BiblioNoticias No. 83, January 1996

Editor: Ann Hartness

Contemporary Spanish American Novels in English Translation

Compiled by Emma Molina Widener

The following list of Spanish American novels in English translation by authors born since 1920 is a selection of those available in the Benson Latin American Collection.

Aguilar, Eduardo García (Colombia; 1953-). Boulevard of Heroes. Trans. by Jay Anthony Miscowiec. Pittsburgh: Latin American Literary Review Press, 1993.
Spanish title: Bulevar de los Héroes.
PQ 7298.17 A67 B813 1993 LAC

Allende, Isabel (Peru; 1942-; born to Chilean diplomat parents posted to Lima). The Infinite Plan: A Novel. Trans. by Margaret Sayers Peden. New York: HarperCollins Publishers, 1993.
Spanish title: El plan infinito.
PQ/8098.1 L54 P5713 1993 LAC
Other novels in English translation in the BLAC:
Eva Luna (PQ/8098.1 L54 E813 1988 LAC)
The House of the Spirits (PQ 8098.1 L54 C313 1985 LAC)
Of Love and Shadows (PQ 8098.1 L54 D413 1987 LAC)

Arias, Arturo (Guatemala; 1950-). After the Bombs: A Novel. Trans. by Asa Zata. Willimantic, CT: Curbstone Press, 1990.
Spanish title: Después de las bombas.
PQ 7499.2 A74122 D413 1990 LAC

Cabrera Infante, Guillermo (Cuba; 1929-). Infante's Inferno. Trans. by Suzanne Jill Levine with the author. New York: Harper & Row, 1984.
Spanish title: La Habana para un infante difunto
PQ 7389 C233 I513 1984 LAC
Other novels in English translation in the BLAC:
Three Trapped Tigers (PQ 7389 C233 T57 LAC)
View of Dawn in the Tropics (pq 7389 c233 V513 laC)

Campos, Julieta (Cuba; 1932-). She Has Reddish Hair and Her Name Is Sabina: A Novel. Trans. by Leland H. Chambers. Athens: University of Georgia Press, 1993.
Spanish title: Tiene los cabellos rojizos y se llama Sabina
PQ 7298.13 A398 T513 1993 LAC

Carballido, Emilio (Mexico; 1925-). The Norther. Trans. by Margaret Sayers Peden. Austin: University of Texas Press, 1968.
Spanish title: El Norte.
G868.73 C172NTP LAC

Castellanos, Rosario (Mexico; 1925-1974) The Nine Guardians: A Novel. Trans. by Irene Nicholson. Columbia, LA: Readers International USA, 1992.
Spanish title: Balún-Canán.
PQ 7297 C2596 B313 1992 LAC Another ed. at: G868.73 C2755 BTN LAC

Denevi, Marco (Argentina; 1922-). Rosa at Ten O'clock. Trans. by Donald A. Yates. New York: Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 1964.
Spanish title: Rosaura a las diez.
pq 7797 d394 r613 lac Another copy in Rare Books Reading Room:
(pq 7797/d394/r613/lac-z)
Other novels in English translation in the BLAC:
Secret Ceremony (pq 7797 d394 c413 lac-z)

Donoso, José (Chile; 1924-). Taratuta; and, Still Life with Pipe: Two Novellas. Trans. by Gregory Rabassa. New York: W.W. Norton, 1993.
Spanish title: Taratuta; Naturaleza muerta con cachimba. Other novels in English translation in the BLAC:
Coronation (G868.8 D7165cTg LAC)
Curfew: A Novel (PQ 8097 D617 D4713 LAC)
A House in the Country (pq 80097 d617 c313 1984 lac)
The Obscene Bird of Night (PQ 8097 D617 O213 LAC)
Sacred Families: Three Novellas (Pq 8097 d617 s337 lac)
This Sunday (G868.8 D7165eTg LAC )

Dorfman, Ariel (Argentina, 1942-; naturalized Chilean citizen). Hard Rain. Trans. by George Shivers with the author. Columbia, LA: Readers International, 1990.
Spanish title: Moros en la costa.
PQ 8098.14 O7 M613 1990 LAC
Other novels in English translation in the BLAC:
The Last Song of Manuel Sendero (PQ 8098.14 O7 U413 1987 LAC)
Mascara: A Novel (PR 9155.9 D6 M37 1988 LAC)
Widows (PQ 8098.14 O7 V513 LAC)

Eltit, Diamela (Chile, 1949-). Sacred Cow. Translated by Amanda Hopkinson. London; New York: Serpent's Tail, 1995.
Spanish title: Vaca sagrada.
PQ 8098.15 L78 V3313 1995 LAC
Other novel in English translation in the BLAC:
The Fourth World (PQ 8098.15 L78 C813 1995 LAC)

Fuentes, Carlos (Mexico; 1928-). The Campaign. Trans. by Alfred Mac Adam. New York: Farrar, Straus, Giroux, 1991.
Spanish title: Campaña.
PQ 7297 F793 C2913 1991 LAC
Other novels in English translation in the BLAC:
Aura (PQ 7297 F793 A81 1975 LAC)
A Change of Skin (G868.73 F951caTh LAC)
The Good Conscience (G868.73 F9515bT LAC)
Christopher Unborn (PQ 7297 F793 C713 1989 LAC)
The Death of Artemio Cruz (G868.73 F951mTh LAC)
Distant Relations (PQ 7297 F793 F313 LAC)
The Hydra Head (pq 7297 f793 c3318 lac)
The Old Gringo (PQ 7297 F793 G713 LAC)
Terra nostra (PQ 7297 F793 T413 LAC)
Where the Air Is Clear (Gz868.73 F9515rTh LAC; reprint (pq 7297 f793 w4 1980 lac)

García Márquez, Gabriel (Colombia; 1928-). The General in His Labyrinth. Trans. by Edith Grossman. New York: Knopf, 1990.
PQ 8180.17 A73 G413 1990 LAC Another copy in Rare Books Reading Room (Gz868.83 G187ciTr LAC-Z)
Spanish title: El general en su laberinto.
Other novels in English translation in the BLAC:
The Autumn of the Patriarch (pq 8180.17 a73 O8618 1977 lac)
Chronicle of a Death Foretold (pq 8180.17 a73 c6813 1983 lac)
In Evil Hour (pq 8180.17 a73 m313 lac)
Love in theTime of Cholera (PQ 8180.17 A73 A813 1988 LAC)
One Hundred Years of Solitude (G868.83 C187ciTr LAC) Another copy in Rare Books Room: Gz868.83 G187ciTr LAC-Z

García Ponce, Juan (Mexico, 1932-). The House on the Beach. Trans. by Margarita Vargas and Juan Bruce-Novoa. Austin: University of Texas Press, 1994.
Spanish title: La casa en la playa.
PQ 7298.17 A7 C313 1994 LAC

Garro, Elena (Mexico; 1920?-). Recollections of Things to Come. Trans. by Ruth L.C. Simms. Austin: University of Texas Press, 1969.
Spanish title: Los recuerdos del porvenir.
G868.73 G194r LAC

Guido, Beatriz (Argentina; 1925-1988). End of a Day. Trans. by A.D. Towers. New York: Charles Scribner's Sons, 1966.
Spanish title: El incendio y las vísperas
G868.8 G93365iTt LAC
Other novel in English translation in the BLAC:
The House of the Angel (G868.8 G93365cT LAC)

Molina, Silvia (Mexico; 1946-). Gray Skies Tomorrow: A Novel. Trans. by John Mitchell and Ruth Mitchell de Aguilar. Kaneohe, HI: Plover Press; New York: Distributed by Talman Co., 1993.
Spanish title: La mañana debe seguir gris.
PQ 7298.23 O5 M313 1993 LAC

Montemayor, Carlos. (Mexico; 1947-). Blood Relations. Introduction by Carlos Fuentes. Trans. by Dale Carter and Alfonso González. Kaneohe, HI: Plover Press, 1995.
Spanish title: Mal de piedra.
PQ 7298.23 O688 M313 1995 LAC

Moyano, Daniel (Argentina; 1930-1992). The Flight of the Tiger. Trans. by Norman Thomas di Giovanni. London: Serpent's Tail, 1995.
Spanish title: El vuelo del tigre.
PQ 7797 M735 V813 1995 LAC

Piglia, Ricardo (Argentina; 1941-). Artificial Respiration. Trans. by Daniel Balderston. Durham, NC: Duke University Press, 1994.
Spanish title: Respiración artificial.
PQ 7798.26 I4 R4713 1994 LAC

Puig, Manuel (Argentina; 1932-1990). Tropical Night Falling. Trans. by Suzanne Jill Levine. New York: Simon & Schuster, 1991.
Spanish title: Cae la noche tropical.
PQ 7798.26 U4 C3413 1991 LAC
Other novels in English translation in the BLAC:
Betrayed by Rita Hayworth (G868.83 P9655tTl LAC)
The Buenos Aires Affair: A Detective Novel (PQ 7798.26 U4 B8313 1980 LAC)
Eternal Curse on the Reader of These Pages (pr 9306.9 p84 e8 1982 lac)
Heartbreak Tango: A Serial (pq 7798.26 u4 h42 lac)
The Kiss of the Spider Woman (PQ 7798.26 U4 B413 LAC).
Pubis Angelical: A Novel. (PQ 7798.26 U4 P813 1986 LAC)

Saer, Juan José (Argentina; 1937-). Nobody, Nothing, Never. Trans. by Helen Lane. London: Serpent's Tail, 1993.
Spanish title: Nadie nada nunca.
PQ 7797 S22 435 N313 1993 LAC
Other novel in English translation in the BLAC:
The Witness (PQ 7797 S22435 E5813 1990 LAC)

Sarduy, Severo (Cuba; 1937-). For Voice. Trans. by Philip Barnard. Pittsburgh: Latin American Literary Review Press, 1985.
Spanish title: Para la voz.
PQ 7390 S28 P3 1985 LAC
Other novel in English translation in the BLAC:
"From Cuba with a Song" in Triple Cross (pz 1 t739 lac)

Taibo, Paco Ignacio (Spain, 1949-; naturalized Mexican). Leonardo's Bicycle. Trans. by Martin Michael Roberts. New York: Mysterious Press, 1995.
Spanish title: La bicicleta de Leonardo.
PQ 7298.3 A58 B5313 1995 LAC
Other novels in English translation in the BLAC:
Calling All Heroes (PQ 7298.3 A58 H413 1990 LAC)
An Easy Thing (PQ 6670 A42 C613 1990 LAC)
Four Hands (PQ 7298.3 A58 C8313 1994 LAC)
Life Itself (PQ 7298.3 A58 V5313 1994 LAC)
No Happy Ending (PQ 7298.3 A58 N613 1993 LAC)
The Shadow of the Shadow (PQ 7298.3 A58 S5 1991 LAC)
Some Clouds (PQ 7298.3 A58 A7813 1992 LAC)

Tizón, Héctor (Argentina; 1929-). Fire in Casabindo. Trans. by Miriam Frank. London: Quartet Books, 1993.
Spanish title: Fuego en Casabindo.
PQ 7797 T55 F813 1993 LAC

Valenzuela, Luisa (Argentina, 1938-). Bedside Manners. Trans. by Margaret Jull Costa. London: High Risk Books, 1995.
Spanish Title: Realidad nacional desde la cama.
PQ 7798.3 A48 R4313 1995 LAC
Other novel in English translation in the BLAC:
The Lizard's Tail (PQ 7798.32 A48 S413 1983 LAC)

Vargas Llosa, Mario (Peru; 1936-). The Storyteller. Trans. by Helen Lane. New York: Farrar Straus, Giroux, 1989.
Spanish title: Hablador.
PQ 8498.32 A65 H3413 1989 LAC
Other novels in English translation in the BLAC :
Aunt Julia and the Scriptwriter (pq 8498.32 a65 t513 1982 lac)
Captain Pantoja and the Special Service (pq 8498.32 a65 p413 1978 lac)
Conversation in the Cathedral (Pq 8498.32 a65 c613 lac)
The Green House (G868.83 V4287caTr LAC)
The Time of the Hero (G868.83 V4287cTk LAC)
The War of the End of the World (pq 8498.32 a65 g813 1984 lac).

1996 by The University of Texas at Austin.
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