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Guidebook to the Geology of Travis County

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Table of Contents | Glossary | Illustrations | Resources | Field Trip 1 | Field Trip 2

Front Cover

Preface - Geology of the Austin Area

Author's Note

Web-Editor's Note


Chapter 1
Geologic History of the Austin Area

Precambrian Era
Paleozoic Era
Triassic and Jurassic Periods
Cretaceous Period
Cenozoic Era

Chapter 2
Rocks of the Austin Area

Glen Rose Limestone
Walnut Formation
Bull Creek Member
Bee Cave Member
Edwards Limestone
Georgetown Formation
Del Rio Claystone
Buda Limestone
Eagle Ford Formation
Pepper Shale Member
Cloice Shale Member
Bouldin Flags Member
South Bosque Member
Austin Chalk
Atco Member
Vinson Member
Jonah Member
Dessau Member
Burditt Member
"Pyroclastic" Member
Pflugerville Member
McKown Member
Sprinkle Formation
Pecan Gap Chalk
Bergstrom Formation
Corsicana Formation
Kemp Formation
Terrace Deposits

Chapter 3
The Balcones Fault Zone of Austin

The Balcones Escarpment
Rocks Exposed Along the Balcones Fault
Movement Along the Balcones Fault Zone
Geologic Framework of the Balcones Fault Zone

Chapter 4
Pilot Knob - A Cretaceous Volcano

History of the Volcano
Dating the Volcanic Activity
Where Does the Magma Come From?
How to See Pilot Knob

Chapter 5
Collecting Localities for Fossils in Austin


Austin's Earth Science Resources
Field Trip 1: Shoal Creek
Field Trip 2: Balcones Fault
Glossary of Terms

Table of Illustrations

  1. Ouachita Structural Belt
  2. Central Texas in the Upper Pennsylvanian
  3. Paleozoic Rocks, Austin Area
  4. Central Texas in the Lower Cretaceous
  5. Edwards Paleogeography, Central Texas
  6. Symbols for Stratigraphic Cross-sections
  7. Mount Bonnell
  8. City Park
  9. Bee Caves Road, Westlake Hills
  10. Walnut Clay Drive in Northwest Hills
  11. Section of Walnut-Whitestone School Area, Williamson-Travis Counties
  12. Low Water Bridge (near Tom Miller Dam)
  13. Sixth Street Underpass
  14. Pease Park
  15. Shoal Creek
  16. South Lamar Blvd. - Bouldin Creek
  17. Williamson Creek
  18. Watters Park
  19. Bouldin Creek, Missouri-Pacific Drainage Canal
  20. Bouldin Creek at Milton Street
  21. Atlas Cement Co. Quarry, South Bosque, McLennan County
  22. Vinson Creek
  23. San Gabriel River at Jonah
  24. Little Walnut Creek and Old Sprinkle Bridge
  25. Dessau Road off Walnut Creek
  26. Rinard Creek at Old Turnersville Road Crossing
  27. Lower McKinney Falls, McKinney Falls State Park
  28. Rim Rock Section
  29. Little Walnut Creek North of Manor Highway
  30. Jane's Farm - North of Marble Creek
  31. Springdale Road at Little Walnut Creek
  32. South Bank of Walnut Creek at Old Sprinkle Road
  33. McKown Quarry on Onion Creek
  34. Walnut Hill
  35. Bergstrom-Corsicana Boundary Once Exposed 7/8 Mile West of Noack, Williamson County
  36. Profile of an Erosional Escarpment
  37. Comparative Resistances Between Austin Rocks
  38. A Fault
  39. Evolution of Topography Along a Fault
  40. Classification of Fault Types
  41. Sharing of Displacement of a Fault
  42. "Dying-out" of a Fault
  43. Joining (or Splitting) of a Fault
  44. A Drag-block
  45. A Graben
  46. Cross-section of Subsurface Austin
  47. Extensional Origin of Graben
  48. Cross-section through Balcones Fault
  49. Legend to Structural Cross-section (Fig. 48)
  50. Geologic Map of the Pilot Knob Complex
  51. North-South Section through Pilot Knob
  52. North-South Stratigraphic Correlation through Austin
  53. East-West Stratigraphic Correlation (Pilot Knob Vicinity)
  54. Balcones Fault Zone of Texas
  55. a. Region Prior to Formation of Graben
    b. Region During Formation of Graben
    c. Region After Formation of Graben
  56. Subsurface Relations of Barton Springs


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