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Geological Sciences Theses and Dissertations Index : 2009 - 2012

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The Undergraduate Senior Honors Theses, Master's Theses, and PhD Dissertations shown in this table were completed at the University of Texas at Austin in the field of Geological Sciences. This index encompasses the year 2009 - 2012 and includes links to available abstracts. Dissertation abstracts published prior to 2001 may be found through Dissertations and Theses: Full Text.

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Abbott, S. Vesicle textures and their implications for processes occurring within a volcanic conduit : HRXCT analysis of white dacite pumice from Popocatépetl Volcano, Mexico 2011 May BS Gardner
Abdelaziz, A. Quantifying effect of flux controls on autogenic processes in fluvio-deltaic settings : a computer modeling approach 2012 Dec BS Kim
Ahmed, S.A. Will Iraq escape the resource curse? 2011 May MA Fisher
Ahn, H.I. Mineralogy and geochemistry of the non-sulfide Zn deposits in the Sierra Mojada district, Coahuila, Mexico 2010 August MS Kyle
Ahrens, H.E. Craniodental morphology of the raccoon, procyon lotor, and the relationships of procyonidae 2010 August MS Rowe
Aisner, R.E. Patch-reef and ramp interior facies architecture of the Early Albian Mural Limestone, Southeastern Arizona 2010 December MS Kerans
Ali, W.A.

Lithofacies, depositional environment, burial history and calculation of organic richness from the wireline logs : a study of Barnett Shale in the Delaware Basin, Pecos Co., West Texas, and comparison with the Barnett Shale in the Fort Worth Basin

2009 May MA Fisher
Al-Hadab, S.A. Diffraction imaging of sediment drifts in the Canterbury Basin, New Zealand 2012 December MS Fomel
Al-Johar, M.M. Constraining fracture permeability by characterizing fracture surface roughness 2010 December MS Sharp
Alkan, E. Exploring hydrocarbon-bearing shale formations with multi-component seismic technology and evaluating direct shear modes produced by vertical-force sources 2012 December PhD Hardage
Allan, A.M. Comparison of regularization techniques for the recovery of blocky structures 2009 December BS Sen
Al-Nazghah, M.H. Sedimentology and stratigraphy of the Arab D Reservoir, Qatif Field 2011 August MS Kerans
Altobelli, M.C. Hydration and textural patterns in Balmorhea blue agate 2011 May BS Helper
Andrews, B.J. Recharge, decompression, and collapse : dynamics of volcanic processes 2009 May PhD Gardner
Andring, M.J. Hydrogeological analysis of groundwater chemistry and sulfate distribution, Blanco and Hays Counties, Texas 2010 May MS Sharp
Arauza, S.J. Rare-earth-element uptake in Garnet : testing competing models 2009 May BS Carlson
Arias Gomez, P.A. Climate variability over the American monsoon and Amazonian regions during the last decades 2011 Aug PhD Fu
Armstrong, C.P. 3D seismic geomorphology and stratigraphy of the late Miocene to Pliocene Mississippi River Delta : fluvial systems and dynamics 2012 May MS Mohrig
Avitt, S.A. Copper isotope analysis of veins in the Grasberg Porphyry Cu-Au Deposit, Papua, Indonesia 2009 May BS Cloos
Baitis, E.E. Patterns and paleoshorelines of White Sands Dune Field, New Mexico 2011 May MS Kocurek
Bande, A.E. Foreland basin evolution and exhumation along the deformation front of the Eastern Cordillera, northern Andes, Colombia 2010 August MS Horton
Barber, B.L. Natural fracture characterization, Frontier Formation, Wyoming 2010 May MS Laubach
Barquero-Molina, M. Kinematics of bidirectional extension and coeval NW-directed contraction in orthogneisses of the Biranup Complex, Albany Fraser Orogen, Southwestern Australia 2009 May PhD Mosher
Bass, B.J. Seasonal soil moisture dynamics throughout a semiarid valley ecotone using quasi-3D time-lapse electrical resistivity imaging 2011 December BS Cardenas
Bellian, J.A. Laser-mapping and 3D reconstruction of the Lower Ordovician El Paso Group Breccia Collapse Breccias, Franklin Mountains, Texas 2009 August PhD Kerans
Beltran, M.A. Obstacle or opportunity : exploring opportunities for energy education in a low-income community 2012 May MA Rai
Bens, A.E. Architecture of deposits formed in a tectonically generated tidal strait, upper Baronia Fm., Ager Basin, South Central Pyrenees, Spain 2011 May MS Steel
Bixler, C.W. 1,500-year record of late Holocene temperature variability and recent warming from Laguna Chingaza, Colombia 2012 August MS Shanahan
Black, B.G. Monetizing stranded gas : economic valuation of GTL and LNG projects 2010 May MA Jablonowski
Black, K.N. Geochemical and geochronological relationships between granitoid plutons of the Biga Peninsula, NW Turkey 2012 May MS Catlos
Bowerman, A.R. Influences of sea surface temperature and variability of the North Atlantic subtropical high on drought in Texas 2011 December BS Fu
Boyd, C.A. Taxonomic revision of latest Cretaceous North American basal neornithischian taxa and a phylogenetic analysis of basal ornithischian relationships 2012 May PhD Clarke
Brown, M.G.L. Combined effects of global warming and a shutdown of the Atlantic meridional overturning circulation on West African and European climate 2012 May MS Cook
Burnett, W.A. Multiazimuth velocity analysis using velocity-independent seismic imaging 2011 May PhD Fomel
Burris, S.G. Gravity studies over West Antarctica 2012 August MS Blankenship
Burton, D. Geologically-based permeability anisotropy estimates for tidally-influenced reservoir analogs using lidar-derived, quantitative shale character data 2011 May PhD Wood
Caber, R.H. Paleocaves and associated features in the Lower Cretaceous Segovia Formation, Western Edwards Plateau, West Texas 2010 May MS Loucks
Cahalan, R.C. Determination of lithium diffusion rates in garnet and coupled diffusion of lithium and yttrium in garnet 2012 December BS Carlson
Cai, Y. Spectral recomposition and multicomponent seismic image registration 2012 May MS Fomel
Campos, H.M. Tectonostratigraphic and subsidence history of the northern Llanos foreland basin of Colombia 2011 August MS Mann
Cardona, P.A. Depositional history of the Taranaki Basin, New Zealand : linking sediment accumulation and subsidence rates to tectonic processes 2009 May MS Fisher
Carlin, J. Volumetric analysis of the Bony Labyrinth of Bats : apparent reduction in the evolution of the vestibular apparatus 2009 May BS Bell
Casteel, R.C. Modern assessment of climate, calcite growth, and the geochemistry of cave drip waters as a precursor to paleoclimate study 2011 August MS Banner
Castillo, L.M. Integrated analysis to optimize hydraulic fracturing treatment design in a clastic and carbonate formation in Torunos Hydrocarbon Field, Barinas - Apure Basin, Southwest Venezuela 2009 May MA Olson
Cavanaugh, S.L. Heat flow variability at the Costa Rica subduction zone as modeled by bottom-simulating reflector depths imaged in the CRISP 3D seismic survey 2012 August MS Bangs
Cessna, J.L. Formation of mineralogical zonations in ophiolites through reactive porous flow : a modeling study 2011 May MS Hesse
Chaderton, N.A.N. Sedimentation within the Tobago Forearc Basin with implications for the evolutionary history of the southern Barbados accretionary margin 2009 December PhD Wood
Chang, L. Integration of facies models in reservoir simulation 2010 December MA Fisher
Chavez, J.E. Unconventional resources : economic analysis and technology to produce synthetic crude oil 2009 May MA Groat
Chu, C. Seismic modeling and imaging with the Fourier Method : numerical analyses and parallel implementation strategies 2009 December PhD Stoffa
Claeson, K.M. Trends in evolutionary morphology : a case study in the relationships of angel sharks and batoid fishes 2010 May PhD Bell
Clayton, J.L. Stratigraphy and reservoir architecture of a Permian toe-of-slope ooid fan, Happy (Spraberry) Field, Garza Co., Texas 2011 May MS Kerans
Comeaux, R.S. Black mangrove (Avicennia sp.) colony expansion in the Gulf of Mexico with climate change : implications for wetland health and resistance to rising sea levels 2010 December MS Allison
Corbin, C.L. Geobarometry from Raman microspectrometry of quartz inclusions in garnet 2010 May BS Carlson
Cowan, B.D. Temporal and spatial variability of cave-air carbon dioxide in central Texas, USA 2010 May MS Banner
Cowan, T.C. Quantifying accumulation patterns in the uppermost North Polar Layered Deposits, Mars using internal radar stratigraphy 2012 May BS Holt
Criswell, K.E. Comparative osteology and phylogenetic relationships of Lepidosirenid lungfishes 2011 May MS Bell
Cross, E.A. Epitaxial nucleation of garnet in coronal metagabbros from the Adirondack mountains, New York 2011 May BS Carlson
Cross, G.E.. Evaporite deformation in the Sierra Madre Oriental, northeastern Mexico : décollement kinematics in an evaporite-detached thin-skinned fold belt 2012 May PhD Marrett
Davila-Chacon, A.C. Sand distribution along shelf-edge deltaic systems : a case study from eastern offshore Trinidad 2010 December MS Wood
DeBee, A.M. Taxonomic and anatomical assessment of the extinct Zygodactylidae (Aves) from the Green River Formation of Wyoming and placement of Zygodactylidae within Aves 2012 May MS Clarke
Dianiska, K.E. Serpentinite with rodingite from the Cuesta Ridge Ophiolite, near Morro Bay, California 2012 May BS Cloos
Dokur, M. Reservoir characterization of the Upper Cretaceous Woodbine Group in Northeast East Texas Field, Texas 2012 May MS Fisher
Doyle, S. Measuring diffusion coefficients in sandstones using LA-ICP-MS 2010 May BS Sharp
Dunckel, A.E. Thermal imaging of microbial mats provides clues to thermophile community structure : El Tatio Geyser, Chile 2009 May BS Cardenas
Dunn, E.M. Coral-based climate reconstructions from a massive porites coral from Sabine Bank (Vanuatu) 2009 August MS Quinn
Durkee, A.M. Econometric modeling of the impact of residential energy efficiency retrofits on home sale prices 2009 May MA Webber
Eastwood, E.N. Reconstructing environmental forcings on aeolian dune fields : results from modern, ancient, and numerically-simulated dunes 2011 December PhD Kocurek
Egberts, S. Cranial morphology of an exceptionally preserved specimen of the Lower Permian reptile Captorhinus aguti 2009 May MS Bell
Ekdale, E.G. Variation within the Bony Labyrinth of Mammals 2009 December PhD Rowe
El-Azzi, J.A. Stratigraphic architecture and eustatic setting of slope grainstones associated with peak icehouse conditions 2010 May MS Kerans
Eldam, N.S. Structural controls on evaporite paleokarst development, Mississippian Madison Formation, Bighorn Canyon Recreation Area, Wyoming and Montana 2012 May MS Kerans
Ellis, M.A. Fracture development and diagenesis of the Torridonian Applecross Formation, Northwest Scotland 2009 August MS Laubach
Errico, J.C. Oxygen isotope evidence for interaction of Franciscan high-grade blocks in the mantle wedge with sediment derived fluids, Ring Mountain (Tiburon) and Jenner Beach, California 2012 August MS Barnes
Erturk, M. Economic analysis of wind and solar energy sources of Turkey 2011 May MA Jablonowski
Ewing, R.C. Aeolian dune-field boundary conditions and dune interactions related to dune-field Pattern formation on Earth and Mars 2009 December PhD Kocurek
Fairbanks, M.D. High resolution stratigraphy and facies architecture of the Upper Cretaceous (Cenomanian-Turonian) Eagle Ford Group, Central Texas 2012 August MS Fisher
Fidler, L.J. Natural fracture characterization of the New Albany Shale, Illinois Basin, United States 2011 December MS Laubach
Fitch, J.D. Cenozoic evolution of a fragmented foreland basin, Altiplano plateau, southern Peru 2012 May MS Horton
Fitz, G.G. Offshore mapping and modeling of Miocene-Recent extensional basins adjacent to metamorphic gneiss domes of the D'Entrecasteaux Islands, eastern Papua New Guinea 2011 August MS Mann
Fong-Ngern, R. Sequence stratigraphy, sandstone architecture, and depositional systems of the Lower Miocene succession in the Carancahua Bay Area, Texas Gulf Coast 2011 August MS Fisher
Franks, M.A. Archaea at the El Tatio Geyser Field : community composition, diversity, and distribution across hydrothermal features and geochemical gradients 2012 May PhD Bennett
Gallardo, A. Trade-offs in electricity planning in Mexico 2011 August MA Groat
Garcia-Fresca, B. Outcrop-constrained flow and transport models of reflux dolomitization 2009 December PhD Lucia
Gary, M.O. Karst hydrogeology and speleogenesis of Sistema Zacatón, Tamaulipas, Mexico 2009 December PhD Sharp
George, C.O. Alternative approaches to the identification and reconstruction of paleoecology of Quaternary mammals 2012 December PhD Bell
German, L.Y. Deciphering the dynamics of the Simav Fault in Western Turkey 2012 December BS Catlos
Goepfert, K.J. Influence of pre-eruptive storage conditions and volatile contents on explosive fragmentation of mafic Plinian eruptions 2009 May MS Gardner
Gomez, C.A. Clastic wedge development and sediment budget in a source-to-sink transect (late Campanian Western Interior Basin, SW Wyoming and N Colorado) 2009 December PhD Steel
Gorman, M.K. Coral-based reconstruction of surface salinity at Sabine Bank, Vanuatu 2011 May MS Quinn
Graf, S.B. Pore fluid pressure detection within the plate boundary fault interface of the Costa Rica convergent margin using AVO attributes 2012 December MS Bangs
Graham, E.M. Three-dimensional gas migration and gas hydrate systems of south Hydrate Ridge, offshore Oregon 2011 May MS Bangs
Gryger, S.M. Geologic framework of the Sierra Mojada Mining District, Coahuila, Mexico : an integrative study of a Mesozoic platform-basin margin 2010 December MS Kyle
Gulden, L.E. Quantification of the confidence that can be placed in land-surface model predictions : applications to vegetation and hydrologic Processes 2009 August PhD Yang
Han, S. Vitalization of natural gas market in East Asia 2012 May MA Groat
Harbor, R.L. Facies characterization and stratigraphic architecture of organic-rich mudrocks, Upper Cretaceous Eagle Ford Formation, South Texas 2011 August MS Ruppel
Hargrove, P.G. Fault-related fracture systems in the Cambrian Eriboll Formation, Northwest Scotland : a field and petrographic study of a tight gas sandstone analog 2010 August MS Laubach
Harman, C.A. Quantified facies distribution and sequence geometry of the Yates Formation, Slaughter Canyon, New Mexico 2011 August MS Kerans
Hatley, E.R. Assessing the kinematic significance of the Plattengneis, a major intracrustal transport horizon in the Koralpe, Eastern Alps 2010 August MS Carlson
Hauwert, N.M. Groundwater flow and recharge within the Barton Springs Segment of the Edwards Aquifer, Southern Travis and Northern Hays Counties, Texas 2009 May PhD Sharp
Hebel, A.K. Energy-water nexus : sustainability of coal and water resources 2010 May MA Groat
Helbert, D.K. Reservoir characterization and sequence stratigraphy of Permian San Andres Platform Carbonates, Fullerton Field, Permian Basin, West Texas 2010 May MS Ruppel
Hereid, K.A. El Niño-southern oscillation variability during the little ice age and medieval climate anomaly reconstructed from fossil coral geochemistry and pseudoproxy analysis 2012 December PhD Quinn
Hiebert, S.F. Stratigraphic hierarchy and shelf-to-basin architecture of Aptian-Albian Mural Shelf, Cerro Caloso Range, Sonora, Mexico 2010 December BA Kerans
Hoag, S.H. Coast range ophiolite near Stonyford, Northern California : evidence for normal faulting 2012 May MS Cloos
Hooker, J.N. Fracture scaling and diagenesis 2012 December PhD Laubach
Hoontrakul, P. Peer effects and ownership costs in the diffusion of residential solar photovoltaic in California 2012 May MA Rai
Hosgor, E. Assessing the impact of commodity price assumptions on facility optimization : a case in offshore oil and gas 2009 May MA Jablonowski
Huber, K.G. Geochemistry and geochronology of meta-igneous rocks from the Tokat Massif, north-central Turkey 2011 December MS Catlos
Hull, D.C. Stratigraphic architecture, depositional systems, and reservoir characteristics of the Pearsall Shale-Gas System, Lower Cretaceous, South Texas 2011 August MS Loucks
Iñigo, J.F.P. Structural model and fracture analyses for a major gas emplacement in Devonian sandstones of the Subandes 2009 August MS Laubach
Jackson, J.E. Neogene intrusions in the Western Central Range, Papua, Indonesia : petrologic, geochemical, and isotopic comparison of the Miocene Ular Merah and Pliocene Komopa Magmatic Districts 2010 May MS Cloos
Jacob, L.R. Remote sensing, geochemistry, geochronology, and cathodoluminescence imaging of the Egrigoz, Koyunoba, and Alacam Plutons, Northern Menderes Massif, Turkey 2011 May MS Catlos
Jiang, X. Regional-scale land–climate interactions and their impacts on air quality in a changing climate 2010 December PhD Yang
Jo, D. Decision analysis of an oil company's retail strategy in the face of electric vehicle penetration uncertainty 2012 May MA Bickel
Jones, A.A. Microbe-mineral affinity in sulfuric acid karst systems 2011 August MS Bennett
Jones, N.B. Integrated lidar and outcrop study of syndepositional faults and fractures in the Capitan Formation, Guadalupe Mountains, New Mexico, U.S.A. 2012 December MS Kerans
Josyula, S.K. Modeling adoption of solar photovoltaics and analysis of net metering in the city of Austin 2011 August MA Rai
Joy, C.A. Effects of pressure variations and chemical reactions on the elasticity of the lower Tuscaloosa Sandstone of the Cranfield Field, Mississippi 2011 August MS Sen
Kallstrom, M.J. Fluid and metal sourcing for the native silver deposits in the Batopilas Mining District, Chihuahua, Mexico 2012 August MS Kyle
Kao, J.C.-C. Deep water Gulf of Mexico pore pressure estimation utilizing P-SV waves from multicomponent seismic in Atlantis Field 2009 December MS Tatham
Karaman, O. Shoreline architecture and sequence stratigraphy of Campanian Iles clastic wedge, Piceance Basin, CO : influence of Laramide movements in Western Interior Seaway 2012 August MS Steel
Kaylor, A.L. Fluid inclusion and cathodoluminescence approach to reconstruct fracture growth in the Triassic-Jurassic La Boca Formation, Northeastern Mexico 2011 Dec MS Eichhubl
Kelly, E.D. Unrecognized complexities of metamorphism : crystallization kinetics, reaction af-finity, and geochronology 2011 December PhD Carlson
Kent, M.E. Examining supercritical CO2 dissolution kinetics during carbon sequestration through column experiments 2011 August MS Bennett
Kim, T.E. Transaction cost and host country's opportunistic behavior in oil E&P project 2011 May MA Jablonowski
Kloss, T.T. Evolution of a regionally extensive evaporite removal paleokarst complex : Mississippian Madison Group, Wyoming 2011 December MS Kerans
Kopriva, B.T. Response of minibasin subsidence to variable deposition : experiments and theory 2012 May MS Kim
Korkulu, Z. Wind energy in Turkey : potential and economic viability 2011 May MA Groat
Krishnamoorthy, B. Feasibility study on utility-scale solar integration in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 2010 May MA Spence
Lamb, A.P.J. Investigation of anisotropy using AVAZ and rock physics modeling in the Woodford Shale, Anadarko Basin, OK 2012 May MS Tatham
Lapierre, N.R. Challenges to integrating wind energy: a study of ERCOT's ability to integrate substantial amounts of wind energy by 2030 2010 May MA Webber
Lee, S. Challenges and strategies of shale gas development 2012 May MA Groat
Levine, J.S. In situ melt generation in anatectic migmatites and the role of strain in preferentially inducing melting 2011 August PhD Mosher
Liu, Z. GBM & MRJ : two oil pricing models’ comparison and effect on project NPV calculation 2009 May MA Lasdon
Lovitz, T.D. Geomorphology and stratigraphic evolution of the giant foresets, Taranaki Basin, New Zealand 2009 August MS Fisher
McAndrews, K.L. To conserve or consume : behavior change in residential solar PV owners 2011 December MA Rai
McDowell, E.A. Evaluation of quartz-inclusion barometry by laser Raman Microspectrometry : a case study from the Llano Uplift of Central Texas 2010 August MS Carlson
McElroy, B.J. Expressions and implications of sediment transport variability in Sandy Rivers 2009 December PhD Mohrig
Mackey, G.N. Provenance of the South Texas Paleocene-Eocene Wilcox Group, Western Gulf of Mexico Basin : insights from sandstone modal compositions and detrital zircon geochronology 2009 August MS Milliken
Maharaj, V.T. Effects of confining minibasin topography on turbidity current dynamics and deposit architecture 2012 December PhD Wood
Makechnie, G.K. Sequence stratigraphic analysis of marginal marine sabkha facies : Entrada Sandstone, Four Corners region 2010 August MS Kocurek
Markovich, K. Integrated remote sensing and hydrochemical analysis of a playa lake-groundwater system in northern Chile 2012 May BS Pierce
Markowski, M.S. Characterizing groundwater-surface water interactions in a regulated river using electrical resistivity 2010 May BS Cardenas
Martin, K.M. Geophysical investigations in the Nankai Trough and Sumatran subduction zones 2011 December PhD Gulick
Mehring, P.M. Petrology of the Coast Range Ophiolite near San Simeon, California : implications for tectonic setting 2009 August MS Cloos
Merrell, M.P. Pressure and stress at Mad Dog Field, Gulf of Mexico 2012 December MS Flemings
Meyer, K.J. Southwest U.S. paleoclimate over the past 30 ky : insights from speleothem δ18O and growth rate time series 2011 Dec BS Banner
Meyer, K.W. New insights into the carbon isotope composition of speleothem calcite : an assessment from surface to subsurface 2012 May MS Breecker
Meyer, L.H. Quantifying the role of agriculture and urbanization in the nitrogen cycle across Texas 2012 May MS Yang
Meyer, N.A. Simulating the accumulation of calcite in soils using the soil hydraulic model HYDRUS-1D 2012 August MS Breecker
Michaelides, M.N. Depositional and diagenetic processes in the formation of the Eocene Jackson Group bentonites, Gonzales County, Texas 2011 December MS Kyle
Miller, E.N. Question of capacity assessing CO2 sequestration potential in Texas offshore lands 2012 December MS Tinker
Mills, S. Impact of trace metal concentrations on the luminescence of hydrothermal calcite veins from the Batopilas Mining District, Chihuahua, Mexico 2009 May BS Kyle
Mohammed, R.I. Distribution and development of middle Miocene submarine fans, Taranaki Basin, New Zealand 2011 August MS Fisher
Monroy Santiago, F. Interrelationships between carbonate diagenesis and fracture development : example from Monterrey Salient, Mexico and implications for hydrocarbon reservoir characterization 2012 May PhD Marrett
Moreno, C.J. Paleogene sedimentation patterns and basin evolution during Andean orogenesis, Middle Magdalena Valley basin, Colombia 2010 Aug MS Horton
Morgan, F.L. Fracture aperture and spacing patterns in two folded quartz arenites : Cambrian Flathead Formation, Teton Range, Wyoming and Cambrian Eriboll Formation, Northwest Scotland 2011 May BS Laubach
Morgan, J.L. Quantitative seismic geomorphology of a confined channel complex, southern Atwater fold belt, Gulf of Mexico, U.S.A. 2010 Aug MS Wood
Nance, H.S. Controls on and uses of hydrochemical and isotopic heterogeneity in the plateau aquifer system, contiguous aquifers, and associated surface water, Edwards Plateau region, Texas 2010 May PhD Sharp
Nicholson, A.J. Deposition of the fluvial Ericson Sandstone, Rock Springs Uplift, SW Wyoming: how embryonic Laramide uplift controlled sedimentation 2010 May BS Steel
Nicholson, A.J. Empirical analysis of fault seal capacity for CO2 sequestration, Lower Miocene, Texas Gulf Coast 2012 May MS Tinker
Nittrouer, J.A. Sediment transport dynamics in the lower Mississippi River : non-uniform flow and its effects on river-channel morphology 2010 December PhD Mohrig
Nowinski, J.D. Intra-meander groundwater-surface water interactions in a losing experimental stream 2010 August MS Cardenas
Ogunlu, B. Competitive renewable energy zones in Texas : suggestions for the case of Turkey 2012 May MA Baldick
Oh, K.T. Velocity modeling to determine pore aspect ratios of the Haynesville Shale 2012 May MS Spikes
Olori, J.C. Evolution of skeletal development in early tetrapods : anatomy and ontogeny of Microsaurs (Lepospondyli) 2011 May PhD Bell
Olyphant, J.J. Creation and degradation of an aquifer caused by land use change : Seymour Aquifer, Rolling Plains, Texas 2009 December MS Scanlon
Onwuka, A.C. Econometric analysis of the impact of market concentration on prices in the offshore drilling rig market 2010 December MA Jablonowski
Owens, L.A. Facies and depositional history of Aptian (Cretaceous) beaches : a 120 MY old record of fetch and prevailing wind patterns during transgression of the Texas Hill Country 2009 May BS Kerans
Ozkan, A. Structural diagenetic attributes of the late Williams Fork Sandstones with implications for petrophysical interpretation and fracture prediction, Piceance Basin, Colorado 2010 May PhD Milliken
Passarello, M.C. New methods for quantifying and modeling estimates of anthropogenic and natural recharge : a case study for the Barton Springs Segment of the Edwards Aquifer, Austin, Texas 2011 May MS Sharp
Pequeno, M.A. Albian/Maastrichtian tectono-stratigraphic evolution of Central Santos Basin, Offshore Brazil 2009 December PhD Fisher
Percy, M.S. Facies architecture and petrology of an Albian Rudist Reef, Medina area, South Texas 2009 May BA Kerans
Perez, A.M. Azimuthal analysis of hybrid gathers 2009 May MS Tatham
Perez, N.D. Late Miocene sedimentation in the Central Andean Foreland Basin, Southern Bolivia : constraint from magnetostratigraphy 2009 December BS Horton
Petter, A.L. Stratigraphic implications of the spatial and temporal variability in sediment transport in rivers, deltas, and shelf margins 2010 May PhD Steel
Peyret, A.-P. B. Morphodynamics and geometry of channels, turbidites and bedforms 2011 December PhD Mohrig
Phan, S.D.T. Pre-injection reservoir evaluation at Dickman Field, Kansas 2011 August MS Sen
Phelps, R.M. Middle-Hauterivian to Lower-Campanian sequence stratigraphy and stable isotope geochemistry of the Comanche Platform, South Texas 2011 May PhD Kerans
Pinkston, D.P. From outcrop to functional reservoir model – using outcrop data to model the tidally dominated Esdolomada Sandstone, NE Spain 2012 May MS Steel
Pokala, N. Fall and winter spatial ecology and home range characteristics of nerodia erythrogaster (reptilia; squamata; colubridae) in a semi-urban creek, Austin, Texas 2012 May BS Bell
Polat, F.O. Core-Seismic correlation and sequence stratigraphy at IODP Expedition 317 drillsites, Canterbury Basin, New Zealand 2012 December MS Fulthorpe
Powell, E.J. Varying flux controls on timescales of autogenic storage and release processes in fluvio-deltaic environments : tank experiments 2011 May MS Kim
Puerta Ortega, C.A. Value of information analysis of permeability data in a carbon, capture and storage project 2012 May MA Bickel
Punnette, S.W. Structural framework and its influence on the Quaternary-age sequence architecture of the northern shelf of Trinidad and Tobago 2010 August MS Mann
Pyle, L.A. Isolating the effect of mineral-organic interactions on the decomposition of recalcitrant organic soil carbon 2012 August MS Breecker
Quinn, A.E. Carbon Isotope analysis of the sources and mechanisms of CO2 input and removal from central Texas cave systems 2010 May BS Banner
Ramirez, M.T. Suspension of bed material over lateral sand bars in the Lower Mississippi River, Southeastern Louisiana 2011 December MS Allison
Ramnarine, S.K. Late Cretaceous turbidites, Heidrun field, Norwegian Continental Shelf 2011 May MA Moscardelli
Reinhardt, T.P. Empirical methods for comparing governance structure 2009 May MA Jablonowski
Reyes, D. Effects of urbanization on groundwater quality in a rapidly urbanizing watershed 2012 May BS Banner
Rinehart, E.A. Effects of channel migration on point bar development in the lower Trinity River, Texas 2011 May BS Mohrig
Ritter, S.M. Risk management strategies and portfolio analysis for electricity generation planning and integration of renewable portfolio standards 2010 May MA Spence
Rodgers, J.C. Comparative morphology of the vestibular semicircular canals in therian mammals 2011 December PhD Rowe
Rodriguez, A.B. Regional structure, stratigraphy, and hydrocarbon potential of the Mexican sector of the Gulf of Mexico 2011 August MS Mann
Rosero Ramirez, E.X. Evaluating enhanced hydrological representations in Noah LSM over transition zones : an ensemble-based approach to model diagnostics 2009 December PhD Yang
Sadler, C.E. Airborne lidar-aided comparative facies architecture of Yates Formation (Permian) middle to outer shelf depositional systems, McKittrick Canyon, Guadalupe Mountains, New Mexico and west Texas 2010 December MA Kerans
Sánchez, C.J. Cenozoic structural evolution of the eastern margin of the Middle Magdalena Valley basin, Colombia : integration of structural restorations, low-temperature thermochronology, and sandstone petrography 2011 August MS Horton
Sanchez, C.M. Controls on sedimentary processes and 3D stratigraphic architecture of a mid-Miocene to recent, mixed carbonate-siliciclastic continental margin : northwest shelf of Australia 2011 May PhD Steel
Santra, M. Patterns of infill and basin-scale architecture : Tyee forearc basin, and observation from a segment of New Jersey passive margin 2012 May PhD Steel
Sawyer, A.H. Complexity in river-groundwater exchange due to permeability heterogeneity, in-stream flow obstacles, and river stage fluctuations 2011 May PhD Cardenas
Sawyer, D.E. Failure mechanics, transport behavior, and morphology of submarine landslides 2010 December PhD Flemings
Schneider, J. Compression and permeability behavior of natural mudstones 2011 December PhD Flemings
Shahin, A. Detection of production-induced time-lapse signatures by geophysical (seismic and CSEM) measurements 2011 May PhD Stoffa
Shan, N. Sensitivity of seismic response to variations in the Woodford Shale, Delaware Basin, West Texas 2010 December MS Tatham
Shin, T.A. Tectonic relationships between ultra-high pressure subduction complex assemblages and co-existing granitoids, Sivrihisar Massif, Turkey 2011 May BS Catlos
Siks, B.C. Sedimentary, structural, and provenance record of the Cianzo basin, Puna plateau-Eastern Cordillera boundary, NW Argentina 2011 May MS Horton
Sil, S. Two-way traveltime analysis for seismic reservoir characterization 2009 May PhD Sen
Singh, A. Facility planning and value of information using a tank reservoir model : a case study in reserve uncertainty 2010 May MA Jablonowski
Singh, K.A. Geometry and nature of modern and ancient mass transport deposits worldwide 2010 May MS Wood
Singleton, J.S. Kinematic and geometric evolution of the Buckskin-Rawhide metamorphic core complex, west-central Arizona 2011 December PhD Mosher
Slottke, D.T. Surface roughness of natural rock fractures: implications for prediction of fluid flow 2010 May PhD Sharp
Smith, A.J. Observations and models of venting at deepwater Gulf of Mexico vents 2012 May MS Flemings
Smith, N.A. Systematics and evolution of extinct and extant Pan-Alcidae (Aves, Charadriiformes) : combined phylogenetic analyses, divergence estimation, and paleoclimatic interactions 2011 August PhD Clarke
Smith, V.B. Geomorphology of a coastal sand-bed river : Lower Trinity River, Texas 2012 December PhD Mohrig
Song, X. Application of Fourier finite differences and lowrank approximation method for seismic modeling and subsalt imaging 2012 December PhD Fomel
Sosa Ceballos, G. Evolution of Plinian magmas from Popocatépetl Volcano, México 2011 August PhD Gardner
Stacy, S.J. Evidence from high-temporal-resolution strain rates for strain softening due to episodic fluid influx at Passo del Sole, Central Swiss Alps 2012 December MS Carlson
Stanley, B.A. Effects of dam-induced daily river stage fluctuations and sedimentary architecture of a large gravel bar on groundwater flowpaths 2009 August MS Cardenas
Steel, L.-E. Characterization of large-scale erosional events and depositional sequences within the North Polar Layered Deposits, Mars 2012 May BS Holt
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