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The Index to the Library Chronicle: Introduction

Subject Index Author Index

All issues of the New Series are now viewable online.

This is a twenty-seven-year (1970-1997) cumulative index to The Library Chronicle. From 1970 to 1989, The Library Chronicle published New Series Numbers 1 through 48. In 1990, the journal began identifying issues by volume and number, beginning with Volume 20. This index includes New Series Numbers 1-48 (1970-1989) and Volumes 20-27 (1990-1997). Therefore, locators have two parts and appear in the following formats:

for New Series numbers:New Series Number (year):page number(s)
example:N.S. no.1 (1970):33, 34-36


for volumes:Volume, Number (year):page number(s)
example:v.20, nos.1/2 (1990):43, 44, 48-52

Italicized page numbers indicate illustrations or photographs.

The index consists of two parts: the Index to Authors of Journal Articles and the Subject Index. All entries are alphabetized word-by-word. The Index to Authors of Journal Articles includes authors and titles of articles published in The Library Chronicle, not the writers and works described in specific articles. Authors are entered alphabetically by last name. The titles of articles appear as subheadings only, unless no author is designated.

The entry terms used in the Subject Index are as specific as possible. Subject headings are based largely on the wording of the articles. The Subject Index lists information contained in articles, illustrations, and photographs, as well as information about acquisitions, collections, and exhibits found elsewhere in the journals. Not indexed are Notes on Contributors, announcements, and information of an ephemeral nature.

Subject terms include personal names, collection names, titles of individual works, and exhibit titles. Entries also appear under more general categories such as time periods, literary styles, and artistic media. The nineteenth and twentieth centuries are not used as subject headings due to the abundant material from those eras. For example, there is no entry for "Twentieth-century literature." The most specific information pertaining to writers, artists, musicians, and so forth will be found under their personal names and the titles of their works.

Collections held by the Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center (HRHRC) are listed under the collection's official name. Typically, the collection name is the collector's last name; for example, the George P. Isbell Collection is entered in the index as "Isbell (George P.) Collection." A few collections are named for their content rather than individual collectors, such as the "Photography Collection."

Some individual issues of the journal, primarily those which serve as exhibit catalogs, contain detailed indexes at the back of the issues. This cumulative index does not replicate the detailed indexes but does provide more general access to the information contained in those issues. The following issues have individual indexes published in them:

  • N.S. no. 18: Eric Gill Collection
  • N.S. no. 28: No Symbols Where None Intended [Samuel Beckett]
  • N.S. nos. 32/33: Lewis Carroll at Texas
  • v. 21, no. 1 /2: Henri-Pierre Roché
  • v. 23, nos. 2/3: The Italian Collections Across the Centuries
  • v. 25, no. 1: Twentieth-Century American Playwrights
  • v. 26, nos. 1 /2: The Company They Kept: Alfred A. and Blanche W. Knopf, Publishers
  • v. 27, nos. 1 /2: Shouting in the Evening [British Theater, 1950s-1990s]

Students in the Graduate School of Library and Information Science at The University of Texas at Austin prepared these indexes under the guidance of Linda Webster with help from Hermina G. B. Anghelescu. Susan Curtis provided editorial assistance. The names of the indexers are listed below.

Katherine D. McCann
Janelle Wertzberger
May 1996


Jon Arvid Aho (Class Editor)
Hermina G.B. Anghelescu
Debra Bailey-Ellett
V. Roxanne Bogucka (Vocabulary Control)
Lisa Bradley
Marti Lynne Brickner
Deirdre A. Carlino
Christopher J. Creegan
Julie Crouch
Virginia Wood Davis
Deon Dempsey (Class Editor)
Leslie Devlin
Lori K. Eichelberger (Class Editor)
Darlene Marie Ennis (Class Editor)
Kristin Monique Fance
Eric Friede (Class Editor)
Courtney A. Gardner
Gloria Garza
Margo Lynn Guzman
Maaren Amalie Haaland
Jane W. Hultberg
Mari Lyn Jones
Robin K. Jones
Trudy Lamb
Leslie W. Lanphear
Kimberly Anne Lyons (Class Editor)
Katherine D. McCann (Class Coordinator)
Carol McGinty
Annette Pearson
Angela Philley
Leigh Poitinger
Paula Rae Pyrich
Spring Quick (Class Editor)
Tanya R. Rabourn (Vocabulary Control)
Ronda Rowe
Barbara Diane Sentesi
Leah Schultz
Jennifer D. Small
Susan Paula Sokoll
Anne-Frances Sparks (Class Editor)
Jan Tidwell (Class Editor)
Lisa Tobias Kinsner
Kim Uyen Tran
Lisa Walker
Janelle Lynn Wertzberger (Class Coordinator)
Andrea Wilson
Laura Anne Wisdom
Sean Christopher Wrinkle