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Guidebook to the Geology of Travis County : Web-Editor's Note

Egan Jones

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This is, for the most part, the original 1977 publication of the "Guidebook of the Geology of Travis County." This was a fund-raising item for our student organization (USGS/AAPG/UTGS), but recently it seemed to be more of a hassle than a fund-raiser. The quality was also deteriorating, making copies of copies of copies... Something had to be done.

With the recent changes in information accessibility in the form of the Internet and World-Wide-Web, and the demand for this geologic guidebook, a request was made to translate it to HTML, so that it could be easily accessed by everyone. In translating the guidebook to HTML, many of the items have become outdated (especially in the Austin Area Geology Resources). I wanted to try to keep this as true to the original as possible. This includes the book-like format (easily accessed from the Table of Contents) as well as many of the figures. Unfortunately, being true to the original has its side effects. The poor quality and legibility of some of the figures was improved as much as modern technology could permit, aside from completely redrawing them (it was considered!). Easily accessed larger figures was the final solution to the legibility problem.

I would like to thank Dr. Young for lending me the "most legible" copy available and Dennis Trombatore for his ideas, feedback, and help in translating this work. Dennis informs me that this is quite possibly the first on-line geologic guidebook. It is but a small step toward getting many useful books and materials Internet-ready so that they can be accessed worldwide.

So, what you have in your hand (or rather - on your screen) is the finished version of the guidebook. So please . . .

Enjoy and Learn!
Egan Jones
September 30, 1996


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