Agastache Clayton ex Gron.

Perennial herbs from rhizomes or a woody root. Leaves simple, petiolate, entire to variously dentate or serrate. Flowers terminal, arranged in usually spike-like or interrupted cymes. Calyx tubular to narrowly campanulate, with about 15 ribs, nonannulate, the orifice with 5 deltoid to subulate subequal teeth. Corollas very weakly 2-lipped, if at all, white to yellowish, pinkish, purplish or orange, the tubes elongate and narrowly funnelform. Stamens 4, exserted from the corolla throat, didymous, the dorsal pair longer. Ovary 4-lobed, arising from a well-defined nectiferous gynophore. Nutlets more or less 3-sided with smooth surfaces, the apices sometimes papillate, not mucilaginous when metted. Base chromosome number, x=9.

Agastache is a wholly North American genus. Sanders (1987) has provided a treatment for the 4 Texas species, 3 of these belonging to the section Brittoniastrum and one to the section Agastache (A. scrophulariifolia ), the latter possibly introduced. In Texas, the species are mostly confined to montane regions of the trans-Pecos where they are relatively uncommon.

We are not aware of ethnobotanical uses of the species native to Texas, but closely related Mexican species (e.g., A. mexicana ) are reportedly grown in household gardens and used to treat gastrointestinal, nervous, and cardiovascular ailments, among other uses (cf. Bye et al., Phytologia 62:157-162. 1987).


Sanders, R.W. 1987. Taxonomy of Agastache section Brittoniastrum (Laminaceae-Nepeteae). Syst. Bot. Monographs 15:1-92.

Key to Texas Agastache & Species Descriptions

Images of Texas Species of Agastache

Both images for each species are the same. The smaller images (approximately 670k) will load faster; the larger images (approximately 7.5M) are available for more detailed review but take longer to load.

A. cana
cana 667k
cana 7.42M
A. micrantha
micrantha 665k
micrantha 7.39M
A. pallidiflora
pallidiflora 666k
pallidiflora 7.40M
A. scrophulariifolia
scrophulariifolia 681k
scrophulariifolia 7.57M

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