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Guidebook to the Geology of Travis County : Preface

Geology of the Austin Area,

Travis County, Texas

Keith Young

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When Robert T. Hill first came to Austin, Texas, as the first professor of geology, he described Austin and its surrounding area as an ideal site for a school of geology because it offered such varied outcrops representing rocks of many ages and varieties. Although Hill resigned his position about 85 years ago, the opportunities of the local geology have not changed. Hill (Hill, 1889) implies the intent of writing a series of papers to describe the geology of the local area for all who might be interested. The authors of this volume hope that they have fulfilled in large measure Hill's original intent.

No product can ever be all things to all users, but we have presented here common geological phenomenon for many, including the description of an ancient volcano, the description of faulting that occurred in the Austin area in the past, a geologic history of the Austin area, a description of the local rocks, including their classification, field trips for interested observers of the geologic scene, collecting localities for the lovers of fossils, and resource places and agencies.

We cannot emphasize enough that many unique geological phenomena are on private property. Please do not trespass obtain permission. And if permission is not granted, observe from a distance. There are sufficient areas of geologic interest in the Austin area to please all without antagonizing landowners and making it even more difficult for the next person.


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