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Academic Genealogy of Chemistry Faculty

Dmitri E. Makarov
Moscow, 1992
UT: 2000-
Victor A. Benderskii (1)
Semenov Inst. of Chemical Physics, 1964
Lev A. Blumenfeld (2)
Moscow, 1948
A.M. Prokhorov
Moscow, 1951
S.M. Rytov (3)
Moscow, 1934?
L.I. Mandel'shtam (4)
Strasbourg, ca.1903

1. Prokhorov was Benderskii's supervisor of diploma (undergraduate) work at Moscow State University (1959). (Email communication, April 2004)

2. Blumenfeld (1921-2002) started out in physical chemistry but turned to physical biochemistry later on. See Hargittai, I. Buried Glory: Portraits of Soviet Scientists. (Oxford Univ. Press, 2013) p.239ff; and Kukushkin, A.K., Biophysics 58(1) 2013, 133-6. Neither source names Blumenfeld's adviser.

3. Gulyaev, Y.V. et al. Physics-Uspekhi 52(5), 2009, 499-502.

4. Rytov, S.M. Soviet Physics Uspekhi 22(10), 1979, 826-32. Mandel'shtam studied electromagnetic oscillations and was influenced by Lord Rayleigh, C.F. Braun, and N.D. Papaleksi at Strasbourg, but an actual adviser and date of degree are not clear.