BiblioNoticias No. 91, September 1997

Editor: Ann Hartness

Puerto Rico: Information Sources

Compiled by Fernando Acosta-Rodríguez

Sources of Background Information

Almanaque puertorriqueño: libro de información general de Puerto Rico. Rio Piedras: Editorial Edil. 1978-.
Covers the important news of the year and provides a basic overview of broad themes such as history, geography, politics, education, arts and sports. Also has basic factual data on all municipalities, tourist information, and a section on biography of notable persons.
AY 573 A442 LAC -- Benson Collection stacks

La gran enciclopédia de Puerto Rico. 14 vols. Madrid: Ediciones R, 1976.
Each volume covers one or two broad subjects, including history, politics, poetry, short stories, novels, theater, music, fine arts, architecture, law, education, and flora and fauna. Two of the volumes provide information on the municipalities of Puerto Rico and on notable persons.
qF 1954 G72 LAC -- Latin American Reference Collection

El libro de Puerto Rico 1983. Antonio Quiñones Calderón, editor. San Juan: Ediciones Nuevas de Puerto Rico, 1983.
Describes the organizational function and objectives of the branches and agencies of government, and of public corporations. Also provides biographical information for political figures including elected governors. Gives basic information on the politics and history of the island, and provides a list of holidays.
F 1954 L52 1983 LAC -- Benson Collection stacks

Rosario, Ruben del. Breve enciclopédia de la cultura puertorriqueña. San Juan: Editorial Cordillera, 1976.
Collection of brief articles discussing general topics (e. g. culture, education, politics, media, etc.), events, personalities, and institutions of importance in Puerto Rican culture and history. Includes photographs.
F 1954 R67 LAC -- Benson Collection stacks

Tesauro de datos históricos de Puerto Rico. Preparado bajo la dirección de Adolfo D. Hostos. 4 vols. Rio Piedras: Editorial de la Universidad de Puerto Rico, 1990-.
Monumental work compiled by Puerto Rico's official historian. Indexes books, reports, journals, newspapers and other materials. Covers multiple events, terms, concepts, locations, institutions and personalities related to all aspects of Puerto Rican history. The four volumes cover from A to R. The missing volume has not yet been published.
F 1971 T47 1990 LAC -- Latin American Reference Collection

General Bibliographies

Anuario bibliográfico puertorriqueño: indice alfabético de libros, folletos, revistas y periódicos publicados en Puerto Rico. Rio Piedras: 1948-.
An annual listing of works published in or about Puerto Rico and works by Puerto Ricans, wherever published. Includes books, pamphlets and newspapers. Also lists the names and addresses of presses, publishers, and book stores. The last issue, published in 1982, covered the years 1973 and 1974.
G015.7295 AN89 LAC -- Benson Collection stacks

Castro Arroyo, María de los Angeles. Los primeros pasos: una bibliografía para empezar a investigar la historia de Puerto Rico. 2» ed. Rio Piedras, PR: Ediciones Huracán, 1987.
A guide to initiate historical research on the island of Puerto Rico. Covers both primary and secondary sources. Also includes essays on historical research.
F 1971 Z99 C37 1987 LAC -- Latin American Reference Collection

Cevallos, Elena E. Puerto Rico. Oxford: Clio, 1985. (World Bibliographical Series v. 52)
Annotated entries are arranged by subjects such as history, geography, economy, politics, culture, living conditions, and others. Also lists reference sources, newspapers, and periodicals.
Z 1551 C492 1985 LAC -- Latin American Reference Collection

Fowlie-Flores, Fay. Annotated Bibliography of Puerto Rican Bibliographies. New York: Greenwood Press, 1990.
This comprehensive annotated bibliography of bibliographies includes general works and special topics such as art, biography, economy, education, folklore, law, librarianship, literature, science, politics, women, sociology and others. Also lists bibliographies about Puerto Ricans in the United States.
Z 1551 F69 1990 LAC -- Latin American Reference Collection

Puerto Rican Research and Resources Center. The Puerto Ricans: An Annotated Bibliography. New York: Bowker, 1973.
Includes monographs, periodical literature, government documents and audiovisual materials on all subjects related to Puerto Rico. Coverage from pre-Columbian times to the recent past.
Z 1551 P84 LAC -- Benson Collection stacks

Subject Bibliographies


Fowlie-Flores, Fay. Index to Puerto Rican Collective Biography. New York: Greenwood Press, 1987.
Bibliography of biography that indexes approximately 146 titles in English and Spanish, including books of collective biography, reference works, collections of essays, histories, and some anthologies published before or during 1985. Journals are not indexed. Biographies cover people from all walks of life from colonial times to the present.
CT 523 P9 F68 1987 LAC -- Latin American Reference Collection


Arroyo Gómez, Alberto. Bibliografía del folklore de Puerto Rico. San Juan: Instituto de Cultura Puertorriquenã, 1991.
Comprehensive list of research and other works published on the subject of Puerto Rican folklore and culture up to 1988. The first part is a general bibliography of titles. The second part provides bibliographic entries for articles, reviews, biographical data, analysis and other materials related to the works of the authors mentioned in the first part.
GR 121 P8 A78 1991 LAC -- Benson Collection stacks


Anderson, Victor D. Bibliografía municipal geográfica puertorriqueña. Rio Piedras: Editorial Universitaria, 1980.
Covers books, journal and newspaper articles, government documents, and theses. The first part cites references to Puerto Rican municipalities in general or references dealing with several municipalities. The second part is arranged alphabetically by municipality. Indicates one or more libraries having copies of each item.
HC 154.5 A5234 LAC -- Benson Collection stacks


Dávila Lanausse, José Nilo. Bibliotheca legum portoricensis; collectanea juridica. Bibliografía legal selecta de Puerto Rico, siglos XIX-XX. Barcelona: Colegio de Abogados de Puerto Rico, 1962.
Selective bibliography of Puerto Rican legal writings.
Z 6458 P9 D395 LAC -- Benson Collection stacks


Foster, David William. Puerto Rican Literature: A Bibliography of Secondary Sources. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 1982.
A comprehensive bibliography of literary criticism on Puerto Rican literature and its authors. The first section provides general references about Puerto Rican literature in general. The second section covers eighty authors.
Z 1557 L56 F67 1982 LAC -- Latin American Reference Collection

Hill, Marnesba D. and Harold B. Schleifer. Puerto Rican Authors: A Biobibliographic Handbook. Metuchen, NJ: Scarecrow Press, 1974.
Gives biobibliographical information about 251 Puerto Rican authors from 1493 to recent times. Introductory section discusses Puerto Rican literature in general.
Z 1556 H55 LAC -- Latin American Reference Collection


Figueroa de Thompson, Annie. Bibliografía anotada sobre la mœsica en Puerto Rico. San Juan: Instituto de Cultura Puertorriqueña, 1977.
Covers books, sections and chapters of books, dissertations and journal articles. Excluded are recordings and printed music except a few editions with extensive informative prefaces. The 304 items range from 1844 to 1972. An English language version is available at
ML 120 P8 T5 LAC. ML 120 P8 T518 LAC -- Benson Collection stacks.

Thompson, Donald and Annie Figueroa de Thompson. Music and Dance in Puerto Rico from the Age of Columbus to Modern Times: An Annotated Bibliography. Metuchen, NJ: Scarecrow Press, 1991.
This bibliography provides 995 references to books, chapters and sections of books, academic theses and dissertations, and articles appearing in journals and magazines that deal with music and dance in Puerto Rico.
ML 125 P8 T55 1991 LAC -- Benson Collection stacks

Population and Public Policy

Earnhardt, Kent C. Population Research, Policy and Related Studies in Puerto Rico: An Inventory. Rio Piedras: Editorial de la Universidad de Puerto Rico, 1984.
An extensive, annotated bibliography of population, public policy and related research on Puerto Rico up to and including some entries for 1976.
HB 3555 E27 1984 LAC -- Benson Collection stacks

Social Sciences

University of Puerto Rico (Rio Piedras Campus). Social Science Research Center. Bibliografía puertorriqueña de ciencias sociales. Rio Piedras: 1977.
Extensive bibliography covering the years 1931 to 1960. Arranged in broad sections that include bibliographical sources, general works, nature, towns and regions, society, and culture before and during the nineteenth century and during the twentieth century.
HC 157 P8 P85 LAC -- Benson Collection stacks

Fact Sources


Delgado Mercado, Osiris. Historia general de las artes plásticas en Puerto Rico. Santo Domingo: Editora Corripio, 1994-.
Surveys many aspects of the arts in Puerto Rico. Each chapter includes an extensive essay with supplemental notes, many illustrations, appendices, and a bibliography. A name and geographical index provides further access. Volume 1, which was the only one available, included chapters on indigenous art, architecture, painting, sculpture, and goldsmithing, with emphasis on the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.
N 6612 D45 1994 LAC -- Benson Collection stacks


Reynal, Vicente. Diccionario de hombres y mujeres ilustres de Puerto Rico y de hechos históricos. Rio Piedras: Editorial Edil, 1983.
Illustrated list of notable people from colonial times to the recent past. Contains a brief section on historical facts and a section illustrating Puerto Rican national symbols.
CT 523 R49 1983 LAC -- Latin American Reference Collection

Business and the Economy

The Book of Lists. San Juan: Caribbean Business, 1989-. Annual.
Lists and ranks every major company on the island by industry. Includes basic data such as sales volume, number of employees, addresses and telephone numbers.
qHF 3353 B66 LAC -- Benson Collection stacks

Business Puerto Rico. Santurce, PR: Puerto Rico Almanacs, Inc.
Articles on the economy, particular sectors, industries and specific companies. Quarterly.
HC 154.5 B874 LAC -- Benson Collection stacks

Caribbean Business. Santurce: Casiano Communications, 197?-.
Weekly publication in tabloid format covering business and economic news in Puerto Rico and occasionally the region. Contains a section offering financial data.
qHF 1851 C265 LAC -- Current issues located in the Periodicals Reading Area; others in Benson Collection stacks.

Country Profile: Dominican Republic, Haiti, Puerto Rico. London: EIU, The Economist Intelligence Unit, 1986-.
An annual publication offering up-to-date background information on political and economic conditions of the Greater Antilles (except Cuba) including Puerto Rico. Also provides basic data and statistical tables.
HC 151 A6 C686 LAC -- Current issues located in the Periodicals Reading Area; others in Benson Collection stacks.

Country Report: Cuba, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Puerto Rico. London: EIU, The Economist Intelligence Unit, 1986-.
A quarterly which analyzes the current political and economic climate of the Greater Antilles including Puerto Rico. Monitors recent events, placing them in the context of the country's present conditions. Offers short term (up to two years) political and economic projections.
HC 151 Q23 LAC -- Current issues located in the Periodicals Reading Area; others in Benson Collection stacks.

Progress in Puerto Rico. Progreso en Puerto Rico. San Juan: Banco Popular de Puerto Rico. 1965-. Quarterly.
Gives a brief outlook for the Puerto Rican economy, reviews the conditions of different sectors, and presents basic economic indicators.
HC 157 P8 P76 LAC -- Benson Collection stacks

Puerto Rico Business Review. San Juan: Government Development Bank for Puerto Rico, 1976-. Bimonthly.
Presents the government's perspective on the economy and its strategies. Reviews economic trends, industries, and other related areas.
HC 157 P8 P846 LAC -- Benson Collection stacks

Puerto Rico Monthly Economic Indicators. Indicadores económicos mensuales de Puerto Rico. San Juan: Government Development Bank for Puerto Rico, 1983-.
Discusses the highlights of the month in Puerto Rico's economy. Offers basic statistical data on the various sectors of the economy.
HC 154.5 P837 LAC -- Benson Collection stacks


Arana Soto, Salvador. Diccionario geográfico de Puerto Rico. San Juan: 1978.
Comprehensive source covering in detail municipalities, barrios, physical features, electoral districts, and other landmarks. Contains some illustrations and maps.
F 1954 A756 1978 LAC -- Benson Collection stacks

Cadilla, José Francisco. Elementos de geografía de Puerto Rico. San Juan: Editorial Librotex, 1988.
Covers physical features, soils, population, weather, flora and fauna, natural resources, and economic geography. Also gives detailed information on all of Puerto Rico's municipalities.
F 1965.3 C3 1988 LAC -- Latin American Reference Collection

Government and Public Policy

Reynal, Vicente, and Lugo, Roberto. Manual del gobierno civil de Puerto Rico (1493-1972). Rio Piedras: Editorial Edil, 1972.
Discusses the constitutional evolution of the government of Puerto Rico and the political process, including the electoral system and the major political parties. Also describes the structure and functioning of the government.
JL 1050 R45 LAC -- Benson Collection stacks


Comparative compendium of Puerto Rico & the United States. Compendio comparativo de Puerto Rico & los Estados Unidos. San Juan: MerLion Press, 1995.
This compendium, which provides comparative statistics for Puerto Rico in relation to each of the U.S. states, covers a variety of demographic, geographic, social, and economic data. It is a useful source of detailed statistics about Puerto Rico.
HA 905 C66 1995 LAC -- Benson Collection stacks

Directorio estadístico. San Juan: Gobierno de Puerto Rico, Junta de Planificación, 1994. Provides basic information on the government agencies producing statistical data. Includes name of a contact person, phone and fax numbers.
JL 1041 A112 D47 1994 LAC-- Benson Collection stacks

Statistical Abstract of the United States. This annual statistical compilation, prepared by the U. S. Bureau of the Census, includes Puerto Rico in the section entitled "Outlying Areas." It is available in print format at several campus libraries (HA 202 U572), and in an electronic format at:


Qué pasa. San Juan: Puerto Rico Tourism Company, 1948-. Quarterly. Gives touristic information about San Juan and the rest of the island. Contains maps, illustrations, a calendar of events, and short articles on aspects of life in Puerto Rico. Also indicates museums, restaurants, hotels, and other attractions.
F 1959 Q843 LAC -- Benson Collection stacks

Newspapers and Periodicals

Boletín de la Academia Puertorriqueña de la Historia. San Juan: Academia Puertorriqueña de la Historia, 1968-.
Scholarly articles on all aspects of Puerto Rican history.
F 1951 A63 LAC -- Benson Collection stacks

Ceteris paribus. MayagŸez, PR: Departamento de Economía, Recinto Universitario de MayagŸez, Universidad de Puerto Rico, 1991-.
The scholarly articles in this publication frequently though not exclusively deal with economic and social conditions in Puerto Rico. Most articles are in Spanish, with some in English.
HB 9 C454 LAC -- Benson Collection stacks

Exégesis. Humacao, PR: Colegio Universitario de Humacao, Universidad de Puerto Rico, 1986-.
Scholarly articles on literature, art, and history. Focus on Puerto Rico and Latin America in general. Contains illustrations.
AS 74 A1 E933 LAC -- Benson Collection stacks

Homines. San Juan: Departamento de Ciencias Sociales, Universidad Interamericana, Recinto de San Juan, 1977-.
Scholarly research, essays, book reviews. Has an interdisciplinary approach dealing with all of the social sciences, history, culture, and other areas. Focuses on works related to Puerto Rico and all of Latin America. Contains illustrations.
H 8 H654 LAC -- Benson Collection stacks

El Nuevo Día. San Juan: El Día Inc. Daily.
Includes news, editorials, social and political commentary, business news, culture, entertainment, employment opportunities, classifieds and sports. This daily has a reputation for subtly favoring statehood for Puerto Rico.
Current issues located in the Periodicals Reading Area; others in Room 3N

Op. cit.: boletín del Centro de Investigaciones Históricas. Rio Piedras: Facultad de Humanidades, Departamento de Historia, Universidad de Puerto Rico, 1986-.
Publishes scholarly historical and theoretical research. Includes articles on methodology, sources of information, resources, and new research.
F 1951 O6 LAC -- Benson Collection stacks

Pensamiento crítico. Rio Piedras: Ediciones Pensamiento Crítico, 197?-. Publication of socialist orientation advocating Puerto Rico's full political independence from the United States. Contains political commentary, and labor and social movement news.
F 1951 P467 LAC -- Benson Collection stacks

Revista de ciencias sociales. Rio Piedras: Facultad de Ciencias Sociales, Universidad de Puerto Rico, 1957-. Scholarly social science research and book reviews. Contains some illustrations.
G305 R3273 LAC -- Benson Collection stacks

Revista del Centro de Estudios Avanzados de Puerto Rico y el Caribe. San Juan: Centro de Estudios Avanzados de Puerto Rico y el Caribe, 1985-. Scholarly articles on history and culture, essays, book reviews. Contents focus mainly though not exclusively on Puerto Rico. Published twice a year.
F 1951 R484 LAC -- Benson Collection stacks

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