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This listing of all 35mm. slides relating to Latin America and the Caribbean currently held by the Benson Latin American Collection is arranged by country or geographic area. Slides are housed in the Rare Books and Manuscripts Unit (SRH 1.101) where they may be viewed on a hand viewer. They may be checked out for classroom presentations but are otherwise library-use only. Slides with Dewey or Library of Congress classification numbers accompany books.


Aldrich, Earl M. Regionalismo e indigenismo. Madrid: La Muralla, D. L., 1980.
60 color slides. Rural and indigenous scenes in the Andes; historical figures; portraits of Alcides Arguedas, Ricardo Gueiraldes, Jorge Icaza, Marcos Pérez Jiménez, José Eustacio Rivera, and others; title pages of major works.
PQ 7082 N7 A53 LAC-Z

Alvar, Manuel, and Elena Alvar. Cronistas de Indias. Madrid: La Muralla, 1980.
60 color slides. Historical figures; maps and codexes; precolumbian buildings, sculptures and pottery; New World animals and plants; title pages of early books of Mexico and Peru.
PQ 7081 A483 LAC-Z

Bratosevich, Nicolás. Postmodernismo y vanguardia. Madrid: La Muralla, D. L., 1979.
60 color slides. Paintings and caricatures; moving picture stills; urban scenes; samples of publications representative of both movements; portraits of Juana de Ibarbourou, Gabriela Mistral, sketches of other persons.
PQ 7081 B69 LAC-Z

Durán, Juan Guillermo, 1942-. Prosa y poesía renacentistas. Madrid: La Muralla, 1979.
60 color slides. European maps, thematic and allegorical paintings, and portraits of literary and historical figures, 1460-1600.
PQ 7081 D873 LAC-Z

Gallo, Marta. La novela hispanoamericana en el siglo XIX. Madrid: La Muralla, 1981.
60 color slides. Buildings and monuments; historical figures; paintings and frescoes showing local costume; industrial and urban scenes in Cuba, Mexico, and Argentina.
PQ 7082 N7 G345 LAC-Z

Garasa, Delfín Leocadio. Poesía romántica. Madrid: Editorial La Muralla, 1978.
60 color slides. Landscapes, paintings, authors' portraits, and illustrated scenes related to Latin American poetry, 1830-1850.
PQ 7082 P7 G26 LAC-Z

Heine, Ernesto, 1920-. Antonio Berni, Virginia Jones, Eduardo Mac Entyre, Francisco Matto, Manuel Pailos, Nelson Ramos. Montevideo: Imprenta Rosgal, 1986.
6 color slides. Works, largely mixed-media, by six 20th-century artists from Argentina, Uruguay, and Spain.
N 6725 H43 1986 LAC-Z

López Grigera, Luisa. Teoría de la lengua y de la literatura. Madrid: La Muralla, 1986.
60 color slides. Representations of writers, critics, and title pages of publications produced in or destined for New Spain, illustrating the author's assertion of the need for a critical re-evaluation of linguistic and literary developments in Central and South America.
PQ 4821 L662 1986 LAC-Z

Maharg, James. Los primeros modernistas. Madrid: La Muralla, 1983.
60 color slides. Painters, philosophers, sculptors, poets, political figures, scientists, and essayists, with samples of their work.
PQ 7081 M347 1983 LAC-Z

Martí de Cid, Dolores. Literatura precolombina. Madrid: La Muralla, D.L., 1978.
60 color slides. Prehispanic ruins, artifacts, murals, sculptures, and codexes, illustrating both Mexican and Peruvian antiquities.
PM 155 M37 LAC-Z

Mignolo, Walter. Literatura fantástica y realismo maravilloso. Madrid: La Muralla, 1983.
60 color slides. Frontispieces and title pages, book illustrations, moving picture stills, and occult images; portraits of Jorge Luis Borges, Julio Cortázar, Rubén Darío, Gabriel García Márquez, and Edgar Allan Poe, among others.
PQ 7081 M54 1983 LAC-Z

Montes, Hugo, 1926-. Prosa y poesía del barroco. Madrid: La Muralla, D. L., 1980.
60 color slides. Indians, countrysides, and public buildings in Chile, Peru, and Ecuador, with portraits of writers and historical figures.
PQ 7081 M576 LAC-Z

Mueller-Bergh, Klaus. Poesía de vanguardia y contemporánea. Madrid: La Muralla, 1983.
60 color slides. Manuscripts, autographs, text samples, cover designs, objects; urban scenes; portraits of Ernesto Cardenal, Jorge Carrera Andrade, Nicolás Guillén, Gabriela Mistral (2), Pablo Neruda, Octavio Paz, César Vallejo, and others.
PQ 7082 P7 M84 1983 LAC-Z

Museo de América. Madrid: El Ministerio [de Cultura], 1984.
100 color slides. Precolumbian objects (sculptures, ceramics, handicrafts) from Mexico, Costa Rica, and the Andes; colonial objects from those areas, 1600-1900, including paintings, pottery, metal- and shellwork, household articles, and clothing. All items are housed in this Madrid museum.

Rodríguez-Alcalá, Hugo. Literatura de la ilustración. Madrid: La Muralla, 1979.
60 color slides. Buildings and monuments, urban and rural landscapes, paintings, maps, and engravings, as well as portraits of notable persons, all typical of Spanish-American elite urban culture between 1750 and 1800.
PQ 7081 R611 LAC-Z

________. Literatura de la independencia. Madrid: La Muralla, D. L., 1980.
60 color slides. Historical scenes and persons, institutions, documents, maps, illustrations, and title-pages related to various Latin-American countries' struggle for self-government.
PQ 7081 R612 LAC-Z

Schade, George D. Costumbrismo y novela sentimental. Madrid: La Muralla, 1979.
60 color slides. Occupational types; scenes of village life; portraits of Ignacio Altamirano, Alberto Blest Gana, Eugenio Díaz, Esteban Echeverría, José Joaquín Fernández de Lizardi, Fray Mocho (José Sixto Alvarez), Gertrudis Gómez de Avellaneda, Jorge Isaacs, Ricardo Palma.
PQ 7082 N7 S317 LAC-Z

________. La segunda generación modernista. Madrid: La Muralla, 1979.
60 color slides. Title pages and cover designs; urban scenes, engravings, paintings; buildings and monuments; portraits of Manuel Díaz Rodríguez, Ricardo Jaimes Freyre, Leopoldo Lugones, Amado Nervo, Pedro Prado, José Enrique Rodó, Guillermo Valencia.
PQ 7081 S317 LAC-Z

Sosnowski, Saúl. Realismo y naturalismo. Madrid: La Muralla, 1983.
60 color slides. Poverty, slavery, industry, and rural Indian life in Cuba and the Andes; portraits of Ciro Alegría, Alberto Blest Gana, Roberto J. Payró, Manuel Rojas, Cirilo Villaverde, European writers, Mexican revolutionaries; frontispieces and title pages of novels.
PQ 7082 N7 S57 1983 LAC-Z

Verani, Hugo J. Narrativa contemporánea. Madrid: La Muralla, 1979.
60 color slides. Rural scenes from Chile, Ecuador, Peru; Mexican antiquities; paintings and murals by modern artists; portraits of Roberto Arlt, Alejo Carpentier, José Donoso, Gabriel García Márquez, Juan Carlos Onetti, Manuel Puig, Juan Rulfo, Mario Vargas Llosa, Agustín Yáñez.
PQ 7082 N7 V4 LAC-Z

Weber de Kurlat, Frida. El teatro del siglo XVI al XIX. Madrid: La Muralla, 1981.
60 color slides. Theatrical scenes and theater buildings; early actors, actresses, and public figures; indigenous performers; theater plans and historical theatrical documents.
PQ 7082 D7 W42 1981 LAC-Z

Williams, Raymond L. Teatro del siglo XX. Madrid: La Muralla, 1981.
60 color slides. Theater and film sets; portraits of André Bretón, Porfirio Díaz, Carlos Gorostiza, Pablo Neruda, César Vallejo, and other individuals; landscapes, monuments, and murals.
PQ 7082 D7 W54 1981 LAC-Z


Denis, Paul-Yves. Cities and Capitals of the Central and Southern Andes. Sillery, Quebec: Laurentia Productions, 1980.
40 color slides. More than half of the slides were made of Lima, Peru; La Paz, Bolivia; and Santiago, Chile. This collection focuses on the life of the urban poor and regional economic networks.

________. Landscapes of the Andes. Sillery, Quebec: Laurentia Productions, 1980.
40 color slides. Views "from the highlands of Peru and Bolivia to the southern tip of Chile," agricultural or industrial scenes except for six views of mountain tops crossed by roads.


Chanteur, Georges, and Alex Allard de Saint-Albin. Les sols des Antilles. Fort de France: Centre Régional de Documentation Pédagogique, 1985.
12 color slides. Soil samples typical of the soils found in the Antilles Islands.
-Q- S 599.25 A47 C521 1985 LAC-Z


Buschiazzo, Mario José, 1902-. Estancias jesuíticas de Córdoba. Buenos Aires: Filmediciones Valero, 1969.
30 color slides. Architectural details, grounds, cloisters, and interiors of seven 17th- and 18th-century Jesuit hacienda churches in Córdoba, Argentina.
F 2684 B882 LAC-Z

Cabrera, Martha E. Los Wichi (Matacos). Buenos Aires: Fundación Intercambio, 1985.
36 color slides. Habitat, occupations, pottery, and handcrafts of the Mataco Indians of Argentina's Gran Chaco.

Centro Argentino de Investigaciones Pedagógicas. Ciudades argentinas: capital federal, población. Buenos Aires: Bonum, 1969.
12 color slides. Views of the center and outskirts of Buenos Aires; prepared for secondary-school students.

________. Industria azucarera. Buenos Aires: Bonum, 1969.
24 color slides. Scenes of sugar-cane harvest, machine-processing, and refining; prepared in Argentina for secondary-school instruction.

________. Industrias de taller: Alfombras. Buenos Aires: Bonum, 1969.
12 color slides. Carpet manufacture using hand-operated looms; prepared in Argentina for secondary-school instruction.

________. Tabaco; cultivos industriales. Buenos Aires: Bonum, 1969.
6 color slides. Tobacco plants, fields, and drying racks in Argentina.

Cortázar, Augusto Raúl, 1910-1974. La poesía gauchesca. Madrid: La Muralla, 1977.
60 color slides. Typical landscapes, scenes, objects, and occupations of pampas life; portraits of Hilario Ascasubi, Estanislao del Campo, José Hernández, pampas Indians and gauchos.
PQ 7681 G3 C67 LAC-Z

Diapositivas argentinas, Bariloche: regiones geográficas, paisajes, vida y costumbres. S.l.: Centro Integral de Diapositivas Audiovisuales, 19--.
60 color slides. Chiefly winter scenes near San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina.

Haedo, Oscar Félix, 1913-. Pintura argentina, 1900/1960. Buenos Aires: Filmediciones Valero, 1961.
81 color slides. Paintings by forty-seven artists, with examples of Argentine "modernismo" and work from various groups (Nexus, Boa, Buenos Aires) and schools (realismo, cinetismo, poscubismo).
ND 335 H33 LAC-Z

Impresionismo; pinturas. S.l.: Centro Integral de Diapositivas Audiovisuales, 19--.
12 color slides. Well-known Impressionist portraits and landscapes; issued in Argentina.

Muñoz Azpiri, José Luis. Historia completa de las Malvinas. Buenos Aires: Editorial Oriente, S.A., 1966.
24 color slides. The islands' seaside landscapes, wildlife, commercial enterprises, and settlements.
GZ 997.11 M926H V.1-3 LAC-Z

Pérez, José Antonio. Arte rupestre de Cerro Colorado. Buenos Aires: Filmediciones Valero, 1968.
18 color slides. Early cave paintings of birds, animals, and warriors at a site near Córdoba, Argentina.
F 2821.1 C7 P47 LAC-Z

Poggi, Elena F. Pintura argentina, 1775/1920. S.l.: Filmediciones Valero, 1965.
36 color slides. Paintings by twenty-six artists: portrait studies, landscapes, historical or typical scenes.
ND 334 P63 LAC-Z

Sánchez Proano, Mario. Los Selknam. Buenos Aires: Fundación Intercambio, 1985.
36 color slides. The Ona Indians of Tierra del Fuego, showing their living conditions, occupations, ceremonial dress, and rituals.

Sassone, Susana M. Inmigración limítrofe en la Argentina. Buenos Aires: Centro de Estudios Migratorios Latinoamericanos; Comisión Católica Argentina de Migraciones, 1991.
24 color slides. Demographic maps, charts, and tables documenting fluctuations of Argentina's border immigration, 1958-1985.
JV 7442 S2776 1991 LAC-Z

Schiavo, Leda and Graciela Reyes. Prosa argentina del siglo XIX. Madrid: La Muralla, D.L., 1979.
60 color slides. Urban scenes and public buildings; portraits of Juan Bautista Alberdi, Diego Alcorta, Eugenio Cambaceres, Juan María Gutiérrez, Miguel Juárez Celman, Lucio V. Mansilla, José Mármol, Bartolomé Mitre, Facundo Quiroga, Juan Manuel Rosas, Domingo Faustino Sarmiento.
PQ 7701 S3 LAC-Z

Soldi, Raúl, 1905-. Soldi por Soldi. Buenos Aires: EUDEBA, Editorial Universitaria de Buenos Aires, 1977.
18 color slides. Paintings in the cupola of the Teatro Colón, Buenos Aires, by the Argentine artist Raúl Soldi.
ND 339 S57 V3 1977 LAC-Z


Achilles, Gisela Waltraut. Strukturwandel und Bewertung Rio de Janeiro...Ipanema und Leblon. Tubingen: Im Selbstverlag des Geographischen Instituts der Universitat Tubingen, 1989.
12 color slides. Provides an outline of demographic areas, detailed street maps, and interpretive tables for three urbanized beach areas of Rio de Janeiro.
HT 384 B62 R52 1989 LAC-Z

Denis, Paul-Yves. Brazil: Half a Continent. Sillery, Quebec: Laurentia Productions, 1980.
40 color slides. Focuses on Brazilian terrain, natural resources, and agriculture.

________. The Cities of Brazil. Sillery, Quebec: Laurentia Productions, 1980.
40 color slides. Aerial and distance views of "regional capitals, sprawling metropolises and the Federal District of Brasilia."


Cusack, David F. The Death of Democracy and Revolution in Chile, 1970-1973. 197-?.
140 color slides. Chilean regions and their people, small towns, and occupations; scenes of civic unrest, political and military violence; defeat of Allende; ensuing devastation.

Rojas Abrigo, Alicia. Historia de la pintura en Chile. Santiago, Chile: Impresos Vicuña, 1981-
100 color slides. Paintings, 1603-1864, chiefly portraits, devotional scenes, or landscapes.
ND 360 R6 1981 LAC-Z

________. Pinturas franciscanas. Santiago, Chile: Impresos Vicuña, 1981.
60 color slides. Fifty-four colonial paintings made in 1683 for the Franciscan convent at Santiago, Chile; an accompanying text compares them to a similar series of paintings at Cuzco.
N 8080 R6 1981 LAC-Z


Pan American Federation of Associations of Medical Schools. División de Población. Enseñanza de la demografía en las facultades de medicina. vol. 1-4, 6. Bogotá: Federación Panamericana de Asociaciones de Facultades de Medicina, División de Población, 1970-.
126 color slides. Tables, charts, and graphs related to five volumes of text devoted to health and population, mortality, sources of demographic statistics, maternal and infant health, and fertility; examines populated areas of Bogotá, Colombia, 1970-1973.
HB 881 P22 1970 LAC-Z

El parto. Bogotá: Federación Panamericana de Asociaciones de Facultades (Escuelas) de Medicina, Programas de Docencia e Investigación en Población, 1973.
48 color slides. Diagrams of the human reproductive and genito-urinary systems and their functions; prepared for Colombian medical-school students.

Rubiano Caballero, Germán. Enrique Grau. Bogotá: Edufoto, 1974-
36 color slides. Paintings, sketches, and mixed-media works, chiefly portraits, 1940-1971, by the Colombian artist and teacher Enrique Grau.
ND 379 G728 R8 V.1 LAC-Z

El sistema hipotálamo-hipofisiario. Bogotá: Federación Panamericana de Asociaciones de Facultades (Escuelas) de Medicina, Programas de Docencia e Investigación en Población, 1973.
40 color slides. Diagrams illustrating the structure and function of the brain and nervous system; prepared for Colombian medical-school students.


Les plantes a tubercules. Pointe-a-Pitre: CDDP Guadeloupe, 1986.
24 color slides. Tuber-forming plants, such as manioc, igname, and patate, that are recommended for use in an agricultural teaching project on the island of Guadeloupe.


Berthelot, Jack, and Martine Gaume. L'habitat populaire en Guadeloupe et en Martinique. Guadeloupe: C.D.D.P., 1985.
36 color slides. Styles, construction, and landscaping of homes used by citizens of these Caribbean islands.


Velásquez, Ronny, and Terry Agerkop. Miskitos, Honduras. Caracas: Instituto Interamericano de Etnomusicología y Folklore, 1979.
37 color slides. Habitats, occupations, music, dance, and funeral customs of the Miskito Indians of Honduras.
F 1529 M9 V443 1979 LAC-Z

MARTINIQUE [see also Guadeloupe and Martinique]

L'Occupation anglaise du Rocher du Diamant, janvier 1804-juin 1805. Robert: Union Générale des Travailleurs de Martinique, 1986.
20 color slides. Documents, maps, and paintings commemorating the English occupation of the headlands of Martinique in 1804-1805.

La Peche a la Martinique. Fort-de-France, Martinique: Centre Régional de Documentation Pédagogique, 1983.
24 color slides. Food-fishing techniques advocated as a means of improving the local commercial fishing operations on Martinique.


Bernal, Ignacio. Museo Nacional de Antropología de México: arqueología. México: Aguilar, 1967.
100 color slides. Represents the museum's precolumbian holdings from all areas of Mexico: human and ceremonial figures, symbolic ritual objects, ornaments, utensils, and architectural fragments, which have been executed in pottery, sculpture, fresco, metalwork, and mosaic.
GZ 913.72074 M574YB

Chichén-Itzá. México, DF: Departamento de Turismo, 197-?
36 color slides. Major archaeological ruins, excavations, and precolumbian artifacts.

Gaytán, Reynaldo Luján. New World Mythology: An Underworld Adventure. Austin, Texas: 1981.
77 color slides. Paintings and mixed-media works by Rey Gaytán, picturing mythical underworld episodes and characters described in the Mayan narrative known as the Popol Vuh.
THESIS 1981 G257 LAC-Z

Goic, Cedomil. La novela de la revolución mexicana. Madrid: La Muralla, 1983.
60 color slides. Historical and literary figures of the 1910-1947 revolutionary disturbances in Mexico, as well as views of murals, political engravings, and photographs of that period.
PQ 7207 H5 G58 1983 LAC-Z

Pátzcuaro. México, DF: Departamento de Turismo, 197-?.
24 color slides. Pátzcuaro lakefront, folk art, market, fiestas, and colonial sectors.

Taxco. México, DF: Departamento de Turismo, 197-?.
24 color slides. Typical local architecture, the church of Santa Prisca, and examples of the silver jewelry for which the town is known.

U.S./Mexico Border: El Paso, Texas and Juárez, Chihuahua. Mexico?: 1995.
40 color slides. Terrain, architecture, occupations, and recreation of these complementary Rio Grande border cities.

Uxmal. México, DF: Departamento de Turismo, 197-?.
36 color slides. The site's archaeological restorations and principal structures.

Valle del Mesquital, Hidalgo, San Antonio Sabanilla. México, 19--.
18 color slides. Primitive mountainside village in Mexico, showing Otomí women who live there and produce needlework for sale.

Veracruz. México, DF: Departamento de Turismo, 197-?.
24 color slides. Customs house, fort, seawall, and other tourist attractions of the city of Veracruz.


Pedemonte, Hugo Emilio. Ruben Darío. Madrid: Editorial La Muralla, 1979.
60 color slides. Paintings of mythological subjects; title pages and illustrations from Darío's published works; portraits of Juan Ramón Jiménez, Antonio Machado, José Enrique Rodó, Juan Valera, Ramón del Valle-Inclán; portraits and caricatures of Rubén Darío.
PQ 7519 D3 Z764 LAC-Z


Velásquez, Ronny, and Max H. Brandt. Guaymí, Panama. Caracas: Instituto Interamericano de Etnomusicología y Folklore, 1979.
37 color slides. Panama's Guaymí and Bokotá Indians in native dress, seen at work, at home, playing traditional music, and taking part in their ritual and festive celebrations.
F 1434.3 G8 V443 1979 LAC-Z


Géologie de l'ile de Saint-Martin: texte et documents. Guadeloupe: C.D.D.P., 1986.
70 color slides. Documents the accompanying technical discussion of geological formations and types of rocks found on the island of St. Martin.


Figari, Pedro, 1861-1938. 18 diapositivas en color. Montevideo, 1964.
18 color slides. Eighteen paintings by the Uruguayan artist Pedro Figari, showing groups of men and women in traditional dress and settings.
ND 429 F5 A44 LAC-Z

El loro pelado. S.l.: Industrias Químico-Fotográficas, 197-?.
11 color slides. Paintings meant to accompany an adaptation of Horacio Quiroga's folktale of a parrot's revenge on the tiger which had tried to eat him.

Pereda de Nin, Raquel. Uruguay: 17 artistas. Montevideo: Ministerio de Educación y Cultura, 1974.
36 color slides. Paintings, chiefly portraits or landscapes, by Juan Manuel Blanes, Pedro Blanes Viale, José Cuneo, Pedro Figari, Manuel Larravide, Carlos Federico Sáez, Joaquín Torres García, and other Uruguayan artists.
ND 420 P473 LAC-Z


Agerkop, Terry. Piaroa, Venezuela. Caracas: Instituto Interamericano de Etnomusicología y Folklore, Consejo Nacional de la Cultura, 1979.
36 color slides. Habitat, occupations, dwellings, handicrafts, ceremonial dress, dances, and musical instruments of the Piaroa Indians of Venezuela's Territorio Federal Amazonas.
F 2319.2 P5 A343 1979 LAC-Z

Boulton, Alfredo. Compendio de la historia de la pintura en Venezuela. 2a ed. Caracas: Banco Mercantil y Agrícola, 1974?.
120 color slides. Paintings representative of three stages of Venezuelan cultural development, by century: 16th-18th; 19th; 20th.
ND 435 B68 LAC-Z

________. Compendio de la historia de la pintura en Venezuela. 3a ed. Caracas: Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Caracas, 1977.
140 color slides. Paintings representative of three stages of Venezuelan cultural development, by century: 16th-18th; 19th; 20th.
ND 435 B68 1977 LAC-Z

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