BiblioNoticias No. 85, May 1996

Editor: Ann Hartness

Newspapers in the Benson Latin American Collection


Compiled by Oscar E. Delepiani

The newspapers listed below are currently being received by the Benson Latin American Collection. The most recent issues available are displayed in the Reading Room adjacent to the Current Periodicals Area. Earlier issues for the current year, and for the year immediately past, are kept in Room 3N, shelved alphabetically by country, city and title.

To locate current newspapers use the following checklist:

1. Search the title in UTCAT, the online catalog.
2. Check the shelves adjacent to the Current Periodicals Area where the newspapers are arranged alphabetically by title.
3. Go to Room 3N of the stacks for other issues of newspapers received within the last two years.
4. Consult with Information Desk staff for further information.

Holdings and location of bound volumes may be obtained by doing a title search in UTCAT. In order to find out which newspapers from a particular country are in UTCAT do a subject search under the name of the country, or city, plus the word "newspapers," e.g. Argentina -- newspapers.

The beginning dates of publication of the newspapers are given below when known, although they do not necessarily reflect Benson Collection holdings.


Buenos Aires Herald. Buenos Aires: [s.n.]. 21st year, no. 223 (June 11 1897)-. Daily.
In English, continues: Buenos Ayres Herald. The Library receives only the Sunday edition.

La Nación Ed. internacional vía aérea. Buenos Aires: [s.n.]. Began in 1964. Weekly.
This is the airmail, summary edition of the daily La Nación. Issues of the daily edition may be found listed in UTCAT under Nación (Buenos Aires, Argentina). The cultural section, section 7 of the Sunday newspaper, called "Cultura," is also received and issues are displayed in the Reading Room. Issues of the daily on microfilm are at FILM 6073 LAC.


Presencia. La Paz: H. Cajias. Began March 28, 1952. Daily.


Jornal do Brasil. Rio de Janeiro. Began Apr. 9, 1891. Daily. O Estado de São Paulo. São Paulo. Began with Ano 16, no. 4,427 (1 de jan. de 1890). Daily. The Library has only microfilm at FILM 6082 LAC. Continues: Provincia de São Paulo, 1875-1889 at the same call number.


El Mercurio Ed. internacional. Santiago de Chile: Empresa El Mercurio. Weekly. This is the airmail, summary edition of the daily El Mercurio. Issues of the daily edition may be found listed in UTCAT under Mercurio (Santiago, Chile); they are on microfilm at: FILM 14,960 LAC.


The Tico Times. San José: R. Dyer. Began in 1956. Weekly. In English.


El Caribe. Santo Domingo: S. Ross. Began 14 de abr. de 1948. Daily.


Weekly Gleaner. Kingston: Gleaner Co. Vol. 1091 (Jan. 5-11, 1996-. Weekly. Continues: Jamaican Weekly Gleaner (North American ed.).


La Jornada. México, DF: DEMOS, Desarrollo de Medios. Began in 1985. Daily. Has supplement called La jornada semanal .

Excélsior. México, DF: Excélsior. Began Mar. 18, 1917. Daily. The Library also has issues on microfilm at: FILM 14,955 LAC.

Mexico City Times. Mexico City: Mex-Press, S.A. de C.V. Began publication in 1995. Daily except Sundays.

El Norte. Monterrey: Editora El Sol. Daily. The Library also has issues on microfilm at: FILM 12,955 LAC.

Reforma. Mexico: Consorcio Interamericano de Comunicación. Daily. Began in 1993?

Uno más uno. México, DF: Editorial Uno, S.A. de C.U. Began in 1978. Daily.


Prensa. Managua: La Prensa. Began publication Mar. 2, 1926. Daily.


Comercio. Lima: J. Ayarza. Began publication May 4, 1839. Daily. The library receives only the Sunday edition.

El Peruano. Lima, Peru: [s.n.] Began in 1990. Daily. This publication which was originally the official gazette of Peru, became a general newspaper in Nov. 1990. It includes a section called "El Peruano: boletín oficial," which now serves as the official gazette. This section is separated from the newspaper and is cataloged at: fG328.85 P435 LAC.


Diario las Américas. Miami, FL: Américas Pub. Co. Began on July 4, 1953. Daily, except Monday.

El Hispano News. Albuquerque, NM: El Hispano, Inc. Vol. 20, no. 35 (17 de enero de 1986). Weekly. Continues: El Hispano (Albuquerque, NM : 1966). In Spanish, a newspaper about Hispanos in New Mexico.

El Nuevo Herald. Miami, FL: Knight Ridder, Began Nov. 21, 1987. Daily. Spanish language edition of: Miami Herald (Miami, FL: 1976).

La Opinión. Los Angeles, CA: I.E. Lozano. Año 1, no. 1 (Sept. 16 de 1926)-. Daily. In English or Spanish, contains general news and news about Latinos in the United States.

La Prensa de San Antonio. San Antonio, TX: Duran Duran Industries Inc. Weekly.

La Raza. Chicago, IL: La Raza Publications. Began in 1971? Weekly.

El Sol. Phoenix, AZ: Voz Hispana Inc. Año 42, no. 2040 (17 de dic., 1982)-. Weekly. Published by Premier Communications International since 1994. Continues: El Sol de Arizona.

El Sol de Texas. Dallas, TX: J.CV. Gutierrez. Vol. 1, no. 1 (sept. 30, 1966)-. Weekly.

Voz. Denver, CO: Hispano Publications. Vol. 14, no. 1 (1 de enero de 1988)-. Weekly. Continues: Voz hispana de Colorado.

Voz de Houston. Houston, TX: A. R. Ordoñez. Began in 1980? Weekly.


El Día. Montevideo, Uruguay: L. González. Began June 16, 1886. Daily. Library has microfilm only at: FILM/14,965 LAC.

Non-Current Newspapers

The Benson Collection has many other newspapers which are no longer being received, or which have ceased publication. Most of these are stored in the Collections Deposit Library (CDL) or in the Rare Books Room of the Collection, and are, for the most part, not currently listed in UTCAT. A printed list of these titles was compiled in the mid-1960s, with a supplementary list added in 1992. These two lists are organized alphabetically by country, city, and title and include detailed holdings, but do not have a title index. Both are available for consultation at the Circulation Desk. Records for non-current newspapers are gradually being added to UTCAT; thus it is advisable to search UTCAT before trying to locate a particular newspaper in the Collection.

Non-current newspapers stored in CDL may be consulted at that library, Monday-Friday 8:00 am. to 5:00 pm. Newspapers in the Library Storage Facility (LSF) must be used in the Benson Collection and should be requested in advance through the Circulation Desk.


The Collection acquires some newspapers only on microfilm and supplements gaps in the holdings of others with microfilm. All newspapers on microfilm appear in UTCAT and the reels are filed by their call numbers (in numerical sequence) in cabinets in Room 3N. Microfilm of newspapers from Latin America may not be available for several months or years after publication.


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