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Geological Sciences Theses and Dissertations Index : 2001-2008

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The Master's Theses and PhD Dissertations shown in this table were completed at the University of Texas in the field of Geological Sciences. The list begins in the year 2001 and includes links to available abstracts. Dissertation abstracts published prior to 2001 may be found through Dissertations and Theses: Full Text.

Last Name Title Date Published Degree Supervisor
Aconcha Integrated core, well log, and seismic interpretation of Albian Patch Reefs in Maverick Basin, SW Texas 2008 May MS Kerans
Ahmed Imaging the lower slope, offshore Nicaragua and Costa Rica 2003 December PhD Stoffa
Aitken Cenozoic stratigraphic and tectonic history of the Grenada and Tobago Basins as determined from marine seismic data, wells, and onland geology 2005 May MS Mann
Alaslani 3D seismic surface multiple attenuation : algorithms and analysis 2001 December PhD Stoffa
Aljadher Imaging of R3 profile of Chicxulub offshore seismic data using prestack split-stip Fourier migration in the plane wave domain 2008 August MS Stoffa
Alkan Multi-dimensional land seismic data-acquisition techniques and random survey design 2007 August MS Hardage
AlMuhaidib Pre-stack inversion for porosity estimation from seismic data in an oil field, Eastern Saudi Arabia 2008 August MS Sen
Altobi Milankovitch orbital forcing controls on shallow-water carbonate cyclicity and early dolomitization : insights from the Lower Cretaceous Cupido Platform, NE Mexico 2007 May PhD Marrett
Alvarez Tectonic geomorphology of the Eastern Trinidad Shelf; implications for influence of structure on reservoir distribution and nature in older basin fill 2008 December MS Wood
Amaya Evaluation of risk analysis methods and the applications in exploration and production of an offshore petroleum and gas field 2001 May MA van Rensburg
Anderson High pressure metamorphism in the Western Llano Uplift 2001 May MS Carlson
Aschoff Controls on clastic wedge and growth strata development in foreland basins : Examples from Cretaceous Cordilleran Foreland Basin Strata, USA 2008 May PhD Steel
Asquith Modeling of runoff-producing rainfall hyetographs in Texas using L-moment statistics 2003 May PhD Sharp
Badescu Reservoir characterization, Miocene Starfak and Tiger Shoal Fields, Offshore Louisiana 2002 December PhD Fisher
Bailey Methods comparisons and spatial analysis of field parameter quantification of unsaturated flow at an existing wastewater infiltration system; Mines Park, Golden, Colorado 2006 December MS McCray
Baitis Grain sizes of recent siliciclastic deposits in Wax Lake Delta, Louisiana 2008 May BS Mohrig
Balanoff Osteological description of an embryonic elephant bird (Ratitae: Aepyornis) using high-resolution x-ray computed tomography 2003 December MS Rowe
Baldwin Pliocene-Quaternary deformation and magmatism at the southern margin of the Puna Plateau, Argentine Andes 2005 December MS Marrett
Baline Hydrothermal fluids and Cu-Au mineralization of the Deep Grasberg Porphyry deposit, Papua, Indonesia 2007 May MS Kyle
Bansal Seismic characterization of naturally fractured reservoirs 2007 May PhD Sen
Barker Effects of nutrient-bearing minerals on hydrocarbon biodegradation 2004 May MS Bennett
Berg, A.A. Sensitivity of land surface model simulations to bias correction of the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts Reanalysis 2001 December MS Famiglietti
Berg, C.A. Strain rates and constraints on chemical homogeneity and length scales of equilibration during Alpine metamorphism at Passo Del Sole, Central Swiss Alps 2007 May PhD Carlson
Bermúdez Santana Sequence stratigraphy and depositional history of the Upper Cañon Del Tule, Las Imagenes 2003 December PhD Buffler
Bever Studies on post-natal variation and variability in the vertebrate skeleton and its paleontological implications 2006 December PhD Bell
Beveridge Origin and evolution of the Gran Desierto Sand Sea Sonora, Mexico 2004 August MS Kocurek
Bhullar Anatomy and phylogeny of xenosaurus and its extinct relatives 2008 December MS Bell
Blackwood Tidal signatures in sand prone, tectonically generated Jurassic Straits, Scotland 2006 May MS Steel
Bonal Field experiments for fracture characterization : studies of seismic anisotropy and tracer imaging with GPR 2007 December PhD Wilson
Branstetter Parallel river transport algorithm and applications to climate studies 2001 December PhD Famiglietti
Budge Delineating contributing areas for karst springs using NEXRAD data and cross-correlation analysis 2008 August PhD Sharp
Bumgarner Estimating biozone hydraulic conductivity in wastewater soil absorption systems using inverse numerical modeling 2005 May MS McCray
Burger Mid-Pleistocene to present stratigraphic responses in a tectonically-driven depositional setting : Eel River Basin, Northern California 2002 December PhD Galloway
Burnett General transform for reversible seismic data processing by nonstationary filtering 2007 May MS Feguson
Cagle Temporal and spatial sulfate variability in groundwater at a Lignite Mine, Northeast Texas 2007 December MS Sharp
Campbell, M.A. Development of the Los Chivos Platform, a Paleocene carbonate buildup in a siliciclastic dominated Salt Basin, La Popa Basin, Northeast Mexico 2003 December MS Fisher
Campbell, T.C. Integrating seismic geomorphology into improved reservoir models of shelf margin deltas, Corallita/Lantana Field, Trinidad 2007 May MS Wood
Carter, M.J. Structural and petrographic analysis of Cambrian Rocks at Beavertail State Park, Narragansett Basin, Rhode Island 2008 August MS Mosher
Carter, S.P. Evolving subglacial water systems in East Antarctica from airborne radar sounding 2008 August PhD Blankenship
Carvajal, C.R. Sediment volume partitioning, topset processes and clinoform architecture - understanding the role of sediment supply, sea level and delta types in shelf margin building and deepwater sand bypass : the Lance-Fox Hills-Lewis System in S. Wyoming 2007 May PhD Steel
Castellanos Sequence stratigraphy and tectonics of the Guantao and Minghuazhen Formations, Zhao Dong Field, Bohai Bay, Eastern China 2007 May PhD Fisher
Castillo Structural analysis, fault systems, Southern Maracaibo Basin, Venezuela 2002 August PhD Fisher
Cathro Three-dimensional stratal development of a carbonate-siliciclastic sedimentary regime, Northern Carnarvon Basin, Northwest Australia 2001 December PhD Fisher
Cerda Reservoir depletion analysis, Teal South Field, Gulf of Mexico 2001 December MS Fisher
Cey Dissolved noble gases in groundwater 2008 May PhD Scanlon
Chaderton Evolution of the Tobago Forearc Basin : implications for sedimentation and hydrocarbon productivity 2005 August MS Wood
Chaille Relationship of mammalian morphometric diversity to environmental variations and its use in paleoclimatic reconstructions 2001 December PhD Lundelius
Chakraborty Integrated geologic model of Valhall Oil Field for numerical simulation of fluid flow and seismic response 2007 May MS Ferguson
Chatawanich Structural geology of the Pacheco Pass Area, Diablo Range, California 2001 May MS Cloos
Chen Seismicity and tectonics of the Arc Segmentation in the Solomon Island Arc, SW Pacific Ocean and their relation to subducting bathymetric features 2007 May MS Frohlich
Choh Microfacies and depositional environments of selected Pennsylvanian Calcareous algal deposits from Southern U.S.A., and application information technology for sedimentary petrology teaching and research 2004 May PhD Fisher
Choi Silicate surface chemistry and dissolution kinetics in dilute aqueous systems 2004 May PhD Bennett
Collins Characterization of blue gem topaz : a comparative analysis of Texas and Brazilian Topaz 2008 May BS Helper
Combellas Bigott Depositional and structural evolution of the Middle Miocene depositional episode, East-Central Gulf of Mexico 2003 December PhD Galloway
Comer Modal analysis of sand from the Nankai Accretionary Prism 2008 December BS Milliken
Contreras, A.J. Spatial delineation, fluid-lithology characterization, and petrophysical modeling of deepwater Gulf of Mexico reservoirs through joint AVA deterministic and stochastic inversion of 3D partially-stacked seismic amplitude data and well logs 2006 May PhD Fisher
Contreras, D.R. Defining the northeastern boundary of the supergiant Maracaibo Foreland Basin, Venezuela 2008 August MS Mann
Cooke Soil formation and erosion in Central Texas : insights from relict soils and cave deposits 2005 August PhD Stern
Coppersmith Structural analysis of the San Simeon Fault Zone, California : implications for transform tectonics 2008 December MS Cloos
Crawford Origin of partial-disequilibrium major- and trace-element zoning in garnets from the Picuris Mountains, NM 2008 May MS Carlson
Crespo Structural and sequence stratigraphic architecture of the Tertiary section in the Red Fish Bay Area of Texas 2006 May MA Fisher
Danque Subglacial west Antarctic volcanoes defined by aerogeophysical data and the potential for associated hydrothermal systems 2008 May MS Blankenship
Davidson Hydrogeological characterization of baseflow to Jacob's Well Spring, Hays County, Texas 2008 December MS Bennett
Davis, B.R. Complex structural and fluid flow evolution along the Grenville Front, Trans-Pecos Texas 2007 May MS Mosher
Davis, M.B. Subglacial morphology and structural geology in the southern Transantarctic Mountains 2001 August MS Blankenship
Davis, M.H. Tectonics of Tranquitas : a field study of rift through passive margin development and Laramide deformation in Triassic and Jurassic strata of the Sierra Madre Oriental, NE Mexico 2005 May MS Marrett
Delgado Gutierrez Stratigraphic evolution and facies analysis in a Paleocene reef mound, La Popa Basin, Northeast Mexico 2003 August MS Fisher
DeMott Travertine deposits as records of groundwater evolution in urbanizing environments 2007 December MS Banner
Derickson Origin of a complex dune pattern, Algodones, Southeastern California 2005 August MS Kocurek
Dewhurst Structural analysis in the Coast Range Ophiolite near Paskenta, California : implications for tectonic uplift processes 2008 August MS Cloos
Diaz-Tushman Fracture tectonics, fracture porosity evolution and structural diagenesis, Cambrian Eriboll sandstones, Northwestern Scotland 2007 May MS Laubach
Diehl Gravity analyses for the crustal structure and subglacial geology of West Antarctica, particularly beneath Thwaites Glacier 2008 August PhD Blankenship
Dotter Characterization of historic lime mortars 2006 May MS Milliken
Dufeau The cranial anatomy of the theropod dinosaur Shuvuuia deserti (Coelurosauri: Alvarezsauridae), and its bearing upon coelurosaurian phylogeny 2003 May MS Rowe
Duncan Latest Quaternary stratigraphy and seafloor morphology of the New Jersey Continental Shelf 2001 May PhD Galloway
Dunn Xenolith mineralogy and geology of the Prairie Creek Lamproite Province, Arkansas 2002 December PhD Smith
Edwards Integrated evaluation of a mature Lower Miocene siliciclastic gas field 2003 May MS Fisher
Eisterhold Geotechnical and economic constraints of the US strategic petroleum 2008 May MA Webber
Elmore Quaternary seismic stratigraphic investigations, Yakutat Bay Region, Gulf of Alaska : subglacial drainage mechanics and glacial expanse 2008 December MS Gulick
Elshayeb Integrated sequence stratigraphy, depositional environments, diagenesis, and reservoir characterization of the Cotton Valley Sandstones (Jurassic), East Texas Basin, USA 2004 August PhD McBride
Engel Geomicrobiology of sulfuric acid speleogenesis : microbial diversity, nutrient cycling, and controls on cave formation 2004 May PhD Bennett
Escalona Regional tectonics, sequence stratigraphy and reservoir properties of Eocene clastic sedimentation, Maracaibo Basin, Venezuela 2003 December PhD Fisher
Evans Using chemical data to define flow systems in Cuatro Cienegas, Coahuila, Mexico 2005 August MS Sharp
Ewing Pattern variability in natural dune fields 2004 May MS Kocurek
Fachmi Quantitative seismic geomorphology of Gabus and Belanak Fields, West Natuna Basin, Indonesia 2003 December MS Fisher
Filina Geophysical investigations of subglacial Lakes Vostok and Concordia, East Antarctica 2007 December PhD Blankenship
Flint Fluvial-deltaic and shallow-marine seismic geomorphology of the West Natuna Basin : implications for reservoir architecture and basin evolution 2006 August MS Wood
Forkner Depositional periodicity and the hierarchy of stratigraphic forcing in the Triassic carbonates of the Dolomite Alps, N. Italy 2007 May PhD Cloos
Foster Evolution of a Lower Cretaceous carbonate platform 2003 May MS Goldhammer
Fox Physical modeling of evaporite-detached salients 2006 December MS Marrett
Franzosa Evolution of the brain in theropoda (dinosauria) 2004 May PhD Rowe
Frost Facies heterogeneity, platform architecture and fracture patterns of the Devonian Reef Complexes, Canning Basin, Western Australia 2007 December PhD Kerans
Fuller Geochronology of Heimefrontfjella, East Antarctica with implications for Grenvillian and Pan-African Orogenesis 2003 December MS Connelly
Fullmer Modeling reflux dolomitization 2005 August MS Lucia
Funk Cenozoic tectonics of the Nicaraguan Depression, Nicaragua, and Median Trough, El Salvador, based on seismic reflection profiling and remote sensing data 2007 August MS Mann
Gandler Calc-silicate alteration and Cu-Au mineralization of the Deep MLZ Skarn, Ertsberg District, Papua, Indonesia 2006 December MS Kyle
Gao Upper mantle seismic structure beneath the Central Rio Grande Rift and beneath eastern Mexico and their implications 2006 May PhD Grand
Garber Impact of fluid evolution on garnet growth in pelitic rocks from Harpswell Neck, Maine 2008 May BS Carlson
Garcia-Fresca Urban effects on groundwater recharge in Austin, Texas 2004 May MS Sharp
Garciacaro Stratigratigraphic architecture and basin fill evolution of a plate margin basin, eastern offshore Trinidad and Venezuela 2006 May MS Mann
Garner, B.D. Geochemical evolution of ground water in the Barton Springs segment of the Edwards Aquifer 2005 December MS Banner
Garner, T.T. Characterization of transport properties in granitic rock fractures with skins 2007 May PhD Sharp
George 3-D seismic evaluation of fault control on Quaternary subsidence patterns, rates, and related surface morphology in southeastern Louisiana 2008 August MS Mohrig
Ghebretensae Danakil Depression, Eritrea, Africa 2002 May MS Buffler
Gibbons Spatial arrangement of deformation bands and processes of formation within porous sandstone : Arches National Park, Utah 2006 August MS Marrett
Gilmer Red Hills porphyry copper-molybdenum deposit Presidio County, Texas 2001 May MS Kyle
Goehring Seismic AVO response to variations in sandstone reservoir properties 2005 December MS Tatham
Gomez, A.D. Core study and sequence stratigraphic analysis of the Desmoinesian Barker Creek Zone, Table Mesa and Rattlesnake Fields, San Juan County, NM 2003 May MS Buffler
Gómez, C.T. Sensitivity of P-P, Sh-Sh and P-Sv seismic reflectivity to partial gas saturation 2005 May MS Tatham
Gómez-Cabrera Stratigraphic and structural analysis of the Neogene sediments of the offshore portion of the Salina del Istmo Basin, southeastern Mexico 2003 December PhD Fisher
Gomez Torres, L.A. Characterization of the spatial arrangement of opening-mode fractures 2007 May PhD Marrett
Gorney Chronology of Cenozoic tectonic events in western Venezuela and the Dutch Antilles based on integration of offshore seismic reflection data and onland geology 2005 May MS Mann
Grellet-Tinner Phylogenetic analysis of eggshells, implication for paleognathae phylogeny 2001 August MS Rowe
Griffin Mangas conglomerate, Tyrone Mine Area, Grant County, New Mexico 2001 May MS Buffler
Gudipati Long term subsidence monitoring using synthetic aperture radar interferometry 2003 December MS Wilson
Guilfoyle Temporal and spatial controls on cave water and speleothem calcite isotopic and elemental chemistry, central Texas 2006 August MS Banner
Gumble Complete anisotropic analysis of three component seismic data related to the marine environment and comparison to nine component land seismic data 2006 December PhD Tatham
Hammam Sequence stratigraphy of the Woodbine Formation, Henderson and Navarro Counties, Texas 2001 May MS Fisher
Hanzlik-Valentin Late Quaternary seismic stratigraphy and structure of the western insular shelf margin of Puerto Rico 2006 May MS Mann
Hare Fracture clustering analysis using the wavelet transform : example from Marble Falls limestone 2002 December MS Marrett
Harrington Deformation of blocks and matrix in Franciscan Melange, San Simeon, California 2001 December MS Cloos
Head Permian carbonate-hosted silver mineralization, Shafter, Presidio County, Texas 2002 May MS Kyle
Hedayati Reservoir trends and exploration potential of the El Vado sandstone member of the Mancos Shale, Northwestern New Mexico 2008 December MS Wood
Hemphill Hydrogeology of heterogeneous alluvium in the Leona Aquifer, Caldwell County, Texas 2005 May MS Sharp
Hernandez, J. Analyzing deep-water near seafloor geology with chirp sonar sub-bottom profiles : Green Canyon Gulf of Mexico 2006 December MS Fisher
Hernández, R.C. Vertical resolution of shear-wave velocity inverted from pre-stack P-wave seismic amplitude and offset measurements : numerical sensitivity analyses applied to the Onado Field, Eastern Venezuelan Basin 2008 December MS Fisher
Herrell Pegmatite-containing shear zones : feldspar augen megacrysts, Willimantic Dome, Central Connecticut 2002 May MS Mosher
Hixon Controls on scales of chemical equilibration during metamorphism : insights from garnet zoning patterns 2006 December MSCarlson
Hobbs Estimating the sediment budget for the Barton Springs segment of the Edwards Aquifer 2003 August MS Sharp
Hong MCMC algorithm, integrated 4D seismic reservoir characterization and uncertainty analysis in a Bayesian framework 2008 August PhD Sen
Hooker, J.N. Fault timing in the Sierra Madre Oriental, northeastern Mexico 2004 August MS Marrett
Hu Stochastic tomography and Gaussian beam depth migration 2008 December PhD Stoffa
Huff Flow dynamics of the Pitchstone Plateau obsidian flow in Yellowstone National Park, WY 2008 December BS Gardner
Huggins Facies architecture of the Manzanilla Formation, Trinidad and Tobago, WI 2007 May MA Steel
Hwang Biofuel clean development mechanism (CDM) : a financial fertilizer to expand biofuel market 2008 May MA Groat
Jaimes Carvajal Paleogene to recent tectonic and paleogeographic evolution of the Cariaco Basin, Venezuela 2003 December MS Fisher
Jass New perspectives on Pleistocene biochronology and biotic change in the East-Central Great Basin : an examination of the vertebrate fauna from Cathedral Cave, Nevada 2007 December PhD Bell
Jiao Residual migration velocity analysis in the plane wave domain 2001 May PhD Stoffa
Johnson Monetization of stranded natural gas in the United States unconventional resource plays : developing a green initiative in the Fort Worth Basin Barnett Shale 2008 May MA Groat
Jones, I.C. Geochemical evolution of groundwater in the Pleistocene limestone aquifer of Barbados 2002 December PhD Banner
Jones, J.V. Proterozoic tectonic evolution of southern Laurentia : new constraints from field studies and geochronology in Southern Colorado and Northern New Mexico, U.S.A. 2005 August PhD Connelly
Keese Assessing controls of climate, vegetation, and soils on diffuse groundwater recharge using unsaturated flow modeling 2005 August MS Scanlon
Kier Hydrogeologic Significance of Depositional Systems on Groundwater Quality and Water Resources in the Cisco Group, Upper Pennsylvanian and Lower Permian Facies, Rolling Plains, Texas 2004 May MS Dutton
Kilby Thrust kinematics in the Lower Congo Basin, deepwater Southern Gabon 2005 May MS Jackson
Knight Analysis of a granitic tectonite from the Western Salinian Block, Monterey County, California 2001 May MS Cloos
Knowles Fracture orientations and relationships in the Hueco Tanks Syenite, El Paso County, Texas 2008 May BS Helper
Koch Cunningham sand deltaic system southeast Bradley Springer Unit of the Golden Trend 2002 December MS Fisher
Krause Evaluation of DNA-labeled clay particles for use as a groundwater tracer 2002 December MS Bennett
Krawiec Linking the Nagssugtoqidian and Rinkian orogens of West Greenland through the Disko Bugt Region by U-Pb geochronology 2003 December MS Connelly
Kroehler Tectonics and sequence stratigraphy of the Venezuelan Basin, Caribbean Sea 2007 December MS Mann
Krothe Urbanization and hydrogeological systems : the physical effects of utility trenches 2002 December MS Sharp
Kumar, C. Parameter inversion for seismic anisotropy 2006 December PhD Ferguson
Kumar, D. Analysis of multicomponent seismic data from the hydrate ridge, offshore Oregon 2005 May PhD Sen
Kumar, K.M. Pore pressure prediction using multicomponent PS-wave seismic velocities : Columbus Basin, Trinidad W.I. 2006 May MS Ferguson
Lambert Petrology of the southwest margin of the Grasberg Igneous Complex, Papua, Indonesia 2008 August MS Cloos
Landrum Fate and transport of arsenic and antimony in the El Tatio Geyser Field, Chile 2007 May MS Bennett
Lane Evaluation of the pressure dependence of rare-earth-element concentrations in garnets from the Llano Uplift 2003 December MS Carlson
Le Calvez Physical modeling of normal faults and graben relays above salt 2002 May PhD Marrett
Lee Concentration of offshore drilling markets 2008 May MA Jablonowski
Leuro Radar interferometry measurement of land subsidence in El Paso, Texas 2004 May MS Wilson
Levine Structural analysis and detrital zircon provenance in the western Llano Uplift : implications for a southern collider 2005 May MS Mosher
Lindley Hydrologic function of small sinkholes in the Edwards Aquifer Recharge Zone 2005 December MS Sharp
Linhoff Geochemical evolution of uraniferous Soda Lakes in Eastern Mongolia 2008 December MS Bennett
Loewy Arequipa-Antofalla basement, a tectonic tracer in the reconstruction of Rodinia 2002 December PhD Connelly
Lowrey Regional Scale Flood Modeling Using NEXRAD Rainfall, GIS, and HEC-HMS/RAS: a Case Study for the San Antonio River Basin, Texas 2004 May PhD Yang
Lu Global and local controls on depositional cyclicity : Canterbury Basin, New Zealand 2004 May PhD Fisher
Lyons Polarization rotation upon reflection of direct shear waves in purely isotropic media 2006 December MS Tatham
Mabin Transport and transformation of sulfur species during sulfuric acid speleogenesis : geomicrobiological sulfur cycling within Lower Kane Cave, Wyoming 2005 December MS Bennett
McCole Seasonal water usage by Juniperus Ashei : assessment with stable isotopes of hydrogen and oxygen 2004 August MS Stern
McDavid Field study recognizing redevelopment opportunities for South Weslaco Field, Hidalgo County, Texas 2006 May MA Fisher
McDonald Chicxulub impact crater and oblique impact 2006 December MS Gulick
McFarlane Diffusion, closure temperatures, and accessory mineral petrogeneses 2003 May PhD Carlson
McGuire High-temperature carbonate replacement mineralization 2003 May MS Kyle
Macrini Evolution of endocranial space in mammals and non-mammalian cynodonts 2006 May PhD Rowe
Maga Systematic paleontological investigation of the metatherian fauna from the paleogene Uzunçarşıdere Formation, Central Turkey 2008 December PhD Bell
Maharaj Depositional element morphology and architecture of the Atoka Interval, Fort Worth Basin, TX, U.S.A. 2008 December MS Wood
Maher Architecture and seismic geomorphology of shelf edge deltas along an active tectonic margin, eastern offshore Trinidad 2007 May MS Wood
Makowitz Genetic association between brittle deformation and quartz cementation : examples from burial compaction and cataclasis 2004 May PhD McBride
Matzel Anisotropic seismic structure of the earth's mantle 2003 May PhD Grand
Meckel Tectonics of the Hjort Region of the Macquarie Ridge Complex 2003 May PhD Mosher
Medina Cogeneration : a technology review and a technical and economic evaluation of its integration into the cement industry 2002 December MA van Rensburg
Mehring Origin of modern quartz arenite sands on beaches of the Florida Panhandle 2005 May MS McBride
Mendoza-Veloza Architecture of lower-slope channel complexes, offshore Gabon, West Africa 2007 August MS Fisher
Merletti Extrapolation of elastic and petrophysical properties from wells using 3D prestack seismic amplitude data 2006 August MS Fisher
Meth Diffusion-controlled growth from a heterogeneous precursor : garnet crystallization at Passo del Sole, Switzerland 2002 May MS Carlson
Mickler Controls on the stable isotopic composition of speleothems, Barbados, West Indies 2004 May PhD Banner
Milewski Separating structural from depositional complexity in the Paleocene Lower Wilcox "Lobo" Sands, Zapata County, Texas 2007 May MS Steel
Miskelly Structural framework and depositional systems of a complex rift and strike-slip plate margin : Blocks CI-104 and 15, Ivory Coast, West Africa 2002 August MS Galloway
Mitchell Geochemical investigation of the formation and evolution of the Rio Grande Rift 2008 May BS Lassiter
Mize Controls on the morphology and development of Deep-Marine Channels, Eastern Offshore Trinidad and Venezuela 2004 December MS Wood
Montoya, P. Characterization of a sandstone fractured reservoir : Tacata Field, Northern Maturin Basin, Venezuela 2002 December MS Fisher
Montoya, P. Salt tectonics and sequence-stratigraphic history of minibasins near the Sigsbee Escarpment, Gulf of Mexico 2006 May PhD Fisher
Moore Sequence stratigraphic framework and systems tracts analysis of Lower Miocene shelfal clastic deposits : Redfish Bay Area, Texas Gulf Coast 2005 May MS Fisher
Morantes Quartz cementation modeling and reservoir quality of the Upper Cretaceous Sandstones in Carito Field, North Monagas, Venezuela 2003 August MS McBride
Morisani Detrital zircon geochronology and petrology of the Franciscan Graywacke Blocks at San Simeon : implications for mélange genesis 2006 December MS Cloos
Morris Generalized reflectivity approximation for P-P and P-S V Avo 2003 December MS Tatham
Moscardelli Mass transport processes and deposits in offshore Trinidad and Venezuela, and their role in continental margin development 2007 May PhD Wood
Mote Kinematic investigation in the Cripple Creek District, Central Colorado : implications regarding the structural controls influencing the location and distribution of gold ore zones 2004 May MS Kyle
Mukherjee Seismic data processing in transversely isotropic media : a plane wave approach 2002 May PhD Stoffa
Murray Effects of taxonomic and locality inaccuracies on biostratigraphy and biochronology of the Hueso and Tapiado formations in the Vallecito Creek–Fish Creek section, Anza-Borrego Desert, California 2008 December PhD Bell
Muzaffar Sedimentation, diapirism and Cap Rock Formation, Davis Hill Salt Dome, Liberty Co. Texas 2001 December MS Kyle
Myers Textural exploration of the physical attributes of pumice from the 23,000 Y.B.P. eruption of Popocatepetl Volcano in central Mexico 2006 December MS Gardner
Naing Mapping hydraulic conductivity of the Ogallala Aquifer in Texas 2002 December MS Sharp
Nance, H.A. Cranial osteology of angolosaurus skoogi (squamata: gerrhosauridae) with comments on the morphology and phylogeny of the cordyliformes 2003 August MS Bell
Net Diagenesis and reservoir quality of the Eolian Nugget / Navajo Sandstone (Early Jurassic), Utah and Wyoming 2003 August MS McBride
Nordfjord Late Quaternary geologic history of New Jersey outer continental shelf 2005 December PhD Austin
Ortega Pérez Fracture-size scaling and stratigraphic controls on fracture intensity 2002 PhD Marrett
Osman Deltaic to estuarine regime change on the proximal Paleo-Orinoco Shelf, Morne L'Enfer Formation, Trinidad 2006 May MS Steel
Ozkan Flathead Sandstone (Middle Cambrian), Wyoming, and Montana 2001 August MS McBride
Pangborn Thrust fault characteristics inferred from 3D seismic reflection data from the Nankai Trough subduction zone, Southwest Japan 2007 December MS Bangs
Papazis Petrographic characterization of the Barnett Shale, Fort Worth Basin, Texas 2005 August MS Milliken
Pape Oxygen isotope variability in Central Texas precipitation, cave drip-water, and travertine calcite 2008 May BS Banner
Park Seismic lithology and depositional facies architecture in the Texas Gulf Coast Basin : a link between rock and seismic 2003 August PhD Fisher
Paterson Magmatic and pervasive hydrothermal mineralogy of the Grasberg Cu-Au porphyry copper deposit (West New Guinea) 2004 May MS Cloos
Pearson Geochemical and isotopic tracing of Paleozoic groundwater flow in breached anticlines : a case study at Lower Kane Cave, Bighorn Basin, Wyoming 2004 August MS Bennett
Perri Structural analysis of the Pickett Peak Terrane near the coast range fault and its tectonic implications, Eastern Franciscan Belt, Northern California 2005 December MS Cloos
Perry, E.R. Field and petrographic analysis of mylonitic fabrics : implications for tectonic corrugation development, Tanque Verde Ridge, Arizona, USA 2005 December MS Mosher
Perry, J.L. Environmental impact of Class A firefighting foam 2001 December MS Bennett
Petter Hyperpycnal flow variability and slope organization of an Eocene Shelf Margin, Central Basin, Spitsbergen 2005 December MS Steel
Phelps Sequence stratigraphic and architectural characterization of a Permian Carbonate Ramp, upper San Andres Formation, Last Chance Canyon, New Mexico 2006 December MS Kerans
Phyu Transient modeling of contaminant transport in dual porosity media with fracture skins 2002 December MS Sharp
Playton Characterization, variations, and controls of reef-rimmed carbonate foreslopes 2008 May PhD Kerans
Pierce Groundwater decision support : an integrated assessment linking causal narratives, numerical models, and combinatorial search techniques to determine available yield for an aquifer system 2006 December PhD Sharp
Pinzon Fracture pattern prediction using geomechanical models incorporating diagenesis, with comparison to outcrop data, Cambrian Eriboll Group Sandstones, Northwestern Scotland and core observations, Tertiary Mirador Formation Sandstones, Llanos Foothills Colombia 2007 August MS Laubach
Rambaud Nature and Source of Mineralizing Fluids at the Presidio Mine, Shafter District, Presidio County, Texas 2005 May MS Kyle
Ramoutar Facies analysis of the Pliocene Gros Morne Formation, Southern Basin Trinidad 2008 December MA Steel
Ramsey Forecasting U.S. crude oil prices from 1945 to 1972 2003 May PhD Fisher
Rassi Influence of reservoir character and architecture on hydrocarbon distribution and production in the Miocene of Starfak and Tiger Shoal Fields, offshore Louisiana 2002 December PhD Fisher
Reid Late Cenozoic Gila Group, Central Duncan Basin, Greenlee County, Southeast Arizona 2002 May MS Buffler
Ressler Preliminary characterization of the valley-fill aquifer in Fortymile Wash, Southwestern Nevada 2001 May MS Sharp
Riley Laramide exhumation and heating in southeastern Arizona : low-temperature thermal history and implications for zircon fission-track 2004 May PhD Cloos
Rogers Jurassic-recent tectonic and stratigraphic history of the Chortis Block of Honduras and Nicaragua (northern central America) 2003 December PhD Mann
Roller Petrogenesis of the Llano Granites, Central Texas: formation mechanisms and tectonic implications of radiogenic isotopes 2004 May MS Connelly
Ruez, Jr. Effects of climate change on mammalian fauna composition and structure during the advent of North American Continental glaciation in the Pliocene 2007 May PhD Bell
Rush Sequence architecture of a late Guadalupian carbonate rimmed shelf, Walnut Canyon, New Mexico 2002 May MS Fisher
Salazar Seismic and stratigraphic interpretation of the Morichito Subbasin, Eastern Venezuelan Basin 2008 August MS Fisher
Sanchez, C.M. Quantitative seismic geomorphology of Pliocene and Miocene-age fluviodeltaic reservoirs in the Northern Gulf of Mexico Shelf Province 2006 August MS Wood
Sanchez, M.A. Sequence stratigraphy and structural framework of southeast Caribbean margin 2001 August MS Fisher
Sarikaya Forward seismic modeling : Sego Sandstone outcrops of Eastern Utah 2002 December MS Fisher
Scheerhorn Regional geochemical study of the Western Interior Plains Aquifer System and the Great Plains Aquifer System in the Mid-Continent, United States 2005 August PhD Banner
Schmid, D.K. Precision geological mapping with a tablet PC 2005 May BS Helper
Schneider Community paleoecology of the Pennsylvanian Winchell Formation, North-Central Texas 2003 August PhD Sprinkle
Scott Application of ground-based LIDAR to constrain topographic strike-variability and facies proportions of progradational San Andres Formation Clinoforms, Last Chance Canyon, NM 2007 May MS Kerans
Sena D'Anna Modeling and imaging of ground penetrating radar data 2004 December PhD Stoffa
Seo Hydrological applications of Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment (GRACE) 2005 May PhD Wilson
Serrano Perez Integration of geological and petrophysical data in reservoir characterization of Pennsylvanian Upper Morrow "C-sand" in Wilburton Field, Morton County, Kansas 2005 May MS Fisher
Shi Characterizing heterogeneity in low-permeability strata and its control on fluid flow and solute transport by thermalhaline free convection 2005 May MS Sharp
Simmons Mantle heterogeneity and flow from seismic and geodynamic constraints 2007 May PhD Grand
Sine Tomographic investigation of the upper mantle velocity structure beneath the transition from the Western Colorado Plateau to the Great Basin 2007 May MS Grand
Smagulova Marine oil pollution : the cost of oil spills 2002 December MA van Rensburg
Smith Regularization and redatuming using least squares and conjugate gradients 2008 August MS Sen
Sood Multitaper spectral analysis of wide-angle refraction data from Costa Rica for T* Estimation 2007 December MS Sen
Soto Structural and basinal architecture and active strike-slip faulting of the eastern offshore area of Trinidad 2007 May MS Mann
Steinhauer Microbial influence on the kinetics of karstification 2008 December MS Bennett
Stevens Variable-density groundwater flow beneath the wind-tidal flats of Padre Island 2007 May MS Sharp
Stine Sensitivity of AVO reflectivity to fluid properties in porous media 2004 May MS Tatham
Sullivan Geochemistry, sedimentology, and morphology of mud volcanoes, eastern offshore Trinidad 2005 May MS Wood
Svihla Structural evolution of the East Central Big Maria Mountains, Maria Fold and Thrust Belt, Southeastern California 2003 August MS Mosher
Sylvia Response of the Brazos River dispersal system to latest Pleistocene climatic variation and eustatic change 2002 May PhD Galloway
Thompson, C. Investigation of surface roughness of natural rock fractures using high-resolution x-ray computed tomography and laboratory flow test measurements 2005 December MS Sharp
Thompson, J.A. Carbon isotope stratigraphy of the Eagle Ford Shale Related to OAE II 2008 May BS Kerans
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