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Geological Sciences Theses and Dissertations :

Finding Theses and Dissertations; Availability and Use

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Theses and Dissertations are a unique print collection and are virtually irreplaceable. Exercise care and restraint, return materials on time, and keep publications and plates in the condition they were provided.


Library Catalog

Theses and Dissertation Index

Dissertations and Theses : Full Text

Digital Repository

ProQuest UMI Dissertation Publishing


Look in the library catalog to find the current location and the availability of a thesis or dissertation. Titles and abstracts may be browsed for by year on our index page.


To create a list in the library catalog:

Open the library catalog
Select Call Number
Go to field Other Call Number
Type in one of these options:
Limit the location to a Search in the Geology Library
Click Go

Theses and Dissertations are available for consultation by all users in the Walter Geology Library.

Although the Geology Library houses most of the published Geoscience Theses and Dissertations, more Theses and Disserations can be found at the Perry-Castañeda Library (PCL) or at the Library Storage Facility (LSF). PCL is open to all users. LSF is a closed facility which means that browsing is not allowed and items must be recalled.

Checking out

University of Texas at Austin (UT) faculty, staff, and students, as well as Courtesy Borrowers, may check out Theses and Dissertations. However, only UT affiliates can recall items from the Library Storage Facility (LSF).

For patrons who live out of town or for patrons that do not have UT Austin borrowing priveleges, we recommend that you first consult your local library (public, academic, or corporate) and see what InterLibrary services (ILS) they have. Our ILS offers some services for non-UT patrons.

Scans and Electronic Versions

InterLibrary Services (ILS) can provide scans of parts or whole Theses and Dissertations, depending on copyright. To find out whether a portion of a master's thesis or dissertation may be copied, contact The University of Texas Libraries Interlibrary Services.

Some more recent Theses and Dissertations may be available through our free UT Digital Repository. UT affiliates, as well as Courtesy Borrowers who are logged into a library computer on campus, have access to our subscription database Dissertations and Theses : Full Text, which offers text for over 2 million doctoral dissertations and master's theses.


The University of Texas Libraries will make copies for sale only of PhD dissertations completed prior to 1957, and only if permission of the author can be obtained. Copies of Master's theses likewise can be provided only if the author has given permission. To find out if a copy can be made please contact InterLibrary Services. A majority of older PhD dissertations can usually be purchased directly from ProQuest UMI Dissertation Publishing.


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