BiblioNoticias No. 95, May 1998

Editor: Ann Hartness

Latina and Latino Literature: Anthologies of the 1990s,
A Selected Bibliography

Compiled by Margo Gutiérrez

Latino literature in the 1990s has come into its own, finally recognized by mainstream publishers as a legitimate, indeed integral, part of American letters. In addition to major publishing houses, small and university presses as well as recognized Hispanic or Latino publishers continue to provide an eager and growing reading public with the rich and diverse literary expressions that make up the Latina and Latino experience. This bibliography makes no attempt to be comprehensive or all-inclusive; it is merely meant to provide readers with a sampling of titles published this decade, many of which are still in print. In general, theater has been omitted unless included in works with other genres. Thanks to R. Joseph Rodríguez and Amanda Salinas for their assistance.

After Aztlan: Latino Poets of the Nineties. Edited by Ray González. Boston: David R. Godine, 1992. 258 p.
The Chicano and Puerto Rican poets anthologized here were shaped and influenced by "movimiento" poets of the 1960s and early 1970s, and while the former's is perhaps a more personal verse, it is not less powerful.
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Aloud: Voices from the Nuyorican Poets Cafe. Edited by Miguel Algarín and Bob Holman. New York: Henry Holt, 1994. 514 p.
Raúl Salinas, Tato Laviera, Jimmy Santiago Baca, José Montoya, and Sandra Esteves are among the Latino poets heard in this compilation.
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Barrios and Borderland: Cultures of Latinos and Latinas in the United States. [Edited by] Denis Lynn Daly Heyck. New York: Routledge, 1994. 485 p.
"Short stories, poems, essays, excerpts from novels, a play, photographs, and even a few songs and recipes," as well as interviews and oral histories make up this collection of readings intended for general audiences.
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Boricuas: Influential Puerto Rican Writings--An Anthology. Edited by Robert Santiago. New York: One World/Ballantine, 1995. 357 p.
A wonderful introduction to major Puerto Rican writers both on the island and mainland, living and deceased.
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A Century of Cuban Writers in Florida: Selected Prose & Poetry. Edited by Carolina Hospital and Jorge Cantera. Sarasota, FL: Pineapple Press, 1996. 238 p.
An excellent introductory essay by the editors provides the setting and context for this anthology of works by 33 Cuban and Cuban American writers.
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Cool Salsa: Bilingual Poems on Growing Up Latino in the United States. Edited by Lori M. Carlson; introduction by Oscar Hijuelos. New York: Henry Holt, 1994. 123 p.
Poetry full of pride and pain for middle and high school readers; contributors include Luis Rodríguez, Ana Castillo, Carolina Hospital, Martín Espada, Gina Valdés, among others.
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Currents From the Dancing River: Contemporary Latino Fiction, Nonfiction, and Poetry. Edited by Ray González. New York: Harcourt Brace, 1994. 573 p.
While plenty of established and respected Latino writers are represented, this anthology also introduces readers to a number of emerging voices.
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Daughters of the Fifth Sun: A Collection of Latina Fiction and Poetry. Edited by Bryce Milligan, Mary Guerrero-Milligan, and Angela de Hoyos. New York: Riverhead Books/G.P. Putnam's, 1995. 283 p.
Burgeoning writers such as Deborah Paredez, Nicole Pollentier, and Maya Islas join the ranks of more seasoned authors in this "first anthology of Latina writing to be issued by one of the 'major New York publishing houses.'"
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Decade II: A Twentieth Anniversary Anthology. Edited by Julián Olivares and Evangelina Vigil Piñon. Houston: Arte Público Press, 1993. 256 p.
Celebrating the 20th anniversary of Revista Chicana-Riqueña/The Américas Review, this collection gathers selected works appearing there for the period 1983 though 1992. Among the nearly 40 contributors are Arturo Mantecón, Rima de Vallbona, Achy Obejas, and Rane Arroyo.
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!Floricanto sí! A Collection of Latina Poetry. Edited by Bryce Milligan, Mary Guerrero-Milligan, and Angela de Hoyos. New York: Penguin, 1998.
On order for the Benson Collection

Growing Up Chicana/o: An Anthology. Edited and introduced by Tiffany Ann López. New York: William Morrow, 1993. 272 p.
"Twenty stories of growth and change that express many different perspectives on a particular cultural experience." Authors included are Louis The Foot González, Patricia Preciado Martin, Gerald Haslam, Olivia Castellano, and Ron Arias, and others.
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Growing Up Latino: Memoirs and Stories. Edited by Harold Aguenbaum and Ilan Stavans. Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1993. 344 p.
"Presents some of the best coming-of-age stories by Hispanics in the United States." Contains an excellent introduction and reading list by the editors.
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Growing Up Puerto Rican: An Anthology. Edited and introduced by Joy L. De Jesús. New York: William Morrow, 1997. 233 p.
"Offer[s] insights into the island and the diasporic aspects of [Puerto Rican] culture in a variety of social settings." In addition to leading writers on the island, lesser known authors such as Julio Marzán, Yvonne Sapia, Rodney Morales, and Pedro Juan Soto are represented.
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Hispanic American Literature: An Anthology. Edited by Rodolfo Cortina. Lincolnwood, IL: NTC Publishing, 1997. 414 p.
Introduces the reader to a wide sampling of Latino literature from the Spanish colonial period to the present and includes poetry, ballads, drama, memoirs, short stories, and novel excerpts. A nice compilation suitable for high school and lower division undergrads.
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Hispanic, Female and Young: An Anthology. Edited by Phyllis Tashlik. Houston: Arte Público Press, 1994. 217 p.
Designed to "introduce Hispanic teenage girls to Hispanic female literature," this work is unique in that it collects poetry and prose of established writers such as Judith Ortiz Cofer and Lorna Dee Cervantes with that of young Latina students in Spanish Harlem.
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Iguana Dreams: New Latino Fiction. Edited by Delia Poey and Virgil Suárez. New York: HarperPerennial, 1992. 373 p.
Thirty authors are represented in this collection of short fiction that will not disappoint readers.
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In Other Words: Literature by Latinas of the United States. Edited by Roberta Fernández. Houston: Arte Público Press, 1994. 550 p.
A major anthology of poetry, prose and drama by forty-five Latinas, including many new to Chicana literature readers. A good number of tejanas are represented including Teresa Acosta, Beatriz de la Garza, Pat Mora, Angela de Hoyos, and Gloria Anzaldúa.
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Infinite Divisions: An Anthology of Chicana Literature. Compiled by Tey Diana Rebolledo and Eliana S. Rivero. Tucson: University of Arizona Press, 1993. 393 p.
Spanning well over a century, this anthology is a veritable "who's who" of Chicana writers and their oral and written creative expression. The samplings in this vast work embody the Chicana's identity, culture, strength and survival.
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Latina: Women's Voices From the Borderlands. Edited by Lillian Castillo-Speed. New York: Touchstone/Simon & Schuster, 1995. 284 p.
A rich prose collection that speaks to us of the familiar--friends, family, remembrances and anhelos. Includes the requisite Latinas, but also a number of emerging voices.
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The Latino Reader: An American Literary Tradition From 1542 to the Present. Edited by Harold Augenbraum and Margarite Fernández Olmos. Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1997. 502 p.
A fine collection of prose, poetry, and drama spanning five centuries and over 50 writers.
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Literatura Chicana, 1965-1995: An Anthology in Spanish, English, and Caló. Edited by Manuel de Jesús Hernández-Gutiérrez and David William Foster. New York: Garland, 1997. 487 p.
Essays, short stories, poetry, teatro, and novel excerpts representative of various currents in Chicano literature over the past thirty years.
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Little Havana Blues: A Cuban-American Literature Anthology. Edited by Delia Poey and Virgil Suárez. Houston: Arte Público Press, 1996. 444 p.
While themes of exile, migration, memory and identity are common threads that run through this work, the editors remind us that "the Cuban-American experience is not monolithic and demands ... to be told through many voices."
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Mirrors Beneath the Earth: Short Fiction by Chicano Writers. Edited by Ray González. Willimantic, CT: Curbstone Press, 1992. 331 p.
You'll find old and new names in this collection but all told, these stories make for good reading.
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New Chicana/Chicano Writing. Tucson: University of Arizona Press, 1992-93.
Editor Charles M. Tatum struck a nice balance, showcasing the works of the young and promising alongside those of veteranos. Three volumes were published. More to come?
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New World: Young Latino Writers. Edited by Ilan Stavans. New York: Delta/Dell, 1997. 293 p.
"Twenty-three outstanding stories from exciting new voices in the Hispanic community."
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Paper Dance: 55 Latino Poets. Edited by Victor Hernández Cruz, Leroy V. Quintana, and Virgil Suárez. New York: Persea, 1994.
Includes works by Latino poets with roots in Mexico, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Colombia, Ecuador, and Guatemala, and combinations thereof.
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Pieces of the Heart: New Chicano Fiction. Edited by Gary Soto. San Francisco: Chronicle Books, 1993. 179 p.
This anthology of short works includes stories by Alberto Ríos, Sandra Cisneros, Daniel Cano, Mary Helen Ponce, Danny Romero, Guy García, and Edna Escamill, among others.
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Short Fiction by Hispanic Writers of the United States. Edited by Nicolás Kanellos. Houston: Arte Público Press, 1993. 285 p.
This "sampling of writers published over the last decade" by the press presents the work of Lucha Corpi, Lionel García, Margarita Engle, Helena María Viramontes, et al.
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La voz urgente: antología de literatura chicana en español. Edited and introduced by Manuel M. Martín-Rodríguez. Madrid: Editorial Fundamentos, 1995. 411 p.
An extensive introductory essay acquaints Spanish readers to the works of over thirty major Chicano authors. En castellano, por supuesto.
PQ 7075 V66 1995 LAC -- Benson Collection stacks

Without Discovery: A Native Response to Columbus. Edited by Ray González. Seattle: Broken Moon Press, 1992. 233 p.
"A collection of essays, stories, poetry, and reflections" on the Columbian quincentenary by Chicano, Puerto Rican, and Native American writers.
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