Current Interns

I am the newest GRA for the Ask a Librarian Intern team, and I'm excited to gain the kind of experience that working in a large, research-based university library will bring. I provide students, faculty and staff with reference assistance via chat, email, and in person at the Research Help and Check Out desk at the Perry-Castañeda Library. The most interesting part of this position so far has been getting glimpses of all the different research projects and papers that students are currently working on! I plan to continue to use this position to explore some of the day-to-day challenges that arise for most reference and academic librarians.

Laura Gienger
Ask a Librarian Intern
As a dual-degree student currently working on my MSIS and MA in Women and Gender Studies, the Ask a Librarian program has enabled me to explore subject librarianship in Gender and Sexuality Studies as well as answer research and reference questions from all academic backgrounds. I have been working to develop access and information pages for the Black Queer Studies Collection as well as subject pages for Sexuality and Gender Studies. I am excited to work feminist methodologies into my library work and to continue to develop resources for the study of gender and sexuality.

Hayley Morgenstern
Ask a Librarian Intern
As an Ask a Librarian GRA, I'm excited for the opportunity to work with students, faculty, staff, and the public to help make research rewarding! I enjoy taking a hands-on approach and working directly with patrons in person, over email, and through chat to focus their inquiry and introduce them to new resources. This position allows me to put into practice my coursework in reference, information literacy, and instruction. I look forward to learning more about patron needs across a variety of disciplines and circumstances through this position.

Ashley Morrison
Ask a Librarian Intern
I am excited to be a part of the Ask a Librarian team, and I am ready to answer any and all questions! It can be difficult to navigate an academic library with as many collections and items as UT. I want to connect students, faculty, and patrons with library resources and services that best serve their unique learning and research purposes. I look forward to the opportunity to work with researchers and students from a variety of disciplines. As I continue my graduate studies in Information Science, I am eager to build on my coursework with the practical library experience that this internship offers.

Elyse Chevallier
Ask a Librarian Intern
I am one of the new GRA interns joining the Perry-Castañeda Library team, and I could not be more excited. This will be my first experience in assisting students and faculty through reference and research work in an academic library. Ask a Librarian has given me the opportunity to assist with all subjects offered at the university, not only strengthening my research skills but also expanding my knowledge in subject areas I have less experience with. My goal is to support the academic community in their research, while furthering the initiatives of the university and library in championing social justice issues in order to cultivate an inclusive community and open access to information. I am eager to be part of the library community and learn through the experiences that my team has to offer.

Mitch Cota
Ask a Librarian Intern
Carrie Cruce
Having recently finished the MA program in Art History here at UT it is a wonderful opportunity as an Ask-a-Librarian GRA to participate in the other side of the equation by assisting all library patrons in their research journey. My goal is to facilitate the same positive experience for students, faculty, and staff that I encountered as a researcher. As the first line of contact for many patrons I am dedicated to providing consistent and personable support through in-person, email, and chat. Further, I look forward to enriching the service I provide at the Perry-Castañeda Library with the knowledge and skills I acquire as a student in the School of Information.