved to Austin.

The John and Elizabeth (Roberts) Bremond series spans from 1836 to 1896 and includes property deeds, personal correspondence, financial records, and records about the management of their estates. The property John began to accumulate formed the “Bremond block” (the square between Guadalupe, 7th, San Antonio, and 8th Streets) which was occupied by Eugene and many other family members documented in this collection.

The Eugene and Augusta (Palm) Bremond series spans from 1846 to 1921, and contains a variety of materials such as property deeds, city, county, state, and federal tax documents, marriage licenses, stock certificates, household bills and receipts, ephemera and an extensive correspondence between Eugene and his second wife Augusta, as well as papers detailing Eugene's interactions and work with clients he gained from his time as a banker. There is correspondence from both Eugene and Augusta to their children, giving details on daily life and their school and health. There are documents that detail the work Eugene did for several clients as a banking agent. Augusta Palm's materials consist of personal letters between her and family members and letters involving clothing orders and other household items for herself and the family, as well as her membership in the Austin Country Club and her teaching certificate.

The Bremond and Company series contains a collection of financial documents from the dry goods business started by John Bremond in 1847. The series spans from 1860 to 1901, during which time John's eldest son Eugene was an employee and eventual owner. The documents detail various transactions recorded by the company, including bills of sales, receipts, and bills and documents regarding the operation and financing of the business, such as state bonds, business licenses, statements of accounts, profit margins, company memorandums and a coffee can labeled John Bremond Coffees. The series also contains a file on Mr. J.W. Bently, which details a financial dispute between Mr. Bently and Bremond and Co.

The materials in the Nina (Abadie) and Pierre A. Bremond series span from 1881 to 1956. The Nina (Abadie) Bremond sub-series contains mostly ephemera from Nina (Abadie) Bremond's life in St. Louis before she married Pierre Bremond and includes programs, invitations, greeting cards, travel-related ephemera such as tickets and souvenirs, and newspaper clippings, many of which mention her by name. Nina's sub-series also contains a few diaries and a large number of photographs (430 black and white photographs, 11 tintypes, 34 cyanotypes, and 2 glass coated prints). Most of the photos are from Nina Abadie Bremond's childhood in St. Louis, MO. They include pictures of dinner parties, classmates in Haverhill Mass in 1891 and 1892, theatrical productions, a lakeside cottage in Ephraim, Wisconsin, and photographs depicting a trip aboard the S.S. Arabic taken by Nina's mother Mrs. Eugene S. Abadie. Pierre Bremond's sub-series contains an extensive amount of correspondence as well as ephemera including postcards, programs from recitals and graduations, and newspaper clippings regarding his successful run for president of his father, Eugene Bremond's, bank in 1925. The correspondence contains mostly letters he wrote to his mother while in boarding school. There are also some bills and receipts and personal papers including a 1907 passport, stock certificates, legal papers, and report cards from Lakewood Height School and the Texas German and English Academy.

The materials in the Harriet “Hallie” (Robertson) and John Jr. Bremond series spans from 1856 to 1888. Included are Hallie’s diaries recording her life from 1874 to 1887. Her diary entries are brief, containing only a few descriptive sentences per day. She mostly describes the weather, who came to visit, and where she went each day (access copies of these diaries are available in the General Collection A 929.2 Br). There are also marriage licenses for her daughter Estelle and her son Randolph, in addition to a number of letters received from family members and friends. There are also some newspaper clippings, many regarding President Abraham Lincoln’s assassination, business cards, and handwriting practice notebooks. John’s sub-series contains mostly personal correspondence and some ephemera.

The Maud Carr series spans from 1888 to 1901 and contains personal letters, receipts, and photographs. A significant number of her personal letters are written to her mother, detailing her time at boarding school. Other documents in this series include her marriage license to Alfred C. Carr in 1901, receipts for her tuition at the Ogontz School in Pennsylvania, a program from a graduation ceremony, information on Miss Keefer’s School for Girls, and a handful of copies of photographs of other students, her roommate, and events from her time in school.

The series, Katherine “Kate” (Bremond) Eggleston and the Estate of Everard T. Eggleston spans from 1874 to 1901 and includes material regarding Katherine’s management of Everard’s estate after his death in 1885 and includes documents about their land ownership (over 4,000 acres), a legal disagreement with Everard’s sister Mary after his death, and the execution of his estate by his wife and Eugene.

The Other Bremond Family Members series spans from 1853 to 1932 and covers those family members who do not have large amounts of material in the collection. Pierre Augustus Bremond, Eugene's brother, died at 17 and his folder contains a few letters to his siblings (1866-1868) and a drawing. Walter Bremond was Eugene's son and eventual president of the State National Bank; his folder contains his marriage license (1886) and letters to his parents (1891-1892). The papers of Josiah and Josephine (Bremond) Crosby include their marriage license (1856), letters to his brother Eugene (1862-1893), telegraphs (1887), and documents concerning the East Texas Railway Company (1885). The Hugh and Maria Louise (Bremond) Haynie papers include their marriage license (1853) and household receipts (1888-1889). Estelle (Bremond) Hilliard has a personal letter from 1880, an invitation to her marriage ceremony in 1886, and some museum tickets. The papers of Hallie (Bremond) and Hale Houston include "My Lady's Point of View" (a book to record social and household events) and a guest book (records of social events kept by Hallie), a hymnal and common prayer book that belonged to Hallie's father John Bremond Jr., party invitations for Hallie, and one letter received by Hale Houston (1937). William Houston has an article he wrote in 1917. The Anne (Bremond) and Carl Matz papers contain their 1918 marriage certificate. The papers of Joseph A. and Virginia (Bremond) Nagle include their marriage license (1872), legal and tax documents (1893-1894), and business letters (1892-1894). The file on John and Madeline (Bremond) Robinson includes their marriage license (1868) and financial documents (1876-1893), including a note about $9500 lent to Eugene. The Pauline (Bremond) Robinson materials include household and renovation receipts from 1885 to 1894 and her marriage license to Alfred Robinson dated March 30, 1869. Lily (Bremond) Steiner's folder contains household receipts, her marriage license (1887), letters to her parents and sister (1891-1894), and documents concerning household purchases.

The Family Ephemera and Memorabilia series spans 1876 to 1940 and is a small series comprised of ephemera and memorabilia that is not tied to a specific person. There are a few unsigned pencil drawings, a small centennial celebration flag, birthday cards, and a few newspaper clippings.

The Family Biographical Materials series contains 2 items that document the Bremond family as a whole: the Family Bible and the Photograph Album. The Bible, published in 1864, includes a small amount of newspaper clippings of obituaries, funeral notices, and marriage announcements for some of the family members, including Elizabeth (Roberts) Bremond, Elizabeth Haynie, and Paul Bremond. The photograph album contains photos across several generations of the Bremond family including almost every person mentioned in this collection.

Arrangement of the Records

The collection is arranged into 10 series:
I. John and Elizabeth (Roberts) Bremond
II. Eugene and Augusta (Palm) Bremond
III. Bremond and Company
IV. Pierre A. and Nina (Abadie) Bremond
V. Harriet “Hallie” (Robertson) and John Jr. Bremond
VI. Maud Carr
VII. Katherine “Kate” (Bremond) Eggleston and Everard T. Eggleston
VIII. Other Bremond-related Family Members
IX. Family Ephemera and Memorabilia
X. Family Biographical Materials


Restrictions on Access

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Restrictions on Use

The Austin History Center (AHC) is the owner of the physical materials in the AHC collections and makes available reproductions for research, publication, and other uses. Written permission must be obtained from the AHC before any publication use. The AHC does not necessarily hold copyright to all of the materials in the collections. In some cases, permission for use may require seeking additional authorization from the copyright owners. Consult repository for more details.

Index Terms

This record series is indexed under the following controlled access subject terms.
Bremond, John, 1813-1866.
Bremond, Elizabeth (Roberts), 1814-1998.
Bremond, Eugene, 1832-1910.
Bremond, Mary Amelia (Robinson), 1842-1872.
Bremond, Augusta (Palm), 1843-1929.
Bremond, Pierre, 1875-1937.
Bremond, Nina (Abadie), 1874-1962.
Bremond, John Jr., 1840-1918.
Bremond, Harriet (Robinson), 1843-1887.
Bremond, Walter, 1864-1925.
Carr, Maud (Bremond), 1876-1931.
Crosby, Josiah, 1828-1904.
Crosby, Josephine (Bremond), b.1840.
Eggleston, Everard T., 1841-1885.
Eggleston, Catherine (Bremond), 1855-1939.
Haynie, Hugh, 1830-1883.
Haynie, Maria Louise (Bremond), 1838-1889.
Hilliard, Estelle (Bremond), 1863-1902.
Houston, Hallie (Bremond), 1885-1964.
Houston, Hale, -1969.
Houston, William R., 1917-.
Matz, Carl, -1950.
Matz, Anne (Bremond), -1990.
Nagle, Joseph A., -1892.
Nagle, Virginia (Bremond).
Robinson, John, unknown.
Robinson, Madeleine (Bremond), 1845-1923.
Robinson, Pauline, 1849-1935.
Steiner, Lily (Bremond), 1867-1927.
John Bremond Company.
State National Bank.
Austin Gas, Light, and Coal Company.
Real estate--Texas-Austin.
Historic buildings--Texas.
Business records.
St. Louis (Mo.)--Social life and customs.
Austin (Tex.)--Social life and customs.
Austin (Tex.)--Commerce.
Document Types:
Programs (documents).
Cabinet photographs.
Marriage licenses.
Black-and-white photographs.
Photograph albums.

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Separated Material

Approximately 150 photographs were moved the AF Biography files: Bremond Family. Many of these are duplicates of photographs in the collection.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Bremond Family Papers (AR.D.010). Austin History Center, Austin Public Library, Texas.

Acquisition Information

Donor #: DO/1962/004

The estate of Nina Bremond donated photographs and other biographical materials in 1962 that were originally assigned the accession number AR.A.026. Additional materials were donated in 1965 and were assigned the accession number AR.D.010.

Donor #: DO/1969/051

In 1969 the children of Hale M. Houston and Hallie (Bremond) Houston donated materials related to the Bremond and Houston families that were originally assigned the accession number AR.H.005.

Donor #: DO/1975/037

In 1975 Mrs. Marietta Moody Brooks donated the Eugene Bremond family Bible that she purchased at public auction in 1960.

Processing Information

These papers were originally assigned 3 separate accession numbers (AR.A.026, AR.D.010, AR.H.005 - see Acquisition Information section for more information) and combined under the single accession number AR.D.010 in 2016 as many of the same family members were represented in each collection.

Final processing and finding aid by Christopher Deems, Kendall Newton and Gina Watts in 2016.


Additional Bremond/Houston papers were found in May 2016 in a property once owned by William B. Houston. These materials will eventually be incorporated into the collection.

Alternative Form Available

Hallie (Robertson) Bremond's diaries have been transcribed and are available in the General Collection (Call Number: A929.2 Br.).

Detailed Description of the Collection

I. John and Elizabeth (Roberts) Bremond 1836-1896

Box Folder
12 4 Property deeds- Block 56, 1840-1873
5 Property deeds- Williamson Co., 1859-1860
6 Assorted financial records, 1860-1896
7 Other property deeds, 1836-1896, undated
8 Personal correspondence, 1866
9 Marriage license of their daughter, Mary, 1869
10 Estates of John and Elizabeth Bremond, 1869-1874

II. Eugene and Augusta (Palm) Bremond, 1846-1926

Eugene Bremond, 1846-1909, undated
Box Folder
1 1-8 Personal letters, 1891-1892
Box Folder
2 1 Letters received, 1866-1901
2 Eugene Bremond, as agent for James Cole, 1868-1904, undated
3 Eugene Bremond, as agent for Rust and Fisher, 1870-1871, undated
4 Eugene Bremond, as agent for E. Aldridge, 1869-1875, undated
5 Eugene Bremond, as agent for Austin Gas, Light and Coal, 1887-1891, undated
6 Eugene Bremond, as agent for C. Baker, 1882-1887, undated
7 Eugene Bremond, as agent for W. W. Bissell, 1887
8 Eugene Bremond, as agent for Fredrick W. Chandler, 1871-1875, undated
9-10 Eugene Bremond, as agent for assorted people, 1870-1904, undated
Box Folder
3 1 Eugene Bremond, as agent for Joseph Limerick, 1877-1898, undated
2-3 Eugene Bremond, as agent for assorted people, 1870-1903, undated
4 Eugene Bremond, as agent for Josiah W. Whipple, 1869-1878, undated
Box Folder
4 1 Property deeds, 1846-1893
2 Property deeds, 1890-1921
3 Tax receipts- U.S. Internal Revenue, 1870-1882
4 Tax receipts- county and state, 1866-1904
5 City tax receipts, 1867-1905
6 City tax receipts as merchant and banker, 1869-1881
7 City tax receipts for merchandise, 1871
8 County tax receipts for occupation, 1868-1881
9 County tax receipts for Public Free Schools in the State of Texas, 1871-1875
10 State National Bank account books, 1891-1908
Box Folder
5 1-3 Household bills and receipts, 1872-1909
4 Bills and receipts for George Fiegel, 1886-1909, undated
5 Stock certificates and loan agreements, 1883-1905, undated
6 Marriage licenses, assorted personal papers, manuals, and ephemera, 1861-1891, undated
Augusta (Palm) Bremond, 1871-1926, undated
Box Folder
5 7 Family and household correspondence, undated
8 Teaching certificate and stock certificate, 1871-1912
9 Scrapbook, 1896-1926, undated

III. Bremond and Company, 1860-1901

Box Folder
6 1 Bills of sales, 1860-1862
2-4 Receipts and bills, 1861-1882, undated
5 Notes opened and settled, 1863-1901, undated
6 State bonds, 1875
7 Business licenses, 1863-1869
8 Profits and losses, memorandums, and statements of accounts 1883-1899, undated
9 Tax returns and receipts, 1868-1889
10 J.W. Bently papers, 1861-1887, undated
Location BoxItem
Artifacts 121/001 John Bremond Coffees can, circa 1900s

IV. Pierre A. and Nina (Abadie) Bremond, 1881-1956

Nina (Abadie) Bremond, 1881-1956, undated
Box Folder
7 1 Newspaper and magazine clippings, 1891-1902, undated
2 Programs, invitations, greeting cards, and tickets, 1881-1909, undated
3 Stock certificates, 1929, undated
4 Ephemera and memorabilia, 1891-1911, undated
5 Diaries and assorted personal materials, 1899-1910, undated
Box Folder
14 4-12 Photographs (photo nos. 1-165), 1889-1956, undated
Box Folder
15 1-5 Photographs (photo nos. 166-282), 1898-1911, undated
Box Folder
Rare Format Collection 1 Portraits (glass coated prints; photo nos. 283-284), undated
Pierre A. Bremond, 1886-1937
Box Folder
7 6-9 Personal letters from boarding school, 1890-1892
Box Folder
8 1-3 Personal letters from boarding school, 1893-1894
4 Personal correspondence from adulthood, 1903-1905, undated
5 Report cards, programs, and personal ephemera, 1892-1920, undated
Box Folder
9 1 Newspaper clippings, 1925
2 Receipts and bills, 1886-1907, undated
3 Assorted financial documents, 1906-1937
Location BoxItem
qAR 77/001 Passport, 1907

V. Harriet "Hallie" (Robertson) and John Jr. Bremond, 1856-1888, undated

Harriet "Hallie" Robertson Bremond, 1856-1887
Box Folder
9 4-7 Diaries, 1874-1887
8 Letters received, 1864-1886, undated
9 Personal letter to her daughter Estelle, 1887
10 Marriage license for her children, 1886
11 Handwriting notebooks, business cards, newspaper clippings, ephemera, 1856-1876, undated
John Bremond, Jr., 1861-1888
Box Folder
10 1 Letters received, 1861-1888
2 Personal letter, 1867
3 Notebook of shopping lists and funeral invitation, undated

VI. Maud Carr, 1888-1901

Box Folder
10 4-8 Personal letters, 1891-1892
Box Folder
11 1-5 Personal letters, 1893-1894
Box Folder
12 1 Personal letters, 1894
2 Report cards, bills, letters received, photographs, and ephemera from school, 1888-1894, undated
3 Original poems and marriage license, 1901, undated

VII. Katherine “Kate” (Bremond) Eggleston and Everard T. Eggleston 1874-1901

Box Folder
12 11 Management of the Estate of Everard T. Eggleston, 1885-1898
12 Settlement between Katherine Eggleston and Mary Eggleston, 1891-1901
13 Other financial documents, 1881-1897
14 Marriage license, 1874
15 Personal letter, 1887

VIII. Other Bremond-related Family Members, 1853-1937, undated

Box Folder
13 1 Pierre Augustus Bremond, 1866-1868
2 Walter Bremond, 1886-1892
3 Josiah and Josephine (Bremond) Crosby, 1856-1887
4 Hugh and Maria Louise (Bremond) Haynie, 1853-1889
5 Estelle (Bremond) Hilliard, 1878-1886
6-8 Hallie (Bremond) and Hale Houston, 1886-1937, undated
9 William R. Houston, 1917
10 Anne (Bremond) and Carl Matz, 1918
11 Joseph A. and Virginia (Bremond) Nagle, 1872-1894
12 John and Madeleine (Bremond) Robinson, 1868-1893
13 Pauline (Bremond) Robinson, 1869-1894
14 Lily (Bremond) Steiner, 1887-1894

IX. Family Ephemera and Memorabilia 1876-1940, undated

Box Folder
14 1 Business cards, greeting cards, and drawings, 1926-1940,undated
2 Newspaper and magazine clippings, 1887-1915
3 Assorted ephemera and memorabilia, 1876, undated

X. Family Biographical Materials 1876-1940, undated

Location PhotoAlbum
Travis County Room #86 Bremond family photograph album (photo nos. 285-430), undated
Location Box
Bible Collection 2 Bremond family Bible with newspaper clippings, undated