Title: Comite Helsinki pentru Drepturile Omului / Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in the Republic of Moldova
In English, Moldovan, and Russian. Contains information on all aspects of human rights in Moldova. Government continues to allow and in some cases condone discrimination based on ethnicity, gender, and religion; in some regions NGOs are routinely threatened and harassed. Contains reports, news, and information on organization's programs.
Coverage: Europe--Moldova
Language(s): English, Moldovan, Russian

Title: Communauté des Autochtones Rwandais / Community of Autonomous Rwandans
In English, some French and Kinyarwanda. Non-profit organization that works with and defends the rights of the Batwa indigenous group in Rwanda. Includes background information on the Batwa, documents and reports, photographs and links to other resources. In 2007, Communauté des Autochtones Rwandais (CAURWA) changed its name to Communauté des Potiers Rwandais (COPORWA) because it became politically incorrect and illegal to work with communities drawn around ethnic lines due to the Rwandan Genocide. The organization's latest efforts can be seen at www.coporwa.org
Coverage: Africa--Rwanda
Language(s): English, French, Kinyarwanda

Title: Congo Panorama
In English and French. Contains news articles, speeches and photographs of daily life and genocide in the Congo.
Language(s): English, French

Title: Consultoría para los Derechos Humanos y el Desplazamiento / Consultants for Human Rights and Displacement [Colombia]
In Spanish. Formed in 1992, CODHES is a non-governmental organization that promotes human rights in Colombia, with a special emphasis in assisting those who have been violently displaced by the internal conflict and state violence. Contains bulletins, statistics, reports, list of publications, calendar of events, and links to other resources.
Language(s): Spanish

Title: Damascus Center for Theoretical and Civil Rights Studies [Syria]
In Arabic and English. DCTCRS is a Sweden-based non-profit, non-governmental organization that aims to defend and promote civil liberties as well as human, economic, social and cultural rights around the world with focus on Syria. Organization conducts research, polling, and field studies, and organizes large conferences for free exchange of ideas.
Language(s): Arabic, English

Title: Den Danske Helsinki Komite
In Danish. Website for the local Danish Helsinki Committee. Site includes reports, analysis and project information.
Coverage: Europe--Denmark
Language(s): Danish

Title: Den Norske Helsingforskomite | The Norwegian Helsinki Committee
In Norwegian and English. (Content not identical in both languages) The committee is one of 44 Helsinki Committees throughout Europe. The website includes photographs and video, particularly of freedom of speech violations, as well as news, publications and resources for NGOs seeking funding.
Coverage: Europe--Norway
Language(s): English, Norwegian

Title: Dvizhenie za Prava I Sbobodi / Movement for Rights and Freedom [Bulgaria]
In Bulgarian, English and Turkish. Founded in 1990, the MRF, a Bulgarian political party, formed to represent the interests of the Turkish ethnic minority, but has since broadened its goals and platform to embrace all issues of civil rights in Bulgaria, aiming "to contribute to the unity of the Bulgarian people and to the full and unequivocal compliance with the rights and freedoms of mankind and of all religious and cultural communities in Bulgaria". Site contains news, policy information, documents, organizational structure and information on the 2007 election.
Language(s): Bulgarian, English, Turkish