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BiblioNoticias No. 99, March 1999

Editor: Ann Hartness


Compiled by Laura Gutiérrez-Witt

Argentina is a major center for Latin American art where artists thrive, particularly in the vibrant and active cultural milieu of Buenos Aires, but also in the provincial capitals. Known and appreciated around the world, Argentine artists of the twentieth century have consistently absorbed global artistic trends without losing their national identity. Printed works about art and artists are produced by many Argentine publishers: museums, galleries, academic institutions, commercial publishers, and government agencies.

This bibliography complements BiblioNoticias no. 94, "Latin American Art: Selected Sources," which lists the more general reference sources covering all or major regions of Latin America. Both bibliographies should be consulted in order to compile a more complete listing of sources on Argentine art.

Additional sources for Argentine art can be found in the library catalog under "Art, Argentine" and "Art—Argentina," as well as under medium-specific forms, for example, "Painting—Argentina."




Gesualdo, Vicente; Aldo Biglione; and Rodolfo Santos. Diccionario de artistas plásticos en la Argentina. 2 vols. Buenos Aires: Inca, 1988. il.
Lists about 5,000 artists from Argentina or who worked there during the sixteenth to the twentieth centuries. Includes painting, sculpture, drawing, printmaking, caricature, illustration, ceramics, and textiles.
N 6638 G48 1988 v.1-2 LAC • Latin American Reference Collection; additional copy in stacks

Squirru, Rafael F. Arte argentino hoy: una selección de 48 artistas. Buenos Aires: Gaglianone, 1983.
201 p. il.
Biographies of forty-eight contemporary Argentine artists with illustrations of their work, arranged alphabetically by artist.
N 6635 S68 1983 LAC • Benson Collection stacks


Arte argentino contemporáneo: colección permanente del Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes de Buenos Aires. Luis Benedit et al. Buenos Aires: Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, 1994. 140 p. il. (part col.)
Three essays preface catalog of contemporary holdings of Argentine art at National Museum of Fine Arts of Buenos Aires. List of illustrations. Bibliography.
N 6635 A763 1994 LAC • Benson Collection stacks

Obras maestras del Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes. Jorge Glusberg. Buenos Aires: Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, 1996. 186 p. col. il.
Selected catalog of museum holdings. Groups artists and works chronologically in two groups: international artists and Argentine/Latin American artists. Table of contents only.
N 910 B8 A63 1996 LAC • Benson Collection stacks


Arte argentina dalla indipendenza ad oggi, 1810-1987. Roma: Istituto Italo Latino Americano, 1987. 266 p. il. (part col.)
Catalog of the exhibition, Istituto Italo-Latino Americano, 1987, based on holdings on loan from Argentine museums. Short bibliography.
N 6634 A76 1987 LAC • Benson Collection stacks

VI Bienal de arte sacro, pintura 1996. Buenos Aires: Obispado de Morón, Vicaría Episcopal para la Cultura, 1996. 56 p. col. il.
Catalog of the exhibition, Bienal de Arte Sacro, 1996, reproducing in color 46 of 125 paintings selected for the show of Christian art. Includes artists from every Argentine province as well as from Brazil, Uruguay, and USA.
N 7931 B8 A16 1994 LAC • Benson Collection stacks

102 artistas plásticos con la ciencia. Buenos Aires: Comisión Nacional de Energía Atómica, 1997. 102 p. col. il.
Catalog of the exhibition, Exposición Permanente de Artistas Plásticos con la Ciencia, 1996, including its latest 102 donations. Each work of art (painting, sculpture, mixed media) is illustrated, and an appendix includes biographical sketches of each artist.
N 6635 A17 1997 LAC • Benson Collection stacks

Contemporary Latin American Artists: Exhibitions at the Organization of American States, 1965-1985. Ed. by Annick Sanjurjo. Metuchen, NJ: Scarecrow Press, 1993. 720 p.
Lists 380 exhibitions by more than 1,000 artists held during 25-year period. Exhibition entries arranged chronologically by year. Indexes of artists and of exhibitions by country. Each exhibition entry includes biographical information.
N 6502.5 C66 1993 LAC • Latin American Reference Collection; additional copy in stacks

Gutiérrez Zaldívar, Ignacio. Twenty-three (23) Argentine Artists Now. Buenos Aires: Zurbaran Ediciones, 1993. 107 p. col. il.
Catalog of the exhibition, International Monetary Fund Visitor's Center, Washington, D. C., 1993. A short essay with portrait and reproduction of two works for each artist (painters, sculptors, photographers) are included.
N 6635 G88 1993 LAC • Benson Collection stacks; additional copy in Rare Books (Duncan Collection)

Premios Colección Costantini: 68 artistas 25 críticos. Buenos Aires: Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, 1997. 158 p. col. il.
Includes the finalists in a juried exhibition to mark the announcement of a museum in Buenos Aires, the Museo Costantini. Sixty-eight works of art are illustrated with a short biographic sketch of the artist and a critique of his work by an art historian. Table of contents.
N 6635 P693 1997 LAC • Benson Collection stacks


Arte argentino actual. Directora, Elvira Fernández Arbós. Buenos Aires: Ediciones Actualidad en el Arte, 1994. 336 p. il.
Short biographic essays in Spanish and English on fifty-three contemporary Argentine artists written by thirteen art critics. Each essay is illustrated with one or more color photographs of the artist's works and at times by a photograph of the artist. Idiosyncratic arrangement but alphabetic name index and table of contents provide access.
N 6635 A757 1994 LAC • Benson Collection stacks

Asociación Argentina de Críticos de Arte. Historia crítica del arte argentino. Buenos Aires: Telecom, 1995. 305 p. col. il.
Fifty-two essays written by Argentine art critics/historians; seventeen are overviews by medium or trends and the others on individual artists. Many include bibliographic citations. Table of contents. No index.
N 6630 H54 1995 LAC • Benson Collection stacks

Brughetti, Romualdo. Nueva historia de la pintura y la escultura en la Argentina: de los orígenes a nuestros días. Buenos Aires: Gaglianone, 1991. 284 p. il. (part col.)
Survey of Argentine painting and sculpture of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries with only brief mention of few extant examples of pre-Hispanic and colonial art. Bibliography and table of contents which is called "índice" (index).
ND 330 B78 1991 LAC • Benson Collection stacks

Historia general del arte en la Argentina. Buenos Aires: Academia Nacional de Bellas Artes, 1982-. il. (part col.)
An ongoing (volume 7 issued in 1995) comprehensive survey of Argentine art comprised of scholarly essays by specialists in many fields: music, furniture, religious art, silverwork, engravings, painting, architecture, photography, and sculpture. Extensive notes and bibliographies. Contents: v. 1-2, Desde los comienzos hasta fines del siglo XVIII; v. 3, Siglo XIX hasta 1876. v. 4, Siglo XIX hasta 1876, arquitectura, escultura, mobiliario, platería; v. 5-6, Fines del siglo XIX y comienzos del siglo XX; v. 7, Comienzos del siglo XX.
N 6630 H57 1982 v.1-7 LAC • Benson Collection stacks

Pagano, José León. El arte de los argentinos. Buenos Aires, Goncourt, 1981. 231 p.
Update of three-volume 1937 edition. Topical chapters arranged chronologically. Most chapters have extensive biographical entries of artists active in that period. Artist index. No bibliography.
N 6630 P33 1981 LAC • Latin American Reference Collection


Arte al día internacional: International Magazine of Latin American Fine Art.
Buenos Aires: 1980-. col. il.
Bilingual (Spanish-English) slick commercial journal with international Latin American focus. Argentine art and artists are featured prominently.
N 7 A744 LAC • Benson Collection stacks

Artinf. Buenos Aires: 1985-. il.
Emphasizes critical articles with few advertisements. Black and white illustrations.
N 7 A746 LAC • Benson Collection stacks

MNBA: boletín. Buenos Aires: Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, 1995?-.
Newsletter of the National Museum of Fine Art, Buenos Aires, describing current exhibitions, lectures, visitors, and other activities of the museum.
fN6635 M53 LAC • Benson Collection stacks

Magenta. Buenos Aires: 1992?-.
Monthly listing of national and international exhibitions, juried contests, grants, scholarships, and courses, with some short critical articles.
N 395 A7 M34 LAC • Benson Collection stacks

Oleo y mármol: periódico nacional e internacional de las artes plásticas. Buenos Aires: 1986-.
Tabloid newsletter of art activities particularly related to galleries in Buenos Aires. Black and white illustrations.
N 7 O44 LAC • Benson Collection stacks




Diccionario histórico de arquitectura, habitat, y urbanismo en la Argentina. Proyecto y dirección general, Jorge Francisco Liernur. Dirección operativa, Fernando Aliatz. 2 vols. Buenos Aires? Sociedad Central de Arquitectos, Instituto de Arte Americano e Investigaciones Estéticas Mario J. Buschiazzo, 1992. drawings, plans.
Entries cover persons, architectural and habitat/urban studies terms, movements, styles, Argentine cities. References.
NA 834 D5 1992 v.1-2 LAC • Latin American Reference Collection

El patrimonio arquitectónico de los argentinos. 27? vols. Buenos Aires: Sociedad Central de Arquitectos, Instituto Argentino de Investigaciones en Historia de la Arquitectura y el Urbanismo, 1982-. il.
Detailed inventory of significant Argentine architecture–domestic, public, religious–of each province. Each volume covers a specific region.
NA 830 P37 1982 v.1-4 LAC • Benson Collection stacks

Arquitectura colonial argentina. Coordinación general, María Waisman. Asesores, Ricardo Jesse Alexander et al. Buenos Aires: Summa, 1988. 143 p. il.
Compilation of twenty-eight essays on the topic which appeared originally in the periodical, Summa from 1982 to 1987. Detailed footnotes in each essay. Many photographs, architectural plans, and drawings.
NA 833 A7 LAC • Benson Collection stacks


Bustamante, Barbara. Escultura argentina siglo XX. Lutz Matschke, fotografías. Idea, coordinación y dirección, María del Carmen Corbi. Buenos Aires: AMC, 1991. 206 p. il.
Bilingual (Spanish-English) compilation of short critical essays on eighty-seven Argentine sculptors. The essays are based on interviews and arranged chronologically. An appendix gives biographical information on each artist.
NB 335 B88 1991 LAC • Benson Collection stacks


40 dibujantes argentinos. Elvira Fernández Arbós et al. Buenos Aires: Actualidad en el Arte, 1987. 323 p. il.
Biographical information and illustrations for forty Argentine artists.
NC 192 C8 LAC • Benson Collection stacks


Bienal Konex, 2d, 1994, Buenos Aires. 100 (cien) obras maestras. 100 pintores argentinos, 1810-1994. Buenos Aires: Gaglianone, 1994. 1 v. (unpaged) col. il.
Selection of 100 key works in Argentine painting from 1810 to 1994 exhibited at Bienal Konex. Each work of art is reproduced in splendid color and accompanied by a one-page critical and biographical essay written by one of eight art historians. A survey of Argentine painting through three epochs written by Mercedes Casanegra prefaces the chronologically arranged entries. References, bibiography, and two indexes: name of artist and chronology of artists.
ND 334 B54 1994 LAC • Benson Collection stacks

San Martín, María Laura. Breve historia de la pintura argentina contemporánea. Buenos Aires: Claridad, 1993. 389 p. il. (Colección Breve historia)
Basic survey of Argentine painting of twentieth century. Covers art developments in Buenos Aires and the provinces. References, bibliography, name index.
ND 335 S24 1993 LAC • Benson Collection stacks


Dibujantes y grabadores de América: Uruguay, México, Argentina. Fernando García Esteban et al. Buenos Aires: Centro Editor de América Latina, 1976. 95 p. il. (Pueblos, hombres y formas en el arte)
Essays on graphic art and artists. Bibliographies.
NC 102 D53 LAC • Benson Collection stacks


Fotografía argentina actual. Photographie argentine actuelle. Argentinian Photography Today. Alicia d’Amico et al. Selección de autores y fotografías, Sara Facio. Buenos Aires: Instituto Salesiano de Artes Gráficas, 1981. 91 p. il.
Illustrates work of fourteen Argentine photographers. Brief biographical entries.
TR 36 F68 1981 LAC • Benson Collection stacks


Arte textil argentino hoy. Introducción de Rosa Faccaro. Buenos Aires: Beutelspacher, 1986. 155 p. il. (part col.)
Biographical data and illustrations of the work of twenty-two Argentine textile artists. Critical commentary for each artist is also included. Entries arranged alphabetically. Bibliography.
NK 8931 A1 A78 1986 LAC • Benson Collection stacks



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